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Backup and VCS systems during development of our game: Anamorphine. Part 2 & 3 of 4

And we're back! Our part 1 is here
Having spoken to a mod of the community, we agreed it would be best to do a bigger post this time, so here goes: Setting up Sparkleshare and Perforce. Something to note before we start, all Client applications were installed on Windows 7, and all Server applications were installed on a hosted Linux server running Ubuntu.
_ Sparkleshare Sparkleshare is an open source git based dropbox alternative that we had investigated when we initially had started talking about Anamorphine a few years back. For this new backup endeavour, we had given Sparkleshare a chance but had found it, and git in general, ill-suited for large binary transaction management which are a big part of working with UDK. Today we use sparkleshare to keep track of our text files, which includes our unrealscript code and our unreal editor configs.
_ Why Sparkleshare? This is a good question: Why use Sparkleshare, which removes any fine grain control over your repo, instead of another visual tool like Tortoisegit or even just a simple git shell? The reason we went with Sparkleshare is because only one of us actually works on the code base, but we all need the code to be updated. Sparkleshare gives a programmer control through git while giving other people in the team a dropbox experience. People are much more comfortable with a tool like that when their engagement with the content is low, but still requires them to have the content up to date.
_ Setup the Sparkleshare Client You can download sparkleshare clients from their website: http://sparkleshare.org/. Since we are using UDK, a windows only engine, we are using the windows clients. I suggest downloading and installing the client first since they generate ssh keys that you need for the host setup.
_ Setup the Sparkleshare Host A great feature of sparkleshare is that you can setup your hosting using either pre-existing services like github and bitbucket, or host them on your own server, which is the solution we employed. The instructions are clearly listed on the sparkleshare website if you choose to do as we did using their dazzle tool.
_ Additional Notes Since Sparkleshare is a git based tool, which means you can leverage all of those tools during development, but in order to do that, you will need access to the private key generated during client setup. This is the key path on windows: C:\Users\ramy\AppData\Roaming\sparkleshare\. This is where you would get your key to use in your own git shell or with pageant on windows. We also use a web based git project explorer: https://github.com/klaussilveira/gitlist which we password protect behind a simple .htaccess file. This allows us to take a look at the code and its revisions without having to necessarily go through the git interface or the sparkleshare interface.
_ Perforce Perforce is a proprietary tool developed by Perforce Software. It is a tool that will be commonly found in use at different game development studios thanks to its proper handling of large binary files. UDK also has P4 integration, which was key to our decision to use it. It also offers great features that are very difficult for distributed version control systems to mimic such as file locking. Since February 2012, perforce has offered a free license of their product as long as it was being used by less than 20 people and 20 workspace. This is a great offer and one we have capitalized on for our version control solution.
_ Setup the Perforce Host I did not find Perforce to be as easy to setup as Sparkleshare was, to say the least. Go ahead and download the P4 server, P4D, and the P4 command line client, P4, over at http://perforce.com/downloads/Perforce/20-User. We are using the latest 64-bit Linux installer (2013.2). The server hosting all the perforce files also has a user called “perforce” with it’s own home directory. This user is the one who runs and manages perforce. Once you have downloaded p4d, execute it in daemon mode:
$ p4d -d
The perforce Daemon will start after printing a short message, from the p4d help page:
After successful startup, p4d does not normally exit. It merely outputs the following startup message : Perforce server starting... and runs in the background.
After running p4d, we will add types to its type map, run: p4 typemap and add the following entries:
binary+w //....u text //....uc binary //....udk binary //....upk
If you don’t want to restrict the use of P4 to certain accounts, then you can skip to the next step since P4 will, by default, automatically create accounts and workspaces as clients connect to them.
When P4D is first launched, each users accessing it can impersonate any another user, so let’s add some passwords by running p4 passwd like so:
$ p4 user -f new_user $ p4 passwd -P new_password new_user
This would create the user “new_user” and set the password “new_password” for the user “new_user”. Next we need to limit which user is a super user. If no super user is defined, any user can choose to become the super user, so it's important to run this command after having created the relevant accounts.
Use the command “p4 users” to list all existing users and “p4 user” to modify those users. When you are ready to set which user is to become the superuser, run “p4 protect”, here is what our P4 protect looks like:
Protections: write user * * //... super user perforce * //...
This says, on the first line, write permission is granted for user * (wildcard meaning any users) from * (any) client or host id * to access the following depot paths //… (all paths, recursively, starting from the root: //).
pro tip: three consecutive dots when talking about file paths in perforce ( ... ) means "recursively from this point onward." 
On the second line it is stated that super permission is granted to user “perforce” from all host ids to access all paths. And that’s it, your Perforce server is setup and secure with admins and passwords, time to configure the clients.
_ Setup the Perforce Client Download the P4V client from http://perforce.com/downloads/Perforce/20-User. This time we are using Windows 64 bit clients. It’s important to note that clients and server daemons need to be version compatible, so always download the version that can correctly connect to your P4 server.
The P4V tool (Perforce Visual) is a GUI tool to access the perforce server by providing an easy to use user interface. When first starting P4V you will be presented with an Open Connection prompt asking you which server to access using which credentials, it looks like this.
The default server port for a Perforce server is 1666 and this is still the case using our setup. If this is a first time setup, a new workspace should be created before connecting. If you had set up a user passwords in the previous step, then you need to start P4V and connect to the server by entering your credentials every 24 hours (I believe). A password prompt will appear after completing the Connection prompt posted above. View this page for an overview of how to use P4V: http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/p4v-gs/01_p4v-gs.html
Once connected to the server, we need to change some configuration options in UDK to enable its VCS options. Open the “DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini” file in UDKGame/Config/ and change the source control section to match this:
[SourceControl] Disabled=False
And on the next startup of UDK, you should be prompted to find your workspace. If P4V was started before UDK, it should have no problems in automatically finding your workspace. When right clicking on assets in the asset browser, the Source Control menu context should be filled with clickable options. When editing a package that has not been checked out, UDK will now show a notification bubble in your taskbar asking you to “click here to check the file out” and a checkout prompt when attempting to save the file. Files that are already checked out will now have a different icon and you can even see who has which file checked out and if the file is locked or not. The documentation for source control with UDK is located here: http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/SCCIntegration.html
_ Additional Notes We had considered using Perforce with ssl but we found that UDK was not supporting this feature, causing us to drop it. Adding a file to Perforce can sometimes be a hassle with UDK, so we do that step straight in P4V as a matter of convenience (But I've never had problems adding packages though, only maps for some reason). If you installed UDK in another drive than C, then it should be noted that Perforce does not work accross disk letters, but we can address that on the next post!
_ Next post, like this one, will come next week and it will explain how to tie both your sparkleshare repository with your P4 workspace. Please check out our game, Anamorphine. We're on tumblr: http://anamorphine.com/ and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnamorphineGame
ninja edits: formatting.
submitted by ramy_d to gamedev

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