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Sexual Perv - Revenge is Sweeter When They Don't Know It's You

So this is a story about a guy I considered a friend. To this day, he has absolutely no idea that I am the main person who exposed him and I hope to keep it that way.
The main characters in this story are Myself, Badass Pilot, Girlfriend1, Girlfriend2 and Girlfriend3, Young Female Pilot, and a bunch of other randos needed to fill out the story. I witnessed most of this myself, but I also included details from other people who witnessed things when I was not there. I fully trust the sources of the reports.
So Badass Pilot is a pilot, as the name suggests, but he doesn't work for an airline. He started teaching at a flight school in his 20s but decided to strike out on his own because, as he told everyone else, he could do it better. He spends the next few years trying to destroy the reputation of his first employer. Badass Pilot is a very likeable guy and lots of people think he's awesome and believe him. I am one of them.
Now when he starts out, he drives a super shitty car, doesn't have an office, gets evicted from his apartment for not paying rent, and so on. But people like him and they help him set up a school and help fix it up, and generally give him a hand. Every once in a while people get pissed off at him because he does shitty things to other people, but his circle of friends defend him and just think he's great. He tells these pretty whopping tales, he's funny, and people naturally like to be with him. A lot of his stories have made-up details designed to put other people down, but he tells them in a highly entertaining way. His behavior is a bit crazy, and some of the reason people hang out with him is that he will do crazy stuff that is not normal, plus now he throws good parties.
He also has this cute girlfriend, Girlfriend1, and they end up living together. To be clear, she is pretty cool, definitely not a raging B, is fun, throws him a huge party for his 30th birthday, and so on. Now, while he's with Girlfriend1, he is still coming on to other women when she's not looking. A couple of times I have seen him totally love bomb a hot girl, usually someone in a vulnerable position like if he knows she's going through a bad breakup. He showers them with attention, gets them totally interested in him, says Girlfriend1 cheated on him, they're on a break, or some other such story that isn't true. He sleeps with them, and then he ghosts them and says they're crazy, and does anything else he can to get rid of them so Girlfriend1 doesn't get suspicious. As an example, after he cheated on Girlfriend1 with one girl, she tried to get in touch with him after he ghosted her, which is a actually a reasonable thing to do. Instead of talking to her himself, Badass Pilot lied and told everyone she was crazy and was stalking him, reported her to his friends at the police department, and had the police call her and tell her to shove off. On top of that, he also starts telling these crazy stories about Girlfriend1, totally criticizing her behind her back, telling everyone what a loser she is, and generally not appreciating having a relationship that most people would love to have. So you get the idea on how he treats women.
When Badass Pilot and Girlfriend1 finally break up, he told everyone that SHE was cheating on HIM when it was the other way around. His excuse for tanking an interview for his dream job was that he discovered Girlfriend1 was cheating the night before, he was an emotional wreck and that's why he flubbed the interview. There were a bunch of inconsistencies with his timeline and I knew it wasn't true but he told the story to anyone within earshot and people just accepted his version of events. And so he made everyone hate the ex and feel sorry for him, which is a common theme.
So anyhow, he and Girlfriend1 break up, he is drinking heavily, partying all the time, and a bunch of us get a front row seat as he comes close to destroying his life, parties hard, acts like a sleaze, hits on women constantly, and works his way through any woman who will sleep with him setting some new low records.
A few months later he hooks up with one of his students, let's call her Girlfriend2, and pretty much immediately moves into her house. This seems to stabilize him and help him get his life on track. Over the next few years he gets a cush offer flying corporate charters. He's a likeable guy, which helps him get a sweet contract as a private pilot for a billionaire, which he brags about nonstop to everyone. They also pay for him to get trained to fly jets. He gets a new car that doesn't look like a piece of shit, and he lives in a nice house. His flight school is no longer a frat house and it's more of a family friendly environment. Girlfriend2 helps him out at the flight school and life is pretty good for Badass Pilot.
To put the icing on the cake, the FAA is looking for new blood to fill a highly prestigious job of pilot examiner. These are people who are pilots with a lot of experience, well respected members of the local community with good judgment and a lot of power over student pilots and other flight schools. They also tend to make tons of money because they can charge any price people will pay to get their license and there isn't a lot of competition. Badass Pilot has friends at the FAA who like him, and he gets the job. He brags to people that it's like printing money tax free since students have to pay in cash (sounds weird, I know, but it's true) and he says the IRS doesn't need to know about it. So Badass Pilot is now in his 30's at the pinnacle of his career, earning tons of money, and has lots of power over people in the industry. And the success really goes to Badass Pilot's head.
Now, as you might have guessed, Badass Pilot is still the same person he was before, just with a lot more money, power, and success.
Badass Pilot still likes to brag loudly that he is the best instructor around and he has the best flight school. He still tells people how bad other flight schools in the area are, even though he shouldn't be saying anything due to his job as an examiner. He talks about his friends and his students and tells embarrassing stories about them, but I don't think much of it because they're funny and they're not about me. It doesn't really register with me at the time, but he is really good at getting other people to pile on and hate the people he hates and really good at destroying peoples reputations behind their back with things that turn out to be total lies. I start to hear him put down Girlfriend2 and say things about her that I know aren't true. I still don't pay attention to it because there are lots of loud guys in aviation who like to brag and make up stories. I continue to think of him as a friend and have even confided in him about something that I am sensitive about and looked to him for advice.
So one day when I'm in town I was hanging out with him and a bunch of people at the Badass Pilot flight school shooting the breeze. After I left I realized I forgot something, so came in the back way through the mechanic shop next door. I heard him talking in his very loud voice so everyone could hear, and that's when I realized he was talking about me. Not only was he talking about me, but he was totally lying about my embarrassing situation, made it totally different and a thousand times worse than what it was, and turned it into something that could potentially end my career. I thought he respected me and was my friend, but he was destroying my reputation and tearing me down behind my back.
Luckily nobody saw me and I slinked out the way I came in. I spent weeks feeling humiliated and betrayed. I reflected on the way I had seen him treat people and started to see things in a different light.
Now, I knew that he had tanked some careers. He has a lot of contacts in the industry, and he has bragged about calling companies that are hiring and telling them not to hire certain people. One of his favorite sayings is that aviation is a small world and you shouldn't burn any bridges because it will come back to bite you in the ass. He bragged several times about bringing people down a peg and making someone he disliked lose a job they had applied for by calling the company owner. Usually he did it because he wanted to take revenge for something he thought they did to him, but he was also jealous of people who graduated college (he didn't) and people who came from stable families (he didn't). He would always talk about how bad his home life was as a child and really try to get people to feel sorry for him. Keep in mind he's an adult in his late 30s.
I also knew that despite becoming more stable with GF2, he had not changed his ways with women. He acted like he respected women in front of GF2. But every time he was off on a trip, and even at his own airport, he could get pretty aggressive with women would push them hard to see how far he could take things.
As an example, he flirted aggressively with the receptionist at the building next door from his flight school. The receptionist was young and relatively new and had no idea Girlfriend2 existed. She (F18 or 19) called the Badass Pilot flight school and left a flirty message for Badass Pilot (M35), totally in line with how Badass Pilot was interacting with her. I was not there, but a witness said GF2 played the message on the machine and made Badass Pilot listen to it. He sheepishly said he had no idea why she would leave such a message, and Girlfriend2 told him in no uncertain terms that he was obviously leading her on, exploiting a young woman, and he needed to stop. Then, instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, Badass Pilot took revenge on the young girl. He immediately complained to the airport manager and got her fired. She ended up packing her stuff in a box and leaving that same day. So, while Badass Pilot is fun to be around as long as you're on his good side, he will F** you up if he thinks you are against him. I knew I had to be careful.
I wasn't sure yet what I was going to do, but I decided I needed to be close in order to get more information. So I sucked it up, pretended I wasn't humiliated and had never heard him talking about me, and spent more days at the flight school when I had time off. Everyone at the flight school was in and out all the time, so sometimes I'd be the only person there and I could easily sit down behind Badass Pilot's desk and start scrolling through his files.
That's when I hit the jackpot.
Badass Pilot was logged into all the same accounts on his desktop that he was on his phone, email, messaging, everything. And boy did he like to text. Now one of the things some of his students complained about was that Badass Pilot would not stop texting, even when he was supposed to be instructing people in the plane. He even lost a few students who were so annoyed by him texting during a lesson that they went somewhere else for lessons. And now I knew why.
Badass Pilot was a sex addict.
That's the only way I can describe it. Some people might describe him as a serial sexual harasser. His entire messaging history was full of cybersex, photos, videos, you name it, it was right there on his computer. I copied everything. I played the videos and recorded them on my phone, I took the snapshots, I took pictures of the texts. I must have spent an hour trying to copy this stuff and I ran out of time because someone came back, so I minimized the tabs and casually left the office.
I enlisted the help of another aviator that Badass Pilot had screwed over and we went through the treasure trove with a fine tooth comb. We had to research the phone numbers to find out who these people were and we classified them into "known aviation" and other. We even found that he was doing the nasty with a couple of people there at the flight school...not quite the family friendly environment everyone thought it was.
It became clear that his cybersex activity made him totally ineligible to be an FAA examiner. Plenty of the texts were just plain sexual harassment from a guy with a lot of power in the aviation industry, flirting with and pressuring young women who were hoping to become pilots for everything from sexy photos to sexual acts, sometimes pretending it was all just a big joke. He had no problems sending dick pics to women. That in and of itself made him unqualified to be an examiner. However, he went even further and had sexual contact with at least one person he tested. This is extremely dangerous because it compromises his ability to evaluate if someone is able to pilot a plane safely. If he is threatened with a lawsuit or criminal charge and has to test one of these women, or even someone they know, he might be coerced to pass an unsafe pilot, which could result in death.
August 2017
My pilot friend and I decide the best thing to do is send the information to the FAA, but we know we have to do it anonymously because our careers could be on the line. So we carefully packaged up a bunch of evidence, sent it in to the FAA office that he reported to, and waited for the fallout.
The FAA literally ignored evidence that they had a sexual predator as a pilot examiner. This is a pretty old boys club environment, so maybe not too surprising.
For our next attempt we approached a Young Female Pilot we identified from the evidence who seemed like she tried to stop Badass Pilot when he got out of hand with her. We approached her to see if she would be willing to come forward and tell the FAA about her experience. She basically said all it would do was get her slut-shamed and blacklisted, especially after she heard that the FAA did nothing with our anonymous package we sent in. She said Badass Pilot would most likely ruin her career and nobody would hire her and he would make sure her reputation was destroyed. I had to agree.
Fast forward to 2018: I Make Him Homeless
I thought maybe I should just tell Girlfriend2 about what I had found, but I kept chickening out. I also didn't want to be exposed myself, as I have to protect my career and I was certain Badass Pilot would try to destroy me if he found out. One morning I was sitting in the school playing with the ipad while Girlfriend2 was behind the desk. Wouldn't you know it, she is texting Badass Pilot, who is flying, and Badass Pilot is logged into the flight school ipad I'm using! I can see her messages to him, and I can also see that he had cybersex with someone the night before and that he sent a video of himself masturbating to a student before that! I take photos for evidence, as usual.
Girlfriend2 is reading and not looking up at me so I just mumble something and hand her the ipad with the sexting open full screen as I walk out the door. I wait in the parking lot in my car, and about 10 minutes later, Girlfriend2 leaves the school with the ipad in hand and drives home.
I made sure to be scarce the rest of that day as I didn't want to raise any suspicions about my own involvement. Apparently Girlfriend2 owns the property where they live, so she immediately moved his stuff out and permanently banned Badass Pilot, who started sleeping at the flight school. From what I pieced together that week, Girlfriend2 was so alarmed by the evidence that she demanded that Badass Pilot see a therapist or she would report him to the authorities and he could potentially be arrested. One thing I should mention is that Girlfriend2 has a child, which is important. Badass Pilot was using her child to set up booty calls for himself (set up playdate with another child, have sex with child's mother while kids are paying video games).
Badass Pilot slept on a cot in the flight school, stayed drunk, and looked like a homeless person for a couple of months before he ended up getting his own place.
We also let Badass Pilot's billionaire employer know that he was a sexual predator, as well as a few other people anonymously. I wanted to make sure Girlfriend2 knew all the gory details of Badass Pilot's sexual activities in case she was even considering getting back together with him after he did therapy, so I kept sending her more information anonymously too.
Young Female Pilot kept in contact and apparently had some conversation with other female pilots. Nobody was willing to go on record but they all started sending anonymous letters to the FAA hoping they would at least investigate him.
The next thing I hear is that Badass Pilot is telling everyone that he broke up with Girlfriend2, that she is crazy and trying to destroy his reputation, and that she's sending false anonymous letters to the FAA because she's jealous. From what we could tell, the FAA interviewed Badass Pilot, but nothing happened because he blamed Girlfriend2 for sending the letters. True to form, Badass Pilot also made sure everyone at the flight school hated her and felt sorry that that he was being victimized by her. He also called the police and told them she was harassing him and told them he was banning her from his flight school.
Nothing else happens. This all starts to die down and Badass Pilot is still an examiner. He still works for his billionaire boss as well as a very wealthy owner of a car dealership who also races cars, and he still runs a flight school with plenty of students. Again, he starts sleeping with another student at the school, who will now be named Girlfriend3. Badass Pilot continues to complain to everyone that he has been victimized by Girlfriend2. Badass Pilot gets Girlfriend3 (who has never met Girlfriend2) so wound up about her that she is spitting tacks every time she is mentioned. This is important later.
Fast forward to 2019: WTF?!
Not only has Badass Pilot not been punished by the FAA, but the FAA has INCREASED his responsibilities so that now he can also conduct instrument flight exams for students!
Young Female Pilot stays in touch and we talk periodically, sworn to secrecy, of course. We have a couple of male pilots who are also sworn to secrecy to protect our own jobs. When the FAA promoted Badass Pilot to instrument examiner despite all of the complaints they had received, Young Female Pilot and her friends get really pissed off. They are still unwilling to risk their own jobs, however. (Reader, please don't judge me or Young Female Pilot for this...it is very expensive to become a pilot, easy to get blacklisted by someone at the FAA or someone like Badass Pilot, and then you have no way to make a living or to pay back a huge amount of student loans if you're in debt.)
So we hatch a plan to have her call Girlfriend2 and tell her about the frustrations of the other female pilots in hopes that she will think of something to do. A detail I should mention, Girlfriend2 does not fly for a career, and she has her own business not related to aviation. So Young Femail Pilot calls Girlfriend2 on someone else's phone. Girlfriend2 doesn't know Young Female Pilot and we don't think she would betray her, but the situation is still very risky for Young Female Pilot She discusses how frustrating it is that a serial sexual harasser gets promoted by the FAA with no consequences when the FAA knows about his harassment, and Girlfriend2 agrees that she will try to make information public to protect other women. She agrees to post a review on Yelp and maybe some other platforms.
I do my best to be at the Badass Pilot flight school when this goes down. True to her word, Girlfriend2 posts a very straightforward and factual Yelp review and heads EXPLODE at the flight school! People are forwarding the review on and it spreads like wildfire all over the aviation industry. Think "owner sends messages of himself masturbating to female students." Yikes! And totally true!
Other people have posted unfavorable reviews before, but Badass Pilot has been able to have them taken down, falsely claiming that the review is a fake account or from a competing flight school. But there has been nothing like this that I know of. Badass Pilot and Girlfriend3 (who now appears to be a co-owner of the flight school and who has posted a positive review of the school on Yelp) go into damage control mode. Badass Pilot tries to get Girlfriend2 arrested or at least harassed by his friends at the local police department. He's frantically trying to get the review shut down with Yelp. His brain is literally exploding and I, along with everyone else at the school, am agreeing with him that Girlfriend2 is a total lying, crazy, conniving, vindictive B, and that she needs to be punished.
All while laughing on the inside.
Badass Pilot next engages one of his instructors, who was friends with Girlfriend2, to meet with her and ask her to take down the review, but she does not. Badass Pilot is finally successful in getting Yelp to remove the review a day or two later. The same process also happens with another platform that shall remain nameless.
Badass Pilot gets everyone to bombard Girlfriend2 with hate mail, which makes me glad I am still anonymous. Badass Pilot also tells the instructors at his school that they are not allowed to be friends with Girlfriend2 and they will be fired if they are.
Fast forward to August 2019: Mission Accomplished!
What happened to Badass Pilot:
We later found out that the FAA ended up doing an investigation on Badass Pilot. Finally. Badass Pilot totally lost all of his examiner privileges. On top of that, his flight school had an FAA written testing center, which was also permanently closed. And even beyond that, Badass Pilot can't have any affiliation with the FAA in any way, shape, or form. He can't even host an educational seminar or continuing credits class for the FAA.
While some up and coming pilots and people outside the industry might never hear about Badass Pilot being totally humiliated and losing his examiner status, believe me when I tell you that everyone in the profession knows what happened. And it has got to BURN!
What happened to me:
I am pretty much back to enjoying my time at the airport like I used to. There are still parties and flyouts, and ultimately some people don't care that Badass Pilot sexually harasses women or destroys peoples careers. But he has definitely been taken down a peg, as he likes to say. I just don't trust anything Badass Pilot says and I don't heap on other people he's trying to destroy. I still feel a little twinge of delight whenever I hear Badass Pilot tell new students that he used to be an examiner, but the liability insurance was too high so he quit.
Another thing that I get a chuckle out of is that Badass Pilot has started talking behind Girlfriend3's back. I tried to warn her and even sent her (anonymously, of course) information about Badass Pilot. But so far Girlfriend3 is standing by her man, and I'm just sitting here eating popcorn watching the story unfold again!
TL/DR Friend who is a badass pilot screws me over, I find out he's a sexual perv and get him fired from his job.
submitted by flyingmonkey737 to ProRevenge

From Depressed Addict to Happy 25 Year old Making 65k/year - How learning Python helped save my life

Hello all,

I am new to reddit, and after reading some posts of people expressing their frustration learning Python, I thought I would write about my own story on how learning Python helped save my life, and perhaps more importantly, gave my life meaning. I will try to be as brief as I can in my back story to keep this as relevant to Python as possible, but I feel it would be a disservice to leave it out completely, as my issues with mental health were a primary driver of the motivation I took advantage of to learn Python. I will post a more detailed description of my backstory later in addiciton or depression_help or something similar. Feel free to skip to the second *** to go straight to when I started learning python, however I suggest you read the whole post because honestly my whole story is relevant. If I hadn't gone through what I went through, I doubt I would have had the motivation to self-teach myself Python.


I grew up in a wealthy, extremely homogenous town within an hour of New York City. I went to a public school, but if you saw the way people dressed, it looked more like a private prep school. The vast majority of the kids in my school had parents who were millionaires. My parents were not. I was an only child, and I grew up in a small apartment on the "poor" side of town ("poor" meaning houses/ apartments went for < 750k). As you can imagine, the social structure of the school was entirely based off the wealth of your parents. So the game was rigged against me from the beginning. I had very few friends at a young age, and most people in my middle school probably would have described me as a "loser" or another synonymous term. I was very unhappy and became addicted to video games as a mean to escape my life. During high school, I finally started branching out to meet people from the surrounding towns, who were not nearly as pretentious as the people I grew up with. I made a lot of friends and started to have a legitimate social life. However, with this new social life came a lot of superficiality and drinking/drug using.
Until my senior year of high school, my grades were mediocre at best. Because I hated my social life at school, I hated school in general. But in my senior year, something changed. I won't detail it in this post, but will certainly get into it more in my next post in addiction or depression_help . I improved my grades and went to community college for my first year. I ended that year with a 3.9 GPA and an acceptance to one of the best colleges in my state. I transferred to that college and thought my life from there on out would be perfect. I was wrong.
I hated the social scene of my college. I found it to be very superficial and revolved almost entirely around drinking. Later I realized that while this was true for the people I was surrounding myself with, nobody forced me to surround myself with those people. I did it because I thought that this was the only way to enjoy college, and if I didn't, I would be missing out on the experience of my life. Man, what a load of BS I let myself believe. This expectation set me up for failure, and I blamed myself entirely. I thought I was worthless, a loser, and that all the mean things people said about me in my hometown back in middle school were true. I fell into a deep depression and eventually dropped out.
Towards the end of my time away at this state school, I saw a psychiatrist who prescribed me Adderall and Xanax to treat my depression and learning disabilities. In the beginning, they worked wonders, but they certainly didn't solve the underlying issues, they actually made them worse. After I dropped out, I began to rely on them completely. Before long, I was blacking out all the time as a result of the Xanax, and up for days at a time as a result of the Adderall. It was always one or the other, and I had to use the other to counter the negative effects of one.
For the next few years, I battled with addiction and depression to the point where I felt hopeless. I would get a week or two or three sober, then relapse. Somehow I managed to go back to a local college during this time, but my grades were mediocre, because I would miss a week of school every time I would relapse. Eventually I went away to rehab for four months. This is where I started to learn Python. I was very fortunate to have parents who loved me enough to spend the money to send me to a place for four months. I know not everyone has this privilege, and it is my goal to pay my parents back the money they spent on me.


The rehab I went to was basically in the middle of nowhere, and while I was inpatient the first month, the last three months I was in what was essentially a nicer version of a sober house. I worked part- time at a restaurant (~20 hours a week). I had computer access, and I found myself very bored during the first week or two, so I decided to learn something I had always wanted to learn: Programming. I bought a few courses off udemy.com for ~$12/each (NEVER pay full price of a Udemy course. You can always get them discounted), and started learning. Pretty much anytime I wasn't working or going to AA meetings, I was programming. I essentially replaced my addiction to drugs with an addiction to learning. I really enjoyed it, but in hindsight, I overdid it, as any addict does. I came home after four months, and I fell back into old patterns, and relapsed just before I would have been 6 months sober. I will go into more detail about this in my posts in addiction / depression_help .
During my time in rehab, I completed 3 Udemy courses on Python, but honestly I only really learned the fundamentals. I've never been a very quick learner, as I have a processing disorder (I was always the last one to finish tests in school and it always took me longer to do assignments etc). I frequently got frustrated, and rarely took breaks. I would spend 4-8 hours a day practicing coding, but much of that time was obsessing over one thing that I couldn't figure out. This was a big part of why I burnt myself out. Later, I found that if I ran into a problem I couldn't figure out, and forced myself to take a break, 95% of the time I would figure it out within 10 minutes of coming back from a 15-20 minute break. The mind is funny like that.
Fast forward about 6 months and I was back in rehab, this time for only 30 days. I came home and luckily got an internship at a very small investment firm, where they used python to trade stocks algorithmically. There, I had a boss who was a very good programmer, and he gave me real projects to do that required me to think critically. He rarely gave me any help. Most of the time when I asked a question he would say "I know the answer, but you have to figure it out. It's the only way you'll learn". This frustrated me at the time, but looking back it was probably one of the best things anyone ever did for me. I developed resourcefulness and patience, two incredibly imperative skills for any programmer who wants to be worth his/her salt. During this time, I was taking a few classes at a local college to finally finish my degree, and I was working anywhere from 15-40 hours a week at this investment firm, unpaid. I honestly worked a bit too hard, I almost burnt myself out again, but I managed to get through it. I was very lucky in that my parents helped me financially during this time, which allowed me to focus more on school and work. I had a few relapses during this period, but they were short and mild, so it didn't throw me off track too badly.
Over this past summer I finished up my degree (I majored in Business) and started looking for jobs. I was sure to put as much of my accomplishments at the small investment firm that involved python on my resume as I could. Covid was (and is) still wreaking havoc on the economy, so I worked extra hard applying to jobs, making connections, and keeping my skills sharp. I honestly probably applied to over 2500 jobs. I only got maybe 3-4 interviews. I had one during the end of the summer that went to the final round, and I was sure I was going to get the job. I didn't. Instead, the company (according to a connection I had made within the company cold-emailing people) decided to hire people from India to save money. I definitely felt pretty hopeless at that point. But I didn't give up. Maybe a month later, I got an interview for a job at a major company as a Data Analyst. I had three rounds of interviews plus I had to send them examples of some of my Python projects. I didn't get my hopes up like I did last time, out of fear of being disappointed. To my surprise, I got the job. I had asked for a 50k salary. They gave me 60k base plus a 5k bonus contingent on my performance, plus great benefits.
I've been at this job for a little over a month, and I honestly love it. I find myself excited to go to work every day, and the people really like me because I am able to provide real value to the company. In my first month, I worked a lot on automation of otherwise very manual tasks (usually involving excel or emails). I would ask people how many hours per week they would generally spend on such a task and wrote it down. I recently did the math and realized that I have so far saved the company over 750 hours of work per year, and that’s a conservative estimate using a 48 week year (to account for holidays, vacation etc.) and the low end of their estimated range of hours per week. This frees the employees up to work on more value added (and frankly much more interesting) projects. My work there is just beginning, and there are a ton of projects I am really excited about.

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I can honestly say I am happy now. I have over 4 months sober, and I rarely have any cravings to use drugs anymore. I really think this is largely because I found purpose in my life. That said, I still attend AA meetings often because I know I have to keep my sobriety my first priority. Without it, I have nothing. I also know that life isn't going to be perfect every day. While I do consider myself happy today, I still have bad days. Such is life. I stopped expecting to feel good all the time. Life is not designed that way. Before, I was only "happy" if I had a substance in my system. Also, "happy" to me was a euphoric rush which felt good, but was never fulfilling. Now I define happiness differently. It doesn't mean I feel good all the time. It means that despite sometimes not feeling good, I can appreciate how lucky I am to be alive and how blessed I am to have been given a second chance. Getting out of the rut that I found myself in a few years ago was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was 100% worth it. At the risk of sounding corny, I really do believe sometimes you have to fall down hard and struggle getting back up to appreciate your life.

Learning Python was part of my journey, and it wasn't easy at all. When I started, I had a lot of doubts that I could do it. I didn't think "people like me" would be successful at something like this. Again, I was wrong. While I am certainly not even close to an expert at Programming/Python, I am good enough to be hired at a large company and good enough to make a difference. I'm sure there are people on Reddit and elsewhere that could make me look like I started programming last week. But I try not to compare myself to others. I instead try to compare myself to who I was before, and who I want to be in the future. As I’ve said several times before, I will make another post with more details about my experience with addiction/depression and give my general tips for life there, but for now here are my general tips for learning Python:

  1. I suggest starting with the fundamentals. I used Jose Portilla's Udemy course for this and it was great. I will link it at the bottom along with some other resources.
  2. If you struggle motivating yourself to follow online courses, try figuring out a real project to do that can actually help you in everyday life. This could be automating something you do in your job, for school, or just something you think will be fun.
  3. Work Hard. Don't give up. But don't burn yourself out. Take frequent breaks, especially when you get frustrated.
  4. Ask for help. If you’re struggling with a specific problem, learnpython is great, along with Stackoverflow.com . People have helped me with many problems there.
  5. Trust the Process. Programming is a lot like learning an instrument in my opinion. At first it can be grueling and you won’t be able to do much for a while, but after you learn the fundamentals, it becomes incredibly enjoyable.
  6. Be consistent. This is extremely important. Try to set aside a time every day to practice. Even if it’s only 20-30 minutes.

There are many more tips that I have but those are the most important ones I can think of. Please feel free to follow me as I hope to be quite active on reddit in the future. If you have any questions, please message me. Whether it's about Python, Addiction, Depression, or whatever else. I'll do my best to answer everyone I can.

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