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Looking into CCA C10; not sure if it will cover my needs.

I want better sound quality and noise isolation inward and outward.
I will be pairing them with a FiiO M3K DAP for music listening, and into my RODE NT-USB condenser microphone for monitoring while recording songs with an instrumental backing track.
I haven't tried many in-ears because I had always hated those flat-shaped earbud styles. For the past year, I've been using the Bose SoundSport wired earbuds, which have a relatively good balance between clarity and fun in terms of sound quality, but it offers nearly zero noise isolation, so I can hear everything, and the mic still picks up the backing tracks during recording.
I've also tried the Samsung AKG earbuds that came with the Galaxy S8. The music sounds muddy, and also doesn't hide anything from the mic. Plus, the mix of rubber and a braided cable makes this booming noise thatI cannot stand whenever I ove with them in my ears.
Since I don't have much experience withearbuds targeted at "budget audiophiles" as opposed to the Average Joe consumer, I'm not sure if a 10-triver setup would be much different. Other people think it makes a difference with clarity and instrument separation, and I'm totqlly up for it. I probably need to temper my expectations though,
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Jabobn - New Mage's Journey from 1-22

Hi all, Jabobn here. Brand new player to P99 who has not played EQ since the early 2000s! With the current work from home situation, I finally decided to bite the bullet and join the server since I have more time to play than I usually would. I figured I'd write up my journeys here in case future new players are looking for ideas on where to go/what to do (sorry for the length!). Back in the day I mostly played melee characters; I also tried a Necro for like 10 levels and a Cleric for 20 or so. So this time I decided I was going to go with something I'd never played before. Shaman wasn't appealing; Druid was (my friend was one back on live and I was always so jealous of all their buffs and teleports), but I read about how no one wants them in groups later on. I thought about Enchanter, and have read about how powerful they are, but it seemed like a super active play style which wouldn't be great when I'm trying to work at the same time. So Mage it was! I pick the name Jabobn because it sounds kind of like one of the randomly generated pet names (which it does because later on at one point I have a pet named Jabober lol).
I decided to play an Erudite and get that high starting INT. So I spawn in Erudin and I have no idea what I'm doing because I barely ever set foot on Odus years ago. I end up having to use the Wiki maps to figure out the teleporters and everything. I get my newb robe and head out into Toxx...and promptly can't see anything! Brings back memories of playing Humans and Barbarians and basically having to stop playing at night because of how I couldn't see. I stay close to the entrance area killing level 1 mobs. Some passing Enchanter gives me a Clarity and I am also able to loot a Cracked Staff and things pick up very quickly. I get into level two and decide that Toxx isn't doing it for me so I hop on the boat and make a long trip over to Qeynos where I remember the newb yard being much better.
Some kind person binds me there and I start grinding. Another kind person gives me a Dagger of Dropping, but I can't use it so they tell me to keep it and sell it to someone (I sell it later for 5pp which is a lot for me at the time). Someone from a guild called Sacred Phoenix named Jalat (or Jarat or something close) gives me a bunch of buffs and a Mithril Quill and the combination of that makes me a killing machine; I barely have to nuke anything I am basically a Rogue at this point mowing through mobs lol. I chat with her a bit and she seems really nice, tells me she and her husband recently joined P99 as well. A Gnome named Lilsammich gives me a couple pieces of cloth armor as well! He is in a guild called Dial A Daniel and I ask him about it; he says it's a Daniel Day Lewis joke because one of the faces looks like DDL...he is a Gnome and looks nothing like DDl, but I don;t point this fact out to him.
By the way, if you use the vendor around the corner to the right in Qeynos, you can go upstairs when you're there and kill a Mangy Rat and turn in the head to the dude downstairs for a decent amount of EXP at that level. I quickly make it to level 4 and buy my spells and have a decision to make...newb yard or try and venture into Qeynos Hills?
I decide to stay in the newb yard for one more level, stabbing things to death with my quill. I actually don't even summon a pet. It takes awhile but eventually I hit 5 and head out into the exciting new area of Qeynos Hills. I didn't spend much time over here on live, so it's a bit like being in a new game for me. I wander around killing trash and eventually end up at the entrance of Blackburrow. There are two groups of two Gnoll Watchers each, but I can't break those camps. However, I notice that the Gnolls around the BB entrance can be single pulled so I start grinding away there with my fire pet and looting the fangs that the Wiki says are good EXP per turn-in. At one point my EXP slows down because a level 17 Gnome Wizard named Wunder or Wulder or something shows up and starts nuking all the spawns telling me that they're all FTE and the fangs are still good EXP up to 20 so he's farming some. Eventually he goes away and I'm able to start killing again. I go from level 5 to level 7 and head back to Qeynos to turn in the fangs. They get me almost to level 8. I think about going back to Blackburrow, but the entrance is getting a little boring and no one ever seems to be in the dungeon to group with so I decide to head east to the Freeport area where I spent most of my time on live!
I'm wandering through West Karana (forgot how big this place was) and at night it's pretty tough since it's hard to distinguish the path from the ground around it...I wait at one of the guard towers until daylight. Eventually I make it to NK and wander to the Druid rings. I have no money so I'm basically hoping someone will take pity on me and port me since I don't have invis to make it through Highpass. Eventually someone from DAP helps me out and it's off to Freeport where I get a bind and start killing wandering mobs in EC (brings back memories lol). I farm three stacks of bonechips and a Necro named Eznu gives me an extra pp per stack to help out with spells. I also join a guild called Dark Men of Odus and the roleplay is pretty fun; it seems like a smaller guild but everyone in it is really nice and helpful. With the buffs from people at the tunnel the levels from 7-12 fly by (I was kind of shocked how expensive spells at level 8 and 12 are...I couldn't buy all of my level 12 ones). I try and focus on spiders and snakes since the venom glands and the Giant Snake Fangs sell for like half a platinum.
At 12 I decide I definitely need to make money if spells are going to be this expensive. I do some research on the Wiki and decide that the Karana Bandits seem like a good option since apparently the sashes can be turned in for bronze weapons which equal good vendor cash. I head to West Karana and go to the "farm" camp where I duo first with a Bard and then an Enchanter. It goes really well until I accidentally aggro a bunch of Bandits and farmers all at once and get crushed. I decide to quit for the day and head to Qeynos to turn in the sashes before logging. They're definitely good cash for my level and get me almost to level 13 in EXP (although the EXP per turn-in is low, I was just close to 13 already). I log on the next day and head back to WK. The bandits are all camped, but I find some spawning north of the big mountain camp. I kill a couple when a Halfling Warrior comes up and tells me that he's camping them. It's confusing to me because the Wizard outside BB said outdoor mobs are FTE and the Warrior is telling me that's not the rule and he can camp all four spawns at once.
I don't argue with him and a short time later he tells me he's leaving and I can have the camp. I'm excited but quickly realize that it's 4 spawns clustered together and Mages have no CC. I wait to see if they wander but they do not. So I head east to another Bandit area marked on the map. I find a little valley with 3 of them standing around and one wanderer. I am pondering summoning my Earth pet to see if he could tank three mobs at once when a Druid named Thornn from the guild Sanctuary comes by and buffs me and my pet and uses Harmony to allow me to split the camp. He was a lifesaver! He stays until it looks like I've got a good rotation going. It's a mix of relaxing and stressful. The area overall is pretty safe (as long as I remember to stay out of the path of the wandering Bandit), but I basically have to be on my game the whole time constantly killing so I keep the spawn broken.
I stay there until I am part of the way through 14 and then decide to move on. I read about the Lightstone quest and I head to North Karana. I grind wisps there (interrupted once for a bit by a bard named Talisyn from the guild Chilling Gaze who swarms a lot of the spawns at a time which seemed rude), turning in the GSL's and Lightstones at the Gypsy camp. A High Elf Enchanter named Assimilate is killing the guards at the nearby tower and gives me free Clarity constantly! Woooo! The cash from the lightstones and bandit sashes gets me enough plat to buy my level 16 spells and this cool green stat robe from someone in the tunnel! Although it basically makes me broke again lol. By the way, that boat ride to OOT to get spells from that vendor on the Cyclops island is rough. I bought some level 20 spells there too which contributed to me becoming broke.
So then I go back to the Karanas and I'm doing a mix of grinding in East Karana and still doing some wisp turn ins in NK, when out of nowhere I get a tell from a Druid named Portses in the guild Kingdom asking if I want a powerlevel. Turns out he's PLing his son who is also a Mage in Runnyeye (what up Summonn!) and if I join we can both use our pets to help without the 50% EXP penalty. He takes me over there and we link up with summon and a high level Enchanter called Prepp. We PBAOE huge groups of Goblins and then Prepp and Portses use their damage shields to kill (with our pets throwing in DPS too) them off. This basically gets me almost all the way to 19 in like two hours (we died to trains a couple of times)! Plus Portses and Summonn let me loot most of the Goblins which nets me a good amount of cash; enough to buy my spells at level 20 and some low level INT rings. They're very nice people!
From the high teens to early 20s I keep looking for chances to group in places like Unrest and Guk, but every time I message people there they say the groups are full, so soloing it is. I spent 18 and 19 in a combination of Gorge and East Karana. I was killing the two single pulls Minotaurs (by entrance to number 1 on the map) and it's great EXP, but there are a lot of wandering Mudites (some are Blue at 18/19) and at once point I have like 3 or 4 on me and they blind me and I am basically hitting Gate over and over while blind hoping I get out and making it out with like 5% of my HP left lol. Phew. I decide to spend the rest of 19 in the Karanas where it's safer. I do wandering mobs in EK and NK (wisp turn ins can still be decent at 19); it's a slow grind but eventually I hit 20. Since I'm now mostly broke again, I decide I need another cash camp so I head to OOT to the Gargoyle Isle. I duo there with a Ranger name Kendain (or Keldain, can't remember the spelling). The EXP is definitely slower with a Ranger :P but his track is invaluable since it means I don't have to spend tons of time running all over the island trying to find Skeletons and Gargoyles and he's a really cool guy to chat with so it's pretty fun. I get about a bubble and a half of EXP, but we get trained twice by people killing the Spectres and I die once so I decide it might not be the best place for me right now. I didn't get too many Gargoyle Eyes to sell in that time so it wasn't as lucrative as I'd hoped.
I go to Highpass where I try killing Orcs, but the adds get pretty frequent and it can be tough so I decide it might not be the best. While I'm there I see another Mage farming faction while AFK by parking his pet in the path the Orcs run on...I petition the staff to ask if this is legal and they say it's not (just FYI in case anyone didn't know that). So it's back to East Karana where I start killing the Crag Spiders (I have a little bit of a nasty surprise when I realize the Carrion Spiders are social to them and I almost die once or twice to adds from them). I cruise from 20 to 21 very quickly and am making silk swatches out of the silk to sell for 7.5pp per stack (shout out to the guy doing the solo Warrior posts who I discovered this from). My downtime at this point was mostly due to my pet's health getting low so I ask around and people tell me if I get this Torch focus item for the fire pet it gives it like 100-200HP more or something like that. So I head to Lavastorm and farm fire drakes for their scale (I find one eventually but die once due to social aggro and lose my level). Then I head to the Freeport area where Spawghet the Enchanter sells me Fire Giant Toes for 30pp. Unfortunately, it's at this time that I realize the Emerald and the Torch that I need to buy are both very expensive and I can't afford them; I guess I will have to look into focus items later on.
Back to East Karana again and I cruise from 21 into 22. Yesterday I had a bit of a run in with a trio of players at the Crag Spiders. Apparently their Druid Ystrella was running around with SOW on and snaring multiple mobs at once to pull back to their spot at the base of the pass. I'm sitting there medding and see a Crag Spider go wandering by at 100% HP at what looks like it's normal walking speed. So I kill it and their Mage (Bloblover or something like that) comes over and starts yelling at me and tells me I clearly must be blind because it was their pull. Sorry Bloblover, when the mob is at 100% HP and snared it just looks like a mob wandering around unengaged. It's tough because they are trying to snag multiple mobs at once with snare and root and claim FTE because of it, but I manage to get into a pretty good groove with three of the Crag Spiders where I can kill one, med, and be ready to kill the next at the spawn point nearby; so I get decent EXP and I'm now about halfway through 22!
I think I will stay at the Crag Spiders until about 24 or 25. I've been trying to collect research components for my level 24 pet spells, but even with the components my skill is well below the trivial level for those spells so I guess I might be in a bit of trouble at 24, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! Thanks to everyone on the server who has answered my newb questions from time to time!
submitted by Revolutionary_Cat271 to project1999

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