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Returning for season 8 after a few months/years of not playing League? This post will help you get up-to-date with the meta and all important changes made within the past four years.

Hello Reddit. As the title says, this is a guide for players who are returning to League after a lengthy break. In this post you will find a summary of the current meta champions and a patch history listing all the important changes that have been added to the game within the past four years. Enjoy!

Meta (last updated 13. January 2020)

  For runes, builds and skill orders go to websites like lolalytics and look up your champion.
A tier list describing the power level of specific champs can be found here.
If you struggle with itemization (as any role), I can highly recommend Championify – a little program that downloads all the recent builds from stats websites like KoreanBuilds.net and imports them into your League of Legends game as item sets! (Download)
If you disagree with anything or have a question, leave it as a comment – feedback is appreciated! :)

Patch History

A summary of every major addition to the game since preseason 4 can be seen below.
This is a great resource for anyone not up-to-date with recent patches, as anyone can quickly catch up on all Riot's important changes without having to read through all the patch notes.
If you want to view all the changes for a specific champion, please visit the Patch List on that champion's League of Legends wiki page.

Patch 10.1

  New Champion: Sett, the Boss (Top) - Champion Wiki  

Patch 9.24

  New Champion: Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful (ADC) - Champion Wiki (Warning: this is the most complex and unique champion yet released)
Ability changes: Diana (her E and R have been swapped around) - Ability Update v=DTNwrJGjpxo)  

Patch 9.23 (Preseason 10)

  Elemental Rifts have been added. After the second Elemental Drake of the game dies, the map will permanently transform to one of four Elemental Rifts, each with unique terrain changes. Once the map transforms, all future Elemental Drake spawns will be of that element only.
The first team to slay four Elemental Drakes gains a very powerful permanent buff matching the Elemental Rift. Elder Dragon begins spawning after this happens, and the Elder Dragon buff has been reworked into an instant execute on enemies below 20% HP.
Red, Blue, Baron and Elder Dragon buff has received a visual update.
Rift Herald now spawns earlier and will respawn after 6 minutes. It deals more damage to towers, but it uses up significantly more of its HP when charging turrets.
New brush has been added near blue buff. Alcoves (new terrain) has been added to the top lane and bottom lane corner of the map.
Two new Lethality items has been added. Edge of Night's shield is now passive similar to Banshee's.
The starter support items now upgrade automatically when you generate enough gold – you don't have to buy tier 2 and 3 as a separate item in the shop. The Spellthief and Relic Shield support item now has an AD variant. Spear of Shojin, Zz'rot Portal and Ohmwrecker has been removed.
Jungle catch-up XP has been removed. Respawn icons for small jungle camps have been added to the minimap.
The Twisted Treeline 3v3 map has been removed.  

Patch 9.22

  New Champion: Senna, the Redeemer (Support/ADC) - Champion Wiki  

Patch 9.21

  The 10th Anniversary has brought back URF temporarily! Riot also announced a couple of new games!  

Patch 9.20

  Ability changes: Shaco - Ability Update
Ability changes: Garen - Ability Update  

Patch 9.18 & 9.19

  Nothing noteworthy – just some balancing tweaks in preparation for Worlds.  

Patch 9.17

  Ability changes: Aurelion Sol - Ability Update  

Patch 9.16

  Full rework: Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear - Champion Wiki - Champion Preview  

Patch 9.15

  Nothing noteworthy – just some balancing tweaks.  

Patch 9.14

  Teamfight Tactics – League's very own Autochess / Autobattler gamemode – has been released!
Death Recap has been reworked!
You can now enable an option that permanently mutes allied chat.  

Patch 9.13

  New Champion: Qiyana, Empress of the Elements (Mid/Jungle) - Champion Wiki - Champion Preview  

Patch 9.12

  Full rework: Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant - Champion Wiki - Champion Preview  

Patch 9.11

  Ability changes: Zac (his ult has been reverted to his old one) - Ability Update  

Patch 9.10

  New Champion: Yuumi, the Magical Cat (Support) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 9.9

  The Scuttle Crab now spawns at 3:15 instead of 2:00.  

Patch 9.8

  Several changes have been made to ARAM (patch 9.7 & 9.8): - Damage from champions further than 1000 units away is reduced by 15%. - After 15 minutes, minion waves' spawn rate will increase. - Warmog's Armor has been adjusted. - Runes have been adjusted for ARAM. - Some champions have been buffed/nerfed in ARAM only.  

Patch 9.7

  The item Wit's End has been reworked. It now heals for the amount of on-hit damage dealt by Wit's End.  

Patch 9.6

  Kill streak bounties have been slightly lowered.  

Patch 9.5

  Full rework: Kayle, the Righteous - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 9.4

  The rune Conqueror has been partially reworked.  

Patch 9.3

  The ADC itemization changes from 8.11 have been partially reverted . Infinity Edge/attack speed item should once again be build as 1st/2nd item.
Spellthief's Edge (blue support item) can now only generate gold if nearby a teammate. This change was made to prevent solo laners from abusing it.  

Patch 9.2

  New Champion: Sylas, the Unshackled (Mid/Top) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight
The experience gained from jungle camps have been lowered. Junglers will now hit level 6 one or two minutes later than before.
Major ranked changes will be introduced this season. - PLACEMENTS: You'll get a provisional rank after your first Ranked game, which is the lowest rank you can end placements in. Placement wins grant bonus LP; losses don't cost LP. Your rank becomes visible to others after finishing placements. - TIERS & DIVISIONS We've added Iron tier below Bronze and Grandmaster tier between Master and Challenger. Division V has been removed from all tiers. - SPLITS Season 2019 is broken into three splits, with your performance in each split upgrading your ranked armor. There's no soft reset or time off between splits. End of season rewards are still based on your overall performance across the season.  

Patch 8.24 & 9.1

  New Champion: Neeko, the Curious Chameleon (Mid) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.21, 8.22 & 8.23 (Preseason 9)

  Turret plating has been added. Outer turrets begin the game with 5000 HP and five temporary plates that are broken off for each 1000 damage dealt to the turret. Breaking a plate grants 120 gold but temporarily makes the turret more tanky. Turret plating falls off at 14:00, resulting in laning phase more consistently ending at that time stamp.
Dark Harvest and various other runes have been reworked.
Kill streak bounties are now listed on the scoreboard.
Teleport can no longer be canceled by its caster.  

Patch 8.20

  Ability changes: Ezreal - Ability Update  

Patch 8.18 & 8.19

  Nothing noteworthy – just some balancing tweaks in preparation for Worlds.  

Patch 8.17

  Full rework: Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.16

  A new permanent game mode, Nexus Blitz, will be up for alpha playtesting during the next four weeks.  

Patch 8.15

  Full rework: Akali, the Rogue Assassin - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.14

  Teleport's cooldown has been increased by 60 seconds.  

Patch 8.13

  Full rework: Aatrox, the Darkin Blade - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.12

  The item Banner of Command has been removed from the game.
The tutorial has been completely reworked.  

Patch 8.11

  New Champion: Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper (Support) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight
Several much-needed ARAM changes have been made: - During champ select, you may swap for a champ that’s been re-rolled by any teammate. - Expanded free champs pool (45 champions every week) - It's now easier to gain an S-rank in ARAM. - Earlier surrender options (8:00 unanimous, 12:00 standard) - You will reach level 4 much faster.  

Patch 8.10

  The new tournament mode Clash has been released.
Securing the Rift Herald has been made significantly more valuable in terms of gold/XP rewards to promote early game jungle 1v1's.
The gold bonus for shutdown kills has been changed, meaning that the killer will now receive the full bounty instead of sharing it among teammates.  

Patch 8.9

  Rift Herald's charge now deals more damage to turrets, but is even more vulnerable to attacks from behind.
The price of mid lane Mana items have been increased. Doran's Ring now gives less Mana.  

Patch 8.8

  LeBlanc's assassin update rework has been fully reverted to her old kit.
The red Trinket upgrade is now available from level 1 instead of level 9.  

Patch 8.7

  Full rework: Irelia, the Blade Dancer - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.6

  League now has in-game voice-chat between party members.  

Patch 8.5

  New Champion: Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void (ADC) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight
Cloud Drake's movement speed buff has been buffed and is now decent compared to the other drakes.  

Patch 8.4

  All mage items have received various changes.
Baron buff and Elder Dragon buff are now better late game.  

Patch 8.3

  Full rework: Swain, the Noxian Grand General - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 8.2

  Sightstone is now part of the three core support items and can no longer be bought seperately.
Single target abilities such as Pantheon Q or Anivia E will now draw minion aggro like basic attacks would.  

Patch 7.24

  The in-game health bars have been visually updated.  

Patch 7.23

  New Champion: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight (Mid) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 7.22 (Preseason 8 Runes Update)

  Preseason 8 Update!
Runes and Masteries have been combined into a new system called Runes Reforged. IP/RP spent on runes and rune pages have been partially refunded.
You can now level up beyond level 30 for various extra rewards.
IP is now called Blue Essence, and you acquire it by leveling up (finishing a game no longer grants IP/Blue Essence).
Each jungle camp now counts as 4 CS on the scoreboard, regardless of the actual number of monsters.
Minions now spawn at 1:10. Jungle camps spawn at 1:30.  

Patch 7.20

  Full rework: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace - Champion Update
You can now emote by pressing T. Additional emotes can be purchased with RP.  

Patch 7.19

  Ability changes: Xin Zhao - Ability Update

Patch 7.17

  New Champion: Ornn, the Mountainsmith (Top) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 7.16

  The weekly Free to Play rotation now contains 15 champions, up from 10.  

Patch 7.15

  Full rework: Urgot, the Dreadnought - Champion Update  

Patch 7.14

  New Champion: Kayn, the Shadow Reaper (Jungle) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 7.13

  The honor system has been updated.  

Patch 7.11

  Ability changes: Rek'Sai, Kindred and Malzahar - Champion Patch Notes
Each team can now ban 5 champions instead of 3.  

Patch 7.10

  You can now surrender at 15:00 if all 5 players vote yes.
Pings can now be muted.  

Patch 7.9 (Mid-season Tank Update)

  Ability changes: Maokai, Sejuani and Zac - Mid-season Spotlight - Patch Notes
Two new tank items (Adaptive Helm & Gargoyle Stoneplate) have been added! Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Scepter, Guardian Angel and Doran's shield have been reworked.
The three core support items will now receive a unique passive effect after enough gold has been generated.
Rift Herald's appearance, attacks and buff have been updated. When defeated, it can be re-summoned as an allied siege tool.  

Patch 7.8

  New Champions: Rakan, the Charmer & Xayah, the Rebel (Support/ADC duo) - Champion Reveal
Various starter items have been removed from ARAM, and the healing relics now grant healing based on % missing HP.  

Patch 7.6

  Full rework: Galio, the Colossus - Champion Update  

Patch 7.5

  Old champions have been given a recall animation.
Exhaust no longer reduces the target's Attack Speed and ArmoMR.  

Patch 7.3

  Sandbox mode is here! Practice combos and test new builds in this custom game mode with a variety of game-altering commands.  

Patch 7.2

  Full rework: Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun - Champion Update  

Patch 6.24

  New Champion: Camille, the Steel Shadow (Top) - Champion Reveal
Blue buff no longer grants increased ability power.  

Patch 6.23

An official replay system has been released.
League of Legends 4th ultimate skin, Elementalist Lux, has been released.
Autofill has been enabled in all draft queues at all times.  

Patch 6.22 (Preseason 7 Assassin Update)

  This patch is so big that it got its own spotlight - Preseason 7 Spotlight
Katarina, Rengar and Talon have received major kit changes. Akali, Ekko, Fizz, Kha'Zix, Shaco and Zed have received smaller ability changes. - Katarina Spotlight - Rengar Spotlight - Talon Spotlight - Patch Notes
Ability changes: Alistar - Patch Notes
Invisible champions can no longer be seen by pink wards (which are now called control wards). Rengar's and Twitch's stealth now work like Evelynn's (visible if too close to champions or control wards).
Armor penetration is now called Lethality, and the updated math behind it makes it weaker early game but stronger late game.
Aegis of the Legion/Locket of the Iron Solari no longer gives an MR aura for teammates!
The jungle monsters have changed: - The small monsters are gone from the buff camps. - Two additional small raptors have been added. - The krugs spawn smaller krugs on death. - Gromps attack speed decreases after each attack. - Gromp and Krugs spawn 10 seconds later than other camps. - All jungle respawn timers have gone up from 100 seconds to 150 seconds. - Camp-specific smite rewards are gone – now you just restore health and mana when smiting any camp.
Plants have been added to the jungle. When attacked, they can heal you, knock nearby units away or grant vision in an area (depending on the plant type).  

Patch 6.21

  A small spinning icon has been added to the loading screen. (The technology is finally here!)  

Patch 6.20

  New Champion: Ivern, the Green Father (Jungle) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 6.19

  The following information can now be pinged to generate a chat message:
  • Ability cooldowns
  • Dragon, Baron and Champion respawn timers
  • Experience needed for next level
  • Current gold and gold needed for an item purchase  

Patch 6.18

  Full rework: Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls - Champion Update  

Patch 6.17

  When switching targets, turrets will now focus the closest enemy champion instead of a random one within range.  

Patch 6.16

  New Champion: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier (Top) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 6.15

  You can now gain First Blood on turrets for a 300 gold bonus.  

Patch 6.14

  Full rework: Ryze, the Rune Mage (again...) - Champion Update  

Patch 6.13

  Teleport's channel duration has been increased to 4.5 seconds (from 3.5), making TP plays a little harder to pull off.  

Patch 6.12

  /Remake has launched! Games that start 4v5 will now immediately end in a draw.
The cooldown of all summoner spells in ARAM (except the snowball) has been reduced by 40%. Also, the health relics restore 50% less mana and their respawn timers have been increased to 60 seconds (from 40).  

Patch 6.10

  New Champion: Taliyah, the Stone Weaver (Mid) - Champion Reveal
Champion mastery level 6 and 7 can now be achieved through the hextech-crafting system by earning S-grades (Summoner's Rift only).  

Patch 6.9 (Mid-season Mage Update)

  This patch is so big that it got its own spotlight. - Midseason Spotlight - Patch Notes
Pretty much every mage in the game have received gameplay changes to one or more of their abilities.
Dragon will now spawn with a random elemental type, modifying its appearance and buff. A symbol on the wall will show what elemental type the next dragon is going to have.
  • Fire Drakes grant extra % AD and AP to the team slaying it.
  • Mountain Drakes grant bonus true damage to Baron, Dragons and Turrets.
  • Cloud Drakes grant bonus movement speed.
  • Water Drakes restore missing Health and Mana while out of combat.
The much stronger Elder Dragon will spawn instead of regular dragons beyond 35:00. It awards a temporary buff when slain, increasing the effectiveness of all previous dragon buffs while also adding damage over time to all your attacks. It respawns every 10 minutes.
Spell Vamp as a stat has been removed from all items.
A new set of burst-oriented AP items called Hextech have been added.
Quicksilver Sash & Mercurial Scimitar now only cleanse CC - not damage-related debuffs such as Zed or Fiora ults.
Boot Enchantments have been removed.
Towers are a little tankier, and the extra damage they build up after repeatedly attacking a champion is no longer lost when switching target. This makes diving more difficult.
The XP gained from killing jungle camps are now significantly lower if you don't have a jungle item. Also, jungle monsters now only grant experience to their killers - no more accidental XP-steal!  

Patch 6.8

  Full rework: Taric, the Shield of Valoran - Champion Update
The store has received a visual update.  

Patch 6.7

  The Rotating Game Mode has launched, featuring a new game mode such as One for All, Hexakill or U.R.F every now and then.  

Patch 6.6

  New Champion: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger (Mid) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 6.5

  A new social feature for you and your friends called Clubs has been added.
The XP requirement for reaching level 1-30 has been reduced by half. This means getting an account to level 30 is now twice as fast compared to previously.
Hextech Crafting is now live. It's a system that rewards you with keys and loot chests containing free rewards such as champions or skins. This video explains it pretty well.  

Patch 6.4

  The game mode Dominion has been permanently removed.  

Patch 6.2

  New Champion: Jhin, the Virtuoso (ADC) - Champion Reveal
Full rework: Shen, the Eye of Twilight - Champion Update  

Patch 6.1

  Team Builder has been removed.  

Patch 5.24

  Full rework: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer - Champion Update  

Patch 5.23

  New Champion: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess (Top) - Champion Reveal
The homeguard speed boost is now available for free beyond 20:00.
Promo Helper has launched. If you are below Gold 1, you will now start your promotion series with a win if you have previously attempted the promotion for that division.  

Patch 5.22 (Preseason 6 Marksman Update)

  This is the big preseason 6 patch.
The marksman update have brought massive changes to Caitlyn, Corki, Graves, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune and Quinn. The ADC items have been reworked.
A monster called the Rift Herald will now chill in the baron pit from 8:00 to 19:55.
Mana potions and green wards have been removed from the shop. Trinkets are now free to upgrade at level 9. Wards leave behind a corpse when they die, revealing the warding habits of your teammates and enemies.
Champions on a killing streak will now have a small icon next to their health bar. Ending an enemy killing streak will give a small gold bonus to everyone on your team.
Teleports cooldown is no longer reduced if cast on a turret.
The summoner spells Clairvoyance and Clarity have been removed from Summoner’s Rift.  

Patch 5.20

  New Champion: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters (Jungle) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 5.19

  Jungle monsters now have a resource called “patience” showing how close they are to resetting.  

Patch 5.16 (Juggernaut Update)

  Major changes have been made to Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser and Skarner.
Three new items (Dead Man's Plate, Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra) for fighters/tanks have been added to the shop.  

Patch 5.15

  Full rework: Fiora, the Grand Duelist - Champion Update
The in-game HUD has been updated.
A new system to automatically detect in-game toxicity has been implemented. It can hand out punishments on its own, so avoid using profanity.  

Patch 5.14

  Full rework: Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge - Champion Update  

Patch 5.13

  New Champion: Tahm Kench, the River King (Support) - Champion Reveal
Multiple slows on the same target no longer stack.  

Patch 5.11

  Twisted Treeline has been updated, including changes to altars, Vilemaw’s buff and the addition of an extra lane turret to each lane.  

Patch 5.10

  New Champion: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time (Mid/Jungle) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 5.9

  Ability changes: Ashe - Champion Update
Attack Move has been updated and will now prioritize the target closest to your cursor if multiple targets are within attack range.  

Patch 5.8

  Full rework: Ryze, the Rogue Mage (outdated, new rework in patch 6.14) - Champion Update
A new summoner spell (snowball toss) that works like a Lee Sin Q has been added to ARAM. Also, you can now pay a small amount of RP during champ select to give everyone on your team a free skin for the rest of the game.
A new reward system called Champion Mastery can be earned for each champion. Good in-game performances are graded and will earn you points towards your next mastery level for that champion. Champion mastery can be used to earn rewards such as a loading screen ribbon or an in-game emote.  

Patch 5.5

  New Champion: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker (Support) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 5.4

  Ability changes: Zilean - Champion Patch Notes
The summoner spell Revive has been removed from the game.
League of Legends 3rd ultimate skin, DJ Sona, has been released.  

Patch 5.2

  Full rework: Tristana, the Megling Gunner - Champion Update  

Patch 5.1

  Each base on Summoner’s Rift now has two gates on the base walls that only champions from that team can walk through.
You can now store 2 charges of smite at a time.  

Preseason 5 (4.21, 4.20 and 4.19)

  New Champion: Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower (Jungle) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight
New Champion: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance (ADC) - Champion Reveal - Champion Spotlight
Summoner’s Rift has received a full visual update.
Baron Nashor now spawns at 20:00 instead of 15:00, and its buff can temporarily affect minions.
There is now a monster in each river called the Rift Scuttler. Killing it grants vision and a speed boost in front of Dragon or Baron.
Jungle items and Elixirs have been completely reworked.  

Patch 4.18

  Full rework: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut - Champion Update - Champion Spotlight  

Patch 4.17

  Ability changes: Soraka & Viktor - Champion Update
Bronze, silver and gold players are now immune to inactivity decay from not playing ranked for a month.  

Patch 4.16

  New Champion: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands (Mid) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 4.15

  A new ranked tier called Masters has been added to fill the gap between Diamond 1 and Challenger.  

Patch 4.14

  New Champion: Gnar, the Missing Link (Top) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 4.12

  Jungle timers have been implemented, letting you see the current death timers of Dragon, Baron and the red and blue buff monsters above the scoreboard.

Patch 4.10

  Ability changes: Nidalee - Champion Patch Notes  

Patch 4.7

  New Champion: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord (Support) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 4.5

  Ability changes: Gragas - Champion Patch Notes
The summoner spell Heal has been reworked. Instead of healing everyone, it now heals only you and the ally closest to your cursor. To compensate, the healing is now more effective and gives a small burst of movement speed.  

Patch 4.4

  Ability changes: Kassadin (97% banrate, never forget) - Champion Patch Notes  

Patch 4.3

  New Champion: Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void (Mid) - Champion Reveal  

Patch 4.2

  Ability changes: Xerath - Champion Patch Notes  

Preseason 4 (3.15 and 3.14)

  New Champion: Yasuo, the Unforgiven (Mid/Top) - Champion Reveal
A new free item for vision control called trinkets can now be purchased in a unique 7th item slot.
Each player can now only have a maximum of three stealth wards (green wards) placed on the map at the same time.
Vision wards (pink wards) are no longer invisible. They have 4 health and are limited to one placed on the map per player.
Three new core gold-generating starter items have been added for the support role, allowing supports to purchase combat stats instead of only vision-related items.
submitted by BudoBoy07 to leagueoflegends

[Standard] AliasV tournament 1st place Red Splash UGB or "chaos"

Hi everyone, first time posting so I hope its up to scuff. I wanted to talk about the deck I used to pilot to first place against a varied field of non meta and meta decks. I came across the idea after reading Jim Davies article on Jund Chainwhirler, the list from that article is what formed the basis for my deck, so all credit goes to him for the foundations.
The deck performed well against most decks, especially against Golgari where I had a 100% match winrate (and maybe a 70% game winrate?) across the course of the tournament, it really hoses golgari (and I played a lot, maybe 5 or 6?), I've played it on ladder and had similar experiences too, whether that's down to not knowing how to play against it or because it's genuinly just that good I dont know, but I have had pretty good success with this deck currently at platinum 3 after reset. It does have a difficult time versus control so finding more ways to beat that would be on the table for the future. I'll be covering the following topics bellow, card choices, changes and match ups. I may add some other stuff later if people ask for it. All games were played in MTGA as I currently dont play paper MTG. I went 6-1 on matches in swiss with around 12 game wins and 6 game loses, top 8 I went 6-2 on games. All but one of my opponents was playing a deck considered meta, with a couple of high calibur players throughout the tournament.

The Deck

Decklist:Aether hub: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/Public/66543
4 Goblin Chainwhirler (DAR) 129
2 Angrath, the Flame-Chained (RIX) 152
2 Rekindling Phoenix (RIX) 111
4 Treasure Map (XLN) 250
3 Shivan Fire (DAR) 142
3 Shock (M19) 156
4 Status // Statue (GRN) 230
4 Lava Coil (GRN) 108
4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
4 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252
4 Rootbound Crag (XLN) 256
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259
4 Hydroid Krasis (RNA) 183
4 Steam Vents (GRN) 257
4 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247
2 Ral, Izzet Viceroy (GRN) GR5
3 Gruul Spellbreaker (RNA) 179
1 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246

3 Cindervines (RNA) 161
4 Fountain of Renewal (M19) 235
2 Dire Fleet Daredevil (RIX) 99
2 Banefire (M19) 130
2 Carnage Tyrant (XLN) 179
2 Find // Finality (GRN) 225

The Cards

Whirler + Status, this is a 4 mana combo that deals 1 damage to all your opponents minions, but this damage has deathtouch so therefore kills all their stuff. To perform this combo on arena, before you play chain whirler press Ctrl+Shift so that "hold control enabled" appears, play your chainwhirler out, until the deal 1 to all is on the stack, then stack your status on top targetting the chainwhirler, once this is done you can press ctrl to disable full control.


2x Rekindling Phoenix - I think 4 is perfectly reasonable (I only own 2) especially if you want a more minion centric deck, I think 0 is reasonable too as this card isnt really a huge threat with all the contempt floating around, but thats likely because I only had 2, with 4 it increases your targets to 8 with planeswalkers so maybe thats preferable.
**4x Chainwhirler*\* - This card is the bussiness. If you draw it + Status/Statue versus any board centric deck it is basically a free win, Sultai isnt as heavy as this deck so you can easily grind them out long game, so they usually need to commit early and kill you with damage, and this punsihes that hard. It's also really good at stalling games, and unless your opponent is control you will always win grindy games, the longer the game goes the higher your chances of winning. Try to not play this card on a turn where they have mana open, most midrange decks run some kind of removal, and they can stack removal onto status to kill the whirler before it deathtouches.
3x Gruul spellbreaker - The original list ran legion warboss and I personally dont think that card is very good, It dies to 1 and 2 mana removal which for a 3 mana card is awful. Gruul spellbreaker however is a 3 mana 4/4 which is good, plus against control it hits them in the face for 3, all my wins versus control came down to drawing this and going face, it really messes with their mana turns since they cant use removal on it in our turn forcing them to float a bunch of mana, which comes up a fair amount and gives you time to SMOrc. Plus it has trample, which has a neat little synergy with Status, where you deal 1 damage to the minion and 4 uptop. I want to put 4 of this in my main deck, really solid card.
4x Hydroid Krasis - Or how I ended up putting more colours into my jund deck. Turns out with 8 blue sources and 4 copies of treasure map resolving a krasis isnt even hard, and you can easily drop 2-3 in a game, shout out to the aggro red guy who lost to 4 krasis in top 19 cards, poor dude. Treasure map really pushes the limits on this card, dropping a 6/6 krasis and drawing an extra 2 cards on turn 5 is just insane.
4x Treasure Map - The non-blue players azcanta. This card really rounds out the colour package, it performs a lot of mana fixing, operates as a draw engine, and the early scry's let me keep some powerful 2 land hands, it taught me to always set stops on MTGA at the end of my opponents turn and during my upkeep, usually its better to scry during upkeep than make a 3 mana play, so dont be afraid to skip early turns against midrange decks to stack up those counters.
6x Shivan Fire/Shock - Basically do the same thing. I never changed the Ratio from Jim Davis original list because I think it's probably right. They're rarely if ever more than just deal 2 to llanowar elves, a fistful of these is generally how you beat RDW. Shivan Fire came up a lot versus izzet drakes, and won my top 8 game against a relatively unfavoured match up. Generally 3/3 is fine because they cover more situations, you never feel bad having 1 of each going in blind game 1, but if youre facing stacked fields you can swap in where needed.
4x Status/Statue - This card is so good in this deck, its a 4 mana remove most of the things so acts as your anti Enchantment/Artifact/Niv Mizzet hate card, and then sometimes you just eat your opponents board with chain whirler, plus synergies with spellbreaker and carnage tyrant. Just a really good card in the deck.
4x Lava coil - More removal, never changed from Jim Davies list, never feels bad in the hand against decks that actually play the game, not much to say really, lines up really well versus izzet drakes that dont draw dive down.
25 wild cards of land - This is what is going to put most people off, the mana base cost is ridiculous on wild card count, but you absolutely need the 8 red splash colour lands for each colour otherwise its not enough. Upside is that crafting lands is mega important, if youre new to arena lands will win you more games (unless youre a mono player) than any other card, having a solid mana base is important to the game as much as it sucks not crafting that sick rare. I hope that wizards introduce some kind of intro/land bundle set that gives you all the lands for a specific guild for a relatively reasonable price total, heck I'd pay like £50+ for all of the lands just so I could dump my wild cards into the janky rares I want to play.
Play lands relative to what you want to play, take some time to think about your turns coming up and when you want to play what, when you want free mana open, if youre holding a 1 mana removal its ok to take 2 on turn 1 to leave the option open, even against mono red so dont be afraid to do that. Sometimes you get hands of 3 check lands and thats ok to keep as long as the rest of your hand is good generally your cards can come back from behind so its not a big deal.
2x Mommy Angrath, the Flame-Chained - To round out the chain theme, we've got the Tauren God card itself, The Chained Tauren of Gra. So basically we've got this +1, that goes face, and generates you card advantage, like, youre telling me I can SMOrc AND get ahead card wise at the same time? Sign me up baby. Ironically this is better against agressive decks because usually they hold their bomb cards till later so you can slam this and snipe the hydra in their hand. Then we get to the real spice, like captain ahab, Angrath has his own moby dick skewer (arena even gives you a sick animation), your -3 ability reads "steal your opponents krasis and smash it into their face, then it dies (horribly)", Im sure I dont need to explain why this is nuts, but against Sultai, usually they will exhaust their hand, and if youve whirlerd them they reload with krasis, tapping out all their mana, you can now play an uncontesteed Angrath, kill their krasis, hit them for whatever arbitrary number their krasis had, and now they have to spend their turn killing your angrath or you start going hammer time on their hand, blows out Sultai pretty hard once they're even slightly behind. Easily the coolest card in the meta. Only reason I didnt run 3 is becaus its kinda hit and miss against other decks, stealing adanto vanguards and benelish marshalls is fun, but not against teferi, teferi is not fun for Angy SadFace.
2x Ral, Izzet Viceroy - I call this the lightning round. Basically I had this bright spark idea to replace Karn in the original list with Ral because I think Ral is better, but then someon askeed me, Izzet? Puns aside, late game drawing 2 cards a turn where one of those cards is a better of two choices is just good, the +1 is better than Karns, hands down, plus it synergises nicely with treasure map scry getting you to see 4 cards a turn which is super good. The power level against non sultai decks made me want a 2/2 split with Angy as opposed to a 3/1 of either. The -3 is better than Karns, and worse than Angraths, usually youre getting to deal 3 damage versus something.


2x Carnage Tyrant - Play this go face hope they dont remove it.
2x Dire Fleet Daredevil - I kept 2 in from Jims list because I never get to use this card, its more like a 5 mana removal than a 2 mana creature. I only really ever sided it in versus izzet drakes, and sometimes I stole their lava coils with it. There's probably better tech cards for izzet drakes idk. Generally I found it wasn't really a usefull sideboard slot so feel free to cut it for other stuff or something. I probably will. Still a really cool and flexible card though.
2x Banefire - I put 2 banefire in because the control match up is bad and I wanted a breadth of different answers to try out what worked best, banefire didnt work at all. It either got discarded of duress, or I didnt draw it, but also I didnt play a huge amount of control games, maybe 1 or 2 all tournament? The biggest let down was how rigid it was as a tool, it was only good for control and that was it. Tyrant had utility in other match ups, same with find/finality e.t.c. and flexibility seems to be essential right now. So feel free to cut this for more tyrants or finds or whatever takes your fancy. Ill probably cut it for 2 more tyrants.
4x Fountain of Renewal - Card was put in to beat aggro, card beat aggro, thats all there is to it. Deck has a solid aggro match up pre board, and then post board we get 4 powerful heal cards, and 2 finality if needed to. Insta 4 of dont cut good cardu.
2x Find/Finality - Really powerful card, most people didnt really expect it and youre already main decking 4 aoe, this really pushes the limit, plus you have utility against midrange decks and combo decks. Honestly I could see this being main decked, or maybe even 4 copies side board it was just so powerful in all the games I put it in. Flexible cards like this is really what makes this deck shine, lots of flexibility in the card options, I love when I can make 10 different decisions.
3x Cindervines - I didnt have much respect for this card, I cut 1 copy from Jims list because I was like it cant be that good right, boy was I wrong. Was good against the 1 control opponent I sided it in for, is good on ladder versus esper. 4 copies of this and I wont even feel bad about it.


Mainboard wise, only significant changes would be a fourth gruul (although this could tax land a bit), four birds main decked, or two or four tyrants main decked, maybe two finality main decked as mentioned. I wouldnt hate being more agressive with the minions so either or.
Sideboard wise, more Tyrants because im bad versus control. Daredevil could probably be cut along with banefire. 4 Cindervines, 4 Renewal, maybe 3 or 4 finality. Deck does struggle against Izzet drakes a lot however so putting some stuff in to help agains that might be important.

Honourable mentions

Negate/Disdainful - I tried out the counter package in the side, but it was so hard getting blue mana early that it really doesnt have a place in this style of deck I feel, I'd prefere more proactive tools since the only deck you'd need counters for is control, and counters don't let me go face.
Hellkite - In Jims original article he talks about Hellkite, I gave it a go to see how it faired and generally I was underwhelmed, it seemed ok but it really didnt synergise with the deck amazingly, there is a combo between Hellkite and status I believe, but its slow.
Siege gang - Ok so this card is really cool and originally Jims list included it, I really like it, its not a bad card, by all means run it if you have copies. I just dont think it's as good as other cards. Not when you've got 4 krasis in the deck. It's like how sinister sabotage is cut over absorb, still good, just not as good.
Karn - Good card, I just think Lightning McRal is better, if you don't have Ral this guy is a fine replacement. Edit: Some people have been commenting on the synergy between karn and treasure map and I just wanted to comment on that. Generally I find that treasure maps are used within a turn maybe two turns at most of being on the board since you want to draw into your power cards quickly, or you ramp into your bomb threats like krasis. I don't think treasure maps stick around long enough to make Karns -3 better than the allround upgrade ral offers in getting to see more cards per turn, and also not having to worry about saving treasure maps for 4/4s.
Duress - Jims list had this, Its a good card wouldnt hate putting it back in, just reliance on black mana early puts me off. Id rather have 2 green for 6 (or 4 with treasure map), than a bad top deck that only really shines early. Duress doesnt beat a resolved teferi, but my Carnage the angry dinosaur does. Edit: After some more testing I've been finding this probably has a slot in the sideboard I think we have space for it and it definately puts in work.
Eldest reborn - This is good versus control, Probably worth siding, but I do really like my carnage tyrants since it makes their counter spells less good.
Teferi, saviour of esper - Card is the reason esper is good, I considered 5 colours to try and jam teferi in on top of all the other broken stuff, but I decided my deck was already bad (or as it turns out good) enough. Feel free to mess around with this, you could easily hard swap 2 or 4 of the planeswalkers, just try finding room for white mana.
Nico bolas - With all the mana combinations you could probably reasonably run Bolas in the side, 1 treasure map alone can activate his whole suit of colours, maybe changing the land combinations to weigh more into blue and black if needed. I dont own any copies so couldnt try him out, I generally think he's probably not going to be good enough because essentially a 2BU is pretty hard to resolve early with this mana base, but hey give it a go see what happens.
Rix Maadi Reveler - I own 2 copies of this plan to give it a go at some point, drawing 3 cards when you have no hand seems like good sustain especially with our colour combination, havent tried it yet but probably will.
Theatre of Horrors - Will try this at some point, didnt put it in because didnt have enough time to test it before the tournament started, but could probably give it a go.
Pestilent Spirit - I dont plan to test this, but this card acts like a reverse chainwhirler status, 6 mana make your cannon barrage clear the board, or variants there and there of, plus making your shocks and shivans insta gib. The synergies are cute, so mess around with it to your hearts content.

Replacement for budget (MTGA Focus)
Ok so first things first, its really hard to build this deck as a budget player because its got like 36 rares main, and 10 mythics main, so we're already looking at a pricy list. Generally most of the replacements are going to be "put in this alternative rare or mythic if you have it".
Creatures, you cannot cut chainwhirler, if you dont own atleast 3 do not play this deck, chainwhirler is the bread and butter of half your games. Spellbreaker can be cut for any variant 3 mana card in red although I think all the good ones are rares, you can try out thinks like frenzied arynx but I dont think its good, if you have some legion warboss put those in it'll be fine, maybe a midnight reaper or plaguecrafter. Im going to try out the gruul 2 drop at some point so maybe put that in as a replacement. Krasis is super important, your winrate skyrockets versus sultai/golgari with it in so go craft 4 of those, card is insane. Side board wise you can cut the expensive things like tyrants dare devil or cindervines for any anti control anti izzet drake cards I think, eldest reborn is fine, duress is fine.
Non creatures/Non planeswalkers/NonLands, Treasure map is important, if you really dont have 4 copies then maybe try something else like azcanta, or some other mana burst cards, Id probably suggest cutting the blue mana from the deck entirely tbh and looking more at the 3 colours without map. I know some people struggle with uncommons so lava coil could be replaced by bolts or any other early game removal, they key part is that it kills minions, preferably with 4 damage and costs less than 3 mana. Status is the reason we play green and black in the deck, so try and get those. Side board wise find finality could be another AOE, the 1BB or 2BB AOEs are kinda hard to resolve so maybe avoid those, the 3 mana pirate aoe is probably fine. Plus you could run the pestilent spirit for sweet full clears.
Planeswalkers, Planeswalkers aren't essential by any means, they do up your winrate a lot but you could cut them for other planeswalkers like Karn (not Domri though, Domri doesnt go in this deck). Or you can cut them and just run more of other stuff, generally any value heavy threat is good like carnage tyrant.
Lands, the wise philosopher Stewie Griffin once said, Its good to have land. This deck runs no less than 25 of your finest rare lands, If you want to play it youre going to have to own atleast like half of these lands. You can cut a whole colour if needed (preferably blue), or try and wing it with other lands which would be much harder. Including the treasure maps your looking at 29 rare wild cards and thats kinda insane. Maybe try some gates or something im really not sure, but your best focus is investing wild cards in lands over other types of cards, solid land bases are important.

Match Ups

To talk about match ups I'll look specifically at the games I played. My match ups were as follows in round order,
Swiss portion
Sultai - Win 2/1
RGW Aggro - Win 2/1
Red Deck - Wins 2/1
Izzet Drakes - Lose 0/2
Sultai - Win 2/0
Sultai - Win 2/1
Sultai - Win 2-0
Top 8
Izzet Drakes - Win 2/1
Jeskai control - Win 2/1
Azorius Weenie - Win 2/0

Sultai - So pretty much my match winrate versus Sultai was 100%, my deck is heavier, grindier and has better answers to their boards, their general win strategy is to commit early and whirler punishes that super hard. Play smart and generally this should be unloseable 70% of games.
Red aggro types - These match ups arent terrible for us, we have good AOE and good early removal so usually they're counting damage off just spells which tends to be hard to do. Plus post side we have the fountain of renewal. I dont think the deck needs any more cards to combat aggro if you play it right.
Izzet Drakes - This match up is incredibly hard, you have to draw your removal early dodge their spells and kill their minions as fast as possible, its basically impossible to race them and how I managed to get 2 wins in the top 8 I dont know. The deck needs a lot of help in this match up and I think dedicating sideboard spots to it is important. But I havent thought much about it beyond "despair".
Jeskai - Generally you auto lose if niv mizet sticks into their next turn, so try and kill it with a statue. I won these games by siding in cindervines and hitting my opponent really hard, game 2 was me going smorc and game 3 was my opponent not getting enough mana and me going smorc. Gruul smash! Generally I like main decked spellbreakers for these match ups, and siding into my powerhouses tends to make them easier. 4 Tyrants for these match ups wouldnt be a bad idea.
Azorius Weenie - This match up generally comes down to how many benelish marshalls they draw, so prioritise killing those, once you hit a turn 5 or 6 and youre above 10 odd life and have minions on board the game tends to be over, you still have to play smart to not lose but generally you should win. The chainwhirler combo is a blow out here, and gruul spellbreaker is bigger than most of their dudes, kill their loxodones with your cheap removal. My opponent had the card that makes his dudes invunerable, but drawing more chainwhirlers tends to beat that. If you draw 2+ chainwhirlers you basically shouldnt lose this match.
Esper - I got lucky to not play any esper this tournament, that said, the game goes about as well as the jeskai game went but with less carnage tyrants sticking, so generally it comes down to smash face fast.dek.


Well this was way longer than I was expecting, I hope its not all trash, I think the deck is really powerful and has an insane sultai match up, so its not an awfull deck to play at events and the like, generally I think a large part of my win just goes down to most people not knowing how to play against it, but even so I think its viable. You can catch the vods of my top 4 performance on a vod from AliasV https://www.twitch.tv/aliasv, the hoster of the tournament, she asked that we record our top 4 games to show on stream which is pretty cool so check them out if you want. Thanks to her, the mod team, and TCGplayer for hosting the tournament and giving prize support. Peace, Ellie <3.
Update: You can find my semi finals and finals matches here: https://youtu.be/GWXVHEApsmw , and I have a twitter account if anyone is interested in that here: https://twitter.com/WeekendDaughter
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