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6 Pokemon GO Info Apps for Android and iOS Fans. Yeti Microphone Assassin's Creed Origins Bundle Only at. With over 10 million users from all over the world, Game Killer is definitely one of the must-have game hack apps for Android. Reimage PC Repair Crack is a software to repair errors on our operating system or on the computer. Please allow 2-3 cm difference due to manual measurement.

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He's placed high on the list for reasons you may already know. A Pokemon zaps Ash randomly and with no consequences. I actually didn't vote for Lugia for Johto because I know it was popular, instead I gave all my vote to Skarmory, which is my top favorite among all Pokemon. Buffed Click multiplier upgrades. The Counters rankings lets you know which Pokemon beat the Top 30 mons.

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I. Observation Dress Code Standards Overall appearance. GetDataBack Pro 5.50 Crack With Serial Keygen Full Fat/NTFS. This unit is unpatched, allowing CFW to be installed at your risk. I realized it was a Water-type Pokemon, something that I could find anywhere, but I wanted to see what a crocodile-like Pokemon could do. We've now had eight generations in the ever-evolving franchise, and each and every game in.

The Top 10 Pokemon Anime Seasons

Pokemon Top Ten Challenge Use the Favourite Pokemon Generator at the link provided, It will narrow down the first three generations of pokemon to your own top ten. Yes, he's a popular Pokemon and to many, overrated, but I do truly. This list is a comprehensive index of the overall best attackers for each and every type in Pokemon Go at the time of its current edition. Overall I think everything looks okay. Overall, Spyro Dawn of the dragon is a good game, but you need ALOT of patience and time.

Pokemon GO Tier List
1 Retro Asylum: Top 10 Rom Hacks 53%
2 Instructions for recording Android screen videos with AZ 10%
3 Nintendo Pokemon Key Chains Lot OF 3 With 2 DICE -PIKACHU 75%
4 10 Official kmspico ideas 81%
5 10 Best Pokemon Card Ever 2020 55%
6 Top Ten Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon 65%

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10 Best Pokemon Go Hack No Survey images. Top 10 overall pokemon hacks no.

Top 100 Anime Series Of All Time

Version 2.0 and up are as good as they are. Radical Raptr #===== And thanks to #===== Nintendo, you know what you did! The distinctive characteristics of the C96 are the integral box magazine in front of the trigger, the long barrel, the wooden shoulder stock. OP exp share has returned, which I have mixed feelings about. I also chose to have neither ice nor water dispensers.

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A lot of shows (in Japan and across the globe) would kill to have the ratings Pokemon has. The Snover starts his soon-to-be long term friendship with the main characters by freezing them, tripping them and putting them to sleep. Best Friend e" by Iawasaki Hiromi (eps 175-193) #11: "Maemuki Roketto-Dan" by Roketto-Dan (eps 194-238) #12: "Poketaari Monsutaari" by KANA (eps 241-276) More theme songs. Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Competitive Pokemon Guide. We have compiled this list in such a way that no matter what genre of games you are interested in, you will be able to find games to download from the websites mentioned below that will entertain you for free on your PC. So without much delay, let us kick into the list of the top sites to download PC games.

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I added many of the weapons and armor from native into Floris and fixed the overly dark and messed up textures in floris (such as the strange white and black chainmail). Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Nintendo Switch Console Only. Also, other restrictions: a. No low necklines. Most popular gen 6 Pokemon, which also the gen with the least Pokemon, he going to win obviously when some gens like gen 1 is full of favorite Pokemon, you could vote Charizard and Greninja or Gengar and Greninja.

Patch top 10 Most Evil Pokemon

Kyogre has very high overall base states, making it a powerful Pokemon. Lugia can be beaten by 3 players in optimal weather, with max friendship and perfect level 40 counters or by 6 unfriended players using level 20 counters from this guide. A drop-down menu will. Top 10 worst Pokemon ever. What is a city without signs: ) Overall, I'm liking the game so far.

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My other votes would of gone to Arcanine, Poliwrath or Gyarados. Best Pokemon ROM Hacks [2020] - Complete list of ROM hacks homepage. Games Being Played Right Now Latest Searches top 10 pokemon rom hacks, war games hacked, xxx hindi h d, alter ego game online, Football Manager Handheld, Super RBI, [HOST], play zelda 2 online for free, pilotings, rock raiders online, International Superstar Soccer. EXPEDITED SHIPPING IN CANADA**. If he'd ever released a solo album (the love below doesn't really count) he'd be near the top of this list.

[USA-NY][H]4 Laptops; Alienware m17x R1 (x2), AW m14x R1, HP Envy 17. ADATA SU800 2TB 2.5" SSD, Blue Modded PS Vita with SD2VITA, Various gaming items, collectibles, PC and Laptop Parts. [W]PayPal

EDIT: Current as of 11/13/2020
Please let me know if you have any questions!
All prices negotiable AND slashed from the last sale thread- no extreme lowballs! Prices are SHIPPED within continental US (with some exceptions). In that case, PM me your zip. Orders under $15 will have a $3 shipping charge. Will do solid bundle deals! Local gets a discount appropriate for subtraction of shipping.
I do professional PC, laptop, and game repair part time. Know that the items you receive have been services with capable and caring hands. I put a lot of time into some of these items and care about the quality of my work.
Local is 14226 (Buffalo, NY area).
Obviously payment is made by PayPal goods and services.
Items priced at $1 are considered CLOSE OUT. You can request those for free with your order within reason (like… Don’t request a bunch of free stuff if you bought $13 total).
I'm also donating 10% of all funds received to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation :D (+$70 donation sent last thread!)
Timestamps and items: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AKLWxpyvxlU7q4B_oUCs5N8Xs7eyyDRH?usp=sharing
This is a huge list that took me some time, so... please pardon my dust :D
This list will be left up for quite a while, items will slowly make their way to eBay or other market places after a couple weeks.
Please make sure you want the items you pay for! PayPal no longer refunds the seller fees when a seller issues a refund. If you request to cancel after paying, but before shipping, I end up eating the seller fee. PayPal Policy
The default refund period is 180 days from the transaction date. If you refund a payment for goods or services, there are no fees to process the refund, but the fees you originally paid as the seller are not returned to you. The amount of the refunded payment will be deducted from your PayPal account.
Item Cost Description
ADATA SU800 2TB 2.5” SSD $180 SSD was used briefly as a game drive, but I no longer have room for a 2.5” in my itty bitty SFF build. Barely used. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Flxj4RZvt4DMaPMRVai-8cgTSxmkg3aI?usp=sharing
LAPTOPS https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MiyjO-KBcEe_S3LhWo58rwDf8n6xchhU?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Silver Alienware m17x R1 $400 Win 10 Home Activated, Intel Core2Duo P8600, 8gb (4gbx2) @1333mhz, [email protected] RGBLED, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260m, 320gb HDD (Win 10 and drivers installed), Blu-Ray/DVDRW Drive. Great condition, recently cleaned inside and out with new thermal pads and paste. Thoroughly tested. Comes with both HDD caddies and screws. RGBLED is an amazing screen, plus Blu-Ray Drive makes this an amazing media PC. Ready for your CPU and GPU upgrades if you choose as well. Will be shipped with the Dell XPS Laptop Backpack below and a sealed, never worn, Alienware hat. Backpack will be free of charge. Highly recommend dropping an SSD in as at least a boot drive! Screen is near flawless and was purchased new as part of the upgrade process of this project. Left side USB 2.0 ports do not work, right side ports work AND I will include free the below USB 3.0 express card (faster than the stock USB ports) Power adapter and cord included.
Startech.Com 2 Port Flush Mount ExpressCard 54mm SuperSpeed USB 3.0 $30 ECUSB3S254F, works perfect!
Dell XPS Laptop Backpack $40 Huge bag capable of holding tons of books, a huge 17-18" laptop, chargers, and more!
Black Alienware m17x R1 $275 Win 10 Home (Not activated, but Windows 7 key on laptop is valid. You can do the upgrade through Win 7 free for activation and pop the HDD back in or drop an SSD in for a clean install. Grab the drivers and instructions I have on the desktop off first though). Intel Pentium T4400 Dual Core CPU @2.20 GHz, 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3 Ram @1066mhz, [email protected] CCFL LCD Display, 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 GPU, 60gb HDD, DVD-RW Drive. Check pics for minor cosmetic damage at front left speaker, I didn’t realize until I was done refurbishing the laptop that the bottom panel was slightly bent. The top panel is new and still has the protecting seal on it. Screen is in great condition. Will be shipped with the Alienware Orion bag below for no additional cost. New thermal pads and paste applied. Power adapter and cord included.
Alienware Orion M17x Messenger Bag $30 ScanFast TSA Checkpoint Friendly 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop bag. One of the carrying handles is missing at the top, but doesn't effect usage as a messenger bag. Great condition otherwise.
Red Alienware m14x R1 $400 Win 10 Home Activated, Intel i7-2630QM, 8GB (2x4gb) DDR3 @1600mhz, [email protected] LCD Display, Intel HD Graphics 3000, 3GB Nvidia GeForce GT 555m, TC Sunbow 480 GB SATA3 SSD (literally only used to install the OS and get it running), DVD-RW slot load drive. This is an excellent PC overall for daily use! Super fast boot time, unlocked BIOS purchased and installed, played some Fall Guys to test :D. Subtract $50 if you do not want the 480GB SSD. Shiny Red skin is installed to protect case and cover blemishes. M14x was known for having a strange exterior material on the keyboard/wrist wrest area that became stick. Rather than spending a lot on new parts, I opted for a skin and did my best to apply. Skin is not perfect, but makes for a solid laptop overall. Given new thermal pads and paste which made the laptop nearly silent during most usage. WEBCAM DOES NOT FUNCTION. Has an English/Arabic keyboard. Power adapter and cord included, cables function fine BUT the plastic shielding is crumbling for some unknown reason.
HP Envy 17 with Beats Audio $250 without storage Win 10 Home Activated, i7-4700MQ, 16 GB DDR3 1600 mhz, [email protected], Intel HD Graphics 4600, 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740m, 128 GB Intel SSD, 2x 2TB Seagate 2.5” HDDs. Minor scratches to exterior, minor marks on screen (see pics). $60 per 2TB HDD, $20 for SSD Will include below DVD drive for free if purchasing drives, otherwise I’ll reinstall it before shipping. Very easy to remove and reinstall. Power adapter and cord included.
HP DVD-RW Burner Drive SU-208 $5 This is pulled from the HP Envy, I can reinstall it. The DVD drive was replaced with an SSD and storage drive caddy. DVD drive is fully working
PS VITA https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jAC24jk8hQ-Q2pEihDlpTExCLtTz6Pnp?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Blue PS Vita 1000 with CFW $200 Latest custom firmware installed. Comes with 8gb PS Vita Memory Card, 16gb MicroSD with SD2Vita adapter in game cart slot. System is essentially new - the protecting plastic is still on the brand new OLED screen and rear touchpad. Original parts taken from a Japanese PS Vita with a broken screen. Does not have a charger, but will come fully charged (I only have one for my personal vita).
Need For Speed Most Wanted Game $10 Game only, no case. A really good Vita racing game!
Game Card Case $1 I’ll include this free with NFS or the Vita
GAMES AND ACCESSORIES https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11lX-63dZJKCmbBN-uBM5-nY4Z0hpCf6i?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Corsair Scimitar PRO Wired Optical Gaming/MOBA/MMO Mouse with RGB Lighting - Yellow $45 Excellent condition mouse! So many buttons and colors! I use a wireless set up, so no more need for this trusty mouse. Excellent condition.
Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Story Level Pack $15 New/Never Opened
PC Classic: Atomic Bomberman CD $1 Classic game CD, mid 90s game, basically a collectors item.
Dreamcast GameShark CDX with Required Memory Adapter $15 Dreamcast cheats and network enabler!
Dreamcast Web browser (Orange) $1 I’m sure this is very useful for someone?
Saturn Virtua Cop $5
Saturn Bootleg Sampler $3
PSX Chrono Cross Manual $3 Green label
Genesis Madden 94 Manual $1 1994 GOTY
Genesis Sonic 3 Manual $2
Item Cost Description
PS3 Eye Cameras $5 (2 Available) I used these to set up PSmoveservice and use the PSVR with my PC, which works surprisingly well! Moved on to a different VR set up.
PS2/PS3 Composite Cable $3
PS2/PS3 Component Cable $5
Replacement PS3 Controller Battery with charging cable $5 New in box/never used. Purchased a few months ago while refurbing a bunch of controllers.
PS Gold Headset Faceplates $1 Minor wear, maybe paint these and customize your headset?
PS4 That’s You! $2 New/Sealed
PS3 Sports Champions $1 In case, good condition
PS3 Vanquish $3 Generic Gamestop Case
Item Cost Description
Donkey Konga Bongos $15 Will require $5 shipping charge.
Wii System Stand $1 has slots for 2 game cases, sd cards, and console
Wii U Pro Controller Charger $1 Plugs into the mini usb port, only 1 attachment included, works great.
Nintendo DS/3DS Pink Card Case $1 Holds games fine, but ‘pages’ aren’t hinged in well.
Nintendo DS/3DS Blue Card Case $1 Holds games fine, but ‘pages’ aren’t hinged in well.
3DS Skylanders Swap Force $1 Game works great!
3DS BIT.TRIP SAGA $8 awesome game!
DS Flower Sun and Rain $50 Game only, RARE!
DS Lego Indiana Jones $1 Game only!
Wii Fantasy Aquarium World $1 Game only!
Item Cost Description
Xbox One IR Receiver Extension $1 Plugs in to a jack in the back of the Xbox One, useful for if your TV remote or kinect can’t send IR to your xbox due to obstructions.
Xbox 360 Basic Chat Headset $1 2.5mm jack headset
Xbox 360 Audio Adapter $1 channels W audio cables into a 3.5mm audio jack
Xbox 360 Dead Space 3 $2 Both disks, works on Xbox One and Series S/X as well.
Xbox 360 Chromehounds $2 ROBOTS!
Xbox 360 Hail to the Chimp $2 a lot of the people who made Halo Combat Evolved worked on this abomination
Xbox Halo Combat Evolved (with case) $4 The game the guys who made Hail to the Chimp made before their magnum opus
Xbox Halo Combat Evolved (no case) $2 John kills aliens and falls in love with a purple hologram
Xbox Phantom Dust (no case) $5 For the love of god please play this game. Its free on the Windows store and Xbox One. After you enjoy that, you’ll probably buy this because
Xbox Headset Adapter $1 Great for smack talking 16 year olds (who are now in their 30s) after losing by 30 in team slayer.
2 Day Xbox Live Gold $XX I don’t even know if this works so if you order other stuff just ask.
Gears of War Anya Code $XX Play as a girl in the game about mutated steroid bois
Item Cost Description
Switch Cases $2 (each) Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 1-4
PS4 Case $1 Sniper Elite III
PC Cases $1 Anthem, Star Wards Jedi Fallen Order, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 4
The Evil Within Limited Edition (PC) $2 Cool case for scary time
Desktop PC Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DjhmpC_vhDSM8QGzpGbTMrSxViNVOka4?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
AMD Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler $10 Brand new, never used, still has original unused thermal paste on it. Never removed from box, was purchased with an R5 3600.
USB 3.1 Gen 2 PCIe Card (2x USB-C Ports) $30 The item page on amazon is gone, but it is basically this: https://www.amazon.com/FebSmart-10-9-x10-10-x-10-15-x-Build-Self-Powered-FS-C2-Pro/dp/B089YN57TD/ Essentially never used. Was in my PC and had a USB-C to it to transfer photos from my phone 1 time in 6 months. Sold my PC and still have this in original box.
Memory Stick Adapters $1 3x MicroSDHC to SDHC, 1x Pro Duo to Memory Stick. Just request these if you need these with your order
Laptop PC Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FmCTpfqi-nhPKPTgPWI9eM4Y1qM6XvSA?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Micron 2GB PC4-19200 DDR4-2400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL17 260-Pin SoDimm 1.2V Single Rank Memory Module $5 MTA4ATF25664HZ-2G3B1 Working pull from... something I worked on within the last 6 months. An HP?
Samsung 2GB 1333Mhz PC3-10600S DDR3-1333 $5 M471B5773DH0-CH9, 204-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory Ram, Working pull from some laptop I worked on :P
DVD/CD Drive to Hard Drive Caddy $5 Remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with another hard drive!
Dell IR Remote $1 Stores in express card slot. I don't really know what this is for, I assume Windows Media Center but I never used it.
Wireless MPCIe WiFi Card 590020-001 $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Broadcom BCM94312HMG MPCIe WiFi Card $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Dell MPCIe WiFi Card E2K112BNH $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Anatel MPCIe Bluetooth Card $1 Old bluetooth card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Dell 300Mbps Wireless ABGN Half MINI PCI-E WIFI Network Card $2 42018217-00, Working pull from a Dell/Alienware
Alienware Laptop Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1o4fUVqO0g4T1GqaXxN2hj0SSKYuKKvKx?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Dell TS-T633 DVD Writer Optical Drive 2KDGC $10
Alienware M17 Optical Drive Connector and Ribbon Cable $4 (ODD Cable and tray) - W850DI
Alienware M17x R2 CPU Heatsink $6 (2 Available) THA01 RVXVK
Alienware M17x Left Side GPU Heatsink $20 No retention clips on screws, all screws included.
Alienware M17x Right Side GPU Heatsink $20 (2 Available) Perfect condition.
Alienware M17x LEFT-side Graphics Cooling Fan $5 F603N
Alienware M17x RIGHT-side Graphics Cooling Fan $8 F605N
Alienware m17x R2 Palmrest Sub Assembly (Magnesium Plate) $11 3MJ0K
Alienware M17x Internal L & R Speaker Set $4 G242N, these come with the bottom base assembly or purchased separately
Alienware m17x HDD0 Caddy $10 Screws included for caddy, standard 2.5” SSD/HDD screws not included.
Alienware m17x HDD1 Caddy and Interposer $20 Y248M (Caddy) TRDD2 (Interposer), Will come with generic screws
Alienware M17x Daughterboard $10 Audio Ports / USB / ExpressCard Slot IO Circuit Board - F421N, works with m17x R1 or R2
Alienware M17x Center Control Power Button Cover Hinge Cover $5 W779M - It is the power button, caps/num indicator, etc.
Alienware M17x Palmrest Touchpad Mouse Buttons Assembly $15 Very good condition Y243M
Alienware M17x CPU Cooling Fan $5 U012M - Loud fan
CMOS RTC Battery: Alienware M17X $5 Working, 3 available.
Alienware M17x Laptop Bottom Base Cover Assembly $15 RED - J181N, with speakers and IR board
nVidia GTX 240m 1GB MXM 3.0a $15 Working pull from an m15x
Clevo AMD MXM GPU Bracket $30 Make sure you have the right GPU screws and heatsink, might be able to use it for the 8970m in a m17x r2 upgrade.
Alienware m17x/m15x DVD/CD Drive to Hard Drive Caddy $6 Remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with another hard drive! Allows for up to 3 total 2.5" drives in the m17x or 2 in the m15x.
AS IS Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kGkMuJT9i72QYc6zFFYgIfgIpIUBtsUY?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Alienware M15x 15.6" FHD LCD Screen $10 SCRATCHES ON EXTERIOR - SEE PICS - FUNCTIONS FINE!, LP156WF1 H162K PV5HJ Bezel
Alienware M17x 17" 1920x1200 CCFL LCD Screen $10 SCRATCHES ON EXTERIOR - CRACKED LCD (shows image on ⅓ of screen) - Backlight works. Webcam and wifi cables included, LP156WF1 H162K PV5HJ Bezel
Alienware m17x RED LCD Back Cover Lid Panel $5 J227N Paint has been rubbed off from edges over the years - would be excellent for a DIY project to be repainted. No deep scratches.
Alienware M17x Palmrest Touchpad Mouse Buttons Assembly $1 Y243M - Motherboard connector missing plastic holder, can be taped to fit. Left mouse button doesn’t move, but works. Front panel by speakers needs glue.
Intel Core2Quad QX9300 CPU $30 Processor pulled from an m17x R1. It was working when pulled, but in a different motherboard did not work. Can not guarantee function - AS IS.
m14x English/US Keyboard $5 Missing 2 keys, WASD not working. Can definitely be used to replace keys on your own keyboard. Ebay sellers are selling individual keys for over $5 each!
Alienware m17x BLACK LCD Back Cover Lid Panel $5 J226N, may need some super glue on the assembly where it meets the grey back plate, easy fix and honestly I could do it but would not want to state it to be in better condition than it is. Has various scratches as well. See pics.
Alienware M17x / M17xR2 Bottom Access Panel Door $5 C395N, has gashes on panel, see pics.
MISC ELECTRONICS https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18PEr7CUWSaL5xPqzDLrEEUnb0upv6rwJ?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
TaoTronics PC Sound Bar Wired Computer Speaker $15 Model: TT-SK018 https://www.taotronics.com/products/tt-sk018-sound-bar
Memory Stick Adapters $1 3x MicroSDHC to SDHC, 1x Pro Duo to Memory Stick. Request these free with your order.
Verizon MI424WR Rev. I FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
Verizon MI424-WR Rev. F FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
FreedomPOP Wireless Modem $1 2 Available - I don’t know much about these, I used them with a free freedom pop sim for wireless internet for a short time. Check pictures.
Star Wars Sphero Forceband $5 Used to control the rolling BB-8 thing by Sphero. https://www.amazon.com/Sphero-AFB01USA-Star-Wars-Force/dp/B01KX211JI
MEMORABILIA AND COLLECTIBLES https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t-1Pthyn973RVEeCEPVQdXHkEItPhWsV?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Pokemon Badges $5 Rather than engaging in illegal animal fights at planet fitness, earn your badges by buying the full set
Digimon Cards $XX See pics for available cards. Angewoman is there so SIDE EYE EMOJI
StarCraft 2 Pylon USB Charger $25 Legacy of the Void - Rare!
Bumblebee Movie mini fig $1 Lil fella was given to me when I went to see Bumblebee. In the wrapper still. I’ll throw him in your order if you reaaaaaly want it.
Verizon MI424-WR Rev. F FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
Avatar The Last Airbender Pin $1 he looks mad.
4001AD Comic $1 I own this comic and I’ve never heard of it
Mast Effect Omni Blade Cosplay Toy $5 Shepherd. (this toy is better than ME:Andromeda)
Finding Dory Toys $1 You’re probably buying some stuff for yourself from me, so I’ll throw these in for your loved ones. However, might have an upgraded shipping cost (max $5).
CW Arrow Figures $40 Green Arrow Season 2 design, The Flash and Reverse Flash Season 1 design, multiple accessories. Man those shows were pretty good until they were very bad.
DVD Movies https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G9Xa-1m-sNlBNWeiImMwfdHmzAAOiRRK?usp=sharing These are $1 each or free with other purchases. I really don't feel like typing them all out at the time of this post, maybe I'll get motivated later :) Check the pictures!
submitted by gthirst to hardwareswap

[Analysis] New Dark Trio (Mandibuzz, Krookodile, Bisharp) in PvP

Hello again, fellow travelers! It's that PvP analysis guy, back again already after yesterday's Master League article to take a peek at the surprise release of a trio of Gen 5 Darks, all of which have been highly anticipated. So let's see how they perform in PvP formats of the current and close future metas!
A disclaimer: my analysis is strictly from a PvP usability standpoint. I'm just a PvP guy, so that's what I'll be focusing on here. So without further ado, let's dive in....

All The Buzz

MANDIBUZZ is probably the most anticipated of this trio in PvP play, and it's easy to see why. In Great League, it has higher bulk than known flying tanks Tropius (about 20 more Defense and 5 more HP) and Noctowl (30 more Defense and 10 more HP), and more overall bulk than Azumarill, Munchlax, Defense Deoxys, and others, and JUST trails Umbreon. (Close enough that they're basically the same depending on IVs.) And on top of that, it gets the crazy energy generation of Snarl, plus a moveset that includes Shadow Ball AND Foul Play (and again akin to Umbreon, Dark Pulse as well), the only thing in the game so far that has Ball and Foul Play. So good is the potential of Mandi that Niantic nerfed it before it was ever released, by removing Sky Attack from its movepool and leaving it with the mediocre Aerial Ace instead.
Last point before we dive headlong into the sims: the typing. Dark/Flying is a mixed bag, retaining all of the standard Flying vulnerabilities (Electric, Ice, Rock) and Dark's standard weakness to Fairy. The good news is that Flying negates Dark's famous vulnerability to Fighting damage (and Bug too, for that matter), and Mandi gets the best of both worlds as far as its resistances go: Grass and a double resistance to Ground on its Flying side, and all of Dark's standard resistances: Dark, Ghost, and a double to Psychic (the type AND the poorly named move! 🙃).
Okay... rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles ...NOW let's get into some sims.
So first let's roll the curtain all the way back and look at open Great League. It's hard to pin down the "best" moveset, as they're all good. With Snarl as the (probably preferred) fast move, there are four move set combos in particular that stand out, and I'll highlight their best points before I note what they ALL do:
  • Shadow Ball/Foul Play is likely the crowd favorite out of the gate. There are no Pokemon that it and it alone can beat, but it does defeat Froslass, Whiscash, and Alolan Raichu, all of which at least one of the other sets cannot beat. This is a good all-arounder moveset.
  • Foul Play/Aerial Ace is the only other move combo that reliably beats Whiscash (because of throwing out FOUR Foul Plays), and also beats Alolan Raichu as well as the mirror versus FP/SB Mandibuzz, but falls just a little short against Froslass (as Foul Play just doesn't deal quite enough damage to finish Froslass off before it reaches a second, killer Avalanche).
  • Shadow Ball/Aerial Ace is not surprisingly a mix of the two sets above, beating Froslass and Alolan Raichu thanks to Shadow Ball, Mandi thanks to Aerial Ace.
  • But the surprise (for me, at least) is Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse, which also beats Froslass and the mirror (all damage is still resisted, but Pulse deals more of it), and uniquely also beats Thunder Ferrothorn and Vigoroth, the ONLY moveset with enough raw unresisted power to reliably do so. (Foul Play can tie Viggy but normally loses unless it has great IVs and Vigoroth does not, and even with perfect PvP IVs, the best Aerial Ace can do against Ferro is tie.) The one downside to the SB/DP combo is that it's the only one listed here that does NOT beat Alolan Raichu (being just a little to slow to head off a closing Wild Charge, while any set with Foul Play or Aerial Ace to at least bait can limit AhChu to a Thunder Punch instead and shake that off for the win).
All four of these sets can overcome the following in 1v1 shielding (in purely alphabetical order): Cresselia, Defense Deoxys, Drifblim, Haunter, Hypno (neither Ice nor Thunder Punch do enough), Alolan Marowak, Medicham, Meganium, Mew (even with Wild Charge, yes), Munchlax, Pelipper, Registeel (yes, really!), Sableye, Shiftry, Skarmory, Swampert (regardless of whether SW or EQ), Toxicroak (it DOES get uncomfortably close, though!), Tropius, Venusaur, and Shadow Victreebel (take THAT, Grasshole!), among others. In short, it's very good against Psychics, Grasses, Ghosts and a few others, and can outtank most other tanks out there. That is a good place to be in Great League!
One more wrinkle to consider: what about the other fast move, Air Slash? As you might expect, it IS generally a little worse, though certainly still very viable. Because I'm sure you're wondering, here are the big differences:
  • Movesets driven by the quick energy from Snarl defeat DDeoxys, Registeel, and usually (as noted) Alolan Raichu, Froslass, and Whiscash. Air Slash cannot reliably beat any of those.
  • Air Slash, on the benefit of its steady Flying damage, defeats Abomasnow and Scrafty and reliably wins the mirror against any Snarl Mandibuzz. Furthermore, running Aerial Ace as well also presents the only way Mandibuzz reliably defeats Last Resort Umbreon.
Overall not an expansive list of new wins, but some really nice ones! Snarl is better overall, but there will certainly be some formats (perhaps Halloween Cup?) where I could certainly see Air Slash Mandi pulling a bit ahead just because of what is (and is not) around it.
Speaking of narrowed formats, let's look at a couple, starting with the delayed (but still coming!) Flying Cup. (As a side note, I almost wonder if part of the reason Niantic moved it was to allow Mandi to be in it. Hmmmm.... 🤔) I actually already looked at Mandi briefly in a speculative bit in my full Flying Cup meta review (wow, that was a MONTH ago already?!), but worth mentioning again: even with hatch-level IVs, it can outtank Skarmory (with either fast move), Gyarados, and Gligar and even scrape by with a win against Aerodactyl! Of course, that Aero win gets much easier with good, post-trade IVs, and with an excellent trade IVs, you could even sneak away with a win over Altaria! Not a bad body of work at all!
In The Silph Arena's ongoing Sunrise Cup (again simmed with hatch-level IVs), Mandi's best overall moveset seems to be the Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse one, primarily due to the prominent presence of Ferrothorn (which, if you remember, only SB/DP reliably beats), as well as Blim and A-Wak, Skarmory, Vigoroth (another Dark Pulse speciality), Swampert and Quagsire (Whiscash requires Foul Play, remember), Pelipper, Linoone, and more. Not a dominating performance (Sunrise is actually not a very Flying-friendly place with big Ices and Electrics and Galarian Stunfisk around), but still viable for anyone looking to mix things up!
As for Halloween Cup... sorry, but not today. I am still planning to do a full budget/meta review for that format as I did for Flying Cup and many other metas before, so Mandi (and the following two Dark Pokémon as well!) will be a part of that. Patience is a virtue, right? (Please put down the stones and rotten fruit! 😬) For now I'll just say that Honchkrow (same typing but much less bulk) was going to be one of my surprisingly all-star recommendations, so you can just imagine with Mandi will be able to do!
There is certainly more I could go into--different shielding scenarios (though I DID look, they still tell mostly the same story anyway), various IV spreads, speculative future metas, etc.--we still have two more Pokémon I haven't even MENTIONED yet, and I don't want to burn you out completely. So my last mention on Mandi is this: it's usefulness may not be limited to just Great League. 😱 That's right... despite topping out below 2200 CP (a mere 2138 for a hundo), there is a case to be made in Ultra League. Mandibuzz easily handles both Giratinas and of course other Ghosts (Gengar, Drifblim), continues to dominate Psychics (Armored Mewtwo, Gallade, Cresselia), still beats Grasses like Venusaur, Meganium, and Ferrothorn, Fighters like Toxicroak and Poliwrath (not even Ice Punch can take this big boy down!), and then things like Snorlax, Swampert, Charizard, and Scizor just for good measure. It's probably a little better in open UL rather than Premier Cup--mostly due to the appearance of the Giratinas, A-Mewtwo, and Cress in open--but do note that it also beats things you'll likely see pop up only in Premier like Shadow Snorlax, Shadow Exeggutor, Shadow Gallade, and the oddly-popular-this-season Slowbro. Anyway, don't let anyone tell you Mandibuzz is just a Great League contender. It is amazingly competitive in Ultra as well!
So what's the verdict? There has truly been a lot of buzz on Mandibuzz coming to PvP, and now we see why. It should have an immediate impact on GBL Great League and pretty much any GL condensed meta (Cup formats) moving forward, including potentially Flying Cup and Halloween Cup coming up soon. So good is Mandi's combination of top tier bulk, fast charging Snarl, and great charge moves that it can even stand tall in Ultra League despite trailing most of its opponents by over 300 CP. In terms of PvP, THIS is the one you want to grind for the most during this ongoing Red Rocket Egg event. Hopefully we get more ways to acquire them before too long! Good luck hatching, my friends!
But we're not done. While Mandi will certainly have the biggest impact, there ARE two more new Darks to cover as well....

They're Kreepy and They're Krooky...

♫ ...the Sandile family! snap, snap 👌
KROOKODILE is the only one of these three Pokémon that requires evolving TWICE, from a hatched Sandile up to Krokorock for 25 candy and then finally to Krookodile for 100 more candy. Is it worth all that? Ehhhh....
Here's the good news: Krookodile also has Snarl to quickly power up its charge moves, and Crunch for spam with Outrage or great big Earthquakes for closing power. It also gets quite big, so much so that unfortunately there is no way to get a hatch level one small enough for Great League (even a theoretical 0/0/0 Level 20 Krook is over 1500 CP), but that means it could have play in Ultra League and potentially even Master League, exceeding 3000 CP (3046, to be precise) when maxed out.
The bad news: well, again, there's no way to get it in Great League right now, and its pre-evolution lacks Snarl and isn't very good. But presumably we WILL be able to get Krook itself in Great League at SOME point down the line, and once we do... eh, even then it doesn't look ready to make a huge splash, if we're being honest. Yes, the Sandile/Krokorock/Krookodile line are the first and so far only Ground/Dark types in the franchise, and those are two typings with some very good offensive applications. But the problem is that Krook just doesn't have much bulk to speak of, with decent HP (roughly 130) but less than 100 Defense. (For a close frame of reference, similarly-built Swampert still has about 5 more HP and 10 more Defense in Great League.) So while it DOES still beat some big names--A-Wak, Hypno, Drifblim, Haunter, Registeel, Bastiodon, AhChu, Froslass, and both Stunfisks being among them--there is a far larger list of things that rip through it like wet tissue paper, including anything Water, Grass, Fighting, Fairy, or Flying, and even most of its fellow Darks. And no, Outrage is no better... it's actually worse. So don't be TOO upset that we can't play with it in GL yet. It has some decent niches, but overall I don't expect it to break out. Maybe in the right limited meta sometime?
Alright, what about in the bigger leagues? Mandibuzz made a good splash in Ultra... can Krook replicate some of that success? Eh... some, but not much. You can still get the Giratinas, which is good, plus the other big Ghosts and Psychics. (Snarl and Crunch will tend to do that for you.) Earthquake still beats Melmetal, plus Escavalier, Scizor, and even Alolan Muk, which are nice to see. But that is basically where its usefulness ends. You don't get Regi, you don't get Fires, and forget about it with the Fighters and Fairies and Grasses and Waters. Heck, even Altered Giratina can turn the tables. Yet again, Krookodile's prospects are torpedoed by that subpar bulk, still trailing Swampert and just barely outpacing flimsy options like Toxicroak and Machamp (all of which thoroughly destroy Krook).
Master League can sometimes smooth over low bulk due to everything being maxed out, so is that the case here? Well, kinda. The win/loss record is less lopsided, at least, with nice wins over things like Metagross, Melmetal, Heatran, Rhyperior, Zekrom, both Giratinas, and even big bad Dialga, as well as Magnezone, Gengar, Electivire, and Scizor in Premier Cup. Maybe it can carve out a spot on somebody's team, but continuing to get bodied by Waters, Ices, Fairies, Fighters, and even many Dragons is worrisome, to say the least.
So what's the verdict? Krookodile LOOKS awesome, and arriving as the first Ground/Dark in the game is exciting. But unfortunately it looks like it mostly fails to live up to the hype. It does some things well, but even with its niches there are usually better, more reliable options. Krookodile is just too frail to live up to its full potential, which is a shame. And again, no way to even get it in Great League... yet.
One more... can we end on a high note?

Sharp Edges Have Consequences

With apologies to Linkin Park:
I guess that I had to find out for myself
Sharp edges have consequences
Now every scar is a story I can tell
Should've played safer from the start
Loved you like a house of cards
Let it fall apart....
Pretty sure there's a B Sharp somewhere in that song. Get it? B Sharp?
Guess I better not quit my day job.
Anyway, Bisharp in PvP is kind of a more balanced, more promising version of what Absol always wanted to be, keeping the same promising Snarl/Dark Pulse to start with, replacing the slower Megahorn with the spammy X-Scissor, and swapping out Absol's Thunder for options Iron Head and the always-enticing Focus Blast instead. It also has roughly the same HP as Absol but 25 additional Defense, giving it a frail body, but FAR bulkier than Absol and its Haunter-like physique. So while Absol is quite pitiful in PvP, Bisharp at least puts up an argument. It does pretty standard Dark things (beating Ghosts like A-Wak, Haunter, Drifblim, and Froslass, plus Psychics like Hypno, Cress, AhChu, and Mew) AND handles most Grasses (Shiftry, Aboma, Ferro, Shadow Vic, even Venusaur and Tropius) thanks to spammy Bug damage from X-Scissor. It also takes out things like Skarmory and Pelipper by just outracing them with hard hitting, unrelenting neutral damage.
That's the "standard" moveset, but there are ways to trick our your ride Sharpie. Iron Head doesn't do much for it, despite having STAB, but Focus Blast can. Pairing Blast with Dark Pulse drops several Grasses (Aboma, Tropius, Victreebel) and even some Ghosts and Psychics (A-Wak, Haunter, Mew, AhChu), but look at the list of potential gains: Registeel, Umbreon, Bastiodon, Dewgong, and Lapras. If you want to go that route, though, it might be better to actually shed Dark Pulse, give up being a true Dark type, and go full on Swiss Army Knife mode with X-Scissor and Focus Blast. Now you get some of those Grasses back (including Meganium for the first time, though Trop and Shadow Vic can still persevere), as well as Alolan Raichu, keep all the Steels, Ices, and Umbreon thanks to Focus Blast, and even pick up a nice win over Galarian Stunfisk. Bisharp is rather gimmicky, but it's a pretty good gimmick! And yes, Bisharp CAN work in Great League, it just requires a trade to get IVs that fit in Great League (10-10-10 hatch floor is too high)... here's just one example: 4-8-9 IVs, which basically does the same things I just spoke to above.
EDIT: You can avoid messing with IVs entirely if you get a REALLY high IV Pawniard... because you can potentially max it out and use it in Great League! In this case it looks like you DO want Iron Head, since it already comes packing with Fury Cutter for Bug damage and the always handy Night Slash. That means you still shred the Grasses and Psychics, still get Haunter and Drifblim, and also Darks like Zweilous, Umbreon, Sableye, and even Mandibuzz! There is some very nice potential here... thanks to the couple of folks that prompted me to take a closer look!
Can Bisharp bring its road show to any other leagues? In Ultra League, it appears it does enough things to at least merit a little discussion. Yes, it also beats the Giratinas, more reliably than Krookodile, plus the other Ghosts you've come to expect by now, and Cresselia. Disappointingly though, Gallade and Armored Mewtwo fend it off with their Fighting charge moves (Close Combat and Dynamic Punch, respectively). As compensation, Bisharp is the only one this Dark trio that DOES manage to beat Dragonite (thank you, Steel typing!), and it also capably handles the Grasses that show up at this level... only those few with Fighting (Virizion), Fairy (Whimsicott, Lilligant), or Ground (Meganium, Sceptile) moves win, and Bisharp beats literally ALL other Grasses with X-Scissor. And you get Scizor and Alolan Muk as bonuses!
Now what if, as before, we plug Focus Blast in? Well this time, to do so with X-Scissor just gives up too much, but pairing Focus Blast with Dark Pulse shows some real promise. You give up Venusaur, Shadow Abomasnow, and Tangrowth (though those look like the ONLY Grasses that flip to losses, thankfully), but gain tasty targets like Snorlax, Empoleon, and Lapras. I dunno... Bisharp seems like a little bit of stretch either way in Ultra, but there's a team out there that could use it, I'm sure. Maybe even yours?
Well, YOUR team is now plugging away in Master League for the next couple weeks, so let's see if Bisharp fits at all there. Well, it does max below 3000 CP, and while that's not a disqualifier necessarily (remember Mandibuzz in Ultra League!), unfortunately the actual record IS a dealbreaker. Yes, the Giras are still there, plus big names Dialga, Mewtwo, and Metagross, but that's the extent of it. A very good start, but not where you also want to end, and that's exactly what Bisharp does at this level.
So what's the verdict? Well it's no Mandibuzz, but Bisharp shows some promise in Great and Ultra Leagues, and (at least via trade) is immediately available in both. You can run it as a classic Dark with some extra anti-Grass utility thanks to X-Scissor, or as more of a home run hitter with Focus Blast along the same vein as FB Mewtwo/GengaAmpharos. Both have their limitations, and will rarely be plug and play options without serious thought going into the team crafted around them... doing so will have consequences and leave scars, as Linkin Park warned 😏. but Bisharp can and likely will work for somebody out there. Be on the lookout!
Whew... we made it through all three! So the real quick TL;DR is:
  • Yes, you want Mandibuzz. In fact, you may even want two: one for Great League and one for Ultra League (yes, really!). It has good moves that work even though none of them really offer any coverage, simply because Mandibuzz is incredibly tanky. It can soak up a LOT of damage, even super effective damage, and hang in long enough to turn even some bad matchups around. THIS is the one you want most out of this event, folks.
  • Krookodile will probably work in some limited Great League metas, but unfortunately I don't see much of a future for it in any league's open (or even Premier Cup) format, as it's just too flimsy. And more unfortunately, all hatched ones are too big for Great League, so hope for a wild release down the line. Nothing doing on this guy yet.
  • Bisharp can run as a Dark/Bug hybrid, a Dark with the potential to flip stuff with Focus Blast, or as a trick play with Snarl powering up spammy Bug charge move damage and Focus Blast home runs. This is one that will require special care and feeding--and the right team!--to work, but I think it CAN work, especially in Great League. (And yes, you CAN fit a Level 20 Bisharp in GL via trading... hatch IVs are too big.)
But there we have it! Hopefully you made it to the end and maybe learned something along the line. I sincerely hope you did, and that your time reading through was worth it!
For more PvP tidbits, you can find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets, or Patreon (with my own private server, if you're interested in that). And please, feel free to comment here with your own thoughts or questions and I'll try to get back to you!
I hope you are able to hatch these new Dark Pokémon during this event and get started using them! But as you do, please be safe out there, Pokéfriends.
Thanks again for reading, and hatch you... I mean, catch you next time!
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