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Black ops 2 10th prestige hack. Once you unlock certain guns all the challenges you already completed are there for camos and attachments. Welcome to the near future. Like; Share; Add; Source; Feb 08, 2020; Flag. All thanks to our team of coders who continually tested Black Ops 2 exploiting every flaw in the framework! Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack is. Free shipping on eBay.

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Black ops 2 10th prestige Lobby Glitch. COD: Black Ops Prestige Mode not Working - TechArena Community. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack – NEW – Xbox DOWNLOAD In this Tutorial I am going to teach you how to get the Black Ops 2 Prestige Rank Hack for free by getting it from the Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack site and using it to edit and hack your Prestige Level, Rank and unlock everything from guns, camouflage and attachments. Tags: WORKING Restaurant City LEVELMONEY HACK 2020 WORKING FEBRUARY 4, Zynga Poker Chips Hack 2013Cheat (for Facebook) New Version 2 10th Prestige Hack 2020 Steam Key Generator 2020 [Free Download] Call Of Duty Black Ops II 2 Mod For Xbox 360 Tutorial 10th Prestige hack 2020 PS3 NEW 10th prestige hack 2020 with USB 10th Prestige Lobby Mod Hack 2020 10th Prestige USB 1000 PTZ LOCKERZ HACK 2020! Black Ops 2 10 Prestige Hack mediafire links free download, download Black Ops 2 10th Prestige Hack PS3 XBOX PC, BLACK OPS 2 MASTER PRESTIGE HACK UNDETECABLE, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 CHEATS PRESTIGE HACK + AIMBOT - black ops 2 10 prestige hack mediafire files. [Updated] COD Blackops 2 hacks -- August 2020 BO2 Prestige. WORKING COD7 BLACK OPS OPS BLACK CALL OF DUTY COD 7 MODERN WARFARE 3 MW3 Prestige 15th MODERN WARFARE 3 MW3 Restaurant City LEVELMONEY HACK 2020 WORKING FEBRUARY 4, Zynga Poker Chips Hack 2010Cheat (for Facebook) New Version 2 10th Prestige Hack 2020 Mod For Xbox 360 Tutorial 10th Prestige hack 2020 PS3 NEW 10th prestige hack 2020 with USB 10th Prestige Lobby Mod Hack 2020 10th Prestige USB.

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If so, does anyone know how or have a link to someone that does? Here are all of the Black Ops 4 prestige emblems you can. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Mods Hack Unlimited Ammo. Someone can get you to 10th prestige in COD MW2, but not Black Ops because no one has cracked the online service for the game yet. 10th Prestige Glitch - Black Ops 2 - INSTANT 10th Prestige https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1137. Modern Warfare 2 Level 70 Max Prestige Hack. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Hacks Xbox 360 PS3 PC Aimbot Wall hack 2020 Working 100 Download, call of duty ghosts hacks today, ghosts prestige hack, max prestige hack, 10th prestige hack tutorial, cod ghosts unlock everything, call of duty ghosts funny moments, Call of Duty: Ghost prestige Hack PC/PS3/Xbox360 Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Menu Song Main Menu Song Black Ops 2 Zombies.

A Message to Infinity Ward...

I wasn't sure where to start this, so I'll just tell it like it is. I have been playing Call of Duty MP since the Call of Duty 4 beta my first semester of college. I got in the first day of the beta when there were only like 100 people playing because FourZeroTwo was asking trivia questions (on the old Charlie Oscar Delta forums) about the game to give out codes. I loved Call of Duty 4. I had 32 in game days played and nearly flunked every class because of it. Also, World at War through Black Ops 2 were phenomenal; I made it to 10th Prestige in all of them. This trend (of me reaching high Prestige) stopped with Ghosts. Not because it wasn't the same IW or because of anything like that, I just didn't enjoy it as much. Then we had the advanced movement stuff, which I was almost 30 at the time and that didn't appeal to me. However, here is the shocker: I love Black Ops 4. I am almost 10th Prestige (Haven't been higher than third since Blops 2) and truly like the game. However, I also despise it. It almost makes me sick to think about it sometimes. Why? Microtransactions. Now don't get me wrong, in games like CoD 4, I had no problem paying 8 bucks for maps like Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown, and Kill House. I didn't even really mind the season passes of maps in the future games/cosmetics.
The issue arises when non-cosmetic, game-changing weapons and equipment are introduced in the game in a way they cannot be REASONABLY earned. I know people can say you can earn the weapons in Blops 4 by grinding crates, however they (intentionally) put so much junk in the Reserve system that it would take 10 plus hours a day of play to get a chance of getting all the new weapons. This is low and scummy. It's punishing your most hardcore players for having jobs. If I want the Peacekeeper I should be able to get 1000 kills with an assault rifle or something like that to unlock it. That's fun grinding, not an artificial grind to make me want to spend money. It is KILLING this community and will be the end of it if these practices are not stopped. I know how publishers use these microtransactions to find the "whales" who will spend big bucks on MXs, however Activision are so focused on these "whales" that they forget about the rest of the community who loves the game but does not want to spend hundreds of dollars to get game changing items.
I beg of you PLEASE do not put attachments, guns, or any game meta altering items in loot boxes. You say you are giving free maps so you do not split the community, this splits the community worse than that. I think you'll find that if you only sell cosmetics, the Call of Duty community is more than willing to spend lots of money on a game they believe respects them and their time. I know you guys don't have a huge say in the business practices, but I know your higher ups have some say. Tell Activision to treat their community with respect and they will get our money. Thank you for your time <3. PS I was going to make a Youtube vid instead, but my channel is so small this would get more exposure, sorry for the length!
submitted by Liquid_Redneck to modernwarfare

I'd like to offer some constructive criticism about this game's longevity issue, with possible solutions [Long]

Ok so before I begin I know that there will be some people who don't really care about camos, challenges, or anything like that. Maybe you just like to run around and kill people and don't care about anything else. This post probably isn't for you and I hope you have a good time this year. If this post doesn't apply to you I would appreciate it if you just didn't vote at all instead of blindly down-voting.
On the flip side I feel like a lot of people enjoy grinding camos, completing challenges for XP and calling cards, and doing contracts for supply drops. I definitely do. Where as previous titles had an interesting and rewarding system for people who chose to invest time, I feel that this games system is so unrewarding that it isn't going to hold peoples interest for much longer. I will explain fully. If you feel like you have something to add or constructive criticism to my ideas then I'd love to hear that
  • Level progression The XP you earn per match is too low. There needs to be a balance to where people feel like they are getting rewarded for investing time in a game but not so much that they are being handed everything for free. It takes so long to finish a prestige that I'm considering not doing it again, making WWII the first COD I've not reached 10th prestige or higher since the original Black Ops. I would solve this by bringing the earn rate up to where it was when the game was launched and Double XP was accidentally turned on. This is just my opinion, seems like some people don't agree with me. I think maybe my feelings are being skewed by how fast prestiges went by in previous games.
  • Camo challenges If I take the time to grind out all the head shots or one-hit-kills it takes to finish all the camos I'd like to be able to see it on whatever version of that weapon I'm carrying whether I'm using a heroic or the base version. Whats the point of applying a camo if, when you do, it looks like its been scraped almost all the way off? My solution is that camos should be more visible, covering all of a gun, and covering up most of the nicks and pitting that are supposed to show wear on the base variants. You could still show some paint wear on grips and hand guards, where people would normally have their hands.
  • Weapon and Uniform Variants I'm glad SHG decided to go with cosmetic variants. This way seems way more fair than previous games. However, making the Epic variants of weapons and uniforms look the same as Heroics, only dirty, makes me not want to grind contracts and daily challenges for supply drops. My solution would be to make Epic weapon variants look good but not crazy. Maybe make each weapon has a "Factory New" variant, without the wear that the base does. Maybe a few epics could have a unique camo. Heroics can stay the same, clean and visually interesting, something I might not even want to put a camo on. Epic and Herioc uniforms don't have to change much except for the fact that they should be unique from each other and not just "Dirty" and "Clean" versions of the same thing. You could separate out the "boring" uniforms (like Red Army or Telecommunications Officer) and make them Epics, and the "interesting" outfits (Like US Pilot) can be Heroics.
  • Leveling Divisions I haven't leveled my mountain, armored, or infantry division past the first division prestige because the rewards aren't worth the penalty of loosing division bonuses. If I played Mountain division all the itme why would I want to loose "silent footsteps" for a calling card, a "clean" version of the divisions's base outfit, or a lame looking epic variant? My solution would be to Make the rewards as follows. Prestige 1) New gun (just as it is now), Prestige 2) Unique camo for all of that divisions weapons (Airborne gets a camo for all SMGs) Prestige 3) Unique uniform that is not a "clean" version or something you could get in a supply drop 4) Unique heroic weapon variant. After spending all that time grinding Division levels I feel like a unique heroic is an appropriate reward. This would also make the bonus Division XP available in supply drops worth something again.
  • Supply Drops I seriously doubt people are going to be buying as many supply drops this year as they have been the past 3. I personally have no desire to pay for Heroics and Epics since they are just different looking versions of base guns, especially since Epics don't look that good. Pistol grips are a complete waste. They only apply to pistols and even then you have to stop and hold a button to see them. I'd rather get a common camo for an individual weapon (like in BO3) than get a pistol grip. At least I could see it without holding Y in game. My solution would be to stop creating hundreds of lame pistol grips and just go back to camos. That, combined with improvements to Weapons and Uniforms that I suggested above might actually make me want to pay for supply drops.
TL:DR The rewards for grinding this game are minimal and that will probably contribute to the decline of the playerbase faster than SHG expects.
submitted by SurfAfghanistan to WWII

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