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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr 27, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 - -
  • ”Unlike his two older brothers who died tragic deaths, in Mike’s case it’s closer to the truth to say he lived a tragic life.” Mike Von Erich, age 23, died of an overdose of tranquilizers on either April 11 or 12 in an apparent suicide. He never was physically or mentally equipped for pro wrestling, yet he was pressured into it anyway and pushed so hard that even he seemed embarrassed by it. In his first promo ahead of his first match, Fritz and Mark Lawrence were pushing the idea that Mike was more talented than his three brothers, who were at the peak of their popularity. Mike never seemed comfortable with that comparison. And despite only ever losing a handful of matches in his career, Mike never was taken seriously as a big star, and even before the toxic shock syndrome incident nearly two years ago at least two promoters had told Dave that pushing Mike would kill World Class.
  • Mike’s issues with addiction began during recovery from toxic shock. He had car accidents, DUIs, and regular appearances in the newspapers for small misbehaviors. On July 4, 1986 he returned to action and was billed as “The Living Miracle,” but it was clear he wasn’t fully recovered. On the morning of April 11 he was driving in Argyle, Texas (the same city Kerry had his motorcycle accident) and was pulled over. He was arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance before he was bailed out. That was the last he was seen alive. His family assumed the worst on the 13th and told friends that they thought he was dead. Police were called and his truck was found near Lake Lewisville with an unsigned suicide note in his writing. They tried to find his body in the lake for a few days, but no luck came. The news went public on April 15 when someone connected the Adkisson last name to the Von Erichs, a court reporter or a police department worker, most likely. His body was found by a police dog, zipped in his sleeping bag near the lake. His funeral was held on April 18 and about 500 fans attended.
  • Dave’s not even going to speculate about what this means for World Class or the future of the Von Erich family. He just hopes Fritz doesn’t try to capitalize on it and make the May 3 show a David and Mike memorial show and try to profit off pictures and t-shirts with Mike’s face on them, but he already knows he’s wrong about that. Dave lived in north Texas in 1984 and remembers very well firsthand how World Class treated the death of David Von Erich, and he’ll never forget the “crass commercialization of the death--seeing the t-shirts raised to $20 and photos to $10--rushing out a record and a book that seemingly went public within days, etc.”
  • The zombified corpse of UWF is shambling about in the news still. The April 18 tapings of Power Pro Wrestling have happened, and several Crockett ideas have been implemented. UWF will now have longer ring introductions (fans aren’t happy but will probably get used to it), Jim Ross has been put at ringside for ring announcing duties rather than having a podium in the back, and Big Bubba Rogers is the only JCP/NWA guy to come over so far. Magnum T.A. will be the new color commentator starting at the next tapings, and John Ayres of the San Francisco 49ers will be the new commissioner (his teammate, Russ Francis, has been doing color for AWA tapings in Vegas and refereed a few matches as well, and later on we’ll note he’s making his wrestling debut on the May 2 card there). Ayres was a teammate of Tully Blanchard, Manny Fernandez, Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, and Kelly Kiniski in his college days at West Texas State. Ayres has talked about jumping to pro wrestling when his football career is done (which Dave figures is probably a year or so from now). Popping ahead to the future: Ayres won’t go on to a pro wrestling career after his football career, and will retire following his jump to the Broncos and loss in the SuperBowl in 1988.
  • Anyway, there will be a brief UWF hiatus at the end of the month and UWF crew status is uncertain. The last house show currently scheduled is April 28 in Albuquerque, and there will only be tv tapings for UWF until Dusty’s happy with where the storylines are, which may take until June. The Houston office has switched allegiance to WWF, and the Fort Worth area is genuinely in danger of dying as far as interest goes. Buzz Sawyer, Sam Houston (to join his brother and father in WWF), Nickla, Missy Hyatt (to WWF) are all definitely gone. Probably leaving are One Man Gang (Dave says he’s likely to be Hogan’s next monster by late summer), Savannah Jack, and Bill Irwin.Eddie Gilbert is staying as Dusty’s booking assistant, as are Rick Steiner, Sting, Scandor Akbar, Angel Muhammad, Terry Taylor, Chavo Guerrero, Gary Young, and Chris Adams. No word yet on how where the Freebirds and Sunshine will land.
  • Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams are the big question marks. DiBiase is currently in Japan, so no idea what he’s thinking, but both JCP/NWA and WWF want him, no doubt about it. Williams could stand to be the biggest winner here, for similar reasons, as he’s also highly coveted and hasn’t made a commitment either way.
  • Jim Neidhart’s trial began on April 13. He’s accused of punching a flight attendant on a flight. The key witness for the prosecution, the head flight attendant, testified that she saw Neidhart punch the accuser on the left arm four times near the beginning of the flight, then again later and also slapped her with the back of her hand. Jerry McDevitt, our favorite WWF legal counsel, claims Neidhart merely tapped her on the arm and says he has many passengers willing to testify to this claim. Due to the accuser’s job as a flight attendant, the charge is interference with a flight attendant on duty and carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $275,000 fine.
  • Riki Choshu has announced a new Ishingun stable. The new group includes Masa Saito, Kuniyaki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Hase, Nobuo Honaga, Shunji Takano, Super Strong Machine, and Hiro Saito. Yoshiaki Yatsu, Shinichi Nakano, Isamu Teranishi, Masanobu Kurusu, and Haruka Eigen have remained with All Japan. Animal Hamaguchi has announced his retirement rather than picking a side.
  • Rather than settle the contract issues in court, Baba demanded Inoki settle out of court for $600,000. New Japan refused the demand, but if they don’t ocme to some kind of agreement then Choshu and his crew can’t legally work for Inoki so something’s got to give. Especially since New Japan is already selling tickets and advertising Choshu for shows. And while Choshu and crew jumping makes New Japan the place to look for the best wrestlers, they’ve got some obstacles. Choshu’s popularity has taken a big hit with all this controversy, and New Japan’s tv is a complete disaster. Their new show is kind of like Tuesday Night Titans and was mainly comedy, which is no good for New Japan. This show has replaced their old tv with arena main events, and it’s been plummeting in the ratings since it debuted, coming in at half of what the old show had been getting. It’s so bad that this might be the lowest rated show on prime time network tv in Japan currently, which would be disastrous for wrestling’s popularity in Japan. If all the young stars are seen on this show not wrestling and instead doing poor comedy, it’s hard to think it’ll work out well for viewership (did you hear that, WWE?).
  • Ken Patera’s getting a big babyface push on WWF tv, and they brought up his time in jail. In 1985, Patera and Masa Saito were arrested after Patera angrily threw a rock through a McDonald’s window. They proceeded to assault the officers called in to deal with them, and Patera was eventually sentenced to two years in prison (he signed with WWF between the incident and his jail sentence). Okerlund brought this up, and Patera admitted remorse on tv, but literally every account Dave’s ever heard, even recently, has Patera maintaining innocence (his complete lack of remorse is why he was denied parole, supposedly).
  • Just some notes on Puerto Rico. The style here is high on blood and violence, light on actual moves. Bruiser Brody is a face here after helping Invader #1 against Abdullah the Butcher and Jason the Terrible. The chase between Brody and Abby was comical as Brody had to zigzag to avoid catching up, prompting Dave to speculate that Brody could give Abby a 35 yard head start in a 40 yard race and still win.
  • Dingo Warrior was fired in WCCW for refusing to job to Nord the Barbarian. Something a little ironic about Brody firing someone for refusing to job.
  • Also that rich Texas guy Bum Bright? He seems to be cooling off on relations with Fritz Von Erich. Apparently he has a bit on his plate, as Dallas Cowboy Rafael Septien has pled guilty (he’s been on trial for some kind of indecent acts involving a minor).
  • [JCP/NWA] Ricky Morton’s eye injury is just a scratched retina. He should be back in the ring in a few weeks.
  • JCP ran their April 12 show in Marietta, Georgia against the UWF show at the Omni. Yes, they already owned UWF by this point. They drew 850 fans. The UWF show drew 8500 fans.
  • Central States is doing an angle where Warlord is actually a Russian posing as an American. Dave finds this funny because Warlord is actually a statue posing as a wrestler.
  • Also Debbie Combs beat Penny Mitchell in Central States to win the women’s championship. This is just a match result here in the newsletter, but it’s actually kind of an important result. After Moolah sold the title to Vince, there was no more NWA World Women’s Title, and Debbie wound up being crowned the next champion in 1986 in a quite possibly kayfabe battle royal in Hawai'i. After Central States withdrew from the NWA when JCP abandoned the territory and sold it back to Bob Geigel in February of 1987, the NWA World Women’s Title was suspended - Crockett had no use for it. So here we have a match for a vacant NWA World Women’s title in a non-NWA territory, but this win is going to be the basis for the continued lineage of the title up through 1996 and will be recognized by the NWA to this day.
  • Shinobu Kandori, who recently retired, may be coming back to work with AJW. Magazine interviews have her challenging Chigusa Nagayo. Guess she liked wrestling enough after all (she’s still wrestling 32 years later, even while she’s been a member of the Japanese Diet for over a decade).
  • AJW and WWF are negotiating a U.S. tour for the Jumping Bomb Angels. Dave thinks there are two things preventing this from getting over in the U.S. First is that WWF is full of Moolah’s girls, so there goes any point in having joshis wrestle here if you’re just going to hamstring them by putting them in the ring against wrestlers who are comparatively randoms pulled from the street. Secondly, they’re super small and that’s going to be a hard sell to WWF audiences. But hey, you never know. Maybe Vince will do good with women’s wrestling this time around. You never know, these things are possible.
  • Bunch of All Japan results. Ted DiBiase’s on this tour, as are Tommy Rich and Carlos Colon. Colon left the tour after April 10 because he’s not cut out for this style. Fans didn’t care for Tommy Rich and thought he wasn’t good enough as a wrestler to hang, which made it hard to take him seriously.
  • The IWGP tournament is looking to be really hot this year. It’s got a big line up Inoki, Kimura, Mutoh, Mada, Fujiwara, Choshu, Saito, Kevin Von Erich, Kobayashi, Steve Williams, and more). Andre the Giant and Kerry Von Erich are officially announced as not part of the tournament. Meanwhile, Dick Murdoch was at an All Japan show in the dressing room, but Baba claims he’s not trying to poach him.
  • Someone writes in wanting to know who the most effective heels are in Japan. Dave comments that Japan doesn’t really do heels the way we do over here - the context is primarily about athletic rivalry, so fans cheer both guys as they please. When they do boo someone (Lance Von Erich, for example), it’s because they don’t want to see him, not because he’s getting heat. So let it be known that the originator of X-Pac heat was Lance Von Erich.
  • Another letter asks why Bruiser Brody isn’t signed with anyone worthwhile. Dave says that what Brody probably likes is he has something no wrestler working for a major promotion actually has: independence. He works when he wants, isn’t beholden to anybody, and still makes good money (and when he was working Japan regularly, he was probably one of the highest paid wrestlers around). Dave figures his independence means a lot to him, although he suspects if the business continues to narrow we may see Brody sign somewhere (Unfortunately, Brody has about 14 months left before he’s murdered and we never find out if he would have signed somewhere).
  • A few letters react to the buyout of UWF. Everybody agrees it was shocking. One writer doesn’t want to think about what it’ll be like without Watts running the show, but loves the idea of getting to see Ric Flair and the Road Warriors. Another says the only thing that could be as shocking this year is if Hogan dropped the title, and “that’s certainly not going to happen.” (Only missed it by two months). Another worries that Crockett might tone down UWF’s tv and hopes that things can stay the same but with more talent available.
  • We’re also still getting a lot of comments on Misty Blue and Dave’s remarks about Misty. The last letter writer mentioned above also commented saying he doesn’t agree with the comments saying Dave is sexist, but does think Flair and Okerlund should tone down the sexist remarks they make because kids are watching and what if a censor actually started paying attention/ Another says he was furious when they cut away from the match since women’s matches are so rare for Crockett. Why bother showing it if you’re going to just cut away and make yourself look inferior to McMahon in yet another way. He says the only reason he brings it up is he thought Dave’s comments about her looks were ridiculous and doesn’t understand why, whether Dave thinks she is or not, Dave would call her ugly in a newsletter. Lastly, another reader says Dave spends too much time apologizing here and he’s indignant about Dave being called a sexist. He wants us to know that he’s sure he speaks for the majority in saying that Dave’s remarks were inoffensive. He brings up Dave critiquing the powerlifter types and how male wrestlers who sell themselves as sex symbols (Magnum T.A. for example) might be hurting that by blading too much, also fans call women worse things so what about that?
  • Memphis: Paul E. Dangerously has been renamed. He’s now Paul Dangerly, and he’s managing Austin Idol.
  • [Florida] Pex Whatley was moving from Charlotte to Tampa and his moving truck was stolen. Everything he and his family owned is gone.
  • AWA fired Col. DeBeers and Buddy Rose after that independent show. Rose is hoping to jump to WWF, but if he does it’ll be as a job guy.
  • Here’s a look at what the tv offerings in the Bay area look like on Saturdays. From 11 to noon you have AWA (channel 20), NWA Pro (channel 26), Pro wrestling this week (channel 44), NWA Florida (channel 48), UWF Power Pro (channel 40). Dave says any of those groups thinking they’re going to get any kind of audience is a mistake. Then from 11 pm you have WWF (channel 31, plus NBC for Saturday Night’s Main Events every other month or so), UWF (channel 11), NWA Worldwide (channel 26). Also WWF(who dominate this market) has a 10 am Saturday slot, and they’re finally facing competition in the form of GLOW (channel 44), which shows that if you think wrestling is run by people who don’t make sense, that’s nothing compared to those who run tv stations in San Francisco.
  • Jim Neidhart was acquitted of all charges. Dave finds it curious how the charges made all the papers, but the verdict not so much. More on this next week.
  • Big Bubba Rogers beat One Man Gang for the UWF Title. This is just a quick note scrawled on the bottom. This is, in hindsight, where a lot of people peg Crockett’s takeover of UWF as failing.
Watch: Big Bubba Rogers wins the UWF Title
NEXT ISSUE: WCCW billing Mike and David Memorial show, Jim Neidhart acquitted, and more
submitted by SaintRidley to SquaredCircle

[Table] IAmA: I am Jake Browne, marijuana critic for the Denver Post featured on CNBC's "Colorado Pot Rush". AMA:

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Date: 2014-03-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
When trying out different strains, do you have a routine you follow? If so what does it entail? 1) Be sober.
2) Have a clean pipe. Even if there's a little resin in the bowl area, I can still get the taste off the first hit, but I'll heat up my pipe and give it a good scrape.
3) Give it a good squish with my fingers. This always helps pick up the nose of a strain. If I'm having trouble picking out distinct notes, I'll smell some coffee beans to reset my sniffer.
4) Take a couple hits, and write some initial notes. How long does it take to hit me? If I had any aches/pains, how do those feel? What do I feel like doing? When do the effects start to wane?
5) Submit about 15 minutes after my deadline. Thanks, my awesome editors!
Does smoking pot for a job change how you use pot recreationally? Like most people get home from work exhausted, and say to themselves "man, I'm gonna get baked to help me relax." For you, is it like, "man, I'm going to drink alot of water and hope this high goes away so I can relax." I have a joke about how now whenever I smoke pot I have to write a book report. It's not very funny yet, but you get the point. I try to be a little more observational, but the hardest part is probably doing the videos. They ask me to do two 45 second Tout's to accompany the articles, something I'm not very good at yet. Let the writers write!
Edit: I'm a bad writer. Have fun with that one, too.
What is the most potent strain you have tried, and what were the effects like? When I first started at The Releaf Center there was a strain called Herojuana we got from a caregiver that was a real one-hitter quitter. We didn't know that at the time. Probably the closest I've gotten to visually hallucinating with a strain. Amazing, intense body high with tons of mental stimulation. Came from a caregiver, never saw it again.
How are people in Colorado who don't smoke weed taking the legalization? Do they hate it, love it, or is it pretty much a 50/50. And how do they react to your articles/reviews in they're magazines? I haven't received any hate mail yet, but my editors might be keeping it in a secret bag somewhere to preserve my sanity. Overall, I think when the first big tax numbers came in, people were stoked. That money goes to school construction, keeping the kids off of drugs, and keeping stoned drivers off the roads.
My stuff stays online for the moment, not in the paper itself, but my colleague Ricardo Baca has said in the past that the backlash to print pieces wasn't nearly as big as they had expected. So hopefully that means I'll be getting a column next to Dear Abby.
Do you currently foresee any potential pitfalls or problems that could cause a reversal of the new cannabis laws in Colorado? Tons of them. I worry about stoned drivers, although drunk drivers are still a massive problem around the country but no one bats an eye at booze. (insert Joker meme)
Colorado needs to regulate shops well, as we're the testing ground for all of this. Make sure that money (and pot) aren't flowing out the back door. The MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) has their hands full.
What is your least favorite misconception about marijuana and how do you debunk it? That potheads are intrinsically stupid. Mostly, I just yell "CARL FUCKING SAGAN" at them. I'm not sure I'm helping the cause.
I'm from Illinois and been thinking of taking a drive to Colorado to buy some green. Am I allowed to buy it being from another state? What's the best kind of bud to get? Yes, that is totally a thing you can do. Some shops will limit how much out-of-staters can buy or charge you more, so do your research in advance and call around. Do you like to sleep and feel incapacitated? Try some indica! Want to be energetic/feel like strangers can read your thoughts you're so paranoid? Try some sativa! Everyone has a different experience, so whatever you try, try it in moderation.
Have you ever met Doug Benson/Snoop Dogg/other celebrities associated with cannabis? Would you consider going on Doug's podcast "Getting Doug with High?" Can everyone tweet this to Doug Benson? We've smoked after a show before but he's a busy guy. He'll be out here for Mother's Day and want him on MY podcast. Other than Doug, nope. What up, Here_Comes_The_King?
I just tweeted him. Ya welcome. Thanks! He DM'd me so it worked.
Since it's legalization in Colorado, what is the strangest marijuana related product you've seen come on the market? I know a girl who is working on marijuana infused lube. Not sure why that needs to exist, but it does. I've seen pictures. Of the bottles.
Have you reviewed any strains which enhance sex? Like horny goat weed or something? Not yet, but any strain can enhance sex. You're high.
Medically, I always say that marijuana will gain mainstream acceptance if it can help people lose weight, grow hair, or grow boners.
Do you have any stories about police or citizen harassment? None. People kind of give zero fucks around here about pot. Also, I'd like to keep it that way.
Do you think there is a single company poised to become the "Philip Morris" of marijuana in the US? If so, who and how might that impact the product? There are companies trying. Take Dixie Elixirs for example. The CEO has openly said he wants to be the Coca Cola of cannabis and sell to a multinational corporation. I don't think people want an industrially grown marijuana product. No matter what, I think you'll continue to see "artisan" pot grown, similar to craft beers.
How did you get your start as a marijuana critic? Sounds like an interesting line of work. When the industry popped up, there were tons of magazines that saw dollar signs. They needed content, so I started submitting. It helps when you live in a state with a medical marijuana program. I can't imagine trying to do this in Arkansas.
Do you feel like your exposure may hurt future career opportunities? I'm a writer and comedian, so I'm not sure I have many career opportunities. Honestly, I'm hoping we get to a point where casual marijuana use isn't a big deal in society. Or at least we get to where online dating is. Your friend can do it and you just make snarky comments behind their back.
Could you tell us the story of the first time you smoked weed? Oh lord. It was after debate practice with some friends out of a pop can. We drove around and listened to Ben Folds Five and I laughed like a madman. I wish I remembered more, but I'm turning into more and more of a cliche in my old age. Those were the days.
You mentioned in an answer above you had a medical card. Has the quality and or cost of marijuana increased or decreased since it was legalized? Cost has skyrocketed. Jesus, I paid over $20 for a GRAM at a rec shop last week. Medical shops are running better deals than ever. (Note to self: do more medical shopping)
Quality wise, I haven't noticed any change. People have been growing here for years, so that part of the equation is fairly static. Of course, there are shops rushing herb to the store to keep up with demand, so the curing isn't always as great as you'd like. Like if there was a tomato shortage, so the store only had green tomatoes and you were like "Man, shouldn't these be red?"
When it comes to names and strains, is there any system that protects intellectual property? How do I know I am really buying "Maui wowee" or whatever, and someone hasn't just thrown a recognizable name on a random strain they have? That's why I'm here! You should be able to recognize most strains by sight and smell. It's like that field guide to birds your grandparents are always reading. Breeders are really passionate about this, because strains can "dilute" and then people get pissy. "You haven't had Swerve's REAL Tahoe OG, bro!" and so forth.
So what do you thin about the legality of pot? Should other countries be taking notes from Colorado? Definitely don't take notes from California. Their system is a mess. Colorado's tax rates are pretty high, but that was to be expected with being one of the first. Let's see how well they control the shops in place before everyone says "This is the model!" and moves forward. But on a macro level, yeah, legalize it.
Do you think time is linear or cyclical? Link to imgur.com
Do you tend to prefer Indicas or Sativas (and why)? I'm a utility smoker, so they both have their place. Indicas are my sleep aid and big pain reliever, so I use them a lot less. Sativas are great when I want to work on anything creative like new jokes or an article or Hemp Box stuff, so I'd say I usually have them on deck. Especially haze strains.
Smoking so much weed, how do you manage your body weight munchies-wise? Any tips to eat less while smoking? I rarely get the munchies anymore, but some people have a huge struggle with what I call "grazing". Try sativas! Strains like Durban Poison, Haze of all types, or a Maui Wowie/Island Sweet Skunk are more active. Some people find that sativas give them munchies, so if that's the case, try indicas! It's brilliant, this pot system we have here.
Do you believe that all these different strains have the effects that the growers boast about? Like are some strains really that much better for head highs vs body highs? I've even had some people tell me some strains don't make you as hungry as others do. Is be interested to hear your perspective. Growers are the worst people to talk about the effects of pot with, best about how to grow it. That's why I have a job. There are so many different effects that marijuana can have, but let's talk about hunger, for example. There's cannabis indica, which I find gives me munchies. Much less so with cannabis sativa. You know THC, which gets you high? There's also THCV, which is an appetite suppressant. They're working on breeding for it.
Hello Jake. I really enjoyed the CNBC special and have watched it several times. What advice would you give to cannabis entrepreneurs looking to get ahead in states that have yet to legalize for recreational use? Thanks - that's cool to hear and I'm proud to be a part of what CNBC did. Would recommend everyone check it out.
Do what people did here: start an industry group. It gives you clout with local pols and shows leadership. Then, when rulemaking comes around, you usually have a seat at the table. If you're also a good person (because why wouldn't you be?!) then get involved with patient advocacy. There are great groups out there like ASA, for example, that can assist you. Be the change and all that good stuff.
To what extent do you think the quality of the high is determined by the strain versus how carefully it is grown? Great question. Growing and curing play such a huge part, as an expert cultivator can do amazing things with pretty shit genetics. It's harder for a novice to grow something great from a good genetic line. For that reason, and that reason alone, I'll go with GROWN!
Which strain have you personally enjoyed the most and why? Super Lemon Haze. When it's done correctly, it's euphoria and energy and creativity in a bowl. I'm not a big "couch lock" get high and play video games guy, so I'm looking for something that is motivational. Haze almost always fits the bill.
I certainly don't advocate violence in any matter but is it even possible for you to want to punch Nancy Grace in the face more than me? Nancy Grace is a great source of humor in my life. I'd like to think that if I were confronted by Nan, I'd have the grace of Mason Tvert.
Do you think in the long term the taxes will benefit the state enough that other states may consider legalization as well? They already are. It's just a question of if they find pot more acceptable than riverboat gambling or whatever other sin tax they're looking at. Medical marijuana is moving forward in a lot of states right now, which is the gateway drug to legalization..
I'd imagine the black market is doing better than ever (street sales.) Knowing that there's no tax on a sixty dollar eighth as to oppose going into a dispensary and getting taxed to high heaven for essentially the same thing. Have you any knowledge as to what's going on in the streets? I know you have had a card for a while but, maybe you have a friend or something that's been blazing for years and doesn't fall for the "it's legal" hype and still gets it from their dealer. What's the situation as far as that goes? DenverNick pretty much nailed it. There are absolutely still black market dealers, dispensary mules, and the like. People with red cards get asked ALL THE TIME to go grab pot for friends. Some people are just paranoid about stepping into a dispensary on camera. Dealers are still doing well, but they've had to adapt. I truly believe they'll be all but phased out in the near future, because prices will come down and growing is a pain in the ass.
Interesting. I have been growing for 5-6 years here in Colorado. So far, nothing has changed for me. Still have my customers, and they are happy coming to me instead of a shop. I wonder if I will be phased out. No signs of it happening yet. Thanks for doing this AMA. I think there will always be people that enjoy the experience of having "a dude" to buy from.
Do you feel that drug tests for employment discriminate against marijuana? Will there be reform? When? I'd be shocked if the testing game doesn't move toward current impairment. Right now, you'll fail a test if you've smoked as recently as a month ago (usually). I think employers care more if people are showing up high than if they like to get high in their free time. But yes, they clearly discriminate against marijuana.
Recently I made a post on /trees that we start a community review board of all the different strains so users could compare their experience with each strain. I received a lot of criticism over the fact there is a large inconsistency between batches. Do you find there to be inconsistencies between batches of the same strain? What systems are in place to ensure quality and consistency? Well, I don't necessarily think that "a lot of criticism" is fair, but there is a difference between how things are grown, where the genetics came from, etc. The biggest thing is helping people identify what they smoke, which is where I come in and getting a large group of people together is key. I wouldn't say that in a "batch" (I'm going to assume that means harvest) there's much of any difference. Quality and consistency systems? None. The state lets people grow what they grow and the market determines if the pot you grow sucks.
Is trademark law applicable? I don't know much about this. There's rumors that RJR or some big tobacco has trademarked a number of names. I've never looked into it because I'm not too interested.
Where do you think the marijuana industry is heading? In the sense of, 20 years from now this product could be legal in more states with wider public acceptance. Will there be a huge marijuana conglomerate in the US? The GE's and Apples of the marijuana industry I suppose? God, I'm terrible at predictions. Sure, there will be more legalization. I think that's inevitable at this point. We won't move backwards. And yes, they'll be a "Budweiser" who comes in, but there's always going to be interest in the "microbrews" of pot. It's just not a great plant for growing on an industrial scale and keeping the connoisseur quality. Hemp will dwarf it all, though. Hemp is the future.
Do you do anything to reset your tolerance between tests? I feel like growing a tolerance would be a deal breaker for a tester. {edit} spelling. I think people lend a little too much credence to the tolerance issue. I'm not a wake-and-bake, smoke-weed-erry-day guy, so it hasn't been a problem so far. I should probably work out more, but it is what it is.
Preferred method of consumption? I'm so boring. A little one-hitter suits me just fine most of the time.
Also, oils, edibles, or herb? Dabs are great. Love me a little dab. Edibles scare the shit out of me. Had to review them for another magazine and it was the thing I dreaded the most in the month. Just so inconsistent.
So jealous. As someone who is interested in becoming involved in the commercial marijuana world, I am curious to learn about new jobs being created as a result of legalization. How has the legal industry changed those who were already involved in the field before it was made legal, and what new changes have been made? Don't be, it's not as glamorous as I'm sure I make it seem. The jobs are the same as when medical was here. Mostly retail and cultivation jobs, which again, people tend to romanticize. People always ask me about moving out here and working in the industry. Want to sit in a chair and trim weed for 8 hours for minimum wage pay? Go get licensed by the state and you've got a job!
What do you typically smoke out of when testing different strains? Are you a paper or glass kind of guy? Thanks! Glass or a vaporizer, as papers can alter the flavor a lot. Plus, they're easier to use. I smoked out of a blunt for one review and a commenter wanted my head for it. Also, I hate reading the comments section.
What was the application and interview process like at the Denver Post for you to get your job? Some newspapers seem to have some chill employees but I'd still imagine it was still a little weird getting a marijuana-related job in a somewhat corporate setting. I'm a freelancer, so the whole corporate setting is really my living room. The process was great. I submitted a resume and writing samples, then did a review for them which ultimately ended up on the site. It helped, I imagine, that I had written a ton of reviews previous to my gig at the Post.
Misunderstood the title, thought you were critical of marijuana. Not a Marijuana Critic. My question: How can I get your job? But seriously, other than the "lose weight, grow hair, or grow boners" comment, what do you think will be the key point(s) that change the tide of the on-the-fencers and other uninformed peoples? At times I'm both. I think people tend to react based on what they see. Colorado hasn't burned to the ground, there aren't stoned drivers mowing over infants, so far, so good. Taxes will also play a big part, but mostly, people just want to know that someone else did it first and lived to tell about it.
What drugs should be permitted? Psychedelics get a bad rap.
It seems to me like there's going to be a large botany 'boom' in colorado. Have you seen rises in people taking it up in an attempt to legitimately get into the market? Also, (you can ignore this one if the answer is too long) where are the retail places getting their supply? Growing is done by registered and licensed facilities, so there isn't really an opportunity for hobbyists to break into the market. Back in the day that was different, as caregivers (people who grew for a limited number of patients) could sell to dispensaries and we'd see great bud coming in from off the street.
I'm a Denver resident with access to both recreational and medicinal pot. Do you have any shop/strain recommendations? I really want to smoke some super great weed. Where should I look? How should I look for the best pot? Gorgeous day! Why are we indoors? I like Good Chem in Cap Hill, as they usually have a good selection and well grown pot. Green Man has a cup under their belt and nice stuff, as well. The biggest things you want to look/smell for: good trichome coverage (the stuff that makes it look frosty) and a distinct smell. If the jars smell the same, smell like hay, or kind of like a basement, stay away. There are a lot of review sites like Leafly and Weedmaps that can help, too. Read the comments, especially the recent ones, to get a feel for what you're walking in to.
Yo dude, Have you ever tried Charlotte's web? If so what are the effects like (honest please)? I probably should, but I always feel guilty because people really need that strain and they should be the ones getting it. But it's just a gram or two, so does it really matter? I don't know. Maybe that'll be my next review.
What do you think about high cbd strains like that? I'm big on high CBD strains and am excited about CBD hemp products moreso. The best I've ever had was a CBD oil that was comparable to a valium.
So I assume any one who doesn't live in Colorado or Washington can't receive one of those beautiful, beautiful Hemp Boxes? Good question! The Hemp Box actually has no THC in it, it's just cool hemp stuff that we run across. Legal in all 50 states. Check out our Indiegogo page for more info.
As a Canadian, I always thought this would be happening to me before ANY state in America. Do you believe pot will become legal within all of north america by 2020? And if not, why? I wish, but sadly, no. We have this place called "the south" and they don't take kindly to us smoking the Devil's lettuce. Also, old people. It's funny, I think NORML released this graph that shows as old people die, pot does better and better in polling. Don't get me wrong, though. I love my grandparents.
How well can you discern strains from one another without being told what they are? For instance, could you smoke a bowl of some bud and say "oh, definitely Sour Diesel."? Usually I can get the genetics of a random strain without being told what it is. A friend came over the other day and I nailed it on his Tangerine Diesel, but it's also pretty easy to tell. With all the different OG Kush lines, that's harder.
Also, how many different strains have you tried, and what is your favorite high-sativa hybrid? I always say over 100 because I can verify that from my reviews. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say ~300. Blue Dream is my sativa hybrid of choice and it's pretty easy to find. Here, at least.
Is your research soley limited to cannabis, or have you experimented with other substances? If so, which did you like/not like, and why? Thank you! I love to expand my mind. I think that's all I can say here. Also, HELLO NSA!
Mr. Jake n' Bake, I'm the host of a comedy/entertainment based podcast. Our latest episode had over 100 views/downloads in 3 days. The premise is that a guest and I watch a movie and get "buzzed," hence "Movie Buzzed." We're expanding into interviews, and it would be wonderful to have you on to showcase your expertise. Questions would center around your profession. For example: What kind of medicine would you recomend for watching a movie with friends? Feel free to answer that question here, and I look forward to your reply! P.S. I'm not sure if I asked officially, but would you be interested in a 10-15 minute interview segment to set up our movie? I actually co-host a podcast called Whiskey and Cigarettes with a guy named Zac (and another guy named Jake - it's complicated) that reviews other podcasts, so I'll make sure to check you guys out. I always prefer to do podcasts in person, but let's talk.
Have any employers in the state considered relaxing drug testing that you've heard of? There wasn't anything built into the law that would make it illegal for a business to fire you for failing a marijuana screening in Colorado, right? I think what people aren't talking about is how companies have looked the other way for a while. A lot of tech firms are here, we're kind of a start-up hub, so they're looking for young talent that probably enjoys to smoke some pot now and then. I think what they're really testing for is meth/cocaine/etc. Nothing in Amendment 64 protects people who are high at work, correct.
Have you heard of any Colorado companies relaxing their drug test policies? If not do you feel that lawsuits could come up from people that have gotten fired? I haven't, but there is a case going through the courts still (I believe) about a Dish Network employee who needed it medically. Companies have protection, though, and can fire anyone they want. His case being medical changes the discussion. If you just smoke pot because you want to, you're screwed. We're a right to work state, as well.
I caught a municipal possession charge about three years ago. Can I get it sealed or maybe vacated? Thanks. Not a lawyer but pretty sure no. Drug charges suck, but at least it's not a felony? Might make a great conversation piece if your new boss is a stoner, too? Is any of this making you feel better? Someone give this man some gold.
Sounds like you have my dream job. Are there any downfalls to what you do, socially or professionally? What states do you think will get on board and legalize next? I have a joke about that. A lot of people tell me it was probably my dream job when I was 16. When I was 16, I thought I could be a lawyer. A lawyer with his own car.
I've probably lost a few Facebook friends, but my family is supportive and I've smoked pot for years, so most people just accept it. As for states, it's anyone's guess. I wouldn't be surprised if a state that a lot of people wouldn't bet on... say Iowa... jumps on board.
Edit: But not Utah.
What is the strangest strain name you've come across? We used to make up names for strains we'd get off the street from caregivers. Outgoing Panda was my favorite. There was a strain (and it's probably still out there) that was a cross of The White and Master Kush. They unfortunately called it White Master. I also reviewed a strain called Kuchi that describes a region but probably shouldn't.
Another separate question, have you worked with Doug Benson at all? I know he's a comedian and writer like you and is trying for the same goal. I'm a rookie, been doing stand-up for a year and a half. But, our podcast did just win reader's choice for "Best Local Podcast" by the Denver Westword, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
What are the main reasons why marijuana isn't legalized in California? Do you seeany negatives from marijuana? I'm writing an essay on marihuana legalization and would love your input! From my understanding, California is kind of a free-for-all politically. Lots of cities making their own decisions and lack of regulation from the state government. One of the big reasons the feds stay out of Colorado (for the most part) is that we heavily regulate who can be in the business and where their pot goes. "Seed to sale" tracking is the goal. Cali is nowhere near that. But I'm in Colorado so that could all be wrong.
What if we're, like, just atoms in the fingernail of, like, some big monkey-slug in a higher dimension? Or we're all just Shrimpkins hurling through space on the belly of a Bender.
What makes some weed the best? It's all about what you want out of the experience. At the end of the day, we're self-medicating. Generally, though? Solid genetics that were grown with care and then left to cure properly, well flushed with no mites/mold/other gross stuff.
I take it you didnt need to take a drug test to get that job? Like, to make sure I was on drugs?
Your trapped on an island that has everything for you to live and one strain of marijuana? What strain do you wish it is? Hmm. Probably OG Kush, because from my understanding it's a great yielder and doesn't require a whole lot of effort. I'm terrible in the garden.
Hey Jake, llifetime Coloradoan here, I live up north in Fort Collins. I'm a rec smoker who has buddies I get herb from, usually around $15/g. I went to Garden City this weekend just for the hell of it, to the closest rec shop not in Denver. I was pretty shocked to see $80 per 8th as an accepted price. Do you think shops will price themselves more competitively to lure away street buyers? Or is the tax too high to stay profitable? Hey FoCo Gibbs! Prices will absolutely come down, but I hear you. The Garden City shop, from my understanding, has a pretty unique situation so they're making their money while they can. We're seeing the market play out (supply v demand) in real time and I think that's fascinating. With there being ~50 recreational shops in the Denver metro, prices are already starting to fall.
PS I enjoyed your segment on CO Pot Rush, but was rather surprised to see you sampling the strains you were reviewing out of straight glass! I'd presume you'd vape or use water. I do vape and use my bubbler on occasion, but I've always smoked out of straight glass and it's worked well so far. Flavor-wise, there's some difference, but usually the taste presents itself either way. Great observation, though.
Best strains for baked goods? Best strains for smoking? Opinion of oils? Infusions are less about the type of herb and more about the method you use to get it in there. Avoid something with a ton of terpenes that will change the flavor, unless you want Sour Diesel flavored brownies. Smoking? Depends on what you're looking for. Oils are great if they're made correctly. I hate smoking residual solvents.
Are you looking for an intern? My pot drawer is becoming a bit unruly.
Who is your favorite muppet? The two old guys who I just realized are critics. Right?
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