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GNeT KE & KO [ Ardream - Ronark Land - Bifrost - Dark Land my explanation. During a mission on a seemingly uninhabited, Grimm-infested continent, Teams RWBY and JNPR discover an entire colony of. The stock cable, named Stormbreaker, is a Top Tier cable, valued at $1299 for the cable alone. Exp Premium [400KC] Trina piece 100% Exp Boost Drop rate is increased +5 NP Bonus per kill Gain 2. Scrolls - Trina [450KC. Joined: Oct 1, 2020 Likes Received: 1, 699 Dislikes Received: 1 Trophy Points: 93 Location: Anaheim, CA @Biodegraded I hope they have one! 1299 bifrost item patch.

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Serial Number: 0121-014-0040.

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Hacked full text of "The English And Empire Digest Vol I To Xli"

Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Server Level 83 cap, version 2230, Events Juraid, Bifrost, Lunar war, CSW, Clan vs Clan, BDW, Forgoten Temple. RWBY - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 106, 824 - Reviews: 673 - Favs: 1, 299 - Follows: 1, 461 - Updated: 1/26/2020 - Published: 4/3/2020 - Jaune A, Team RWBY, Team JNPR. Colored Lapis Lazuli Block (Light Blue Frequency): 8307.692466280521. I listened to the Wadia 121 Decoding Computer ($1, 299) in a number of configurations. Dear Players, There will be a game patch on 5th September 2020 starting from 0400HRS CEST.

I want to clear somethings up about the battlepass and season

TL:DR Stop whining about the items being locked not making sense when epic games was careful to be consistent with marvel comics universe. Also please for the last time it’s the comic universe not the movies.
Firstly: Groots set isn’t the only set without exclusive items. Mystique and She-Hulk don’t have any exclusive items either.
Second: everything in the pass makes sense. Groots ability’s allow him to grow and break off part of himself, meaning him making axes and gliders is very possible. Storm is a omega level mutant. Her powers aren’t shooting lighting and blowing wind, it’s having god like control over the weather. She could easily make her lighting not harm someone, allowing for her pickaxe to work on other skins. Tony Stark is a billionaire who is concerned with security, so of course his glider would only work on him. The pickaxes are needed for his stark bots as well and are engineering tools. And I don’t think I need to explain why doctor doom, Thor, and wolverines powers aren’t useable without the skin
Third: the mythic weapons also make sense because with Thor’s hammer, you never actually lift the hammer. Your using the bifrost to bring it down, which isn’t exclusively a Thor thing. With Doctor doom, it’s gauntlets, same with iron man and wolverine. You didn’t rip the claws out or steal doctor dooms powers, your using gauntlets imbued with dooms power, and gloves with claws in them. And silver surfers board if I remember correctly can be stolen and used by others
Fourth: there is a story this season. So far, doctor Doom took over pleasant while tony stark built rift beacons to bring his lab to the island. Wolverine and Storm fight sentinels also brought to the island but wolverine is captured. Tony stark brings a chunk of New York to the island and begins working on a new battle bus to help fight galactus. Wolverine escapes the trask industries containment unit and wanders around weeping woods, where the heroes find him. Oh and during this time they set up the helicarrier as their base of operations
P.S: this is all based on stuff from marvel comics universe 616, not the movies. Stop comparing because it won’t get you anywhere.
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[FEEDBACK/DISCUSSION] The Book of Thor: Thoughts from a level 50 Thor main

Hey, all. Like many of you, I'm sure, I bought this game because it's the first really good game that really lets you play as Thor the way he's meant to be played.
I'm writing this up because I wanted to share my favorite skill synergies, tips, tricks, and other things I've found while playing as everyone's favorite thunder god, while also creating a thread to discuss positive feedback and bug reports for CD to consider. This is gonna be long and rambling, so please forgive me if it doesn't seem super-organized. Also note, I play on a PS4 Pro, so the controls I list might not be the same as yours on Xbox or PC. Lastly, this isn't a comprehensive guide, nor do I expect this to be taken as the end-all, be-all guide to Thor; these are just my personal experiences.
-Light attack tree:
The hammer spin tree is one of Thor's most useful skill-sets to get, and I highly recommend maxing it out first. It gives Thor amazing dps potential and crowd control, allowing him to break blocks and generate his intrinsic ability (more on that later.)
His sprinting and evade attacks might not seem impressive on the skills menu, but they're very satisfying to use. I ended up buying those last, and I kinda wish I didn't.
-Heavy attack tree:
The heavy attack tree might not seem super-spectacular, but it does have some great utility; they (sometimes) can interrupt enemy attacks, which is super useful when you see an enemy readying a big attack, and his light-light-light-heavy attack is GREAT at destroying enemy blocks.
(The ability to specifically charge these attacks with Odinforce is nice, but not as useful as other abilities, so I recommend getting these skills later.)
Also very useful is "Falling Star", his diving attack triggered by holding Heavy Attack in the air. I've seen several people complain about how hard it is to aim, so here's a trick I've found: Hold L2/LT like you're aiming your Hammer Throw, then press [Heavy Attack]. Thor will fly directly towards where you were aiming. This is also useful because this allows Thor to hurl himself into melee range of flying enemies by launching himself horizontally. Tapping L2 is also super useful for when you want to stop flying at speed and start hovering again.
-Hammer Skills
The left-hand tree of these skills is very useful, and are a key part of one aspect of Thor's kit that makes him so useful: pinning foes under Mjolnir. The ability to take an enemy out of the fight until everyone his ready to focus it down is incredibly useful.
As far as his unarmed skill go, they are very good, but you might not want to focus on unlocking them if your playstyle doesn't involve leaving enemies pinned. But come on, who doesn't want to headbutt a killer robot?
-Intrinsic Ability: Odinforce
This is both the trickiest and most satisfying aspect of Thor's kit, in my opinion. The "Divine Chaos" ability is core to Thor's mastery skills and makes him a true God of Thunder. Simply put, dealing damage without taking any in return allows you to "overcharge" Thor's meter (seen on the little bars flanking the primary intrinsic ability gauge), letting you basically use it for free until you take damage, manually activate it to counter an attack, or stop attacking.
As impressive a spectacle as this ability is, you might not want to level it up right away, until you've invested a bit more into Thor's mastery skills. I say this because simply put, in some circumstances, it's simply too much effort to activate until you have ways to fill it faster, especially since ANY damage, even a single tick of gamma poisoning, is enough to deactivate it.
The exception to this is the bottom of the left-hand tree, which lets you parry and deflect enemy projectiles with good timing. This value cannot be overstated.
-Support Heroic Ability: Warrior's Fury
Thor is supercharged with Odinforce, while also granting invulnerability to your allies. Yes, you read that right. It's nuts. Also note that the ability doesn't overcharge you, so the Heroics effects stack with your standard Overcharge. Thanks, u/astringofbadchoices for correcting my error!
My favorite combination of these skills is "Ymir's Wrath" and "Hel's Anger." It drastically increases the entire team's damage output, and increases their chances of getting critical hits, which increases their damage even further. Other skills in the tree instantly raise downed allies or grant health regen, but I've found these to be too meager to warrant trading off for the damage. One notable upgrade, however, is "Asgard's Fortune", which gives you a 50% chance to drop a Heroic Orb when felling an enemy while the ability is active.
-Assault Heroic Ability: God Blast
This ability clears a room faster than one of Grandma's farts.
Similar to the support ability, I prefer combining skills to maximize the damage instead of getting a chance to drop regen packs or getting a small refund on the ability's charge. Also, a ton of the damage is in the whirlwinds; hold the button down to extend the (invulnerable!) charging animation, and the winds will prop up most enemies while continuously damaging them; it also increases the likelihood that a dopey enemy will wander into its radius. Also, the effect seems to effect enemies outside your cone of vision, so don't think you have to line up all of them for the ability to be effective. This is especially important to remember when trying to activate the "Burning Light" perk for a free overcharge.
For maximum damage, I combine the skills "Son of the Elder Gods" and "Overexposure". Shocked enemies take more damage (which will always be happening because, surprise, Thor deals Shock damage) and the whirlwinds themselves deal 20% more damage, as well as freezing stragglers who survive.
Edit: Per u/astringofbadchoices: "Overexposure is pointless as it only deals these bonuses on already shocked enemies (status fully applied) which is a pain to apply to large groups of enemies as isn't worth timing for a single heroic blast, rolling thunder is the superior option as high level content you will always be hitting 5 or more targets with each blast giving back at least 25% of the skill every use (that's amazing)" Thanks for the feedback!
-Ultimate Heroic Ability: Bifrost
Thor lets his enemies taste the rainbow. They typically don't ask for seconds.
This is, surprisingly, one of Thor's weakest abilities. While it does deal INSANE amounts of damage, it's only in a very small, localized location (albeit larger than just the beam of energy might suggest), and thus not great for clearing rooms. It's best to either save it for very powerful, single enemies like dreadbots and the like, or when you need to trigger the side effects of its specialization trees. Of these, I prefer "Jotunheim's Tempest", dealing huge cryo damage to enemies caught in the blast, and "Odin's Blessing of the Realm", which instantly overcharges Thor's Odinforce. You CAN run this as more of a support ability, but again, the meager health regen isn't great right now when ranged enemies can chunk you down for over half your health in a single attack.
New discovery: you can still pick up drops like regen packs, Heroic Orbs, and loot when moving the reticule around. Great for when your health is low and the drops aren't too far away.
Per u/TurquoiseLuck: "Thor is still "there" when he's in the Bifrost. You can pick up items and stuff, but also it let's you stay in capture / defend zones and you can't take any damage since nothing can hit you. If you don't manually trigger the move you can stay in the Bifrost for a surprisingly long time."
And u/Ohnorepo says: "Also you can revive people while in the bifrost."
[I haven't tried "Muspelheim's Torment" yet, so if you have tried it, please share your thoughts with me in the comments below!]
u/Glamdring86 says: "The burn damage in that massive area, w/ the overcharged odinforce lighting really does massive work. I will try the Jotunheim for the cryo I imagine its less dmg but probably has a cc component. The burn seems to have staggers but that could just be the shock from the overcharged odinforce."
u/BaconKnight says in a separate post: "I suspect Muspelheim's Torment is something that scales poorly. I'm at about 100 power level and when fighting against enemies +10 of me, the initial attack would do a little under 20k, the Muspelheim ticks were doing 17 damage. Not 17k. 17. Period. That said, I wasn't able to do any testing to see if there was more initial damage in the that 20k hit from that perk (meaning I didn't test to see if having the healing perk for example would also hit for 20k, or if it would hit for less than that), but I definitely noticed the Musel ticks after and was shocked to see how small they were.
That automatically makes Jotunheim's Tempest better imo because I don't know if you noticed this as I didn't see you write about it in your post, but it slows the enemies down that were hit by it too. And not just a little bit, they're SUPER slow, like you can walk around them trying to punch you. It kinda turns the his Ultimate into another team utility tool as it's now basically another "stop close range damage for X amount of seconds" ability for you entire team. Even as a support ability, it's better than the heal because as you said, the burst damage in this game is much higher than the slow heals per second that perk gives you. Slowing down the burst to the standstill is a better defensive tool than healing in that case."
Movement ability: Flight
Pretty self-explanatory. The only ability not immediately unlocked is "Beam of Star Fire", which is SUPER-FREAKING-AMAZINGLY GOOD at killing turrets. BUY IT ASAP!!
It is, however, also bugged. More than a couple of times, I've activated the move, only for nothing to happen, except for the Odinforce gauge to deplete to nothing. Please fix, CD!!
Melee Mastery:
Lots of great options here, because Thor is so adept at doling out punishment. My favorite skill combination is "Melee Stun Damage" and "Heroic Takedown Mastery"; this lets you stun enemies faster so you can use takedowns faster, dropping Heroic Orbs to charge your (and your team's) Heroics more quickly, and recover a good chunk of health.
Ranged Mastery:
Lots to cover here, so please bear with me here.
First off, the left tree has two amazing abilities: "Impact Explosion" basically changes Mjolnir into a lightning grenade, making it ideal for vaporizing trash mobs with Shock damage. Aim for their feet!
"Critical Throw" is equally amazing, if not BETTER, because currently, throwing the Hammer at the right time (releasing R2 just as the yellow ring fills around your aiming reticule) guarantees ALL damage from the hammer deals critical damage, and at a 20% increase at that. That means during its flight, return, and any other abilities that might deal damage from the hammer, like "Power of Uru" in the Intrinsic Ability tree, ALL deal guaranteed, 20%-stronger critical damage.
"Manual Targeting", on the other hand, is a bit meh. It's great that CD included the ability from the comics, but it has its shortcomings; the time to 'mark' targets is better spent just throwing it, it will often collide with terrain and come back, and enemies can still dodge it.
Also, despite the tooltips saying you can't, both Impact Explosion and Manual Targeting can pin enemies as long as the throw isn't fully charged.
Secondly, the middle tree has several interesting choices, all of which can be viable. "Critical Return" is amazing with the Legendary and Exotic armor perk that increases Mjolnir's enemy targeting on the return flight (Mjolnir's Sight, I believe), "High Velocity" has its uses, although it's probably the weakest of the tree, and "Guard Breaker" is fantastic at doing just that.
The third tree, Flight Specialization, is probably the worst of all of Thor's mastery trees, and definitely the last skill point you should ever spend. "Charged Flight" is the least worst, as it doesn't consume meter, but you WILL collide with terrain and AI teammates randomly warping in front of you as the game ensures they keep up with you. "Speed Burst" isn't terrible on paper, but there currently isn't any content that makes it useful. Spamming it online means you'll just get to objectives faster, alone, and without any meter to defend yourself with. "Flying Shots" has never seemed worth the meter consumption, although I would love to be proven wrong.
Intrinsic Ability Mastery
"Ionic Bolts" is a godsend, pun very much intended. Thor already is a monster in melee, and this just ramps it up further. It also stacks with the overcharged effect's "Lightning Field" perk mentioned below, so having this makes you actually FEEL like Thor from the movies. "Force of Will" is a decent perk which allows Thor to recover a decent bit of health if he can launch an uninterrupted chain of whirling hammer combos. Similarly, "Orb Dynamo" further cements a role for those who want to play a support-role for Thor.
The second tree also has three perks ranging from great to alright. "Maximum Force" raises the cap on his Odinforce meter, which is never a bad thing. "Dodge Charge" is probably the least great, simply because the timing to perform a perfect dodge can be really tricky, especially online. "Takedown Charge" is fantastic when combined with the aforementioned skills from the Melee Tree, simply because you'll be doing a ton of takedowns, and Thor is invulnerable during the animation. This is the talent that makes getting Odinforce much, MUCH easier.
Of the third tree, my favorite is "Honed Force". The reduced drain on the meter is very noticeable, and makes beaming down turrets and keeping up overcharge much easier if you can avoid getting hit.
Intrinsic Overcharge Mastery
Of the first tree, my favorite is "Lightning Field". It's too easy to get hit and immediately lose the charge, so the least requirement-heavy, instantly-accessible perk is my favorite here, and the effect stacks with the others. You will literally feel like a walking lightning storm.
Of the second tree, every ability has its place. In my build, however, I always take "Charged Heroic". This way, I boost all of my heroics by 10% when I activate overcharge, which in turn make it easier to get my overcharge back when it runs out, particularly with God Blast's "Burning Light", as mentioned above.
Finally, the last tree features several great perks. "Damage Force" is another great perk for players who are able to consistently get overcharged, "Charging Force" is my go-to most of the time to make getting it easier, and thus more Heroics off, and "Unarmed Force"...is there. If you like it, I'd love to hear why.
And that's it for now, but I'll continue to edit this as I get more feedback, and make more discoveries!
Thanks, all of you who've taken the time to read this. It was a labor of love, and I'd love to get your feedback, as well as see what kind of constructive feedback we can offer to CD regarding our favorite Norse god.
EDIT: Oh, wow, thanks for the gold! But please, save your money for premium takedowns!
submitted by StriderZessei to PlayAvengers

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