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LWR v1.23.00 Released

A fairly major patch with a lot of new features. Many thanks to all the testers and players for helping with the patch and providing such key feedback.
LW Rebalance v1.23.00 - Patch Notes
  • Damage Reduction renamed to Damage Resistance - to clarify some edge cases and make the term more intuitive
  • Council request redesigned from the base up. They'll be more likely to be fair with fewer ridiculous requests (though that's subjective, some players may still find some requests ridiculous) - QoL, much more variation, and can encourage players to try reserach/production paths they normally wouldn't
  • Workshops no longer provide rebates and instead directly affect the alloy and elerium cost of items - Makes it easier to tell the effect
  • Workshops also lower the credit/alloy/elerium cost of foundry projects - Makes them more beneficial
  • Added numerical values for the panic and defense shields of countries similar to XMarksTheSpot(Zyxpsilon)'s mod - small QoL improvement
  • Items take longer to build the later in technology they are - Makes engineers and later game workshops important
  • Rushing the production of something costs 40% more resources (from 30%) - With some of the increased times rushing became more valuable, this prevents rushing from being too common
  • Lowered the maintenance on labs and workshops to 120 (from 160) - makes them a little easier to maintain
  • Alien tech, resource, and threat levels have been added to the ticker - I was convinced this was a good idea. Realistically, XCOM would have a general idea how the aliens are doing and the only players really going to care about these values are the ones that would like it in.
  • First level psionic training (neural feedback and mind fray) target will increased to 50 (from 40) - Significantly reduce the end game number of psionic units on rosters while not affecting the climb through the psionic ranks
  • Increased the chance to get a more even distribution of soldier classes - Less likely to have a campaign where you get 0 scouts and easier to replinish classes that are getting killed off
  • Minimum Alien Resources (a measure of alien mission potential) per month increased to Month12 (from Month9) - Prevents campaigns where a player is doing "too well" from getting too easy and the aliens getting too far behind
  • Aliens launch double the number of harvest/research missions but cut their benefit in half (rounded up) - Means players will experience more landed UFOs and more opportunities to interfere in the basic methods of alien growth (harvest/research missions)
  • UFO Scout missions grant 2 alien research (from 1, this is now half of original rounded up as per the above point) but occur in normal numbers again (from x3) - It was bugged and not working half the time, and when it did work it was leading to campaigns with an overload of resources and too much of a hamper on alien resource growth
  • Fighter repair time increased by ~25% - Makes risking all of your fighters being damaged to take down a tougher UFO or one that you are not prepared for a little less easy to recover from
  • Plasma tech research no longer requires alien plasma weapons - Missing out on this could be a frustrating bottle neck and it is a fairly pointless requirement (as you'd already have the requirement, just you might have accidentally sold what you needed)
  • Sentinel Drone Foundry project renamed to SHIV Advancements II and both SHIV Advancements I and II are significantly easier to acquire - The name didn't really make sense with the perks and such, and this helps buff the SHIVs by giving them an easier to acquire method of healing (with repair servos) and making them stronger faster
  • SHIV Advancements and SHIV Advancements II swap damage control for repair servos - Gives the SHIVs earlier access to a form of self-healing
  • Drone Capture foundry project removed - It was hard to prevent it from being abusive on the last mission, and was more gamey than anything enjoyable
  • Reduced the range on grey market selling costs to make it less extreme in both directions and made it refresh only once per month - Means you are less likely to have incredible prices and less likely to have horrible prices, also makes it easier to know when to check for new prices
  • Panic from UFO bombing runs decreased slightly - They were a little extreme and helps accommodate for extra panic generation from more UFOs
  • Crashed and Landed UFO missions all start with the same number of aliens but aliens on crashed UFOs will: 1) lose 0-33% of their soldiers during the crash and 2) start the mission with injuries - A cool feeling that makes sense for a crashed UFO and is a little more realistic (Note: Landed UFO missions still have 1-4 extra months, depending on difficulty, of alien research for the purposes of alien types)
  • Zombie apocalpyse missions are no longer - They weren't enjoyable gameplay despite my many attempts to make them so. RIP Zombie Apocalpyse.
  • Zombies and Lids on terror missions will occur in smaller pods - Making explosives less effective and making them a little less dangerous.
  • Increased the number of aliens on council missions - They could be too easy
  • Abduction missions can field 6 soldiers (from 5), increased the number of aliens by 2 - With the new map selection process the squad size on abduction missions can be increased
  • Exalt Data Recovery missions can field 6 soldiers (from 5), increased the number of aliens - Consistency with abductions, provide more resilience to randomness during the missions
  • Slingshot and Progeny DLC missions and Newfoundland occur at more random start times - Less predictable campaign to campaign (please be careful on an early newfoundland, lid pods are still large)
  • Smaller maps will be rerolled during the abuction map selection process if the difficulty is high and the map is too small - Helps make those missions more reasonable. Thanks to szmind for this awesome code.
  • A picture of the mission map is displayed during loadout to help better choose your squad - Makes sense, you'd know which map you'd be approaching before you got there and it helps with loadouts and squad comps. Thanks to szmind for more awesome code :)
  • Missions generators for Raiders will now use maps from the Destroyer pool (adds more variety to mission maps) - QoL, especially good since destroyers can't be shot down anymore (only destroyed)
  • All reaction shots always trigger, except OW shots only trigger against units that you could see at the start or end of your turn - Now overwatch is for waiting for units you can see to make a move and only works against the units you can see when you go into overwatch. Prevents overwatch camping. Prevents overwatch from locking aliens off from approaching (due to too stupid AI). Prevents overwatch from locking XCOM off from approaching (due to too much risk to XCOM). Allows overwatch to be very effective/predictable against units you can see.
  • Rocket scatter base increased from 1.6 to 2.0 - It was too low making even moving and firing too reliable. This makes decreasing scatter perks/items a little more important and overall scatter a little more of a consideration
  • Steady Weapon is only available if the unit can see an enemy (from if the squad could see an enemy) - Makes more sense
  • Changed the description on the reconaissance procs to clarify that they are approximations and not exact (intentionally) - More accurate descriptions
  • Aliens will attack civilians far less often on terror missions and try to focus on XCOM more - Finally got this code working :)
  • Covert Op extraction missions will now stop spawning Exalt after turn 16 - Makes it possible to kill them all to pass the mission (note: this is still ridiculous and unadvised but hey, if you want an alamo at least you have the option)
  • Reaction fire can be conducted at squadsight range for all weapons with squadsight (Sniper Rifles, Arc Rifles, Strike Rifles, and MEC weapons) - Opens up opportunities for more reasonable overwatch on weapons that are rarely used for overwatch
  • Steady weapon increases aim by 40 (from 30) and crit by 40 (from 0) - Even at 30 it was very rarely used. Now it should be an effectigve method of aiming in on hard-to-hit targets and a lot more competitive of a choice vs overwatch or shooting or other actions.
  • Exact ammo counts of weapons are now displayed in the lower right corner - QoL. Thanks to szmind for this awesome code! :)
  • Tiles from target is now displayed when you target enemies - QoL. More thanks to szmind for this awesome code =D
  • Suppression now triggers on actions as well as movement - Significant buff to suppression as it really pins a target down and much more likely will have a reaction shot trigger
  • Added some colors to some of the different classes of popups - QoL
  • Being Shredded increases damage received by 1 (from 2) - Despiting increasing the desire to use the debuff, it was a little too powerful, so reverted back to 1 where it will probably stay
  • HPs effect on throw range is increased to 4% (from 2%, down from originally 5%) - 5% was too high, but 2% was too low. However, removing fatigue recovery from health was more of a nerf than expected so it need a little umph and the grenade throw range boost at 2% was a little too insignificant. This change should fix both issues.
  • Jellied Elerium foundry perk grants +2 damage to rockets (from +1) - Increase in mid to late game rocketeer usefulness
  • Units will no longer hunker down when they panic - It was often the opposite affect of what was intended: either making panicking the enemies less effective or the enemies panicking you less effective.
  • Elerium batteries only grants +1 charge to the stun rifle - no need for extra now since it starts with 2 and engineers can already repair mechanical units innately
  • New perk 'Mechanic': Grants 2 uses of Repair [Repair adjacent mechanical units for 3 HP and remove corrosion] and HEAT Ammo [The primary weapon gains +4 penetration (does not affect shotguns or arc rifles)] - Helpful perk to define the engineer and give some early healing to SHIVs
  • New perk 'Master Mechanic': Grants 3 additional uses of Repair [Repair adjacent mechanical units for 3 HP and remove corrosion] and the first repair each turn is a free action - Perk to boost the Mechanic perk
  • New perk 'Weapon Targeting': Non-reaction shots against humans and autopsied aliens have a 30% chance to jam their weapon, forcing a reload before they can fire again - Helps classes pick up some disabling abilities
  • Close Combat Specialist grants +40 aim against targets within 4 tiles - Helps with CCS reaction shots and just firing at enemies in close range. Also, it just makes sense: you're a close combat specialist!
  • Close Combat Specialist will trigger a reaction shot regardless of if the unit started out of LoS - It was too frustrating if this wasn't the case
  • Opportunist grants all reaction shots +20 aim (from +35% base damage) - the base damage was always truncated which made weapon choice a little convoluted. Also, the extra damage was too much on both xcom and aliens.
  • Reactive Targeting Sensors grants +50 aim on only the RST shot (from +30 aim on all reaction shots) - It was too strong at +30 for the purpose of boosting other reaction shots, now that aim boost will be focused just on the RTS shot.
  • Ready For Anything grants +0 aim on reaction shots (from +10 aim) and +0 ammo, but always activates overwatch at the end of the turn - Been trying for many versions to get this code to work and finally got it. Significant buff (despite losing the aim and ammo) as now you can fully use your turn and still enter overwatch. You can even do things like move, reload, and then you'll still enter OW. Or even 6 actions on a medic with: 1) paramedic heal, 2) reload with LnL, 3) Shoot or move, 4) 1st RR OW shot, 5) 2nd RR OW shot, 6) 3rd RR OW shot. It can even act like CCS by sprinting up beside someone with a full move and going on OW. It's extremely flexible. Also, simplificaiton of the ability.
  • Holo Rounds grants the primary weapon +1 damage against mechanical units (from +0) - The aim at 30 was too much for overall xcom aim, but reducing it to 20 left the perk a little weaker than desired on the perk trees. This should give the perk back some strength to help balance it as a pick on the trees.
  • Rapid Reaction allows OW to trigger against units that started outside of LoS - Makes sense as the unit can rapidly react to a new unit in his/her LoS
  • Sentinel no longer bypasses the reaction shot aim malus - Too strong with the new predictable OW mechanics, but it still gains opportunist
  • Lightning Reflexes renamed to Shadowstep - more descriptive of what it actually does (and is already named so in LW2 so it should make things more intuitive for players)
  • Combat Drugs grants +10 will (from +30) - Was too strong, especially with the officer bug fixed
  • Mayhem no longer increases the chance of ITZ to proc but instead removes the ITZ aim and crit maluses - The increased proc chance was creating situations that were too swingy leading to the situations being too easy or too frustrating. This still significantly boosts ITZ without creating worse gameplay.
  • ITZ is no longer guaranteed by Steady Weapon but instead triples the chance that ITZ will trigger, also the penalty for ITZ shots is reduced to -10 aim/crit per shot (from -15) - ITZ was still too strong vs Mayhem and DT. This makes it the perk that is stronger with lots of enemies and weaker against 1. Also with the boost to steady ITZ felt even stronger and needed to be toned down even more.
  • Field Medic and First Aid grant 2 free medikits (from 3) - Slight reduction in xcom healing and overall squad resilience
  • Savior grants medikits +3 heal per use (from +4) - Slight nerf
  • VPT no longer grants +35% base damage but instead grants a 20% chance to deal double of all damage and works on all shots (from just the primary weapon) - Prevents bad truncating errors on weapons, allows it to work with crits and damage bonuses, and the gameplay feels really fun
  • Neural Feedback nerfed to 5% of users will in damage (from 10%) - With it bypassing distortion it's kind of doing x4 damage and in tests, high will psionics were dropping sectoid commanders and ethereals too quickly
  • Grit grants a 50% chance to resist disorientation - Buff for muton elites to make them a little harder to subdue
  • Mindfray cooldown to 4 turns (from 3) - Slight nerf, balance and prevents too much from multiple aliens in longer fire fights
  • Telekinetic Field grants +50 defense (from +40) - Now that it actually works testing showed it could use a little boost to deal with enemy extra aim boosts like mind merge and holo
  • Flush aim boost to 50 (from 40) - Makes it a little more competitive
  • Adrenal Neurosympathy has a 10% chance per enemy it can see to trigger after each shot (from triggering always on kill shots) - Remove some of the gaming of setting up kills to predictably get the buff. Also it makes sense the ability would not be able to be used on command (it would have some randomness) and that it would be more likely to trigger with more threat (enemies)
  • Bring 'Em On grants 0.5 damage per enemy in sight (from +1 damage per enemy in sight during critical hits) - Now can be used on non-crit builds and was quite overpowered before, feels better now.
Alien Only Perks:
  • Blood call no longer grants 30% DR and 30% crit resistance - was not ideal to make mutons even tankier, this should make them a little easier and more predictable to kill (esp. when being flanked)
  • Distortion panic test to 20% of the distortion unit's will (from 40 will), does not panic at the beginning of the turn, and only works on ethereals. Also distortion no longer dodges aim-based shots, but instead non-psionic attacks against the unit only deal 25% damage - A lot less swingy with lower damage but more survivability
  • AP Grenades renamed Armor Piercing, range to 7.5 (from 12.5), and now apply shred to any target they damage - They were the least used grenades and grenadier classes often felt a little stuck in one role. This should give players earlier access to shred, make the ap grenade more competitive, give a boost to grenadier classes, and finally get to make it so that AP always stands for Armor Piercing in LWR. :)
  • Flashbang/Psi Grenade radius to 3.5/5 (from 4/5.5) - Tone down their effectiveness slightly
  • Marksman's Scope aim to +10 (from +15) - Balance
  • Chameleon Suit no longer grants tactical sense but instead: prevents non-suppression reaction shots from triggering when performing an action while in cover and unflanked - Makes it useful for avoiding reaction shots on units that need to act (e.g. suppression on a gunner, or throwing a smoke on a supportive unit)
  • Adapative tracking module loses 10 aim - Balance
  • Plasma Stellerator grants doubles base damage against units with distortion but no longer grants +1 ammo - Alteration in effect due to the new effect of distortion, the ammo was more than needed
  • Battle Scanner small item is no longer affected by S&M or Packmaster but grants a 4-pack of battle scanners (from just 1 charge) - Makes it much more reasonable to equip on a scout to extend battle scanner usage
  • SAW aim to -10 (from 0) - Compared to other weapons and especially the LMG it was too strong. Now the comparison of it vs LMG is it has 10 more aim, 1 more mobility, but loses danger zone and 2 ammo. With the increased importance of the gunner on shooting (esp with suppression triggering on any action) the aim of the SAW over the LMG made the SAW too strong comparatively. This should be more balanced.
  • Kinetic Strike Module damage to 20 (from 25) - Overall a nerf to help keep it in line (overall 35 max damage to 25 max damage)
  • Thumper grants +5 damage (from +10) - Nerf in-line with the KSM (overall 35 max damage to 25 max damage)
  • The extra rocket only grants +1 rocket (from +2) - Nerf to ammo supply on rocketeers, balance vs javelin rocket
  • Limited squadsight on MECs/Strike rifles reduced to 25 tiles (from 37.5/28.8) - was too much fredom for squadsight when you could move and fire and was definitely overshadowing the sniper rifle's role. Especially on Jaeger's with ITZ triggering; as with full squadsight and movement they could see ~10 enemies much too predictably
  • Motion Tracker range reduced to 25 tiles (from 30 tiles) - Was a little too effective at discovering the battle field
  • Stun rifles only repair MEC/SHIVs by 8 (from 15) - It was too strong and was not intended to be used so commonly in the end game as a healing source
  • Flamethrower damage to 4 (from 6), but ammo to 2 (from 1) - Makes it a little more usable because at 1 ammo it felt to limiting
  • Incinerator module damage to +2 (from +6) - Nerf for balance
  • Arc rifle aim to +5 (from 0) - Slight boost and consistency with laser weapons
  • Smoke grenade radius to 3 (from 3.5) - They are quite effective and also a little hard to see through, this should help tone down both issues
  • Starting stats and perks of multiple classes tweaked (see perk tree)
  • All SHIVs have 3 less mobility - Balance, they were much too strong and felt a little too overpowered early when they could close the distances on enemy units so quickly and scout so efficiently.
  • SHIVs can no longer be healed by medikits (reverted to LW 1.0) - They were displacing MEC and biotanks too much. This give them a role of tanking that is different due to less sustainability. The off case of the SHIV getting acided which is unable to be removed is similar to a unit getting shredded and seems to be rare and within reason when it does occur.
  • Hover SHIV gains +25 aim - Balance. It was too weak for the end game. This should help keep it competitive.
  • RfA and LnL swapped on Medic - Gives the RR medic earlier access to more ammo for RR, partly a nerf too as the rapid reaction medic with RfA was really strong
  • When chopping a MEC, there is an individual 50% chance for each stat to increase per rank (instead of a 50% chance to receive a possible bonus to all stats per rank) - No buff/nerf, but makes the stat gains for chopping MECs less "you either got stats or didn't" and more "you'll get a spread of stats most of the time"
  • Berserker health reduced some - Makes them a little less of a DPS check
  • Alien leaders are now a little larger visually and more powerful (aim/health/damage/etc) - Makes leaders a more significant aspect of the game
  • Drones start with Master Mechanic - Makes them more efficient with their repairs
  • Improved Drone AI so that they derp less - They still derp, they have small little brains, I can only help them so much
  • Mechtoids and Cyberdiscs lose sentinel and opportunist but pick up rapid reaction - Makes advancing against them more dangerous but their shots less accurate. It was important to make shadowstep more useful (given that everyone technically has shadowstep if they are out of LoS) and retain some more threat to their overwatch.
  • Heavy Floaters pick up rapid reaction - Makes their overwatches effective out of LoS
  • Seekers gain +50% damage resistance when strangling their victims and each tick of strangle damage is increased by 3 - Makes their strangle harder to remove and them more of a threat when they start to strangle. Means that it will now be very rare that you are thankful a unit gets strangled to protect them from other threats. Also means that waiting to get strangled is not nearly as reasonable of a strategy as it used to be.
  • Floater leaders of lvl 4 gain rapid reaction - Makes the leaders more dangerous
  • Ethereal and Ethereal Uber regeneration and health reduced by over 50% and defense to 50/70 (from 60/80) - Big nerf to accommodate for the new distortion
  • Sectoid Commanders gain distortion but lose all defense (from 40) and health and health gains are reduced significantly - Nerf to accommodate for gaining distortion
  • Ethereal and Sectoid Commander base will reduced - Makes them a little less dangerous
  • Chryssalids defense to 50 (from 60) and lose all regeneration but gain 4 mobility - Makes them easier to kill with conventional weapons and overwatch but makes them a little harder to prevent closing. The regeneration did not feel good and made reaction fire feel wasted too often. This is not a nerf or a buff -- more of a tweak. They ARE slightly easier due to smaller pod sizes but the intention is to keep lids as deadly foes.
  • Zombies lose all regeneration but gain 4 mobility - The regeneration led to less enjoyable gameplay and the new mobility will help them close
  • Drones, Seekers, and mutons gain +1 damage - Makes them pack a little more punch in the early game
Bug Fixes:
  • Combat Drug boosted officers now share their will appropriately
  • Not a fix, but it was decided to leave in the bug as a feature because I can't fix it and because it's not unreasonable: Countries that leave the council do not provide rewards for civilians saved on terror missions
  • Ethereal panic aura will affect units with squadsight
  • Fixed a LW 1.0 bug where Bring 'Em On was basing their abilities off of the number of units their squad could see and not the number of units the individual unit could see (this was also occuring on ITZ and might be why some people have noticed it triggering a little too often)
  • Fixed a LW 1.0 bug where Telekinetic Field looked like it was working but never actually reduced the chance to hit of incoming fire
  • Aliens will less often target hidden invisible sectoids - Probably still more of these situations but this should help at least and maybe it's all of them
  • RTS will not fire through abilities that should prevent reaction shots (Shadowstep and Chameleon Vest)
  • Shadowstep/Chameleon Vest popups will not occur when there is no reaction shot (especially occurred when firing with a unit that had that perk/equipment)
  • Ethereal panic aura will not reactivate after loading a game
  • Mind fray correctly lasts through 2 opposition turns (instead of 3)
  • Fixed a bug where combat drugs and dense smoke were not granting an extra smoke to units with Smoke and Mirrors
  • Fixed a really strange LW 1.0 bug where combat drugs would not grant the +20 crit bonus at squadsight range
submitted by Ucross to Xcom

[Event] Retrospective: "Battle for Britain” or "I have never believed in miracles”.

[M] Due to the lack of free time, have to post it retrospectively: covers the issue of the Union, Scottish independence in particular, creates some background for upcoming retrospective post on the UK General Election 2024.

There is no doubt that this decade has been quite tough for Britain. The combination of the deepest and the most drastic economic contraction in history, caused by the mix of coronavirus and hard Brexit repercussions, together with the rise of separatism in Scotland and tensions on the Irish question, as well as quite divisive trade deal with the US, cost the UK not just a lot of money, but political capital and respect.
The Scottish question has been the most obvious one to tackle, especially after dramatic upleveling of independence is the potential alternative to the unions for the majority of the Scottish people, when SNP had one in astonishing majority of 80 seats in Hollyrood, and more than 60% of residence where ready to leave Britain in favour of the EU. Quite difficult, tough, and harsh negotiations with the United States, establishing of Global Trade Association, Boris Johnson resignation, the lack of consensus not just across the political spectrum, but within the Conservative party, put an immense strain on the government, which no one has actually voted for.
Some signs of recovery and fundamental parts towards the new normal, were found under 2021 Conservative party conference, with the rise of the new move for the New Nation Conservatism. Then you blew, as they call themselves, Challenge a long-term consensus within the British politics, by putting together, is considered by many, contradictive views and beliefs. The most fundamental, and on typical for Tories after recent 40 years, is surprisingly positive attitude towards an increase in public spending and state interventions. Butskellism 2.0 would be a fair name for such a gentle, if only there weren’t’t some substantial differences: still huge fans of economic liberalism, market liberalisation and deregulation, global free trade, not huge fans of unions, reciprocally, and support radical welfare reform. They remain strongly committed to the anti-immigration platforms, lower taxes for businesses and middle-class, normal time balance budgets, and milder forms of civic nationalism. Their opinion to final issues, including public spending is, is the main water line that should be considered:an increase in spending on the NHS, delivering life-long free-at-use education for everyone, universal basic income, higher taxation for the wealthy, to run surplus budget, thus creating a viable alternative to Corbynism and the New Labour.
Despite reaching into party consensus towards economics and social issues, the rising Scottish and English questions would have become the most obvious headache. However, the Сonstitutional Сonvention called after 2021 Conservative Зarty conference had never stopped working, to introduce the final draft of complex union wide strategy to tackle regional nationalism by 2023. New Union Treaty/Treaty of the Union has become the result of combined efforts of civil think tanks, Parliamentary groups, selective service, and individual initiatives. The document recognises the United Kingdom as a political and institutional union within the four countries of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, created to follow joint interests and preserve national security of its founding nations. The concept of regionalism, either some people college in Britain, localism, has been put at the very heart of the paper, arguing for the necessity of fiscal federalism, regulatory autonomy, and advanced self governmence for local communities across the UK. The project also involves maximal devolution of powers across the United Kingdom, what to local communities and governments, not devolved parliament and administrations, still recognising legislative and institutional superiority of the parliament in Westminster. Furthermore, matters of national defence, border control, foreign policies and trade, as well as basic standards for British internal market, such as consumer security and capital markets regulations, are the only prerogatives of exclusive power for Westminster, while full domestic autonomy, including taxation, labour standards, immigration (points-driven system remain in the core, but local government became able to regulate it according to their needs), and the opportunities to override and challenge national legislation on any field besides reserved competencies. This goes as far as the right for local government to extend limitation, abolish, or introduce alternative legislation on the local level, until the law he is not related to foreign policies, national security and defence, basic internal market rules of goods and capital standards. Special attention is given to the issues of financial federalism and local communities, reserving the right for regional authorities to receive back/withhold at least 70p of each pound gained within their jurisdiction. In other words, either through rebates from central government, or just by keeping the money, at least 70% of tax revenue must be kept within an area it was collected.
Steel, the fundamental goal of the proposed legislation is to tackle and resolve sense of neglect, abundance, ignorance, and "left behind syndrome” for not just local communities, but the whole countries of the UK. Securing stakeholderism, equal representation principles, and acknowledging interdependence of all four nations has been put at the very core of the idea. New Parliamentary Formula has been presented as the fundamental component for the integrity of the Union. This formula aims to stabilise and balance the interests of all four countries in the UK, for the Cabinet to reflect the power and stakes of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland equally, and force consensus politics. In the very essence, the Parliamentary formula means that all Four First Ministers of the UK, which of whom represents a country, meet be included into the cabinet. The leader of the largest party in the House of Commons is entitled to be the Prime Minister, but he or she, can ask the Monarch for permission to form the HM Government only with the consent of the all First Ministers. Therefore, the Prime Minister must automatically be the First Minister of one of the U.K.'s countries, and have the support of three others to form the government. Moreover, all First Ministers have equal powers claiming one of the following public offices: the Home Office, the Foreign Office, HM Treasury, or the Union Office (the body that is responsible for the relationship we went to Minster and devolved administrations). Surely, the First Minister can take any other position in the cabinet instead, if publicly expressed the desire for it. What is more important, no legislation can be even presented to the Parliament without the consent of free First Ministers, and of course the Prime Minister, regardless the matter of the proposed act. To become the First Minister, the person most heard the party that won the majority of the constituencies in the country the First Minister represents during the UK-wide General Election, or being backed by the majority of MPs from his/her country. In case if any of the First Ministers decided to resign still having the confidence of the MPs from hehis country, expressing personal no confidence HM Government, the House-wide vote of confidence is automatically launched, and did the government lacks support the majority of MPs from any country, the new Cabinet must be formed. If the House is paralysed, the first ministers can back an alternative candidate from any other party, and if this person gains enough support from MPs, the First Ministers themselves, he/she shapes the government until the support of the house and the ministers is withdrawn.
The formula effectively crashes "we have not voted for this person/policy“ argument as for any move the consent of all 4 First Ministers is required, so any legislation that hurts the interests of any of the UK's countries just cannot pass not just the House of Commons, but the Cabinet of Ministers without the consent of all: Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales First Ministers together.
Oh, and obviously the document reclaims the rightful local communities to leave the Union via the local referendum, but prohibits the exit of the country as whole, replicating constitutions of many of the federal nations, such as Germany, legislatively burning separation down.
Such approach also fully restore the supremacy, both judicial and legislative, of the Parliament in Westminster, allowing the house to keep the final say over any move of any UK region, including forced implementation of policies across the nation, of course only if all Four First Ministers publicly support the procedure oand vote in favour of it.
So how did this play out? According to opinion polls, as well as Parliamentary surveys, the concept gained both public attraction and hot debates just within several weeks after being officially published and presented, not just in Westminster and unionists, but regional nationalist parties, given a clear alternative to the status quo, being much more politically affordable than Labour and Lib Dems federal UK proposals. This, together with the lack of clarity on constitutional matters or a single LibDem-Labour approach to the union matters, allowed the idea to skyrocket in the polls, with an overwhelming endorsement from the Unionist voters, and the significant share of support from separatists and federalists, with at least 60% of Scots favouring the proposal, including 20% of SNP voters, at least 55% of the English, 70% in Wales, and 80% of respondents in the Northern Ireland. Surprisingly, they do your hair is quite rapidly become a very popular concept within the Remain voters, especially in Scotland, who argued that the new Parliamentary Formula is the best way to push the UK back, or at least closer to Europe, which would be much faster and safer than leaving Britain and joining the EU.
This, has become the first warning bill for SNP, which turned into a real alarm after a complete failure of Hollyrood-Westminster separation of Scotland negotiations - external invulnerability was quickly hit by internal divisions. Let me explain.
Back in 2021, when the constitutional convention had just started work, the Conservatives acknowledged the rising popularity of independence couldn't be just ignored, well at the same time backtracking on the claims on the second independence referendum has never been an option, as it would potentially have demonstrated the weakness of the government. The compromise was found in the UK wide Union Referendum, were all nations of the United Kingdom would opt for their paths: in or out. The official announcement, combined with an offer to start potential negotiations for the terms of separation of Scotland from the UK, was not deeply welcomed, but still accepted by the SNP, as the only way to keep the referendum legitimate. That is where the rough game starts - with the lack of clear and peaceful alternatives, the nationalists supported the idea of pre-succession negotiations to prevent a hard exit from the UK. Unfortunately for them, the British learned some valuable lessons after Brexit, and had started playing hardball since the very beginning of the negotiations, clearly outlined that without their consent, that can be received only if SNP agrees on the proposed terms, the referendum would have no legitimate power in place. At the very first step that Westminster had made it clear, that Scotland, the very least, would have to pay for all these years of them running with original budget deficit, payback a significant share of 1.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, and, of course, follow the principle of the "regional legitimacy”. That is exactly where the argument "we have not voted for that" backfired first, the story is applied to Scotland specifically, claiming that only the constituencies that vote to leave the UK but the majority, would actually been able to do this. Surely, such approach would have never become an acceptable option for the SNP, and therefore the concept of a "double majority” was agreed instead - to become independent, not just the majority of the Scottish electorate should vote in favour of the separation, but the majority of constituencies as well. The British government played a ”good cop” compare problem well, dropping its demands for the full repayment of Scotland’s deficits and stimulus packages. The transition period and repatriation payments were negotiated instead, as independent Scotland obliged to contribute at least 5% of its annual GDP to Westminster, where remaining in the internal market and customs territory of the UK within at least three years after declaring independence, of course following all British rules and legislation without having a say on it. The British government, however, remained in the right ticket out to Scotland of the internal market in the customs union any moment since declaring independence. With quite huge number of consents and shifts from the original position of the British government, from the public point of view it was quite hard to blame them for the lack of flexibility, as the Prime Minister argued that the Brexit story should never repeat itself, especially within the UK.
Nevertheless, when agreement was reached, finalised, and rectified, by the majority of MPs , it tends to be a real help bloody bomb, divided the Scottish nation even deeper, than 2016 EU membership referendum divided Britain. Although, formally resolving the issue of "economic's versus identity” problem, when many people identified as Scots, not British, still being aware of potential economic repercussions of independence, providing smooth and gradual transition, a huge trap turned out to be in place - 5% GDP contribution makes it literally impossible to join the European Union without the harshest measures of austerity, that would include significant cuts not just to the NHS, but the abolition of the vast majority of social programs, and causing additional pension crisis. Additionally, the "Norway plus” transition period had become even more unpopular - the British government would still have the full power over Scotland within three years after the country would actually vote to leave, without any chance for the Scottish to backfire. Don’t also forget the constitutional proposals were just published, and for many Scots the real question had turned into something like
“Should we leave the UK that provided the largest concessions ever possible, eventually giving us a real and equal voice, to remain its vassal within at least three years after formally becoming independent, while facing the harshest versions of austerity, caused by the contributions we would not have to pay if we stay in. And all these only to receive some unclear chance to join the European Union after, very least, five years of distortion and exhaustion?”
Can you feel the smell? It's called déjà vu. Doesn’t the situation recall you something about Brexit, when within several weeks after the referendum the support for the withdrawal from the European Union skyrocketed over 60%, followed by deep national divisions when Britain realised that the fantasy about simple, easy, and fast Brexit has always been just a fantasy of several reach man? With the dreams faced the reality, literally crashing into it? The same had happened in Scotland after the divorce deal had been finalised and published, outlining the deadline for the Union-wide referendum on the 20th of May 2024 - just before the upcoming general election to avoid potential difficulties with the Scottish MPs leaving Westminster. Had the SNP's tried to roll back and backtrack? Sure, the point is that such agreement has been out of the competence of the devolved government, officially ratified and negotiated by it, satisfying the demand for the referendum opening the opportunity for the independent Scotland. Additionally, the document included an incorporated version of new constitutional arrangement developed by 2023. Moreover, in case of Scotland would say yes on the referendum, there would be no way back to the UK, is the nation would officially leave the Kingdom and become an independent country by the 1st of June 2024. When it became clear that there was no way back, the SNP opted for a new strategy, claiming that after succession they would leave the internal market in the customs union immediately, also paying nothing to Britain. This, in return, cause the British government to see you divorced administration in Hollyrood, first in the Scottish Supreme Court, then in the British one, both cases won by unionists, consequently turning the agreement into a legal-binding document with no way to escape. Harsh rhetoric of the SNP, putting a strain on their fan base, rising economic fears of our divorce implications.
After this turning point, probably the most tight and aggressive campaign started all across the UK, with the harshest and toughest race in Scotland. Surprisingly, the Unionist campaign actually used similar to Nationalists’ claims of "strong enough, big enough, smart enough”, imaging for the "Scottish Tiger”, calling for the Country to fight for its European destiny, and permanently attacking the incompetent government in London, with the Scottish Tories be in the harshest critics of their English colleagues. The Unionist campaign however argued, the whole plans of the SNP would have been reached much easier, although not that fast, and smoother, through new constitutional arrangement with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, rather than alone. Moreover, the unionists argued to restore the free movement of people between the UK and the EU, or at least between Scotland and the European Union, if the nation would vote to stay in - one of the greatest concerns for the Remain voters has always been the opportunity to live and work freely, while for businesses to hire, across 400 million European Single Market. The unionists, appealing to the immigration point of the new constitutional arrangement, backed by London's tacit consent, claimed that there was no need for live in the UK to regain fundamental EU benefits. Oh, and do not forget massive fishing subsidies during the recession, and tough position on fishery issues post Brexit.
Step-by-step, the deadline of the nationwide referendum had come, with people making the final decision. In the evening 20th of May 2020 all polling stations had closed, with votes tabulation started, be declared at 23:59 GMT. No exit polls, just a huge projection on the facade of the House of Parliament, with a timer counting back the final seconds of the UK as we knew it. All four countries of the UK had finally made their choice, about the past, present, and future over 300 years Union.
Dark screen, followed by white lines forming the outline of four countries of the United Kingdom: turned blue — the unionists won, yellow — nationalists:

  • England —>! 67.4% to 32.6%!< — The Treaty of the Union Accepted; Independence Rejected

  • Wales62.9% to 37.1% — The Treaty of the Union>! Accepted!<; Independence Denied.

  • Northern Ireland54.3% to 45.7% — The Treaty of the Union Accepted; IndependenceRejected

  • Scotland51.8% to 48.2% — The Treaty of the Union Accepted; Independence Rejected

This is a short and oversimplified story of the new Battle for Britain, with the war knocking into the door.


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