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This software can exist with ESRI, geo media, manifold program, and MapInfo GIS creations. The 64-bit version of Global Mapper. Download global mapper 17 for free (Windows). Year Published: 2020 Investigation of land surface phenology detections in shrublands using multiple scale satellite data. Easily backup/sync files to another drive, FTP, ZIP, network, or removable media. It's best if you avoid using common keywords when searching for Global Mapper 11. Global Mapper Software was founded in 2020 and is based in Parker, CO in the United States.

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Open Printable/Searchable Copy (PDF Format) Table of Contents look here. Global Mapper 20.1 introduces a default projection option. Global Mapper is a pretty professional map plotting software with comprehensive and powerful functions, as well as friendly UI for everyone to use (praised by numerous users around the world). Global Mapper Crack Global Mapper Crack: is an easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users. Which offers multiple functions. Version With Activation Key Download Description. Global Mapper Keygen is the total bundle in your grasp for your spatial work.

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Global Mapper v Crack With Torrent Download Global Mapper Crack + Keygen Free Version Download Global Mapper Crack software as its name indicates is basically the geographical information system software. Finally, the software can also manage rectangular patterns, vectors, and height information. You need Microsoft Windows XP, Vist, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) operating system, a processor of 2 GB or more. Global Mapper control both. Global Mapper 17 Full Patch is an influential and easy-to-use Geographic Information System (GIS) data processing software which delivers affordable solution for mapping. Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users. Global Mapper v14.0 Beta 2 Now Available - Includes Spatial.

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Various leading antiviruses have been used to test Global Mapper, if it contains any viruses. Global mapper 13 full crack. Global Mapper Crack With Full Keygen Download Global Mapper Serial Key is the widest and most feature-rich utility system in the whole world. Global Mapper V14.1 (7 Downloads Available). Global Mapper Keygen Archives directory. Global Mapper 19.1 Crack + Full Version With Activation https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1272. By this we can manipulate the geographical data and can handle the so many different formats also can done complex analysis process.

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Global Mapper 22 is a remarkable application that offers the ability to read, write, and analyze all spatial data sets and advanced data presentation. Global Mapper Crack is a powerful GIS suite that will enable users to handle multiple specific formats, perform complex analysis processes. Key For Global Mapper 14 Crack. Global Mapper (Bit) has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis, contrast adjustment.

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Download global mapper 12 for free (Windows) https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1270. Global Mapper (free version) download for PC. Global Mapper: Global Mapper is an easy-to-use spatial data management tool. We also recommend this tool because it supports spatial data-sets. Global Mapper software is compatible with Windows 8/10 (64-bit version), and Windows Server 2020/2020/2020. Download: Global Mapper Full Version, Downloads Found: 24, Includes: Crack Serial. Global Mapper SDK is a development tool that allows you to create programs that embed the features of the Global Mapper.

How to configure HBase on low memory cluster

How to configure HBase on low memory cluster

Ref: http://product.hubspot.com/blog/hbase-tutorial-5-tips-for-running-on-low-memory-ec2

Reduce the number of regions per server

Before getting into math, let's recall briefly what the memstore is in HBase. The memstore holds in-memory modifications to the Store before it is flushed to the Store as HFile, in other words the data that are coming in are first stored in memory, and when their volume reaches a certain size (typically 128MB on recent HBase versions), the data are flushed on disk.
Now, let's do some computation. You have 1 memstore per region. Suppose that each memstore is 128 MB. If you have 100 regions for each region server, you would have 100*128MB, i.e. about 13 GB RAM. Keep in mind that only 40% is actually used for memstores, which means that each of the region server would at least need 13 GB/0.4 about 33 GB RAM. Of course, you might need a bit less RAM since not all of your memstores will be full at all times.
Suppose you have chosen 100 regions because you need to store 1 TB with 10 GB regions. What can you do if you just have 32 GB RAM and do not want to monitor all your nodes 24/7? (note that if you need to store 1 TB you need 3 TB disk space if you chose the default replication of 3, remind that if the data are compressed on disk they are not in memory).
  • you can increase your region size, say 20GB each (hbase.hregion.max.filesize)
  • you can decrease you memstore size, say 64MB (hbase.hregion.memstore.flush.size)
  • you can increase the heap fractions used for the memstores. If you load is write-heavy, say maybe up to 50% of the heap (hbase.regionserver.global.memstore.upperLimit, hbase.regionserver.global.memstore.lowerLimit)

Steal memory from other services

A typical configuration calls for 1GB RAM for a datanode, which is often not needed. You can cut datanode head down to 400 MB, giving 624MB extra to HBase. This solution will not probably safe you much.

Tune or disable MSLAB

The MSLAB feature adds 2MB of heap overhead by default for each region. You can tune this buffer down with hbase.hregion.memstore.mslab.chunksize. The lower you go the less effective it is, but the less memory overhead as well. To disable it completely, set hbase.hregion.memstore.mslab.enabled to false.

Reduce caching

Caching and batching are used to reduce the effect of network latency on large scans, but they also require more memory on both the client and server side.

Limit concurrent mappers

Lowering the hbase.regionserver.handler.count helps to limit the number of active connections taking memory.
submitted by jpoullet to bigdata

Unofficial patch notes 10.07-31.07, including some Hossin stuff

comparing LIVE between 10.07 and 31.07 (not including known stuff. And I was away for some time, I might have missed some already-known stuff. however, SOE seems to have learned to write more of the changes in their patch notes, so hopefully there should be less content in my ones (EDIT: ...nope :P sorry for the lengthy post :P ) )
interesting stuff from locale files:
  • instead of 'primary' and 'secondary', many weapons had their slot name >> 'top', 'wing mount' and so on
  • therefore 'Primary Weapon Turret' got renamed to 'Top Gunner'. lol @ reference.
  • "Sunderer: Defense Slot" renamed to "Sunderer: Defense Slot" (now with an additional space! seriously, hotfixes are awesome. same changes for loads of similar strings)
  • "Originally worn by the infamous 403rd "Jackals," a group known for their tenuous morals, the Skull Helmet causes terror in those unfortunate enough to oppose its wearer. VS use only." >> "The Skull Helmet causes terror in those unfortunate enough to oppose its wearer. VS use only."
  • "While the Protos helmet uses technology that is commonplace for the Vanu Sovereignty, it is far more advanced than anything developed by their inferior competition on Auraxis. VS use only." >> "Even our early prototypes are more advanced than anything developed by our inferior competition. VS use only."
  • "Used previously as a welding mask to prevent things from hitting you in the face, this helmet is also effective in combat to prevent things from hitting you in the face. NC use only." >> "Used previously as a welding mask, this helmet is also effective in combat to prevent getting hit in the face. NC use only."
  • "Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.1 seconds." - 425 such strings, with various values of course. new certs? yaaay!
  • "No Device", "Default System Device"
  • "Time Left"
  • "Ammo Drop" (uuuh.... Galaxy ammo box dropping ability? PLEASE?)
  • "Smoke Screen" (ESF)
  • "Creates a smoke screen around the aircraft that makes it difficult to see and prevents lock-ons for several seconds. Can be activated once every 60 seconds." (where several can be 8,10,12,14)
  • "Resupplies ammo to ally aircraft and vehicles within 85 meters." and a few similar Vehicle Ammo Dispenser strings added. gals? plz?
  • "Repairs ally aircrafts and vehicles within 50 meters of the Galaxy." yes! gals!
  • they changed or added some flamethrowefrag cannon strings AGAIN. comming soon...? xD
  • "Scythe External Fuel Tanks" added. is it the same as afterburner? looks like no, and apparently upgradable: "External Fuel Tanks 2 Description", "External Afterburner Fuel Tanks 4 Desc DNT"
  • "ResolutionTest_Full", "ResolutionTest_QuarterMesh", "ResolutionTest_HalfTexture", "ResolutionTest_HalfAll"
  • "Graphics And Shaders"
  • "The leader has muted you.", "Mute Platoon"
  • "Created By: %0" (probably for Player Studio)
  • "Some assembly required."
  • "Officer"
  • "Nanites repair a critically damaged vehicle's engine and extinguishes any fires when activated. It has no effect on a vehicle that is not critically damaged. Can be used once every 40 seconds." >> "Activate to repair 6% of the vehicles damage over 5 seconds. If the vehicle is on fire when activated, it will also immediately extinguish the fire. Can be activated once every 55 seconds." (ninja change, discussion: http://dk.reddit.com/Planetside/comments/1jaqcz/gu13_undocumented_fire_suppression_system_buff/ )
  • "Marketplace transactions are not enabled."
  • "Invalid Guild Rank Name" (dear SOE, reminder: you're calling them 'outfits' here, not 'guilds'. kthxbai)
  • "Continent Lock Threshold" >> "Domination Gained"
  • "Dome Shield Activation", "This activates projectile shields over Amp Stations, Tech Plants and outposts." (Amp Station benefit)
  • "Hossin TEST"
  • Stripe Camo
  • Scales Camo
  • High Stakes Camo (some Vegas stuff?)
  • High Roller Camo
  • Full House Camo
  • Jackpot Hood Ornament
  • Forest Ground Camo
  • Snow Aspen Forest Camo
  • Abstract Camo
  • Algae Camo
  • Amoeba Camo (apparently already live. still, WTF...)
  • Cells Camo
  • Turtle Shell Camo
  • Tropical Camo
  • Tidal Camo
  • Snowy Pines Camo
  • Reef Camo
  • Snake Eyes Hood Ornament
  • Susie Skyguard Vehicle Decal
  • Gina Galaxy Vehicle Decal
  • Nikki Nanite Vehicle Decal
  • SOE Live Decal, "Thanks for attending SOE Live 2013!"
  • PSU Decal
  • EverQuest Next Decal (revealed by VanuLabs and RoyAwesome some time ago)
  • Illuminated Apex Helmet (huh? illuminated?)
  • Sandy Scrub Camo Bundle, plus several other old camo/helmet/stuff bundles. including the ultimate VS bundle, Giraffe Camo Bundle
  • Lightning Lumifiber Trim 3
  • Illuminated Skull Helmet Bundle
  • Harasser Chrome Bumper 005 (as per usual, various numbers/factions/colors apply)
  • Harasser Fender NC003
  • Harasser Gold Fender 003
  • Harasser Bumper 01
  • Harasser Pink Chrome Bumper
  • Sunderer Chrome Grill 003
  • Sunderer Gold Luggage Rack 001
  • Sunderer Chrome Side Steps 001
  • Test Helmet
  • Magrider Hex Trim is now Aero Trim
  • "Auto-resupply will automatically purchase a new implant using Cert Points each time your supply reaches zero, and this setting will persist between game sessions. Are you sure you want to activate auto-resupply?"
  • apparently you can use the auto-resupply with SC too. and implants expire after 2 hours
  • the implants have icons in the game files. do you want me to upload them?
  • "Quick Use"
  • "Speeds up the use times of all grenades, items, placed explosives, and deployables; also speeds up the swap time of support tools."
  • "Thermal Reduction"
  • "Prevents you from being highlighted by thermal optics.

    Does not function while in a vehicle.
  • "Clear Vision"
  • "Protects against concussion and flash grenade effects."
  • "Safe Landing"
  • "Reduces fall damage, allowing you to survive falls from heights twice as high than you normally would.

    Does not function while in a vehicle.
  • "Regeneration"
  • "EMP Shielding"
  • "Stealth"
  • "Reduces the duration you remain spotted by half, also lowers the audio range of your footsteps"
  • "Awareness"
  • "Range Finder"
  • "Displays the distance to the target."
  • "Battle Hardened"
  • "Reduces camera shake from all explosions; also reduces flinch when hit by enemy fire.

    Does not function while in a vehicle.
  • "Sensor Shield"
  • "Makes you undetectable to enemy radar equipment and motion sensors.

    Does not function while in a vehicle.
  • "EOD HUD"
  • "Allows you to detect any enemy explosives within a 20 meter radius.

    Does not function while in a vehicle.
  • "Enhanced Targeting"
  • "Displays health of spotted enemies; also increases the range that the reticule can identify enemies.
    Does not function while in a vehicle."
  • "Audio Amplifier"
  • "Hossin Neutral Zone"
  • "Ghanan East Gatehouse" >> "Ghanan Eastern Gatehouse" (apparently changing forward spawns to outposts, lettuce style)
  • "Ghanan West Gatehouse" >> "Ghanan Research Labs"
  • "Ghanan Southern Bridge" >> "Ghanan Southern Crossing"
  • "Hurakan North Sat" >> "Hurakan Secure Storage"
  • "Hurakan South Sat" >> "Hurakan Southern Depot"
  • "Hurakan West Sat" >> "Hurakan Western Pass"
  • "Voltan North Sat" >> "Voltan Cliffside Watch"
  • "Voltan South Sat" >> "Voltan Southern Ford"
  • "Voltan West Sat" >> "Voltan Supply Station"
  • "Acan Data Hub"
  • "Acan Research Compound"
  • "Acan Southern Labs"
  • "Bitol Eastern Depot"
  • "Bitol Northern Outpost"
  • "Bitol Stockpile"
  • "Chac Fusion Lab"
  • "Chac Intel Hub"
  • "Chac Water Purification"
  • "Ixtab Monitoring Post"
  • "Ixtab Overflow Station"
  • "Ixtab Western Hollow"
  • "Mulac Guardhouse"
  • "Mulac Southern Barracks"
  • "Mulac Supply Depot"
  • "Naum Datacenter"
  • "Naum Forward Barracks"
  • "Naum Ravine Overpass"
  • "VS Forward Garrison"
  • "Bravata Company PMC" >> "Bravata PMC Compound"
  • "Fort Opportunity" >> "Nason's Defiance"
  • "Genesis Terraform Plant" >> "Genesis Terraforming Plant"
  • "Sector 16" >> "Staggered Mesa Outpost"
  • "Hossin LO 1" >> "Devil's Wreath"
  • "Hossin LO 2" >> "Fort Drexler"
  • "Hossin LO 3" >> "Cairn Station"
  • "Hossin LO 4" >> "Southgate Checkpoint"
  • "Hossin LO 7" >> "Matsuda Genetics"
  • "Hossin LO 8" >> "Hayd Skydock"
  • "Hossin LO 9" >> "Hatcher Airstation"
  • "Hossin SO 1" >> "Sharpe's Run" (SOE, it's a mistake. it should be "Sharpe's Pizza", http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JISv4zsdHW0 )
  • "Hossin SO 2" >> "Edgewater Overlook"
  • "Hossin SO 3" >> "Last Hold"
  • "Hossin SO 4" >> "Wainwright Armory"
  • "Hossin SO 5" >> "Rustwash Depot"
  • "Hossin SO 6" >> "Kessel's Crossing"
  • "Hossin SO 7" >> "NS Supply Station"
  • "Hossin SO 8" >> "VEX BioLogics"
  • "Hossin SO 10" >> "Fort Washburn"
  • "Hossin SO 11" >> "Halcyon Watch"
  • "Hossin SO 12" >> "Ascension Point"
  • "Hossin SO 13" >> "ORM Scrap and Salvage"
  • "Hossin SO 15" >> "Broken Vale Garrison"
  • "Hossin SO 16" >> "Woodman ASE Labs"
  • "Hossin SO 17" >> "The Glaive"
  • "Hossin SO 20" >> "Fogerty Dam"
  • "Hossin SO 22" >> "Deadcreek Depot"
  • "Hossin SO 24" >> "Whispering Pass"
  • "Hossin SO 25" >> "ComGlobal Relay"
  • "Hossin SO 26" >> "Four Fingers"
  • "Hossin SO 27" >> "Kestral Watch"
  • "Hossin SO 26 Spawn 1", "Hossin SO 26 Spawn 2" (small outpost with two spawns? huh)
  • "Hossin SO 6 Spawn 2"
  • "Hossin SO 10 Spawn 2"
  • "Jaynes Addiction" (could be from the dev continent LandOfJayne, though) EDIT: According to RoyAwesome, it is a play off the band name, "Jane's Addiction"
other files:
  • as part of the fix for prowlers in no-deploy zones, each no-deploy zone (in Areas.xml) now has a facility id defined. nice. that may help with some data digging :P
  • regent rock zone fixed
  • the code for receiving XP now supports negative XP. yay!
  • if you pressed a button starting a timer (redeploy and stuff) in a vehicle as a passenger, previously it probably stopped the timer when you got hit, now it no longer should do it
  • loads of new models, including two new parts of Interlink facilities, tunnel columns, neutral warpgate shields, and some modular objects
  • loads of new cosmetic models, including the ones listed above(like sunderer luggage racks or harasser pink chrome bumper), and some galaxy fins, sundy tail light, liberator tails... there's just too many to list them all. why did VanuLabs not showcase those yet? or did he? (/me pokes VanuLabs)
  • and a tailless lib, "Vehicle - Test for NS Galaxy Lib"
  • new personal waypoints: green and orange
  • coin flipping and die rolling animation. Vegas-related?
  • loads of new images: GU13 billboards, a few new camos (listed higher up), pro bundle icons, afterburner fuel cert icons, ESF weapon cert icons, implant icons, player studio icon, smoke beacon icons (looks extremely similar to leadership smoke), new ribbons (assist, continent lock, headshot, killstreak), ... do you want any of those uploaded?
  • as per usual, loads of new blacklisst entries, including 2GIRLS1CUP, AD0LFHIPSTER, ADOLFDIDNOTHINGWRONG, a few dozens ANALsomethings, BARRAKOSAMA, BIRTYDITCH, and maaaany others...
  • changed 'WPN_Vehicle_Melee' to 'DMG_Max_Melee', possibly just fixing the naming convention for DamageMaterialMappings
  • added 4 spawn beacons. wut?
  • devs are playing around with Operations (player-generated missions and some tutorial scripts): testscripttestscript,1testscript,hello,johntestscript,2,200,joe^
  • Nexus will have Snow_MTOP, Snow_Standard and Snow_Storm particle effects
  • loads of new boxes in Areas. weird. looking at my mapper (12.07 maps), they seem to be placed over tunnel exits, on vehicle spawn pads... possibly damaging vehicles on those? or something (update: I wrote that on 12.07, before GU13 patch notes stating "At warpgates and facilities on Esamir, jump pad landing pads, tunnel exits, and vehicle pads will destroy any deployable Engineer turrets that are placed on them to help prevent griefing. ")
  • even more changes in Areas, added 31.07 maps to my mapper. including Hossin and Nexus changes, and with the facility name listing above, I can make a Hossin map with facility/outpost names and pinpoint location of capture points. do you want it before Hossin goes to PTS? :P I'll try.
  • among other Areas changes, the QAzone (Quality Assurance) got updated, and they have a base for testing Searhus stuff there!
  • new admin command alias: 'deicide'='god;suicide;god' :D (and 'mfn' alias twice. SOE! FIX!)
  • Nexus got its clouds, starfield, and sky (with a sky_superfog variation. possibly for the snow storms, dynamic weather? or will it depend on the location only? still, AWESOME!)
submitted by shaql to Planetside

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