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Where should you go for book news?

This is going to surprise most of you, but one of the more common messages I get is from people asking how they can be informed about book updates and news.
I know that sounds like a line from an ad--"Have YOU ever wondered how YOU can stay UP to DATE on my LATEST RELEASES? Just SMASH that LIKE BUTTON and don't forget the BELL!"--but I swear it's true.
Since I get this messaged to me on reddit quite often, I thought it might be time to go over my different ways of dispersing news and what I use each one for!
For most people reading this, this information will be redundant, so feel free to ignore me and continue throwing pine cones at my house.
Generally, when I have a book announcement, I share it in four places: first my Facebook, my Twitter, and my blog, then my mailing list. You can sign up for my mailing list by going to my website, scrolling down, and entering your email address.
If you believe you have received a release announcement from me in a dream, do not be deceived, for that is Nega Will and his books are meant to destroy you.
What's the difference?
Facebook: My author Facebook page is mostly managed by people other than me, which means they'll remember to share things I forgot about, like short-term sales or human love.
Twitter: Most of my Twitter posts are re-tweets of other people and links to my blog posts, but I'll (very) occasionally share a personal opinion on a game, movie, or serial killer.
Blog: Who knows what you'll find here?
I don't respond to blog comments very often anymore, due to sheer volume across all the social media platforms I now have to pay attention to, but I do still tattoo each comment into my living skin.
All the blogs are written by me with my very own real-life human fingers, and while most of my posts don't contain serious book news (because it's not too often that I have serious book news), when I do have such information, it always goes to the blog.
Of course, the blog also gets re-posted to this subreddit automatically, so you've seen it. You've all seen it. I'm in your mind.
Mailing List: It is only on the rarest occasions that I send out emails to the mailing list at all. Just when I think it's worth it, so it's mostly when we've finalized a release date, a new book comes out, there's a big giveaway, or I find a pretty rock.
Otherwise, I don't send anything to the list at all. But I do write and send them all myself, placing each individual email into the hands of an elf prince who will deliver it to your inbox on the back of his dragonfly steed. Which, as I understand it, is how all emails are delivered.
I know that wasn't anything new for most of you, but hopefully it was helpful enough for someone! I promise, when I have a new book out, I'm not trying to hide it.
I share that on every website, subway station, and wandering minstrel I can get my hands on.
So here's something for everyone: I don't release anything without announcing the release date first.
If you have found yourself thinking "Maaaaybe he's going to release something as a surprise without announcing the date first..." Stop! No! Bad!
Who do I look like, John Bierce?
submitted by Will_Wight to Iteration110Cradle

100+ short reviews of short games

Hi everyone. Since purchasing the bundle I’ve been steadily paging through it and playing as many short games as I can. I have now surpassed 100 short games either substantially/fully completed or, for games without storylines/levels/narratives, I spent about a half hour with them. I decided to write a review for each game that I played, so here they are.
I've sorted them into groups (4/5 stars, three stars, two stars, 1/0 stars) and then sorted those groups into very broad categories to maybe help you narrow down the kind of thing you're interested in.
Disclaimer: The reviews reflect my own biases and preferences. Feel free to completely disagree with my opinions.
I have a list of many more games from the bundle that look like they should be pretty short to play, so maybe in another month or so I'll have another batch of 100+ reviews to post here.

Reviews follow:

My top recommendations: Games I rated 4 or 5 stars (Games I really enjoyed or loved)
(no goals)
A lullaby of colors Just chill music and colorful visuals. A relaxing experience. VR capable.
Desktop Goose The goose mods that the goose-loving community have made turn what is otherwise a basic little novelty desk mascot into something more interactive and fun (added toys, memes, and notes, for example). Settings allow you to restrict goose’s behavior to a level you find acceptable (whether he can steal your cursor or not, mute, etc.)
Monad A minimalist 3D-audio experience in black and white. Listen to the sounds of water droplets and chimes, watch the hypnotic visuals, all controlled by your touch (or mouse). Relaxing and meditative with excellent audio quality.
Virtua Blinds A really cool little simulator. It has chill beats and a relaxing waterside window view. Graphics are sharp. You can raise and lower the blinds and open and close the slats. There are more controls on the remote control and the sampler, some of which control surprising elements of the scene. A fun virtual toy to experiment with.
(high score)
Chimpology This game is ostensibly about monkeys making the internet work in exchange for bananas, but it is maybe also about being a corporate wage slave tied to a tedious desk job, under constant pressure for speedy but perfect performance in exchange for the meager pay. In this game, you work to earn bananas. The "work" you do to earn the bananas sounds simple. Punch 1 and 0 as directed. It's not nearly so easy when the 1s and 0s start to blend together in your brain. The only thing to do with the bananas is go to the banana store and spend your bananas on the ability to receive fancier-looking bananas. And somehow this all makes sense and we keep pecking away at the keyboard, experiencing the thrill of bananirvana, watching the banana bonus go up and those delicious bananas come raining down. The retro sounding music is nostalgic and fun in an early 90s PC game way. Similarly, the pixel graphics are very simple but perfectly fit the feel of the era. In my opinion the only thing to improve would be a greater diversity of images that could appear on the computer screen. Replayability comes in the form of a high score record, last game total, and fun bananas to unlock. For extra insanity, co-op and multiplayer modes are available. Earn bananas together, compete with your friends for bananas. Again, the concept is simple (press 1 or 0) but I can guarantee it's harder in practice. That's part of what makes the game so stupidly addicting to me. I just know I can get a better score next time, I’m so sure about it.
Painty Balls Simple but fun smartphone game. Tap colorful balls to cycle their color, try to get them all to match the center color. Successful matches give you extra time and slowly increase the difficulty, until you're frantically poking balls all over the screen, trying the avoid exploding back balls, sometimes getting the colors inverted/time slowed down, and other surprises. While the game will run on windows, it is clear that it was originally intended to be a phone game, as the screen is just a small rectangle. Additionally, while it is possible to play with a mouse, you won't get very far chasing the balls around rather than having your fingers hovering at the ready. So if you have the option, choose to play it on your phone. Second best is any touchscreen device, like a laptop with tablet mode.
(levels/tasks to complete)
//down to earth// A short game you can beat in about a half hour. Chill electronic beats and a pixelated rainbow/space setting design are the main attractions. The game has purposefully silly sound effects when you fire your magic wand or consume health tokens. The “enemies” you encounter are bright pink aliens shaped like cat heads. A little bit of platforming is required to reach a few of the checkpoints, nothing tricky. I personally love the aesthetic and wish that the game was much biggelonger so I would have more to explore.
Hidden Paws A couple hours’ worth of drifting through a wintery polygon dreamscape, listening to atmospheric music on a "hidden object" quest to find cats and yarn balls. The sound effects are very satisfying, with cute cat meows, wooden window shutters/boxes opening, and rustling trees. In many places there are fun things to discovesee even if you don't find a cat there, like rubix cubes piled on a windowsill or lost shoes under a woodpile. It's a gentle and cozy world for you to explore, and there are even hints if you get stuck. The largest drawback to this game is the controls, which are used to zoom in/out and rotate the camera around. I found it wasn't too hard with a mouse, but could still sometimes get hung up on objects behind/next to me, or the camera would swing around not quite in the way I was expecting it to. By the end of the game I pretty much had the hang of it, but if you're easily motion sick I'd recommend staying away from this one. Recommended for: people who like exploration games, people who want a casual/relaxing experience, cat lovers.
Plant Daddy I love this game. It’s reminiscent of old facebook flash games minus the microtransactions. Simple concept - plant seed, interact with it to make it grow, and then appreciate the randomly-generated results of variable rarity. Like those games, there is a “to-do list” of tasks you can complete for rewards. I put way too many hours into this game, farming for pretty flowers to display in my increasingly crowded apartment. The “seed code” mechanic creates a nice sense of community where fans can share the code to their favorite/rarest plants so others can enjoy them too.
Play with Gilbert Intended for young children, Play with Gilbert is a sandbox/exploration game with some very light platformecollectible gameplay elements that can be ignored if desired. You play as the kitten Gilbert, or you can choose your own name and select from some other cat designs. You can dress your kitten up with some hats and other accessories. While exploring the detailed maps, you can meow, hiss and jump on almost everything. In true cat fashion, many items can be knocked off of tables or shelves. There are many fun details to discover, like a tiny garden fairy or a wandering tortoise. Some maps are small like daycare or the gym, others are quite expansive like the beach. You can collect fish hidden around each level (some are better hidden than others or may require jumping up a series of platforms to reach) and gather up all of Gilbert's kitty pals. Collecting everything on the level rewards you with a fireworks show. Multiplayer is available so children can play together or with a parent. Intended to be played with a controller, but I had no issue using mouse and keyboard. Recommended for: people of any age who love cute kitties and exploration. Be warned the file is big when you download it and huge when you extract it (10G)
(Short narratives)
Arigatou, Ningen-san! A five minute, creepy-cute little game where you play a human who lives in a world of talking rubberized animals who would really appreciate it if you would squish and stretch them. The art is clean and simple. The rubbery animals make visceral-sounding "squelch" noises when you interact with them. It's all very satisfying in a weird and silly way.
Il Filo Condutore An absurd and charming 5-minute interactive picture book with beautiful graphics full of rolling fruits and pull cords. The visuals and various forms of interactivity are delightful, and I quite enjoyed fumbling around figuring out how to proceed next. Perfect for all ages.
KIDS "Oddly satisfying" in game form, guide a herd of lemming-like kids down holes and around the screen. Around 10 minutes of minimalist black and white graphics with clean lines, smooth animation and enjoyable sound effects as the kids run around, clap, thump onto the ground, and squish through mysterious viscera. In each scene you need to figure out how to proceed to the next, which usually involves getting all kids to choose a direction or take an action. This interactive animation may or may not be saying something about peer pressure and/or herd mentality, but even if you don't want to overthink it you can enjoy the experience.
Lieve Oma A child dealing with their parents' divorce takes a cozy 20-minute walk through some autumn woods looking for mushrooms with their sweet and supportive granny. Simple piano bgm and some nice nature sound effects, like crunching leaves under your feet and birds calling in the distance. Interspersed with a few scenes of the child as a grown-up, taking a walk in the winter woods. A very wholesome little game that leaves you feeling warm inside. Recommended for: People who have fond memories of going for walks in the woods as a child, people who have/had close relationships with an elderly grandparent figure, people who want a short slice-of-life experience with zero pressure.
The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place An interactive story that takes about 20 minutes to play through. Its surreal visuals and premise (state-mandated building eating) beautifully intertwine with the poetic narrative of someone lamenting the erasure of the physical evidence of their family and community's existence, while also feeling ashamed for their own reluctant participation in the process for their own survival. Recommended for: fans of poetry and surrealism.
Windosill A dreamlike short adventure through a series of rooms, each requiring you solve a little puzzle to proceed. Solving the puzzles isn't the whole point of the game, because almost everything can be interacted with. It gave me the same sense of exploration that I felt as a kid playing point-and-click storybook games where I'd spend twice as long clicking objects in the background looking for hidden animations as actually reading the story. Takes about a half hour to get through all the rooms while still toying around with all the objects. Recommended for: people of any age looking for a short and whimsical experience.
(Games with horror elements)
Escaped Chasm A short (about an hour or so) RPG maker game with light horror themes and a somewhat open ending. This game is meant to serve as a "prequel" for a longer work yet to be made. The art is anime-leaning cartoonish for cut scenes and muted palette RPG maker for the gameplay. Lots of nice detail went in to the game, small things changing as the days progress and Lonely Girl’s world decays - this chair is different, that picture is upside down, etc. Worth a play through so long as you don’t mind the lack of firm conclusion.
Ouroboros: The Sacrifice An interesting start of a point-and-click adventure set in an intriguing dark fantasy world with multiple races and gods. I can be completed in about an hour or so. It's clear this is just the prologue to a wider story. What's there now, while short, is a good start and makes me interested to know the rest of story and experience more of this world. We are left with a great many mysteries which I'm sure would be addressed in future 'episodes,' if they are ever made. Recommended for fantasy fans who love detailed worldbuilding and don’t mind open endings.
please Very short 10 minute atmospheric retro(ish) sci-fi interactive experience with light horror elements. Newspapers discarded on the floor and posters on the walls give you hints at the story behind this tiny game. I really enjoyed working out the details myself. The graphics are very "trippy" on purpose, but it adds to the unsettling atmosphere of the gritty utilitarian apartment building that you work in. No jump scares. I would have preferred being given a choice at the ending, rather than being directed to make a certain decision for lack of ability to leave the room, but that doesn't have any bearing on the quality of the work. For fans of dieselpunk, sci-fi, or atmospheric horror with a spare 10 minutes.
Project Kat An RPG maker style "prologue" to an eventual future project about a Japanese schoolgirl who performs an occult ritual, the storyline doesn't actually come to a conclusion (cliffhanger ending), but it only takes about 30 minutes to play through. The character art is well drawn in anime style. The MC Kat is really quite a jerk at first, but that just better enabled me to enjoy the schadenfreude of her realizing she's bitten off more than she can chew. There are some fun details added if you peek in every corner and open every box. Recommended for: People who like anime, light horrocreepy aesthetic, or RPG maker games and don’t mind cliffhanger endings.
The Guilt and the Shadow This is a gorgeous and tragic game. If surrealism, creeping dread, and some mild puzzles sounds like your idea of a good time, this is the game for you. If you're not sure about it, it only takes around two hours for a complete play through, so it's not a major time investment. It follows an institutionalized man with severe mental illness trying to cope with the loss of someone very close to him. The details behind their relationship unfold in bits and pieces as he wanders through the surreal nightmare-scape of his illness, recalling therapy sessions and finding scraps of his own notes as he goes along. The sound effects and background music are appropriately moody, atmospheric and just a little bit unsettling. The sort of game that you actually want to follow the instructions when it says "play in a dark room with headphones on." I’ll also use this review to plug the non-bundle pay-what-you-want prequel game, “The Guilt and the Shadow: First Day.” If you play it first, it’s a good introduction to the themes that TGATS will deal with, ease you into the play and puzzle style, and give you a taste of the art style as well. If you play it second, it will give you some new perspective on the main character.
(Games with Meta elements)
Dr. Langeskov, the Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald This game is made by one of the same people behind Stanley Parable. That explains so much about this game and I why I loved it. Without spoiling too much: Have you ever imagined that video games are taking place in their own world, and then wondered what might be going on offscreen or what the NPCs are getting up to while you're occupied? This game plays with that concept. A single playthrough can take about an hour or so depending on how thoroughly you explore. There are also collectibles (but no achievements for them outside of Steam, other than your own satisfaction). Recommended for anyone who likes meta elements in their games.
No Wheels Racing I don't even know what to say about this game other than that it made me crack up. The best description of this game I can come up with is "an interactive shitpost." The absurd menu "options" (or lack thereof), the epic background music building to a crescendo as the race is about to start, and then-!
Respite 2.0 This is a hard game to describe. It markets itself as just a “relaxation program” with somewhat trippy visuals. Moving in different directions will yield different scenes until you eventually end up where you started. That’s when the game reveals that it’s actually more like a puzzle box, so follow the clues to find out what is inside. You could spend anywhere from one to three hours (or more, maybe) on a blind run-through depending on how well you piece together the clues.
(Lengthier Adventure)
A Short Hike This is a lovely game with plenty of content despite the main storyline being relatively short and simple (climb to the top of the mountain). You can rush through the main storyline in a couple of hours or spend all day exploring. The characters (reminiscent of Animal Crossing) and setting design are very well done. There are side quests and some puzzles to solve, nooks and crannies to explore looking for collectible items, and even a couple of mini-games. Controls took me a little while to master, but once you've had some practice it's quite easy to get around. It's a very low-stress game that both kids and adults can enjoy playing. There is a lot of positivity in this game. I highly recommend it.
Catlandia: Crisis at Fort Pawprint Super adorable and lighthearted rpg where you are a member of the cat military in a word where humans have disappeared. I completed it in about four hours and I really took my time exploring, so it's not a big time commitment. Turn-based battles with different physical and "mewgical" attacks. There are funny items/equipables and dialogue choices, the ability to customize your own cat, and plenty of hints that this world is actually lot wider than what you directly see during gameplay. It's a tiny bit glitchy in my experience, but nothing that made the game unplayable or unwinnable. Recommended for people of any age looking for a turn-based rpg without a huge time commitment, silly humor, and cute cartoon animals.

Reviews of games rated 3 stars and below to follow in comments because Reddit is telling me this is too long to post.
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