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OnePlus One to OnePlus 6T: What I Really Miss

Alright let’s preface this by saying these are my opinions and I encourage everyone to share their own opinions in the comments. Keep in mind that there are no wrong opinions in the eyes of the holder, so keep it civil and embrace everyone’s choices (kumbaya MFers). I have had my device for ~2 weeks after spending >4 years with my OPO, which should give you an idea about my expected life expectancy for the 6T (if it doesn’t make 5-6 years I’ll be disappointed). I figured I’m wise enough to share my experience so let’s tackle some hotly contested topics and one or two that I haven’t seen mentioned.
TL;DR: If you don’t want to read it all, jump to the Notifications section for my main complaints.
The Notification LED
Man, it was cool that I could customize the colour (and how long/frequent) the LED flashed based on what notification I received, but honestly, I don’t even notice it missing. I went from relying 100% on that little light’s blink to not even noticing it’s gone in the span of about 1 hour with the new phone.
The Notch
Damn that thing is tiny. #1 reason why I chose the 6T instead of the 6 (or any other phone). 90% of the time my finger is covering it anyways and I can’t see it, and the other 10% I’m busy staring directly at it in admiration. The important apps (aka YouTube) already have “pinch to resize the video” so you can either have the cutout or not in about 0.2 seconds.
The Display
Continuing from the notch, the display holds a bigger complaint for me. OnePlus has gone with a “non-standard” aspect ratio (taller-skinnier) which I think is awesome, I love being different, but not every app has embraced it. Instagram stories and Snapchats (for example) fill the height of the display meaning the sides of the images and text is cutoff. I haven’t found a fix for it yet (lazy and app settings menus seem to get more hidden with each update) but it is an annoyance when trying to read text.
The colours, the clarity, and the brightness are all superb but what really takes the cake for me is how small the bezels are. I didn’t think this would be something that meant a lot to me (I’m still convinced I could go back without any issues), but holding it in your hand, it’s truly amazing how far technology has developed. Thin bezels do have a downside though and I have had several accidental touches just reaching across my phone (not as many as I would’ve assumed, and the case helps prevent it, but see below), but I figure it’s something that I’ll get used to avoiding.
The Fingerprint Sensor
People are complaining that it’s slow, but it’s a heck of a lot faster at reading fingerprints than my last phone. As with any “bleeding edge” (tech trigger word) tech it won’t be fully optimized and will be improved in the future. Also no, I don’t know why the entire black screen must go full brightness (doesn’t happen when the screen is displaying the lock screen) to unlock, but I’m sure OnePlus is working on it.
Face Unlock
Face unlock is so fast that I had to turn on the “swipe up to unlock” feature just so I could actually check my notifications. I remember back in the day you were able to use a Facebook profile picture to unlock a phone (Samsung S6 maybe?). I haven’t tried that, but I can say that you need to have the tip of your nose showing to unlock and that it will unlock if I wear sunglasses. I’m interested to push the limits and see how crazy I and others can get and still get an unlock.
The Battery and Dash Charge
Approximately twice out of every three days I plug my phone in for 10-20 minutes (30 if I forget that it’s plugged in) either while I’m making breakfast in the morning or showering after work, and it takes me from ~20% to ~80% which is just insane to me. In two weeks my phone has spent maybe an hour charging, the freedom of big batteries and dash charge is incredible.
Here lies my biggest complaint about the upgrade from the One to the 6T, and maybe someone out there can help me with it. On the OPO there was an option to block certain notifications. Say Sally loved Farmville and sent constant notifications about it via Facebook, I could tell my OPO block all Farmville requests from Sally and it would without affecting FB notifications from anyone else or even non-Farmville notifications from Sally. With the 6T all I’ve been able to find is block all FB notifications or allow all FB notifications. I don’t care if someone goes live on Instagram but you can bet your boots I want to know as soon as someone DMs me a quality meme (on the OPO if John had low quality memes you could block notifications from him but set notifications from Joe to high priority for the high quality memes).
Another thing is the lock screen, maybe I need to disable the always on display because that black screen is useless. Thanks for telling me I have an email, but is it 1 email or 100 emails? Who are they from? I won’t know unless I go to the lock screen. Which has its own issues. Why can’t I tap to wake to the lock screen, why do I have to press the lock button to get here? Why is the “Hide sensitive content” option a global thing and not a per-app decision like it was on the OPO? Why can’t I dismiss notifications from the lock screen? Personally, I’d love to see the solution to all these questions (and the rest that I can’t remember), I feel like it will bring back a lot of the control and personalization that I expected from a OnePlus phone.
The Camera
A+ improvement over the OPO. The improvement is noticeable and that just in the stock auto mode. Snapchats are also much clearer and more defined. Can’t say I really take pictures with my phone but when I do, it’s more than good enough for me. To tie in with the clarity of the display, I can now actually notice the difference in picture quality on Instagram (first place I noticed it). I actually started laughing at how poor the quality of some other photos looked (blocky and terrible aliasing).
RIP the Headphone Jack
The only time I use headphones to listen to music is when I’m on an airplane (unlike Bluetooth-speaker-Joe on the last plane I was on) and don’t feel like reading a book. I keep the dongle (bless OnePlus for including it ya Apple losers) either in my headphone case or attached to my speaker AUX cord. Yes, it would be nice to have, and I petitioned to keep it, but It doesn’t bug me that it’s gone. I need new headphones anyways and Bluetooth tech has improved a lot in the past couple years.
The Speaker
OnePlus One to OnePlus 6T and the only change to the speaker (singular) is that the new one doesn’t have any pocket lint jammed in it. It sounds louder (speaker phone is definitely easier to hear) but there’s no discernable improvement in audio quality. Having a OPO I mastered the correct positioning of my hand to not cover the speaker while watching videos and it looks like that training will come in handy again.
Vibrator. Er, Vibration Motor
Now I have both an X and a Y chromosome, but I can speculate that the vibration intensity would not be enough to bring enjoyment to an individual without a Y chromosome. Again, like the speaker, not much has changed since the OPO. Might be better, might be worse, but I assume it’s a per phone thing.
Call Quality/Performance
In its age, my OPO was dropping calls, or not receiving them at all, like crazy. So yeah, the upgrade is a saving grace. The 6T feels faster and preforms faster, as to be expected, all-round nice upgrade in performance.
Answering calls is going to take some getting used to, on the OPO it was swipe right to answer, left to decline (up or down for more options like quick responses). On the 6T it’s down to answer, up to decline. Personally I think that’s backwards (I guess hang up could be the argument) and haven’t found a way to modify it, probably look for a different app (see default apps below).
The Included Screen Protector and Case
I want to be clear that I don’t intentionally damage my phone and am very careful with it, but sh-t happens and being 6’6” means every drop is higher than normal.
I ABUSED my OPO; drops, falls, getting left out in a snowbank, all with nothing more than a screen protector on it. Back in those days you had to buy the screen protector and case separate from the phone, and the case disintegrated within about a week of my regular use/abuse, so I never bothered with another. The 6T’s included case is more durable and I feel like it would do a better job of protecting the phone. The front edges are raised, and the front corners even higher, to protect the front glass and the back is thick enough to stop the camera glass from rubbing against things. I used the case for about a week until the dbrand skin to protect the back came in. With glass, having something like a screen protector or skin improves the structural integrity and reduces the chance of cracks, plus now I can hang on to the bar of soap that came out of the box (I still think we should go back to the sandstone back). The raised edges on the case prevent virtually all accidental touches on the screen but it makes the navigational gestures difficult because you have to start at the bottom of the screen (where there’s a raised ledge). The screen protector is nothing to write home about, there has been no improvements since the OPO and its still a rubbery plastic fingerprint and smudge magnet that scratches easily. I will be/am looking for an aftermarket glass screen protector but its nice that OnePlus includes one and it’s better than nothing (as mentioned).
Alert Slider
I know this is old tech, but it seems like new tech to me and I love it. When I walk into a meeting I can set my phone to silent mode without taking my phone out of my pocket (or even reaching into my pocket if I’m skilled). Not that I’ll modify the settings far from the defaults, it would be nice to see more customization options for those you want it.
Default Apps
To me OnePlus is synonymous with no bloatware and that is why I keep coming back. The default messages app didn’t have the settings I wanted so I just downloaded another. Unfortunately, one can’t delete the original messages app, but it’s disabled and removed as much as possible which is passably fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same as other Android devices but it’s still a reason for me not to choose Apple.
Highly recommended to enable gestures (swiping from the bottom) for the home and back button. Different than having physical buttons and less customization than the OPO (you could set single, double tap and hold on each of the buttons to whatever you wanted) but it does everything I need it to and the learning curve is quick.
Screen Brightness
Traditionally I have used every handheld electronic device on the absolute lowest brightness and still found it too bright. With the 6T I have to keep it at about 1/3rd brightness to see comfortably during the day which I love because it means I can turn it down even further at night. Probably an AMOLED feature but it is important to me. I have never found an auto-brightness implementation that works for me (I find I must constantly dim the screen) but I’m giving it a half try again. Things don’t look too promising so far but perhaps it will learn my preferences and stop blinding me.
I'm sure I have more to say but this has taken a while to compose so I'll save it for edits and comments if they come back to me.
EDIT: Thank you u/SlurfYouTube for the gold, I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I’ve added a bit to the Call Quality/Performance section as well as a couple more sections after the Screen ProtectoCase, just a couple more things that came to mind.
submitted by Powasaurus_Rex to oneplus

I’m obsessed with this game and it’s kind of ruining my life. 90 hours in first week.

I’m not a “gamer”. I haven’t played video games since Spyro on PS2 when I was in 5th grade and then a good bit of DDR in middle school. In high school, my alcoholic step dad got addicted to WoW and I developed a huge negative stigma about video games in general. I live in a fun city with my amazing boyfriend where I have a lot of friends and a busy career and I don’t have much downtime because I’m pretty much always working, snowboarding, or going to concerts/festivals. Life was good, until about 8 days ago. My boyfriend was working from home with a cold while I was at the office on my normal 10-8 grind. I get a text from him in the afternoon saying “I have a surprise for you when you get home”. I don’t think a whole lot of it, maybe he’s making something dank for dinner or he got a bigger tank for our gecko that we’ve been meaning to upgrade. By the time I get home around 9pm, I’ve already forgotten about the “surprise”, but I walk into the apartment to find him parked on the couch playing Donkey Kong on a brand new Nintendo Switch. He says he wants both of us to enjoy it and find games that I’ll get into as well. I’m skeptical because I’m like oh really, when exactly will we have time to do that? Either way I’m thinking that this will either just be a fun little novelty for us to do if we’re having a lazy day after a concert or maybe a few nights a week after dinner, or worst case, he will get addicted to some game and I’ll be pissed about it. At that point in the night I was too tired to play DK with him so I just half watch him play while I search Google and Reddit to try and find some game that looks fun to me. I find Spyro for Switch but it’s only one player so we wouldn’t be able to play together and I didn’t care enough to get that one. No DDR either - they don’t even like make the foam mats for that game anymore which is actually a huge bummer because if we could get that one I would at least be working out while playing. Oh well I guess I’ll just lose to him at all the Nintendo games like Super Smash and Mario Kart that I suck at and this will just be something we do occasionally. Fast forward to the next evening, I come home and he has downloaded “Stardew Valley” and pitches it as kind of like FarmVille but Zelda style. Not even really sure what that means but again I worked late and too tired to play anything, so I hit the bong and watch him play. I’m intrigued as we watch the storyline open up with the character working a soulless job at a big corporation and finds an out to go start a farm on his dead grandpa’s old land. Aw cute!! And topical! This time I’m actively watching him play and making comments and suggestions to him as far as things to check out. Ooh what’s that over there? Can you pick that up? Go talk to this person! I’m intrigued. We do this for like 2 hours and then go to bed. I’m planning on starting my own game the following day since I have an early afternoon dentist appointment that I’m terrified of and know I’ll just stop working and chill afterwards as a reward for making myself go after 5 years in the first place. So after that, I get home at like 3pm. I hit the bong and set up the living room all cozy, shut the blinds, light some candles, and settle in to start my farm. This is last Wednesday 1/29. That’s when it clicked for me, and something inside me changed. I was completely overcome with the compulsion to clean up my farm, explore the map, plant as many seeds as possible. I have my laptop open on the couch next to me and I’m pausing to search the Stardew Valley Wiki page to figure out what everything means and does like every 5 minutes. I’m hooked. The graphics and music and premise is so adorable and soothing. I’m not pressured to race or fight monsters, and I can satisfy my OCD with every piece of debris broken down and crop square watered. Just enough direction to keep me engaged but more than enough freedom to do whatever I want. My boyfriend comes home and watches me play this time. He is so happy that I’m excited about a game and thinks it’s so “cute” that I’m into it. Time in real life absolutely flies, and by the time it’s like 10pm, it’s bedtime. After 6-7 hours of play, I reluctantly shut the game off after my character goes to bed and the game saves. We go to bed in real life and my mind is racing about the Valley. Once my boyfriend is asleep I go on my phone and browse for a while as I often do when I go to bed a little stoned. Instead of my usual subreddits, I am watching YouTube videos about beginner Stardew Valley stuff. I’m almost as hooked on just WATCHING videos of gameplay as playing myself. Some of the Youtubers are so incredibly nerdy which is hilarious to me. Looking at you, DangerouslyFunny. Thinking I would never get that bad, lol nerds. Little did I know. The next morning (Thursday, exactly 1 week ago, I get up as usual and am groggy from staying on my phone the night before until like 1am. Boyfriend has already left for work. I get out of bed and take my daily Adderall. Usually I eat breakfast and browse the web for like an hour while the addy kicks in before I start my work day. Note: I’m a property manager so my schedule is very flexible and I can work from home whenever I want. I usually don’t actually show up at the office until about noon anyway, if I go at all. This time, I decide to play a few days of Stardew instead of my usual browse n breakfast. A few days turned into ALL DAY. I couldn’t stop. I kept telling myself “one more day”, but at the end of each game day, I was chomping at the bit to go do the thing that I didn’t have time to get to before my character slept. I paused only to take work calls occasionally or send an email response to something pressing. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything or moved my ass from the couch at all really. Not even to walk my dog who has been happily sleeping on my lap the entire time :( Before I know it, boyfriend comes home and I continue playing as he watches. He’s somehow still thinking I’m being “cute”. I’m like oh yeah enjoy it while it lasts because you’re going to hate me with this game very soon. Same thing that night, stayed up late in bed watching more YouTube videos about the Dew. Next morning (Friday), is a repeat of the day before. Time fucking FLIES and “one more day” goes on. Each game day feels like 5 minutes when in reality it’s more like 20. I start to stress at the idea of having to go out to see Emancipator that night with a bunch of friends. I’d honestly rather just continue to work on my farm and work to unlock better tools (watering can especially because I’m starting to feel like watering my growing crops field is a chore and taking up a ton of in game time). I play up until an hour before we leave for the pregame, literally only because I needed to shower and get ready and look presentable. At the pregame all I can talk about is Stardew and telling my friends about my new addiction. We get home from the show and I play until 5am. Boyfriend goes skiing with his friend early (I wasn’t planning on going anyway bc I wanted to sleep in after the show), and, you guessed it, Saturday was another day in the Valley. I continued to play all evening after boyfriend and his friend get home, although I conceded to turning off the sound so they could listen to music with boyfriend’s new subwoofer. This is when I realized that part of my addiction is the sounds. So satisfying. Each step and axe whack on a tree and picking of a foraged item delivers a rush of dopamine. It was a noticeable difference without the sound. Boyfriends friend is visiting and staying on our couch so when it’s bedtime, I bring the Switch in to bed and play the handheld way. My hands go numb when I’m lying on my back, so I flip onto my stomach until my shoulders are uncomfortable playing like that and keep flipping over. I play almost all night until I literally fall asleep Swjtch in hand. Sunday is super bowl day, and we have plans to hang with friends and eat food. Usually I would homemake some kind of dip or something, but I continue to play until the very last minute before we have to leave and we just pick something up at the store on the way. I bring the Switch with us so I can show my friends. I play a few days while I’m at the gathering, trying to avoid being antisocial but still feeling like it’s hard to put the thing down. I’m starting to look at the world through a Stardew lense if that makes sense. Like, it snows and I’m like oh it’s like winter in the game! Or I see a town or building or food and “see” it in Stardew valley simplistic charming form. Not sure how to really explain that but it’s a thing...Monday and Tuesday were similar to Thursday and Friday last week, playing all day, putting off work, not eating or drinking much, except for I had kind of conceded to my addiction and stopped kidding myself that it would only be one more day. This time though, I also managed to play until 5 or 6am in addition to all day. I felt kind of tired but just too compelled to keep going. Time flew. I’d sneak back into bed just as the sun started to come up so that my boyfriend didn’t see how bad it was. I also decided that it would be okay to drink the leftover white claws from the Super Bowl thing while I played during the day, not realizing that I was literally acting like the loser stepdad I always hated who just drank beer and played WoW all day when I was in high school. I played all day again Wednesday, despite only getting about 5 hours of sleep total in the past couple of days. I tried to tell myself that I would go into the office that afternoon to get some critical work things done that I could only do there, but I just didn’t. Around 6pm, boyfriend texted me that he was coming home. Something clicked again and I was immediately disgusted with myself. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE??? You have played this fucking video game for 90 HOURS in ONE WEEK, and you’re sitting at home on the couch not working and drinking white claws and playing video games. You haven’t showered since Saturday. Are you depressed? What is happening??? This isn’t you. I put the game down and did not play any more last night. I told boyfriend how bad it had gotten and my realization that this is not sustainable and I didn’t play any more that night. Today is Thursday and he had to take the Switch to work with him to make sure I didn’t give in to playing all day again today. I literally feel like he introduced me to heroin. Like he just came home one day with it and was like let’s try this cool thing I heard it was fun! After just one hit, I spiraled out on a week long bender and lost all regard for everything else in my life, including my health, job, values, and even taking good care of my pets. What does this mean? I still want to keep playing but I don’t know how to do it in moderation, so I just have to take a break, at least for today. Its an amazing game that I love playing. It’s so fun and soothing and satisfying, and the story behind the development and creator is amazing and inspiring. It’s not my boyfriend’s fault whatsoever that I went on this bender but damn the heroin metaphor really seems spot on. I wonder if anyone out there has had a similar experience, and how are they coping with it?
TLDR; Never really been a gamer. Boyfriend introduced me to Stardew Valley and I ended up playing 90 hours in one week and neglected all other aspects of my life. It’s basically heroin. Want to keep playing but not sure how to do it in moderation. Help.
submitted by pinkydipper to StardewValley

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