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DoNM-My NMom asked me over a FB message to have a baby, and give it to her and her wife, I basically told her no, and it was a bad idea, it is almost Thanksgiving and my NMom hasn't talked to me since.

My mother is a lesbian and has a wife. They are in their 40's and both have multiple health problems, along with crippling debt, and barely scraping by every month, plus having 4 animals and tons of plants and such. I don't really talk to my mom anymore, and now I have more reason not to.
We use to have monthly phone calls or skype video calls. She would get mad at me and call my friends to make sure I was still alive. One time even came to my house. Now I basically just get Farmville 2 invites from her on FB and I played that game for like 10 minutes and never uninstalled it.
So she messages me out of the blue one day before this last time asking to buy her pot seeds. Marijuana has become legal in my state and was already legal in her state, so idk why she asked me to buy them for her anyways. She has been against pot her whole life and even at 23 I still hid my pot smoking from her, and I am a heavy smoker. She said her doctor recommended it for her health problems so she got some and said it was a miracle drug. I tried talking to her about all the stuff, smoking from a bong instead of a pipe, sativa and indicas and hybrids, and how you can't just take some pot seeds and put them in a pot and put them on the back porch/balcony and expect it to grow anything significant, plus you don't want to showcase to your neighbors a big stinky weed plant. So basically I told her no, it was a bad idea, and she told me she had to eat dinner and got off FB.
A few weeks go by and she messages me again. She says "You need to have a baby and give it to us"
The conversation went on, but her responses were constructed with bad grammar, and short responses. I told her it was a bad idea, that I wasn't going to just get pregnant and give her my firstborn. Like that is weird. She said she would get pregnant but she doesn't know a donor. She has a bunch of health problems, not to mention had a double mastectomy this year. I just... Idk.
It is almost thanksgiving and usually my mom asks weeks in advance what my plans are for holidays. we usually just go over for a few hours to eat dinner at their place. This year, nothing. Like she is mad at me or something. I have no idea what to think or do.
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Thoughts and Ramblings on: Psychology, Game Mechanics, Trust and The Ship

Upon hearing the term “multiplayer game” a set of key terms come to mind. Most of them relate to the activity of a player, or a team of thereof, involved in some sort of competition or cooperation. Shooters such as Call of Duty or Battlefield instantly spring to mind, where teams of soldiers shoot each other out for a certain amount of time, and the team with the most kills wins. MOBA games come in a similar flavour - a team of characters strategically kill each other until one team is more successful than the other. Even social games such as Farmville have a sort of competition, albeit with a far lower sense of violence. Let’s focus on the shooter for now though.
There are a set of game mechanics you will almost definitely encounter in an online FPS. The gun will be in the bottom right of the screen, your character will move around the environment horizontally with the ability to jump, you will left click your mouse button to shoot - but only when faced with a human opponent who you are trying to hunt down for the sake of a point. At their core, most shooters are the same. Whether you’re Titanfall, Battlefield, Battlefront, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Team Fortress - almost all these games are technically identical. Practically there’s a world of difference between all of them naturally, but when you really think about it it’s “I see opponent, I shoot weapon, I get point, I try to not get killed.” This applies to all of them. From a consumer product stand point, all of these games have to have some sort of difference which would make a customer choose game X over game Y. Battlefield has incredible graphics and drivable vehicles, Titanfall has a sense of parcour movement and “drivable” titans, Battlefront has space battles and is based on a popular franchise, Call of Duty is fast and frantic, Counter Strike requires a fair amount of teamwork and a tactic like approach, Team Fortress has a unique style and a class based system allowing for player synergy. These are only the most brief descriptions of all, but returning to the technical point all of these are still the same - they provide the player with game “mechanics” in order to shoot some other dude. I’m not saying the shooter game mechanics are getting stale, and the examples provided all stem from AAA titles, an area of the market not exactly well regarded for it’s creativity. But what if a game took the player themselves and made them a game mechanic? What happens when an interactive product takes emotions of players and uses them as a game mechanic? Well, you get The Ship.
The Ship takes place on… a ship. It’s a multiplayer first person shooter of sorts - this one also includes melee weapons. What makes it unique from the slew of other titles in the genre is how it uses trust and fear between players. You see, upon playing a standard multiplayer shooter we aren’t really confronted with any emotions between players. Only one of two possible outcomes and player reactions occurs;
Outcome 1) He’s on my team - I’ll either ignore him or join up with him to increase my chances of survival.
Outcome 2) He’s on the opposite team - I have to kill him before he kills me.
Black and white, quite simple, and very effective in terms of gameplay. While playing The Ship however, the outcomes are divided into a lot more categories than that - but first to explain the gameplay.
You are given a random identity as you enter the world. Your character has a set name and appearance, which will switch up at the end of every round. The goal of each round is to find the person you’re hunting and kill them. However, the information you have about your target is very limited. You have their name, and their last seen position. You don’t know what they look like until you “talk” to them in game. Along with you on this cruise ship is a number of other players, say 35 other people. All of them are hunting for a target and being hunted at the same time. To kill your target, you have to find them and use one of the many “weapons” in the game - each round the items you can use are assigned a reward price. Weaker weapons such as a rolling pin or a butter knife usually have very high monetary rewards, whilst more powerful weapons, such as guns, reward the player less. The trick is to find your target, try to not let them know you’re about to take their precious life (weapons are hidden by default) and when they don’t expect it strike them down for $$$. However, each character has their own in-game needs. If they run a lot they’ll get tired and will need to sleep. At set intervals they’ll need to eat and drink or they’ll faint. They need to use the bathroom, shower, entertain themselves, be social. You will need to be balancing all of this, whilst looking for your target and at the same time hiding from your hunter. You can’t be spotted by the Ship’s crew with a weapon drawn as well, or you’ll have to serve jail time and loose a portion of your money. At the end of each round, the money earned depending on your weapon is added to your overall score - the management of money is also important as your character has a bank account alongside the money they’re carrying in their wallet. Say you just made a kill and it earned you 6,000 dollars. You don’t want to be carrying that on you because your hunter can take a portion of that at your possible demise. You have to find a deposit box, where you can only enter $50 at a time. Naturally during the deposition of money, your back is turned to the rest of the room. However, you also need to ensure you have some money on you, in order to be able to afford food and drinks. While this all sounds complicated, the game is literally controlled with a simple inventory system, the WASD keys and the left mouse click. Everything is incredibly simple, and your character interacts with it’s environment upon pressing that left mouse button. Couple this simplicity with cartoony graphics and very short round times of ~5/10 minutes and you have a fairly accessible, yet incredibly deep video game.
So let’s get back to the possible outcomes. Unlike the standard Outcomes 1 and 2, in The Ship every person you encounter feels like a cold shiver down your back. Can you trust them? Why are they in the same place as you? How close will you let them get to you if you’re walking down the same narrow corridor? Did your target realise that you’re hunting them? Where is your hunter? If you go to sleep now because you’re extremely tired will your pursuer find you and kill you in your sleep? The range of emotions which goes through a playthrough of a single round of The Ship is astonishing, and that’s because it does what I mentioned before - it turns the player’s emotions into a game mechanic. While you’re stressed and under the conception that everyone who approaches you within a small distance is trying to kill you, you’ll make dumb decisions. Maybe you’ll kill an innocent person? Maybe they will think the same way and will start attacking you despite you not being their target? The fascinating part is that everyone plays this game differently - I mean you even have the option to just let you play as a passenger - you’re neither being hunted nor are hunting, you’re just there to witness what happens on this crazy cruise. I’ve seen people lock themselves in a sleeping cabin, with a shotgun pointed at the door and if you take a wrong step, you’re dead. The reason you’d want to walk into a cabin in the first place is that you can find different outfits to confuse your hunter, new weapons, and inventory items such as food or drink. But then you are naturally stuck in a small room, where someone could easily come in, close the door behind them and murder you. It’s incredible really how distrusting the game can make you feel towards everyone else. I would often play The Ship with my girlfriend over Skype, and we’d have conversations over how much we mistrust person X or Y who keeps following us. We’d shout things like “I don’t even trust anybody anymore!” or “I need to go pee but I’m scared to close the bathroom door in case they know where I am!”
It’s simply refreshing. I mean it’s also incredibly fun and well made, but it’s refreshing to see a multiplayer title bring something completely new to the table. Sure, Assassins Creed might have a similar flavouring in it’s multiplayer - but remember what I established about the AAA industry? It lacks this magical something that indie titles bring to the table, and The Ship brings psychology married together with game mechanics to the table and it makes me wish more games did this. When you really think about it how many multiplayer titles require you to use trust? Not in the “I trust my team mates to have my back when I enter this area” but in the sense of being weary of every encounter in a semi realistic setting.
So if you’ve ever wanted to entirely lose your trust towards everyone else and pretend to be an assassin on a luxurious cruise ship and kill someone with a frying pan, I’d suggest you give The Ship a try.
(Thoughts and Ramblings are written without real editing as a stream of thoughts on a game, connected to some subjects. The previous one was on Skyrim, Freedom, Growing Up and PC Gaming)
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