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PES File Extension: How to Open PES on Windows 10

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[REQUEST] [STEAM] Monster Hunter World $16.99 on DLGamer [5th attempt]

What Is Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the 5th game in the main line (14th if we count the portable, the expansions but not the spin-offs) after Generations Ultimate, released on PS4 & Xbox One then later on PC. It is the first time in nine years that Capcom released a new Monster Hunter for the console, it was also released simultaneously worldwide.In a nutshell, the games are about Hunting small to giant monster with weapons made with their materials and things you get in the wild.The main features of this game are that it has beautiful graphics as it was made from the ground up for the next generation consoles (or current gen if you will), and a new engine which made it more like a hunting game: it’s much more open world, it’s seamless and there’s a breathing and living ecosystem. You can now use the surrounding environment to your advantage during a hunt (i.e. you can break a pillar to make it fall on a monster, you can break a tree full of vines to trap a monster), there’s now transition between day and night so you could strategize when to hunt the monster, you can now track the monster with the help of tracking bugs, there’s more than one camp you can go to, etc… . There’s are many things new in the game so I’m gonna write them in the next section.

What makes World different to the previous game in the franchise (or Things that I like it for)

As I mentioned above, there are many things that the game brought to the fans:
  • You are part of the fifth fleet exploring the New World, as you are asked to investigate the tracks of unknown monsters. It’s pretty much the same premise as in the previous games, the franchise is not known for it’s story, but they made it better in this game. For the story alone, you could get about 70 hours of content.
  • Each 14 weapons have new moves, and you are given a slinger to do different things: you can launch items farther (you use it to break the pillar I mentioned above), you can use it like a swing from place to place (like Indiana Jones) or zip to the monster directly.
  • In the previous franchise, you had a dozens of small to mid sized map to hunt monsters. In World, you know get 5 large breathing maps to play with.
  • The armor system has been redone for newcomers, no more negative armor skills. You can now equip the same armor for both Blademaster and Gunner weapon so you didn’t have to craft to sets for each. The skills also have been simplified, so you didn’t have to look weird by doing mixing sets. You also can now try armor before you buy/craft in the smithy. Speaking of the smithy, you can now see the weapon tree and reverse upgrades if you have changed your mind.
  • There’s a big list of small changes to improve the QoL of the franchise: you can move while drinking potions or eating (you can also cancel out of it), you don’t need to bring whetstones anymore, you now can gathecarve super fast, you can highlight side-quests objectives during a quest (previous franchise separated them as a quest on it’s own, which made some really boring), there’s the radial menu which you can shortcut an item to use, stamina doesn’t deplete if there’s no monster around, you can see the damage numbers you deal (you can turn it off) and it’s color coded depending on if you hit a weak spot, you have a move flowchart on your upper right screen, you can make a wishlist of armoweapon material you want to make and finally, you can see the remaining amount of sharpness you have left.
  • You are able to join in a hunt while it’s already in the middle of it. You shoot an SOS flare for others to join your quest
  • There’s now mantles which gives different benefits. They can : increase the probability to trigger status (will talk about that down below), cause the monster to drop rare items, lure the monster to you during fights, reduces a particular elemental damage, increase your evading window, conceal you temporarily, make you able to fly on strong winds, remove/nullify abnormal status effects, add stun effect to your attacks, prevent you from tumbling from a roar or wind gust, make you evade automatically, negate a fixed amount of damage (you essentially get an extra health bar), and finally make you move faster.
  • You can fast travel between camps, and change your and your Palico (a cute companion cat) armor and weapon during quest. You can also eat there if you forgot to eat before going to quest.
  • Use the in game wiki to know Monster weaknesses, body parts, droppeditems, etc…
  • You are able to change the language they say.
  • A better charactepalico creating system (I will be wasting some time on it hehe~).
  • There are now turf wars, something that never existed before. You get to see 2 monsters duking each other out, and you can use that opportunity to put a trap.
  • It's about the World...

Things good to know about Monster Hunter:

  • There are 3 types of raw damage : Cut damage (used to cut the tail of the monster), Blunt damage (used to reduce the monster’s stamina and can cause to stun them when hit on the head), Ammo damage (have different properties depending on the projectile used). Each can break breakable body parts of the Monster which makes them : tumble and cancel their attacks (use that as a trade for something you think won’t be able to evade), receive more damage on some of the broken parts, increase your chance in getting a specific body part when carving/capturing the monster.
  • The mainline game (directed by Yuya Tokuda) usually have bloat multipliers for each 14 weapons. Get more in-depth details about how damage work here. Here is how you as a hunter get damage.
  • There are 5 elements in the game : Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice and Dragon. They more or less add more damage to the monster. You on the other hand, when the element gets activated (or a threshold has been exceeded), you get a status effect.
  • There are also other status effects than those I have already mentioned above. They are Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Stun and Blast. The names are pretty self explanatory (you can also inflict those to the monster, but not element blights). As for the blights: fireblight depletes your HP slowly (roll 3 times or on water to remove), waterblight slows your Stamina recovery, thunderblight increases your chances to be stunned, iceblight increases stamina use. Dragonblight (you can inflict this to enraged Elder dragons to seal their state) on the other hand lowers Affinity, removes your weapon elemental Damage and lowers status effect other than elemental one. Eat a Nulberry to remove Status effects.
  • Capturing is easier than killing the monster (when you can capture the monster).
  • Don’t forget to farm for Honey, you will regret it in the late game.
  • Use Athena's Armor Set Search (here) to search for armor set with particular skills you have in mind

How I came to know of the franchise :

I had a friend in high school who told me of the fun he had with Monster Hunter (it was probably 3 Ultimate on their 3ds). He would always tell me of quests or funny moments he had during PE. While I was just pretending to listen, I was always curious what he was talking about, I only had played Mario Kart 7 and several DS games on my 3ds back then.Past some time, I browsed the Nintendo eshop to see what was new at the time. I would download a demo, then play it until the numbers of play was around 5-10, which by then I would either leave it in if I was interested, or delete it to get other demo (3ds demos have a 30 launch limit, special ones are the exception). Luckily there was a demo for MH3U on the eshop, and I downloaded it, I didn't like it. It was different, clunky at the time and it didn't click on me.Fast forward some time, MH4U was announced. He was really hyped and couldn't wait for the release of the game. We would be playing Smash 4 demo during the afternoon with another friend. Some time has passed, and the demo was released. I would see him play the demo from time to time, as there was still some time before the release, but we would play some Smash also. He played it with another friend doing the 3 quest (there were 3 monsters in the demo) over and over during lunch. I tried the demo back home but it still didn't click.And then the game was released. He said he imported the game from France, and he had to wait for it by playing the demo and other demos as well. When he got the game, he then told me of the times he played online with strangers and the fun moments he had during the afternoons. I asked if he could lend me his copy to try the game (this was after some month), and he was OK. After playing for some days, I finally began to like the game. I had my share of fun with it after playing for about 40 hours of it, but I had to return his copy.Fast forward to World release, I was able to try the game once in our country. It was on PS4, during a gaming related convention, I didn't get to play much but I enjoyed the time I spent on it. I didn't have a PS4 or a Xbox one, so I just watched YT video instead. Some channels I follow are Gaijin Hunter, Arekkz, CantaPerMe and TDS. Then the PC version was announced, but I also hadn't a PC with the specs to play with, I only had a laptop for learning, watching YT & social media. I am following Monster Hunter related things since then (4U, Cross/Generations, Double Cross/Generations Ultimate, Iceborne, and the soontm to be released Rise).

Will I enjoy my time playing this game :

After rewriting this for quite some time (it’s nearing 10K characters at this point and almost 2K words, I used Word, don't judge), after all that, it’s still an absolute yes. I liked using the Insect Glaive in MH4U but I don’t know if it would translate well to World. I am interested in using the Switch Axe and the Long Sword. I wish they added the transmog (I like to be a fashion hunter, but thankfully you can use mod for that) and the prowler mode from Double Cross in this game. I should be able to get around 60 hours of game time (that's if I were to skip everything, but only do key quests). But realistically, I would probably have an in-game time of 150-200 hours. I'd like to explore the new world from my own point of view, not from someone else's. I also have prior knowledge (I had to redo my homework to fact check if things were different from what I remembered) from YT videos and playing MH4U. I really like the franchise despite not having played much of the games. Despite having said all that, I’m not quite confident if I was able to convey that I really like this franchise.

Links :

Steam link of the game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/582010/Monster_Hunter_World/ Deals : https://www.dlgamer.com/us/games/buy-monster-hunter-world-47947 ($16.99) Steam account : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mii2Jack/ (Region is Madagascar)
Thank you, for taking your time to read my post, maybe you could take interest in the franchise and buy the game for yourself after reading this, who knows xD. And Good day to you who have reached thus far.
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