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Format: PowerDirector Ultimate is the fastest and most flexible video editing software in the world. Absolute Software Lojack For Laptops Premium Edition 3yr. CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Full + Keygen Free Download CyberLink PowerDirector 14 is consumer level video editor and video manager that come with new level and cutting edge editing features such as full video editing and vertical video design mode, mask manager and designer and with advance level features of video blending. You can easily and free download from our site.

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CyberLink PowerDirector Help - Media Player. This software is provide freedom to design and control the PIP in your video products. The output video will keep the original quality of 4K video and seamlessly fit PowerDirector 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and more. I recently purchased a new computer with windows 10 and so I upgraded to powerdirector 14 so it would be compatible.

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My Serial number is[Personal Information Removed] and product number is D1F14UA#ABA. But if you can afford it, PowerDirector Ultimate Suite has everything in PowerDirector Ultimate, adds the applications AudioDirector 8 and ColorDirector 6, includes CyberLink's. Through this program users can add many effects, add pictures, photos, add other clips and much more. Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Break + Keygen Free DownIoad.

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With over 100 editing tools and more than 400 built. Powerdirector 14 keygen site. What others are saying Adobe illustrator keygen activation key generator d shell.

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Download the #1 rated video editing software for Windows. Customizable design tools – PowerDirector gives you the design tools to create your own. Customizing Disc Menu Properties. Then you come here right site to get the latest professional editing software.

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Help of this software you can easily editing your photos and make more beautiful. Or save a few bucks and get PowerDirector Ultra for $39.99. Also, it is friendly software that gives you all the important tools. CyberLink's PowerDirector video editing software.

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Helped you with Cyberlink Power Director 7 serial. CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Full + Keygen is a very potent video editing software for Windows designed for professional video production projects. Cyberlink Powerdirector 5.0 Serial. CyberLink - CNET Download.

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CyberLink PowerDirector 8; CyberLink PowerDirector 8. Download Now! The burning software plays a very important role in the upgrade and management of the Dvd, Cd, and other related things. Also, they are clearly offering a back-up disc for $7.14 or a cloud back-up for 1 year for $8.50. PowerDirector for Android - APK Download.

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Cyberlink Powerdirector 14 Serial Number. You can then output your project to a file, camcorder, portable device, upload it directly to various online video sharing web sites, or burn it to a disc, complete with stylish menus. Cannot activate my copy.: : CyberLink PowerDirector 14 continue reading. I do not know (for sure) what I'm supposed to update, but I would expect it to work.

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Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to creators of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. This is it the amazing thing. Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate 14 + Keygen Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate v Final Release is one of the popular non-linear video editing software in the market. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works.

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by n
lix Kjellberg,another star vlogger, is the highest-paid on YouTube, according toForbes'most recent estimate.Hegoes by the gaming alias 'PewDiePie.' Last year,Kjellberg brought in a reported $15 million through his channel, where he entertains his 43 million subscribersbyplayingvideo games and inserting lurid commentary. Kjellberg'smain chunk of revenues come fromsponsored advertisements,as well as a handful of game endorsements. A YouTube channel can be an extremelylucrative business.Creators can also make money by inking endorsements with brands, as Phan did with Lancome, in 2013, when shelaunched her own collection of makeup through the beauty and cosmeticscompany. Still, captivating and growing a massiveaudiencefor a sustained period of time is much harder than it looks. And, while the $3 million that Phan makes is certainly nothing to sniff at, consider that it boils down to just about 40 cents per viewer. Phan, who is now lauded as first-generation YouTube royalty, started out making just 5 cents a day through the platform, and was initially rejected when she applied for the partners program back in 2008. If you're planning to createprofitable YouTube channel that people actually want to watch, here are five essential tips to keep in mind:
"People always want new things, and it's my job to find new outlets and new ideas for everyone and share them," she said. Kjellbergcreates familiarity with hisaudience by referring to them as his "BroArmy." He insists that his viewers are his equals: "I am just like you, not above you in any way," he explained of the relationship in aninterview withIcon,a Swedish magazine, in 2014."I tailor the content according to the response I receive. It may shift from day to day. But I think it's one of the reasons why I've succeeded." 2. Put in (a lot) of time. In the early days, both Phan and Kjellberg quit their pre-existing commitments to focus their efforts on YouTube. Phan left her job as a waitress in 2008 so she could spend more time filming in her college dorm room. Kjellberg, who was studying engineering at the esteemed Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenberg, dropped out of school and began working at a hot dog stand."I was the happiest I was at that time, because I was finally doing what I wanted to do, and the fact that
Phan estimates that a simple three-minute clip can take as many as fourto fivedays to shoot, splice, and refine. 3.Keep the marketing language to a minimum. Content creators are most effective when they're being authentic, or when their videos aren't read as advertising. "The reason why people love the Internet so much... is that they feel like they're learning something, and no one is really trying to sell them anything," Phan said. This is a difficult balance to strike, insofar as many creators have inked endorsements with brands, and may be selling product indirectly. It'simportant that YouTube vloggers only work with companies they feel especially passionate about, she says. It's also important to choose your partners carefully. Make sureyou both share the overarching vision for the channel and brand. Kjellberg keeps things honest by refusing to hire an editor to help him churn out more videos, adding the point that his fans don't care about how "high-quality" his videos are. "The fact that people know it's just me making the videos --with no crew --has proven to be a winning concept," he said."The thing that has made YouTube so successful is that you can relate to the people you're watching to a much higher degree than to the people you see on TV." 4.Experiment within your theme. Although Phan sticks to makeup tutorials, she learned to experiment early and often, teaching viewers how to apply a facemask made of kitty litter, for instance, or to achieve the classic "Lady Gaga" look."It [video production] is for pure experimentation or creativity," Phan says.
Kjellberg generally posts videos of himself playing video games, and screaming at the monitor, but sometimes he'll post clips in conversation with his girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, who goes by the alias CutiePieMarzia.
5.Take on long-term partnerships, rather than short-term sponsorships. Be wary of taking on sponsorships, andmakesure what you sell is uniquely in line with your brand."Instead of just thinking about sponsorship, where it's so short term, think about partnerships," said Phan. A longer-term deal with a trusted retailer may ultimately amount to more dollars (and more viewers), than an ad-hoc deal.
HOW (AND WHY) YOU SHOULD START VLOGGING IN 2017 Video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. There's a reason we've talked so much about how to master video on the ARCH blog! It's a step that so many businesses hesitate to make (after all, putting yourself out there on video can be scary!) – yet, if you truly want your business to reach its potential, it is a medium you must adopt. And a growing form of video is vlogging. You've probably seen or heard of vlogs before – maybe you've even considered starting one but just haven't gotten around to it. A vlog is more or less a video version of a blog. With it, you can show your own life and personality, and also provide valuable educational (and entertaining) content to your viewers. Why You Should Start a Vlog in 2017 You Learn to Tell Better Stories Storytelling allows you to create compelling content and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Whether you're creatingpowerful story-based emailsorfilming a compelling story on Snapchat– stories will draw your audience in. And as you film more video – and vlogs specifically – your storytelling ability will get stronger. Cover Your Content Bases Your audience is bound to like different types of content. Some will love video, while others will connect with podcasting, and others still will enjoy sitting down and reading a blog. By starting a vlog, you diversify your content and reach a bigger audience. Speaking Opportunities When you're speaking in front of the camera, you show a different side of yourself and your business. This allows you to get more exposure. If you just wrote a blog or books, you might get a speaking opportunity if they grew big enough. But with video, people will know how you speak and interact behind a camera, and be more confident to offer you speaking gigs (or accept your speaking applications). Video isn't Going Away Video will continue to grow – from Instagram Live streaming, to Facebook Live, to Snapchat and more – video is getting bigger and bigger. It's a trend you can't afford to miss, and there's no better time to jump on board than in 2017. How to Start a Vlog in 2017 Check Out the Top Vloggers on the Web Before you start your own vlog, check out some other vloggers on the web and see how they do it. And not just the vloggers in your industry, but also those who are trying unique strategies that you can implement. I'll write a post about the top vloggers to follow (and why)in the next few weeks – but here are some to get you started: Casey Neistat– shows personal life and provides inspirational advice. Sean Ogle– documents the journey of quitting your job, working online, and traveling the world. How2Beast– newer fitness vlog that experiments with different strategies (I'm also in some of the videos!) Maxx Chewning– fitness vlog that covers daily life, offers fitness tips, and more. Choose Your Theme and Topics If you already have a blog and/or business, this will be a little easier. Your theme and topics will probably center around that blog and/or industry. Whatever the case, here are some questions to ask yourself: What does my target audience want to watch?(to discover this, look at search trends and questions asked on social media) What is my target audience already watching?(to discover this, you can research competitors with popular vlogs and see what is working for them. Choose Your Platform While YouTube is the most wildly popular platform for vlogging and the one I suggest, you should be aware of the other platforms available. You can also run your vlog on Vimeo, Viddler, Facebook, and Daily Motion. Do your research and decide which will work best for you – but know that it's probably best to get started with YouTube, as this will give you the best chance to reach a big audience that loves to consume video. Choose Your Equipment You don't need to drop $1000 on a camera when you're just getting started. If you have a smartphone with a quality camera, you can use that. In fact for most vloggers, smartphone camera will be the best option to get started. They allow you to validate your vlog and build it without dropping a ton of money to get started. With this in mind, here's some other equipment that can help you with the process: Gorilla Tripod.This is a small, flexible tripod. You can hold it out in front of you while you're speaking into the camera, and you can also wrap it around wall fixtures. It makes vlogging a lot easier. Video editing software. If you have an Apple computer, you can use iMovie to get started. If not, you have other good options like Cyberlink Powerdirector, Adobe Premier, and Sony Vegas. iPhone tripod mount. This is basically a small attachment that allows you to mount your iphone on your tripod (whether it be a gorilla tripod or a normal-sized tripod). Make Your Videos Stand Out Just because you put out videos doesn't mean people will watch. There are millions of videos on the web – yours need to stand out in some way. Here are a few tips for creatinghigh-quality videos that stand out: Don't be a perfectionist. Vlogging is a bit more personal, and so it doesn't need to be perfect. You can and should plan out the videos and content beforehand, but don't get caught up in everything going exactly the way you want it to. Hook people in at the beginning. Like any form of content, videos require you to hook people right from the beginning (so they keep watching until the end)! You can tease them about what's to come in the video to get them excited. For example, if you're going to the store to review a new Nike shoe, you can tell them what they're about to see, as well as why they should be excited about the shoe. Add effects. Effects like slow motion and music (like when you're traveling between places) can make your video flow better and also make it more interesting. Put your own unique spin on education content and/or current events.TheCharisma on CommandYouTube channel has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers in the past year with this strategy. They've discussed the election, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and more – and people love it. Keep Building – And Stay Consistent Consistency will be the key to your vlog's success. The more frequently you post videos, the quicker your vlog will gain popularity. So, you should always be thinking of new topics, and always be prepared to film interesting parts of your day. Conclusion Video will continue to grow in 2017, and by starting a vlog now, you can stay on the leading edge. It will help you connect with your audience, grow your business, improve your storytelling, and may even get you some public speaking opportunities. Use the strategies I listed here to get started!
ers that use video well have a better chance of building a large audience and differentiating themselves from competitors.
Should I start a blog or a vlog? First things first.
How does one make the decision between video blogging (vlogging) and more traditional text-based articles?
I say, why decide at all?
Combining text posts, images and videos gives you more flexibility in the way you present your content, it creates a better user experience and gives you a bigger reach.
In order to do this you need to have a blog as a hub where you publish all of your content.
Use WordPress to start one.
It's a free, open source platform that can be easily integrated with YouTube videos, and more than 25% of the whole internet is powered by it.
WordPress needs a domain name and a web space to work.
A domain name is the address people will type in their browsers to get access to your site, and the server space is where you will store your content so it is accessible to everyone online.
There are many very capable and very affordable providers for hosting your site.
They offer a free domain name, 24/7 live support and WordPress recommends them.
More than 2 million WordPress blogs are hosted there.
And you can get hosted at $2.95 per month.
Click here to get started now.
It will take you 5 minutes to get your blog online with the 1-click installation feature.
Disclosure: I do earn a commission if you sign-up using my link at no additional cost to you. Please know that I only recommend products that I find helpful and useful. If you do choose to buy through my link, thank you for your support!
Where should I host my videos? If you are wondering which platform to use for video logging, YouTube is the obvious choice.
Thousands of YouTube stars around the world earn at last $100,000 per year from advertising revenue on their channels.
It is the favorite video site of the web.
They are also constantly innovating with support for 3D videos, 360 degree videos and more.
YouTube gives you immediate access to a global audience.
Don't neglect Facebook though.
It is a wise marketing decision to distribute your videos on more than one platform and get additional reach.
Getting started: Tools for creating video content It is easy to start and not necessary to invest in expensive camera equipment.
Try with basic equipment such as your computer camera or your mobile phone camera.
These days the technology is so advanced that you most probably have a quality camera in your computer or your phone.
Use software like Camtasia (Windows) and Screenflow (Mac) when you want to record your screen.
Use easy-to-use video editing tool like MovieMaker (Windows) and iMovie (Mac) when you need to edit the video.
Find a quiet space as you want the audio to be loud and clear, and take it from there.
It can be scary to record yourself at first.
Remember that no one was born with a great on-screen presence.
It takes time and practice to master it.
Try and record some videos just for yourself to watch back and learn from.
Script your video if that helps you be more confident.
A good place to start is screen capture videos.
They are the simplest to make.
You just record what you're doing on your computer screen.
No need for a video camera or lights.
You don't even need to worry about how you look because people don't see you.
Screen capture videos are also surprisingly effective in terms of engagement.
Have a lot of footage from an event or a vacation but don't have the skills to edit?
Try a tool such as Shred Video as it allows you to create a video from your footage without any know-how.
Need music for your video?
Try Jukedeck, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create free and unique music you can use royalty free.
Optimize videos to get discovered on YouTube and search There is no magic trick to guarantee that your videos will get views.
300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
Most of these videos go completely unnoticed.
There are some things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of getting views though.
Most YouTube users discover videos by using search, by recommendations and related videos.
You should optimize your channel and videos to have a better chance of getting in front of these people.
There are several factors that affect Google and YouTube search algorithm, related videos and recommendations.
These are the factors you should be aware of:
YouTube channel optimization First there are some things you can do in terms of channel optimization. Follow this advice:
Number of videos. Size of your channel is important. Increase your video output and start building your video archives. Figure out the right publishing schedule and follow a content calendar to get your video count up. The frequency of new uploads. The algorithm loves regular uploads. Consistent audience is built by publishing content consistently. Release your new videos often and on a recurring schedule. Tell your viewers about your schedule to build buzz and make them look forward to watching your new video. Video quality. High definition videos are more prominent than low quality videos in search results. Shoot and upload your videos in HD format. Number of subscribers is important as having a large subscriber base signals your influence. It also means that your videos will have an audience from the moment you upload them. Steps to increase viewer action Viewer actions such as subscribing, liking, favoring, commenting and sharing in social media.
First of all get viewers to watch your content for longer.
Then get them to take action after watching your content to signal the value that your content is creating.
Majority of viewers usually don't take any action after watching your video.
For your content to spread organically you need to get more viewers to take action.
Get them to subscribe to your channel, like the video, comment on the video or share the link to their social media following.
Here's how you can increase viewer action:
Ask people to subscribe. Simple ask them in your videos. Or use annotations to do it. Even add end-cards to your videos asking to subscribe. Add a watermark in "InVideo Programming" settings of your YouTube channel. It adds a nice looking overlay on all your videos where people can subscribe. Add a channel trailer that shows very prominently to your non-subscribers and encourages them to subscribe. Give them an incentive to subscribe. Something like subscribe to "get a tip from me next week" or to "not miss a cool interview I am doing in the future". Link from your site. Embed your videos within your content. Have a call-to-action to subscribe to your YouTube channel on your site. Encourage comments. Ask your viewers a question and tell them to leave their answers in the comments. Use the comments area proactively to create a community. Respond to comments. Integrate comments into your future videos. Do a Q&A session. Cross promote on other YouTube channels and relevant websites. Reach out and get in touch with some of your favorite bloggers and vloggers. Try and collaborate with them by cross marketing each others content. You could add them to your "Featured channels" list and they will become one of the "suggested channels" to your subscribers. Use playlists. Organize your videos into sets of themed videos by using the playlist feature. This doesn't necessary have to be your own videos only. Creating collections of videos around your topic can boost views and engagement of your own channel and your own videos as people share the content to their own networks. Optimizing your video metadata Metadata is the information that surrounds your video and that helps YouTube figure out what your video is about.
More on optimizing your metadata below.
Optimizing your video metadata (title, description, tags, thumbnail and annotation) is important to get more exposure in search results and related videos.
These are the things you should be looking at:
Video file name. Use the most important keywords as the raw movie file name when uploading your video instead of the generic file name you get from your camera.
Title is the most visible element of your video and as such the key reason for attracting views and getting ranked in search. Here is the advice on how to optimize your titles:
Make the title compelling and clickable – think of it like you do of your post headlines Use popular names, events and any other keywords people will search for associated with the video Put the key keywords towards the start of the title Make it natural. Don't over-optimize it with too many keywords and don't just make a list of words Don't make the title longer than 65 characters (including spaces) There are suggestions that YouTube can read text in videos. Put the same or similar words as your title in the intro text at the start of your video Description
Put the most compelling information first and remember to include relevant popular keywords Describe as much of the video as possible in the first paragraph Longer descriptions do not hurt and could help rank better so do add any helpful information and external links where relevant Don't abuse keywords in the description, write naturally Include links in the description. For best chances of click-troughs the link should be on top of the description as otherwise it is not visible above the fold
Photo © Image Source / Getty Images In the world of high-end consumer electronics, unboxing is a big deal – and a huge trend on YouTube. When a new product is launched, these types of videos start popping up and catch audiences' attention who are searching for the product to decide whether it's worth buying for themselves. Product owners film themselves opening the boxed product for the first time to show its contents as it comes.
Unboxing videos show what you get from a product, but often times prospective consumers go looking for people who've already tried, tested and used the product (or service) for a certain amount of time. And it doesn't have to be gadget-related – people upload video reviews for anything and everything. What kinds of things do you use already that you could turn into a useful and informative video review?
Woman cooking a cake on the kitchen
Recipes that engage the viewer and feature comedy are always looked for on youtube. People want to be entertained while learning.
Recipes with lists of ingredients and step-by-step instructions are great, but like most how-to stuff, nothing beats seeing it live and in action. With cooking videos, viewers get to see exactly which techniques you use and get a glimpse at how the combined ingredients should look at each stage. Even if you've got the simplest meal or snack ideas, it's worth sharing them on YouTube. People are always looking for recipe ideas that are easy and practical.
What could be more exciting than traveling to a new place? Even if you just stay relatively local, lots of viewers who haven't traveled there before will most definitely be interested in what's around there. Lots of YouTube creators combine the travel theme with vlogging, taking their digital cameras with them while documenting and describing the places they visit. It's a great way to show viewers whether or not a place is worth checking out.
09 of 14 Education Education Photo © Michael Blann / Getty Images Whether you plan on pursuing a doctorate in some particular scientific field or you just simply enjoy being a geek as a hobby, sharing what you know on YouTube is a great way to teach and inform thousands of viewers across the world about something you're deeply passionate and knowledgeable about. And hey, it will challenge your presentation skills! You'll get bonus points from your viewership if you can teach and present in an engaging, casual way that's easy to understand.
10 of 14 Comedy Comedy Photo © Jonne Kingma / Getty Images If you have acting skills or just a knack for telling hilarious jokes, you could turn that into something that entertains people enough to subscribe and share your videos. Comedic sketches are one way of doing that. You could also combine any of the above suggestions on this list like vlogging or education with comedy to put a fun spin on it. You can make almost anything funny if you get really creative; take a look at these hysterical YouTube videos to see some examples.
11 of 14 Lifestyle Advice Lifestyle Advice Photo © Yuri_Arcurs / Getty Images YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so you can bet that people are searching for terms that might bring them closer to solving one of their problems. From health and relationships, to money and career, you can certainly establish yourself as an expert in any particular field that you're willing to give advice about based off your own knowledge, education or personal experience. Even better, you can ask viewers to comment what they want advice on in future videos from you.
12 of 14 Animation Animation Photo © Por Caio Ramos / Getty Images Do you have a passion for animation? YouTube is one of the best platform for sharing your artistic creations. Create animated shorts, web series shows or even long movies to build a following and get a feedback from your viewers. In fact, sharing your art like this on YouTube could set you up for getting discovered by people who may be able to give you bigger opportunities, like that dream animation job or a collaborative project with another artist.
Why you should be thankful...lol Know your audience and stay on top of trends. When starting a YouTube channel, it's important to know your audience market. This meansconsistently interactingwith your viewers--in the comments section, for instance.Phansays shesometimes wakes up as early as 5:30 am to read (and subsequently respond to) comments onher personal YouTube channel. "We know how unpredictable it can be whenever you're creating content," she said in an interview withInc."If you know your audience, you know exactly what they're going to watch.
That requires staying on top of trendsand the broadersocial media zeitgeist.
Phan urges her network of more than 10,000 vloggers to push out content on new platforms, Instagram and Periscope, in conversation with their pre-existing YouTube channels.
Over one billion people visit YouTube every month--that's a lot of potential fans of your music. Operating your own Artist channel can expose your music to this global audience. Learn easy ways to customize your channel and 5 tips to help your music get discovered on YouTube. Setup your personalized channel on YouTube 5 tips for getting discovered Try it If you're just getting your channel started, brainstorm and design a few iterations of your banner art and channel icon. Try posting them and swapping them out on your channel. Which one looks the best? Does it resonate with your music and your brand? Not sure what video to use as a channel trailer? Ask the community! Join theCreator Communityand make a new post with your trailer video options. Poll the community and see which one they recommend. Do you have questions for your fans? Set up a poll card at the end of a video and ask your fans for their opinion. Check your knowledge Besides videos, what else can you promote with cards? Any website, even if you haven't associated it to your account. Merchandise. Your channel banner.
Gaming Channels Gaming is a popular choice for YouTube channels. MarkiplieVideoter People sure do love playing video games. Amazingly, they love watching other people play games too. Markiplier is a YouTuber with gaming on a YouTube channel who has over 18 million subscribers. Viewers generally like to watch YouTubers play games as they give commentary, either to gain insight into how to play better for themselves or simply as a form of entertainment.
People will always be perplexed and confused by technology. Rather than digging out the old product manual, more people are turning to YouTube. Remember, YouTube is the world's second largest search engine. You can find everything from JavaScript coding and PC troubleshooting to Photoshop editing and iPhone jailbreaking. You don't have to be a tech whiz – all you need to do is show helpful techniques that you already know how to execute.
Got some musical talent? Then you sure can share it on YouTube. Not only is music huge on YouTube with its Vevo integration, but original songs or covers by everyday normal people like you are just as interesting to listen to and watch. Tons of artists and bands have been discovered on YouTube, and these days it's pretty standard for most musical people or groups to start channels if they dream of taking their career down that path.
Music Channels are also popular on youtube. Besides posting actual songs you can consider making youtube tutorials on music production programs. Singing lessons, song writing tips and anything else related to music. Set your channel type to "Musician" When you're logged into your YouTube account and go to your channel, click "Settings" and you can selectmusicianas your channel type. Now you can add performer information and publish a schedule of show dates (by enabling the "events dates" module). 3. Add links to your website and where they can buy your album Linking to your website is good, but making a link that takes fans to your purchase page on iTunes, CD Baby or your website is the most effective way to encourage sales. As long as you have selectedmusicianas your channel type you should be able to add your own buy buttons using your album artwork. You can also use thechannel descriptionorabout mearea to place a text link for your album. To create a link, simply enter the URL of your store page and YouTube will hyperlink it. Also, be sure to include a website or buy link in the first sentence of your video description for every video you make. It must be in the first sentence because YouTube will truncate the text so that only the first sentence can be read unless you click to expand the description. 4. Add tags to your channel and your videos Tags are important. Tags are keywords that help people find your video in YouTube's search engine.What will your fans type into YouTube to find your video? Tag your videos with venue names, your band name (correct spelling and misspellings), song names, city, state, genre and other relevant keywords. Then when someone types in a search for your song or band, you have a much better chance of coming up first. To add tags to your YouTube channel, look underSettings. To add tags to an individual video, clickVideosfrom the drop down menu at the top right of your screen. Then clickeditnext to the video you want to add tags to. 5. Be mindful of what you title your videos Not many people on YouTube are going to be searching for "sadsong-ver.2 w/o vocals recorded at John's." Include your band name, song name, the venue or location (if relevant) and maybe even a few specific keywords that accurately describe your music. For instance: Tommy Jug Band plays Silly Girl at Sunnyside Tavern, Portland, OR – Country Funk and Bluegrass 6. Add a variety of video content Mix things up. Not everything has to be a traditional music videos. Interview your bandmates. Interview your fans. Check out this post on the12 kinds of video to promote your music. 7. Use YouTube annotations Video annotations allow you to add comments and links in your video. You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear. While it can be easy to over use them, adding links to where people can buy your album (directly in the video) is pretty cool. It's also useful for adding song lyrics or commentary that may further engage your audience.Learn more about creating YouTube annotations here 8. Respond to every comment Responding to comments will not only make your fans feel appreciated, it will also inspire others to comment on your videos. Try starting the comments off yourself by asking a question or pointing out something interesting in the video.
  1. Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Those used to the Adobe Suite will instantly recognize this familiar setup. Version 11 of Adobe Premiere Elements comes with new effects, such as cinematic FilmLooks, slow motion and speeding up. Elements takes the best features of Adobe's professional version of the software, Premiere Pro, and makes them simplified and user friendly.
Users also have the ability to share video with Vimeo, meaning your masterpieces are just a click away from a massive online audience.
Price: $99.99
submitted by jasperellis to youtube

Stuck on which to buy, Premiere Elements 15 or PowerDirector 15 Ultimate?

Hey! I've been planning to get into the whole video editing thing for a while. I've finally decided to move up into actually purchasing video editing software and getting started. For a little while today, I have the option of buying either Adobe Premiere Elements 15 or CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate for around £55. Thing is, I'm completely stuck on which one to buy.
Premiere has the name recognition, is much more widely used (reliability) and it has tagging for editing videos. PowerDirector is apparently quicker to work with and has a few more features, the main one being multicam editing. Looking at review sites such as PC Mag, Techradar and so on, they all seem to share the general consensus. Supposedly PowerDirector 15 Ultimate is the best for Windows whereas Premiere Elements 15 is better overall, which I took to mean platform agnostic. Comparisons put them evenly though with reviews PowerDirector edges slightly ahead.
I use Photoshop CC so Premiere Elements is likely going to be easier for me to use plus when it comes to editing gaming related videos, Adobe seems to have the market share down. PowerDirector seems to be relatively unknown in comparison and it wasn't until recently, when a games journalist and video creator I follow randomly mentioned they use it. Because it's relatively unknown, it makes me a tad hesitant to buy it.
For my uses, I'll primarily be working alone but I am hoping to be recording stuff with a friend from let's plays to podcasts. If I can, networking a bit would be great too. In the case of multiple people playing the same game and giving me the recording, multcam editing would be ideal for switching between views while keeping everything all synced up and tidy. That may not happen though. I'm at a loss as to whether this should be something I consider or not. In either case, I'm putting care into what I edit so I will be doing a bit more than just cutting together clips quickly and throwing that out.
For myself, I want the best overall software for what I can currently afford. I can't justify the extra £33 a month on the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. So, I'm looking at what's best for general usability, overall feature set and versatility. By versatility I mean the ability to scale up and stretch out to potentially doing somewhat professional level editing. I'm looking at opportunities elsewhere and the ability to learn without being too restricted.
Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've had a good look around everywhere I can, including on Reddit and thus far I've been unable to find good direct comparisons or recommendations between the two. There's even less out there when it comes to editing for stuff like let's plays or other kinds of gaming videos. I'm half tempted to just up and grab Premiere Elements 15 simply because of how widely accepted it is.
EDIT: I downloaded the trials for both and the trial for software recommended to me. Personally, Premiere Elements 15 ended up suiting my style better than the others. PowerDirector 15 is good and it is a little faster to use once you know what you're doing but it is rougher around the edges whereas PeE has much more polish.
The multicam editor in PowerDirector 15 is far less than ideal, taking more of a livestreaming style approach to it plus you can't really do some editing before you go into it. It's a bit clumsy. At one point it also randomly decided to use up so much resources that my pretty powerful could barely cope with turning caps lock on and off on my keyboard and just flat out stopped my GPU from functioning.
I created a test project in which I created the same video twice, once in each editor since this thread was about 2 of them, that's all I'm focusing on for this. I used a mix of on screen text, zooming in on a character in the distance, video overlay, transitions, motion tracking and overlaying a short section of ambient music at the end. Some functions are a bit more intuitive in Premiere Elements and work as expected for the most part. The motion tracker worked nicely too. In PowerDirector 15 however, the implementation was more clumsy and inconsistent. When it came to zooming in on a character, the camera becomes more unstable and it's much tougher to smooth out.
In the end, I miss out on a few features but I also get a much more polished user experience with the additional benefit of being able to produce higher quality videos with much less effort in trickier areas. I plan on moving onto Premier Pro CC at some point when I can more justify the monthly cost. I looked up some videos and it seems to work as I'd expect so it should be a smooth transition. For anyone similarly stuck, I'd recommend trying stuff out to see what works for you but Adobe Premiere Elements is what I settled on.
Worthwhile video editing software to look at that I've checked out::
Hitfilm 4 Express  
Adobe Premiere Elements 15 CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Vegas Movie Studio 14  
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Most of these have trials.
I barely got any replies but I thought it best to update this for anyone who may stumble on this when looking for video editing software for themselves. Thanks for the input from those that provided it.
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