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At least 228, 000 deaths have been linked to. From the backbreaking grind for Domination Sherman to the sheer joy of the one million coin Quicksell gold bar to the first Most Feared series. You can use this pokemon in your future NPL battles. Tool: MUT-3 diagnostic tool – twolfe18 Sep 16 '15 at 3: 48.

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Most Reliable Madden Coin Store. Economics is a social science concerned with the factors that determine the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. EA Sports confirmed that there is no free demo for FIFA 21; Xtmmo Feedback. The game is scheduled to be released on August 25, 2020.

Madden Ultimate Team 20: Theme Diamonds Players List, Details, and FAQ

Despite the current absence of two of its primary gameplay modes and the existence of the most crazy-making edition of House Rules to date in its stead, the Madden Ultimate Team season is arguably in full swing already this August, with players able to possess a maxed-out Pat Tillman and the crop of 90+ OVR players steadily growing.
This Friday is also bringing one of the signature programs of MUT 19's early days back in a new form, with last year's Team Diamonds program being folded into the larger Theme Builder program of MUT 20 and rebranded as Theme Diamonds.


Theme Diamonds, which EA has explained as one revolving around "fan favorite" players, appears to be stocked with 88-89 OVR players for all 32 NFL franchises, with the players chosen for Theme Diamond status mostly registering as ones below the threshold for Legends or Master cards.
EA released four images of official Theme Diamonds on Thursday night, revealing Packers WR Donald Driver, 49ers FS Merton Hanks, Saints HB Deuce McAllister, and Bears CB Charles "Peanut" Tillman as the first four official Theme Diamonds. EA's Madden Mobile product also released a Jaguars DT John Henderson Legends card alongside McAlister last weekend, sparking speculation that he could be a Theme Diamonds selection.
That turned out to be true.
Team Theme Diamond
Bears 88 OVR CB Charles Tillman
Bengals 87 OVR HB Corey Dillon
Bills 86 OVR WR Andre Reed
Broncos 89 OVR K Jason Elam
Browns 89 OVR QB Otto Graham
Buccaneers 87 OVR WR Joe Jurevicius
Cardinals 87 OVR DT Darnell Dockett
Chargers 89 OVR LOLB Shaun Phillips
Chiefs 89 OVR LG Brian Waters
Colts 88 OVR RE Dwight Freeney
Cowboys 89 OVR CB Mel Renfro
Dolphins 85 OVR CB Patrick Surtain
Eagles 89 OVR RT Jon Runyan
Falcons 89 OVR MLB Jessie Tuggle
49ers 88 OVR FS Merton Hanks
Giants 86 OVR CB Jason Sehorn
Jaguars 89 OVR DT John Henderson
Jets 88 OVR WR Wayne Chrebet
Lions 88 OVR FB Cory Schlesinger
Packers 89 OVR WR Donald Driver
Panthers 89 OVR LT Jordan Gross
Patriots 89 OVR LE Rob Ninkovich
Raiders 86 OVR TE Dave Casper
Rams 89 OVR LG Adam Timmerman
Ravens 89 OVR CB Chris McAllister
Washington 88 OVR HB Clinton Portis
Saints 89 OVR HB Deuce McAllister
Seahawks 87 OVR MLB Lofa Tatupu
Steelers 88 OVR WR Antwaan Randle El
Texans 89 OVR QB David Carr
Titans 87 OVR ROLB Keith Bulluck
Vikings 89 OVR C Matt Birk
The list of 32 cards does include some players previously included in MUT as Legends or Ultimate Legends -- Graham and Reed, most prominently, but also Dockett and Renfro -- but really is largely comprised of fan favorites who should be thrilling for the slices of the fan base who play MUT. And it's hard to see how players like Chrebet, Elam, Jurevicius, or Randle El would ever have made the cut in MUT without a program like this.
All 32 Theme Diamonds have Power Ups attached — and while those are, per Kraelo, ones that are only available via the Theme Diamonds sets, all of them can get to 90 OVR via their Power Ups.
And at the top of the program, there is a Theme Diamonds Master: A 93 OVR Kurt Warner that is liable to be the best QB in the game. Warner does not have a Power Up, instead having the ability to get 3X team chemistry for the three NFL teams he played for and 1X team chemistry for every other NFL team.

Challenges / Missions / Milestones

There are 32 new Challenges in two sequences of 16 that cover the offensive and defensive Theme Diamonds. These award 25,600 Coins for full five-star completion, and have to be unlocked in order.
The better rewards appear to come from the Milestones attached to these Theme Diamonds solos, which include seven NAT Gold players, one NAT Core Elite, and one NAT 84+ OVR player. You'll have to accumulate 70 Stars for the NAT Core Elite and 100 for the 84+ OVR player, but those cards have significant value, and you can put NAT cards into the Theme Diamonds sets.
And if you're still grinding for Pat Tillman via Stars, 32 new Challenges with five-star potential that do not appear to be full-game scenarios is a blessing.


Team Diamonds was perhaps the most set-intensive program in MUT 19, and Theme Diamonds follows that pattern, with each Theme Diamond available solely via a set requiring dozens of Core items — Elites and Golds — from their respective teams. That varies from team to team, however, which should vary the cost of the sets.
This year's sets, however, do not include Coin rebates for completion, which makes it harder to turn a profit on them, and initial inflation on the cards suggests these cards will be wildly overpriced for their OVR and other ratings.

Packs and Bundles

The Theme Diamonds program being so reliant on players from each specific team necessitates the arrival of specific packs in the Store, as well, so the appearance of Gold Team Fantasy Packs (15,000 Coins or 300 Points, limit 20) is no surprise.
Each of them having their own odds is also no surprise — but you may be somewhat surprised to learn the chances of Elite (80+ OVR) pulls varies wildly, from 6.7 percent on the low end to 19 percent on the high end.
These Packs also come in two Bundles: A 5X Team Fantasy Bundle throws five together for 1,050 Points, and a 20X Team Fantasy Bundle contains 20 of them and an 84+ OVR player as a topper for 5,850 Points.


When does Theme Diamonds end?
It almost certainly won't. The Team Diamonds sets were available throughout MUT 19, with no alterations made to them over time.
What can I get for free from Theme Diamonds? Can I get my team's Theme Diamond for free?
Nothing except what comes from the Challenges, and almost certainly no. The fewest cards needed for any Theme Diamond is 24 for Packers wideout Donald Driver, and you would need to have pulled the 87 OVR David Bakhtiari, four other Core Elites, and 19 Core Golds from freely-distributed Packs to be in line to get Driver for free.
Why aren't there Coins available for completing these Theme Diamonds like there were last year?
You've got me there. I think these cards are liable to be more desired than last year's Team Diamonds because of how all 32 are not active players, and in some cases entirely new faces in MUT, but that demand should actually have left EA more inclined to provide additional rewards for the completion of these sets, as it will drive pack-buying even further if these cards have a Coin rebate attached to help defray what is sure to be an inflated cost for quite some time.
What's my money-making move for Theme Diamonds?
Sell, sell, sell. The market is way, way up this morning, and while it will drop some as players rip packs to help stabilize the MUT economy, there's no question that prices in excess of 70 Coins/Training, which are easily fetched by cards in these sets, are inflated beyond what should be reasonable to a degree that it will take time for them to come back to Earth.
I personally more than doubled my Coin stack this morning — and I didn't sell a Core Elite above an 85 OVR.
Which Theme Diamonds should I target?
A fine question that I am wholly unprepared to answer at present. Look for more on that late tonight or early Saturday.
submitted by AndyHutchins to u/AndyHutchins

Madden Mobile 20 Guide (PT#1)

Madden Mobile 20 Guide (PT#1)
Processing img hfs2lo4aqgc31...
Hey everyone, welcome to the Madden Mobile 20 Guide! In this guide, I'll be telling you everything you need to know about Madden Mobile 20 from the info given to us, as well as some of my thoughts, and how you can prepare/be ready. Everything is organized in chronological order from the Livestream image shown here.
Per HSD: Make sure to download the current app and play today so that you can have a legacy team. You won't be able to access the legacy mode next season without having played at least once this current season! (HeySteveDave sent this on the 28th)
Per EA_Ferwerda: It will be released tomorrow, 7/30. Not early. Timing is largely out of our hands, however. We let Apple and Google know to release and then it propagates through their system. It can be immediate, or a few hours. Should be around noon-ish Eastern Time... but again, this can be a few hour process. I wouldn't expect it early in the morning though.
Some other basic info you should know:
Overdrive will exist as a mode, but it won't have exclusive rewards to it, those who like to play Overdrive can still play it and earn the rewards that we've usually had, but it won't be the centerpiece of the game/won't be a requirement in any shape/form
EA is letting the user choose how they want to play the game, if you enjoy playing by yourself seasons, you can do that, if you want to play competitive modes, that is also an option. They also added different elements of madden mobile from previous seasons that players will be able to enjoy, they can play madden mobile however they want to.
PART 2 OF THIS GUIDE: https://www.reddit.com/MaddenMobileForums/comments/cjm6vw/madden_mobile_20_guide_pt2/

Legacy Mode

The legacy mode will be improved in a way that gives players the opportunity to play with your legacy team in a variety of ways, whenever you desire. Within the rewards of legacy modes, you can get players, but you can also get foundational benefits which improve how your team will play all season long, it won't be like, you get a few players and you're done and move on. Things like auction house reductions, and other different types of valuable currencies like that, that are foundational benefits, will be rewarded within the legacy mode.
Usually how season score worked was, you get your stuff, it's a one-time thing, and you get the good stuff if you're a committed player and you might use those players for a few weeks. Now EA has added foundational elements, which is something that is going to help you more than ever within the season score mode, something like the auction house reducer is something that's going to help you all season long. EA is planning to be very transparent, being able to see all the season score stuff on blogs so we can plan for it, and be able to continue earning towards season score next season. EA will NOT be changing the auction house tax rates, it stays at 10%, and in the first time in madden mobile history, there is an introduction of AH Tax Reducers.

Gameplay Improvements & Features

Catching, pursuit, blocking, and fumbles are the big gameplay issues that are being focused on for improvement.
Examples of each of the issues:
Catching - wide open drops, sideline catches being out of bounds, football bouncing off receivers helmets, and similar
Pursuit - defenders taking wrong turns, not engaging with people, and players looking dumb
Blocking - whiffing an opponent and blocking the wrong opponent
Fumbles - when people's teams amped up, their players would also amplify their fumble chances by 4 or 5 times, EA resorted to putting fumbles at a very low low infrequent number
EA will be fixing fumbles by putting in hooks to get real-world data, and put fumbles back in and get it under a frequency rate that is expected, EA will try to get lower than the real-world data, and it will be influenced by hit power and carry rating.

The Vertical offense strength lies in its combination of deep and mid-range passing out of Shotgun. It relies on getting all five receivers out in patterns that stretch the field, setting up defensive banks with route technique, and throwing to a spot where the receiver can catch and turn upfield. Pass protection is critical to success. At least two of the five receivers will run a deep in, skinny post, comeback, speed out, or shallow cross.
Vertical's scheme ability is going to be total control passing, those that are familiar with console should recognize this ability. You swipe on the screen in the direction that you want to lead the pass, it will give you a lot more control of controlling where the ball ends up and the types of routes you want your receivers to run, which is what vertical should be about. The green arrows located around the receiver icons (only present in vertical) once you swipe, the arrow will light up to indicate that it's working, the vertical scheme ability is a combination of total control passing and precision passing. If you swipe right or left, you lead the pass right or left, if you swipe up or down it's a high pass/low pass, so if a defensive back is in front of your receiver, you can low pass it to give the DB a lower chance at interacting, you also have the ability to drop a pass right over a linebacker by doing a high pass. For example, for curls or in-routes you want to do a lot of low passing, and streaks and posts you would want to do a lot of high passing.
"That one is going to be total control passing. Those of you that are familiar with console will notice that what is going on in the video here is that you can swipe on the screen in the direction that you want to lead the pass. It's going to give you a lot more control of controlling where the ball actually ends up and the types of routes you want your receivers to run."
The Spread Offense relies on all six skill position players to be quick, agile, and physical, who can handle the ball in space and block well when they don't have it. The Spread creates mismatches against the Defense, especially with a mobile QB, as they now have to account for an extra runner or blocker on the play. Since there are so many different weapons on offense, the Play Action pass opens up the horizontal and vertical game while the Defense has to respect the run by both the Quarterback and Running Back.
Spread's scheme ability is going to be the run option. There will be a few combinations of it, there is the basic read-option, there will be an R over the defensive read key, and based on what that defensive player does, you have to make a decision, if he takes the RB, then you don't hand the ball off to the RB, he's either going to take the QB or the RB, and then you make the opposite decision for success. If this mechanic sounds confusing, once you are able to play with it, you will see that it is pretty easy to learn. If you hold down the snap button you will hand the ball off, there is also a meter that fills to show your timing window to be able to do that, if you don't do anything, then you just have the ball with the QB. In addition to the basic read-option, there is also a speed and triple option. The speed option is where the P, for the pitch key, will be over the defensive read key, and if he takes the QB (shown in the video above) you pitch the ball off, the pitch button is located at the right of the snap button, it will appear when you can pitch the ball. Then there is the triple option, which is pretty cool, cause you have to make two reads on the play, and it is effective if you can master it, you will have a dive and pitch read.
FYI: There was also a mention of a "midline read" which is similar to the read-option
The West Coast Offense focuses on short, ball controlling passes to Running Backs and Tight Ends to spread around the Defense horizontally This strategy forces the Defense to go shallow and wider, setting up the offense to be able to take deep shots down the field. This strategy also uses the pass to set up the run. West Coast receiving routes feature slants, crossing routes, comebacks, and flat passes.
West Coast's scheme ability is going to be playmaker, another ability of console, which is much more dangerous on mobile. In essence, you are creating a hot route mid-play, if you have time in the pocket, you will be able to create plays whenever you have time, you will be able to adjust the route by swiping on the receiver, not the passing icon, but the actual receiver. It will light up green similarly to vertical, what direction they're going in (shown in the video above)
According to Danny Doeberling, it first starts with the primary receiver, and after a certain time interval it will switch to the closest receiver, you won't be able to exploit this by going all the way down the field, then playmaking your receiver, so if you're rolling out left, it will pick up a receiver on the left, if you're rolling out to the right, it will pick up a receiver on the right. This scheme ability will take some skill for people to master, and it has a lot of potential to take over the game. In order to counter this scheme ability, you need a strong defensive line, if they have no time in the pocket, nobody can use this ability, if you're using this, your offensive line needs to be a top priority, and once you have enough time, this scheme ability can be very effective.
The Smashmouth Offense is a run-heavy offense that relies on its physical Wide Receivers, power Running Backs, and blocking Tight Ends and Fullbacks. Smashmouth takes a toll on a Defense by constantly wearing them downplay after play with its multi-positional physical play. Often Defenses will overcompensate by moving Defenders closer to the line of scrimmage in an attempt to stop it, which in turn opens up pass play opportunities.
Smash mouth's scheme ability is going to be the "Impact button," the idea of this scheme ability is, you charge up the meter by gaining positive rushing yards, and once you've obtained enough rushing yards, you can activate it by just pressing the impact button, and the meter will count down, and as soon as you hit a player, it will take a chunk of the meter, this impact button increases your break-tackle rating by a lot, and it will not be available on 2P-conversions, and it EA has the ability to tune it based on mode, so don't expect to exploit this.
EA added more control to the skill button, if you enable it within settings you can swipe on the skill button to perform exact moves. You swipe up for dive, swipe left/right for a spin, swipe down for hurdle, and tap the skill button to stiff-arm.
Gameplay Experience
"This is a quick-prototype we're doing, it's not a huge feature or anything. We wanted a little more control, it's really based on if he's a power back and like trucking, if he's a scatback/elite back he's more of the other avoidance types like juke and spin, we wanted to give you more control of skill moves, if you enable this in settings you can swipe on the skill button to perform exact moves. All the swipes in the regular screen remain the same, like juke, truck, all that stuff, but now you can control where you wanna spin, you can choose to dive, you can hurdle, if you just tap the skill move button then it's a stiff arm." (Swipe up for dive, swipe left/right for a spin, swipe down for hurdle, and tap skill button to stiff-arm)

Season Mode

(Image #1)
EA designed season mode around user choice and experience. You will be able to experience season mode from difficulties, to teams, to winning the season. You will be able to repeat season modes as many times as you want, and each time will be a unique experience, with different scenarios and decisions to make. When you go during launch, there will only be two options, the 2019 NFL season, and you're going to have the full season with just games only. In the 2019 NFL Season option, you will play through the regular schedule, but the full game season is your traditional season mode experience, so no scenarios, you just play the schedule, try and make the playoffs, and try and win the Superbowl. As you win games, you can unlock additional season mode options. EA has two more options, a full season random-generated opponents, and half-season, EA might release special stuff throughout the year for season mode.
(Image #2)
You will be able to tune your difficulty, which is easy, medium, and hard, and what that does is it scales the AI difficulty, the opponents rating, and power you're playing, it also scales the budget you have for making decisions and rewards. The wins required to make the playoffs also scales with difficulty, so you have to win a lot more in the hard difficulty than you do with easy and medium. Be sure to give feedback to EA on what you like and what you don't like (In forums) so they can add potentially new season types and new scenarios.
The reward numbers in the image are not finalized, so keep that in mind. If you play with the first roster type, which is ultimate team, that will use your actual ultimate team, so any changes you make during the year, like getting a player, you will see them in the season mode with that roster type, you also get an operating income that you generate revenue throughout the year, and you make decisions based on them, it can range from owner mode decisions or training decisions to boost your players and similar things.
What's special of the second roster type, the NFL team roster type, is that you get additional scenarios and you have a secondary currency called "salary cap" and that's where you make decisions such as player holdouts, trades, free-agent signings, players demanding trades, contract negotiations, and every decision you make is ONLY affecting your season mode team.
(Image #3)
There are a good amount of injury types, and you have to make different choices based on the injury's severity and length that you get. In this image, you see that the player is out for 4 weeks, and you get to make a decision of rehab, which is the option you would take to not risk anything, or you can pay some operating income for intense-rehab with a chance to come back sooner.
With the injury branches, a lot of things can happen. The player can come back early, he can come late, he can reinjure himself, and some more stuff.
(Image #4)
Your schedule is on the left, and each of the randomly generated decisions that come up, you will go through them before you play that weeks game, there will be mandatory decisions which are ones that you have to make a decision, and there are optional ones that you can take whenever you want, which will appear on the bottom left of the tray, and once you've cleared them all, you can proceed to play your season game.
This is similar to console's scenario engine where you do some sort of gameplay task for something. At the beginning of the season, you obtain an owner mode goal, and throughout the season your coach might ask you to do certain things, when you do that, you get a variety of rewards from attributes, to income, to anything.
Your rewards are based on if you win/lose, how far you make it, whether you crash out in the playoffs, or you win a super bowl, your reward is based on how you finish. Inside the actual mode, you can get rewarded currencies for income, you can also lose income, and based on your decisions your salary cap can go up or down.
Assuming you win this gameplay task, you will get a reward, EA is not sure if they will give you an external currency reward, but they probably will, it will likely be XP or coins or whatever they feel like.
You will also be able to trigger live events, it can be a basic practice event, where it's a one-shot live event, and if you fail you might suffer consequences, you might also get a bonus if you win, you get potential attribute points, it's whatever the scenario is.
(Image #6)
This is a player holdout, he wants another contract. You can choose to release this player which gives you cap back, or you can refuse to negotiate, which gets you some slight money back for not paying him, you'll continue negotiations down the line if you refuse to negotiate, or you can just pay the salary.
(Image #7)
This is pretty self-explanatory, the player is ending negotiations, he is demanding his release so you have no other option at this point, however, he could come back to the team, he could counteroffer, there are many scenarios that could happen. (After you release them, you get cap back)
(Image #8)
For the base trades, EA looks at your starting lineup and offers an arranged trade around your team, there are rare events where you can get a super player, there are also potential scenarios where you can earn a scout, an nd they might get you better trades. In this image here, you are offered a higher-ranked player, and you are paying cap to get that player, you can also flip the cards and compare the two to see if it matches what you need.
(Image #9)
The War-Room is basically a top-down view of what is going on in your season mode, you can see what is active, you can also see player injuries going on, goals that are going on, and trade offers. If you go to the history section you'll see a whole feed of what is going on in your seasons you can keep up to date with what is going on and come back whenever.
As the season progresses, using your ultimate team will likely be easier through season mode experiences, but you can always give yourself a challenge by going back to the NFL roster, NFL roster type is more of an narrative experience and then ultimate team is you're really trying to get those big rewards.
There are rare events like 1 in 10k, and there are interesting stuff where if you get undefeated at the Superbowl, the 1972 dolphins may put a hex on you, there are many branching stories/paths, and every time you play that story it will be something different, so I think it's pretty exciting.


Gauntlets are what EA is using for the new madden master track, so you have to be involved with it if you want the madden master. Instead of a program-type feel, it's more of a dungeon, you go through all this 3d gameplay and some puzzle-solving to clear stages and get the rewards at the end of them all.
(Image #1)
This is the screen you see after the main menu, one of the sections of the game is the solo mode, which will have programs such as events, season mode, and then the gauntlet mode will be on this screen when you click on gauntlets it will take you to the second image
(Image #2)
This is our first preview of the madden master series. You will work through about ten stages, play through all of the schemes, all of the 3D gameplay, and other puzzle-solving elements, to eventually get to the boss stage, and upon defeating him, you acquire him.
(Image #3)
You will come into every fresh stage (about 10) on the top left of this image you can see that there are a bunch of chalked in circles, there's only one circled and that represents that you are on stage 3 of 10 (in this case) cause there are 10 dots, and the third one is circled. There is a stage-start node (the one with the "i" in it) and every time you click on it, it gives you info on what you have to pay attention to, EA is planning to possibly launch with close to 200 of these stages.
(Image #4)
Each of the icons represents a different element of gameplay, so you will encounter drills, more traditional scenarios, and overdrive live events. Overdrive live events will not be how you think it is at first, it will be in a way where you actually have objectives you're trying to acquire as you're moving through here. Some of the OD gameplay you might encounter is, you have to play as a specific scheme or score X amount of points, or rush so far, past many yards, use tactics, past pressures, etc. You're also going to acquire things that aren't 3d gameplay
(Image #5)
You're also going to acquire things that aren't 3d gameplay, this is a screen of the trivia, a brand new map node, and you will have 15 seconds to read the question, look through the answers, and pick the right answer, and submit it, if you forgot, it will auto-submit with whatever you have selected. If you get it right, you will get a trivia currency, and if you get it wrong, you don't get it, there will be cooldowns on trivia, so trivia is an endless grind (If you pass it or fail it, it goes on a cooldown, you wait, and then you can do it again)
There are three types of level designs, there is a linear path that is the basic one, you start at the start node and you're going to follow the path you want (big enough to go off the screen) but you can go up there and traverse on the path, come back down and finish the stage. There is also a semi-linear map design which is where you will actually choose your path, you'll be given at least two paths to choose among. you'll pick at least one of them and you'll clear it, and there'll be specific rewards on each path so you'll actually be wanting to do your research, see the map and see what matters most to you and then make your decision. Finally there are hub level layouts which is like a sandbox thing, you're going to have a map node in the middle, you're not going to have paths anymore, you're going to have a hand full of events, that you're gonna use to grind out as much or as little as you want until you can get through that hub. In the semilinear and the hub level designs, it uses a new social element called gates, there are currency gates and time gates. Currency gates are literally grinding out the local currency, and when you get enough of it, you'll unlock the gate and move forward. and time gates are when you encounter them, it will say you can't pass for X amount of time, if you're in an active league, there's a whole new assist system, where you can manage helping each other out. For example, it requires 10 keys, you can grind out those ten keys, but while you're doing that you can ask your league for help on the same live event, and anyone else in the league is going to be notified that you're at that gate and you need help, and what they have to do is navigate to it and if they want to help, they lose nothing and you gain everything, when you do that you'll move through these gates faster and its the same thing with the time gates, its an hour, and if a couple of people help you and it was a 30 minute help on each, then you instantly get through it, we want a gate for the social element to help each other out, and two we want you to not only live in gauntlets, but other things as well.
(Image #6)
Every single stage you will get, will have at least one reward note that gives a meaty reward pack, you might have up to four reward nodes on a single stage, with this we'rEA is giving out all the currencies that matter, if you don't want to play overdrive competitively but you do like overdrive live events, there are captain and coach currencies throughout these rewards so you can still be leveling up your captains and coaches and developing them without having to do a competitive mode, if you wish to take that path EA will be giving out stamina so as you move through, EA will make sure you have more and more stamina to do that. The gauntlets do require stamina to progress through them, but for the most part, no other nodes that aren't 3d gameplay will require that. You'll get other currencies like TP for players, coins, and other currencies that EA is introducing which will be trickled all over. Once you get to a boss stage, you'll fight through it, get to the very end, and you go into the big battle against them (In this case JuJu) and these are unique, so you won't be seeing it a second time as far as how that 3d gameplay has been set up, there'll be a lot of objectives you need to acquire while you're on the field, and once you defeat him, you will be given him as a player for you at a much higher OVR than is required to come in, there will also be an OVR gate so you know its paced well for you. If you come in at a 70 OVR this JuJu could be an 80 OVR, the idea is that you come in at a certain level and you're going to get a reward that will be meaningful for your team.
Every time you go into the gauntlets, the stages are gonna be different, EA handcrafted every single stage you'll play with, have a cool system where we tell our engine to procedurally select which stages that we're going to give to you so you and all your buddies when you all come in you will have different stages, they are of similar difficulty, similar reward, etc. But they will have unique layouts, different 3d gameplay, etc.
The initial iteration of the gauntlet mode was to be tailored towards the master series program, the idea is that EA is going to implement it in other areas as well. EA wants to get our feedback on it and iterate on it, and from that feedback EA has another two/three nodes cooking and they want to make sure its as refined as possible and they will be rolling those out early in the season, they will give great rewards, have great playability, and fit under the gauntlet umbrella pretty well and be different from programs.
Gauntlet mode is a new mode that's designed to be a way that people can continue progressing with their teams outside of major programs, this is a way that EA will be able to deliver consistent ongoing content that you'll be able to continuously grind for, that will give you meaningful rewards. EA has the tech to track our lineups, so they will explore how to make this as rewarding as possible as we go through the madden master series we will get iconic players that are very powerful and good for our upgrades. There is a second type of gauntlet that's focused on more of a repeatable run, each of these gauntlets, you go through once, complete it, be done with it. You'll move onto the next one since it's better and you'll repeat that. However, the second one will be launched asap, and its a true repeatable one, if there is not a program that you're interested in, or giving you rewards that are irrelevant to you, you can move to this other type of replayable gauntlet, and it will generate ten more stages for you, and you'll play as much as you want, and when you're done with it you'll get rewards at the end of the stage, instead of being a boss stage, it will be a treasure room and it will have rewards for you to claim, as soon as that ends, you can just repeat it as many times as you want, if that's how you want to play, you can always be spending your stamina to play the gauntlet and keep getting more and more rewards.
You'll certainly have an incentive to work on both programs and gauntlets, and how you acquire certain palyers you might have more incentive to be in one or another. It will come down to what you require and what you need for your lineup. Some of the other map nodes EA will be adding is hail marry map node, which is a one-shot high stamina, they're for high risk with high reward, you may see this outside of gauntlets cause you will see a pretty difficult situation, and you ask yourself if it is worth this much stamina for you to try today, I recommend doing it cause the rewards seems to be really good.
(Image #7)
This is an updated art look for the gauntlets, EA is going to use doodle type of art to convey all kinds of INFo to you to make sure it's as clear as possible so you know what's up and that you don't miss anything that is important to you. Each gauntlet is going to be visually representative of the player and the team that you are going after.

Front Office & Sets

(Image #1 + Video) EA has brought sets back and has also improved it, there are things like stabs which you can close and open, which is an improvement upon original sets which was a sea of different rows to go through, you can now favorite your set, you'll also be able to do things like drag and drop still (Shown in interaction video above)
You can drag and drop or click, it's based on your preference. Each selected collectible item you click, you'll only be able to see the items that go into it, that eliminates the waiting process to find out which one you need to put the collectible into.
EA is pulling back on the number of currencies that go out (yay) so they've gone back to collectibles, collectibles are the main thing that you do in sets, badges will be styled towards the program that they go into, in the video was aces, so there's an aces badge, and some of the base programs are very simple, collect a badge, get enough badges, turn them in, and get rewards.
(Image #2/3)
You can expect a madden-today map, which will host royals, aces, and veterans based programs, there'll also be warm-up events, but you come in, play to get some coins, TP, or whatever, and you can play whenever you want. Aces this season will be similar to last season in that it has an x-factor stat that will be better than the rest of their stats. Aces will focus on one particular stat that they excel at. Royals are guys that signed really good deals, the point of royals is that when you complete that set, you won't just get the player, you're getting coins with it. Veterans are self-explanatory, 2+ year veteran players in the NFL. These three base programs all have badges to keep that simple, straight forward, that way you can learn, get used to the new sets, and build your lineup easily.
(Image #4)
Locker items are being re-introduced, if you do or don't remember, locker items gave you permanent bonuses that you could accumulate/grow throughout the season, for example, you play TOTW and get more coins off it, or reduce cooldowns on sets, however you were limited on how many of these items you could use, every time you played a program you would have to switch out the others and switch in the corresponding program locker items, but this season they're permanent, and always active, its like a locker item from season 4 (2 seasons ago) but you don't have to switch them out. It's also streamlined, so you can earn a single currency by exchanging extra players and you can get front office points and put them in the locker items that you want, and you can grow them. Through this one general currency, you can upgrade whichever locker item you want rather than relying on collecting that specific collectible (through packs), it's not a luck-based system, it's a currency based system, there will also be upgrade conditions like you might have an item that boosts amount of XP in madden today, you level it a few times and now you can unlock an item that gives more coins in madden today, you have to pick between do you want to continue leveling up the XP boost in madden today, or go forward and upgrade the more coins in madden today path. From time to time, you will see a condition, like if I want something to upgrade rewards in season mode I have to first have won 10 season games before I can continue.
The cap for these items will be at 10/20 levels, and you can stack them as well, so if you have an item that gives you 10% more coins globally, and you have an item that has 20% more coins in madden today, then you would see 30% more coins from madden today. Daily reward pack is self-explanatory, you get a reward each day, and as you upgrade it, the pack gets better. Stamina reducer is probably the best, because it is for the rest of the season, and there's an item to increase your stamina cap.
EA will also be able to release a set of items that based on the configuration of your lineup, can improve how your team's gameplay is on the field in certain ways, it will not be available at launch but they will roll it out in a future release.
How the AH tax reducer works is that, you go into season score/legacy mode, and based on your season score progress, you've already made a significant amount of progress, there'll be additional progress on your OVR for your legacy team, and you get a good head start, and based on the OVR of your legacy team, you can grind out a little bit faster and finish the season score program, the more progress you make, the more you will unlock levels of the AH tax reducer. To interact with it, once you unlock a level, just hit claim, and the item levels up and there is no cost associated with it. EA is hoping to have a few of these type of items to tie into these programs, so if most feared comes out, you get a master, here is a permanent bonus I get, like you get more coins for the rest of the season for getting the master, EA is making sure people's time investment is rewarded.
An issue people had is that as the season went on, some items like for example, a most feared item would just stay there, but fortunately the items that we upgrade/manually or invest in, those types of items will be compartmentalized away from something that we might have in a most feared starter bundle, and with that starter bundle we have the ability to schedule it so once its no longer relevant, it'll go away.
Previously you were able to leave your guys hanging in the sets all day long, they'll, of course, be a lot of those traditional sets where no matter what, you have something to do with your players, like I can trade in some lower players to get a higher player, there were sets like that there were always there and there will be something similar to do that. For example you want to trade in some players that are at least 65 OVR and trade them to get 65 and 70 and so on, and EA can scale those up throughout the season, its not the most efficient route, but if you just have extra program collectibles, rather than being stuck with them, being able to put them somewhere useful is much better, and EA will listen to the community i there is desire for certain types of sets and they will release as needed. They added flashbacks to their radar due to the stream.
PART 2 OF THIS GUIDE: https://www.reddit.com/MaddenMobileForums/comments/cjm6vw/madden_mobile_20_guide_pt2/

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What you can spend your draft points on next season/advantages of legacy OVR:

"Use your Legacy team to get massive rewards of Draft Points!"
75 OVR 25 Draft Pts.
85 OVR 50 Draft Pts.
95 OVR 100 Draft Pts.


"Keep going with your Legacy team to earn even more! Get 3 plays a day and each event can be played once!"
Open Event 2 Draft Pts.
70 OVR Event 2 Draft Pts.
80 OVR Event 2 Draft Pts.
90 OVR Event 3 Draft Pts.
95 OVR Event 3 Draft Pts.
99 OVR Event 4 Draft Pts.
Full Game 4 Draft Pts.


200 80 OVR NAT Franchise Player (Sel. 1 of 32) 2
100 75+ OVR 1st Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) 3
50 72+ OVR 2nd Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) 4
25 70+ OVR 3rd Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) 4
20 67+ OVR 4th Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) N/A
15 65+ OVR 5th Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) N/A
10 62+ OVR 6th Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) N/A
5 60+ OVR 7th Rd.Player (Sel. 1 of 3) N/A


Spend 200 Draft Pts. 1% 400 200
400 2% 800 400
600 3% 1,200 600
800 4% 1,600 800
1,000 5% 2,000 1000


CCrane9 - Resource help
u/vol4life9911 - Scheme Tutorials/Coaches Playbook sneak peek
u/EA_HeySteveDave - Being involved and asking great questions in all the streams
u/EA_Goss - Mac & Cheese
u/EA_Ferwerda - Helping out the community
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