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Isles Of Skidrow - (Part 1)

Currently I'm DM'ing a campaign over Discord, and shall be posting more stories as each session goes by. For now I shall release my personal journal over the past four sessions. Though first I shall speak of the player characters in my campaign so far.
Asq Jeeves: A Green Dragonborn Fighter, in all honestly, the least useful and engaged playeparty member in the group.
Draco Salvo: A Human Rogue, an orphaned member of the Arkadium (a major faction in my campaign) from a young age, he has recently been promoted to Inquisitor and is about to be given his first assignment. It's a shame the character is a violent racist. This player has made themselves quite useful, and is very good when it comes to roleplaying, though, like the player for Zallret they are new to DnD.
Zallret: A Mindflayer Mystic turned Inquisitor for the Arkadium, much like Draco, it is his first time in the field, the Arkadium have bound him in disguised shackles, stopping him from using his more powerful capabilities and weakening him significantly. He has a free cast of disguise self once per day, and uses it to disguise himself as a human. The player is new, and is good at playing the emotionless mindflayer, analytical and straighforward.
Gavin McCathine: A Human Wizard, hired by the Arkadium to assist in Draco and Zallret's assignment. The character was worryingly frail at 1st level (4HP Max). The player often made choices that endangered or otherwise hindered the party, as well as this, Gavin had no particularly useful spells and was a conniving asshole.
Bling Blang: Played by the same player as Gavin; a golden Skeleton Wizard/Fighter who's primary method of attack is the Catapult spell. The character is obsessed with valuables, often risking his life for the chance of marginally better gear or a coinpurse.
The Arkadium’s Dream - Resolved
Zallret, Draco and Gavin have been hired by the Arkadium, an old hag brought them into a dream to test their worth, although they were injured superficially, they managed to figure out they were in a dream or ‘fake’ world by noticing errors in arcane and divine texts. They peacefully got around a golem and although they first put up some resistance, they were taken in by black tendrils and awoke, before meeting with their next group, and their new partner.
The Tomb Of The Scarlet Blades – Resolved
The group met with Asq, a Dragonborn Fighter, after some light drinking, their job was established, and they left the city, choosing to walk rather than take a carriage. They camped outside and bypassed an inn, meeting a desperate farmer rambling about his daughter before the party dragged him with them, though not without pondering on murdering him. The party quickly moved towards the tomb, where Gavin put a patrol of 4 kobolds to sleep, Zallret and Draco fought a second patrol that ambushed them whilst Asq charged forwards, carrying the farmer they had met along their way with him. The group quickly caught up to Asq and managed to puzzle their way to open a secret door, uncovering a secret passage where the farmers daughter was about to be killed by a shaman kobold. Asq managed to kill the kobold and save the girl, the party are promptly ambushed by the patrol that Gavin put to sleep. Like the previous encounters, they are quickly dealt with. As Asq rouses the girl she vomits out a thick black liquid before dropping to the stone floor, dead. The black liquid spreads before congealing, forming into a vaguely womanly figure, oozing black tendrils and malformed limbs dripping congealed black blood. The figure spoke of how the party were far too slow, before incapacitating Gavin and injuring the others as she sprinted out of the tomb. The party stabilise Gavin and begin searching the tomb, both Gavin and Draco find an old skeleton inside of a stone sarcophagus. Gavin attempts to steal the skeleton’s armour and is promptly decapitated. The skeleton sat itself up and allowed Draco to take it’s blade, recognising him as an enemy of demons, the skeleton’s greatest foe in it’s previous life.
Riot In Ravenholme – Resolved
The party met with a runner for the Arkadium, Bling Blang, who came with orders for them to investigate Ravenholme after Arkadium Scryers sensed some form of corruption or tainted magic around the town. The group begins on their way to Ravenholme, passing by a cart manned by several armed, black-hooded figures with a boxed demon. The party are not aware of the demon and allow the cart to pass by them freely and peacefully (after some arguments). Eventually the group come to the village of Ravenholme, after a lot of negotiation within the party in an attempt to stop the inquisitor from instantly setting the town alight for heresy, they are let in by the guard; who are unwilling to, but cannot deny the authority of the Arkadium. The group quickly splits up, Zallret and Asq make their way to a festival just outside the walls of the town after asking around for some information. Bling Blang goes for a drink at a tavern, promptly forgetting he lacks a stomach or digestive tract as his drinks spills down his ribcage and splatters on the floor, he quickly scurries away to the festival. Draco met one of the few mages in the town to investigate and inspect his newly acquired blade; it is revealed to be an ancient relic from a long-destroyed order of demon hunting knights. Eventually all the party reconvene at the festival and begin their search, they ignore a number of hints until Bling Blang agrees to murder a young woman for a set of plate armour. A knife-wielding cultist springs from a tent and stabs him in the chest before dropping a firebomb at her feet. Dozens of cultists spring from the shadowy tents around the festival, toting crude weapons and firebombs. A slaughter ensues as civilians are quickly killed by the cultists whilst the party is split, fighting a number of them off on their own.
After stabbing a pregnant-looking cultist, the foe collapses to the ground as spindly white arms burst from her flesh; a towering creature slowly pulls itself from inside the woman’s body, leaving its host before it’s incubation was complete. Zallret and Draco fight their way to each other whilst Bling Blang attempts to loot a set of plate armour from the corpse of the guard captain, who had shirked his duties to go drinking. Asq is confronted by a different White Demon; whom calmly explains that if he simply walks away, the two of them had no need to fight. The moment Asq turns around, the demon attacks, severely wounding the fighter. From now on, this demon is known as the “Meme/Chill Demon” by the party. After an arduous fight, Zallret and Draco best their demon, whilst Asq is battered and bruised; Bling Blang moves to assist him as the Chill Demon lets out a horrendous shriek, rendering Draco unconscious. The party eventually severely wound the demon, in it’s dying breaths it explodes into hardened needles of viscous black blood, Draco is infested by the demon’s own consciousness, who soon begins to speak to him as a disembodied voice called ‘Mocca’. The party gather up, besides Bling Blang, who returns to attempting to take off a suit of plate armour from the guard captain amidst the blazing festival grounds. As the rest of the party make their way back into the town, they are encircled by a number of demons, bat-like wings now sprouting from their slender, bony backs. One demon moves forward, leisurely groaning and cracking its warped spine, complaining about how much they hurt it; after a barrage of puns, the party realise this is the demon they had just killed. The party begins to make a break for it, they nearly make it out of the city before Asq is impaled by a 6ft long wooden stake, Draco is batted to the ground and Zallret is rendered unconscious by another demonic shriek. Draco and Asq are barely alive, and are also soon knocked out by the demons. Returning to Bling Blang, he still stubbornly refuses to stop trying to take the plate armour as three demons land around him. He doesn’t stop until a stake is driven through his ribs and he is incapacitated.
The party come to, all inside a separate wooden box in a wagon, they hear the voice of a guard they are familiar with, realising they are back in Skidrow. They quickly realise their weapons have been taken from them, most are wise enough to stay still, whilst Asq attempts to break out, however is unable to due to how cramped the box is, allowing him almost no movement. The party are taken underground and dropped into a cell; the locks pop off on the boxes from the impact and the lids swing open a they hit the floor. They look around and find themselves alone in a cell, separated from the others. There is no visible entrance or door on the barred cell, only a grating, like a sewer drain above them. This is where the 3rd session ended.
The Arena – Resolved
The group are awakened as cold water is poured on them from the gratings above. A singular guard enters each of their rooms, levelling a crossbow at them. a second appears for Draco (Is Mocca) they both talk, though the guard cannot hear Mocca. Some monologuing commences. The grates above their cells are pulled open and a ladder is lowered. The grates are opened by children, ragged and starved looking. They find themselves in the centre of a vast, circular cavern, the floor is lined with blood-stained hay. A rotted wooden rack has a mace, a shortsword, a greatsword, a polestaff and a pickaxe. Another person crawls out of a cell. A cleric (If the player for Thor doesn’t not show) Danni Lung. The cavern is dimly illuminated by braziers carved into the stone walls. It's difficult to make out the crowd, they're far less illuminated than the arena. The crowd sits 12 feet above them. The party (surprisingly) does not attack the orphan children on sight, instead watching as they scramble away through a set of metal bars into the darkness. A number of black hooded figures stand out from amongst the crowd; 8ft tall, slender with 4 clawed arms. One pulls its hood down as the party picks out their weapons. It speaks, voice booming in a theatrics fashion. "Sleep well?" Another crowd member screams curses in a language they don't understand. "I apologise for the rather rude reception, but you know it is, no honour amongst thieves... rapists... gamblers... y'know I really don't like these people, well, people in general" The crowd begins to jeer and complain loudly "I'd love to chat for longer... but it seems my customers don't feel like waiting any longer, I hope you make for a fun show!”
A large, metal portcullis is pulled up and a massive creature darts out from the darkness; the tips of spears can be seen behind it's back as they jab at the monster, urging it to leave and move into the arena. The creature is a massive scorpion man called Tsar'Lak. He's formal and polite as their pushed into the arena, but at the same time he keeps a tight grip on a large jagged and barbed Greatsword with a long hook at the tip. He tries to persuade them to help him escape, saying he needs to go home. The party doesn’t let him talk much further as they engage in combat. Asq uses Danni as a meatshield and pushes him forwards, whilst Zallret and Bling Blang pelt the scorpion-man with spells from afar. Draco freaks out as Mocca continues to talk with him. After a few rounds, Danni heals the party, forgiving them for trying to use him as a meat shield but is injured heavily. Draco somewhat comes back to his senses and lunges for Danni, rather than Tsar’Lak. Asq bats him aside with his shield. Tsar’Lak takes this chance to lunge at Draco who is vulnerable, sprawled on the ground; the inquisitor is reduced to -14/17HP after one round. After critically failing his saving throw, Mocca speaks to Draco, offering him an alternative to death, after Mocca persuades Draco he is not a demon, Draco gains a level in Warlock and is brought back to 1HP after a thick, eerie purple haze engulfs him. The group slays Tsar’Lak as they band together, though the party as a whole is now more suspicious of Draco. When Tsar’Lak is slain, a number of runes etched into the stone floor of the cavern glow a bright red, but quickly dim. The group banters with Chill Demon for a while, Asq goes to defecate on the corpse of Tsar’Lak, whilst Bling Blang goes to pick up a handful of coins tossed by the crowd. Danni is incapacitated by the poison of Tsar’Lak’s stinger, but is helped up and stabilised by Zallret and Bling Blang. Bling Blang proceeds to taunt the Chill Demon along with Zallret, laughing at how weak a foe Tsar’Lak was. The city guard burst in through the crowd, slaying a number of arena guards as the demons slink away; though the chill demon stays behind for a moment, pulling a lever to raise another portcullis. The city guard help the party out of the arena pit before a swarm of minidrakes fill the floor, the party (besides Bling Blang) quickly flee, getting their weapons back from a lock-up/storeroom whilst Bling Blang urges to guard to hold the drakes back in a corridor, serving as a chokepoint. The guard is essentially melted after two rounds. One remains, which Bling Blang casts ray of frost on, slowing him down to serve as food for the minidrakes. Danni and Bling Blang catch up with the party, escaping out through a trap door that led into the sewers. The part barricaded and blocked the trap door as flames and smoke rose from it. The 4th session ends as the players crawl from the sewers, horrifically wounded and exhausted
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