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I tried (almost) every flagship Windows laptop and here are my thoughts

Hi! For some context, I'm a 20-year-old university student who's been looking for a new laptop for the past YEAR (we'll get to that). I'm coming from an 8-year-old Asus laptop that's pretty much on its last legs, so I thought it was time for an upgrade. I wanted something pretty lightweight and portable (so a 13" or 14" screen) so I could bring it to school to take notes and do work on. I wanted something powerful enough for some regular multitasking and web browsing, and for some light gaming (like League of Legends).
I wanted to make this post to share my experiences with each of the laptops that I used. I possessed each one for between 1 week to 1 full month, and tried to use them as thoroughly as possible.
For some more context, I am pretty detail-oriented. I wasn't in too big of a hurry for the computer, since my old one still works and is not awfully slow thanks to an SSD upgrade I got a couple years back. So I was open to doing some buying and returning because I wanted to make sure I got the most value out of my money (which I think is a pretty common thought for students without a big stream of income).
Laptop 1: Asus Zenbook UX331FA-DB71 - I- 'm lo-..sing co-nn..-ect- ion...
I got a pretty good deal on this one ($1000 CAD), and it's a very premium-feeling computer, very reminiscent of a MacBook. Some specific pros:
  • You can open the lid with 1 finger
  • Solid build quality
However, the glaring weakness of this laptop was the bad Wifi. It had similar problems to my 8-year old pile of trash Asus, where the laptop would frequently disconnect from the internet, even if the connection itself was stable (by frequently, I mean like 1-2 times per day). This is a particularly bad thing considering that many students are now transitioning to online learning, and it would be pretty unfortunate to disconnect in the middle of a Zoom lecture or online exam... In addition, there was a noticeable amount of coil whine, which was audibly annoying in a quiet room.
Laptop 2: Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - yo dawg, i heard you wanted some problems with your problems...
This one's another very premium-feeling and attractive laptop. It has a very nice glossy touchscreen (which I didn't find myself using that much since it isn't a convertible). I got the model with the i5 and 256gb of internal storage.
The first unit I received performed without any issues until around a week in, where I noticed that the laptop played a static sound in my headphones every time the computer was being charged. This sucked for me because I have my headphones on at almost all times. So I exchanged it for a replacement unit, except the second unit came with a different problem- the fan noise was uncontrollably loud when it was charging (even without anything running). I also noticed some coil whine on this laptop too. As for a smaller issue, it's difficult to open since there is no notch to hold to open the computer. You have to hold it by the side with one hand and pull it open with the other.
Anyway, I thought that maybe this computer wasn't for me considering the issues I was having, so I returned it.
Laptop 3: Dell XPS 13 7390 - what the reviews don't tell you!
I thought I'd go for a Dell this time, since every reviewer online and their mother has been ranting about the Dell XPS for years. I purchased the i5 model with 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage. I'm aware this isn't the most up-to-date XPS model, but some of this may still apply. The main pros of this laptop are:
  • It's incredibly small and lightweight (it fits into the laptop sleeve of my mom's 11-inch laptop)
  • It has a non-glossy screen which is good for reading in sunlight
That's pretty much where the pros ended for me...
  • The first thing I noticed was the really loud fan noise even when no demanding programs were being run. This was particularly irritating, however it seemed to be reduced after switching a setting in the BIOS. So not bad.
  • The battery life isn't as good as you think. I brought the laptop at close to 100 percent charge to a 75-minute lecture. I kept it on battery-saving mode and I had it at the absolute lowest brightness setting the whole time. I was typing in a google doc and I had a couple of pdf's open- basically, nothing intense. By the end of the lecture, I had a little under 80% left. Considering it drains quite a bit of battery on idle, you might want to bring a charger if you have more than 3 to 4 lectures in a day...
  • The laptop itself doesn't sit flat on a table (if you tap the bottom left side of the laptop, it rocks back and forth). I only noticed this later on and it's not the most noticeable, but you do notice it when you take off and put your palm on the computer.
  • The keyboard has good key travel, but I noticed some of the keys are "sticky" and don't press all the way down.
  • It takes around 10 seconds for the computer to wake up from sleep. Sometimes it doesn't even wake up and I have to restart the computer fully.
  • After one Windows update, the fingerprint scanner fully STOPPED working. Even when it was working, I found it only identified my finger 75% of the time. Not bad, not great.
I thought that I was facing these problems because I had received a "bad apple", so I exchanged it for a new one. On the newer model, the keyboard felt a bit better but the other issues were all still apparent. So I decided this one wasn't for me and returned it.
Laptop 4: HP Spectre X360 13" - Sure View is the worst thing since not sliced bread
I decided to up my budget a bit and went all-out on specs, getting the i7 with 16gb of ram. It's a very lightweight and compact computer. The keyboard is really nice and clicky, but...
The Sure View display is... really bad. The viewing angles are absolutely atrocious. The screen only looks normal from one specific angle (looking exactly head-on), if you move your head even a bit, you get this ugly dark-to-light gradient appear on the screen. When you lay it flat to use in tablet mode, the laptop dims almost entirely and you can barely see anything (even when the computer is on full brightness). Unfortunately, the vast majority of x360 models available in Canada come with this technology, so I have very limited options. The screen gets very bright, but I found it didn't get dim enough (it really strains your eyes when using it in a semi dark room at the lowest brightness setting). Also, the trackpad is not good. The trackpad is loose/wobbly at the bottom, where a light click doesn't register, so you really have to press down for it to recognize. It's not a great trackpad in general. The laptop also crashed twice while I was playing League of Legends, and I had heard in a review the performance is inconsistent so my experience may be a reflection of that. Also, you need the strength of 100 actual men to plug in and unplug cables from the USB ports (they stick in a suspicious amount...).
I was pretty disappointed with my experience with this one. Besides those flaws, it is pretty usable, so I thought I could fall back on this one if I really found nothing. So I decided to return this one and get the one I've been looking at for a long time:
Laptop 5: Lenovo Yoga C940 14" - a volcano...?
I had high hopes for this one. I saw no glaring weaknesses in all the reviews I read about it. When I first received it, I was instantly sold. The display was big and vibrant, the battery life is great, the speakers are awesome, it works great in tablet mode with the pen, and it has a good keyboard and trackpad. I only noticed an issue once I plugged it into an outlet to charge and it got... HOT! Even with only a couple of tabs open, the computer got hot to the touch, to the point where it was a bit uncomfortable to type on or having it on my lap. I hadn't noticed anything like this in any of the other computers. This is even more pronounced when I was playing League of Legends, and that's when the keyboard got even hotter, to the point where it was actually uncomfortable to rest my fingers on it, and the portion above the keyboard got even more hot (I couldn't keep my finger on it for more than a few seconds before it burning up). I tried undervolting my device using ThrottleStop, but I noticed almost no difference.
I find that the computer warms up as soon as you do something any more intense than some web-browsing, video watching, etc. It's not too bad when the computer is running on battery mode, but when it's charging, the CPU gets up to 50-60 degrees celsius on idle, and I reckon in the 90's while playing games.
I'm currently typing this on the Lenovo. I feel pretty lost and defeated at this point. In my experience, when looking for a Windows laptop, it was less about which one had the specific features I wanted, but was more about which one had the least significant cons. Which one is the lesser evil. I haven't really hesitated to return because I can survive university with pen-and-paper, but it feels a lot better with a laptop. I may be being a bit extreme, but 1500$ to 2000$ is a LOT of money for a student to dish out on a computer, especially with many students being unemployed now, and concerned with paying tuition.
The biggest thing I noticed was that a lot of the problems I faced are easy for even the typical, non technologically inclined person to notice. I wonder how these brands are letting devices through with issues this apparent. I am really questioning these brands and their quality control...
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M1 MacBook Air Vs Pro for a student/occasional creator

Hey all,
I know there are similar posts to this but I’d appreciate your opinion as I’m having trouble finding good comparisons.
I’m a student that does heavy research and general multi tasking watching zoom lectures, YouTube videos and Office apps. I also use Lightroom to edit raw photos and occasional video editing (currently 1080p but I intend to upgrade my camera sometime to 4K). I connect my setup to an external 1080p monitor and I Intend to use apple sidecar with the iPad.
The base model M1 MacBook Air really seems like a good value computer for my needs but I’m afraid that it will throttle and will not be enough during heavy workload period + that it’s battery capacity is smaller so it will be able to undergo less cycles.
I thought about taking the Base MacBook Pro but at the same price I could take the air with an extra gpu core + 512gb is storage. One the other hand I’ll have a better battery (presumably more long lasting), slightly brighter screen and the Touch Bar.
I’m also not sure whether or not I should upgrade to 16gb ram, making the whole system more expansive. If I’ll take that I will not upgrade the storage/gpu with the air.
I currently use a PC Yoga 710 with a core i7 7500U and 8gb ram for comparison if it matters. It turns the fan spinning for every little thing I do now and is a pain to edit videos on. I could not find benchmarks for it to understand the Amount of improvement I’ll get. Thank you :)
submitted by Paviaguy to mac

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