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Markiplier Theory - The Arcane Arts and Darkiplier

Markiplier - The Arcane Arts and Darkiplier

By: Rigin#3519


The Markiplier lore started in Don’t Blink, a video posted on Jun 19, 2012 that marked the first appearance of Darkiplier, but his actual debut as a defined character was in A Date with Markiplier. This has been a thing for years, with many projects following along with it,, to unravel this lore, we’re going to analyze his projects such as A Date with Markiplier, Wilford “Motherloving” Warfstache, and his most recent Youtube Original Project A Heist with Markiplier! Beware, these contain massive spoilers, so if you don’t want those, you should watch them first and then come back here! I’ve made maps for A Date with Markiplier and A Heist with Markiplier, the one below is the Heist one, so if you want, you can use it as you’d like. This theory will focus on proving the Arcane Arts’ origins and Dark’s intents, how to use them, and who can use them. Welcome to my theory, I hope you enjoy it!

Points of Interest

First point: Darkiplier.

Darkiplier, depicted as an evil entity, is the main antagonist of the lore. Darkiplier doesn’t abide by the laws of physics, space, or time, with most of our encounters happening in this sort of black void.
He’s always portrayed in an edgy, yet always classy form: suit on, soothing voice, dark bags under eyes, almost monoscopic. However, his most defining feature is the stereoscopic red and blue that surround him at all times, which sometimes can surround other things, but we’ll get to that later.
Darkiplier first came into existence inside the Markiplier Manor; he’s a fusion of Celine, Damien, and a mysterious entity that was portrayed as the actual Markiplier Manor, as explained when he traps Damien and Celine inside the void. When you talk to Celine and Damien in the void, Celine is surrounded by a blue light and Damien by a red light, which explains the red and blue stereoscopic effect characteristic of Darkiplier. This was an event constructed by the Manor entity, tricking Mark into framing the Colonel for his death. This plan fails, but after the Colonel shoots you and Abe, the entity traps itself, Celine, and Damien inside Damien’s body. This is portrayed when you wake up after being shot and talking to Celine and Damien and look in the mirror. Who do you see, you might be asking? Not you, but Damien, now possessed by the mysterious entity, Darkiplier. While Dark leaves, you are left standing there alone, staring at the mirror. Dark is now out in Damien’s body; This is the birth of Darkiplier

Second Point: Wilford Warfstache.

Wilford Warfstache, more commonly known as Warfstache, has always been a character in Mark’s skits. He made his debut back in November 2015 in The Fall of Slenderman and has been the face of most of his skits ever since. Warfstache’s most identifiable feature is his pink mustache.
Wilford is a mysterious man, but in a different way from Darkiplier. The first thing you’ll notice about him is his distinctive accent and classy attitude, but his personality is also unique; he seems oblivious to common sense. He’s ignorant and arrogant, and killing people for him is nothing but a pulled trigger or a knife to the chest. He’s apathetic to the extreme. Behind this apathetic mask, however, there seems to lie something else: the ulterior motives behind his personality. That’s what “Who Killed Markiplier” answers.
As the first event in the storyline chronologically, it answers our questions about Wilford, or, as he was known, the “Colonel”. Wilford Warfstache was a war veteran who shot Abe, the detective, and accidentally shot us, killing both.
After we meet with Celine and Damien, we wake up to the Colonel, alone in his manor, who seems different; He’s transforming into Wilford. He went crazy, thinking that he obviously hadn’t killed us, and this was all a play by Damien. He goes looking and shouting for Damien around the manor; This is the birth of Wilford Warfstache.

Third Point: Markiplier, Celine, Damien.

Markiplier, who is neither the Mark we know from the YouTube channel, nor the Mark from Who Killed Markiplier, but is just as goofy as the real Markiplier, with an extra touch of exaggeration. He’s the protagonist of both A Date with Markiplier, and A Heist with Markiplier.
Celine, Damien’s sister and Mark’s (WKM) ex-wife, is one of the main cast. She separated herself from everyone to learn the ways of the Arcane Arts, and is also one of the people who got trapped by Dark.
Damien is someone we don’t have much information on; he’s Celine’s brother, Mark’s best friend, and the Mayor. He, like his sister Celine, was trapped by Dark.

Background & Lore

The Markiplier Timeline

We have 7 videos to analyze, which we will do chronologically, if you’ve already seen these, feel free to skip these and jump to the conclusions of each video, I have most of my theory based on those:

Who Killed Markiplier?

It all starts with Who Killed Markiplier, from the perspective of the District Attorney. After a party, Mark, Damien's best friend, is found dead; Abe, the detective, makes us his partner and we start the investigation. The body goes missing.
Long story short, Celine comes back, and demands us to go with her and use the Arcane Arts to investigate with her,. We see some future flashes, including a peculiar one of the outside of the mansion and the groundskeeper. Celine and Damien insist on staying in the manor to investigate further. We go outside with the chef and Abe. The groundskeeper, George, explains he hasn't gone inside the manor for 15 years and there's only one event that'll make him enter it. Suddenly, the house starts pulsing with light, and we follow as George rushes inside. The door for the room Celine and Damien were in bursts open; we see Celine surrounded by light with a rather malicious look, and George immediately forces the door shut. That's the end of chapter 3.
The Colonel, who was asleep in his room, wakes up, walks in and asks where Celine and Damien are. George says they are gone and advises everyone to leave the mansion as it is cursed. the Colonel doesn't want to leave without Damien and Celine and rushes off to the detective in anger. During this, we hear Celine's voice whispering, but we don't see her. Suddenly, we get into this sort of dark world, walking through various rooms of the house, until we reach the detective's office, along with the Colonel beside us, who once again rushes off to the detective. They argue, and the Colonel shoots Abe right in the heart. We rush in to stop him, but he accidentally pulls the trigger, shooting us too, throwing us off the second floor, into the living room as we hear the Colonel say "It was an accident, I swear".
You wake up in a black void where Mark's body falls. He says with black eyes "It's not fair, is it?" Then, Celine and Damien walk in, glowing in a blue and red light. They explain Mark tricked everyone looking for revenge, but that death doesn't mean anything in that void. He asks you to "Let him in". You wake hours later to the Colonel, now looking more as Wilford, and as we explored earlier. He runs off, and we turn into Darkiplier.


This whole event was orchestrated, by Mark himself, or rather, the strange entity in the house that influenced Mark. He faked his own death to frame the Colonel in a quest for revenge, showed us the groundskeeper to distract us while it trapped Damien and Celine, and, in the end, entered Damien’s body along with trapping Celine and Damien in it. With that, the Colonel goes crazy as all his friends go away; he killed Abe, he killed us, Damien and Celine are gone, and the butler, chef, and groundskeeper, all fled from the manor. He into Wilford Warfstache. This is what Who Killed Markiplier is at its core: an origin story.


Given the description of the video, the events in “Damien” seem to take place right after Who Killed Markiplier. Celine and Damien are lost in the woods in the mid-winter snow. In the cabin, Damien tells Celine that he heard a voice in the woods today, even though, no one should be around those woods. After Celine goes out of the cabin, Damien goes to sleep, and weirdly enough, the same day repeats, but Damien remembers everything. Celine goes out again, and Damien goes to sleep, but he hears a voice calling for him that sounds like Dark. He then goes out to try to find Celine, only to discover that she fell on the cracked ice. Damien tries to rescue her, only to be pulled down by this zombie figure that he thought at first was Celine. The world around him disappears, and with cracks in the air, Mark appears before him.
Damien doesn’t recognize him at first, but Mark makes sure he remembers. Damien asks what has he done to Celine and Mark says nothing, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do anything. Celine would kill him if he tried.
"Mistakes were made. Plans weren't properly executed. The right people started pointing fingers at the wrong people and, uh..."
(sound of a gunshot)
"...a good night with some good friends may have taken a wrong turn at some point."
Damien and Mark start arguing. Damien accuses Mark of taking everything from them and demands him to leave them alone. Mark tells him everything they had in the first place was because of his sacrifices, “Oh, my friend, what has she kept from you?”, Mark says, as he tells Damien to wake up and that there’s no end to the two of them, all interrupted by the sound of a bang. it’s Celine.
She breaks through the crack, the barrier, and before Mark can even talk to her, she throws the axe into his chest. He laughs and evaporates menacingly. Celine tells Damien they need to go, but he refuses to go. He’s sick of being a pawn in everyone’s games. Celine tells Damien how she’s so tired of everything she’s done, just to protect him. “Somethings just can’t be fixed. you can’t protect me forever,” Damien says, and begs her to let him help.
"It's not just about protecting you. Everything's different now. The mistakes I've made, the people I've used, the things I've had to do to keep you alive..."
Damien wants to set everything right. The world starts breaking and water starts flooding in. Celine tells him that if he goes through with this, he’ll be changed forever. “Make sure that bastard stays dad”, Celine says, as the barrier breaks and the cabin they’re in is flooded with water.
In the post-credits scene, Damien appears back at the cabin, having apparently gained Darkiplier-like powers.


Celine put Damien through a time loop in order to protect him, until Mark found him and Damien discovered the truth, and they're now ready to fight back.

Wilford "Motherloving" Warfstache

Wilford “Motherloving” Warfstache follows the overall themes of abstractness that Damien also had, it’s hard to piece everything and understand, but we’ll get to that later.
Several years after the events of Who Killed Markiplier?, we find Abe, the detective, searching for The Colonel, now known as Wilford “Motherloving” Warfstache, after the “murders” of Mark, Damien, Celine and the District Attorney.
Abe enters a party where Wilford is seen dancing on stage, he shoots in the air and scares everyone out of the party, effectively arresting Wilford; In the car, for an unknown reason, Wilford is able to read the detective’s thoughts, and also communicate with him telepathically, which ends up in Abe tasing him unconscious.
Warfstache wakes up tied to a chair in the detective’s office, he remembers who Abe is asks how he’s doing, but something’s off, Wilford is able to get out of the chair by teleporting. He keeps breaking the laws of physics and space, by teleporting around, and after getting shot at point-blank range, it’s like the bullet disappears, nothing happens. He starts telling Abe facts about the past and the future, and that he shouldn’t linger on small details and just accept the situation.
「”The train oh I remember the train how long were we stuck in the snow for? Oh, you don’t remember, that’s ok, probably hasn’t happened yet, but some of your finest work, I have to say... Uh, little spoiler alert for later to make it easier on you:
We all did it (giggles)”
Wilford asks Abe several questions about his hunt for Wilford, when did that happen? Where did he run off to? Abe doesn’t remember anything, as hard as he tries to, he’s been chasing Wilford for “years”, and doesn’t understand why he can’t remember anything, and sits down on the chair Wilford was in. “It’s not possible to know things that haven’t happened yet”. Abe says, “Exactly, just like it’s impossible to survive a bullet, through the heart”. Wilford follows. Suddenly there was a bullet hole in Abe’s chest, and he starts trailing off into black and white, but before that, Wilford stops him from that.
“Listen, friend... It was a bit of a shock for me too. Life needed a little bit of madness but… Why should death be any different? [...]
[...] You’re a freshly born fawn, trying to find your legs in a world that doesn’t make sense. So, just for tonight… Let's forget about all the- th the chasing and, the killing and, the shooty shooty bang bang, ‘God, you're a murderer’ (chuckles). And just for tonight… Why don’t we… Have a little fun?”
In a sort of Movie Reel like transition, it cuts to Wilford on stage putting on his wig, the detective gives in and they all start dancing along with the crowd wearing Warfstache paper masks, as the credits roll.


It’s a very interesting short, it leaves many questions as “Is it all real? If not, is it inside Abe’s head? Wilford’s head? The upside down? Maybe somewhere after life?”.
And the real answer is: It doesn't matter, and I'll explain.
Many people, including myself at times, were questioning Warfstache's powers and how he does all of that, but Mark clearly stated in his Wilford "Motherloving" Warfstache FULL Breakdown video, having a power requires you to have some control over it, which Wilford doesn't.
Wilford doesn't understand anything, he openly says many times, nothing makes sense, he doesn't understand anything anymore, and that's the beauty of it. When he mentions to the detective that he's too focused on the minutiae of it, the who killed who, the who slept with who, he's not just telling Abe, he's telling us, the viewer. Nothing in this world makes sense, and this short was made to show you that, it's the Colonel transition to Warfstache, every single scene is showing you that, every single question can also be answered by that, and that's the point of the video, where Wilford stops questioning reality, and starts accepting it, and also manages to get Abe to accept it.

A Heist with Markiplier

A Heist with Markiplier is a long series, mostly focused on the comedy, and doesn’t have much lore, so for that, we’ll be analysing only a few scenes and endings.
To start off, we’ll be following the story of ending nº6, called the “The End”. We start off with in front of a museum along with Mark, after some funny scenes of infiltrating the museum, we finally get to the artifact, a sort of box with ancient markings on it, the moment Mark grabs it, three shadows, red, green, and blue of the box rapidly appear and disappear, Mark doesn’t seem to notice this, but given the ending, it’s very much possible this has connections to the Upside Down, or the Arcane Arts. Then we choose the Gunz Blazing route, where we bust out of the museum with a small bomb. While the security and police are searching for us, we’re proposed with choosing either a helicopter or a car, we have to choose the car for this one, where we safely get away. Then, after the car stops working, we can go to the forest, or try to fix it, and we have to go to the forest, where we then need to find shelter. Only something’s wrong, somehow the world is in chaos, a zombie apocalypse broke out. We were bitten by one, and we have to hide it from Mark so we don’t end up having to leave him. We then listen to the radio, where there’s a scientist and a soldier transmitting messages, and we’re presented with the choice of going to one or the other, and we go to the scientist.
And here’s where things get interesting.
“I don’t think you’re supposed to do anything, because I’m still not quite sure any of this is still happening, and yet it is. Look, a zombie apocalypse doesn’t just happen all at once, it’s a slow build over a few weeks, even by the most aggressive of theoretical scenarios. Haven’t you two noticed time being a little funny lately? [...] Really? You haven’t noticed things going unnaturally fast? (various flashbacks start playing, including scenes we have never seen in that timeline) Thing happening out of order from one another? Strange coincidences, bizarre memories of things that you haven’t even done yet, all within the last 24 hours? [...] Some single thing, is mixing a bunch of different timelines and realities together into a single dimension. They’re all overlapping”
~The Scientist
After this rant, Mark find this gun-like gadget, and the scientist explains it’s a scanner, like a dowsing rod, but for temporal inconsistencies, that’s supposed to help them track down the anomaly that’s causing all of this. The only problem is, the gadget thinks that we are the anomaly. The scientist then gets ready to shoot us with her plasma-gun-like-thing, because if the anomaly is destroyed, all the timelines will be set back to normal. We can choose between sacrificing ourselves for the greater good, or not, which ends up in us becoming a zombie and eating Mark, we’re supposed to sacrifice ourselves, but instead, Mark jumps in and sacrifices himself to protect us. He then explains what happened, about the heist, and the scientist questions him, is it such a coincidence that the world went to chaos when Mark touched an ancient artifact, she asks to see this artifact, and we find out it’s the artifact that’s the anomaly, not us. She then proceeds to destroy it with her gun, and a map of all the different timelines and videos appear on the screen.
Then the camera pans to the first part of this entire show, the beginning of the heist, when we’re in front of the museum along with Mark, except something’s off, Mark doesn’t remember why we were there, he was still suited up for the heist, but didn’t remember it. The guard comes and tells us the museum is closed, and they start chatting about the suit, and grappling hook. When the guard goes away, Mark opens the map that on the start of the heist was full of things written with crayon (Mark in This Man is a Murderer, the Heist breakdown video, explains that it’s all the endings and paths of the Heist), is now fully empty. Mark closes the map, and says: “So, uh… Wanna go on that date?” as the screen goes black and another version of I Don’t Wanna Be Free starts playing as the credits roll.
Now to talk about ending nº31, instead of going Gunz Blazing, you choose the sneaky route, after going through the sewers, on the dark tunnel, you don’t split up until the part where we have to go through a tunnel that might collapse, when we split up there, Mark keeps talking in the background, but suddenly stops, we turn around, and Mark just disappeared, even the flashlight he was holding just drops on the ground, we come across a hallway with various paintings of people from Who Killed Markiplier with their eyes crossed out (note that the colonel has the pink mustache). We also get texts on our phone ("Aren't you tired of it?", "Don't you feel like you're running in circles?", "No one seems to question it.", "But I thought you'd see through it."). It’s Darkiplier, and we then see him in his usual void, the upside down, and at this point, Dark isn’t talking to the protagonist, but to us the viewer.
“Same snake, different skin. Always spinning his yarns, his webs, his lies. I always thought that you were trapped in his games, perpetually plunging down the rabbit holes of his stories. Helpless. Lost. I know that feeling. Perhaps I’m the crazy one. Perhaps we’ve met a hundred times already and you simply don’t remember. Perhaps you’re tired of me repeating myself over and over and over and over and over and over again! Maybe you would just miss my pretty face. It doesn’t matter. People like you only want one thing… And it’s disgusting. You want answers. Well… Games were always his… Forte [...] Do you really wanna know what’s inside this box? The truth. Not the lies he’s told you. But the truth.”
It’s a lot to take in, Dark continues his rant, saying he’s hidden codes throughout the heist, and by finding it, we get the truth, as the scenery goes away in the distance along with thousands of copies of it appearing. There are indeed codes scattered through the heist, more specifically the end cards, where the dot on the question mark always changes to something on each ending, and the code is just a bunch of letters and numbers that you input as a password in the official A Heist with Markiplier Website to get access to the bloopers and behind the scenes. In the bloopers video, the start is us entering the bathroom, where Dark seems to be doing makeup, he then says “We’re not supposed to meet yet” with a startled face, as, again, the scenery goes away in the distance with copies of it.
Following the path of ending 16, where you charm the guards, end up in the cell, check the human-shaped hole in the wall, stick to the plan of having Wade break you out from outside with a truck, he ends up betraying you, and instead of shooting him we open the box. There's another alternative to this where it's Bob, not Wade, and we end up going back in time to the start of the heist with the box, but now, we go back in time where Warfstache closes the box while it's going back in time, where we find ourselves in an interview with him, it's the only Warfstache appearance during the heist, and I'll explain why it might be important when we analyze A Date with Markiplier.


A Heist with Markiplier plays a lot with the theme of alternate timelines, but in a different way. It's all a game, and that's clearly presented to be a part of the story, the lore, as shown in ending n°31 when Dark talks directly to the viewer, and further proven in the Wilford ‘Motherloving’ Warfstache FULL Breakdown video where Mark clearly states that in most of his projects, the viewer is an actual character.
In the map of the entire series that’s shown in ending nº6, the green lines are the current timeline we’re at, the blue lines are just the rest of them. The blue boxes are the videos in-between, the green ones are “Good” endings, and the red ones are “Bad” endings. Also in this same ending, when Mark says “Wanna go on that date?”, it places A Heist with Markiplier inside the Markiplier timeline, which is right before A Date with Markiplier.
As for the box, it is unclear of its origins, but it is very safe to assume its power is related to the Arcane Arts shown in Who Killed Markiplier.
I’ll keep this conclusion brief, as I will explain everything afterwards.

A Date with Markiplier

To start off, here's a map of the show if you want to follow:
Much like A Heist with Markiplier, A Date with Markiplier focus more on the comedy than lore, and it’s a choose-your-own-adventure type of show.
After Mark supposedly forgot his wallet, and we chose not to pay for the bill for the date, the chef kidnaps us and puts us in a car, where we’re taken to a sort of warehouse, and put inside a cage, after we try to pick the lock, and stay together, we’re presented with only one choice, which is to exit the warehouse, but if we wait a little, another option is presented to us, “More?”, with a Warfstache thumbnail. If you go to the exit route, something weird happens, you flee towards the bright light outside, but the screen flickers to Darkiplier for a few frames and for some reason, we go back in time to the cage, like nothing happened.
When we choose the “More?” route, Mark doesn’t understand why we’d want more but, he says to go first he’ll follow you, when we turn to the right, we suddenly start going through a sort of tunnel, and a bright flash appears, only to be presented with this:📷
Wilford greets us to his humble abode, telling us he hasn’t scheduled us for an interview just yet, and he doesn’t even know why we’re here.
“In all your time going through this game, have you ever stopped to ponder the possibility… That you are not what you think you are? I know! I know! My words MISTIFY but uh- maybe you should find out for yourself. I can’t answer for you but I can put you in a situation where you might discover the truth! Good luuuuck!”
After that, we are put in a bathroom, look in the mirror, and we see Chica (Mark’s dog).
To reach endings nº3 and nº4, you have to choose the other option at the beginning, where you pay for the bill, you’re presented with two theater play options, “Romance | (Love too soon)” and “Horror | (The Dark Mark)”, after the romance one, you can also choose to watch the Horror play, for your information. Upon entering the theater for the horror play, after looking at the stage, we look over to Mark on the right only to realize he has disappeared, when we look back at the stage, there’s a small glitch effect with Darkiplier for a few frames, and that same effect of zooming out in multiple instances of the scene plays, which always happens when Darkiplier appears, and so he does. He asks if we’ve missed him, because he’s missed us, and he’s been waiting a long time to meet us.
“I’ve been pushed aside… Replaced… Mocked. And then he had the gall to not invite me to his little adventure with you. Never again. IT’S MY TURN NOW! I’VE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY! HE PROMISED HE WOULD LET ME IN AGAIN! I’m tired of giving people a choice. (sighs) But I suppose I could give you one last option. Take your pick. Anything of four different choices. More than he could’ve given you. And let’s see how far down this rabbit hole really goes. So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.”
Three of the four videos are random things Mark has uploaded throughout the years, Don’t blink and Don’t move are scary videos Mark tried to do back in the beginning of his channel, and the birth of Dark; The relax video is just a 14 million subscribers special. FREEDOM! is the right choice.
“Good choice. But why do you need a choice in life? If dinner is what you want then I can provide… And I can take you wherever you’d like to go… I can specially take you to the places where you DON’T want to go… It’s exciting… Knowing that there are endless possibilities… Waiting for you… I CAN GIVE YOU ANYTHING. I’ve been waiting a long time to get some personal time between us… THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME. So… Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other… You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as dead… (transitions to dark and you in a parking lot) You’ll never, EVER, going to escape me… Not now- (gets cut off by “Mark”, represented by Tyler with a Markiplier mask, jumping onto Dark)”
Mark and Dark start fighting, they cover their faces with a bag as the screen starts glitching so we don’t know who’s who, one of them drops a gun and we pick it up and have to shoot one of them, by choosing Left or Right. By shooting the Mark on the left, we’re taking to eat ice cream, only Dark is disguised by Mark, and we get to the Chocolate ending, where Dark says we made the wrong choice, and we’re gonna be together forever; By shooting the Mark on the right, we’re taken to the same ice cream place, but now there’s no Dark, it’s just us and Mark having a nice Vanilla ice cream, and him asking us if we want to go to a second date.


First off, the Vanilla and Chocolate ending, Dark seems to have this weird obsession with you, it is unclear if it’s with the protagonist or us, the player. This can also be seen as a persuasion technique, as he clearly wants to “Get in”, since apparently Mark didn’t want to let him in.
But the most interesting or rather confusing endings are the True End, and the Exit end which wasn’t really an end, it was a time loop. The True End shows that you are Chica, Mark’s dog, canonically this wouldn’t make sense, obviously, but it’s name the true end, but is it really? I think it is. Wilford in the beginning states that he doesn’t have an interview just yet, and weirdly enough we actually get interviewed in one of A Heist with Markiplier’s endings, or rather, the protagonist does, he goes on a rant about telling us that we might not be who we think we are, this is directly to the player, that’s why we haven’t had an interview with him just yet. Wilford is telling us that we’re part of the story, as Mark mentioned plenty in the past, we’re not controlling a player, the protagonist, we’re watching their lives through a screen and different timelines, it’s not our choice, it’s their choice we’re choosing to see. Also Dark doesn’t seem to want us to exit, he doesn’t want it to end, he wants to chase us until the end, which is why he creates the time loop when you try to exit the building. Note how the two options, Exit and More? are both respectively Dark’s and Wilford’s endings, the two characters who are known for time manipulation.

Theorizing & Conclusion

The Arcane Arts were first mentioned in Who Killed Markiplier, and are a mysterious force used by Celine, Wilford, and Dark, or rather, Dark itself is part of the Arcane Arts. It was first seen inside the Markiplier Manor when Mark faked his death and Celine came to contact the house, the house showed us the groundskeeper, to lure us out and trap Celine and Damien, that plan was very successful, and the entity inside the house entered inside Damien’s body. Wilford was also the person who spent a lot of time inside the manor, and after going insane with the Detective’s and our death, also acquired some sort of power, or rather some influence. Wilford can’t control the Arcane Arts, but it seems to have taken a liking in him, Wilford doesn’t know what’s happening but given his insanity he just accepts it is happening, while his surroundings are crumbling, while he’s traveling through time and space without being able to control it, he spent too much time in the house and now has a power he can’t control like Celine and Dark. Dark can do everything, when he transports you to his void, his world, he can create anything, and take you anywhere from there, control time, travel through timelines, but what exactly is this power, the Arcane Arts? It’s simple, it’s the power to manipulate this game, this story, this movie. The clues are all there, and I’ll explain everything I’ve found:
  • Mark (the YouTuber) clearly has stated we are part of the story, the viewer
  • Dark and Wilford also talk directly to us, and mentions the existence of a game.
  • Dark hid codes around the endings of A Heist with Markplier.
  • In Who Killed Markiplier, every time someone said the word “Murder” or its derivatives, a lightning sound seemed to play, which is normal in a detective movie, to create that impact, it’s very cliche, but what do we see? The moment Celine enters the Manor, the first Arcane Arts user, she’s the only one to point out the lightning after they say the word murder, she speaks like she knows why it’s happening, even though it’s just a sound effect for the story.
  • If you can manipulate the story, you can manipulate yourself in it, explained by Dark’s ability to just appear in a random parking lot, and Wilford jumping between the Detective’s office in Wilford “Motherloving” Warfstache.
  • The shattered glass in Damien behind Mark/Dark, and around Celine afterwards, could potentially be representing a screen, seen as it also displays a bunch of different moments in Who Killed Markiplier from the viewer’s perspective.
  • The box in A Heist with Markiplier flashes in different color at the start, red, blue, and green, green isn’t something we’ve seen yet, only the other two, but it could also mean the box was made using the Arcane Arts. Which is why the entire world crumbled after you stole that, it destabilized time and space, creating multiple different timelines, and they could only be back to normal once it was destroyed.
  • When the box was destroyed, everything went back to normal timelines, everything was erased, shown by Mark’s map, which was confirmed to be all the endings in the beginning, suddenly showing everything blank. Who was it erased by? The scientist, she was the only person who noticed that time was acting weird, going fast and skipping and timeline merging, memories of things that haven’t even happened yet, she’s the one who created the gadget to find time anomalies, she’s an Arcane Arts user that uses science.
That’s the power of the Arcane Arts, the manipulation of this game, the story. Now… Why is it being used, what is Dark’s true objective, his role, or rather, the entity’s objective and role. Well that’s simple… They’re the orchestrator, the one who changed every single piece, and directed this story, why? So they could reach us. You may think that since in A Date with Markiplier the Chocolate ending wasn’t the true ending, that it wouldn’t be canon, but we’ve clearly seen otherwise in ending nº31 in A Heist with Markiplier that that isn’t true, Dark wants us to let him in, to our world, he has realized it’s all a game, that it’s all fake, he’s furious about it, as stated in the same ending where he says he’s disgusted by us and our greed for the answers. After we gather all his codes, we get a password for the behind the scenes… But something’s weird, is it really just the behind the scenes and bloopers? No, in the bloopers, it starts with us walking down a hallway towards a door to the right, we open it and what do we see? Dark doing makeup, something never before seen, not even close, all our encounters with Dark have been serious, but even Dark himself is startled telling us it wasn’t our time to meet yet, and hurrying the transition to go faster.
That’s the answer that Dark wanted to show us. That he is the orchestrator of it all. The entity in the house lured Mark into killing himself so he could get a hold of Damien’s body in order to walk around freely around the world disguised, while at the same time creating a story for us. The box? Also Dark’s doing, who else could’ve created something like that? It couldn’t just be there in the museum because if someone managed to grab it from somewhere else, why did nothing happen then, only when Mark and us grab it? It’s because Dark is creating the story, he created the box, that caused the Heist, and after it was destroyed, everything went back to normal, and we go on a date with Mark. Even after that, he manipulated A Date with Markiplier’s story so we could continue playing, and even tried to get a hold of us so he could get in our world, that’s his objective, and his role. The only story he did not get a hold of or control over, was Wilford “Motherloving” Warfstache, very interesting coincidence seen as Wilford is the second strongest Arcane Arts user, he created a story for himself that didn’t make sense, and even revived Abe who was clearly dead, it only served a purpose of explaining himself, and never tied in to anything or influenced anything outside of that.

Credits and Special Thanks

That was a ride, I never did a document so big in my entire life and it was really fun, originally I was gonna explain why Wilford and Dark could mess with timelines but as I came to analyze every single detail of every video, that conclusion just seemed to clear and bland and more and more ideas were coming, that conclusion of Dark’s role? Literally came when I was at the end of the first page of Theorizing and Conclusion! It took me way too long but I’m really happy with it and I hope you guys liked it!
Also wanna say thanks to everyone who cheered me on through these 25 days of procrastinating and theory, but I wanna give a super special thanks to Merc who helped me through oblivion, this doc would be way uglier without her, I learned a lot here, even grammar!
My name is Rigin, signing out!
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Bands playing in Vancouver from July 3rd to July 9th

Hey /Vancouver,
It’s time for the new weekly concert listings, giving you the information you need this week on who is playing, where they’re playing, and why you should see them. The point of this thread is to help spread the music scene in Vancouver, find concert buddies, or hype up your concerts for the week. As always I may’ve missed a few bands but generally don’t include crappy cover bands. If I did miss a legitimate touring band please comment below. If you want to know who is playing today, look at last week’s thread.
For people who care about my picks, I’ve included a Streetweight which is just for free shows. There are a lot of free shows in Vancouver be it in coffee bars or festivals or sponsored events, that it’ll be worth having this weightclass in. I found the past few weeks the Canada Day Party and this week Khatsahlano party are taking away from the lower priced bands in the Pubweight category who really need the publicity to be highlighted as a pick of the week.
Perdin’s Picks
Streetweight: Khatsahlano Street Party @ West4th and Burrard – FREE
  • I would consider this line up rivals the Canada Day lineup at Canada Place. Some really good bands on here. Totally deserving of our inaugural Streetweight championship.
Pubweight: Quintron & Miss Pussycat with The Intelligence Service @ Fortune Sound Club – $10
  • Before I created Streetweights this position was in a three way deadheat between Quintron, Khatsahlano Street Party, and La Luz. The unique live show is what helped bring this one to the forefront, but I highly do suggest you check out La Luz @ Biltmore Cabaret.
Clubweight: Taco Fest @ Swangard Stadium – $20
  • Not many contenders in my mind for the $15 – $35 dollar range this week. I mean we have some club stuff going on. Now Depending on what I post/what you read first I do say in my food one the taco’s weren’t the best last year but since this thread isn’t about the food but the overall experience, it makes it the Clubweight champion of the week.
Arenaweight: Fvded In The Park @ Holland Park – $219.50
  • It was this or TLC. I choose Fvded because even though EDM/Electronica/Whatever you rave kids music is listening to these days isn’t my favourite type of music, there are still really good bands in the genre performing. As much as I rip on the Chainsmokers, props need to be given to them for becoming that popular.
Tiger Army, Murder By Death, and Tim Barry @ Venue – $35
  • Despite their names, they’re not metal or goth. Tiger Army is a psychobilly band, Murder by Death is an indie rock band whose name was taken from the 1976 film, and Tim Barry is a singer songwriter and was the lead member of the punk band Avail.
DJ Smoke Weed Guy with Tough Customer @ Red Place – No Ticket Info given.
  • This is the show for Tuesday, because there is nothing else going on. YAY DEFAULT win. Both are super indie bands to the point their stuff sounds low budget.
Daniel Lanois @ Commodore Ballroom – $29.50
  • Grammy and Juno Award winning ProduceArtist Daniel Lanois will be at the Commodore Ballroom. He is a Canadian SingeSongwriter.
The Wind-Up Birds with Pastel Blank and Wax Cowboy @ 333 – $8 @ Door but you need to message them for actual address
  • localish indie rock bands going on tour. I really like Pastel Blank, their one song on their band profile is pretty good. Although going to a random house show does worry me about sound quality.
Sabrina Carpenter with Alex Aiono and New Hope Club @ Vogue Theatre - $35
  • Pop musician Sabrina Carpenter will be sharing the stage with fellow pop YouTube musicians Alex Aiono and New Hope Club. For some reason I feel like the only people who know about these performers are under fourteen. Typical pop stuff.
Jam In Jubilee @ Jubilee Park (Abbotsford) – FREE
  • First in the series of free concerts in Abbotsford. Playing this week are bands Aerophonics, Jordan Klassen, Said the Whale, and Hubbo.
La Luz @ Biltmore Cabaret – [$14.99](www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1481271)
  • Surf rock band La Luz is sneaking in the Pubweight category by going a cent underneath the price limit. Solid band, very enjoyable especially in the summer months.
Snak The Ripper with Jaclyn Gee @ Red Room Ultra Bar – $25
  • Snak The Ripper is a Vancouver rapper, probably known for his 2015 beef with Mad Child. Some people like listening to Snak the Ripper, they’re probably the same people who like ICP. Jaclyn Gee is a female rapper, some of her raps remind me of Lilly Allen because they seem pretty basic/safe.
Ron Funches @ The Rio Theatre – $29.50
  • Shhh… this isn’t actually a music performance but a comedian.
Fvded In The Park @ Holland Park – $219.50
  • Friday & Saturday is Surrey’s music festival, Fvded in the Park. For $219.50 you can attend both days and see high quality performers like the Chainsmokers. Honestly, my go to show would probably be Yellow Claw.
Pokemon with the VSO @ Orpheum Theatre - $54-$68
  • Gotta listen to them all!
Sublime with Rome and The Offspring @ Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre – $35 - $80
  • Abbotsford seems to be the place for you’re 90’s/2000’s punk rawk concerts. First Blink 182, now Sublime with Rome and The Offspring. I know people are divided with the whole Sublime/Rome combination, so it honestly depends how much you really like them, the offspring, and travelling nearly an hour away from Vancouver to see this show.
Bass Coast Music & Art Festival @ Merrit, BC – $800+
  • Electronic music festival headlines by Lazy Syrup Orchestra and Max Ulis. This is from July 7th to the 10th. Pretty much get fucked up on drugs in a forest type of concert.
Said the Whale with Fake Shark @ CBC Vancouver – FREE
  • Said the Whale is doing another free show in Vancouver. This time they’re supported by Fake Shark, I remember seeing them opening for MSI and go ”Oh wow, they sound like a poor man’s version of them.” I’m happy to hear their sound has matured and they’ve improved. Good show if you’re there around noon.
Say Hello 2 Heaven: Chris Cornell Tribute @ The Rickshaw – $10
  • This is a tribute show for the late Chris Cornell with proceeds going towards Crisis Centre of BC. On the card we have Left Spine Down, Gareth McDonnell, Matt Girvan, Fuck Gunz, Chris Olson, Ashar Kazi, Travis Green, and The Waning Light. I know none of these people other than Left Spine Down. Although one of those names sound exactly like a co-worker of mine and I wonder if that’s him.
Tropic Harbour @ The Matador – No Ticket Information given
  • It’s a shame this isn’t qualified for my pick of the week because of the total lack of venue information, but tropic harbour is pretty good electronic artist if you like listening to beats/vocals. Very dreamlike.
Soul Purpose @ Club [email protected] Legion – $20
  • Hey who likes cover bands? I don’t.
North by North and The Godsport @ Cobalt – Ticket Information Unknown
  • The Godspot is a psychedelic rock band based from Vancouver. North By North is a rock band from the states on tour. They’ll be at the Cobalt. No ticket information was given for the show.
The Poolsharks with Tokyo Blue @ The Media Club – $10
  • Alternative pop rock band The Poolsharks will be playing at the Media Club to celebrate their newest release. Pretty good band from Vancouver. Tokyo Blue is a blues band, so in case you miss the Jazz Festival the past few weeks.
Khatsahlano Street Party @ West4th and Burrard – FREE
  • An amazing free lineup of musical acts that include The Zolas, The Courtneys, D.O.A., Twin Bandit, Peach Pit, Tulip, Did you Die, Jock Tears, Love Coast and many more. Should be a good time all day Saturday here.
Shawn Mendes with Charlie Puth @ Rogers Arena – $17 - $84
  • Male pop artists Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth are at Rogers Arena. Backing them will be the screams of female fans.
TLC with Naughty By Nature, Montell Jordan and Biz Markie @ Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre – $35 - $90
  • Wow! What a line up. Also included but not listed is C+C Music Factory and Snap! If it wasn’t for it being in Abbotsford, this would be my pick of the week. If you can get there, grew up in the 90’s and love hip hop, this is the show for the week.
The Districts with Spirit of the Beehive @ The Cobalt – $14
  • Indie rockbands The Districts and Spirit of the Beehive will be playing the Cobalt on Saturday. If you enjoy the indie rock scene, this is a good show. I’m actually surprised the Districts are playing the Cobalt and not somewhere else in the city.
Homegrown: A 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert Party! @ Orpheum Annex Theatre – Donation at the door or $20
  • Mix of spoken word, performances, and musical guests. Homegrown is Vancouver’s local talent in classical like music.
Jock Tears and Peach Pit @ The Railway Club - $No Fucking Clue
  • Since the Railyway Club doesn’t have a decent website and neither band has information on the gig concerning ticket prices, I can’t fully endorse this show. Also apparently they’re playing at Khatsahlano street party the same day as well… Not sure what’s up with this show.
Indian Summer Festival @ The Orpheum – $35 - $100
  • Indian artist L. Subramaniam will be headlining the Indian Summer Festival at the Orpheum next week.
Quintron & Miss Pussycat with The Intelligence Service @ Fortune Sound Club – $10
  • Quintron & Miss Pussycat is an experience in terms of a live show. The show mixes puppets, music, and electro dance music. It’s surprisingly entertaining being how noisy it is. The Intelligence Service is a psychedelic punk band in Vancouver.
Constrained Creation Collective Presents: Together Untrained @ Café Deux Soleils – $5-15 by Donation @ Door
  • Not 100% sure what this event is but from my understanding it’s just a bunch of art kids playing music together with visuals. It’s advertised as psychedelic rock. Also couldn’t find a band name/link.
Taco Fest @ Swangard Stadium – $20
  • Who doesn’t love Tacos? Amongst tacos there will be beer, eating contest, wrestling and music! Musical acts are Big John Bates, La Chinga, Los Furios, Blackout Lights, Seven Nines & Tens, CAWAMA, Year of the Wolf and more.
Eva Ayllon @ Bell Performing Arts Centre – $69 - $89
  • Peruvian singer Eva Ayllon goes to Surrey of all places to perform her music. Eva is Peru’s living legend in the music business and is a pleasure to listen to. Unlike Surrey, it’s never a pleasure in Surrey.
Living Body with Mi’ens and Wild/Kind @ The Astoria – Fuck the Astoria.
  • Living Body is a rock band from the UK, Mi’ens is a Vancouver Mathrock band, and Wild/Kind has been featured on this thread before and are enjoyable.
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