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Lord of the Rings - Living Card Game. Rakino' sGame Corner #1

Hey all. I see a lot of love for LotR films, videogames etc on this sub, but there's one kind of media that seems to get swept under the rug - BOARDGAMES AND CARDGAMES. After all , in Letter 131 Tolkien himself wrote:
Do not laugh! But once upon a time (my crest has long since fallen) I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend, ranging from the large and cosmogonic, to the level of romantic fairy-story-the larger founded on the lesser in contact with the earth, the lesser drawing splendour from the vast backcloths.I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and little cards and cardboard tokens and drama.
Its what Tolkien wanted, so lets play! I'm going to do a series of posts on Tolkien inspired board and cardgames, perhaps once a week. I'm not trying to review the games or teach anyone how to play the game. I just want to show off what I thought of these games as a fan of Tolkien and of the films.
First up - Lord of the Rings - the Living Card Game


As soon as I heard about this game I was intrigued. Its a card game - something like Magic or Yu Gi Oh, but set in the Lord of the Rings universe. You have draw cards from a deck, play them onto the board by paying resources and they fight against a card-based AI enemy. Unlike most card games you are playing as a team with the other players to complete your quest.


All the familiar faces are there and many more obscure characters too. You can play as Eowyn, Aragorn, Legolas, Frodo or Gandalf, but you're just as likely to see Erestor, Glorfindel, Dain, Fatty Bolger and Beregond. Players each start with three heroes in the field (meaning with three players you form a perfect fellowship of nine heroes). You can recruit allies as you play (e.g. a Northern Tracker, Daughter of the Nimrodel, Gildor, an Ithlien Lookout or even Arwen. Along the way you'll also equip your party with attachments, which are sometimes items (such as the Blade of Gondolin , Miruvoir or the Bow of the Galadrim) but can also be abstract like a Song of Mocking, Nor am I a stranger or the Support of the Eagles. There are also events - one off things that the party does, or that happen to the party like The Galadrim's Greeting, Second Breakfast or Gildor's Counsel
Cards on the good side come in four flavours or Spheres (think pokemon types or Magic colours): Tactics, Leadership, Lore and Spirit. You can have a mix of whatever types of card in your deck that you want, but its usually best to focus on one or two spheres.
  • Tactics (Red sword) is fighting, dealing damage, killing enemies and defending from powerful enemy attacks. Legolas and Beorn are tactics heroes.
  • Leadership (purple G rune) is about buffing, bolstering and supporting allies, among other things. Sam and Boromir are leadership heroes.
  • Spirit (blue star) is usually about generating willpower to complete quests. This game cannot be won by simply killing all the Orcs/Spiders/whatever. You need to quest - committing characters to the current quest represents them searching, investigating or otherwise progressing the current objective. Fatty Bolger and another version of Eowyn are Spirit heroes.
  • Lore (green book) is kind of the "other" Sphere. Lore is about healing, gathering intelligence, foresight and reducing "threat". Lore cards tend to let you draw more cards, heal your cards and look ahead on the scenario deck or your own deck. Elrond and Beravor are Lore heroes.
Deck building
A big part of the game is making your deck. You choose three heroes, and then stock the deck up to 50 cards exactly, including attachments, allies and events. You can put in any cards you like, but you need to some degree match the cards to you heroes' Spheres (or colour) as each hero can generally only use their resources to pay for things of the same sphere.
Some example decks I found cool
Cirdan - a Power Long Hidden (Cirdan, Erestor, Arwen)
For the Shire! (Sam, Merry, Pippin)
Sons of Numenor (Aragorn, Boromir, Prince Imrahil)
The Orc Hunters of Imaldris (Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel)

The Enemy

One of the main differences between LOTR LCG and those other games is that you don't play against the other players. You work cooperatively to overcome threats drawn controlled by drawing from a deck of scenario cards including enemies (such as Ungoliant's Spawn, Wargs, or The Nazgul of Dol Guldor, locations (e.g. The Brown Lands, The Enchanted Stream , or the Mountains of Mirkwood) and Treacheries, which are nasty events that can happen to the party (such as the Eyes of the Forest , An Evil Storm, or Disturbed Waters.
While these "evil" cards are being drawn out of the deck, the heroes try to complete a quest. Quest cards have various conditions that need to be met for the party to move on and finish the game that differ wildly. Each quest has a set of around three cards, forming the beginning, middle and end of the story you're playing through that game. The Core game set comes with 9 quest cards, for a total of three quests, which form an overarching story of the party honouring a request by Galadriel to investigate some strange activity around Dol Guldor. In the first, the party travels through Mirkwood, fighting spiders. In the second one hero is captured and the party has to sneak into Dol Guldor to rescue them. In the third they escape via the Anduin and are ambushed by goblin archers.
This also means you can play SOLO. Just one player against the deck. While this is slightly more challenging its a perfectly valid way to play. It means you can play by yourself if everyone else cancels that day, or if you can't convince any of your buddies to get into the game.
Let me be perfectly clear - this game is damn hard. I lose to the Enemy deck a lot. It isn't a fair The enemy cards are almost always a lot stronger than yours and have lot of really nasty effects. You're always frantically trying to neutralize threats the deck throws at you, best you can. With each expansion more and more nasty scenario cards.

A living card game

The other thing that differs between living card games and games like Yu Gi Oh and Magic is there is no card scarcity. Apart from the core, every single expansion comes with at least one copy of every card in that set. There are no booster packs to grind through, no aftermarket card reselling, no ultra-rare super powerful cards. A new box comes out, and if you want those cards, you buy that box. Easy. In each box you get some heroes, attachments, etc and a bunch of quest and scenario cards.
The newer Saga box sets actually follow the plots of the books. The LotR ones have you escorting Frodo from the Shire to Rivendell or chasing down the Uruk Hai.

Your turn

A basic turn (leaving out a lot of detail or we'll be here all day. If you want to see the the first turn of the very first scenario check out this video where two players play using OCTGN, an online card gaming platform.
  • generate resources (one for each hero and matching their Sphere)
  • draw a card from your personal deck
  • play Allies and Attachments from your hand to the table by paying their resource cost.
  • declare who of your heroes and allies are committing their willpower (the star stat on each card) to the quest and exhaust them.
  • More evil cards are drawn off the scenario deck. Treachery events resolve immediately. Enemies and locations move to the staging area (representing them lurking in nearby areas)
  • check if your willpower beats the evil willpower of all the locations and enemies. If it does, add the difference in progress tokens to the current quest. If it doesn't, raise your threat (Sauron's attention) by the difference!
  • travel to a location. This means its evil influence won't be counted in the next quest phase, but you'll need to put progress on it and resolve it before you get back to the main quest
  • Engage enemies. Each player can choose to pick a fight with one enemy, but otherwise they only attack you if your Threat is higher than a Threat threshold in the top left corner of the card.
  • Enemies that are engaged with a player attack first. You declare a defender to take that attack, subtract their defense value from the enemy's attack value and take the difference in wounds. A character can only have as many wounds as their health stat before dying
  • Now its your turn to strike back! Heroes and allies that aren't already exhausted can attack an enemy. Subtract their defense from your character's attack strength.

How to Win, How to Lose

How to win - Complete the quest objectives, by generating willpower and quest progress and any specific requirements of each quest. Easy right?
How to lose
  • All your heroes die, by losing all their health, or another reason.
  • Your "Threat" counter reaches 50. Threat is a measure of how much The Enemy's attention you've garnered or how risky the situation has become. If its too high your quest fails. Your threat starts at the sum of all your Heroes' threat value (in the top right hand corner of each hero card, Gimli's is 11 in this case) and goes up by at least one every turn. This is why some very strong Heroes are not as useful as you might think - because they're so important and powerful they get Sauron's attention a lot more quickly.
Threat also affects how and when enemies attack you. Enemies spawn in a "staging area" which represents nearby areas where enemies are lurking. They stay there until the party chooses to engage them or when a player passes a threshhold of threat.

Lore and Theme

So, first things first. You can do some obviously not lore friendly things in this game. You can make Gloin the Steward of Gondor for instance. Or you can send Glorfindel, Elrond, Gandalf, Aragorn, Galadriel and Beorn to escort Frodo to Rivendell - that should deal with any pesky Black riders! Also a most of the missions are clearly non-canon, apart from the Saga expansions which clearly follow story beats from the books.
With that out of the way, they've nailed the themes and feel of LotR. Singing the Song of Earendil and smoking a little Old Toby is likely to be just as helpful as a Rain of Arrows or showing off your Blade Mastery. The party is almost always sneaking around, avoiding the servants of the enemy as much as possible, engaging in combat only when necessary. Powerful Noldor warriors and Istari also tend to attract a lot of enemy attention, so you'll often find a humble hobbit a much more useful hero. I really like this aspect of the game. You really get the idea that the designers are passionate about Tolkien.
When you play this game you really get the feel of Lord of the Rings. The frantic desperation of fleeing the Black Riders. You'll cheer when you draw Gandalf, who stays in the game for one round then leaves (just like in the Hobbit). The simple conforts of food and company and song have as much value as swords and armies. Fatty Bolger is incredibly useful.
Little things like Legolas and Gimli complementing each other so well with their Unlikely Friendship are really cool.

Art or "Oh my gosh, just buy this game for the pretty pictures

I'm just going to post links. I think they speak for themselves.
Impenetrable Fog
Durin's Bane
Forest Snare
The Favour of the Lady
Ambush on the Shore
Radagast's Cunning
Wandering Took
Master of Healing
Hobbit Provisions
Trained for War
Another Durin's Bane
Escape from Darkness
Just scroll down this page and you can see all the awesome art from the first set.


This is a really awesome, really hard game. You need to fight for every win, and choose your cards carefully. Its beautifully designed (visually and mechanically) and clearly made by fans. I'd recommend anyone interested in cardgames, or just experiencing Tolkien flavoured adventure stories in a new way check it out.
If you want to learn the details of how to play the game check out this excellent video that simply and succintly explains the rules and gives a simple tutorial.
More entertainingly this excellent video shows the third adventure Escape from Dol Guldor played through. The party, having previously delivered Thranduil's message to Galadriel, investigate the area around Dol Guldor. However, one of the party is captured and must be rescued from the dungeons of the Necromancer. It supposedly takes place between the Hobbit and LotR.
Okay, that's it for Game Corner #1, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Any questions or feedback? I'm relatively new to this game, so I'm no expert at all.
submitted by rakino to lotr

TRICK REVIEW - Fragment by Abstract Effect

TRICK REVIEW - Fragment by Abstract Effect

Here is my in-depth review of Fragment by Abstract Effects.
The philosophy is simple: to give you the truth.
When I review a product, I’d like to judge the product per se, but not putting past record or creator’s name/reputation into consideration. I will provide what is not said on the advertisement and details beyond the product itself.
I have no affiliation with any magicians or dealers, and I paid the full price of this product. I am not here to help creators and dealers to make sales, thus you will have everything good and bad about the product. Almost nothing is left out.
I believe by giving you the most transparent information, you will become a better consumer in long run.
This is the goal of my reviews, and I hope you will agree that in-depth and unbiased reviews are good for you and the community.
If you love to watch the video version of review, you can search on Youtube.
This is a tool to make a deck of cards appear from a single card. Variations are taught on the tutorial.
You will receive a gimmick which can be used with Bicycle Rider back.
A link to the password protected online instruction is also provided.
The gimmick is very simple. It may be much more simple than you have imagined. I will try to review its quality without disclosing what it is.
It’s constructed with good material and will last a long time. There is no worry that it will break eventually, because you can make your own gimmick easily. It’s time consuming though. It takes about 30 minutes. You will surely have all the materials to make the gimmick.
There is a nice subtlety of the gimmick construction which makes the gimmick work nicely. And the effects are possible because of this subtlety. This subtlety is very thoughtful. It is small enough to hide in the hand. The most common way to hold and hide the gimmick is to hold it with a palm down hand. Depending on how large your fingers are, you may need as many as 3 fingers to hide the gimmick.
If you want to ring in or ring out the gimmick, it’s hard to palm with traditional techniques because of its nature. Gambler cop kind of palms are more suitable to handle the gimmick, compared with usual top or bottom palm technique. In fact, its construction makes it very hard to manipulate in your hands. And dropping the gimmick may cause ‘disaster' in your live performance.
It is not a single unit, thus it is inconvenient to carry in your pocket unless you have a container for it. Each gimmick is hand made. Thus its construction may not be perfect. For my unit, there is significant difference of width at both ends of the gimmick. It doesn’t affect the operation but it seems that the manufacturer is not paying attention enough.
To conclude, this simple gimmick is kind of ‘innovative’. But its simplicity may disappoint some buyers. Due to its construction, there is a lot of limitation in real world application. For example, you cannot use the cards produced. I have no complaint about the quality of the gimmick. But neither am I satisfied with the gimmick. I will elaborate further in the following sections.
The explanation comes as online tutorial on Murphy Magic website. The video can be downloaded on your own device.
The effect is explained in a 42 minutes and 14 seconds long video. The explanation is presented by Nicholas Lawrence and The Other Brothers.
The tutorials are shot in two settings: one in ’studio’, and another in home setting with Nicholas Lawrence. The explanation is generally clear because that’s nothing much complicated about the gimmick. When they show you the variations, you will instantly know what to do without resorting to explanation.
The tutorial is not nicely organized. There are a lot of ‘failures’. For example, the sunshines on the table (in the studio) makes the deck almost invisible, and thus they have to give you another shot (in home setting). And in ‘Hover Spread Appearance’, the gimmick is flashed despite everything was in good-to-go position. Nicholas Lawrence then tell you ‘you can add a card to hide it’, as if this effect is done for the first time and only at that moment he aware the issue.

This is where the deck is
Length (in minutes) of the main parts (I literally counted):
  • What you get - 3:25
  • Explanation (deck & card transpo) - 8:41
  • The Toss Appearance - 2:38
  • Spread Appearance - 0:51
  • Hover Spread Appearance - 1:22
  • Fan Appearance - 1:50
  • Fan Vanish - 2:29
  • Compression Vanish - 3:34
  • Rising Card - 04:06
  • Inflated Deck (Idea) - 4:22
  • Portal Pack - 7:19
  • Final Thoughts - 1:02

I will summarize all variations with my comments as below.
Main Effect (Deck & Card Transpo): A signed card is transposed with a deck. There is no live performance or even studio demo of this effect. They only went through the effect in tutorial. To be honest, I am hugely disappointed with this. First of all, the way they handle the gimmick is not practical at all. I strongly doubt that whether they have actually done it as per the explanation exactly even once in live performance. You will understand what I mean when you see how they handle the extra prop they introduced in the tutorial. In fact, using the technique in ‘Portal Pack’, there is no need to use the gimmick at all. The idea of this effect is nice, but the execution is very poor. I am quite confident to say that this effect won’t be in anyone’s repertoire in long run.
SCORE 4/10
The Toss Appearance: This is the effect you may have seen in the trailer, performed by Justin Flom. This is a beautiful effect if done right, but its success largely depends on the table condition. Besides, you need to experience how to throw it right.
SCORE 8/10
The Spread Appearance: You spread a deck out of a ’single card’. This is the easiest application and probably the one mostly done by magicians.
SCORE 7/10
Hover Spread Appearance: This is a variation of the Spread Appearance. The cards appear as you hover a single card on the table. It needs some practice but the illusion is very good. I like how creative it is.
SCORE 8/10
Fan Appearance: You fan a deck out of a single card. But after that you can do nothing with deck except vanish it. You can’t even close the fan and make it look like a normal deck. It’s an idea to play for fun, but not a practical application in live performance.
SCORE 5/10
Fan Vanish: This is the solution to handle the deck produced from the fan with technique above. Nicholas Lawrence demonstrates how to vanish the deck after closing the fan. The handling is not elegant even in front of camera. And if your hand is not big enough, you cannot use the palm which was taught on the video. In fact, even if your hand is as big as Nicholas Lawrence’s, it will be challenging to do the palm. As you will see on the tutorial, he need to use two hands to adjust the palm at the first time, and the second time the gimmick flashes obviously. In fact, it’s better to achieve the same effect with stage manipulation technique.
SCORE 3/10
Compression Vanish: This is a joke. On the tutorial, the gimmick flash the whole time. And the illusion is so poor that, unless audience is blind, it won’t work. The teaching in the studio is abruptly stopped. And it continues in the home tutorial. Even though Nicholas Lawrence tried to make the vanish at the end convincing, but the compression of the deck is just so poor.
SCORE 3/10
Rising Card: This is intended to be a magician fooler. The idea is interesting, but it is unpolished as a complete routine. A gimmick and a deck switch are required to accomplish a simple rising card effect. Besides, once you inset the signed card into the ‘deck’, you can do nothing except to make it rise. No shuffle is allowed. To magicians, the handling of the deck is not convincing. Thus even if the ‘rising' part of the effect is fooling, I don’t see how impressive it is to magicians.
SCORE: 3/10
Inflated Deck: This is an innovative idea to make a whole deck vanish in a single hand. It needs some practice but the illusion is perfect. The disadvantage of this variation is the get-ready position. It’s hard to do it in the middle of other tricks.
SCORE: 7/10
Portal Pack: This is a card and deck transposition effect without using the gimmick. This may be the most valuable item in the tutorial because it totally works. It’s quite ridiculous that the best item in this tutorial is the one without using the gimmick.
SCORE: 9/10
To conclude, some ideas in this tutorial are usable but most of them are not good in live performance. As effects on social media, I don’t think they are good enough. I am very disappointed at many items because they look like ideas which have not be tested at all. It looks like ‘let’s think of 10 ideas and put them in the tutorial’ kind of things to me. Especially for the main effect, that is impractical and not superior in terms of methods. I am not thrilled by this tutorial at all. It is just a compilation of unpolished ideas (with some exceptions).

  • The gimmick is very simple.
  • The gimmick should last very long but not forever.
  • The gimmick can be repaired easily.
  • The gimmick is difficult to palm.
  • The deck produced cannot be used as normal deck.
  • Many unpolished ideas in the tutorial.
  • Most variations are not practical in live performance.
  • Overpriced.

Some of the basic variations are easy. There is nothing in the tutorial beyond reach of average magicians. But technique like single-hand vanish needs practice to make it look convincing.
The gimmick is not examinable, and the deck produced is not usable in any sense.
  • The idea of the gimmick is interesting.
  • Some variations are visual on social media.
  • No worry of losing the gimmick, because you can make it easily.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The deck cannot be used.
  • Many unpolished ideas.
  • Very limited application.

Fragment by Abstract Effects is a huge disappointment in many aspects despite the idea sounds promising.
This is something fun to play with for a few days, but not something practical in terms of how the gimmick can be handled.
The biggest issue of this gimmick is the difficulty of integrating it into other effects. In other words, you can’t use the deck produced by this gimmick, and you have to ditch it right after the effect. Unless you have a very logical flow of routines, the introduction of this gimmick in your bigger act will be challenging. How many times have you seen in a close up act that, the magician produces a deck but does not use it for following effects at all? Therefore, this item is a one-trick pony, and not even a good one-trick pony in live performance.
If you intend to use it on social media solely, it may offer you some fun. But for professional and hobbyist who expect that it’s cool to use the deck after producing it, I won’t recommend it. Like many unpolished ideas on the market, Fragment looks much better on the trailer and on paper than the actual item.
I am quite sure that for most of the buyers, this item will be only used 1-2 times on social media, and it will end up in the drawer indefinitely. This won’t be something in one’s repertoire for more than a month. I regret much at buying this at full price, the only thing I didn’t regret is I am able to write an honest review and share my thoughts with readers like you.
  • Tutorial Quality: 6/10
  • Effectiveness of Tricks: 5/10
  • Practical: 4/10
  • Creativity: 6/10
  • Cost Performance: 4/10
  • Final Score: 4/10
Thanks for reading this review.
Alex Magic Review
submitted by KantLex to MagicReview

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