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Like a few other games of this type (ahem, Sonic. Eusing Maze Lock Full Crack https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=140. For problem #2: The Asha 501 is optimized to play videos with QVGA (320 x 240) resolution. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly generated worlds. You need first to set your own unlock pattern by connecting some of the nine dots together. Located on the Brown Family Farm, the New River Corn Maze allows families to take home pumpkins, wander through a corn maze and take hayrides through the farm. Maze lock 2 0 keygen.

I finally beat KotOR 2 after almost 100 hours

"How did it take you that long to beat the game!?"Is the obvious question. Some of it, I'm sure, is afk time, but the rest comes from the game itself breaking multiple times and from trying to mod it.
I believe the last 3 or 4 times I tried to play the sequel I have had something break, corrupt, or fall apart on the last leg of the game. In vanilla there are already a number of bugs, and if you try to mod on top of that then hopefully things stay stable. Every time this would happen, I would uninstall the game and when I finally wanted to try to beat it again, I would start over new. This happened several times before I finally said ok...this time for real.

The mods I used on my last run were mostly cosmetic, aside from getting a lightsaber at the beginning (I'd rather do peragus with a lightsaber than skip it entirely) and the droid planet mod.

---The droid planet mod---
I had to look a few things up to beat this mod, and most the time I did it took me to reddit and the comments were usually spiting the mod and calling it a mess.
So, the story to the droid planet is neat and I liked it. You get cool stuff there and a lot of exp, plus you can make HK-47 a more useful companion. All of this sounded great, but as anyone who has played this mod knows, you walk all over the place talking to droids across the map. Yes, you get a fast travel, but even that is annoying because you have to use a dialogue tree- unlike Telos where you download the map and travel between information terminals.
I could never find all the parts to one of the droids for the bonus quest, but I was fed up with the place by then and wanted to leave. I will say that there is some neat info about force bonds you learn there, but it all ends up being for nothing.

The only reason I mention the droid planet is because it broke my game near the end.
I uninstalled the mod and was able to make it to the end. Before I talk about that though, let me just clarify how this mod almost stopped me from beating this game. On Datooine, just before meeting with the jedi you painstakingly track down across the galaxy, there is a cutscene of the jedi enclave and the side door opens. Just before entering, I would get a cutscene with Darth Nihilus on the bridge of his ship. The person he's talking to says something about Onderon, and the cutscene ends and my party is found on the entrance to the bridge of his ship as the screen darkens to black. I can still move around and hear my footsteps, but the screen is black.
If you quicksave here and reload, you will find yourself on Nihlus's ship completely alone, able to access an area specifically designated for that cutscene. Not only was my character portrait wrong upon reloading, but my character was the wrong gender from the portrait. This bug I couldn't find a workaround for, so uninstalling the droid planet mod actually fixed it. I never saw the rest of that cutscene, but I don't care as long as I could beat the game.

---Ending spoilers---
So Kreia betrays you, but that wasn't even the least bit surprising. I found it a bit odd that she hates the force. She never really talked about this before and it doesn't really make sense. In terms of starwars parallels with buddhism, this would be like a buddhist monk saying he hates consciousness and wants to destroy it. It seemed tacked on there at the end and she didn't really explain WHY she hates the force and wants to see it die. She does, but I didn't find it compelling enough to go through all she went through and they could have done more with it.
Remember how I said HK-47 was made better with that droid planet mod? Turns out I never got to use him after that because I had to use Visas and Mandalore against my will. They're fine companions, but not my first choice. I chose to have Mira not kill Hanharr (LS play) because it didn't seem in her character to actually kill him. The part where you run around as the remote and turn on consoles was a boring maze with no threats.
I thought both the sith lord fights were fine but Keria's fight was bullshit.
I had the game on the hardest difficulty because I was wrecking everything by late game. I went consulawatchman and had decent saber skills and devastating force powers. Once I got to Keria though, none of that mattered. She absolutely wrecked me in both saber combat, and ranged force powers. She could stun lock me with force wave, or just wreck me in normal melee combat. I'm not sure what I did wrong here, maybe I should have committed to going full force user or full melee. I had to turn the diffuculty to easy, but THAT WAS STILL HARD! Wth, Kotor?
So I had to beat her like any other health sponge boss in a video game... cheese her. And I did.
I saved up most of my adhesive grenades the whole game for this moment because I knew I would need them at some point. I stuck her in an infinite loop of throwing an adhesive grenade, force storming her 2-3 times, throwing another, and only breaking that cycle to heal.
I didn't feel good about beating her, I just felt like the game ran out of ways to make the game challenging and gave her 30 WIS+CHA, and x500%HP
She was NOT that op when she was in my party, but she got a plot powerup when she left my party so that makes it okay. What?

So then my favorite boss appeared...the lightsabers. Whose lightsabers? Dunno, but they were tough. I tried to force storm them, but they took little damage from this. Now was the time to use my melee skill. I eventually chipped away at their health, but man was it a lame fight.
So I beat Keria and she tells me what happens to my party in the future, then the Ebon Hawk flies away and the credits roll....

Idk what I was expecting, maybe a party on the Hawk at the end where we say "Yay, we did it!" or something, but no. This feels like a 90's PC ending, but this was 2004. Truly this game is the product of rushed development. With bugs that carried over from the previous game, buggy cutscenes and gameplay, cut content, and a weak ending, I can't say this was one of my favorite games.
I love it though.
Starwars+D&D is such a great concept for a game, and they came so close to pulling this one off. A real shame after putting so many hours into the game. And yet, the first thing I did was make a new character and start over. IDK what it is about this game, but they definitely had a vision and some great execution. The previous game, I think, had a better story overall, but the gameplay in this one felt better, especially since you aren't running around waiting to become a jedi for the first act of the game.
I feel like the kotor games are lightning in a bottle, but they didn't quite capture all the lighting they could. They are both, kotor 2 in particular, lacking in their own ways, but have some amazing ideas behind them.

So I finally beat the game. It was a bit hollow for me, but here I am starting the story over again. By the way, the online Kotor is a grindy suck fest and I don't recommend that.

Edit: Some of my cutscenes were ruined near the end, and I may have missed some key things Keria said about her hatred of the force.

Edit 2: Thanks for the down votes. Expressing your opinion of something you like enough to criticize on reddit will do that. Thanks for the reminder on why I don't like reddit.
submitted by Redditorsrweird to kotor

Let's Talk About The Maps in HLL

HLL has taken a unique approach to map design by matching it to the real life locations it is supposed to represent. Omaha Beach looks extremely close to its real life counterpart. This is really cool in a lot of ways and pays respect to the location. I believe that there hasn’t been enough effort on making sure the map plays out in a fun and engaging way.
Now before you downvote, please at least read the whole post. Because even if it is realistic, if it isn’t fun, nobody will play it.

What makes a good map

First, let’s take a look at what constitutes a well designed map, purely looking at gameplay.
The Whiteboard Test
This is the classic “whiteboard test”. Now obviously the difference between a CS:GO map and a HLL map is quite large. The ideas of watching sight lines, the flow of players, and creating distinct areas on the map that are important which make them becoming memorable.
HLL maps seem to be very good at conveying a story. The maps look really good and you can immerse yourself in the area. Just compare Du Mont to Utah Beach to see how much the devs have improved on this. Du Mont is good, but Utah Beach is amazing.
Newer HLL maps seem to struggle on sight lines and flow of players though. A big reason for this I think is lack of important locations or “power positions”. The very memorable areas that you fight over because of the strategic advantage they provide your team and uniqueness on the map.
Let’s look at some examples to better understand what this means and how the map plays out.


Our first example, we are going to look at a map that does a lot of things right, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. The black circle is the cap circle Rue De La Gare. The green circles are the strong power positions to hold in order to control the Rue sector. The yellow circles are power positions but not as strong as the green ones in this situation. They might be green circles depending on the active sector at the time. The power positions offer great sight lines, cover for friendly players to move in that area of the map, and memorable locations to fight over in the map. The white dashed lines outline the general movement of squads from power position to power position.
The power positions on this map help keep the fighting focused. If you are trying to flank into the black circle from the east part of the map, notice that you have to control the green circle in the east. The other important thing to highlight here is that there are still options to hit the right green circle from multiple angles.
Here really highlights HLL strategy. You have important locations to hold on the map in order to hold the sector, while also trying to take the important locations in the enemy sector in order to gain control. I can push up with my squad and fight for a key location on the map that gives my team a strategic advantage. Maybe I run into a bunch of enemies and ask for another squad and/or tank to come and assist. But now that is less troops somewhere else so the enemy team might be able to push there… As you can see this is really where HLL strategy shines. The back and forth fighting over key locations and properly allocated your team’s resources.
Sainte-Marie-du-Mont is not without its faults though. One of the biggest issues is lack of micro cover from one power position to another. Many times when you push to another power position your squad has to cross into the open. Along with the maze of hedges that have tons of dead ends. Well the Black Matter team has clearly learned from then so let’s look at one of their newer maps.

Hill 400

Hill 400
Our second example is Hill 400. On the map Hill 400 we are looking at the middle sector, called Hill 400. Notice anything different about this compared to Sainte-Marie-du-Mont? There are a ton of very weak power positions that don’t really give much strategic advantage. There is so much micro cover everywhere that it is impossible to have positions on the map that control the flow of enemy players or sight lines to even see them. This means that there isn’t much of a way to reliably predict where enemies are. Look at how many different ways you can move throughout the map to another weak power position. Notice how anytime you push on Hill 400, you likely will get shot from some seemingly random location. Hill 400, other forest maps, and any densely packed map can only be described as, a cluster fuck.
Let’s imagine a scenario here. Squad A is trying to push into Squad B on Hill 400. Squad A is laying down spread out about 10-15 meters apart. Squad B is moving slow looking for enemies. Odds are Squad A is going to see Squad B first since it is easier to see people moving rather than laying down not moving. Squad A starts shooting and kills two of Squad B. Squad B unsure where they are getting shot from and instantly lay down. Squad B maybe throws a bunch of smoke to try and push but because Squad A is fairly spread out there is always someone there to shoot Squad B trying to push. Squad B is getting frustrated because it is hard to see where Squad A is and keeps getting shot anytime they try to move up.
So how does this relate to power positions? Power positions keep the fighting around certain positions so it is much rare you run into squads in seemingly random portions of the map. The sight lines help teams give info where enemies are and actually a skill. When there are no power positions then the fighting is extremely chaotic. There is no reliable way to predict enemy movement causing lot’s of, “what the fuck why is someone here” and proceeding to be shot by someone laying down.
Hill 400 has serious issues with the flow of the fighting. With lack of strong power positions it makes it really easy for one team to skirt around the enemy. With so much micro cover it makes it really easy for the defense to lay down and just easily pick off squads trying to push.
Ok so what is HLL’s most popular map? What map combines great power positions, graphically beautiful, and an overall great experience for all different types of gameplay? Utah Beach.

Utah Beach

Utah Beach
This is Utah Beach. Here we are looking at the sector Chapel, the cap circle is the black circle. All of these green circles are strong power positions that teams fight over in order to attempt to control the Chapel sector. The yellow circles are weaker or less important power positions in this context. If the point was WN5, some circles would be green and some green might be yellow. Getting from one of the power positions to another still has solid cover for squads to try and push up. This creates really great gameplay as squads fight for these power positions in order to try and control the Chapel sector. The other great part of the map design is that there are still open fields.
Why are open fields great? Tanks can still maneuver around the map and it enhances the chess gameplay of tank v tank fights. When tanks can move easily around the map, there are more possibilities for armor to be, opening up more plays for armor.
Utah Beach has the best combination of a variety of power positions, great flow of player movement, sight lines to help lock down areas of the map, and it looks amazing / feels like you are fighting in WW2. In order to take parts of the map I have to fight for locations that make logically make sense. Anyone can play HLL and realize that controlling the buildings just north of Chapel is important because of the sight lines and general area it can cover.


Strong power positions on the map help give the game a strong frontline feeling while still allowing flanks and other strategic plays. The sightlines they give helps squads track enemy movement and rewards teams that communicate it in command chat. A good balance of open fields and micro cover allows players to be able to move around the map while still being able to lock areas down with good coordination. The other benefit is that tanks can still maneuver around the map and have many options to either support friendly infantry or hunt enemy tanks.
Look at it this way. You are in a squad with you and your buddies. The commander tells you to go secure the “G6 hill”, “Penguins house”, or “magic hill” (whatever your team calls it on Sainte-Marie-du-Mont). Everyone knows this location because it is iconic. The objective is clear for your squad on why you need to attack and secure that location. Your squad pushes together and after some bitter fighting you guys secure the hill. After, the commander tells you to hold it while other squads use that new map location to be able to attack the Rue cap circle from the east. So you get to work on building some of the cool new fortifications coming in U8 and you protect the flank of your teammates. Now let’s switch to Hill. The middle point is Hill 400. What location are you supposed to go fight for? There isn’t any power position to really fight over. Commander tells your squad to push from the south. Well you head there but the enemy is spread out so anytime you try to slowly move up you get absolutely rekt by enemies laying down. This highlights how power positions add so much to the game.
Looking at maps that have come out since Utah is… disappointing. Carentan suffers from the way too much micro cover that causes any sort of pushing to be incredibly frustrating. On top of a lack of strong power positions to control parts of the map. It suffers from the same issues as Hill 400 but in an Urban setting. PHL is so wide open and there are so few power positions on the map that trying to cross in many areas is almost impossible. Foy is an interesting map. On warfare it is fine because the fog cuts a lot of sight lines but on offensive many players can see extremely large swaths of the map. Combined with a lack of micro cover in certain areas creates arguably the worst map + mode combination. Sainte-Mère-Église is an interesting map considering that the urban area suffers from the same problems as Carentan but even worse. The rest of the map is closer to Sainte-Marie-du-Mont with good areas for inf to fight but the way it is designed makes trying to drive tanks around deceptively frustrating.
Omaha is kind of separate because I think it is the best designed map since Utah Beach. It has a variety of terrain types and does a good job of giving players strong power positions to fight over. The battle has a logical flow and is really fun to play on. I just wish it had warfare because ironically the beach is the worst part of the map.
The maps have looked really good and done a great job of making it feel like you are fighting in the actual WW2 location. It seems that the map team has gotten away from what made the older maps really fun to play on. All of the newer maps seem to be pretty polarized in the community and leave a lot to be desired. I did not comment on Hurtgen as we haven’t seen matches play out on the rework yet. I can only hope that it is closer to Utah than Carentan or Hill 400.
Thank you for taking time to read this :)
I just wanted to add a link to another really great comment on the new maps.
submitted by cdub8D to HellLetLoose

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