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Guide on Signing iSpoofer with Xcode and iOsAppSigner

To sign and install iSpoofer and all custom icons' ipa(s) while waiting for Cydia Impactor back up, I put together this little guide which use free VMware player, Mac os catalina, Xcode and appsigner.
Might save you sometimes google around or money for paid certificate. This is intend for new spoofer who (1) can't direct install iSpoofer from official link/custom icons ipas, (2) not familiar with Virtual Machine and (3) doesn't have a Mac.
Beware for wall of text. Please read all instructions carefully before downloading/installing to avoid any frustration. Feedbacks are welcome, first post's here so pls spare me from all the hatre.

What'll you need:

  • Iphone & usb cable
  • laptop or pc w/ enought ram/chip power & ~ 100GB space
  • a free apple ID account - create a new apple account for this to be safe
  • lots of patience
Before starting, do yourself a favor and get a download manager if you don't already, any would work to help speedup/resume downloading files (~20 GB).
Here are all the files you need to download:
While waiting for all the downloads, make sure your iPhone/itunes is at its latest version, update if it isn't.
Okay, get a coffee, chill, so here it comes.

A. Installing VMware Player 15.5.1 free version

  1. Run the VMware-player-15.5.1.exe file.
  2. Check the "Enhance Keyboard driver" option. [Screen]
  3. Uncheck "Check for product updates on startup" & "Join VMware customer experience.." [Screen]
  4. Follow the installation process to finished installing VMware. Once done, your computer will be restarted, if not, restart manually.

B. Unlocking VMware for MacOs

  1. Unzip the mk-unlocker.zip file.
  2. Navigate to the folder you just unzip.
  3. Right-click on the filename win-install.cmd and select Run as Administrator from the menu. [Screen]
  4. Confirm Yes on the User Account Control popup, a command prompt will appear to auto-patch VMware Player.
  5. Wait for it to be done before proceeding (command prompt will disappear after finish).

C. Install MacOs to VMware

  1. Unzip the file macOs Catalina Final.rar with the provided pass.
  2. Navigate to the directory/drive where your MacOs will be stored (i.e mine is C:\). Make sure it have enough disk space.
  3. Create 2 folders to store your MacOs file & config (i.e: C:\VMware & C:\VMware\Catalina)
  4. Copy and paste the file you just unzipped mac OS Catalina Final.vmdk to the newly created folder (i.e. C:\VMware\)
  5. Now, run VMware Workstation 15 Player
  6. Select "Create a New Virtual Machine" [Screen]
  7. Choose "I will install the operating system later" option, then Next [Screen]
  8. Select "Apple Mac OS X" and choose"mac OS 10.14" >> Next [Screen]
  9. Enter the name for your virtual machine (i.e. Catalina) and browse to the directory you created earlier for location (i.e. C:\VMware\Catalina) [Screen]
  10. Select "Store Virtual disk as a single file" >> Next [Screen]
  11. After hitting next, VMware will create the (Catalina) virtual disk.
  12. Click on the (Catalina) virtual disk you just created and select "Edit virtual machine settings" [Screen]
  13. In the Hardware tab, click on each label under the Device column to config according to your system. For example, I set mine as the following:
    1. Memory: 8 GB
    2. Processors: 4
    3. Network Adapter: Bridged and check on Replicate physical network connection (to bypass my host/laptop internet connection to the virtual machine basically.) [Screen]
    4. USB Controller: USB 2.0 compatibility (do this to avoid USB 3.0 problem of not detecting iphone in virtual machine)
  14. Click on the Hard Disk(SATA) >> Remove button (bottom) [Screen]
  15. Then click Add button [Screen]
  16. Click "Hard Disk" >> Next [Screen]
  17. Tick "SATA" >> Next [Screen]
  18. Choose "Use an existing virtual disk" >> Next [Screen]
  19. Browse to the macOSCatalinaFinal.vmdk file earlier (i.e. C:\VMware\mac OS Catalina Final.vmdk) then click on Finish button. [Screen]
  20. A popup will ask for "Convert existing virtual disk to newer format?", make sure to select "Keep Existing Format" button. [Screen]
  21. Once done, the *.vmdk will be added. Verify to make sure all your other configs are corrected. If so, hit OK button on the Virtual Machine Settings screen to close it.
  22. Hit the red X button to close VMware Workstation 15 Player completely.[Screen]
  23. Now navigate to your earlier created VMware folder (i.e. mine is C:\VMware\Catalina\), right click on the *.vmx (i.e. Catalina.vmx in my case) and open it with Notepad. [Screen]
  24. Scroll down to the very end of this file and add this code: smc.version="0" [Screen]
  25. Save file (Ctrl- S) and exit.
  26. Now Run/Open Vmware Workstation Player program.
  27. Click on the Virtual machine name (i.e. Catalina) then click Play virtual machine to turn it on.[Screen]
  28. VMware will now running virtual mac for the 1st time with all the background work: You'll see the black screen with a progress bar and apple logo on it.[Screen]
  29. Once it done, it will come up with a screen asking to restart, just hit the Restart button or it will automatically do in 25seconds. [Screen]
  30. After restarting, it will be back for settings your virtual mac like region, transfer information, sign in Apple id (use the one you just created), create [local] computer account, photo iCloud Storare, theme, etc. Any how, just config to whatever you like.
  31. Note: if a screen appear to ask for updating your Mac version/software update, etc., cancel it, do not update OS or mac verion until we're finished with VMware Tools installtion in part D otherwise there will be issues with VMware tools not supported (e.g. you wont be able to drag/drop between your host & virtual Mac).

D. Install VMware tools to enable drag/drop... from host <-> virtual mac

  1. Once finished all the initial virtual Mac settings, you will be arriving at Mac desktop with a panel open for Install or Uninstall VMware Tools [Screen], if you don't see it, just click on VMware menu: Player > Manage > Install (or Update) VMware Tools.
  2. Choose Install VMware Tools and a new panel will popup, following it and hit Install [Screen]
  3. A UAC pop up asking for permission, enter password for the virtual mac account you just created then hit Install Software button. [Screen]
  4. Now, the installation will pop up with an error "System Extension Blocked", just hit the Open Security Preferences button [Screen]
  5. The Security & Privacy panel will be opened, click on the giant lock icon at the bottom left corner [Screen], then confirm with your mac's username/password and hit Unlock button on the next popup.[Screen]
  6. The lock icon will turned into an open lock, then click on the Allow button above it on the right side next to the line System software from developer " VMware,inc" was blocked from loading. [Screen]
  7. If A panel with "Legacy System Extension" appear, just hit OK .[Screen]
  8. Close the Security & privacy panel (top left red x button), and you'll see that installation is finished, hit Restart button. [Screen]
  9. Once the virtual mac is restarted, if a dialogue of "System Extension Blocked" appear [Screen], repeat step 4 - 7.
  10. Repeat step 1-8 of this part D to (re) install VMware tools, this time it should go smoothly to finish and asking for another restart.
  11. Once the second restart is finished, Shut down Virtual Mac completely (hit the Apple logo icon > Shut down) then close/quit and reopen VMware Player for the VMware tools to be in effect.
  12. After reopening VMware Player, turn on your virtual Mac again (click Catalina/your mac name > Play virtual machine).
  13. Double clicks on Finder icon(the half blue/gray face) to quickly open a favorite folder or the Downloads folder icon (blue folder with down arrow in it) for folder Downloads, drag a sample file from your host laptop/computer to this folder.
  14. An "Accessibility Access" panel will appear, saying something about "vmware-tools-daemons" blahblah.., click on Open System Preferences [Screen]
  15. The Security & Privacy settings will be opened, again, click the giant lock icon on the bottom left corner [Screen], confirm with our mac's username/password and hit Unlock button on this popup dialog [Screen].
  16. Then mark a check at the vmware-tools-daemon option (the one with a command prompt icon inside the rectangle box below the line "Allow the apps below to control your computer") [Screen]
  17. Once done, close the Security panel, and you should see you files are now copying over just fine with drag & drop. Whew!! Take a coffee break!

E. Installing Xcode & Appsigner

  1. Drag n drop to Copy both files Xcode_11.2.1.xip and iOs.App.Signer.app.zip over to your virtual mac Downloads folder (or whatever folder you prefer).
  2. Once done, double clicks on each file to unzip it. Note that Xcode.xip file might take a while to unzip.
  3. For Xcode: After unzipping it will proceed with installation, Just follow the process and hit Agree [Screen].
  4. Drag to move both Xcode and iOsAppSigner (the newly unzip/install programs) to the Application folder (should be under Favorites on the left navigation tab)[Screen]. You can open/test run these application by double-clicking them, access them via Finder > Application or Launcher screen.
  5. If in the process opening/closing Xcode/Ios App signer, a dialogue appear like "the xcode-select command requires the command line developer tools....", just hit Install button to let it install Xcode command line. [Screen]
  6. If A dialogue of "No code signing certificate found" appear and asking to fix, click Yes button, entelogin with the Apple ID you just created. [Screen]

F. Sign your ipas and install them to iPhone with Xcode & Appsigner

  1. First, connect your phone via USB to your laptop/computer.
  2. A dialogue will be asking whether to connect it to the host (your laptop/computer) or Virtual machine, pick the Virtual machine. You might have to hit Trust on your phone as well. [Screen]
  3. Double click Finder icon in your virtual mac, you will see your phone appear under the Devices section (left tab), if it doesn't, check to see if you have Trust the computer or not and resolve it before proceeding.
  4. Double click app store icon on virtual Mac taskbar and login with the apple id you just register [Screen].
  5. Use the launch pad or whatever to open/run Xcode application.
  6. Choose "Create a new Xcode project" [Screen]
  7. Select "Single View App" >> Next [Screen]
  8. Fill out information for your project as below [Screen], then hit Next
    1. Product Name: pick something you like that will be unique
    2. Team: choose the apple id you just created/logged in from the drop down
    3. Organization Name: anything you like
    4. Organization Identifier: anything you like that is unique
    5. Bundle Identifier: this will be generated from your organization identifier and product name, so edit those two if necessary to have a Unique Bundle Identifier. Each Ipa you want to sign will need an unique Bundle Identifier.
  9. Next dialog will ask where to store the Xcode project, select where you want, I just use desktop >> Next. [Screen]
  10. the Xcode project will be created and appear on desktop.
  11. Look for the big yellow/red A (like appstore icon) follow by your Xcode project name, make sure it has your phone right after the > sign [Screen]. If not, click on it and choose your phone from the drop down. If you can't find your phone from the dropdown menu, stop & troubleshoot.
  12. If you need installing for multiple ipas, Quit Xcode and follow step 5 to 11 to create as many Xcode projects as needed. Just make sure each of Xcode projects has unique Bundle identifier and all point to your Phone. For example, I created 3 Xcode projects name kuzzieBlue, kuzzieRed and kuzzieYellow for 3 ispoofer custom icons respectively[Screen].
  13. Okay, now copy all ipas you want to install to a virtual mac folder (again, I just drag n drop them to the Downloads folder.[Screen])
  14. Run iOs App Signer application from Launcher. [Screen]
    1. Browse to the Ipa you want to apply (i.e. ispoofer..._Blue.ipa) for the Input File
    2. For the Signing Certificate: choose your Apple ID, it should appear as Apple Development:[email protected](R12G34...) from the drop down
    3. For Provisioning Profile: from the drop down, select your respective Xcode project created earlier(i.e. kuzzieBlue in my case)
    4. All the other fields will now populated, you can change them if not, just hit the Start button.
  15. A dialogue will pop up asking for a new name and location for the newly patched ipa, change to your liking and hit Save.(I just rename it shorter and save back into Downloads folder). [Screen]
  16. Appsigner will do its magic work, just wait until it said Done.
  17. Repeat step 14.a to 16 for every IPA you want to patch with respective Input file and Provisioning Profile (= Xcode Project). For example, I did one each for the red and yellow after the blue, so end up with 3 new patched ipas.[Screen]
  18. Now switch back to Xcode window, if you closed it just double click on any Xcode project on desktop to open it.
  19. Click on Windows > Devices & Simulators [Screen]
  20. Hit the + button [Screen]
  21. Navigate and double clicks to select the patched ipa you want to install then hit Open. [Screen]
  22. Wait for Xcode to install, once done, repeat step 19-23 to install remaining patched ipas.
  23. Now turn to your iphone, you should see all ipas install there [Screen], Don't forget to Trust these new ipa (should be in Settings > General > Device Management ... )
That's it. Phew!..
Next time when you need to re-impact w/ newer version ipas, just repeat part F. Or if a certificate gets revoked, just repeat step 18-23 to re install it.
Enjoy and let's pray Cydia Impactor will be back soon.
submitted by Atlasitwork to PokemonGoSpoofing

ArchiveTeam Warrior OVA for ESXI

Just thought I'd share this. The OVA on the website doesn't work for VMware, only VirtualBox. If you've ever tried to upload it, you get an error. It has to be manually modified to work, which I have done here. Works perfectly on ESXI.

submitted by elgato123 to DataHoarder

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