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trying to create a subclass system to Smite, first draft

i want to apply League of Legend's class and subclass feature to Smite, so i sat down, had the wiki open on all league classes and subclasses, wrote down a basic note feature to get a small idea to refer back too, wrote down some needed changes, then did a bit of editing and made a first draft of what a class and subclass system of smile would be.

i don't really have much to add other than what i wrote, so im just gonna copy and paste my notes, changes, and a first draft lsit of what each subclass(es) each god in smite would have. it's pretty rough with very bare bones notes of what each role does, so pls take them only at face value and read league's actual subclass system if you want a better idea of what each class does to correct my dumbass in the comments. whenever i put down a (?) it means that i didn't have a complete idea on if this works for the god since i don't usually play them, so i'd like ideas on how to correctly classify them.
here are the notes:
  • Controller - defense casters that oversee the battlefield by protecting and opening up opportunities for their allies
    • Enchanter - amplifies allies and augments them through the battle. Often fragile and relatively low damage
    • Catcher - locking down opponents or parts of the battlefield and create intense zones of threat.
  • Fighter - durable melee focused
    • Juggernaut - dealeoff tank bruiser
    • Diver - more mobile, able to dive into fights and take out high priority targets, not as durable, but capable of taking damage
  • Mage - offensive casters
    • Burst - singles out a target and locks them down with multiple spells being cast one after the other
    • Battlemage (warlocks) - short range, gets into flights, sustain in some form usually
    • Artillery - range and keeping distance
  • Marksman - ranged AD carry
  • Slayer - high mobility, single target dps
    • Assassins - infiltration, high risk high reward, very up close
    • Skirmisher - lack burst, need peel methods, may not have ways to close gaps, situational tools
  • Tanks - high defenses
    • Vanguard - offensive tanks
    • Wardens - defensive tanks that also support allies
  • Specialist - usually a 2ndary subclass that applies to those with unique gameplay unlike anything else in their category or can’t be classified as others in the same class
  • Changes needed
    • Name changes
      • Fighter - warrior
      • Marksman - hunter
      • Slayers - assassins
      • Tanks - guardians
    • Updates
      • Marksman - turned into a class with distinct subclasses
      • Battlemages - open to auto-based magical champions with melee magical mage champions being known as Warlocks (another name for Battlemages, but i felt like a distinction is good)
      • Specialist - have literally so much shifting to the point that i have to add a class and subclass within Specialist just for shifters
  • Applying new subclasses to gods ((?) = unsure)
    • Achilles - DiveDruid
    • Agni - Artillery
    • Ah Muzen Cab - Blaster
    • Ah Puch - Burst
    • Amaterasu - Juggernaut (?)
    • Anhur - Ranger
    • Anubis - Burst
    • Ao Kuang - Warlock/Infiltrator
    • Aphrodite - Enchanter
    • Apollo - Ranger
    • Arachne - Infiltrator
    • Ares - Vanguard (?)
    • Artemis - Blaster
    • Artio - Warden/Druid
    • Athena - Warden (?)
    • Awilix - Skirmisher
    • Baba Yaga - Burst
    • Bacchus - Vanguard
    • Bakasura - Infiltrator
    • Baron Samedi - CatcheBurst (?)
    • Bastet - Skirmisher
    • Bellona - DiveVanguard
    • Cabrakan - Vanguard/Catcher
    • Camazotz - Skirmisher
    • Cerberus - CatcheWarden (?)
    • Cernunnos - RangeDruid
    • Chaac - DiveVanguard
    • Chang’e - Enchanter
    • Chernobog - BlasteSkirmisher
    • Chiron - Blaster
    • Chronos - Battlemage
    • Cthulhu - ???
    • Cu Chulainn - Juggernaut/Wizard
    • Cupid - RangeEnchanter (?)
    • Da Ji - Infiltrator
    • Discordia - Artillery/Catcher
    • Erlang Shen - Diver
    • Fafnir - Vanguard/Wizard
    • Fenrir - Infiltrator (?)
    • Freya - Warlock/Blaster
    • Ganesha - Catcher
    • Geb - Catcher (?)
    • Guan Yu - Diver (?)
    • Hachiman - Ranger
    • Hades - Burst
    • He Bo - Artillery
    • Heimdallr - Ranger
    • Hel - EnchanteBurst/Druid
    • Hera - Artillery/CatcheWarden (?) (somewhere between Catcher and Warden)
    • Hercules - Vanguard
    • Horus - Juggernaut/Warden (?)
    • Hou Yi - Blaster
    • Hun Batz - Skirmisher
    • Isis - Artillery
    • Izanami - RangeSpecialist (?) (boomerangs)
    • Janus - Artillery/Burst
    • Jing Wei - RangeSpecialist (flying)
    • Jormungandr - Vanguard/Specialist (too many special things to count)
    • Kali - Infiltrator
    • Khepri - EnchanteCatcher
    • King Arthor - Juggernaut/Wizard
    • Kukulkan - Artillery
    • Kumbhakarna - Warden
    • Kuzenbo - Vanguard
    • Loki - Infiltrator
    • Medusa - Ranger
    • Mercury - skirmisher (?)
    • Merlin - Burst/Wizard
    • Mulan - Diver (?)
    • Ne Zha - Skirmisher (?)
    • Neith - Blaster
    • Nemesis - Infiltrator
    • Nike - Juggernaut/Warden
    • Nox - Burst/Artillery
    • Nu Wa - Artillery
    • Odin - Vanguard
    • Olorun - Battlemages
    • Osiris - Diver
    • Pele - Skirmisher (?)
    • Persephone - Burst/Specialist (playing farmville mid-game)
    • Poseidon - Warden/Battlemage (?) (what else do you call this kit in this context?)
    • Ra - Artillery/Enchanter
    • Raijin - Burst/Battlemage
    • Rama - Ranger
    • Ratatoskr - Infiltrator
    • Ravana - InfiltratoDiver
    • Scylla - Burst
    • Serqet - Infiltrator
    • Set - SkirmisheSpecialist ( Azir being the League posterboy for Specialist)
    • Skadi - RangeSpecialist (khaldr)
    • Sobek - CatcheVanguard
    • Sol - Battlemage/Artillery
    • Sun Wukong - Diver
    • Susanoo - Infiltrator (?)
    • Sylvanus - Warden/Enchanter
    • Terra - Vanguard/Juggernaut
    • Thanatos - Infiltrator
    • The Morrigan - Burst/Wizard
    • Thor - DiveSkirmisher
    • Thoth - Artillery
    • Tyr - DiveWizard
    • Ullr - RangeBlasteDruid
    • Vamana - Diver
    • Vulcan - Artillery
    • Xbalanque - RangeSkirmisher
    • Xing Tian - Warden/Catcher
    • Yemoja - Burst/Catcher
    • Ymir - CatcheWarden
    • Zeus - Burst/Artillery
    • Zhong Kui - Burst

so the biggest change that i feel both the most and least confident in is the creation of the Hunter and Shifter classes and subclasses. the Hunter class was needed as in League every 'Marksman' was just auto-attack focused with no true subclass developed, and we have so many stance shifters that putting them all in the 'special' pile just felt wrong.

the Hunter class is now all melee auto-range champions (in the broadest stance). it's broken down into the Rangers which use auto-attacks to deal the most damage and usually has abilities that will pause enemies or do something to them to allow for more auto-attacks to be dealt. while Blasters are Hunters that rely on abilities to deal the bulk of their damage and then follows up with basic attacks if needed; there's a clear distinction between hunters like apollo with his 6 attack speed autos and AMC who has to rely on jerking the camera around to land those bees. '

the other big change is putting a subsection of a class withing the special catagory; Shifters. Shifters are gods with stance changes that give them new abilities and a new way of playing. it's divided up between controlled and volatile stance switching; druid and wizard subclasses respectively. the druids are able to switch stances fairly easy without the use of mana or with there being any cooldown between switching stances and they can easily play the entire game without ever switching back. Wizards on the other hand have very distinct stance switches that go beyond the standard switch with forced switching abilities or needing certain conditions to be met to change stances and they have less control over which stance they can be in at a certain time without preparation.

this is a very rough first draft without any distinct or very close look at each classes and mostly just taking league's own system, putting a new coat of paint on it, throwing some random stuff on it, then naming it something else. i'd love feedback, ideas of how to improve each class/subclass (maybe some good definitions) and how correct these subclasses are for the gods.
submitted by Swoobattler to Smite

Does the future of gaming sit with 3D and Social Media?

The Future Of 3-D And Social Network Video Gaming
Do not fret, the video gaming market remains in no state of mind to leave your living-room so quickly. It's not remarkable to see the marketplace growth. Games at present are more truth based and one delights in having fun with more enjoyable. The market deals with the mantra of more video games, more enjoyable, more sales. Sometimes the concern emerges what might the future appear like? No matter how advance innovation ends up being, particular elements of video gaming will stay undamaged.
No matter how innovative your video game is you constantly require a challenger to make it amazing. The introduction of clans is simply a token of what will take place when it ends up being mainstream. Expert league video games will absolutely captivate countless its fans one day.
Video game designers are not just capitalizing video games that include hands however all 5 senses. So it can be stated in near future video games will be produced that can be seen, heard, tasted and even smelt. Today you just utilize sense of sight and hearing however in upcoming years you are going to play video games beyond a basic screen and speakers.
It is likewise anticipated that future innovation will reinvent by changing from normal screens and Televisions to flat screens. When this gadget is developed, standardized and standardized it will supply highest levels of realism required to draw in players to the e-gaming play area.
With Ethereal innovations, foundation has actually been laid for brand-new visual screen transformation. Without making use of glasses the volumetric imaging system let players to take pleasure in the genuine 3D result while video gaming. At present video games 3D are extremely chosen over 2D graphics and video game designers are associated with changing 3D video games into genuine holographic display screen gadget that offers more amusement to the players.
Like stated previously, with future developments players are not just going to hear the impacts however will likewise feel the shock waves of that video game. Rumblefx is the very best example of this, Rumblefx earphones are developed to produce shocks and vibrations throughout a video game.
It's a doctrine the important things that is cost effective and economical is extremely obtained by masses. Video gaming and computer system consoles are inexpensive at present, if you think this declaration future video games are undoubtedly going to be offered with affordable price. Games in future are going to be very advanced, well geared up with most current innovation and will be reasonable as long as you compare the costs with its innovation.
You can produce your own avatars, designs, maps like the method you do today. Undoubtedly the 3D holography file will include more extensive specs and comprehensive attributes. You will like to personalize your own video game with great deals of range in it.
Because kids are more into e-games instead of entering into genuine play area and for this reason video game designers have actually included instructional essence to their video games. Because extremely account players find out while enjoying their video games. In future this essence is going to play an essential function. Future video games will be created according to the standard knowing and education of then kids. When the instructional assistance will be included with effective tool of e-gaming home entertainment, the didactic and useful power of video games will be understood.
Another e-gaming pattern which is most likely to acquire appeal and improvement in future is SOCIAL VIDEO GAMING. Social video gaming is a concept of putting video games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Dining establishment City in social networking websites like Facebook and so on. Nevertheless another social video gaming classification includes gamers from all over the world to engage and play. Whichever method you want to take a look at social video gaming it is here to remain. So e-gaming in social video gaming is anticipated to broaden and record numerous players of present age.
Interested to know more? You can buy league of legends account today and kick start your gaming career!
submitted by Electorld to EarlyMorningGaming

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