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A v1.0 geek in a v2.0 world

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Wow maelstrom hack 2.4.3 adobe. Wow addons pack download. The previous Warchief of the horde, Thrall, will lend you a gryphon to take you into the heart of the Maelstrom.

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PC Maelstrom Gaming - 10 Map Cluster PVE -3 YEARS PLUS RUNNING -NO WIPES EVER

Wanting all official maps and more? Maybe Maelstrom is for you!

We are an established friendly community, welcoming new players daily. Focused intently on providing players with a substantial play style, one of our most important aspirations to date has been to have no server wipes 3+ Years and counting!

Maelstrom is hosted on our two custom build servers housed in a datacentre located in London, With the increased network connectivity for players, players from all over the world should have low pings to Maelstrom servers no matter the location of the player.
With players from beginner to expert skill sets, do you choose to go solo or tribe up? The choice is yours. Everyone is welcome at Maelstrom to either learn the game from the ground up, or rediscover the existing skills of a seasoned player. With community events, ongoing marketing between tribes and group boss fights, all these things will make you feel part of the community before you know it!

Dont take our word for it see what other players have said about Maelstrom.

Take a look at what people are creating here at Maelstrom. stream courtesy of Digicide.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if_0KxEWRx4
Steam Group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MaelstromGamingservers
Discord : https://discord.gg/SXpdy7
Website: https://maelstrom-gaming.com/
If you are having trouble finding us using the Steam search, go to our web site and there is a place you can click to connect to each map.

Our Rates and Settings
x5 Experience
x2 Harvesting
x5 Taming
x12 Hatching
x20 Breeding
x3 Loot
x3 Fishing
Increased building timers: Thatch 10 days, Wood/adobe 20 days, Stone 30 days, Metal and Tek 40 days.
Increased Dinosaur timers: 30 days
x30 Platform Building
Max player level is 301(251 basic and 50 more with the Overseer, Rockwell, VR & Chibi)
Max wild dino level is 150 (180 Tek) with max tamed dino level being 404 (bred dinos can be higher)
Enough engram points to learn all of the engrams
ncreased element for victorious boss fights
Custom loot drops
Our Mods
Structures Plus, Platforms Plus, eco's Stable Structures, ecoTrees, Egg N Poop Collector, eco's Shoppe Decor, Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls, eco's RP Decor, Betterglass And our very own "Maelstrom" Stack mod. If you subscribe to our mods first, your initial connection will go much faster.
If you are interested in joining or have any questions please check out our discord (or connect via the IPs/Direct Connect links below.
Direct Connect List 10 Servers
  1. (The Island) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  2. (Scorched Earth) Direct connect : http://http//maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  3. (Ragnarok) Direct connect: http://http//maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  4. (The Center) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  5. (Aberration) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  6. (Extinction) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  7. (Valguero) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  8. (Event Map) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  9. (Genesis) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here
  10. (Crystal Isles) Direct connect: http://maelstrom-gaming.com/steam/?ip= Click here

Hope to see you at Maelstrom
submitted by sarah828 to playarkservers

A Most Uncomfortable War (Or how I learned to not immediately attack but rather love my neighbors)

Context for one of the most sudden declarations of war and retreat ever
Commander Pojaque had chosen his position on the frontier of the Chichimecan Desert because he - to be completely frank - had grown weary of war. The posturing, the barbaric competition, the unspoken hollowness of the supposed ideals that guided all soldiers. He had sat in the company of councilmen, tlatoani, and wealthy merchants alike and had come to recognize that it was not the will of the spirits or a love of one's homeland that brought a land to war but rather the bumbling of those far removed the realities of it.
Here on the outskirts of Tsiya land he had made a home for himself. His strategic aptitude, the very quality which had brought him into service, was much more fulfilling when used to help the local villagers coordinate their canal constructions or planning a match of Pok ta pok. Everyday he woke up relieved that he was not one of the poor fools tasked with assisting the Aztec on the western front.
The commander began to rub his temples when a confused watchman arrived in his planning room.
"Commander, a band of Chichimeca armed for battle have arrived at the foothills. They demand your attention."
"Oh for the love of Tawa, you have got to be kidding me."
Setting his bowl of hot xocolatl on the table, the commander sheepishly paced down the stairs of the three story building, crossed the rope bridge that connected to nearest watch tower (glancing momentarily at the men training below) and then leaned against the adobe window opening.
From atop his high mesa fortress, the commander could see almost all of the surrounding praire landscape... yet despite his impeccable vantage point, he could not locate the invading "army".
" Watchman, where are these warriors you speak of?"
"Right there, sir."
The commander squinted and searched the landscape once more.
"Ah, there?"
"No, those are some rocks. More to the left."
Adjusting his gaze, the commander notices a miniscule - nigh un-noteworthy smattering of shoddily dressed men huddled together among the thistle. A voice is heard from below:
"I am D'an, servant of the Great Chieftien, harbinger of your -"
"What do you want?"
A momentary pause then, a reply:
"We are invading your lands, you worthless scum. Come down and face your death in battle or surrender to our yoke!"
D'an waits intently for a reply, only to hear a disinterested: "No, we are busy, come back later."
"Wait, Tantu? Like the lame rapper?
"What?" A befuddled D'an shouts back.
"Never mind. Hey, are those animal skins you are wearing? As armor?"
"Um yeah, haven't had time to research anything more substantial. So are you coming down or not?" the interloper squeaks back.
"Ugh. His voice is like a squawking turkey," the commander complains to himself.
"Okkkkkayy, hold on".
Slightly embarrassed by the nonchalant attitude of his would-be victims, D'an waits in ferocious anticipation for the Tsiya garrison to descend and his blood soaked moment of glory to begin. Suddenly, a volley of arrows shoot forth from the fortress, completely engulfing the tantu warriors in a maelstrom of poison-laced , steel arrow heads. Those that are not killed immediately are left writhing in agony as the venomous Tsiya concoction lights their blood on fire. A lone soldier can be seen grasping his pierced eye, screaming, "My eye! The helmet does nothing!"
Spinning around wildly, D'an flees for the nearest rock shelter in abject terror; leaving only the dead bodies of his comrades and a small trail of urine is his wake. " Thats not fair", he whines in a nasally voice, "you are supposed to let me win! I have never done this before!". Alas, the pouting of D'an, now known as "the Impetulant" , goes unanswered, for Commander Pojaque had returned to his xocolatl before the results of the skirmish had even become clear. In retrospect, it occurs to D'an that there may be a reason why newly formed countries do not immediately attack their neighbors. The debut of his tribe on the world stage would appear to have been quite inauspicious - but in time he would hope that both he and his neighbors would forget this most uncomfortable war.
submitted by Ahhuatl to HistoricalWorldPowers

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