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Trigger, the anger inducing healer.

Real Name: Dr David Collins Nationality/background: English Scientist Role: Support Health: 150 HP, 50 Shields
Primary Fire: Charge cannon: Short range cannon that creates a pulse like Lucio’s soundwave, though a smaller spread. Hold the primary fire button down to increase the charge, which is fired when released. There are four level of charge, beginning at level 1, and it increases a level each second the button is held down. Each level of charge increase ammo cost, damage, range and number of enemies that can be hit. Once at maximum charge, the cannon can remain at full power so long as the button is held down, though is lost if you are stunned. If there is not enough ammo to reach full charge, the charge remains at whatever level has been reached until released.
Ammo: 200. Rate of Fire: varies. 1 second cooldown between shot and beginning charge/tapping again. Time for full charge: 3 seconds. 1 second per level. Ammo usage: 5 for smallest burst (tapping or holding less than a second), increasing in intervals of 5 per level, 20 at highest level. Ammo is not expended until charge is released. Range: 7 meters, increasing by 1 meter for each level gain, to maximum of 10. Reload Speed: 2 seconds
Damage: Hits the closest enemy caught in the blast the most, followed by the next one, and so on. A table explaining it exactly is below:
Level Dmg to 1st target Dmg to 2nd Dmg to 3rd Dmg to 4th Dmg to 5th Total potential damage Max potential DPS
1st 25 0 0 0 0 25 25 dmg/sec
2nd 50 25 0 0 0 75 37.25 dmg/sec
3rd 75 50 25 0 0 150 50 dmg/sec
4th 100 75 50 50 25 300 75 dmg/sec
Barriers and things like Turrets count as their own targets, meaning there is some penetration of barriers.
Secondary Fire: Biotic vent:
Uses same ammo as primary fire. Can only be activated while at full charge and lowers charge and ammo gradually while healing closest damaged ally within range, switching between targets when someone is closer, or the lowest health when at roughly the same distance. The longer it is active, the more potent the healing becomes. Can be cancelled by releasing the primary fire (damage and ammo used will be treated at a level lower than it was when released, with level one having no effect). Will only heal self if no damaged ally is within range.
Time to fully discharge: 8 seconds. Ammo usage: 40 if Biotic Vent lasts the full 8 seconds, reduced if primary fire is released early. Healing: 20 health/second, for first 2 seconds. Heal rate increases for 15/second/second for 3 seconds. Heal rate caps at 75 health/second, which lasts the final 3 seconds. Size: 12 meter radius.
First Ability: Subliminal Flash
The next shot with the charge cannon deals no damage but completely bypasses barriers, requires no charge nor expends ammo, causing the closest enemy caught in range to be affected by enraged for 5 seconds. While under the effects of enraged, primary fire causes you to melee. Heroes with melee as primary fire (Reinhardt and Brigitte) are unaffected so the flash will effect those behind them. Can be used while charging or using Biotic Vent, when it activates instantly, but not during the 1 second cooldown after primary fire.
The following heroes have secondary fire also cause melee: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Sigma, Zarya, Echo, Genji, Junkrat, Mei, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Ba[tiste, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta and Trigger.
Cooldown: 8 second (reduced to 5 if no enemy is affected) Range: 10 Meters Enemy immune to Sombra’s hacking while enraged and vice versa.
Second Ability: Biotic ventilator:
Creates a gas cloud on the ground, centered on the hero's current location. Any ally who touches the cloud is healed at 30HP/second while in contact and has their movement and melee attack speed increased, which lasts for 10 seconds after leaving the cloud.
Size: 6 meter radius Height: 2.5 meters. Duration: 12 seconds, or until the cloud has healed 800 health. Cooldown: 20 seconds (once cloud disappears) Movement/attack speed boost: 15% (stacks with Torb's Overload). If part of the cloud is over a ledge, that part of the cloud will fall to the lower level.
Passive: Combat Adrenal: Boosts melee damage of allies by 25% while healing and for a time afterwards. For each point of damage healed, it lasts for one second once healing stops, maximum of 30 seconds.
Includes some melee abilities such as Rein’s charge, Doomfist’s punch or Genji's dash.
Ultimate: FF (pronounced “double F”) disrupter.
Creates a disrupter pulse sphere centred on hero, which affects enemies in range, bypassing barriers but blocked by solid objects. Being disrupted has two effects.
First, attacks cause friendly fire to allies, while also making you see them as enemies.You can shoot through your own barriers, but damage an ally's. A player's turrets and B.O.B. will target enemies and allies with the same priority, but not the player whose turret/B.O.B it is. Abilities with their own hitboxes (Junkrat's tire, D.va bomb, B.O.B., turrets) that are caught in the pulse will hit enemies, even if their player characters are outside the pulse and not affected. Turrets are affected if caught in the pulse or if the player who made them was hit. Healing can now affect enemies. Ana's and grenade only heal, unless hitting a barrier or turret.
The second effect is that, while disrupted, your primary fire will fire constantly (except for Moira, who has the offensive biotic grasp ability as the one affected). Abilities are usable as normal, and abilities that prevent attacking (Reinhardt and Brigitte's barriers, etc) will prevent said firing. Hanzo will fire arrows as rapidly as possible. Widowmaker will fire scoped shots as rapidly as possible. Once out of ammo, Ashe will reload once, fire, repeat. Trigger will fire as rapidly as possible. Mercy can still use her staff. Enemies under the effect of Subliminal Flash will have primary fire replaced by melee.
Range: 30 meters radius, but the pulse expands from the centre at a rate of 5 meters a second. Disappears when it reaches full size. Lasts: 10 seconds once the pulse is finished expanding. PVE: Are as likely to target each other as players.
Ally hears: Friendly Fire Disrupter activated.
Enemy hears: FRIEND OR FOE!?
Collins was recruited into Overwatch shortly after obtaining his doctorate, which he received with research into the influencing of emotion through the use of subliminal stimuli. By using specific lights, sounds and chemicals to stimulate subconscious parts of the brain he was able to make animals, people and even omnics become calmer. He hoped his research would help end violent conflicts peacefully.
He was soon transferred to Blackwatch, where his superiors felt developing techniques that would induce anger and violent impulses would be more effective. While he had some misgivings about working contrary to his initial inspiration, Dr Collins had faith that Overwatch was doing the right thing. With his expertise Blackwatch developed equipment that would enhance its agents' combat abilities while causing enemy combatants be overwhelmed by anger, making them less effective or even dangerous to their allies.
In Overwatch's final days investigation into reports of Blackwatch engaging in "mind control" experiments was just one of the many scandals that spelled the end for the organization. Collins gave the UN investigation his full cooperation, hoping that his testimony would help save Overwatch, implicating those responsible while leaving the rest of the task force to flourish. But rather than helping bring about a better future for Overwatch, the UN shut it down completely and Collins was left with guilt for his role in bringing about the end of the organisation he had admired so much.
Dr Collin's continued his research, focusing purely upon theoretical and experimental findings rather than practical applications. But when Winston’s recall message was broadcast, Collins felt his knowledge and equipment that could help bring an end to this world-wide conflict, so reassembled and recreated the experimental equipment he had helped invent before setting off to join in the fight.
The charge cannon is based on the shield gun from Unreal Tournament. I think all the abilities work with the theme of anger. I know many people probably think about making a character who gets angry themselves, but I thought it would be interesting to create a character that uses their abilities to cause anger in others.
For allies, he causes anger constructively through his passive ability. His healing is basically laced with a combat enhancement drug that makes allies slightly angrier, improving melee effectiveness. For enemies, he uses special kinds of light in specific ways to trigger parts of the brain subconsciously to make them angry, like flashing lights causing an epileptic seizure. The enraging flash causes them to become so angry they can’t use their ranged weapons properly, and the ultimate angers and confuses them, making them see everyone as an enem.
Gameplay wise, I thought it would be interesting. The rage flash and the ultimate were the what I began with. The enrage status seemed like different way of having a “hacking” character without stepping on the toes of Sombra. However, I felt it would be unfair and unfun to be able to suffer from both conditions at the same time, hence why I made them mutually exclusive.
Adding friendly fire seems like it would be a rather powerful ultimate. Sure, coordinated and careful players may be able to avoid it, which is good. It also makes powerful ultimate like D.va and Hanzo a risk. You wait for your enemy to use their ultimate, you activate yours in response, now both teams has to avoid the damage. A comment argued that the Friendly fire alone could be pretty weak with a high skill team, which is why I added the continuous firing aspect. That way everyone is more likely to hit friendlies.
His story is meant to mirror Moira's. Someone who felt their research was the fact that his experiments were unethical, was made to continue them anyway, and now just wants to help the world the only way he thinks he is able to.
Finally, his real name is a reference to something, while his codename works on two levels. Obviously, there's triggering an emotional response, but also the fact that his primary attack and healing is all dependant upon his holding down of the triggers of his weapon.
It's been a while since I made one of these. Like before, I have no confidence when it comes to balancing, but I think I've come up with interesting ideas. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
submitted by PrinceCheddar to OverwatchHeroConcepts

Champion Passives Idea

As everyone knows Paladins has many champions with many abilities. Each champion has 5 skills: 1 weapon, 3 abilities, and 1 ultimate ability. However, there is something missing from Paladins that is in almost all other MOBAs and hero shooters.
I'm talking about passives. They are not completely absent from Paladins, but they are not as pronounced as they are in other games. The ones that do exist are not classified as their own skills, but rather as a part of another skill. For example, Androxus' Drift doesn't have its own unique skill description, as it is placed in Nether Step's skill description, despite being completely independent from Nether Step.
For those who don't know, passive skills (or simply passives) are special abilities that are automatic rather than activated like most abilities. They are featured in pretty much any game that has multiple heroes or champions: League of Legends, DotA, Overwatch, etc. I think that passive skills should be added to each champion.
So, I have made a full list of every champion's passive ability, most of which are completely new. Some of them already exist, but should be clarified as their own skills. There are also many which are very basic in nature, being comparable to a card.
I am aware that some of these can be considered overpowered or underpowered, so I am open to feedback and I can update this thread. I would also enjoy hearing if you have different ideas for an existing champion's new passive.
Anyways, here it is:
  • Drift: Androxus can hold Jump while in the air to reduce his falling speed.
-All of this is already part of Androxus. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • War Machine: Ash deals 10% more damage to airborne enemies. Additionally, her knockback values are increased by 25% against enemies that are already airborne.
-This is meant to give Ash some synergy with her kit so that she deals more damage to enemies that she knocks into the air. It also allows for better combo attacks with other teammates as well as chaining Shoulder Bash into Kinetic Burst.
  • Master of Time: Atlas's cooldowns recharge 10% faster for each person that is trapped or being sent through time by his abilities, including himself.
-This is meant to make Atlas more useful as a champion. Basically, his CDs recharge 10% faster while he is using Second Chance and also another 10% for each enemy that is being affected by Setback and Exile. Of course, this CD reduction doesn't last long because the duration of the abilities is quite short.
  • Combat Repair: Barik automatically restores health to nearby deployables. This healing is equal to 15% of the deployables' health per second, but it cannot exceed more than 500 health per second to any given deployable.
Barik's card of the same name, Combat Repair is removed and replaced with a new card;
Spiral Chamber: Increase the projectile speed of your Turret shots by 10/20/30/40/50%. [Replaces the Combat Repair card]
-This is meant to give Barik a little extra individuality to his character so that he is more than a generic tank. The 500 hps limit is for things like Imani's dragon so it doesn't become unkillable with Barik around
Bomb King
  • Destructive Force: Bomb King gains 10 "Dominance" every time he inflicts crowd control to an enemy and can have up to 50 Dominance at once. Dominance decays at a rate of 1 per second, increased to 5 per second while out of combat. Every 10 Dominance increases the blast radius of Bomb King's Sticky Bombs by 10%, up to 50%.
-Every one of Bomb King's damaging abilities causes CC, so I thought it would be cool to make a passive that plays around that.
  • Constitution: Buck's self healing cannot be reduced below 15%.
-This really only affects Willo's Dead Zone, since Cauterize cannot reach any higher than 75% healing reduction.
  • Daughter's Companion: Cassie’s damaging abilities against enemies within 100 units will mark them for Zigs to attack, causing him to charge at them and deal 300 damage over 4 seconds and revealing them for that duration. Marking multiple enemies causes Zigs to attack them one after another, striking the next enemy after he is finished with the first.
  • Duality: Corvus' healing is increased by 10% to allies affected by Crowd Control, and his damage is increased by 10% to enemies affected by Crowd Control.
  • Booster: Drogoz can hold Jump to use his booster and hover in the air.
-All of this is already part of Drogoz. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Freebooter: Allies that stand in one of Dredge's portals for 2 seconds will travel to the other side.
-This used to be a talent, and it was then made into his base kit, except that it worked by touching the portal in any way, which led to unintentional teleports and was thus removed. This would be a way to reintroduce the mechanic while being fair to both allies and enemies alike. Allies won't get teleported unless they stand in it for long enough, and enemies will have some time to kill them before they teleport.
  • Winter Witch: Evie keeps the momentum from her movement abilities after they end, causing her to keep moving in the same direction they were used. She can also skate across the ground by landing with such momentum. Additionally, Ice Block keeps her momentum, allowing her to slide across the ground while encased in ice. Moving in the opposite direction quickly halts any current momentum, allowing her to stop skating whenever she chooses.
-Basically, when she uses Blink or Soar, she keeps the momentum after she teleports/stops flying and will slide forward when she lands allowing her to "skate" across the ground even during Ice Block.
  • Fiery Passion: Fernando’s weapon and damaging abilities apply a burn effect that deals 100 damage per second to afflicted enemies. The duration of the burn stacks up to 6 seconds with each subsequent skill used on the enemy. Every tick of damage from Flame Lance adds 0.2 seconds of burn time, while Fireball and Charge each add 2 seconds of burn time.
-Technically, Fernando already has this, but only for his Flame Lance and not his abilities, and it always applies a static 200 damage burn over 2 seconds. I think it would be cool if both his weapon and abilities applied the DoT effect since they all involve fire in some way, and if his entire kit synergized with it.
  • Angel of Vengeance: Furia falls more slowly than other champions. Additionally, Furia generates 1% Wrath for each 10 health she gives to her allies. Each tier of Wrath grants her 10% attack speed, up to 30% on tier 3. She also gains a midair jump for each tier of Wrath, allowing her to double jump at tier 1, triple jump at tier 2, and quadruple jump at tier 3.
-Most of this is already part of Furia. It just isn't shown as its own skill. Yes, Furia does in fact fall more slowly than most other champions. The midair jump mechanic however is completely new.
  • Lightning Shift: Grohk's Healing Totem cooldown is reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 150 damage he deals.
-This is meant to make Grohk him a viable healer even if he doesn't pick a healing talent.
  • Vitality Spores: Grover passively heals allies within 80 units for 80 health per second. Activating Blossom increases this healing by 100%, decaying over 4 seconds. Activating Whirlwind increases this healing by 200%, decaying over 8 seconds after it ends.
-The first part of this is already part of Grover. It just isn't shown as its own skill. The second part is new.
  • Warder's Blessing: Imani can switch between an Ice Form and a Fire Form, both having different weapon attacks.
  • Ice Form: Imani rapidly shoots Frost Bolts that deal 400 damage every 0.4 seconds and slows enemies by 5%. This stacks up to 5 times for a maximum 25% slow. This slow decays at a rate of 5% per second.
  • Fire Form: Imani charges a Pyre Ball that deals up to 900 damage with a 1 second charge time and burning them for 100 damage per second for up to 2.5 seconds depending on charge time. The burn duration can stack with subsequent hits, with a maximum burn duration of 5 seconds. This burn does not prevent enemies from receiving out-of-combat healing.
Additionally, Imani gains Mana from dealing damage to enemies. Upon reaching full Mana, her next attack gains special properties depending on her form:
  • Ice Form: With full Mana, Imani shoots a Frost Cannon that consists of 8 rapid ice shards over 0.8 seconds that each deal 125 damage (for a total of 1000 damage). Each shard that hits an enemy will bounce to a nearby enemy within 30 units, dealing 40% of its damage and giving both enemies a 5% slow that stacks with her normal Frost Bolts. The bounce will prioritize enemy champions with the lowest slow value.
  • Fire Form: With full Mana, Imani charges a larger Pyre Bomb that explodes, dealing up to 1000 damage to enemies within 30 units with a 1 second charge time and burning them for 100 damage per second for up to 4 seconds depending on charge time. This burn stacks with her normal Pyre Balls and does not prevent out-of-combat healing. All Mana is consumed upon releasing Pyre Bomb.
Imani's damaging abilities interact with the status of her enemies, e.g. whether they are slowed by Frost Bolt or burning from Pyre Ball.
  • Frost Bomb: Frost Bomb launches a ball of ice that explodes at will or when colliding with terrain. Upon exploding, it deals up to 800 damage to enemies based on distance travelled, traveling up to 300 units. Any enemies that are slowed from Frost Bolt or Frost Cannon have their slow value quadrupled when they are hit by Frost Bomb. This slow multiplier can increase the slow past its maximum 25% value, up to 100% slow value. Additionally, any slow value between 100-75% decays at a rate of 30% per second, any slow value between 75-50% decays at a rate of 20% per second, and any slow between 50-25% decays at a rate of 10% per second. The slow decay speed returns to its normal 5% per second after reaching 25% slow value. If an enemy currently has no slow, then Frost Bomb will instead slow them by 30%. Enemies that have more than 25% slow from Frost Bomb will not have their slow value increased or refreshed by Frost Bolt or Frost Cannon.
  • Inferno Cannon: Inferno Cannon shoots a stream of fire that deals 75 damage every 0.09 seconds for 3 seconds for a total of 2500 damage. Additionally, every tick of damage from Inferno Cannon will burn enemies for 0.25 seconds stacking with her Pyre Ball attacks. Hits from Inferno Cannon can increase the burn time beyond the 5 second maximum, up to 10 seconds. Enemies that have more than 5 seconds of burn time from Inferno Cannon will not have their burn time increased or refreshed by Pyre Ball or Pyre Bomb. This burn does not prevent out-of-combat healing.
-As you can tell, this isn't just a new passive, it's an entire rework that I made for her that I think would make her much more interesting. I think it would be a much healthier playstyle both for her and for the game itself since it removes the 2000-damage burst. Since this rework incorporates both Splitting Ice and Pyromania into her base kit, naturally there would have to be new talents for her, so Imani also has 2 new talents that augment her abilities:
  • Flash Freeze: Ice Form attacks grant 15% more Mana. Frost Bomb now multiplies slows by 6 instead of 4, and if an enemy's slow would reach 100% or more by Frost Bomb, then they are instead frozen solid for 2 seconds.
  • Searing Inferno: Fire Form attacks grant 15% more Mana. Inferno Cannon now burns enemies for 0.4 seconds per tick and can now extend the burn duration of enemies up to 15 seconds instead of 10. This burn does not prevent out-of-combat healing.
  • Mana Rift remains the same.
  • Strength of Stone: Any damage resistance that Inara has is also granted to all of her deployables.
Sources of damage reduction that apply to Inara's deployables include any and all of the following:
    • Earthen Guard, which reduces damage by 30%, or 40% with Mother's Grace.
    • Sacred Ground, which reduces damage by 5/10/15/20/25% when standing in Warder's Field.
    • Haven, which reduces direct damage taken by 7/14/21%.
    • Blast Shields, which reduces area damage taken by 7/14/21%.
    • Any damage reduction buffs received from other players such as Io's Goddess' Blessing
-Inara technically already has this, as Earthen Guard reduces the damage taken by Inara and her deployables. This passive would make it so that all damage reduction applies to her deployables, including from items, cards, and other players.
  • Lunar Companion: Io has a deployable pet, Luna. Summoned by using Guardian Spirit, Luna will automatically attack enemies, dealing 180 damage twice, and 350 damage on the third hit. She will rush and stun an enemy hit by Io's Light Bow, then return to her position. Luna is treated just like a champion. She can capture objectives and is affected by all items that Io has purchased, as well as being affected by all status effects inflicted by enemies. Many items and status effects have unique effects on Luna due to her unique nature as a pet. If she is displaced by status effects such as Knockback or Fear, then she will return to her original position 2 seconds later.
Luna is affected by the most status effects, but some have unique effects on Luna:
  • Cripple and Silence both prevent Luna from repositioning and charging at enemies, but does not prevent her from attacking normally or returning to her position.
  • Fear causes Luna to move in the opposite direction while preventing her from attacking, repositioning, or rushing enemies. She will return to her position 2 seconds after the fear has ended.
  • Knockback will push Luna away, where she will stay and then return to her position 2 seconds later. She can still attack, reposition, and rush enemies.
  • Knockup will push Luna into the air, where she will float and then return to her position 2 seconds later. She can still attack, reposition, and rush enemies.
  • Polymorph turns Luna into a chicken or cookie depending on the enemy that inflicts it, during which she cannot attack, reposition, or rush enemies. She will stand still until it ends.
  • Root prevents Luna from repositioning and rushing enemies, but also prevents her from returning to her position until the root has ended.
  • Stun completely stops Luna from attacking, repositioning, rushing, or returning to her position.
  • Healing Reduction reduces the amount of healing Luna receives from Io.
  • Reveal makes Luna visible to enemies through terrain.
  • Slow reduces Luna's speed while repositioning, rushing, or returning to her position.
  • Atlas' Banish completely stops Luna from attacking, repositioning, rushing, or returning to her position for 4 seconds, but also makes her completely intangible and she can still capture the objective during that time. Can be reduced by Resilience.
  • Strix's Flashbang causes Luna to stop attacking or rushing enemies for up to 3 seconds, depending on how far she was from the explosion's center. Can be reduced by Resilience.
  • Jenos' Void Grip deals constant damage to Luna and lifts her into the air. After it ends, she will remain in the air for 2 seconds and then return. She can still attack, reposition, and rush enemies.
  • Maeve's Midnight causes Luna to only attack or rush at enemies within 30 units for 4 seconds. Can be reduced by Resilience, but has a minimum duration of 2 seconds.
Several items have the same effects on Luna as they have on Io (e.g. Cauterize, Haven, etc.), but many have unique effects:
  • Illuminate allows Luna to see and attack stealthed targets from 15/30/45 units farther away than normal.
  • Resilience reduces the effectiveness of slows on Luna by 25/50/75%, in addition to the normal 20/40/60% CC reduction.
  • Nimble increases Luna's movement speed while repositioning, rushing an enemy, or returning to her position by 20/40/60%.
  • Master Riding increases the range of Io's Reposition and Luna's rush attack by 10/20/30%.
  • Chronos decreases the cooldown of Luna's rush attack by 10/20/30%.
  • Rejuvenate increases the healing Luna receives from Io by 5/10/15%.
  • Veteran heals Luna for 5/10/15% of her health while out of combat.
  • Kill to Heal grants Luna 300/600/900 health whenever either Io or Luna get an elimination.
  • Life Rip grants Luna 10/20/30% lifesteal on her attacks, including her rush attack.
  • Deft Hands decreases the time in which Luna starts attacking again after she lands her third hit by 25/50/75%.
  • Benevolence: Jenos reduces all of his cooldowns by 0.075 seconds every time he hits an enemy with Star Splitter.
-On average, this reduces cooldowns by about 0.57 seconds for 1 full second of continuous fire, assuming he lands every shot. Note that Binary Star does not affect the cooldown reduction even though it makes him fire slower, so Binary Star essentially trades faster cooldowns for more damage.
  • Unyielding: Khan's cooldowns recharge 10% faster when he is below 60% health. This effect is doubled when he is below 30% health, and tripled when he is below 15% health.
-This is meant to display Khan as more of a hulking menace that can overwhelm his enemies even when cornered.
  • Sharpshooter: Kinessa cannot deal extra damage with headshots. Instead, she has a resource called "Sharpshooter." Her carbine shots each grant 1 stack of Sharpshooter, while her sniper shots grant 2-10 stacks of Sharpshooter, depending on charge time. Kinessa's weapon deals 1% more damage for each stack of Sharpshooter, and she can hold up to 40 stacks at once. Sharpshooter decays at a rate of 2 per second, increasing to 8 per second if she has not dealt damage to an enemy for 3 seconds.
-To balance this, Kinessa's sniper shots deal 1000 base damage instead of 1200 and can deal up to 1400 damage at max stacks
  • Wall Climb: Koga can climb walls by holding jump while leaning towards one.
-All of this is already part of Koga. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Judgement: Lex automatically marks an enemy, gaining bonus credits if he manages to eliminate them. The target can be changed by activating Retribution.
-All of this is already part of Lex. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Nobility: All of Lian's abilities act as weapon shots and apply on-hit effects.
-This was mostly already part of Lian, it just doesn't normally affect her ultimate.
  • Agility: Maeve can jump while airborne to perform a double jump. This double jump is reset after landing or using Pounce.
-All of this is already part of Maeve. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Ancient Temper: Makoa gains 1% ultimate charge for every 500 damage taken.
  • Snake Toss: When Mal’Damba reloads, he throws his cobra dealing 200 damage and stunning an enemy for 1 second.
-All of this is already part of Mal’Damba. It just isn’t shown as its own skill.
  • Magic Mark: Moji's Familiar Spray and Magic Barrier give stacks of Magic Mark to enemies. Familiar Spit consumes an enemy's Magic Mark and deals additional damage for each stack on the enemy.
-All of this is already part of Moji. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Anticipation: Pip's Healing Potion cooldown is reduced by 0.1 seconds for each enemy hit by his attacks and abilities. Hitting multiple enemies multiplies the cooldown reduction.
-Like Grohk, it would make sense for Pip to be more viable as a healer even if he doesn't pick a healing talent.
  • Lord of the Abyss: Raum's attacks and damaging abilities leave Soul Fragments from any enemies they hit. Each Soul Fragment he collects grants 200 additional health as Soul Armor. Raum can have a maximum of 4000 Soul Armor at a time.
-All of this is already part of Raum. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Indestructible: Ruckus gains 1 stack of Indestructible for every 200 damage he deals to enemies. He takes 1% less damage for each stack of Indestructible and can hold up to 30 stacks at once for a maximum of 30% damage reduction. Additionally, activating Hexa Fire instantly grants 10 stacks of Indestructible.
Indestructible decays at a rate of 2 stacks per second.
-This would make him more viable as a solo tank.
  • Oracle: Seris' healing is increased by 2% for every Soul Orb on her enemies.
Sha Lin
  • Mirage: Every 4th fully charged attack Sha Lin lands causes him to become stealthed for 0.25 seconds and create a mirage with 250 health that lasts for 5 seconds. The mirage moves around and pretends to attack enemies during until it disappears.
  • Twilight Veil: While stealthed, Skye gains 10% movement speed every second, up to 20%. If she is both stealthed and undetected by enemies, she can gain up to 40% movement speed. If she is detected while this bonus is higher than 20%, then she will lose 10% movement speed every second until she reaches 20% movement speed or until she is undetected once again. If she leaves stealth entirely, her movement speed bonus decreases by 10% per second until she returns to her normal speed or until she regains stealth.
-This is meant to give Skye more mobility as a stealth assassin. "Undetected" and "detected" refer to whether or not she is visible in some way, either by an enemy being close enough to see her, or by being revealed by an ability.
  • Midnight: Strix has 100 Energy that he consumes by activating Stealth to hide from enemies. Activating Stealth instantly consumes 33 Energy and drains 10 Energy per second while active. He regenerates 12 Energy per second while out of combat, and 2 Energy per second while in combat.
-All of this is already part of Strix. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Ancient Power: Talus gains 4 Affinity for every 100 damage he deals to enemies while Overcharge is not active. Up to 100 Affinity can be stored. While active, his Overcharge ability consumes 35 Affinity instantly and then drains 20 Affinity per second to increase his weapon's fire rate by 20% while consuming no ammo, allowing him to use Overcharge for up to 4 seconds with full Affinity.
-This is a soft rework for Talus. I thought it would be cool for him to have a less oppressive version of Overcharge that he can activate only after putting some effort into gaining charge for it, especially since his current playstyle involves him running up to someone, spraying them down, then running away.
  • Juggernaut: Terminus takes 50 less damage from all attacks. However, any attacks that deal less than 200 damage are instead reduced by 25%.
-Just to clarify, this reduces damage by a flat 50, not by 50%, and anything that deals 200 or less damage will always deal at least 75% of its damage.
  • Reflexes: Tiberius reloads 1% faster for every 2% of his missing health.
  • Runic Siphon: 50% of the damage that Torvald deals to shields is converted into his own personal shield. This effect increases to 75% of shield damage while he is at 50% health, and 100% of shield damage when he is at 25% health or lower.
-Original Torvald was cool, and this would be a cool way to bring part of him back.
  • First Blood: Tyra has 15% lifesteal at all times.
-All of this is already part of Tyra. It just isn't shown as its own skill.
  • Veterancy: While out of combat, Viktor restores 15% of his missing health per second in addition to the normal healing value.
  • Strategist: Vivian's cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 5 weapon shots she hits, including from her Sentinels.
  • Fae Wings: Willo can jump in midair to flap her wings, giving her a small vertical boost each time. Each subsequent wing flap is 20% less effective than the last.
  • Altruism: Ying gains 15% less ultimate charge from dealing damage, but gains 30% more ultimate charge from healing allies.
-Damage Ying is surprisingly strong with Focusing Lens, so I though she should have incentive to be a healer instead of a damage dealer.
  • Ceremonial Blade: Zhin’s Inferno Blade gains a special upgrade when he purchases the 3rd tier of an Offense item. He can have multiple upgrades by purchasing multiple tier 3 Offense items.
Bulldozer III: Each slash from Inferno Blade now pierces to hit up to 2 enemies but only deals 20% damage when doing so (4 enemies/40% damage for heavy hits).
Cauterize III: Each slash from Inferno Blade applies a Damage Over Time effect for 200 damage over 2 seconds (400 damage over 4 seconds for heavy hits).
Wrecker III: Each slash from Inferno Blade now pierces through shields but only deals 20% damage when doing so (40% damage for heavy hits).
Deft Hands III: Each slash from Inferno Blade travels 20% faster and farther (40% faster and farther for heavy hits).
Thank you for reading to the end. I accept any feedback.
  • Edit 1: Due to some confusion over Io and Imani, I have now given them both passives in the list. They were initially not included because of how long they were, but I decided to edit them in anyways.
  • Edit 2: Talus, Inara, and Bomb King have been given completely different passives. Imani's passive/rework was tweaked.
  • Edit 3: Khan, Ruckus, Torvald, and Viktor have been given completely different passives. Fernando's passive was overhauled. Others were tweaked.
  • Edit 4: Cassie and Seris have been given completely different passives. Strix's new passive was removed, as it was unnecessary since he already has a passive. General polishing.
  • Edit 5: Kinessa has been given a completely different passive. The second part of Grover's passive has also been completely changed.
  • Edit 6: Jenos, Inara, and Grover have been given completely different passives. Imani's passive has gone from a partial rework to a near-full rework, as her damaging abilities have completely different effects that synergize with her passive. Increased health trigger range on Khan's passive. New effect added to Ash's passive. New names for several passives: Ash (War Machine), Imani (Warder's Blessing), Io (Lunar Companion), Khan (Unyielding), and Talus (Ancient Power).
submitted by Vampragon43 to Paladins

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