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Vote panel/serial sync bug has been fixed for multiplayer - Random map scripts can be used directly in the scenario editor - Additional full map print options for higher resolutions - Population limit options have been extended up to 250 - Ungrouped AI players will not ally themselves against humans. It takes around 2 days to explore Edinburgh, however you may prolong this opportunity up to 4. In the scenario of a brief visit to Scotland, you can easily additionally limit your own self to Edinburgh simply, devoting one time on a circular journey through bus in the Scottish plateaus (nearly every traveling firm in the capital gives it). Went digging for the locations of certain Age of Empires settings that are only found in the registry and found them.

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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition check out here. The thing that sets the original as well as Age of Kings apart from other RTS games is the large number of technologies available to research combined with the fact that your empire moves through four distinct historical ages: the Dark Ages, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age. Proficy Machine Edition 8.6 Cracked.

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[Impressions a bit under 30 hours in!] This is the new standard. This IS what I came here for! (And what I wish other games of this genre were like.)

This is the new standard of "live service" games and looter shooters.
Since maintenance booted me off and I had enough caffeine in me to prevent me from sleeping I figured I'd type out my current thoughts and impressions on the game. I haven't hit the end game but I've put in a great deal of hours and been doing tons of side missions and roaming and experienced a lot of the many aspects of the game and have been fully immersed in it.
Atm almost 30 hours.
-> In fact this game is so good I haven't spent enough time to even be AWARE of the maintenance. I was truly shocked when I saw that message earlier this morning. I like the game so much I spend almost none on reddit. Huh, that's a switch!

----1: Me 3 weeks ago: "I have no idea what this game is? Why would I ever play it? I have Anthem!"

And I mean what I said in the title after playing nearly 30 hours of this game... and I never even looked at the first division game or this one. I genuinely never planned to buy this game and for the past 8 or so months have been very active in the Anthem subreddit and discord. So much so that I am even friends with Bioware employees and have chatted with them at length on discord and some have been childhood friends.
"What does that have to do with The Division?" you will probably wonder after reading all that:
I genuinely couldn't have cared less for this game and my thoughts come as someone 100% neutral. That is until I started hearing more and more information. Checking out "build websites" was the first thing that tipped me off but I didn't delve deep enough but it primed me to be open to hear more later, these were advised for me to check out because I was working on an Anthem build website.
(ETA = ???? I might scrap the project because it's in such a poor state. I love the devs but I don't feel that they love us if I'm going to be honest. Not exactly rivveting inspiration for someone putting in their free time for 0 pay and planning to put 0 advertisements or "premium" features into a website to be treated like a QA tester. But I digress and I apologize for that. My frustration is only amplified towards Anthem after playing this game that opened my eyes to the facts.)
So I feel that I come from a very neutral standpoint on this game. I don't know the devs and I had no prior work done for any website or pet project that might have drawn me to feel "invested" in this game and hope it succeeds.
And I just flat out think it is that good.

----2: I am immersed in a story and open world I don't want to get out of.

Walking around TD2's map I am finding all sorts of wildlife from deer to various types of dogs and foxes and eagles and rats and the rest. There is nonstop clutter everywhere, and by "clutter" I mean I genuinely find the entire scenery believeable.
I have gone into what I assume are tech startups in the game and they genuinely feel like that cliche over-zealously designed startup. And even the couches in said startup that are the same type have their pillows individually placed in different locations.
TV's are in the locations I'd expect them to be, kitchens have microwaves and sinks and all the stuff one would hope to be in one. The ground is covered in papers and computer set ups are actually very believable for the most part (I've come across some where I was a littleee... skeptical....).
That's not even getting into the roaming NPCs that have so many lines of dialogue that are actually believable. Sometimes they say they are bored or that they are hot and then say it wasn't this hot last year and go on about air conditioning.
Sometimes I am joining a mission to help rescue a hostage. Sometimes I am just walking with an already patrolling group of allies who are looking for food. Sometimes I am taking over a new control point with allies, sometimes I am stopping an execution.
And the worst part is that I have already been caught in a loop of doing this just roaming the open world for hours on end already. It's absolutely captivating and as someone who has HAPPILY skipped most side-quests and side-missions in games like even my primary game FFXIV... I am alarmed.
I have no idea how you did it, but you made even me want to do the bloody side missions.
And this is terrifying to me, because I would literally have rather have Solid Snake from MGS take a massive post-tacobell dump on my face than play freeplay in Anthem. "Challenge of Valor" more like challenge of no I don't want to do 100 world quests where I need to run around like a bumbling buffoon hoping for some RNG quest trigger to say "ahhh freelancer we need your help here!".
As I said, I have no idea how you did this to me but I am completely engaged and most critically happy.
And I know it's random to say, but I lost my mind laughing when I saw 3 random patrolling friendly NPCs burst out of the sewer right in front of me earlier in the game! I was like "OMG?! Where did YOU all come from?!". Well done!

----3: I CAN HEAL!?

I am exhausted of these games coming out lately that have no form of healing because "it doesn't belong in X game". (Looking at you too, Dragon Age: Inquisition.) That's been my main archetype since I was like 4 or so playing MUDs online. Don't get me wrong, I do believe it doesn't have a place in many games. But I want to say that it's a breath of fresh air to be able to play my actual main role in this game.
In fact that gets into one of the more general things I adore about this game: It feels like it has taken the core elements out of traditional MMORPG gaming and has delicately painted these features alongside more traditional shooter mechanics in a way I find awe-inspiring.
Back to healing specifically though!
Healing feels rewarding. It also feels like it takes a lot of skill. As an analogy I feel less like Mercy and much more like Ana, and I find that very engaging. Chem Launcher is fantastic and I adore the ability already, and I do not have a full build for it yet. I also like the healing drone and it does feel very similar to Zenyatta's healing orb. This isn't even getting into the multitude of other options I can do outside of that.
It feels rewarding, engaging and not faceroll. They feel strong while having some very heavy drawbacks such as cooldowns and keeping your drone from getting wacked out of the air.
This is how I want to heal. Challenge me but if I pull off some shenanigans I like the reward. Chem launcher I've found difficult to use properly but the reward is sweet.

----4: Builds!

-Armor sets broken into a multitude of pieces
-Special bonuses on them like exotic traits, random bonuses and mod slots.
-Skills also have mod slots.
-Specializations and their respective trees of options
I genuinely think this game has a fantastic base to maneuver around builds and promoting individual playstyle. Such as for me right now as of writing this post-- I am running around with the shield that lets me use my primary weapon + chem launcher. This lets me lay out heals on allies and myself while also being able to hammer down the front line. And I am NOT at endgame yet.
But I feel that I have such a strong sense of agency with my playstyle that I feel genuinely happy with where I am at. I feel tanky and like I can protect myself while acting as a support to my team. I feel like I can break the lines by putting myself forward and if someone gets too close shield bash them into oblivion.
I can see easily endgame there being a ridiculous amount of builds.

----5: Loot! Loot! And LOOT!

So much loot. Just walking around without killing anything down an alleyway and you can have like 9 boxes of loot just there.
It's incredible.
Not to mention enemies just shower you in loot and I can almost always go back to the stash and find a new upgrade to my build that I want. Meaning that I actually am finding incremental builds and feel like I am having some progression and have some semblance of agency over my builds.
Take note, Anthem. This is what I was bloody well talking to you about in my 2x plat, 4x gold 3x silver 1.1k upvoted constructive criticism post-- which for the record got no dev attention.
Anyhow point is, the loot is solid. You will feel a sense of progression in this game unlike Anthem where I can easily say I felt starved. I haven't seen all of endgame yet but considering I am already seeing decent stuff from clan-mates... I am quite confident in this claim.
( If anyone is wondering which one I mean for the record or thinks I am bluffing I sadly am not: https://www.reddit.com/AnthemTheGame/comments/aytu0z/constructive_feedback_with_chartsgraphs/
So there is the "receipt" as people are calling it these days...)

----6: MTX? I am not even noticing them really!

In the live-service genre that I actually made a 42 minute video hammering the industry a few weeks ago... it's very predatory. Lootboxes and pay to win mechanics and the whole gambit.
I haven't felt pressured to buy anything even once.
Which yes yes YES I know people should say "but why is that a positive! that should be expected!" but that's just not the standard for looter shooters. So I am going to say this as a positive, I have taken note of this and it is appreciated.

----7: Bullet Spongey? Not really.

So I genuinely thought this game was going to be bullet sponge. There you go I said it. I expected complete bullet sponge nightmare fuel.
And I mean the HEAVIEST armored targets ARE very spongey bullet wise. But there is a trick-- aim at the right spots and after a short while you blow through them like they are a joke.
Not to mention the number of armor-aggressive skill variants we have that can melt armor and chip away weakpoints or otherwise just like them on fire.
I haven't seen endgame raiding yet but everything I've experienced thus far, I don't feel anything is bullet spongey.
And I haven't seen anything nearly as dreadfully bullet spongey as The Monitor on GM3. Absolutely screw that fight and everything it represents. You wonder why it seems like the majority of people do the first 2 chests and leave and ask "Hmmm? Why?".
I haven't felt anything like that in TD2 thus far!

---- 8: Weapons.

Oh. My. Goodness. I love it. Although I certainly am not a gaming shooter expert by any stretch, I can say I personally find this a strong positive.
These weapons all feel very unique to shoot and have a great feeling to them. I have my obvious preferences as anyone does, but they feel dramatically different from one another and feel very tight and rewarding to use. As a comparison I feel like these weapons are better feeling than Warframe, DRAMATICALLY better than Anthem (sorry but just saying it) and probably around Apex Legends.
I really feel that these are fantastic to use. They handle well, aim well and shoot well and you suffer realistic drawbacks from using particular ones such as your targeting flinging upwards aggressively after firing a shot with particular weapons.
Not to mention many of the bonuses the weapons give that I've seen thus far seem to really feed into the fantasy of various gameplay styles. I really do enjoy this aspect a lot and it's been in my humble opinion exceedingly well done.

----- 9: Story. (NO SPOILERS).

I feel captivated by the overarching story that envelops this world. I feel drawn to feel sympathetic and compassion for the civilians enduring this and I feel that this is a very powerful story about PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE. It feels very similar to me to The Walking Dead, flat out I get a lot of those vibes-- and that is again a story more about human interaction and human psychology than the actual zombies or the virus infecting people.
The virus and deaths and plagues only serve as the fuel and that fire that is lighted under the butts of people. A catalyst, if you would, that drives people to act in their most raw unchained forms.
The overarching theme is captivating and I felt drawn into it from the second I stepped out of character creation.
The story isn't just told to you either. You EXPERIENCE it.
Less talk, and more action.
You don't read about people suffering. You see an execution on the street in FREE ROAM in the open world.
The individual quests also are very compelling and you feel drawn to them, or at least I did. I felt wholly crushed by some aspects of the story and felt a bit angry at particular NPCs for others.
There also seems to be a diverse set of personalities in the characters themselves. Some are insane and quirky, some you want to throw a wrench at and knockout to get them to just stop harassing you (looking at you, shopkeepers in base of operations!). Other than the officers that you hire... I find that their conversation with you is so brief that I had nothing to relate too. I tried the shooting range and deadzone and guild/clan one and I was bewildered at how little they had to say to me. It was, I admit, very saddening at the time.

---- General "The bad" (which is tbqh not even that bad).

1: Silent protagonist:
I really do not like a silent protagonist. It feels stale and awkward to me and I hated it in D2 where we had that robot talk for us, I guess at least right now I feel slightly less insulted and like I am too stupid to talk because it's just silent and I don't need my robot friend to speak for me.
I admit I do somewhat miss Anthem's main protagonist talking. And even if this entire trailer they did about "choices will impact your game" was a load of LIES and the conversations you have are spectacularly insulting placebos... I liked that I didn't feel I was too dumb to talk.
2: Early game skill modification is inaccessible even if you get level 10 or so skill mods.
Give me a level 10 skill mod. Needs 300+ power. How exactly am I meant to use this? I can't... I really can't and that is a let down. While it's not game breaking at all, I am somewhat unhappy I couldn't play with this aspect of the game earlier.
3: Only 2 skills...
I don't have much more to say on this but I really am not a fan of so few skills in gaming and wish we could have more again. I mean it's fine, I'm not complaining. But I genuinely would love to have a loadout of 3 skills. However I guess that comes down to the pick and choose nature of this game, can't have it all. Even if I want it all :,(
4: Cooldowns.
It's probably because I am not level 30 yet but my goodness gracious these cooldowns are genuinely awful. While I have no issue praising the game, if my shield breaks and it's on a 200 second cooldown timer that's just utterly masochistic to make me not have it for that long. I understand it is a case of "git gud" but for other skills like a restorative healing hive (not the revive one) where I throw it down in a location to AOE heal allies... how can I reposition that?
I can break it and then I am still put on an insane cooldown timer where I basically don't have that ability. It makes things feel very unwieldy and I've noticed myself be very hesitant to use abilities all that often with these CDs.
...Leading to my current build of shield + chem launcher, where I can be very consistently helping allies. Because I genuinely feel the CDs are too harsh.
But again this could also be seen as an opportunity for high cooldown builds to actually shine and be represented in the game. So perhaps this is exactly as planned. Where I feel like a "spot healer" at present earlier on than 30 instead of the endgame healing beast I will be later.
5: Moving rapidly out of cover feels clunky to me.
I know it's because I am a noob to The Division but genuinely I feel that some of the times when I am moving around cover that it's a bit awkward and difficult to do.
Eg: I tried to get to cover and an enemy was approaching me, was trying to turn around cover to be behind it but my character moved so slowly I did die.
I'll try hitting double space to do that dodge roll or something.
Seriously please please please please let us remove that ugly armor vest. I realize we can use that soldier uniform to cover it up, but that's the only one I've seen. I just want rid of it for good.
:,( Let me see my body cosmetic choices PLEASE ;~;!!!!
7: It might just be me but I am not really connecting to the "main" story?
Without giving spoilers. It all feels very disjoint to me. I mean I really feel the narrative overall that I am in D.C. trying to help people out and the individual stories are very very very compelling. But I am missing that sense of an cohesive single narrative. It could be that I've just been lost in free roaming for hours but I lack that same sense as I have in other games in the past.
But as I have said above, I do feel compelled and drawn into the story at a high level of helping people in D.C., saving civilians, completing bounties, giving supplies to camps and taking over camps and the rest. I also think the individual main story missions are VERY compelling. The problem is that the middle feels cut out, which isn't really a problem and it might just be me. But those individual very compelling stories feel just disjoint to me?
8: If you're looking for character relationships like Dragon age origins look elsewhere.
But I mean like bonds like with Morrigan or Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. You don't get to learn about your officers in the white house that much. You don't learn that much about other NPCs that much. I felt very disconnected from the cast of NPCs in general outside of a very select few and even then it is no where even close to the same level of NPC interaction and bonding as in DA:O. It felt very superficial and kind of "eh?".
I remember recruiting my first employee to the base of operations for crafting or whatever. It was ok.
Then I tried the shooting range and deadzone and guild/clan one and I was bewildered at how little they had to say to me. It was, I admit, very saddening at the time.
9: Character creator.
The lack of beard options in this game is depressing. I mean we have a few! WOAH THERE! Like let me reel that back in. This isn't like Destiny 2 that I have literally made fun of multiple times in the past to friends. We actually have some options. But I have come across NPCs with better beard options and I feel a little sad. Or hair.
I genuinely went into the character creator to make my character look like this: https://instagram.fyxd1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/11a63a89f3c36883953617233cbd1035/5D091E74/t51.2885-15/e35/38748660_2063253063727684_7828397707432558592_n.jpg?_nc_ht=instagram.fyxd1-1.fna.fbcdn.net
And honestly I failed. No 2 ways about saying that.
-No hairstyles shaved on the sides with longer hair or even viking style.
-Beard options are either very "ehhh" or massive untamed bush. I prefer thinner on the cheeks that grows longer on the chin as depicted above.
Or why can we only have one arm tattoo? I'd love the ability to just go "all-in" and have the option to cover my character with them. I think this would be a huge boost to character customization. Even following the image above I've got tattoos on each arm, not just one.
Not to mention the next point which is my final negative I can say... but I'll let myself get to that point later on (ahem).

---- Final negative: Male Butts are weak and lackluster and I want to pay for cosmetics to upgrade this.

I come from Warframe.
But anyhow the last thing I'd describe myself would be "dummy thicc" and I am far from worried that my butt will alert the guards as I sneak around.
But seriously I feel like my character doesn't even have a butt. It literally is just flat as a board and I genuinely find that lame.
Please add this as cosmetic options :)

MGS Snake Thiccness Pls :D


This feels like elements out of my main game (FFXIV) and elements out of my secondary game (Warframe) as well as traditional shooter mechanics were packed in a room that had naughty times and produced this baby called TD2 that had many of the best traits out of these.
I feel that if someone likes MMORPG games that they will feel at home here with the multitude of very MMORPG elements in it.
I feel that if someone likes shooter elements they will feel happy here.
I feel that if someone is a theorycrafting math-nerd like myself they will be very happy here.
I feel that if someone enjoys immersing themselves in a world and getting lost in it they will feel happy here.
For a game I honestly made so many assumptions about and tuned out when people were talking about it-- I genuinely regret not paying attention earlier. And I am genuinely happy Anthem bombed so hard that I became an "Anthem refugee" and actually gave this game a chance. I am not going to lie when I say that 3 weeks ago I couldn't have possibly cared less if this game just didn't exist.
Yet I love it. It's been a very long time (FFXIV Heavensward release probably?) since I've been this excited over a video game where I genuinely hate that I need to go to my job and want to just play it and watch the clock tick down and then quickly rush to play this game.
The build system is rewarding and fleshed out to a degree that is absolutely maddeningly decadent and theorycrafters will want to indulge in for months to come I am quite sure. The combat is very solid and gunplay is absolutely terrific imho. The guns feel fantastic. The skills also feel very impactful and meaningful, good placement of a turret skill can absolutely wipe down droves of enemies. The cosmetic system could use some improvements but I will say that the cosmetics do look different and the system seems good.
Also this game has tons of content. Tons. It doesn't feel like a half-butted minimum viable product where every single inch of it was devoured over and over in meetings of "YOU WANT THAT MECHANIC? WILL IT MAKE MONEY?" like what I feel happened over and over with Anthem. Where the quirky oddities of the game were slowly eroded. I genuinely feel TD2 has tons of content right now and a very clear roadmap that makes me feel comfortable saying this-- especially after the more than shaky state of Anthem where I got invested into the gaming equivalent of a bear trap.

To present it as an analogy: If this game was a girl or guy (whichever you're into), she/he would be THICC AF. Thicc like Solid Snake. Dummy Thicc.

I genuinely believe this is a game that ANYONE who even looked at Anthem should seriously consider. And as someone who has stated very clearly I am neither a fanboy of this game nor loyal to it's developers (like I am Bioware, where I have actual childhood friends working there now)... this game is good. It's real real real real good.
9/10 easily so far before getting to endgame.
Now I need to just get to endgame when the servers come back up and see how that pans out... but I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth. This is completely enjoyable.
I will end my thoughts on the same note as I started them with: As someone who fundamentally couldn't have cared less if this game failed I am genuinely happy I looked at this game.
~Thank you Anthem for being just that spectacular of a painful disappointment that you drove me here, I can see myself enjoying this game for the next 2 years easily.~
This is the new standard.
submitted by bearLover23 to thedivision

Shotgun Buffs - Base Stat Comparison

Ground Pounder - 1.93
Maverick - 1.87
Vacuum Tube - 1.82
Longarm Enforcer - 1.81
Popshot - 1.76
Husk Buster - 1.76
Stampede - 1.76
The Bear - 1.71
Pummeller - 1.69
Old Smokey - 1.67
Thunderbolt - 1.67
Nightclaw - 1.67
Vindertech Disintegrator - 1.67
Double Boiler - 1.62
Founder's Deconstructor - 1.60
Helium Shotgun - 1.50
Two Step - 1.49
Backbreaker - 1.43
Room Sweeper - 1.29
DragonFire - 1.16
Dragon's Might - 1.13
Tigerjaw - 1.11
Stalwart Squire - 1.09
Pulsar 9000 - 1.02
Black Drum - 1.01
Woofer - 1.01
Staccato Shotto - 1
Dragoon - 0.50
Google Sheet of the Comparisons
Things to note:
These are just rough comparisons of the base stats and dps (without factoring crits), to get a good idea of what's good to look at. Certain weapons are better for certain playstyles and jobs, like whether you want the most out of burst dps, overall dps factoring reload, range/spread, or impact.
Dragoon's half multiplier is due to it actually always having half it's damage/impact from direct weapon tests, even though the UI and older stats on the sites saying otherwise. Now FortniteDB shows it's actual halved values that reflect the ingame tests, but the UI ingame still shows the doubled value.
My favorite shotgun is still the Ground Pounder, which got a sizable buff. Room Sweeper performs very well now, but it consumes ammo way too fast for my liking... But it's a fun weapon to use. Longarm Enforcer and the Nightclaw are now much more usable, while having good range and spread. Founder's Deconstructor is now a very hard hitting pump, being able to roll Dmg/CCd/Dmg.
Vindertech Disintegrator is also really nice for an aoe shotgun that has fairly good range on the projectiles, while the Pulsar still does its job but now has some competition.
One fun suggestion for heroes to use that I enjoy using with shotguns, is Urban Assault Headhunter. Getting her stacks from headshots quickly due to the nature of pellets on shotguns, she can go from 0-5 stacks very quickly. It's a bit of a meme with Room Sweeper's firerate, but it makes slow pump shotguns like the Longarm and Founder's Deconstructor much more usable.
5 Headshots would be a good perk for pellet shotguns if it weren't for bodyshots resetting it, and no good visual cue for when it procs. But for something like a Popshot, if it ever does go off at point blank against bosses, lots of dps. I just stick with Snare when I have the choice.
Something something thanks for coming to my TED Talk, I hope you'll enjoy using the new buffed shotguns like I have.
TL;DR Most shotguns are good now.
Edit: Fixed some calculations, added a "All Weapon Buffs" sheet that has most of the weapon damage changes.
Edit 2: Moved "All Weapon Buffs" to be the first sheet visible, Shotgun Values can still be accessed as the second sheet on the bottom left.
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