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Monthly Discord News Update Thread (August 2018)

Monthly Discord News Update Thread (August 2018)

List of Updates

  • Post update: Event rerun information (7 Wonders/Fervid Swimming) and Tales of Orchestra (8/8/18)
  • Post update: Cell-shading graphics update and Lowell-P Twitter contest winners (8/9/18)
  • Post Update: More SAO collab news (featured chars, twitter campaign, mutual campaign) [8/12/18]
  • Post update: More Sao collab news and new chapter news [8/26/18]

Feedback Update

We have quite a batch of updates! However we would like some feedback on this thread. Would you all prefer biweekly or monthly? We did have feedback on updating ever important APK updated, but since this is for a general sort of announcements we were thinking of a more consistent timing. What do you all think?
Another thing: we had feedback to put the News as a stickied post, and put either the Help or Gacha Summons in the sidebar. We already do have the News, Help and Gacha Summons in the sidebar menu on the drop down menu on top of desktop reddit, but we know this is an issue on the mobile Reddit. We only have two rooms for stickies on the front page, and they are reserved for Help (to help reduce question flooding the front page) and Gacha Summons (due to request in having the gacha summons megathread in a more visible area). We are thinking of keeping this to what we have now, but if anyone has suggestions let us know!

News: Tir Na Nog Summer 2 Xillia Event (A Summer's Memory)

[7/31/18] Tir Na Nog Summer 2 Xillia Event
What other heated competition we could do on the beach? Beach Volleyball of course!
Serving up next on Summer 2 (part 2?) is with Gaius and Muzet from Tales of Xillia 2. This event have three kinds of currency instead of the usual two. Muzet, Milla, Elize, and Leia provide red (赤) ores while Gaius and Jude will give 2x blue (青) ores. Everyone else (including Ludger, Julius, and Alvin) have a black ore bonus. Plan out your time to grind as many ores as you can before the event ends on August 15 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[7/31/18] Tir Na Nog Summer 2 Xillia Event: Gacha
Bring on the heat with this 6 person event banner! This set introduces a new mirrage gear for Milla and Elize, a rate up on Jude's and Leia's new seasonal mirrage, and an increase rate on Gaius' and Muzet's equipment. Spike down on this banner before the competition is over on August 31 (13:59 JST). Tickets will be up until September 4 (13:59 JST). mirrorgem deals for this event is half-off for the first single summon. For multi-summon using mirrorgem players will earn a Gaius & Muzet ticket and 25 Spirrojewels.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[7/31/18] Tir na Nog Summer 2 Xillia Event: Costume
What kind of beach party are we having if you do not have swimsuits? If 8 swimsuit characters from the Colette & Guy event wasn't enough, get ready for 6 new set of limited time swimsuits! Overwhelm the match with these formfitting outfits.
  • Gaius: gacha, exchange market (200,000 blue ores), character costume tab (1,200 prism)
  • Muzet: gacha, exchange market (200,000 red ores), character costume tab (1,200 prism)
  • Jude: gacha, costume tab (weapon accessory only: 300 prism)
  • Leia: gacha
  • Milla: gacha
  • Elize: gacha
Exchange market ends on August 24 (13:59 JST) while the costume tab will have the limited costumes on August 31 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[7/31/18] Tir na Nog Summer 2 Xillia Event: Summer Gacha
Still in a pulling mood?
This exchange market event is also giving out Summer ticket gacha. These tickets can be use to pull either the Gald (red) or the Enhanced (blue) box. Like their banner box names, they will give various amount of gald or materials depending on the box. On the enhance box, players can get mirrage or character (aka EXP items) enhancement materials. These special item box will disappear on September 4 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

News: 7th Tower of Ancient Progenitors

[7/31/18] 7th Tower of Ancient Progenitors Information
Ready to raid on this re-amped tower?
The 7th Tower of Ancient Progenitors comes with the return of elemental weakness passive skills for the 3rd time! Returning Skill:"XXX" elemental damage increase (by 10% on version 1) when facing an enemy that is weak against it.
Collect a total of 250 dias by beating Floor 50. Or challenge the Extra Stages all the way to F60 to earn extra materials (4 Awakening drops, 20x Spirrojewels , 50x Super Chiral Crystals - Large) and becoming a Super Pro by staff standards!
Here are this session's resonance character, two more characters will be added in the future.
  • Gaius
  • Muzet
  • Leia
  • Jude
  • Kocis
  • Mithos
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

News: Rerun Event Ticket

[7/31/18] Rerun Event Ticket: Information
Coming in the game late and missing out the goods?
It is what many players are wishing for, the event reprinting function is now live! After finishing Story 1 Chapter 1, players could access the event reprinting section by pressing the reprinting event button (as the arrow is pointing in the picture here).
From there, players have to use 1 Event Reprint ticket to open an event from the list. After opening the rerun event, players have access to the rerun's stages and gacha for 10 days, exchange market for 12 days, and the related ticket summoning for 14 days.(Picture)
For event currencies and items, players have to go the daily missions tab and select the reprinting mission on the top right corner of the menu to find and collect their reprinting rewards. (Picture)
Other things to note about this feature:
  • Players can open up to 3 reprinting event at the same time.
  • It is possible to end the event at any time during the run.
  • Players does not earn diamond from doing the events but super chirals instead.
  • Once the event has ended, all the quest, exchange market, leftover currency, and missions earning the event currency will be rested.
Currently there are 9 reprint events available at the moment.
  • Mieu's Big Adventure (Jade & Tear)
  • Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods (Mikleo & Edna)
  • The Lord of Spirits & Friends (Elize & Milla)
  • WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys (Reid & Farah)
  • The Distorted Kaleidoscope (Rita & Raven)
  • The Saga of Destiny (Kyle & Reala)
  • The Great Coliseum Revival (Emil & Marta)
  • Joyful Nor Doll (Laphicet & Eizen)
  • Spirit Clash - Fire Showdown (Mint & Arche)
Other scheduled rerun events will appear in this list eventually. To celebrate this new feature, the staff is handing out 1 Event Reprint ticket. Make sure to log in before August 31 (23:59 JST) to grab it. For now, the other alternative to earn more reprint tickets is by purchasing through the mirrorgem shop. 150 mirrorgems per ticket.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Bug Issue Notice

[7/31/18] Bug Issue Notice
These bugs are being investigated at this time.
  • Summer Ticket 's name is displayed incorrectly.
  • If the player earn over 1,000,000 gald on the Gald Box summon, the amount will not show up on the summon result screen.
  • The skit portrait are displayed incorrectly in the scenario.
  • The mirrage enhancing (or is it leveling up) upgrade is shown twice in a session when enhancing mirrage.
  • The mirrage upgrade result is shown preforming once.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/2/18]Update announcement
The recently required update for Tales of the Rays focus on fixing the bug below
  • If the battle ended while Kocis' overray mirrage arte ability (5x normal attack/speed) is in effect, the buff will still be active until the end of the quest.
As an apology, the staff has given 20x :dia: for the trouble. Make sure to log in before August 10 (23:59 JST) to collect this gift.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Tales of the Rays Theater: Favorite Scene Twitter Campaign

[8/2/18] Tales of the Rays Theater: Favorite Scene Twitter Campaign
Oh, Lowell-P drop by to pass on this sweepstake news, All the episodes shown on the Tales of the Rays Theater marathon streaming are now posted in the official website. In celebration of the public release, a new twitter campaign has begun.
Tales of the Rays Theater Favorite Scene Twitter Campaign If the users screencap their favorite scenes and tag it #ざれいず劇場報連相 on twitter, they are eligible to win a postcard of that specific moment! Even more, they could also earn a signed postcard from one of the three marathon guests: Chihiro Suzuki [Luke/Tales of the Abyss], Haruka Terui [Mileena/Tales of the Rays], or Jun Fukuyama [Kyle/Tales of Destiny 2]. All users have until August 13 (23:59 JST) to share their favorite scene!
Details Lottery Prize:
  • Postcard of the user's scene choice (27 winners)
  • Postcard of the user's scene choice + 1 random signature postcard (3 winners)
Application Condition
  1. Take a picture of the scene from the official TotR Theater website and post it (as an attached image) with the tag #ざれいず劇場報連相 . (If having issues with taking a picture, the entry can be in text form as long as it is specified like "Episode XXX on OOO seconds".)
  2. Must follow the Tales of the Rays official twitter page. (For shipping the prize, all entries need to have a [Tales Channel +] account before the deadline or else it will become invalid. Address can not be changed after registration and is limited to Japan only.)
Players can enter with as many pictures as they want. The winner will be notified through direct message on Twitter and should expect their prizes to ship on September 2018. For more extra details, don't be afraid to @音Krimzun犬助 .
Official Tales of the Rays Theater website: https://torays.tales-ch.jp/special/shortAnime/
Twitter Contest Details: https://tales-ch.jp/news_detail.php?news_id=2325
Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1024583610307756032
By the way, the 12 character keyword answer for the 24 hour marathon stream contest is 祝!ているずおぶ劇場復活 or Congratulation! Tales of Theater revival.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Additional Rerun Information

[8/2/18] Additional Rerun Information
The official Tales of the Rays twitter posted a tally count over how many people used the revival ticket feature on July 31 (14:00 - 23:59 JST). They mention that even though it was highly requested, there is only a few people who uses it. Please don't forget to reminisce on some of our past memories as we continue on our summer memories. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1024604109184225280
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

PV of August 2018

Its an announcement post for the upcoming monthly PV everyone! Prepare yourself on August 3 (12:00 JST) as we hit the highest point of summer. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1024938386639876096
Adding in the news from above, stay tune for the next part of the PV in the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLNUyzfeIiA
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Current Event Rerun Information

[8/6/18] Rerun Announcement: Fervid Swimming Medley and 7 Wonders of Tir Na Nog
Get set for a rerun of Fervid - Swimming: Medley Relay with Alisha (Tales of Zesteria) with a throwback of challenges in this 15+ stage event. Or do you prefer the chills on The Seven Terrors Wonders of Tir Na Nog with Asbel and Cheria (Tales of Graces)? Both will begin on August 7 (14:00 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

SAO Collaboration Event Information

[8/6/18] SAO Event Announcment
《Link Start》
Our next collaboration is with Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Instead of logging at their usual log house in ALO, Kirito and Asuna finds themselves on unfamiliar territory on the Fateful Encounter prologue event. Play this fully voiced preview to earn Kirito & Asuna summoning tickets that can be used on their upcoming weapon banner. This starting event will be up until August 30 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] Half AP and Success Rate + Campaign Information
Along with this special occasion and welcoming our new arrivals from the other side, another 1/2 AP and Success+ rate-up campaign has begun!
  • 1/2 AP: Half stamina cost for all enhancement quest and main story up to Arc 2: Chapter 6, Stage 15 (both normal and hard mode).
  • Success+ rate-up: Increase rate of getting a success+ (2x EXP) on weapon and mirrage level up. These two campaign will be around until August 24 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] Sorey and Milla/ Judas/Cubone Kirito Information
Our companion also have their collaboration prologue up on all three of their region servers. Somehow Sorey (Tales of Zestiria) and Milla (Tales of Xillia 2) wander into new environment during their mission?
Players can also test their skills against the masked swordsman Judas/Cubone Kirito and collect medallions of every element for a limited time. This introduction quest will be up until August 31 (14:59 JST). (Image)
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] SAO Collab PV
A certain sneaky info broker drop by to share the latest collaboration campaign (don't worry, I'm already paying the price). https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1026314897699758081
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] SAO Collab Streaming Information
A follow up information about the collaboration will be aired during SAO's monthly live broadcast on August 12 *20:30 - 22:30 JST). The first half will contain information on their mobile games and VR while the other section focus on Fatal Bullet and the anime. Along with the announced guest earlier this month, Sorey's voice actor Ryohei Kimura and BANDAI Namco's staff Yukihiro Ikeno from the 'Tales of' side will also join the broadcast. Click on the link below to watch the stream on the designated time.
Along with the stream is another fun Q&A session with the voice guest. Reply this tweet with your questions for our guests: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito), Nobunaga Shimazaki (Eugeo), Kanae Itou (Yui), Ryouhei Kimura (Sorey). The staff will select the intresting ones for them to answer. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1026315441424093185
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] SAO Collaboration Autograph Campaign
Just like the previous collaboration, this one is going to have an autographed campaign too!
SAO "Tales of" Collaboration Memorial Campaign
  • By following both game's official twitter and retweeting a specific post, users are entered in a chance to win the signed collaboration picture of the post. This sweepstakes will be in parts with a total of 8 winners in the whole campaign. That means about 8 attempts to win!
Sweepstakes 1 Details
  • Entry deadline for this will be announce on the SAO Live Stream.
Lottery Prize:
  • The collaboration picture of Asuna and Mileena with their voice actor's signature - Haruka Tomatsu and Haruka Terui (2 winners)
  • For shipping the prize, the user need to have a Bandai Namco ID and set address within Japan region before campaign registration ended.
How to enter:
1) Follow both Tales of the Ray: Mirrage Prison's and Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag's official twitter account.
2) Retweet any of the posts below.
Each unique retweet counts as an entry. That means the user will be able to enter the lottery up to 2 times. All the contest information except the notes above are the same as the previous lottery rules. Please ask @音Krimzun犬助 if there are any questions related to this. The prize is expected to ship on late September 2018.
Image of the Prize
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/6/18] Collaboration Website
On this special occasion, a new website for all the related collaboration news open up. Here you can find the promotional PV, twitter campaign details, status updates on the collaboration missions, and one more mystery that Bandai Namco have yet to share... https://sao-mdxrays.bn-ent.net/
[8/6/18]Mutual Collaboration missions information
The return of the Mutual Collaboration missions are here!
Both games' server will assisting each other during their respective event, raising enough community server points to provide free gifts for the other side. Do your best to take down the series' signature boss everyone!
  • 700,000,000 Assault Points -> 100x 導師の解放結晶 (Shepherd Hacking Crystal (pending name), a limit break material for a specific free event unit))
  • 1,200,000,000 Assault Points -> 100x 導師の解放結晶 (Spirit Hacking Crystal [pending name])
  • 2,000,000,000 Assault Points -> 1x 4* weapon [フェアーンード]
  • 3,700,000,000 Assault Points -> 25x Memory Diamonds
  • 4,700,000,000 Assault Points) -> 50x Memory Diamonds
  • 200,000,000 Event Points -> 1,000,000 gald + 1x Kirito & Asuna summoning ticket
  • 500,000,000 Event Points -> 100x Super Chiral Crystal (large) + 2x Kirito & Asuna summoning tickets
  • 800,000,000 Event Points -> 1x Kirito's mirrage gear + 1x Asuna's mirrage gear
  • 1,000,000,000 Event Points -> 20x diamonds
  • 1,500,000,000 Event Points -> 40x diamonds
P.S. For those who are not aware, both Memory Defrag's global server have the same updates as Japan's. It is possible that the point contribution on all three SAO:MD server will tally up together on this campaign instead of just Japan server (but this is speculation if it will happen).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Rerun Event News: Fervid Swimming Medley and 7 Wonders of Tir Na Nog

[8/7/18] Fervid Swimming Medley: Event information
The hot blooded race is on! Make sure to reach the finish line with Alisha and her team before August 23 (13:59 JST). The event currency missions task for this event are:
  • Number of Hunting Orders completed
  • Number of Hours for all orders completed
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/7/18] Fervid Swimming Medley: Gacha information
And that is only the start, the 5 person gacha banner for this swimming race is up as well. Sorey's, Ix's, and Mileena's summer seasonal mirrages are back in full force! Snatch them before the tides changes on August 25 (13:59 JST).
No rate up or costume bonuses for the reruns but there are still some benefits for pulling with :mrg: . Players who uses mirrorgems to pull will get 200 more higher tier currency for each equipment. If the user do the 10x summon, they will get 1 Alisha summon ticket (August 30, 13:59 JST) as well. Don't forget that the first single pull with mirrogems are half off!
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/7/18] Fervid Swimming Medley: Costume information
The Zestiria's summer gear for Alisha, Sorey, Mikleo, and Edna are going for another round. Make sure to tag in because all the outfits are a limited time only! However, the accessories will be permanent in the character costume tab.
  • Alisha's and Sorey's swimsuit: exchange market (200,000 event currency), Character custom tab or Turtlez Shop (800 prisms)
  • Mikleo and Edna's swimsuit: Turtlez shop (800 prisms)
  • Summer Accessories: character custom tab (200 prisms)
Exchange market will be closing on August 27 (13:59 JST). The limited swimsuits on the character custom tab and Turtlez Shop will be there until August 23 (13:59 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/7/18] 7 Wonders of Tir Na Nog: Event information
The air is feeling a little chilly... Shivering bones? Join Asbel and Cheria to help Sophie with her summer homework because it is due on August 23 (13:59 JST)!
The task we need to preform for this rerun's event currency missions are:
  • Number of "Just" inputs activated at the end of the quest.
  • Number of Mirrage Artes activated at the end of the quest.
By the way, the exchange market only contains Asbel's and Cheria's costume in this rerun.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/7/18] 7 Wonders of Tir Na Nog: Gacha information
Why not have the whole party involve in this summer project? This rerun banner contain the 5 available characters from Tales of Graces. Just like the Alisha's rerun, there are no rate up or costume bonuses on this set. The basic rerun deals still apply:
  • Getting 200 on this event currency specifically for every equipment pulled from a mirrogem summon.
  • Event specific summoning ticket for each 10x summon.
  • Half off for the first single summon using mirrogems.
The event and ticket gacha ends at the same time as their companion rerun: August 25 (13:59 JST) for the event banner while August 30 (13:59 JST) for the ticket summons.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

Tales of Orchestra Update

This is an in-game mention but it has no visible relation to TotR at the moment. The Tales of Orchestra Concert ticket sales for the general seating are up, please enjoy the series' signature soundtracks as Vesperia, Hearts, and Symphonia 2 reaches their 10th anniversary. This year's concert will have Bonnie Pink as the guest star.
Click on the official website below for more information:

News: In-game Graphics update

[8/7/18]Cell-shading graphics
The official TotR twitter have posted more screenshots of the reinforced cell-shading graphics that was mention in the last hour of the Tales of the Rays Theater 24 hour marathon. "The shading on Ix looks really amazing despite a few bug issue it cause. We are currently fixing that and plan to implement this change in autumn." https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1027094977107509248
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

News: Lowell-P Campaign Winners

[8/7/18] Contest winners
Thank you for telling all your favorite scenes to Lowell-P on the twitter campaign. A direct message will be sent out to all 30 winners of this contest. The design for the winning postcard mount is posted below. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1027480262899195904
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

News: SAO Collab

[8/12/18] Livestream
Hope everyone enjoys SAO's monthly live stream announcement!
If you missed the collaboration news led by Tales of the Rays's producer Yukihiro Ikeno and Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag's producer Yuka Tsukuda, you can check it on Dengeki Online Channel's Youtube account. The related info end on the linked video's 54:25 timestamp. The news below will follow stream announcement order. P.S. I forgot to mention earlier that Kanae Itou also voices Kannono Earhart if that interest anyone. https://youtu.be/R_uDzTWq3uE?t=7m
[8/12/18]SAO x TOTR Event info: SAO Memory Defrag
After some fun introduction from the staff, game, and promotional collaboration, the stream goes to the right side of the board where details are revealed one-by-one.
Here are the announcement details of the collaboration in Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.
1)A teaser of the collaboration story (Not going to type down due to being officially translated in English on SAO:MD's global version). Image
2)The collaborating featured characters for this event. Sorey (Tales of Zestiria) is a reward by completing the collab event while Milla (Tales of Xillia 2) can be obtain through login bonus. A related gacha box will appear, containing 5 characters dressed up as the "Tales of" series. Each unit will have a 3rd Sword Skill based on their counterpart's mystic arte!
  • Kirito as Judas (Tales of Destiny 2)
  • Asuna as Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria)
  • Leafa as Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)
  • Sinon as Alisha Diphda (Tales of Zestiria)
  • Silica and Pina as Meredy and Quickie (Tales of Eternia)
3) Event Boss details. For this story event, players have to face Barbatos Goetia (Tales of Destiny 2) to build event points and earn materials.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/12/18]SAO x TOTR Event info: Tales of the Rays Info
1) Kirito and Asuna are coming over to the Rays.
2) The featured "Tales of" characters for this collaboration. Along side Kirito and Asuna, 3 more characters will get a seasonal mirrage and a bonus costume based on their counterpart.
  • Mileena Weiss as Leafa (ALfheim Online)
  • Rita Mordio as Sinon (Gun Gale Online)
  • Colette Brunel as Yuuki (ALfheim Online)
  • Image
3) A collaboration story with LiSA's「crossing field」as part of the event's music.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/12/18]SAO x TOTR Event info:Mutual Campaign
The next section discuss about the two mutual campaigns that occurs along side with the events.
First one is an in-game mutual campaign (reminder) that is dependent on everyone's event efforts! As SAO:MD face off against Destiny 2's forgotten berserker Barbatos for their event points, TotRs have to challenge Aincrad's Blue-Eyed Demon Gleam Eyes to build up assault points. Please check the past news (or this channel's pins) for the point goals to assist your fellow players on the other side. In addition, both games will provide 1 multi-summon on the collab banner to jump start the player's grind. P.S) As for updated details, the 4* weapon is Milla's balance blade.
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.
[8/12/18]SAO x TOTR Event info:Twitter Campaign
Next is the twitter following campaign! The ending date is stated to be on.... The end of the MDxRays collaboration campaign (Sorry. That is what the board, producers, and detail page said.)! On the additional note, the information for the whole sweepstake has been updated. There will be 4 winners for the rest of the sweepstakes, two per post. For details on how to enter, please read the older post about the SAO:MDxTotR twitter campaign or ask @音Krimzun犬助 .
Sweepstakes 2 Date: August 12 (21:00 JST) - End of collaboration Prize: Silica illustrated with Hidaka Rina's signature or Millina's illustration with Haruka Terui's signature.
Sweepstakes 3 starting date: August 14 (14:00 JST) Sweepstakes 4 starting date: August 16 (14:00 JST) For full details and updated status, please click on the link below:
After a short round of gameplay using the new character units and twitter's Q&A, the last peeling details has been uncovered.BOTH games' collaboration event will begin on August 17 (11:00 JST).
  • Courtesy to 音Krimzun犬助 on Discord for this information.

8/26/18 update

[8/14/18]SAO x TOTR Event info:Twitter Campaign
Its round 3 of the SAO:MDxTotR retweet sweepstakes! This time we have Ayana Taketatsu's (Leafa) and Rika Morinaga's (Rita Mordio) signature on their collaboration piece. Retweet both post will allow users to enter two separate lottery for a chance of getting either illustrations. Just like the previous rounds, this one will also be closed on the end of the collaboration event.
TotR post) https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1029231176525860864
SAO:MD post) https://twitter.com/saomd_gameinfo/status/1029231295711215616
[8/16/18]Twitter Campaign
The last set of the SAO:MDxTotR retweet sweepstakes is live! This time we have Miyuki Sawashiro's (Sinon / Milla) and Nana Mizuki's (Colette Brunel) signature on their collaboration artwork. Closed on the end of the collab, enter in this chance for these famous signatures.
TotR post) https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1029956648167604224
SAO:MD post) https://twitter.com/saomd_gameinfo/status/1029956651762167808
The information and story detailing on the SAO:MD side of the collaboration is now out in English. In short, Milla will be a Day 1 login bonus while Sorey is an event completion reward. Alisha Sinon is a trophy unit (ticket banner and upgrade materials though event ranking placement) as everyone else are obtainable through scout banner. Beware of back attacks.
#[8/16/18] SAO x TOTR Event Details (Please also refer to the Event thread for this information)
Its not just a game, its a global scale collaboration!
Challenge the raid, stage-by-stage, to conquer the event and earn rewards that symbolizing your efforts. We'll do our best to update the mutual raid campaign status daily or when we pass the threshold. Players will get Asuna (Aincrad) when you start the event and Kirito (Aincrad) when the whole server reach 100% completion on the raid. In this session, Kirito, Asuna, Mileena, Rita, and Colette will have a raid equipment bonus. We have until August 30 (13:59 JST) to take down all the bosses on the field.
Every assault players need to be in updated in gear to deal with the frontlines. Rays is providing 3 different banners for user to spend on.
The first one is a 3 person banner focus on Mileena, Colette, and Rita. Their collaborating mirrage have a rate up on this gacha. The usual event bonus for mrg also applies here: guarantees, prisms, and a 3-person summon ticket. This short selection will be up until August 31 (13:59 JST) while the ticket summon is on September 10 (13:59 JST).
If players get any of the special collaboration mirrage for the three front runner girls, a special bonus costume based on Sword Art Online's characters will be gifted to them.
  • Mileena as Leafa (ALfheim Online)
  • Rita as Sinon (Gun Gale Online)
  • Colette as Yuuki (ALfheim Online)
The second banner for the raid event focus on our two new party members: Kirito and Asuna. Along with the usual :mrg: bonus deals, players can do a free solo and multi-summon on this gacha to celebrate this moment. Just like the above banner, this will clear the area on August 31 (13:59 JST) and tickets will be gone on September 10 (13:59 JST).
What about a bargain? The return of the collaboration step-up is here for both mrg and dia! A 7 step payment to get 2 guaranteed mirrages! This deal will be here until August 31 (13:59 JST) like the rest of the collaboration.
6650 MRGs / 665 Dias max for 1 round of 7 steps.
Step 1) 10 dia | 100 mrg 1 item + Kirito & Asuna ticket
Step 2) 30 dia | 300 mrg 2 items, guaranteed 4* or higher
Step 3) 50 dia | 500 mrg 3 items, guaranteed 4* or higher + 1 Kirito & Asuna ticket
Step 4) 75 dia | 750 mrg 4 items, guaranteed 5* or higher
Step 5) 100 dia | 1000 mrg 5 items, guaranteed mirrage
Step 6) 200 dia | 2000 mrg 10 items, guaranteed 5* or higher + Kirito & Asuna ticket
Step 7) 200 dia | 2000 mrg 10 items, guaranteed mirrage + Kirito & Asuna ticket
[8/16/18] Mirrorgem Sale
Its the amazing, mythical, MIRROGEM SALE!
For the first and limited time only, Tales of the Rays will do a mirrogem subscription sale. Players can earn 70 mrg each day for 30 days by paying only ¥480, totaling up to 2100 :mrg: ! After buying the package, the mirrogems will be sent to the gift box each day starting from purchasing date. The next present will be sent after 4:00 JST per day. This mirrogem pack sale will be available to purchase until September 17 (23:59 JST).
Extra note:
  • If the player did not log in during the session, the user will not receive the mirrogems for that day.
  • If the purchase limit exceeded max limit for underaged customers, the mirrogem deal will be canceled.
  • Ages under 16: Limit to ¥5,000 per month
  • Ages 16 to 19: Limit to ¥20,000 per month
  • Ages over 20: No limit
  • The note mention there will be similar sales in the future however the contents may be different than this current deal.
[8/17/18] Twitter Campaign
Let the games begin!
Launching along side the collaboration event, is a combination retweet campaign to earn in-game items. The rewards will be given out each time the total retweeting amount from both post has been met. That means we could retweet both post and it would count as two. Feel free to share this to the SAO:MD community about these (and the mutual campaign) rewards too. Users have until August 24 (12:00 JST) to spread the word out!
Retweeting In-Game Gift Campaign
5,000 Total Retweets SAO:MD) 1x 紅のしずく (Literal translation: Rainbow Drop, most likely Rainbow Essence) TotR) 2x Reflective Material
7,500 Total Retweets SAO:MD) 3x 進化結晶 (Literal translation: Evolution Crystal, maybe Upgrade Crystals?) TotR) 3x Awakening Tears
10,000 Total Retweets SAO:MD + TotR) A signed illustration of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka [Kirito] and Ryouhei Kimura [Sorey] to 2 winners (the collaboration artwork below).
15,000 Total Retweets SAO:MD) 50x memory diamonds + 100x 解放結晶 (Hacking Crystals? didn't say which one) TotR) 40x diamonds + 800x prisms
TotR) https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1030287084529938433
SAO:MD) https://twitter.com/saomd_gameinfo/status/1030287080100782080
[8/17/18] Rest in peace Ishizuka Unshou
The news of Ishizuka Unshou's death was shocking and painful. As the voice of Edward D. Morrison (Tales of Phantasia) and Eugene Gallardo (Tales of Rebirth), the whole "Tales of" staff would like to express their deepest gratitude for his support for this series. https://twitter.com/tales_ch/status/1030434848836472834
[8/20/18] Twitter Campaign
The final goal of the retweet in-game campaign has been met! Kirito's & Sorey's collaboration picture and their voice overs' signature can be seen on the post below. It will follow the same rules as the other Retweet Sweepstakes Campiagns that are ongoing so please review over them (posted above or ask @音Krimzun犬助 ) if you want to earn them. https://twitter.com/saomd_gameinfo/status/1031496567973273601 P.S. This twitter post was made before reaching 15,000 retweets
[8/20/18]Dia reward (Twitter)
TotR's official twitter have finally reach 49,706 followers! They will be giving out 50 dia early as a gratitude and apology for not waiting until 50,000. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1031483505971085312 P.S. They reached 50,000 a little after this announcement
[8/21/18]SAO Event Update
As the 5th day ends a few hours ago, TotR's twitter announced that the Rays' side has completed all the existing Mutual Campaign goals! MD currently have two goals left in their progress (1 million and 1.5 million Event Points). Lend a hand on raising the points as you challenge for the highest ranking spot in Memory Defrag (resetting doesn't help, even if you do want a perfect run). Rays' rewards for MD's Mutual Campaign's Step 1 through 3 has been sent to the gift box as of August 20 (18:00 JST). Don't forget to check the collaboration website for the update! This will be the end of the Assault Point daily report for now (not that I did it daily, maybe someone who is on at the scheduled time should do it..... Hmmm...). https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1032171067626803200

Shing and Caius Chapter

[8/20/18] Preview (Caius)
Unleashed the beast within, several screenshots of Caius' mirrage artes was posted on TotR's official twitter. Please wait a bit more for the release. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1031848356388073472
[8/21/18] Preview (Shing)
Show me some shining spirit! A preview of Kor's mirrage artes are now up on TotR's twitter. https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1032228602308227072
[8/24/18]New Chapter Information
After some shore crossing fun, its time to get down to business.
Mirrage Prison Chapter 8 will be arriving on August 27 (14:00 JST) with our remaining protagonists! Their alternative costumes will also be fitting for the beach. Caius' swimsuit is Tempest's first of their kind.
https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1032917423047897088 https://twitter.com/talesof_therays/status/1032575082281848833

More SAO Collab

[8/25/18]Limited bonus video and collab awards
More goodies from the collaboration has arrived.
For reaching 15,000 retweets, the player will get the following rewards:
  • Reflective Material x2
  • Awakening Drops x3
  • Diamonds x40
  • Prisms x800
Please login before August 30 (13:59 JST) to receive them in your gift box.
As promised, Bandai Namco posted a limited bonus video of the live stream. This features all the guest voice actors from the stream (Kanae Itou, Ryouhei Kimura, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Nobunaga Shimazaki) answering a selection of questions from twitter. This special recording will be up until August 31 (14:59 JST), so please enjoy this momentary amusement. Because this video is meant to be an in-game bonus video, this is not a direct link to the footage but to the in-game news that has the hyperlink to it. https://torays-news.tales-ch.jp/announce/detail/18082401.html

Please look forward to more news in the future!

  • Post update: Event rerun information (7 Wonders/Fervid Swimming) and Tales of Orchestra (8/8/18)
  • Post update: Cell-shading graphics update and Lowell-P Twitter contest winners (8/9/18)
  • Post Update: More SAO collab news (featured chars, twitter campaign, mutual campaign) [8/12/18]
  • Post update: More Sao collab news and new chapter news [8/26/18]
submitted by Laverii to talesoftherays

A mod for people who like Vanilla/Original PD but would like to play an easier version of it: Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon (also reviews of all the other easy mods and download links - Companion to Omicronrg9's mods tree 1b)

[I have started assisting u/Omicronrg9 with his "mods tree" pet project and I am in the process of writing short presentations about all the less known/obscure mods of his tree. When an obscure mod has some interesting aspects, I will also provide a more detailed presentation, or even a short review like those that the reddit friend u/madali0 writes, as a separate post in the subreddit or as a subsection in these posts. I have already posted a presentation about the mods of Original PD without degradation here. People who have read that post recently might want to skip part 1-3a of this post, as a lot of information is repeated.]
Many people still like Watabou's Original/Vanilla PD but some would like even more an easier version of it. For those who have an android device or use a pc emulator like Bluestacks there is one mod that, by choosing the appropriate options from its in-game menu, can make Original PD range from just a little easier (without degradation) to ridiculously easier: Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon. As this post also functions as a companion to Omicronrg9's mods tree (see links above), I offer short presentations about all the easy mods that are available, but I must make clear that I suggest you to try only Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon, Pixel Undungeon, Rat King Pixel Dungeon and Your Pixel Dungeon (and to a lesser degree: a) Easy Mode by SirPenta and Easier Pixel Dungeon by Vatsar, if you are vintage lovers, b) Easy Pixel Dungeon by Dronester, if you like experimenting, c) Traditional Chinese Pixel Dungeon by Kurt Yu, if you know traditional chinese and d) Pixel Dungeon Prayers, if you are curious to see how does a run with a plate armor, a glaive and 14 Str. available from depth 1 and level 1 looks like), as the other sevan mods that are listed in the last section are here just for reasons of documentation.
Mods that I have considered "easy" were those that tweak the Original's code in advance or give this option to the player, in order to make the enemies have less HP/accuracy/evasion, and/or the hero have more HP/accuracy/evasion, and/or the dungeon to generate more game-changing loot (Potions of Strength and/or Healing, Scrolls of Upgrade, uncursed wands and rings, high tier weapons and armors etc.) or take back a mistaken action. Mods that just remove degradation from Original PD without any other change to its difficulty are not listed in this post, but I have already published a presentation about them here. Also "roguelite" mods that enable saving games are apparently easier in that aspect, but can be very difficult in other aspects (Pseudo Rats make roguelite Remixed Dungeon very difficult in late-game according to some players for example), so I will dedicate a separate post to roguelite mods that don't tweak the game's difficulty at all. Easier mods of mods like Soft Pixel Dungeon and Easier Sprouted Pixel Dungeon will also be presented in a forthcoming post about these mods' mods. Mods that give the option to the player to choose various among degrees of difficulty (for example Yet Another Pixel Dungeon has 4 difficulties available, ranging from Easy to Impossible) will aso be presented in a separate post.
Lastly, this post is only about mods of the Original that change its difficulty to become easier, without implementing any other changes (Easy Pixel Dungeon by Dronester, which is presented here, is a borderline case, as it implements many changes, but almost all of them are recycled features of the Original in a new context). For example a lot of players consider Shattered PD to be more easy than Original PD due to its lower dependency on RNG, but I think that it would be almost an insult to u/00-Evan to list Shattered here, as just an "easy mod". The other mod that he has released, Rat King Pixel Dungeon, is listed though. So without further ado, here are the easy mods.
1) Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon by g2159687
It is a mod developed by u/g2159687 and released on June 2016 (he is also the developer of the very worthwile Easier Sprouted Pixel Dungeon, which I will present in another post about the Sprouted mods, but check the just previous link for a download link if you are interested right now). When only the "No degradation" option of the Easy Mode options is chosen, Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon is practically a degradation-free version of the Original's 1.9.1. version (the just previous one from the current version), with just two minor differences that put it a bit on the easier side of the spectrum: a) Swarms or Flies drop a little more often Healing Potions (not always, just a little more often) and b) Gnoll Shamans very rarely drop Scrolls of Enchantment. The only two features missing, as they were added in the 1.9.2 version of Original PD is that same wands don’t merge and the Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing (these are the features that I consider important, for a full list of the changes of update 1.9.2 you can visit the wiki).
Nevertheless with some of the other easier options the game becomes ridiculously easy: a) the "More HP" option gives the hero 2,000 starting HP (!), b) the "More upgrade & strength" option always spawns 1-2 potions of Strength, and 1-2 scrolls of Enchantment and Upgrade on each depth, while upgrading items adds 2 levels to them, and c) the Shops Changed option spawns one shop on each depth, that sells all items for 1 gold (!) each. The other easier options are the Instant identification of items and the Higher Skills of the hero (Accuracy, Evasion etc.). It is by far the more polished easier version of Original PD and the one based on the most recent version of the original. You can download it from here.
2) Your Pixel Dungeon by Eric Britsman
It was released on Nomember 2014 by Eric u/Britsman. Your Pixel Dungeon doesn't make the hero stronger or the enemies weaker, but gives the option to the player to determine a run's RNG by specifying in advance how many items and of which kind will spawn on each dungeon depth and also how many enemies by creating custom maps (for example, if the player wants a very easy run, he/she will determine that on the first depth 5 healing potions, 4 potions of Strength, 5 Scrolls of Upgrade, 1 war hammer, 1 plate armor and only 1 Marsupial Rat will spawn). Nevertheless if the player will just choose to play the default version of the game, that is the same with version 1.7.5 of Original PD but without degradation and with the Auto-repaiTempered enchantments removed. Because of it being based on a rather old version, some features of the current version are missing (these are the features that I consider important, for a full list of the changes of each update you can visit the wiki):
  • a) auto-aiming of enemies with ranged weapons and wands is not available,
  • b) same wands don’t merge,
  • c) Tengu does not drop a Tome of Remastery if the class has already obtained the Tome of Mastery in a previous run,
  • d) the Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing and
  • e) the Sacrificial Chamber and the Scroll of Wipe Out don't exist, and
  • f) the Wand of Telekinesis is still available and is not replaced by the Wand of Reach.
Another difference from Original PD is that Your Pixel Dungeon retains both Scrolls of Enchantment and Weapon Upgrade (the first is a random find in the dungeon and the second only a product of transmuting a Scroll of Upgrade). Have in mind that a minor bug exists in the game, and when you use the Map Editor for a run, and then play again a normal game without loading a map, all the classes will not have the Tome of Mastery as a starting item anymore, even when they have already obtained it from Tengu. You can download Your Pixel Dungeon from here.
3) Mods for vintage lovers: Easy Mode by SirPenta and Easier Pixel Dungeon by Vatsar
a) A honorable mention should be given to the first ever Pixel Dungeon mod, Easy Mode, which was released by the PD wiki founder SirPenta on July 2014 and was based on version 1.7.1c of the Orginal. The player can choose between a "hard mode" which is actually a normal mode as it is identical to that version's Original, and an "easy mode" that has some features moved to the easier side: Potions of Strength and Scrolls of Upgrade are more common, Heroes start with two rations of food instead of one, there are slightly fewer enemies and Goo has sligthly lower HP (the high RNG-reliance makes it almost as difficult as the orginal though). Apparently both modes of Easy Mode have no degradation, as degradation was implemented in version 1.7.4. Nevertheless, due to it being based on an even older version of Original PD, it lacks many important features of the current version (these are the features that I consider important, for a full list of the changes of each update you can visit the wiki):
  • a) auto-aiming of enemies with ranged weapons and wands is not available,
  • b) auto-identification of wands after 40 uses is not available,
  • c) challenges are not available,
  • d) same wands don’t merge,
  • e) Scrolls of Enchantment don't exist, but instead Scrolls of Weapon Upgrade and Arcane Styli,
  • f) Tengu does not drop a Tome of Remastery if the class has already obtained the Tome of Mastery in a previous run,
  • g) the Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing and
  • h) the bomb, honeypot, key chain and weighstone items are not available,
  • i) the in-game menu button is not available
  • j) the Sacrificial Chamber and the Scroll of Wipe Out don't exist,
  • k) the second quickslot is not available, and
  • l) the Wand of Telekinesis is still available and is not replaced by the Wand of Reach.
Another major drawback of this alternative apart from having far less features than the current Original, is that the Original PD will have to get first uninstalled for Easy Mode to become available for installation. Vintage lovers can download Easy Mode from here.
b) The second mod I will propose to vintage lovers is Easier Pixel Dungeon, a mod released by Vatsar on January 2015. This mod is based on the directly more recent version of Original PD, 1.7.2, so in comparison to Easy mode it has also the weightstone item and challenges are available (but not the Forbidden Runes challenge). It also lacks degradation. The features that make it easier are:
  • few rooms are hidden,
  • the depth generation of Scrolls of Upgrade is triple and appr. 30% more potions of Strength are generated (Gnoll Shamans rarely drop Scrolls of Upgrade and Dward Warlocks rarely Potions of Strength),
  • enemies are weaker,
  • few items are cursed,
  • shops might sell Potions of Strength and Scrolls of Upgrade.
Vintage lovers can download Easier Pixel Dungeon from here
4) Easy Pixel Dungeon by Dronester
It was released by Dronester on October 2015. It is based on version 1.7.5a of Original PD and because of that, the same features as those of Your Pixel Dungeon are missing from it, but it implements degradation (unlike Your PD Scrolls of Weapon Upgrade are removed, and only Scrolls of Enchantment exist in the game). This mod is a very interesting chaos, but you will understand why when you reach the second bullet list about the Books and the paragraph after it. The hero starts without an armor on depth 1, that looks like the Prison chapter but has the enemies of the Sewers, with a shop that sells all bags (there is also a potion belt added in this mod, with the sprite of the key chain from the Original - as a consequence, the key chain with its function does not exist in this mod), a Book of Keys and also a boomerang. In the second part of the game shops are added also on depths 24 and 27 and randomly on the next depths until depth 49. The landscape changes to Sewers on depth 4 and back to Prison on depth 9, but retains the normal changes of the Original from there and on (the Caves landscape starts on depth 11 etc.). In the first three depths 1-3 there is also a new enemy, the Slime, that drops dew (after you find the Dew Vial, farming Slimes on the first depths can fill the vial very quickly). The added features that make this mod easier / interesting are:
  • All enemies (including bosses) on the first 15 depths have very low armor and evasion in comparison to the Original, while the hero starts with 100 HP at level 1 instead of 20 HP and has also a base 5% chance to land a critical hit (the only strong non-boss enemies on the first 15 depths are the mimics). Levelling up adds only +5 HP to the hero's health, like Original PD though. All the other stats of the hero and of the enemies (Hero's accuracy and evasion - named attack and defense by the game and shown in the hero's tab along with the armor's defense rating, enemies' HP) are the same with the Original. Also enemies always drop randomly loot (some of them with a 100% chance), and all give XP until end-game, regardless of the hero's level. All enemies' description shows also their max and current HP points.
  • All food items restore the hero's satiety to full and offer minor healing to all classes.
  • The Doomerang missile weapon is added, which is a buffed version of the Boomerang, with 6 times its damage and that also applies debuffs (it releases randomly confusion / paralyzing / toxic gases). It has the damage upgrade scaling of Tier-5 weapons, appr. +3.5 average damage per upgrade, and also the peculiarity of not being able to get balanced/repaired by weightstones, unlike the boomerang. One Doomerang is often inside the chests of the Rat King. A Huntress and especially a Sniper with an upgraded Doomerang is OP. The Boomerang does not get transmuted to a Doomerang or vice versa.
  • Goo always drops an item with the sprite of the Lloyd’s Beacon, which is sometimes renamed to Portable Teleporter and teleports the hero to depths 1, 4, 9, 14 etc. instead of taking him/her to a specific location. When it has still the name Lloyd's Beacon, it retains the same function with the item of Original PD. The Portable Teleporter can also be often found in the Rat King's chests. The Lloyd's beacon does not get transmuted to a Portable Teleporter or vice versa.
  • High grass can also drop Rotbery seeds and the particular seeds can also be found lying on the dungeon floor (they brew usually potions of Strength, but also less often random potions). Any plant when stepped on always drops a random seed and might also drop a random scroll or potion or even food and gold. High grass has a smaller random chance to do the same.
  • In depths from 1 to 24 the loot drop rate of enemies is insane as for example Marsupial rats drop always Healing Potions, Wraiths drop always Scrolls of Upgrade and Potions of Levitation, Albino Rats drop always Scrolls of Identify, Enchantment and Upgrade, Crabs drop scrolls and even Scrolls of Upgrade etc.
  • Leveling up restores the hero's HP to full.
  • Potions of Strength and Scrolls of Enchantment/Upgrade are a much more common find in the dungeon (some enemies also drop them and shops also sell them), so the hero by reaching the Caves might already have 20 points of Strength, 20 Scrolls of Upgrade, and 20 Scrolls of Enchantment. Rotberry seeds being a rather common drop also helps the hero to level up his/her strength.
  • Shops in all depths might also sell seeds, including Rotberry seeds, potions of Might/Strength and Scrolls of Enchantment/Upgrade.
  • The Leather armor and the Ring of Thorns also doubles the critical chance of the hero (which has a base 5% chance), instead of the ring providing only counter-damage to enemies.
  • The Invisibility, Levitation, Mind Vision and Purification buffs last very long (but also specifically the Poisoning debuff when it is caused by raw meat). In the case of the Invisibility buff, attacking enemies doesn't cause the buff to fade away (Assassins gain a huge advantage by this feature, as they can make surpsise attacks with extra damage for extended periods of time). Depths 40-50 are an exception to this, as melee attacks against enemies make the hero visible again (but not attacks with missile weapons). Using scrolls and wands also negates invisibility on these last depths.
  • The Potion of Divination is added, that shows all items on the depth, like drinking frm a Well of Awareness.
  • The Rings of Thorns and Haggler, all the bags, Potions of Might, and Wands of Magic Missile are infrequent and not unique drops/finds/products of transmutation.
  • The Rat's Kings chests never contain degraded to negative level items. All items in the chests are also rare: Tier-5 weapons or plate armors, rings, wands, doomerangs and portable teleporters.
  • There is a warning when the hero’s health goes below 25% of his/her max HP.
  • There is the interesting idea implemented that when items degrade they don’t break, but just lose a level (rings specifically stop degrading at level +1 and don't degrade further). Unlike Original PD though, when weapons and armors degrade their stregth requirement becomes higher, that is it becomes the default strength requirement of that level.
  • The wand of Magic Missile bolts cause confusion to enemies.
  • When the full dew vial saves the hero from fatal damage, not only his/her health is restored to full, but he/she is also granted the Invisibility buff for an extended amount of time.
One more interesting idea as a concept is the addition of the Books items:
  • the Book of Keys generates keys for money that starts from 400 gold and increases by 400 per depth,
  • the Book of Might generates Potions of Might, but for 15,000 gold each,
  • the Book of Rewards is supposed to provide the hero with gold, after he/she watches a film (it was most probably designed to show ads), but it is defunct and not working, and
  • the Book of Summoning can summon very strong enemies (Beast / Albino Rat lookalike, Cyclops / Golem lookalike, Fighter / Hero Warrior lookalike, Fireball / Fire Elemental lookalike, Stinger / Acidic Scorpio lookalike, Summoner / Dwarf King lookalike, T3000 / DM300 look alike, Zoron / Yog-Dzewa lookalike) to fight against the hero, if the player wants to challenge him/herself according to the book's description, but these enemies insta-kill the hero on early depths, as all these enemies are encountered normally in the second very difficult part of the game and some of them are end-game bosses with the same stats. If the player actually wants to challenge him/herself, this book can be used rather safely only after the player has completed the second half of the dungeon with the very difficult enemies. It is sold for 10,000 gold though.
Especially on the Sewers chapter the monsters are very weak, so the hero can stock up 100 Potions of Healing, 100 Scrolls of Upgrade etc. by farming rats, albino rats and crabs, but after the hero reaches Yog-Dzewa and defeats it, he/she has the choice to open the normally closed door of depth 26 and proceed to another 25 depths, which are insanely difficult. These depths include almost all the strong enemies from the previous regular dungeon renamed, with new very dangerous skills, and with very high stats (Acidic Scorpio > Stinger, Albino Rat > Beast, Animated Statue > Gargoyle, Crazy Bandit > Mugger, Dwarf King > Legionnaire/Mercenary, Dwarf Monk > Black Belt, Fire Elemental > Fireball, Golden Bee > Wasp, Golem > Cyclops, Goo > Magigoo, Larva > Dark Slime, Mimic > SneakeSneaky, Tengu > Shadow Master, Vampire Bat > Necromancer, Undead Dwarf > Skeletor, [Tomb] Wraith > [Free roaming] Wraith - there is also a Hero Warrior lookalike enemy named Fighter), and also new bosses appr. every four depths with insanely high stats (for example the Goo lookalike boss Megidoo at depth 33 has 990 HP, other bosses of these levels are the Swarm of Wasps on depth 37, the Dwarf King lookalike Summoner on depth 40, the DM300 lookalike T3000 on depth 45 and the Yog-Dzewa lookalike final boss Eye of Zoron on depth 50 - depth 39 looks like a boss depth but it is empty, nevertheless the 5 Skeleton keys needed for the hero to reach its exit are scattered in the previous five depths or sold in their shops). The landscape of these new depths randomly looks like any of the previous chapters without a specific succession (for example depth 30 can be like a Prison depth and depth 31 like a Demon Halls depth). Players are reminded that like Original PD, if the hero is carrying the Amulet with him/her all enemies of a depth will rush to his/her location, but on these difficult depths, this can easily become overwhelming.
The hero can use all the Scrolls of Upgrade from the first depths, some of the readers might think. But this mod implements degradation, so any item upgraded to +50 will break after a few uses. The only way that these depths are manageable, is the hero to have a stock of Scrolls of Enchantment, use most or all the Scrolls of Upgrade he/she has already gathered on the main weapon, and then apply Scrolls of Enchantment to it, until it gets the Tempered enchantment (after he/she stocks up again on these scrolls on depths 27-49 he/she can repeat the procedure, but always making sure there are enough Scrolls of Enchantment for the Tempered enchantment to occur). In end-game the most advantaged class is the Huntress, especially a Sniper with a Doomerang, as attacks with missile weapons don't break invisibility on any depth, so the Huntress can take down all the end-game enemies (including the final boss Eye of Zoron) almost safely by becoming invisible and throwing her Doomerang against the enemies. In contrast a subclass which cant't be played as such and reach end-game is the Battlemage, as wands can't be enchanted and become Tempered, so any very highly upgraded battle wand will quickly deteriorate. There is also a minor bug in work on the late-game depths, as when the hero leaves them even once to return to the regular dungeon, their entrance on depth 26 becomes closed and they are no longer acCessible by foot (the Portable Teleporter is still able to take the hero back to these depths though).
In conclusion, we have a mod that is very easy in its first half and almost impossibly difficult in its second half, unless the hero has a very highly upgraded main weapon with the Tempered enchantment. Due to its novelties and oddities, this mod is definitely worth a try by players that like experimenting, so if you belong to this group, you can download it from here.
[Note: I have initially described this mod as an interesting chaos, but dronester has grown as a developer since releasing that mod, and his second game, Spinning Knight, is a very decent platformer.]
5) Pixel Dungeon Prayers by Kenjun
It was released on March 2015 by Kenjun. No version that the mod was based on is explicitly mentioned but most probably it is based on version 1.7.2 of Original PD, as it shares all the missing features of Easy Dungeon, but has the weightstone item available, which was added in version 1.7.2. This mod has an interesting feature, that the player has 3 prayers available as an option from the in-game menu in every run and each god will offer different gifts: Ares will offer +10 max HP, Demeter 3 food rations, Hades 1 Ankh, Hephaestus 1 plate armor, Hera 3 potions of Healing, Hercules +3 Strength, and Zeus 1 Glaive. Apparently a run with one prayer to Hephaestus, Hercules and Zeus in its beginning will be super easy, as the hero will have 13 Strength, a Glaive and a Plate armor from the starting room on depth 1. Personally I found amusing to see how a run of this sort would look like, but already at the Caves the game became boringly easy, and also because some features of the Original were missing due to the old version on which it is based. You can download Pixel Dungeon Prayers from here.
6) Pixel Undungeon by Shay Ayal
It was released on July 2015 by Shai Ayal and it is based on version 1.9.1 of Original PD. Its only difference from Original PD is that Pixel UnDungeon adds an undo button to the in-game menu, which is available even after death: pressing undo will return the hero 10 turns back in time. Apparently, this is a very simple and straightforward way to make the game a lot easier. Keep in mind that if after the hero dies, the player chooses to exit the game or return to the main menu, the game will be over permanently. You can download Pixel Undungeon from here.
7) Rat King Pixel Dungeon by Evan Debenham
Rat King Pixel Dungeon is a peculiar case among the easy mods, as it is available for download only once per year on the first of April (its Happy End page doesn't say "Game Over" but "April Fools!"). Nevertheless, for an easy wod it is very well designed, and definitely not a joke (judging from Shattered PD one would not expect easily something even mediocre to get released by u/00-Evan anyway). It was first released on April 1st 2016 and it is based on version 1.9.1 of Original PD like Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon, so the elements already mentioned in the Easier Vanilla PD section are also missing from this mod. The signposts of Rat King PD contain almost all the changes that make this mod easier, but a bullet list with the most important among them should be written here, as this post works also as a a companion to Omicronrg9's tree.
  • All hero classes are available from the beginning, have the face of a marsupial rat (they are Rat Kings, duh), and they have higher accuracy and evasion when they fight with enemies.
  • All bags are starting items of the hero.
  • All game NPCs are very happy to meet the Rat King, and they offer their services or gifts without any demand. Also the Sad Ghost offers both an armor and a weapon, and the Troll Blacksmith reforges as many items as the hero brings to him.
  • Cursed items are very rare.
  • Degradation is technically present in this mod, but when an item is ready to break, a game message appears saying: "The [item] won't dare break in my presence. DURABILITY OVERCHARGE!" and the item becomes undegradable.
  • Depths' sizes are smaller.
  • Shops are very cheap.
  • The Rat King's room on depth 5 has a signpost with the label "Home sweet home" on it, and its chests contain ridiculously high amounts of gold (the hero will leave this room with appr. 3,000,000 gold). Mimics also drop very high amounts of gold.
As the enemies are easy to kill and the depths are small a whole run in Rat King Pixel Dungeon can be a textbook example of a coffee break game. The only feature of it that makes the mod last a little longer than Original PD is that after the Rat King beats Yog-Dzewa ending the game on depth 26 is not available, and after the Rat King finds his crown (Yog-Dzewa had stolen it from him, that was the point of the whole adventure, and not finding the Amulet of Yendor), he must travel to depth 1 and ascend to the surface. Unlike all the other mods in this presentation, I will respect 00-Evan's decision to realease this mod only on the first of April each year and I will not provide a download link for it, but if you are interested in this mod, write a reminder in your calendar to visit the subreddit on April 1st to get a download link from an 00-Evan's post on that specific date :-)
8) Traditional Chinese Pixel Dungeon by Kurt Yu
It was released on April 2017 by Kurt Yu and it is based on version 1.9.1 of Original PD like Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon, so the elements already mentioned in the Easier Vanilla PD section are also missing from this mod. It is basically a translation of Original PD to taiwanese mandarin chinese, which are essentially the same with mainland mandarin chinese, with the only important difference between the two dialects being that taiwanese mandarin uses traditional chinese characters. This mod is a little easier than Original PD as slightly more Scrolls of Upgrade and Enchantment spawn per run (approx. 2-3 more of each kind in sum) and also the depths are a little bigger, so they contain a little more loot (the mod gives also the impression of being 99% finished, as a few of the game descriptions and messages are a mix of chinese and english or are just written in english). I assume that not many Pixel Dungeon players can read traditional chinese characters, but if you are one of them, you can download Traditional Chinese Pixel Dungeon from here.
9) The other easy mods (Dungeon Run WIP, Easy Dungeon, Easy Pixel Dungeon Unreleased, EZ Dungeon, Hell Dungeon, Hell Dungeon Rewarded, Pixel Dungeon Mod: Many Lives)
[I have already made it clear, but for the few people who might have missed it: I am not proposing to you to try these mods and they are listed here solely for documentation reasons for Omicronrg9's mods tree. On the other hand you are free individuals capable of making your own choices, so I also provide download links for most of them, unless I consider that the mod should be totally avoided.]
a) Dungeon Run WIP: It was released on October 2016 by MEM Apps. No version that the mod was based on is explicitly mentioned but most probably it is based on version 1.9.1 of Original PD like Easier Vanilla Pixel Dungeon. You can't blame this mod for not warning the player, as it has "Work In Progress" as part of its title, a characteristic that is definitely evident in the mod being very unbalanced and having some graphic bugs. This mod can be considered easy because it implements three different upgrading scrolls (Upgrade, Armor Upgrade, Weapon Upgrade) with 2-3 of each one spawning per chapter, that is 6-9 in sum. The Scrolls of Enchantment are also available, but they are more rare, as only 1 spawns per chapter. Some other features that makes this mod easier is that Potions of Healing are a very common find/drop, while the mazes are bigger and contain more loot, degradation is implemented but at a slower pace and bags can be random rare finds in the dungeon. Also two new weapons are introduced: the Tier-1 Broad Sword and the Tier-3 Flame Sword. Nevertheless this mod is not actually a lot easier as it is extremely unbalanced: enemies are very accurate and deal high damage, and the hero has a 80% chance to die on the first or second depth. The mod contains also a lot of minor bugs: a) the Sad ghost and Old Wandmaker NPCs might not appear at all, b) sacrificial chambers almost always say that the sacrifice is unworthy, c) the in-game and main menu badge sprites, the Mirror image sprite and the Rat King sprites are bugged and appear as glitches, and d) sometimes scrolls have the same rune. If you decide to give it a try, get prepared for losing a lot in an easy mod. You can download it from here.
b) Easy Dungeon: It was released by Easy Casual Games but the release date is unknown (I was also unable to find any webpage of the company/group, let me know in the comments if you have more information about that). Also no version that the mod was based on is explicitly mentioned but most probably it is based on 1.7.1 of June 2014 as the Collapsed Room and the Pit Room are available, which were not in the just previous version 1.7.0 (it introduced Happy End, which is also available) and because it shares all the features missing from Easy Mode. The hero starts with a Tome of Mastery, he/she has very high damage/evasion while the enemies have very low damage/evasion (even Yog's Fists miss half of the times) and also high grass drops a lot of seeds and dew. It is boringly easy, but you can download it from here.
c) Easy Pixel Dungeon Unreleased: I have also found a mod with this name, by an unknown developer and also with an unknown release date, but every time I install it, it crashes immediately after I open it. Obviously, I can neither review or recommend it.
d) EZ Dungeon: It was released on October 2015 by Appliance Paul. This mod is based on version 1.7.2 of Original PD and it shares the same features both available and missing with Easier Pixel Dungeon by Vatsar (including the lack of degradation). The basic reason to consider this mod easy is that the map of all depths is revealed from the beginning, and also some enemies have very low HP. I don't know if it was an aesthetic choice of the developer, or just bad coding, but half of the game's sprites, including all the hero sprites, have negative colors (for example the marsupial rats are light blue). Something that it is definitely bad coding is that when the hero ascends a depth, the game crashes, and the save file gets corrupted. I can think of absolutely no reason for someone to want to play this mod, but you can download it from here.
e) Hell Dungeon and Hell Dungeon Rewarded: They were both released by We.Boo, Hell Dungeon Rewarded on June 2015, while the release date of plain Hell Dungeon is unknown. Both mods are based on version of 1.7.5a of Original PD like Your Pixel Dungeon, implement degradation, and don't change anything in the hero's / enemies' stats or in the gameplay in general but they provide a much bigger maze for each depth (plain Hell Dungeon a very big one, and Hell Dungeon Rewarded a mammoth one). As the loot becomes much more the game becomes much easier as a consequence (the generation of Potions of Strength and Scrolls of Upgrade is also buffed, as 4 of each spawn per chapter). Nevertheless food spawns in the defaul rate of Original PD but as the mazes are huge, the hero ends up using many of the healing potions he/she has found to avoid dying from starvation. Also all this excess loot is impossible to get carried around, so the hero will be leaving on each depth innumerable weapons and armors and also many potions, wands, seeds and scrolls until he/she buys the relevant bags. In addition, some players also report that the Yog Depth is bugged and the square walls don't collapse for the hero to reach Yog. Apparently these mods are a hot mess, but if you are nevertheless interested in them, you can download Hell Dungeon from here and Hell Dungeon Rewarded from here.
f) Pixel Dungeon [Mod: Many lives]: It was released by an unknown developer on October 2018. There are two reasons not to try this mod: a) Heroes start with 1,036,831,949 HP points (!), so the game offers absolutely no challenge (you can just speedrun to depth 25 and beat Yog with the starting equipment when you have 1 billion HP) and b) it is based on version 1.9.2a, of which Watabou has not released the source code, so it is apparently hacked. Based on both reasons, but mostly on the second one, I will not provide a link for this mod.
So, that was all about the easy mods, have a nice weekend!
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