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Where does the road draw the line? (discussion of ethics)

EDIT: this thread is pretty cluttered, mostly thanks to me trying to respond to everyone, I suggest closing all my comments as you read through, and then open them only of your interested on my response it looks a lot cleaner without all my comments
EDIT: This is intended to be a hypothetical moral discussion, not finger pointing our name calling, and from what I've read so far it seems to be gong great
Obviously many people have many views for many reasons. I've been thinking of all the things I have seen people object to in this forum, and figured my thoughts were becoming organized enough for a semi-interesting thread.


I do not consider something morally questionable just because it's on the list, however I have seen some traveler(s) express that they do, after I write this up I will try and find relevant threads to link.
The list starts with behaviors I believe very few will object too, and ends with behaviors I feel no one will support. Your order of atrocity might differ from mine, and you might draw the "ethical line" in a different spot: this is what I would be interested to see discussed in this thread.


Pay Playing (some feel superior to others because they are $0 players, I am $0 player but do not feel this way) NEGATIVE EFFECT: some claim you'll get less satisfaction pay paying
Taking screenshots/static information for use in calculations outside the game/showing of to friends (I am fine with this and would hope Niantic would be too, it's part of the fun) suggestion from neroute2 NEGATIVE EFFECT: um, well.....Maybe some kind of Niantic trade secret thing, I know it sounds stupid but it's all I got. As mentioned on the comments it might be technically against TOS
Car Playing (Not playing while driving our anything obviously dangerous like that, just regular car playing. While I have nothing against car players, I do have to admit; I feel a little superior when I'm grinding gyms on foot and they're sitting in their nice warm car) NEGATIVE EFFECT: environmental, some claim not in the spirit of the Game.
Multiple players on one device (Not multiple accounts per person, that's later in the list. I have seen people who feel it should be one account per device. I am bias on this area as I let my son have an account on my phone, and obviously feel there is nothing wrong with it) NEGATIVE EFFECT: it would be easier to spot cheaters of it was one account per device. Hard to tell if it's really multiple people
restarting to increase mass evolution (I don't do it but with my phone I don't have the option. I don't see anything wrong with it) NEGATIVE EFFECT: some might say not on spirit of the game, adds to the advantage good technology gives the ones who have it over the ones that don't.
using croudsourced info with suspect origin (We cannot let them take this from us. We must not praise or reward them when we know they're scoundrels, but if I found this ethically wrong it would be letting them have a huge part of the game with so much potential. Reasonably, I know some crowdsorces well be scanners and spoofers. But, if we choose communities who support the values we hold (looking at you travelers ;) I'd like to believe most of the available information is legit) [thanks to neroute2, with more to come] NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible encouragement of TOS braking behavior
Magikarping (just remembered, many think bubble strat is wrong but magikarping is fine, I don't really understand this line of thought, but I'd thought i'd throw this in so people could draw their line more specifically where they want) NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible contributor to gym stagnation
Bubble Strat (Probably the most controversial, and many will move it up the list. I know it probably wasn't an intended result, but I feel the accidental worked out for the better. It expands the game to a whole new level, Makes some low level pokemon exiting catches, and gives the underdog team a chance to tip the scales sometimes. I am bias in this area as well, as I have a couple of bubble pairs and practice it occasionally)NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible contributor to gym stagnation, some claim is an unfair advantage to those who practice it.
Using GPS drift to your advantage (Similar to the next, maybe fundamentally wrong on some level, but I'm not about to ignore a GPS drift spotted lapras, and therefore can not expect any one else too) another of nerout2's ideas for possible contributions. NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible unfair advantage, hard to differentiate between this and neighborhood spoofing
Getting info from people KNOWN to be tracking, spoofing, or botting (it was very hard not to put this past my line, but I know in my heart of someone said "there's a Snorlax at the other end of the park", and I saw people running......I don't think I have strong enough values to resist. Since I don't think I could resist, I can't expect others too, but you better believe I'm not thanking them!) Part of neroute2's suggested contribution NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible encouragement of non-TOS behavior
APK downloads (I think they are against the TOS since it's not the play store, I don't use them but many here do and they seem fine) NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible strain on Niantics servers, some consider an unfair advantage
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(My line, I find something wrong with everything past this point)--------------EDIT, HAD TO PUT THIS ONE RIGHT ON THE MIDDLE OF MY LINE Grey Area Loitering (neroute suggested this one and you should find his comment because he describes it wonderfully but an example he gave is a park that "closes" but police do not enforce it, on the one hand we should respect etiquette and tradition; on the other, why the neck would you close a park. I've long since ignored useless laws, such as J walking. But when it comes to this game, maybe I should hold myself to a different standard. I don't think my parks close so I haven't ran into the crossroads yet and don't really know which way I will go) NEGATIVE EFFECT: could make us all look bad ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gym Sniping of opponents (I think this is very unsportsmanlike but some consider it O.K. As long as it's a freshly defeated gYm) NEGATIVE EFFECT: possibly kills enjoyment, especially for more casual players
"friendly" Gym sniping (hands down worse than opponent sniping, I usually power the gym to the other guy of were both training because I usually have more time, but I've never had a "friendly" around when going to lvl10 and I can totally see how that would be treasonous) NEGATIVE EFFECT: kills enjoyment and discourages team unity
Win Sharing (some might consider this different from helping your buddy get a spot, I see them as two levels of the same behavior. In fact, without the treason aspect this might belong a spot back in the list) NEGATIVE EFFECT: advantage gained in a possibly shady way
Helping the other team (having your buddy from another team open up a spot in a lvl 10 gym for you, this just reaks of treason to me, some argue they do it to make a gym stronger, but it still hurts your teammates) NEGATIVE EFFECT: Hurts a member of the team of the one being "helped"
Multiple devices per account (usually used for mass evolution, contribution via AngryBeaverEU) NEGATIVE EFFECT: possible strain on servers, done might say not on the spirit of the game, whether it's TOS our not has been greatly debated in other threads.
Data Mining (I can't say it better than heatherlent did in the comments below, "I'm also curious about people's take on the ethics of mining Niantic code for clues about the game. I don't know anything about it (so please don't crucify me if I get something wrong) but is the code "open"? Like does Niantic take measures to hide the code, but some people have found a way to read it anyway, or is it just available to anyone who knows what they are looking for (like inspecting the source code on a webpage)?" Either way, I'm against it to a certain extent, but that extent would be largely dependant on the answer to her question. NEGATIVE EFFECT: ? Strain on servers maybe, done might say it's an unfair advantage, I'm not even sure if it's against TOS
Minimal account sharing (many are happy to pick up a pokemon for their SO on occasion, I did once and felt bad enough about it to delete my second ever Growlithe without appraising) NEGATIVE EFFECT: not much as I've worded it, but it's a slippery slope I'd rather avoid
Multiple accounts without gym interaction (many people feel of they're not exploiting a gym advantage, having multiple accounts is fine) NEGATIVE EFFECT: who knows if there's actually no gym interaction between the accounts.
3rd party trackers (anyone who supports them says they "have to cause the in game tracker is broken", or they "only use it to see of its worth going out in their rural wasteland". I don't buy it; for one, I think sightings is fine, and even of they stopped any sighting whatsoever, they still wouldn't be justified) NEGATIVE EFFECT: advantage gained through braking TOS, also relies on bots which put stress on the servers (or so I hear)
Multiple accounts/account sharing for explicit gym advantage (it may be hard to believe, but I've read people defend this act....seriously; somehow, some people think this is O.K.) NEGATIVE EFFECT: Advantage gained through braking TOS, promotes gym stagnation by kicking casual players out
driving while playing (I put this in before spoofing and botting because I think they hurt the Game worse; and I have to admit I don't see anything really dangerous with POGO+ driving, but either way theres no way I can condone this behavior) CONTRIBUTION COURTESY OF djfoo000 NEGATIVE EFFECT: risk of death/injury, environmental, possible legal trouble for Niantic, many consider not in the spirit of the Game
Spoofing (at this point, nobody's going to openly support our admit to the behavior-evidence of how disgusting it is) NEGATIVE EFFECT : advantage gained through braking TOS, contributes to gym stagnation
Botting (Probably equal to spoofing, I don't know maybe spoofing is worse; they're both disgusting) NEGATIVE EFFECT: advantage gained through braking TOS, promotes gym stagnation by giving armies of Dragonites to the unworthy.
Physical action/ real world bullying (I read jokes about this sometimes, and while jokes are fine, the reason they are fine is because we all know this would be the most despicable way to cheat in this game. No matter what another player does, if someone is petty enough to threaten or harass over a game, they are the lowest kind of person) NEGATIVE EFFECT: makes is all look bad and brings the whole dam human race down a notch.


I'll probably come back, move some things around and maybe add stuff if I think of it. But for now, this seems ready for Silph Road consumption. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK !
PLEASE DON'T DOWN VOTE PEOPLE'S OPINIONS, well, you can down vote mine (wouldn't be fair to ask you not too) but anyone else's opinion should be embraced for the sake of conversation, EVEN OF IT DIFFERS FROM YOUR OWN !
EDIT: jah_schwa makes an interesting point about breaking TOS for science, I'm not sure where to include this on the list because it's so general, but I KNOW it would be past my line, IMO there's plenty of interesting science we can attempt without breaking TOS.


EDIT TL;DR not as updated as above yet, well get to it at some point
Pay Playing < screenshots < safe car paying < multiple people per device < using crowdsourced info with suspect origin < magikarping < bubblestrat < using info from known scoundrels
In terms of moral questionably but I am fine with all of the above for reasons mentioned in the "LIST" section.
I don't agree with the following and believe
Opponent Gym Sniping < "Friendly" Gym Sniping < win sharing/helping the other team get a spot < minimal account sharing < multiple accounts w/out gym interaction < 3rd party trackers < Multiple accounts/account sharing for competitive advantage < driving while playing = Spoofing = Botting < real world bullying
I am not trying too hold any one to my standard, and I would like to discourage down voting, finger pointing and name calling. This is a hypothetical ethics conversation and is intended to be civil. So far it's been going according to plan.
submitted by PokemonProfessorQED to TheSilphRoad

JAPAN April 28 Help and Discussion Megathread

Welcome to the General Help Japan Megathread. Here you can ask questions and seek help with party formation for the Japanese version of the game. Updated 4/30.
THIS THREAD IS FOR JAPANESE FFRK HELP ONLY. Remember to post your party and gear when requesting help with them. Please use Imgur or a similar hosting service.
Moderator u0606485 has generously volunteered to help answer questions, so PM him for advanced questions. He is probably the most advanced player in this subreddit, having Mastered all content that is out in both Japanese and Global clients.

Current Events (all times are JST)

  • Challenge Dungeon: Taking Back Memories: Recruit Barret. Earn Barret's Memory Crystal and Cloud's Memory Crystal II! Ends 5/11 14:59
  • Seasonal Event: Gold Saucer is open! Race and bet on chocobos to win medals, which can be redeemed for Mithril and real-life prize drawings. Prize drawings are probably only available to Japanese residents. Ends 5/11 23:59
  • Seasonal Event: Gold Fest: Celebrate Golden Week by logging in for fantastic rewards! Details of special login bonuses and event dungeon here.
  • Challenge Event: The Gift of Magic: Recruit Tina (Terra) and Cyan, and earn their Memory Crystals to raise their level caps! EX Battles added! Ends 5/04 14:59
  • Limited-Time Relics: Super rate up Minerva Bustier (Terra) [VI], Kotetsu (Cyan) [VI], Partisan (Edgar) [VI], Kaiser Knuckle (Sabin) [VI], Enhance Sword (Terra) [VI], Kikuichimonji (Cyan) [VI]. Rate up Wizard Rod [VI], Mirage Vest [VI], Cowl of Mystery [VI], Assassin's Dagger [VI], Flame Shield [VI]
  • Special BRA★BRA Collab Event: Gate Between Worlds - The Legendary Tune: Earn Notes to exchange with Mr. Uematsu for prizes! Recruit Gilbert (Edward) [IV] and Mog [VI], and acquire their Memory Crystals! Featuring a variety of new Bard abilities, such as Anti-Demon Etude and Mage's Ballad. New accessory 5* Legendary Score. Dungeons close 4/24 14:59. Shop closes 5/01 14:59.

Recent Updates

  • 4/21 Content Update
  • Application update: bug fixes, 64-bit support, move to iOS 6.0 or newer
  • New Bard abilities
  • New characters: Vaan, Ashe, Gilbert (Edward), Mog, Auron
  • Soul Break Mastery: characters can master their signature moves and use them without the relevant gear
  • Up to 4 different Soul Breaks can be used in combat
  • Switchable party loadouts (maximum 20)
  • Monsters now display health bars

Installing JPN client on Android:

  1. Download from the Google Play Store if your region is Japanese (but then why are you reading this?)
  1. Install QooApp
  2. Search for "Final Fantasy Record Keeper" and download the .apk, then install. Make sure "Unknown sources" is unchecked in your Security settings.
  3. Change your device's time zone to JST to avoid errors when attempting to run time-limited events, such as daily dungeons.
  4. DeNA has begun moving systems to Mobage. You may need to make a Mobage account. This is required to back up your data.

Installing JPN client on iOS (many thanks to moogleshannon for this guide):

Downloading FFRK for IOS is a little more involved, but not impossible. The most important thing to note is you must create a Japanese iTunes account. This can be done for free.
Step 1: Download iTunes
Download the client (any version): https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ If you already have iTunes, yay! You're set.
Step 2: Register a Japanese iTunes account
Access the App Store from iTunes and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Click "Change Country".
Select Japan under the Asia Pacific section.
Now, you may search "Final Fantasy Record Keeper" (the title of the app is in english).
When you click "Get", you will be prompted to log in. Since we do not have an account yet, let's click "Create Apple ID"! Click continue and agree to the terms and conditions. Now, you must fill in the account information. A few notes: You may not use an email already in use by iTunes (even an english/other one!) It will return an error if your password is not 8 characters, has a number, and an uppercase letter. The section with the drop downs and the text boxes accross from it are the secret questions.
When finished, click continue. The checkboxes are for marketing email purposes.
Step 3: Almost done! Just a bit more information.
Select "なし", which means none, for the credit card information.
Translate your name to Katakana here: http://www.sljfaq.org/cgi/e2k.cgi
For the phonetic text entry, spell your name out as it is in English.
Google a Japanese address -- I used Kyoto, Kyoto for mine (Prefecture, city). I found a hotel's address in Kyoto, keep in mind phonetic English is accepted.
Done! Click continue and verify your email.
Step 4: Download and sign in on your iDevice
Before you plug your iDevice into your PC, click the Settings app on the device.
Scroll down to "iTunes and App Store" and click your ID followed by "Sign Out".
Sign into the account you just created. A notification will pop up telling you the region has changed.
Sync the app via iTunes. You may also download this and other games via the app store on your iDevice now.
Congratulations! Enjoy the Japanese distribution of Final Fantasy Record Keeper! For any questions, feel free to PM me (moogleshannon) here on Reddit.
Have fun:) <3 xx

Looking for something else? Check out the Wiki Links for navigation to important threads, websites, spreadsheets and the game wiki.

This thread should be remade periodically to reflect major event updates.
submitted by mewarmo990 to FFRecordKeeper

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