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Infinity Blade 2 update includes 'Clash Mobs' set to make

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Top Shelf Reviews: Review of Infinity Blade

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Yet another DOOM x Fortnite post (This time I’m dumping all of my ideas into one text post)

I realize that it’s not Saturday anymore, but I’ve been absolutely ITCHING to get my ideas for this crossover event out there.
So, first things first. The cosmetics. You may have seen my two DOOM cosmetic cards (those tabs that appear when you hover over a skin in your locker), and if not, I’m going to type them here along with a few other potential cosmetics. I apologize in advance if it seems like I’m posting too much about this (I’ve only made three posts, including this one).
DOOM Series | Outfit - Doom Slayer - The only thing they fear is him. - Part of the Eternal Slayer set. - This skin has unlockable/selectable styles, all of them being actual skins from the base game (DOOM Eternal, obviously). Examples include but are not limited to the Classic Doom Marine and the Mullet Slayer. The skin also features a visor opacity slider and a helmetless style, both of which are what the names suggest. - Bought for either 2k or 1.5k vbucks.
DOOM Series | Back Bling - Grenade Launcher - Equipped with a built-in flamethrower and two grenade types for more efficient demon hunting. - Part of the Eternal Slayer set. - This back bling is exclusive only to the Doom Slayer outfit, and if equipped with any other skin, it appears invisible. Its coloappearance changes with its respective Slayer skins. - Included with the Doom Slayer skin.
DOOM Series - Harvesting Tool - Doom Blade - Rip and tear. - Part of the Eternal Slayer set. - This pickaxe is exclusive to the Doom Slayer only, and thus the first completely left handed pickaxe. Deployment, swing, and impact sounds/animations are identical to that of its DOOM Eternal counterpart. - Included with the Doom Slayer skin.
DOOM Series | Back Bling - Toy Collection - Playset sold separately. - In contrary to the grenade launcher, this DOOM back bling can be worn by all skins. As the name suggests, this back bling is a toy replica of every character model in DOOM Eternal, including the mighty Doom Slayer himself. You can switch between toys by selecting their respective styles. The Icon of Sin toy (which is the largest toy in the base game) has been scaled down to fit on the back of other skins. - Bought separately for 500 vbucks.
DOOM Series | Outfit - Marauder - His eyes have been opened. Let him help you to see. - Part of the False Idol set. - Just like the Doom Slayer skin, this one also has unlockable styles in the form of skins from DOOM Eternal. Examples include but are not limited to the Inferno Lord and the Cultist Marauder. - Bought for 1.5k vbucks.
DOOM Series | Harvesting Tool/Back Bling - Argent Battle Axe (Refer to linked image above) - Take down usurpers with this deadly-sharp argent energy weapon. - Part of the False Idol set. - This is a one-handed pickaxe which functions similar to Blade’s. Upon deployment, the axe makes the same sound it does when it activates in DOOM Eternal. It has the same animations as Thor’s hammer, complete with red swing streaks and swing/impact sounds similar to those in DOOM Eternal. The impact FX is a red burst of energy. - Bought for 800 vbucks.
DOOM Series - Wrap - Lucifer’s Bane - Show your style. - Part of the Eternal Slayer set. - This wrap makes your weapons look like the notorious super shotgun, specifically its appearance in DOOM Eternal. - Bought for 200 vbucks.
DOOM Series - Lobby Music - The Only Thing They Fear Is You - Press play, until it is done. - I think this one is pretty self explanatory. - Bought for 300 vbucks.
Now, here’s where it gets real fun. Now, I’m going to be talking POIs and mythics. As if we didn’t have enough of the latter this season, haha.
POI - Taras Nabad (Obviously not the entire level) - This POI will replace Salty Springs (good riddance, am I right?), complete with demons to fight against and eventually the Slayer himself as a boss. The Doom Slayer has 200 health and 150 shield, similar to DOOM Eternal. He makes these sounds (watch from 1:45 to end, skip everything else) when spotting players and being hit or downed. Once the Slayer spots you, he will stop at nothing to hunt you down. Get too close, and he swings at you with his wrist blade. Get too far, and he uses his meathook to invade your personal space. When patrolling Taras Nabad, Meathook and A Slayer City from the DOOM Eternal OST can be heard, depending whether you are in combat with demons/the Slayer or not. Upon eliminating the Doom Slayer, he drops one mythic and one legendary:
First mythic: The Super Shotgun - The Doom Slayer’s iconic double barreled shotgun. A relic from his past, this boomstick has two fire modes. Primary fire is (obviously) the shotgun blast, which can absolutely devastate enemies at close range, either instantly eliminating them or taking out their shields, leaving them vulnerable to another shotgun blast. Thankfully, both shells in the chamber are consumed upon firing, requiring a reload that leaves the user vulnerable to attack. However, upon aiming down the sights, the meathook is primed and ready for use. The crosshair hovers over nearby enemies in a short radius when ADS, and upon pulling the trigger, the hook flies out towards the victim and the user is pulled towards them, followed up with a standard shotgun blast.
Legendary: Crucible Hilt - One of the two parts required to eventually craft the mythic Crucible, the titan-killing greatsword wielded by the Doom Slayer. The other legendary part can be found by killing a high level demon such as a pain elemental or hell knight while possessing the hilt in your inventory.
Second legendary: Energy medallion - Refer to the text above.
Upon collecting both parts, you must find the central power core in order to craft the Crucible, and in doing so, a shortened version of this animation will play. Upon completion of the animation, you will receive:
The Crucible - An extremely deadly melee weapon used by the Doom Slayer in DOOM Eternal. The sword can be swung infinitely with a swing rate of 0.5 seconds. However, it has only three charges, each charge regenerating over 2 minutes. When pressing R1 near an enemy, the user lunges towards them and slices them with the sword, dealing either 100 or 150 damage with a single swing, most of the time instantly eliminating the victim. After striking someone with the sword, a one second delay is initiated, leaving the user vulnerable to attack during that small window of time.
The crucible can also be bought as a harvesting tool: DOOM Series - Harvesting Tool - The Crucible - Its blade is made of what seems to be pure argent energy. - Part of the Eternal Slayer set. - A second style can be unlocked which makes it appear as the crucible seen in DOOM 2016. - Bought for 1.2k vbucks.
Both the harvesting tool and the melee weapon share these traits:
Upon deployment, it ignites with a sound and effects similar to that of its DOOM Eternal counterpart.
Swing and impact sounds are that of its counterpart.
Impact FX is similar to that of the battle axe harvesting tool, yet intensified. (End of list of shared traits)
To avoid confusion between the mythic and the harvesting tool, the harvesting tool should be disabled in core game-modes (excluding team rumble) until the end of the event.
Don’t worry, I know this text post is lengthy. I did say I’d dump all my ideas out into it. We’re almost done, I promise. Thanks for staying with me.
Second POI - ARC Complex - This POI will (temporarily) replace The Authority with the giant tower featured in the level “ARC Complex” and the area surrounding it from DOOM Eternal. Similar to Taras Nabad, this POI has its own set of demons to fight against you. Also similar to Taras Nabad, being in this POI, The Only Thing They Fear Is You and Sam’s Base from the DOOM Eternal OST will play, depending on whether you are in combat with demons/the marauder or not. Upon entering the tower, you will come across an elevator leading to the very top, leading to the marauder boss fight.
The marauder is a tough son of a gun. He has 350 health, and uses his axe to cleave through careless players. When shot at continuously, he will pull an argent shield up, requiring you to wait until he deactivates it or distract him by throwing an item over his shoulder. If players still keep firing at him with his shield up, he will raise his axe in the air and summon an orange ghost wolf to attack them. Although the wolf has significantly less health than the marauder himself, it can still deal great damage if not taken care of immediately. When the marauder’s shield is down, he will either throw explosive axes at you which stick into the ground and detonate after one second, or aggressively run towards you and try to cut you down with his axe. When the latter happens, his eyes will flash green for a split second, allowing you to open fire on him. This will stun him for 3 seconds. When fighting the marauder, not only will he emit your standard run-of-the-mill pain/attack sounds, he will also utter these voice lines while fighting you, in an attempt of intimidation. When all of his health is depleted, the marauder enters a staggered state, allowing you to perform a glory kill by snatching his axe from him and using it to eliminate him for good. Once you eliminate the marauder, you are able to use his axe and his shield for your own personal benefit.
Argent Battle Axe - This is a rather unique mythic weapon, functioning similar to the Stormbreaker from the Avengers Infinity WaEndgame event from Chapter 1. When aiming down sights, the player throws the axe towards its target. On impact, the axe remains embedded within the target for one second before exploding in a bright red blast. On a direct hit against an enemy, however, the axe explodes immediately. This fire mode has an ROF (rate of fire) of 1.5 seconds. As for its melee capabilities, wielding the axe grants you increased speed similar to Wolverine’s claws. Holding down your right bumpeleft click will play animations either similar to that of the Goin’ Constructor ability from Save The World or similar to that of the marauder’s swing animations in DOOM Eternal. ROF is 1 second, and each hit deals 30 to 45 damage.
Argent Shield - Once equipped, holding down your right bumpeleft click will bring up a shield. Unlike when the marauder boss uses the shield, it can be broken and put into a cooldown after taking in a set amount of firepower. Upon pushing your left bumperight click while holding the shield up, the player will summon a wolf AI that can attack enemies. The wolf has 100 health, and lasts for 15 seconds before disintegrating and initiating a 20 second cooldown.
And that’s the end of this text post!!! Thank you so much for reading! And if you scrolled all the way to the bottom to comment something unsupportive or just because it’s too long, here’s a TL;DR version:
-Doom Slayer outfit/back bling -Toy back bling -Built-in wrist blade pickaxe -Marauder outfit -Axe back bling/pickaxe -New POIs based on levels from DOOM Eternal -New bosses/AI -OP double barreled shotgun mythic -OP sword mythic (hmmmm, where have I seen that before? 🤨) that’s also a pickaxe -Axe mythic (which is also a pickaxe, refer to “axe back bling/pickaxe”) -Shield mythic that summons a ghost dog
Whew, this took me super long to write. Hope the effort pays off. Thanks again for reading!
submitted by ItsBarrelDookie to FortNiteBR

Every Marvel Cosmetic

With the Nexus War coming to a close, I thought it’d fun to list every Marvel Cosmetic.

Season 4 (Avengers: Infinity War)

  • Snap (Marvel Series/Uncommon, 200 V-Bucks)

Season 8 (Avengers: Endgame)

  • Black Widow Outfit (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Star-Lord Outfit (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
Back Blings:
  • Star-Lord Pack (Marvel Series/Epic, Star-Lord Outfit)
  • Widow’s Pack (Marvel Series/Epic, Black Widow Outfit)
Harvesting Tools:
  • Widow’s Bite (Marvel Series/Rare, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Guardian Axe (Marvel Series/Uncommon, 500 V-Bucks)
  • Avengers Quinjet (Marvel Series/Epic, Endgame Challenges)
  • The Milano (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Dance-Off (Marvel Series/Rare, 500 V-Bucks)
  • Widow’s Pirouette (Marvel Series/Uncommon, 200 V-Bucks)
  • Captain America’s Shield (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Endgame Challenges)
  • Thor’s Stormbreaker (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Endgame Challenges)
  • Avengers Logo (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Endgame Challenges)
  • Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Endgame Challenges)
Loading Screens:
  • Assemble (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Endgame Challenges)

Chapter 2, Season 2 (Deadpool)

  • Deadpool (Marvel Series/Legendary, C2S2 Battle Pass)
  • Cable (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Cuddlepool (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Domino (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Psylocke (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Ravenpool (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
Back Blings:
  • Cable Cloak (Marvel Series/Epic, Cable)
  • Deadpool’s Katanas (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S2 Battle Pass)
  • Domino Pack (Marvel Series/Epic, Domino)
  • Shurayuki (Marvel Series/Epic, Psylocke)
  • Cuddlepool’s Bow (Marvel Series/Rare, Cuddlepool)
  • Ravenpool’s Cage (Marvel Series/Rare, Ravenpool)
Harvesting Tools:
  • Probability Dagger (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Psi-Blade (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Unstoppable Force (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Meaty Mallets (Marvel Series/Rare, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Dragacorn (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Psi-Rider (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Chimichanga! (Marvel Series/Epic, 300 V-Bucks)
  • Scootin’ (Marvel Series/Epic, 500 V-Bucks)
  • Ride the Corn! (Marvel Series/Uncommon, C2S2 Battle Pass)
  • Wade Grenade (Marvel Series/Uncommon, C2S2 Battle Pass)
  • Merc (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S2 Battle Pass)
Loading Screens:
Cuddletime Coup (Marvel Series/Uncommon, C2S2 Battle Pass)

Chapter 2 Season 3 (4th of July/Avengers Game)

  • Captain America (Marvel Series/Epic, 2000 V-Bucks)
Back Blings:
  • Proto-Adamantium Shield (Marvel Series/Epic, Captain America)
Harvesting Tools:
  • Hulk Smashers (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks/Avengers Beta)
  • Proto-Adamantium Shield (Marvel Series/Epic, Captain America)
  • Grand Salute (Marvel Series/Epic, 300 V-Bucks)

Chapter 2 Season 4 (Nexus War)

  • Black Widow (Snow Suit) (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks/Black Widow Cup)
  • Blade (Marvel Series/Epic, 2000 V-Bucks)
  • Daredevil (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks/Daredevil Cup)
  • Doctor Doom (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Ghost Rider (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks/Ghost Rider Cup)
  • Groot (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Jennifer Walters (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mystique (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel Series/Epic, 1500 V-Bucks)
  • Storm (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Thor (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Tony Stark (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Venom (Marvel Series/Epic, 2000 V-Bucks/Venom Cup)
  • Wolverine (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
Back Blings:
  • Doom’s Cowl (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Doom Juice (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Herald’s Star (Marvel Series/Epic, Silver Surfer)
  • Infernal Chain (Marvel Series/Epic, Ghost Rider)
  • Iron Man Backplate (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mystique’s Skull (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Radar Senses (Marvel Series/Epic, Daredevil)
  • Rocket (Marvel Series/Epic, Battle Brother)
  • Sapling Groot (Marvel Series/Epic, Sapling Groot Challenges)
  • Scales of Justice (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Storm’s Cloak (Marvel Series/Epic, Gale Force)
  • Sword of the Daywalker (Marvel Series/Epic, Blade)
  • Tendril Tote (Marvel Series/Epic, Venom)
  • Thor’s Cloak (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Widow’s Light (Marvel Series/Epic, Black Widow (Snow Suit))
  • Wolverine’s Trophy (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
Harvesting Tools
  • Adamantium Claws (Marvel Series/Epic, Snikt!)
  • Daredevil’s Billy Clubs (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Gilded Morphic Blades (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Groot’s Sap Axes (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Hammers of Justice (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Hand of Lightning (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mark 85 Energy Blade (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mjolnir (Marvel Series/Epic, Mjolnir Challenges)
  • Silver Surfer Pickaxe (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Soulfire Chains (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Staff of Doom (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Sword of the Daywalker (Marvel Series/Epic, Blade)
  • Symbiote Slasher (Marvel Series/Epic, Venom)
  • Widow’s Fangs (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Arcane Energy Glider (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Dayflier (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Gathering Storm (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Ghost Glider (Marvel Series/Epic, 1200 V-Bucks)
  • Mark 90 Flight Pack (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mjolnir’s Path (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Nexus War Glider (Marvel Series/Epic, Marvel Knockout Tournaments)
  • Root Wing (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Silver Surfer’s Surfboard (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • The Devil’s Wings (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • The MCG (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Widowmaker (Marvel Series/Epic, 800 V-Bucks)
  • Mighty Marvel ‘Brella (Marvel Series/Common, C2S4 Victory Royale)
  • Bifrost Glow (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Doom Drop (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Sap Light (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Storm’s Strike (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Zip Ribbons (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Battle Brother (Marvel Series/Epic, Groot Awakening Challenges)
  • Daywalker’s Kata (Marvel Series/Epic, 300 V-Bucks)
  • Gale Force (Marvel Series/Epic, Storm Awakening Challenges)
  • Gamma Overload (Marvel Series/Epic, Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenges)
  • God of Thunder (Marvel Series/Epic, Thor Awakening Challenges)
  • Shapeshifter (Marvel Series/Epic, Mystique Awakening Challenges)
  • Snikt! (Marvel Series/Epic, Wolverine Awakening Challenges)
  • Suit Up (Marvel Series/Epic, Tony Stark Awakening Challenges)
  • Victory Von Doom (Marvel Series/Epic, Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges)
  • We Are Venom (Marvel Series/Epic, Venom)
  • Asgardian (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Doom Juice (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Gamma Flex (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Grootling (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mystique Sneak (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Storm Warning (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Tony-Approved (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Weapon X (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Berserker Barrage! (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Groot Glow (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Mjolnir Strike (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Punk Ororo (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Repulsor Blast (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Rocket Blaster (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • She-Hulk Smash (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Tag of Doom (Marvel Series/Epic, Unreleased)
  • True Mystique (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Arcane Steel (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Cloudburst (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Ferocious (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Inventor’s Choice (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Morphic Blue (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Reflector (Marvel Series/Epic, Unreleased)
  • Sap (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Skull Fire (Marvel Series/Epic, 500 V-Bucks)
  • Starshine (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Verdant Vascularity (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
Music Packs:
  • Menace (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Might (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • War’s Horizon (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
Loading Screens:
  • Adamantium Slash (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Carrying the Team (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Cosmic Wave (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Doom Unleashed (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Herald’s Hammer (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Identity Crisis (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Out on a Limb (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • Storm Flight (Marvel Series/Epic, C2S4 Battle Pass)
  • The Daywalker (Marvel Series/Uncommon, Blade)
I definitely missed at least a few items, so let me know if you see something that’s missing/incorrect.
Update 1: Added Black Widow (Snow Suit) Cosmetics.
Update 2: Added Venom Cosmetics.
submitted by TheCEOofSeks to FortNiteBR

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