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A simulation is an approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system that represents its operation over time.

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What if social media comes with a bigger price tag

We're all aware that most social media apps collect information on us to sell to marketers and push products. That is a great business and it obviously makes a lot of money. So we've established that it's all about the money, right? Now how much money would governments and bad guys pay to find a certain person regardless of disguise or how many years went by. Now if you use google photos to backup your pics, you'd know that it has a pretty good facial and object recognition. People with children might have wondered how it would detect a face of someone, surprisingly accurately, from a photo on a wall way in the background of a picture you took. That accuracy even on a very pixelated blob in the background is very impressive and somewhat scary. Ever taken pictures of young family members and a couple of years later, even after a massive growth spirt it can put two and two together and figure out its the same person. Then it goes even further, asking you if it is the same person, getting you to effectively confirm, train or fine tune the AI algorithms.
This would be massively expensive and time consuming to do, but if you get your millions of users to do the work for you free of charge... Deal.
Now this is the tech they make available to public, yet still it's this powerful. What do they keep for themselves?
Now google photos, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, tiktok, etc. They all have a vast portfolio on users. We post videos and photos using filters. All kinds of filters. Adding a beard here, how would I (a woman) look as a man and visa versa. You get my point. We have pictures of all angles, positions and contrast.
So now they have millions of examples of photos and videos on how people age. How they would look with all kinds of disguises from all angles, in light, in dark and more.
With all this information, a good bit of software "AI" can effectively be trained to find any person regardless of how they disguise themselves. Based on activity they can produce an almost perfect personality and behavioral pattern which should be able to predict with great accuracy the decisions you've yet to make.
This information in the wrong hands can be very powerful and we just willingly feed it. The scary part is that you can go dark, but the software still have millions of portfolios of other people. More than enough to still build a pattern that it can then use to profile you. Perhaps not as accurately, but I'd wager it knows you better than anyone out there.
Need to find a person. Run an algorithm through social media accounts for a specific timeframe, looking for a specific person with thousands of possible disguises. Add to this that we can somewhat predict this person's behavior and we as a company can access all the photos and videos of all our users to check the backgrounds for hits.
Tracking and finding a person if you have enough computing power would be a matter of days.
Edit: (more info) My ex husband works for a task force, let's leave it at that, and they've had software that 20 years ago would have already given you anxiety with the amount of data it can collect on you and patterns it can draw. The more recent stuff is way more powerful, but i think in the last 5 years when social media really started booming, that software will be unstoppable soon.
It now has data on people that started posting pictures when they too were only in their teens and now it has the data of their children. This effectively means that it's building a database to create an algorithm to accurately determine offspring (looks) and even based on that they'd be able to track you.
Now I don't mean it'll be "boom, there he is", but if this thing can produce a shortlist of lets say 10 000 people, the first off you're already better off than searching blind and secondly if the candidate is important enough to track, 10 000 people divided into a task force is nothing.
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Volatility Stock Screener for Individual Equities (TOS) and How I Pick my Own Stocks and Stopped Relying on Others

Volatility Stock Screener for Individual Equities

Instruction is for anyone, indicators are for Thinkorswim
Watchlist Columns https://i.ibb.co/HTj4mBs/image.png
ATRP: http://tos.mx/hO0MgJh
Colored Average Daily Volume: http://tos.mx/3jMy41L

This is "base scan" that you would then apply a strategy to. These could be long or short, they are simply stocks are likely to have very good setups. I broaden this a little more and use it as my "Scan in" for Thinkorswim so I can apply a pre-filtered list of Volatile Stocks to any other setup scan that I run.
If you want to know why I pick what works for me
Probably the hardest thing for any trader to get good at is learning how to find their own stocks. It took me years and is what I spend more time on anything. It is the single thing that separates professional traders (people who make a living trading their own money) and people who don't.
Why do you care?
Even if you trust the person you get tips from, they will be gone one day.
You will make less money starting out. You will make more money longer for the rest of your life with proper risk management picking your own stocks.

========== Beginner ==========
We want a price range. A volume range. And stocks that have the potential to move. (volitility)

Low: A simple cut off is $10 minimum. You can absolutely trade less but you will start getting into more stocks that are more heavily manipulated.
High: $50 is good if you have a $5k account. You will get much better gains from smaller cap stocks. the risk is also higher, but you are not risking much with an account that small.
Once you get to $25k, $200-$250 is a nice cap. You can absolutely trade TSLA and others over a thousand but you seldom make as much.
Price > 5 and < 200

Two kinds of volume - volume for the day and the average volume over a time period (I use a 20 for daytrading or 30 for swingtrading, daily SMA of the Volume).
You want stocks that are above the daily average of volume, showing that investors have interest in it and it will move. TOS has a built in scan called Unusual Volume. Any scanner code would be something like
Volume is greater than SMA(Volume, Length=20, Aggregate=Day)

Volume is a good filter, but we want stocks that can really move a big portion of their price percentage inside of a day for daytrading.
I use the ATR Percentage, which is simply percentage of the ATR in relation to the stocks price. It is one of my favorite filters to pick higher R / R stocks.
(ATR("length" = 30) / Close) * 100 > 5
This is a 5% range filter. Changing it to a 3% will give you more results, but they will have less potential for movement.
As always, google everything, like ATRP and see if you even agree with it Maybe you prefer the "volume sizzle" filter in TOS. Find your own best setup.
Google Volatility Stocks, Daily average volume, Moving Average of volume, Average True Range Percentage

========== Intermediate ==========
(I use Finviz and Market Smith for these)
Share Float Groups Float is the shares a company has available to investors. The float percentage or ratio would show you what shares are held by insiders or other non-public shares.
Under 1M
Between 1 and 3M
Between 3 and 10M
Greater than 10M

Market cap is the value of a company's shares. A lower market cap usually has a higher risk reward (it moves more) than a high market cap. I do not apply market cap filters unless I am doing a Micro/nano play but they could help if you are having trouble.
Mega Cap: Market cap of $200 billion and greater
Big Cap: $10 billion and greater
Mid Cap: $2 billion to $10 billion
Small Cap: $300 million to $2 billion
Micro Cap: $50 million to $300 million
Nano Cap: Under $50 million
(likely not 100% accurate)
I group market caps in 1-10M, 10M-100 million, 100M-1bllion and > 1B
The 100M-1B group is my recommendation for most traders (you could up the high end) and what I trade the most. If i trade a nano or micro I use an very different set of criteria than I do for anything else. 100M-1B are at less risk for turning violently against you but have very good profit potential.
For microcap and nanocap filters
1-20 price, Cap 200M, Float 0-10M with a Turnover of 1-5% (volume / shares)

The short float is what shares are available to short. These are held by brokers usually or you can call and request your broker find you shares so you can short a stock.
The short interest is the shares that have been shorted but not yet closed. A very high short interest can setup very big short squeezes that yield the highest profit potential in the shortest amount of time. (there is of course a Long Squeeze no one talks about)
Google Nanocap, Microcap, Pennystocks, Low Float, Short Float/Interest/Ratio
Microcap 5x Daily Volume Scan (TOS): http://tos.mx/jp5f8hu (not for new traders)

========== Advanced ==========
What I studied next to build on this
Sector Rotations
Google Sector Rotations, ETF Relative Strength, Relative Rotation Graph (RRG)
Even in daytrading it is helpful to know what sectors are about to boom (did software just finish a run and now semi's are up?) (gold and silver respond very differently if the vxx is up or down) and what ones are going to correct. These are very repeatable and knowable things that happen over and over and can really help you start to get a feel for the market. It has cycles, rotations and a flow that you can use to help "go with that flow" to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. I use Seeking Alpha, ETFDB and Stockcharts.com for sector research.
Find good people who do a brief weekly analysis video of the market on the weekend to go over the previous week and prepare you for the next week. Right now I like Brian Shannon and Trendspider.
Read a weekend publication that gives you the same thing. Do not do daily's - way too much information and it promotes FOMO. I read a lot - this year I have found useful information from IDB.
Don't discount the value of the past. The best traders I know anticipated this market crash and made a ton of money on the recovery because they studied past market crashes. History repeats itself more than you would know.
No Results?
In pre-market, TOS is picky about about average volume and price depending on your instrument. I use "mark" "last" and "close" for different things with different success. Similarly with volume, you may have issues doing comparative scans against average daily volume. Wait for market open or tweak your scans.

Good luck. Be safe.

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