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100 Commandments of Apex

1) Always land Skulltown on KC.
2) If a teammate pings a location, you should ignore it and just land Skulltown.
3) Mirage is good, you just don't know how to use him.
4) Always rush, especially if the team is above you.
5) If you died first during the rush, be sure to spam ping. Your team really let you down.
6) Wraith's portal is useless. You should use it to run around faster.
7) "If you don't play Ranked, your opinion is irrelevant." - Strict casual player
8) Buff Gibraltar at least once every other update.
9) What is Cascades? Doesn't sound like something I'd want.
10) Mozambique 'ere!
11) Octane's specialty is using stim to get to a fight 5 seconds faster, then he uses a Syringe.
12) Crouch-spamming and wall-bouncing will definitely make you just as good as Aceu.
13) SBMM bad.
14) SBMM is actually a great thing! My matches started being way smoother after duos first came around.
15) Clips are what civvies use in their hair. This is called a magazine.
16) Pathfinder's zipline is useless. You should use it to move around faster.
17) I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death.
18) I came across a super rare and obscure bug. It must be a teaser for next season!
20) It's okay friend, I was just better this time.
21) Nerf the Wingman every update.
22) Code: Leaf.
23) Wraith: I'm down, need help! Enemy right here! Help, please! I think there are enemies nearby!
24) If you died off drop ten matches in a row, it's obviously just RNG.
25) Gibraltar is a balanced character. The only reason you do better with him is because he fits your playstyle.
26) If someone beat you on PC, he's obviously hacking. You should report him.
27) If someone beat you on console, he obviously got lucky. You should send him a message.
28) If someone beat you console and you had super stacked loot, you must've been lagging.
29) If someone complains about taking a character, assure him if he hovered the character, you'd give it to him.
30) If someone hovers a character, do not let him have it.
31) Revenant's totem is for running straight in, then using a Med Kit without doing any damage.
32) Nerf Wraith every update.
33) P2020 here.
34) If you get 8 kills in a game, you should post it on Reddit and title it "...this is super rare for me...". People eat modesty up.
35) If you get an insane 25+ kill game, you shouldn't post it on Reddit. People hate flexing.
36) Oscar Mike, ladies.
37) Code: Net.
38) Please, repeatedly ping that you need an extended heavy or light mag. I make sure to never ping them, so I needed the reminder.
39) If I am dead within meters of a respawn beacon, that is my full permission to loot my box dry.
40) Labs is a really good spot to land. Shoot for the portal!
41) Dko5 is the anti-Christ.
42) If you're not confident in fights, the best move you could do is nothing. Let the enemies revive, heal, then overwhelm you with 30 HP.
43) Trust me, I main Mirage. He doesn't need a buff.
44) The Triple Take is good, you just don't know how to use it. Source: Got a 2-tap with it six months ago.
45) Code: Wheel.
46) No, Lifeline isn't directly outclassed by Gibraltar.
47) I got Predator during season 3 but I didn't get the rewards? Help?
48) Always loot before healing.
49) Headshots aren't worth it. I aim for the legs.
50) Hey, can I get a Chug Jug?
51) The more damage you deal to a team by yourself, the less likely your teammates are to follow up on it.
52) The more impressive your teammate's stats, the more likely you are to be disappointed.
53) The less impressive your teammate's stats, the less likely you'll be surprised.
54) I'm down, Midas! Need some help! Please! I could use some help over here! Can I get some help?
55) Nerf Pathfinder. He's faster than Octane, and that's a good reference because Octane is totally a viable legend.
55) Crypto is good, you just don't know how to use him.
56) Error processing game logic.
57) The more you look for a Select-fire for the Prowler, the less likely you'll find one.
58) Bro, let's 1v1, but I'm only gonna use the pallet head-glitch. Sucks to suck.
59) It's a free game. You don't have any right to criticize Respawn for being non-profit!
59) "Server shutting down."
60) The game doesn't have audio issues, you just have bad headphones! Forsure.
61) All legends have one tactical, one ultimate, and one passive. Except Gibraltar, he has five.
62) Pathfinder's survey beacon is super useful. On the off-chance there's one in a late-stage circle, you can lock yourself into an animation to get shot at by 3 teams worth of G7's. Nifty.
63) Should we nerf the Alternator?
64) The Peacekeeper isn't the best gun in the game. It has tons of drawbacks. For example,
65) The stronger something becomes after a patch, the more adamant you should be about how you "liked it a lot before the buff" despite never using it.
66) Remember, if I ping "going here" then literally crouch-walk to the next area so you could keep up, it's entirely my fault when you're still in zone getting pushed by a full squad.
67) Wattson isn't good. Any ideas for a buff?
68) We capped the kill-point limit at 5 to discourage hot-dropping then dying.
69) We changed kills to a multiplier to encourage getting kills and staying alive.
70) Why would we remove the 5-point limit? Crazy.
71) "Phasing!" clenches hand, screen goes purple, "Down! Need some help!"
72) No time for an FNG.
73) If you land in the big orange beam of energy literally called a "planet harvester", surely landing in it will give you a speed boost.
74) Flanking is important. Bonus points if none of the enemies are low when you do.
75) Hemlok here! Great medium to long range assault rifle. Two different firing modes: 3-bullet burst or single-fire for mag-dumping. Does great body damage, even better headshots. I'd know that better than anyone, because I never miss. Oscar Mike, hell yeah.
75) School here! Great for target practice! Oscar Mike.
76) Disruptor rounds weren't OP. The R99 had a better DPS, so it was obviously balanced!
77) My favorite part about the L-Star is that it's like the Spitfire, but aiming is done for me.
78) Did someone say Gibraltar buff?
79) The more you spam-ping the respawn beacon, the less likely I want to respawn you.
80) Spam-pinging is fine when there's one enemy left.
81) Spam-pinging is totally fine when there's more than one enemy left.
82) If I revive you with a gold backpack with one enemy left, I expect you to push with me. We're not gonna die one-by-one.
83) Please, if I fail to win a 1v3, be sure to call me a brain-dead random in a message.
84) Mozambique here!
85) Do the moderators ever even talk on this sub?
86) SBMM was in the game since day 1. I know this is true, because the first and only official mention of SBMM was saying that, and not when it was changed in S2 or S3. It adds up.
87) Has there been a single patch note where the Wingman hasn't been nerfed in some way?
88) I'm very good. I only play in premades on foreign servers.
89) I don't mean to flex, but I got a 16-kill game on a smurf. I'm kind of a big deal.
90) Gold box flyers are dumb. Blue box flyers on the other hand...
91) Always shoot loot ticks. I want as much attention on us as possible.
92) Pre-S3 gold backpack exists: nothing
93) S3 gold armor exists: OP NERF FIX
94) If you land on the thrusters of the supply ship then fall off, you'll get an out-of-bounds timer until you die. Just get as close to a respawn beacon as you can. You're welcome.
95) 2v3? GG trashcan.
96) If someone takes your main, just quit to the menu.
97) If you have the Revenant glitch where you're stuck in shadow form, you can use a new totem then lose all your HP. Knocking yourself won't fix it without using another totem.
98) Your teammate who got your damage four times over is to blame for the loss.
99) Your teammate who got your damage four times over should be grateful to you for carrying to the win.
100) Lastly, perhaps the most important rule of all: Ping all light and heavy mags, even white ones. Thank you.
submitted by ShadyPotDealer to apexlegends

(OC) Halo: Reach cutscenes. “The Package” analysis.

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me again!
As you all can tell, I'm almost done with Reach's cutscenes (there's less than fifteen minutes worth of 'em left), taking that into consideration, I'm having a hard time deciding what I'll be working on next after discerning all I could from this masterpiece of a game, I already have some things in mind for the future & I've even discussed them with some of you, so, when I get to post the final analysis, I'll check them with you again to see what you'd prefer out of all the options I have prepared, I could go ahead & choose my next endeavor without you, but, I wouldn't like that, one of the main reasons I started this was to engage with members of this awesome community the way I used to do so back in the day.
Now, here's the bad news (yes, what I wrote earlier WERE the good news): given how important my other activities are, it'll probably be a while until I get to do something as time-consuming as this again, although I'm certain I'll come back eventually, I can't promise you swiftness, however, I can promise you quality, uniqueness & attention to the feedback you provide me, speaking about the aforementioned, I'll annex my Instagram - or some other network - for us to keep in touch in a better way if that's something you'd like, I surely would.
With all that said and done, here's the analysis, feel free to share observations of your own, I would love to hear your input!
“The Package”
Fade in to the awrack landscape outside Sword Base. A Falcon vacates the airspace as Noble Six walks out from a small hill, as he treads the rocky terrain, Six reconnoiters his surroundings, still moving, Six aims at the enemies crowding the flooded Farragut Station (this due to Babd Catha’s Ice Shelf melting), realizing that they are oblivious to his arrival, Six turns away and jumps down little by litle from his position, disappearing for a short while, he reemerges and jumps down, landing near three ODSTs, he takes a quick glance at them to then take point, simultaneously, the trio looks at Six expectantly. When Six replies to Carter, the former leans his head to the left to make himself heard in a better way, once he's done doing so, he centers his head to then signal his fireteam.
Fade to black, end of the cutscene.

Fade in to Noble Team entering a corridor littered with destroyed equipment and dead bodies (the Trooper closest to the door with the ONI emblem on it seems like he tried to escape). An unmanned turret stands behind some sandbags. Six is the first one to enter the place & he chooses to stand firmly, keeping guard & looking around in case enemies show up, simultaneously, Emile, Jun & Carter show up, Emile walks by & looks around to analyze what happened, Jun walks past the Trooper’s dead body and does the same albeit in a more relaxed manner, on the other hand, Carter remains alert yet calm enough to check the area before catching up with Emile, realizing that they reached a dead end, Four extends his left arm to show Carter that there’s nothing there, supporting Emile’s conjecture, Three emulates Four’s gesture & adds some information that reinforces the idea that the position wasn’t the right spot to blow the place, then, he looks at Six to invite him to join in the debate, synchronically, One holsters his Assault Rifle & accesses his TACPAD visibly annoyed, partly due to Emile & Jun’s verbosity & partly due to the fact that he’s silently agreeing with them as Emile approaches Carter to then take a look at his leader’ TACPAD, as the angle changes, Six can be seen at the background approaching everyone else, at the midground, Jun gets closer to Emile & Carter, then, he looks to his left slightly to study the area further, after doing this, he leans and waits for Auntie Dot’s confirmation, in the foreground, Emile & Carter keep looking at the TACPAD, when Dot assures them that they’re where ONI directed them, Emile looks to his left to look around some more & see if he can find an explanation as to why they’d be ordered to be there, but, as soon as Dot corrects herself, Emile moves his head in annoyance to then look back at the TACPAD, at the same time, Jun looks at both of them, trying to figure out what’s up, out of confusion, One opens his hand as if he was asking, “Um, what’s this Dumb AI doing?”, then, trying to obtain an explanation from his men, Carter first looks at Emile but he quickly looks away, basically saying to him, “Don’t look at me, I’m as clueless as everyone else”, taking notice of this, he then looks at Six & Jun, the former looking away (he does it in a somewhat shy way though), as for the latter, Three gives a shrug saying something along the lines of, “Bro… I mean, Sir, I seriously don’t know what’s happening right now, as our leader, you’re going to have to figure it out in our behalf”, with a different perspective, we can see Six looking down to his right, thinking about what’s below, Carter is seen thinking what to make from Dot’s comments as Jun proceeds to remark how nonsensical their orders are, with a head tilt & an extended left arm, he emphasizes his disagreement, then, he looks at Carter (who looks back at him) & Emile (who does the same), then he points neath them, considering Three’s statement, One reviews their coordinates, shortly after, Four supports Jun, he emulates his shrug to then sarcastically mention that he didn’t bring his shovel (basically, Emile said that he literally can’t dig the orders they received), preparing to hear Carter yielding to their pleads, Emile gets closer to the exit, at the same time, Jun keeps whingeing via his words & his exaggerated gestures until a sudden noise cuts him off. Everyone raises their weapons. A wall in the dead end opens, revealing a secret passage. Taking into account the fact that his Shotgun’s the most useful in a CQC/CQB scenario, Emile takes the vanguard & stands in front of it, securing the way ahead for his teammates, due to his favorable position, Six takes cover, then, Carter orders Jun & Six to move, the former lifts his head up a little, then, Emile briefly looks at them as Jun moves forward, Carter following closely, Six looking at his leader during this, realizing that Emile hasn’t fired at anyone or anything, he lowers his pistol as Six looks away before following One’s lead, One then enters the corridor moments after Jun did so, then, once Six follows, Emile swiftly looks left and then begins moonwalking.
Still wary, Jun & Six scout ahead, between the two, Carter walks with a great swag, then, still looking at their rear, Emile enters the corridor, after this, he proceeds to look ahead, when the door begins sliding shut, Four peeps at it to make sure the noise was caused by it rather than by something else. With his pistol holstered, Carter keeps walking like a boss, in front of him, Jun remains alert, he briefly looks back to make sure no one got left behind, getting a look at the tram, Jun stops and then looks at Carter, waiting for him to get past him (Carter keeps his right arm somewhat tight to avoid crashing it against Three’s back), then, he proceeds to look at Six & Emile, the former walks past him from the right side & the latter remains closer to their leader’s position, simultaneously, Jun starts looking back as his teammates keep treading forward, before the upcoming new view, Emile briefly looks at Three & One, seeing as the latter was relaxed & the former was covering them, Emile slows down and lowers his Shotgun.
Switching to a camera’s angle, everyone can be seen approaching the tram, Six keeps vigilant & looks back at his teammates before walking down the stairs, Emile follows and so does everyone else, a second camera now shows us Noble Team’s movements. Considering how they’re unaware of what’s inside the tram, still pointing his DMR frontward, Six hurries inside & Emile raises his weapon just to make sure he’s not caught by surprise, a third camera gives us a new perspective. Still unworried, Carter follows behind as Jun covers his back. Emile checks the tram’s interior as Six looks at One & Three coming in. With a fresh view, we see Carter waiting for Dot’s answer, confused about her silence, he raises his arms and opens his palms to emphasize his frain. From the angle taken by a fourth camera, we can see Jun avoiding getting hit by the tram’s door, annoyed by the vagueness of Dot’s replies, Carter gives a shrug as Emile turns around and raises his left arm displeasedly, the tram starts moving. When Dr. Halsey unexpectedly appears on a hologram viewscreen, everyone immediately looks at it, back at the third camera’s angle, Jun & Emile can be seen exchanging a surprised look at eachother, meanwhile, Six & Carter look directly at Halsey, the aforementioned tilting her head rather amused by Carter’s observation, a fifth camera shows us the tram descending hastily, then, the perspective changes to Six’s view, as Catherine empathizes with Carter & his men, she pauses to look directly at him in order to offer her condolences in a genuine way, taking notice of this, Six changes his focus to One, saddened by what’s happened, Carter lowers both his tone & his head. As the tram continues its descent, Carter can be seen lowering his head a little as Halsey informs him about Kat’s success with the data module, at the same time, Six goes on to look at Halsey, Emile barely moves & Jun proceeds to let go of his gun’s tip as he lowers it & tilts his head in order to watch Halsey, the tram keeps going down and Halsey keeps on talking, hearing that their orders were a pretext to bring Noble Team to Halsey, Carter moves his head & his body in a doubtful manner, Emile lowers his shotgun & him and Jun tilt their heads to hear Catherine somewhat better, on the other hand, Six remains static. From an outer camera, all of Noble Team’s remaining members are visible, Emile is now entirely eased, Carter argues with Halsey & Six is still immobile, as for Jun, when One tells Halsey that their orders are to destroy all sensitive material, Three nods in agreement, as Carter gets cut in his tracks once more, he looks back at his men to see how they’re dealing with such information, as soon as Halsey tells them that they’re now working for ONI, Jun & Emile share a look, before this part of the cutscene ends, Jun sees Six looking at him and he looks back, worried about what this might imply for all of them.
Fade out. Fade in to a camera overlooking the elevator traveling down to an icy cavern. Switch to Six's point of view, who walks up to the frontal part of the tram as Carter looks at the crashed Babd Catha’s Forerunner vessel. Rumbling sounds shift Six's attention to a few crumling iceblocks from the cavern's vault, he follows their trajectory for a short while, then, possibly getting gently pulled by One, Six shifts his focus to Carter’s position who emphasizes with his gesture (i.e. pointing down at them with his right hand) the data’s fate if it’s not ready at the time of their arrival, as soon as the tram & the elevator door opens, Emile takes point and hurries outside, Six follows nearby.
Fade to black.
End of the cutscene.
Notes: I. When the secret passage opens, Carter reaches for his Magnum, this senseful action might’ve gone unnoticed to some, but, it was quite coherent considering the fact that his right hand was closer to it, adding to this, him reaching for his Assault Rifle would’ve been counterproductive since it would’ve taken him longer to unholster it.
II. Thinking about how the secret passage went unnoticed by the Covenant, Carter decided to take it easy, so much that he holstered his pistol.

The door opens and Noble Team head in, Carter initially scans the area, seeing how the place is safe, carefree & thinking about freeing himself from it to move faster, he holsters his weapon & signals his men with a quick glance to make them move, given how Emile has the close quarters gun, he keeps it around in case they’re ambushed by the enemy, beside him, Six keeps a hold of his DMR, behind them all, Jun holster his weapon and runs forward. From an upper camera’s view, One is seen trotting, beside him, Emile can be seen looking around to recognize the area, close behind, Six & Jun move further. Noble Team quickly reaches the icy corridor's end (the rings from the corridor look like Halos or a whale’s rib cage): Dr. Halsey's lab. A large sphere-shaped Forerunner artifact hovers outside. Since they’re the lightest, Carter & Jun tread ahead as Emile & Six follow them, the former still looking around as the latter looks slightly down while keeping some distance from the rest due to the nature of his rifle. Foreshadowing their sundering, Jun stays behind & keeps watch as Carter, Emile & Six approach Halsey, still trying to understand what's around them, Emile surveys the area some more & then asks Halsey about what he's bearing witness of, simultaneously, Jun looks up, as soon as Emile joins Carter, Six takes a glance at him, from a different perspective, Carter & Emile can be seen looking attentively at Halsey who is still in the middle of preparing the armored matrix, moves to another monitor, when she mentions the AI, Jun shifts his focus to take a look at it from afar, then, when Halsey addresses Cortana's choice of couriers, knowing that she's listening, she looks directly at her. Still addled by the whole thing, Emile leans to ask Carter how an AI could have been the one to choose them, Carter first tilts his head to hear Emile better and then tilts his head back, at the same time, Six looks at the duo's interaction, then, when Halsey's the one to answer the question, Emile immediately looks her way as she looks at him, then, she moves away from view & reveals Cortana on a holotank analyzing Forerunner data with a meditative pose. From a different angle, Three can be seen briefly looking back to then look to the front, as for Six, One & Four, they're fully attentive to what Halsey's saying & doing, as she informs them about what they're ought to do, she looks at them, as the perspective changes, Six looks at Carter just as Emile is seen lowering his head a little to then look at Carter who's visibly assessing their responsibility as well as their upcoming task, doubting Carter's comprehension of the massive weight put on their shoulders, without expecting him to respond, Halsey throws a rhetorical question at him, then, she concisely expresses her view on Reach & Mankind's inevitable fate in the unfortunate event of the unsuccessful delivery of their game-changer, then, as she speaks about the artifact, she points at it with her head to then move away as she looks at Noble's members.
The Forerunner artifact's core is seen momentarily before seeing Carter questioning Dr. Halsey, she then approaches Cortana who gets up, then, both exchange a look before Halsey shuts off her projection, after this, Jun curiously looks at the place as Dr. Halsey pulls out the Package. Holding it securely with both her hands, she walks forward, instead of handing Cortana to Noble Team's leader, she hands the Package to Noble Six, not taken aback by this, Jun looked at this action heedfully as his teammates awaited expectantly. Somewhat unsure, Six looks at One who then gives him a nod assuring him about the fact that he's the chosen one, at the same time, Halsey lifts her head to ensure Six that Cortana just gave him the responsibility of safeguarding Humankind's destiny. Somewhat shyly, Six turns his head back at the armored matrix to then accept it, when he gets a hold of it, Halsey looks at it and asks him if he has it, since he doesn't say everything she wants to hear from him, she firmly asks him to say all the words she's looking for, taking notice of this, he looks up at her & he sees that she's looking directly at him, due to this, he says the rest, during their interaction, as soon as Six grabs the Package, Carter is seen looking at it, but then, when Halsey speaks up, One looks at the Lone Wolf and continues to do so all the way through, behind them, uncharacteristic of him, Emile is seen paying full attention to the exchange. As Halsey hands Cortana over, she looks at her coruscating glint lovingly & worriedly, then, now being the one observed, she looks up to Six.
Fade out.
Fade in to Noble Team walking with Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey out of a tunnel leading to two Pelicans, the view then switches to the team and Dr. Halsey. The data storage unit, now attached to Six's lower back, emits a dim blue glow. Before Carter turns back to Halsey, Jun gives a brief look at where she's going, then, he faces Noble One as he & his remaining men do the same, when he asks Noble Three to make sure that nothing falls into enemy hands, Halsey gets what he's implying and she gives him a look accompanied by a head tilt, as they part ways, Jun & Carter exchange some solemn gestures, then, before he leaves, Jun gives a subtle look at Six & Emile. As Carter walks off, Six looks at him & then turns his gaze briefly at Halsey & Jun's Pelican, then, as Carter heads inside the bird, Emile appears & walk backwards, at his side, Six does the same but with a more cautious attitude, now, with a different view, One can be seen walking toward the Pelican's cockpit, as the bird begins to take flight, Six & Emile slowly walk back, the former giving a quick glance at the other Pelican, as he boards the troop bay, he does it again before heading further in, as for Emile, he checks if Six is already in before he gets aboard the Pelican as well, like the badass he is, Emile sits down on the Pelican's tail, feeling somewhat misplaced, starting off with Halsey & Jun's Pelican, he looks around a bit, then, he adjusts himself a little. As the demolition begins beneath the ice shelf, the other Pelican flies higher, then, the waters surrounding the ice pour rapidly into the pit, flooding everything inside it.
Fade to black.
End of the mission.
Notes: I. During gameplay, Jun carries his sniper rifle. However, he is shown in all the cutscenes of the mission without it.
II. When Dr. Halsey talks to Noble Team at her lab, she has a display screen of Noble Team, including Jorge-052 and Kat-B320, both of whom have been listed as MIA.
III. Before Jun's departure, the way the Team was arranged at the tunnel was already telling us how things were going to unfold: Jun accompanies Halsey close by as Six, Carter & Jun head toward their Pelican, as to why he was the one to become her custodian: due to his Headhunter past & his superior superhuman (this sounds redundant, but, it's not, it was legitimately better than that of his teammates) situational awareness, it makes sense that Carter assigned him to protect her from harm's way.
Bonus: The initial concept art of the mission shows several Cruisers at the airspace, one of them glassing the outer perimeter of Sword Base as night falls down, as for the final phase of the mission, the cavern's significantly darker, due to this, Halsey's lab & the surrounding buildings are lit up, speaking about the final cutscene, the demolition was depicted beneath the moonlight.
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