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Ndc Sings National Anthem For The Potomac Nationals 2020. So two weeks ago, I secured Arkham origins batman and began mining the 36th level to elite him up. In what was one of the most annoying moments in my iOS usage career, the game began crashing every time after the intro video. CKZ Origins (Contract Killer Zombies 2) Hack Features – Add Gold – Add Cash. Hack ckz origins 2 ifunbox.

[Tutorial] How to use Dropbear (SSH) via USB on Yalu102

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held accountable for any serious issues/damage you may encounter. I will also not be held accountable if you have to restore on whatever device you are.

As we're now on Yalu102 beta 7 and Luca (huge thanks!) did put a lot of work in the jailbreak tool to get it stable, he also modified the integrated SSH solution "DropBear".
This means so far, that we need now to SSH via USB on our devices. I'm not aware if lots of people know how they could do it, but wrote it down here and hope it will help others.

OS X / Windows / LINUX

On Windows, ensure iTunes is installed, then download itunnel_mux_rev71.zip from LINK. Unzip to a directory of your choice.
Than head over to "START" - "RUN" and type "cmd" in and hit "Enter". Now the console for windows should appear.
Now "cd" in your folder where you unzipped the files and type as follows:
itunnel_mux --iport 22 --lport 2222 
From now on, the relay we have set up will always be running the background once you log in. Try it out in PuTTY/iFunbox etc. by connecting to SSH at localhost, port 2222.
For preparation on OS X we just need a bit more work to get this done. First we need an PLIST-Editor like TextWrangler or PrefEdit. One of it will do.
Now after one editor is being downloaded, head over to "Launchpad" - "Utilities" and start "Terminal". Here we need to install the "libmobildevice"-package to get "iproxy".
For those who haven't "homebrew" installed:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/masteinstall)“ 
To install simply type:
brew install libimobiledevice 
This should install libmobiledevice on your Mac and some additional libraries. If an error occurs, try this:
brew link --overwrite libusb 
This should fix some errors. Than again use the command "brew install libimobiledevice", which finally should install the so called "iproxy" on your Mac.
To check if it is installed, type this in terminal and check if "iproxy" is there:
cd /uslocal/bin/ 
If it is there, we now have to create a "plist" file which will start the job permanent in the background.
Start one of the editors you download before and create a new file. Copy&paste the code below into it and save the file as follows on your desktop: com.usbmux.iproxy.plist .
    Label com.usbmux.iproxy ProgramArguments  /uslocal/bin/iproxy 2222 22  RunAtLoad  KeepAlive    
Head now over again to terminal and type line-by-line:
cd cd /Users/YourUserName/Desktop chmod +x com.usbmux.iproxy.plist 
Now the file got the right permissions set to work. Before we continue now. Head over to the "Finder" and choose "Go To" from the menu there and type in:
Hit enter and you should be on the right place to copy now the plist-file into this directory.
Again head over to the terminal and type this line-by-line to start the "iproxy":
cd ~/Library/LaunchAgents launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.usbmux.iproxy.plist 
Now the "iproxy"-service is launched and will run in the background and listens to the defined port for the idevice. To SSH via USB, simply type this in terminal and you are in:
ssh [email protected] -p 2222 
Instead of "localhost" you may although try "". The standard password, if not changed already should be: "alpine".
I hope this will help you a lot. For more information about this and other options, head over to the original source, which helped me in understanding on how this should work.
Transferring data
To copy files FROM one device (your notebook, other phone, etc.) TO the iPhone over USB:
~~ tar -czf - /home/paul/MyData | ssh -p 2222 [email protected] 'tar -xzf - -C /vamobile/' ~~
Of course, you need to change the path names and IP addresses (or ports) to fit your setup.
If you're trying to move files you currently need iFunBox and copy the files to "Books". After this is done, switch to you iDevice and run the correct command ton install any files you have copied via the mentioned method.
For advanced users on OS X
1. Option: If you don't want to use always ssh [email protected] blablabla, the following maybe yours: Launch the Terminal and type the following:
nano ~/.ssh/config 
You’ll probably have a blank config file and that’s fine, so here’s what we’ll add to it:
host iphone HostName localhost (even works with OpenSSH) Port 2222 User root 
Once your server and login info is inputted, hit Control+O to save the file, then Control+X to quit out of nano.
Now you could simple type this in terminal:
ssh iphone 
2. Option: If you use this with multiple devices, you’ll notice a problem: you’ll get a scary host key changed warning:
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>@@ @ WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>@@ IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING NASTY! Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)! It is also possible that a host key has just been changed.
The trick to avoiding this is to set the known hosts file to /dev/null when you’re connecting to localhost:2222. Create ~/.ssh/config if you don’t already have it and add the following:
Host local User root HostName localhost Port 2222 StrictHostKeyChecking no UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null 
You can now use
ssh local 
no matter what device is plugged in.
First things first, make sure you have a recent version of libimobiledevice installed, as well as its utilities. On Debian and Ubuntu, the package name is libimobiledevice-utils.
In a terminal, run than the following command to start the tunneling:
iproxy 2222 22 
That’s it!
Having this run all the time in the background is different depending on what daemon system your distro uses. If your distro uses Upstart, such as Ubuntu, create a file as root at /etc/init/iproxy.conf:
sudo nano /etc/init/iproxy.conf 
Enter the following:
start on runlevel [2345] stop on runlevel [!2345] setuid nobody setgid nogroup exec /usbin/iproxy 2222 22 
Use sudo start iproxy to start it without having to reboot.
Source: http://iphonedevwiki.net/index.php/SSH_Over_USB
submitted by li0nic to jailbreak

[Tutorial] Untethered Dual Boot Your iPod Touch 4G N81AP With iOS 5.1

Hello everybody!
First of all, this tutorial DOES OFFER PRE-PATCHED FILES! Also, this tutorial is different than everybody's that was made on reddit because there is a jailbreaking option in here. IF THERE IS SOMETHING ILLEGAL WITH MY PRE-PATCHED FILES! LET ME KNOW A.S.A.P (New to that sort of thing) Leave an up-vote if I helped you!
A few days ago I accomplished something that I have been trying to for the past 2 months. Not long, but I want to share it with you guys. Using ShadowLee19's tutorial we can bootstrap iOS 5 on our iPod Touch 4G UNTETHERED!! (Required a computer to set it up though) *Untethered: We can do this without a computer.
I can't read or write French, and I know a lot of you probably can't either. Don't worry, this is 100% English! :O With the help of google translate I was able to get this working. (Also with the help of some people on reddit. TheOnlyGermanGuy did a good tutorial on this before but some parts were missing)
Let's get right into this, shall we?
PRE-PATCHED FILES HERE: https://github.com/WeCreate180/n81apdualboot Skip to Part 2.
Part 1: Patching. In this step we will patch the files for iOS 5.1 for dual-booting the iPod 4G (N81AP) First we download the iPSW for 5.1: http://ipsw,me Then, extract the contents of: Firmware/all.flash(or such) to a folder called "FILES" Decrypt DeviceTree, applelogo, recoverymode, iBoot, and LLB using xpwntool TIP: Google basic usage of xpwntool for decryption. The firmware keys can be found at: iphonewiki. Google "iOS 5.1 ipod n81ap firmware keys iphonewiki" or something like that :P So: xpwntool.exe [input file] [output file] -k [key] -iv [iv] -decrypt Open the decrypted file in a hex editor (for windows: HxD is HIGHLY reccomened. It is great... Download it.) Anyways... Apply the patches in the txt document that corresponds to your decrypted image so: Example: JUST AN EXAMPLE BY THE WAY! DO NOT USE THE BELOW TABLE TO PATCH ANYTHING! IT WILL NOT WORK!!!
---------------------------------- | Original: | Modified: | |00000010 | 00 | 00000010 | [62] | << Ignore brackets by the way. |--------------------------------- 
You would press Ctrl+G on HxD and type "00000010" [Enter button. Press it.] Look for that 00, and replace it with 62. IF IT IS LIKE: 00000010 | 00 ^ These empty spaces mean don't edit anything there. Just skip the
Now that you've patched all your files. YAY! You can move on to the next step/part.
Part 2: Kindof a CFW, but more like iPSW Editing/Making/Adding/Whatever you want to call it.
IF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU DOWNLOADED THE PRE-PATCHED FILES. GO TO http://ipsw.me AND DOWNLOAD THE 6.1.6 IPSW. THEN OPEN IT WITH WINRAR (DON'T RENAME IT!! JUST OPEN WITH WINRAR) NAVIGATE TO: Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n81ap.production/ AND COPY THE FOLLOWING PRE-PATCHED FILES TO THAT DIRECTORY IN WINRAR: iBootB.n81ap.RELEASE.img3 DeviceTreeB.n81ap.img3 [email protected] [email protected]~iphone.s5l8930x.img3
Download the 6.1.6 ipsw: http://ipsw.me Open it with WinRAR DO NOT EXTRACT IT WHATEVER YOU DO! DO NOT RENAME IT EITHER! JUST OPEN WITH WINRAR! Navigate to that firmware/firmware flash folder again. Rename the patched files to: Example of applelogo: [email protected] Basically keep the default name of the img3, and add a B. Add everything but LLBB (add the B, remember?) Open the "manifest" file in NOTEPAD++!!!! MUST BE NOTEPAD++!!!! all of those files, add it to the manifest file in the following order: iBootB DeviceTreeB applelogoB recoverymodeB (of course, the real names) make sure to leave a blank line. DO NOT USE TAB! Add the new manifest file to the ipsw (overwrite the original one) and close out of WinRAR when it is done. Move on to flashing.
Part 3: Flashing the IPSW/Halftime. It took me about 5 and a half hours to get here :'( Get a drink of tea man, you deserve it.
Plug the iPod 4G N81AP into the computer. Now, navigate to wherever you have idevicerestore (google it for download. Yes, windows works with it.) Run the command: idevicerestore.exe -e [ipswname].ipsw Let it do its thing.
Now. JAILBREAK the device again. (p0sixspwn) Go through the cydia thing. CHOOSE DEVELOPER! Add the source: http://pmbonneau.com/cydia Now, Do a complete upgrade, but continue queuing. Search for: Core Utilities (the /bin one should be hightlighted. choose the non-highlighted one. Just "Core Utilities" Download Core Utilities, nano, diskdev-cmds, Attach, Detach, HFS Resize, OpenSSH, and GPTfdisk. SSH into your iDevice. Congratulations! You may now move on to Part 4.
Part 4: HARD PART COMING! I had bricked my iPad, and had to restore my iPod 4G (The device I am currently using for this tutorial) because I misread a step. So, DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING! DO NOT SKIP A SINGLE WORD! IT WILL CAUSE YOU TECHNOLOGICAL PAIN! The words like "su -" or "x" are meant to be typed in the ssh terminal. SSH into your iDevice. Yes, you are going to need an SSH tool. A computer. It will be extremely hard and more time consuming if you do this through a mobile terminal or mobile device. Now we begin.
su - [password] df -B1 
Filesystem 1B-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/disk0s1s1 1193484288 936738816 244817920 80% / devfs 26112 26112 0 100% /dev /dev/disk0s1s2 14761648128 794583040 13967065088 6% /private/var hfs_resize /private/var 6000000000 (or your desired size in (1 byte) bytes) 
[-] Required size has to be multiple of blocksize (8192). [i] Adjusting size to 6000001024 to match next block. Resizing /private/var to 6000001024 bytes. 
Do a quick sync! (just to be safe) sync; sync; sync;
gptfdisk /dev/rdisk0s1 p Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name 1 4 145692 1.1 GiB AF00 System 2 145693 1947651 13.7 GiB AF00 Data i 2 
SHOULD SAY DATA AFTER PARTITION NAME! Ex: Partiion Name: Data (correct) | Partiion Name: System (incorrect) Write down the unique GUID
d 2 n 2 
LAST SECTOR: Number passed to hfs_resize divided by blocksize (8192 for me) Add that result to the default first sector. The answer is your last sector.
c 2 Data x c 2 
a 2 48 49 [Enter] s 4 m n 3 
LAST SECTOR: AT LEAST 2GB for system so: 2000000000 divided by blocksize (8192 for me) Add that result to the default first sector. The answer is your last sector.
n 4 
LAST SECTOR: The default last sector take away 2. The answer is your last sector.
c 3 SystemB c 4 DataB x a 4 48 49 [Enter] [Enter] m p 
type: sync; sync; sync;
Or reboot. :P REPLACE 8192 WITH YOUR BLOCKSIZE!! newfs_hfs -s -v SystemB -b 8192 -n a=8192,c=8192,e=8192 /dev/disk0s1s3 newfs_hfs -s -v DataB -J -P -b 8192 -n a=8192,c=8192,e=8192 /dev/disk0s1s4

sync; sync; sync;

If your device is bootlooped then you did something wrong

If your devices freezes, try hard-rebooting it. Disconnect everything and hold home+power button until screen goes black. Then release, and boot it up.

Move on to the next step/part.
Part 5: RootFS Extract the rootfs dmg from the ios 5.1 ipsw. TIP: The rootfs dmg is the BIGGEST dmg file (in size) Decrypt it using dmg. Example: dmg.exe extract rootfs_encrypted.dmg rootfs_decrypted.dmg -k [key] This might take long. Install afc2add from cydia, and install iFunBox on windows (or mac, whatever you are using :P lol) copy the decrypted dmg to /varoot on your idevice using iFunBox Quicker than SCP, that's why I reccomened the iFunBox method. WARNING/ATTENTION: By installing afc2add, you acknowledge and are taking the risk of your whole root filesystem beign easier to access. It may be what you want for simplicity, but not for your privacy.
SSH to your iDevice (iPod 4G N81AP) again. cd /varoot ls MAKE SURE THE DMG FILE IS THERE. THE DECRYPTED ONE! attach dmgfilename.dmg Mine attaches to disk1. You will see something like: disk1, or disk1s3 Since mine was disk1: mount_hfs /dev/disk1 /mnt
If yours was disk1s3: mount_hfs /dev/disk1s3 /mnt 
You get the idea.
TO JAILBREAK THE SECOND OS: Plug the iDevice into your computer, and navigate to: /mnt/ (on iFile) Then, download the cydia.tar file and place it in /varoot/ Download Here: https://github.com/WeCreate180/n81apdualboot Plug the iDevice in and do the following commands: cd /mnt mkdir /SystemB mkdir /DataB mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s3 /SystemB/ mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s4 /DataB/ cp -rfp /mnt/* /SystemB/
mv /varoot/cydia.tar /SystemB/ cd /SystemB/ tar xvf cydia.tar 
Then continue reading, ignoring the steps you just did.
cd /mnt mkdir /SystemB mkdir /DataB mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s3 /SystemB/ mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s4 /DataB/ cp -rfp /mnt/* /SystemB/ 
Copying will take a bit, be patient.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD THE "/" (Forward Slash) after SystemB when you are copying. This will make sure that it copies into the folder and not as the folder. PRO TIP 1: The -rfp stands for: recursive, force, permissions. PRO TIP 2: The * stands for "all" or "everything". Example: If I wanted to delete everything in a directory I would do: "rm -rf *" <<< -rf (rf) stands for recursive Copying done? Great! :) Check it all copied by doing: ls /SystemB/ If you see everything, good! If not, you did something wrong :'( Check your steps.
Continue reading, ignoring the step you just did.
IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SECOND OS NORMAL: Now, copy the /mnt/va* contents to /DataB/ cp -rfp /mnt/va* /DataB/ PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD THE "/" (Forward Slash) after DataB when you are copying. This will make sure that it copies into the folder and not as the folder.
Now we must update the fstab file iOS reads the partitions from. cd /SystemB/etc/ nano fstab IF NANO IS NOT FOUND, INSTALL IT VIA CYDIA. Search "nano" on Cydia, and tap Install, Confirm.
I woud just like to pause you right here so you can laugh. While making this tutorial I had changed the last number of the fstab partition instead of adding 1s then changing the number.

The iOS wasn't able to boot, so I had to restart... :'(

TO JAILBREAK YOUR SECOND OS: /dev/disk0s1s3 / hfs rw 0 1 /dev/disk0s1s4 /private/var hfs rw 0 2
Then Ctrl+x y [Enter] 
/dev/disk0s1s3 / hfs ro 0 1 /dev/disk0s1s4 /private/var hfs rw,nosuid,nodev 0 2 Then Ctrl+x y [Enter] 
Copy the iOS 6.x (Primary OS) keybag to the iOS 5.x (Secondary OS) keybag directory. Since ios 6.x and 5.x both use the same keybag, copying the ios 6.x keybag to the 5.x keybag drectory will work.
mkdir /DataB/keybags/ cp -rfp /private/vakeybags/systembag.kb /DataB/keybags/ 
Move to Part 6.
Part 6:
IF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU DOWNLOADED THE PRE-PATCHED FILES: Copy the kernelcachb that you downloaded to: /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches (on the iDevice obviously)
Copy the pre-patched LLBB.n81ap.RELEASE.img3 to / (on the iDevice obviously)
Move on to the next, and final step.
We will now add the iOS 5.1 kernelcache to the second OS in this part. First, open the 5.1 iPSW, and extract kernelcache.release.* Decrypt it using xpwntool xpwntool.exe [kernelcache encrypted] [kernelcache decrypted] -k [key] -iv [iv] -decrypt
Rename the kernelcache that you just decrypted to: kernelcachb
Copy the kernelcache that you just renamed to: /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches (on the iDevice obviously)
Copy LLBB.n81ap.RELEASE.img3 to / (on the iDevice obviously)
Move on to the next, and final step.
Part 7: Userland
Download kLoader for ios 6.x from Cydia, and iOS 5 Bootstrap from Cydia. We will install kLoader for ios 6.x because our primary OS is ios 6.x
After you have installed those two packages from Cydia, go back to your SSH terminal. If you closed it, SSH into your iDevice again.
cd /usbin/ nano iOS5Bootstrap.sh 
Change it to say:
#!/bin/bash kloader6 /LLB.n81ap.RELEASE_iOS5.img3 
cd / mv LLBB* LLB.n81ap.RELEASE_iOS5.img3 
Done! If all went well, clicking on the stylish iOS 5 icon on your iOS home screen should boot you into iOS 5. If it does, Congratulations! You just dual-booted your iPod Touch 4th Generation (4G) (N81AP) with iOS 6.1.6, and iOS 5.1. If not, I'm sorry. This is hard. See what you did wrong. Or just try from the begining, it always helps.
submitted by wecreate180 to jailbreak

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