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The Sims 4 Cheats, Codes and Unlockables. For the expansion packs with similar names and themes in other games, see The Sims 3: University Lifeand The Sims 4: Discover University. Sims 3 Hidden Springs limited Sims 3 Hidden Springs live Sims 3 Hidden Springs lady gaga Sims 3 Hidden Springs xbox Sims 3 Hidden Springs clothes Sims 3 Hidden Springs comeercial Sims 3 Hidden Springs careers Sims 3 Hidden Springs cast Sims 3 Hidden Springs concert Sims 3 Hidden Springs chat Sims 3. Sims 2 Kids & Babies' Clothes.

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Lucas has created hacked objects for your simmies, which we are sure many of you have downloaded from our yahoo groups. The Sims 2 was first released on September 14, 2020. First, open your The Sims 2/TSData/Res/Sound directory. Save [90% Off] by using The Sims 4 Promo Codes & Coupons visite site.

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If you want to use my clothes in your series or movies or whatever, it's fine you but don't use the sims included with the outfits don't use them in your movies or. Sims 4 cc custom content // "Twins Birth Pose Pack" by The. Free The Sims 4: Strangerville Codes List. Pros: Fun game for teens.

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Adventure, fun, and drama aw. Hacked Kids - Avery's Sims 2 Downloads. WCIF maternity clothes for hacked kids. Also referred to as a flight jacket (A-2 Jacket), and typically made of leather with a sheepskin lining and a full collar.

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He covered the "game play" well. The Sims 4 - Official EA Site https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1694. The Sims 2 on PC is an open-world life simulation where the objective is to create a cast of characters and control the their every day life. Sim kids are like, If you don't think that hacking (albeit digital) 10 year olds to get knocked up is creepy as all get out then, uh, I don't.

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The console version was released on May 14, 2020. You can also hold [Shift] and click on a Sim. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Sims 2: Pets cheat. Here is my Super Sim Challenge Guide and Checklist to accompany my video guide to making Super Sims in The Sims 4 that you can view on Youtube.

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Because I'm literally desperate for more activities for kids and families, I made this extremely long list and it only took half an hour

First and foremost let me say, I love Sims 4 and I only want the best for this game. I'm sure others have made their own lists like this but I thought I would make my own with things I would love to see!
I saw that this new pack is going to include yet another activity table and that just got me thinking about more things for kids to do that we don't have that aren't just another activity table or dollhouse.
This was keeping me up at night lol and I started it just for fun to see how many things I could think of but then I thought about it some more and I feel like I could see most of these things in the game in a perfect world. This is very long (about 8 pages when I typed it all out on my phone) so if you're a family player like me I hope you'll bear it out with me.
also keep in mind I typed this all out at 5am when I couldn't sleep so if it doesn't make sense in some bits and I'm so sorry it's so long haha
the ages that I think work best for each thing are next to the names!
Hopscotch (kids to elders)
  • A buyable/placeable hopscotch square (recolorable for different layouts similar to one of the chalk rugs that was from city living I think) that kids can hop around in and ya-elders if they have the childish trait
Jump rope (kids to elders)
  • Buyable jump rope 3 kids can use together (ya-elder if childish) or 1 kid can use on their own (ya-elder if childish)
Drawing chalk (all ages)
  • Buyable bucket of chalk that allows a sim to draw on the ground, the chalk wears off after a couple of days or can be washed off
  • All ages can draw, parents can draw with their kids or ya-elder alone if childish
  • Increases social if multiple sims draw together
Tricycles (toddlers)
  • Buyable tricycle for toddlers that when placed down allows them to peddle around similar to wandering around, works if toddlers have level 3 of motor skill or higher
Teaching kids to ride a bike (self-explanatory)
Portable Sketchbook/craftpad (all ages)
  • Buyable sketchbook that can be stored in inventory anyone can use if placed at a table with a chair, similar to how journals work
  • Pictures can be taken out when the book is in an inventory
Arcade machines (kids to elders)
we already have one from get together I think it was but that one is massive and these would be much smaller
  • Buyable single tile or double tile machines that can be played by 1-4 sims
  • Anyone can use alone or challenge others to a game
Indoor basketball (all ages)
  • Anyone can play, toddlers by having an older sim pick them up then throwing a ball
Air hockey (kids to elders)
Box of dress-up clothes (toddlers to kids)
  • Portable box filled with costumes (like the ones from spooky stuff)
  • Kids and toddlers can use to play dress-up together
  • Kids will wear costumes until using the box to change out of them
Legos or something similar (all ages)
  • Small portable box any sim can use to build small structures or objects and play with
  • Built toys can be deconstructed and out back into the box
  • Parents can build with children or ya-elder on their own if childish
Outdoor dollhouse/wooden playset with swings and slides (all ages)
  • Like those big outdoor plastic dollhouses or bigger wooden playstructures
  • Toddlers can play in the dollhouses or climb the stairs to slide down the slide
  • Kids can slide, swing on the swings or also play in the dollhouse alone or with a toddler
  • Ya-elder can swing on the swings (with a chance for breaking it), slide down the slide or play make believe with a kid
Tree house (kids)
Trampolines (kids to elders)
  • Small and big versions with or without nets
  • Kids can jump around on trampoline to increase fun and motor skill or lay on trampoline to increase mental
  • Ya-elder can also jump around and attempt to do tricks (with a chance of failing) to increase fun and fitness skill, or gaze at the stars on trampoline if placed outside
  • Chance of death if falling wrong for elder sims?
Sandbox (toddlers to kids)
you can kind of make your own sandbox so this isn't a crucial thing but having a real one would be nice
  • Kids and toddlers can play together or alone
Playing in sprinklers (all ages)
Would go well with the slip n slide we have
  • Kids and toddlers can both play around in their swimsuits
  • Ya-elder can run through nude?
Letting kids walk dogs
  • I just want my kids to be able to walk their dogs dang it!
Portable roller skates (kids to elders)
  • Buyable portable roller skates that can be stored in the inventory
  • Sims can wear to practice and eventually get better (with a chance of falling)
Skateboards (kids to elders)
  • Portable skateboards can be store in inventory
  • Similar to rollerskates as you practice and eventually get better at it (with a chance for falling)
Puzzles (all ages)
I think this would be so cute!
  • Portable box of puzzle pieces that can be placed at any table with a chair
  • Toddlers can do toddler puzzles with less/bigger pieces
  • Older sims can do more complicated puzzles with more pieces
  • More than 2 sims can work on the same puzzle and parents can help kids
  • (There's a chance for losing puzzle pieces)
Tea parties (all ages)
  • Like the games table but comes with a fake teapot and teacups
  • Sim parents can play make believe with toddlers and kids or kids can play just by themselves
Couch cushion forts or bed sheet forts (all ages) can you imagine how cute this would be
  • Kids can build their own forts or ask parents for help to build better quality forts
  • Siblings or other sims can destroy forts
  • Toddlers and kids can play alone or together in the fort
  • Forts can be dismantled or left up
  • If upset sims can hide/cry inside the fort
  • (There's a chance for fort falling apart naturally)
Kids can paint their nails with nail polish bottles
  • Buyable nail polish bottles kids can use on themselves or a sibling
Kids can do silly makeup with moms makeup
  • Buyable makeup palettes kids can use on themselves or on a sibling
Fake store/restaurant dollhouse (toddlers to kids)
  • Almost like a dollhouse but with store/restaurant like items instead like a cash register or cooking utensils
  • Toddlers and kids can play together or alone
Car race tracks (all ages)
  • Buyable race track pieces sims can construct into a small or large mini car racetrack
  • Toddlers and kids can play together or one
  • Siblings or other sims can destroy race track
  • Ya-elders can also race cars
Karaoke for kids
  • Small karaoke machine (like a cd player?) Kids can use alone or with another child or parent
Photo albums
not sure how this one would work exactly but I still think it would be neat
  • Portable small books that can store pictures and be put in inventory
  • Kids to elders sims can look through the album like a book
  • Parents can show to kids
and now some extra things to do with babies because frankly we got robbed with how babies are just objects that cry
Baby bouncers
  • Like a little chair for a baby!
  • Portable walkers parents can put in their inventory and place a baby (toddler?) in
Baby mat
  • Portable mat basically like a rug with baby toys on it that parents can put a baby on
  • Parents can play with the baby while they're on it or the baby can play by themselves
  • Baby can lay on their stomach or back while on it
Baby pens
  • Either for babies or toddlers
  • Big enough for a couple of toddlers
  • For babies, parents can place a baby inside, and basically works like a portable crib, baby can fall asleep or play with a toy if there is one
  • For toddlers, it can be placed on the ground and toddlers can't get out unless picked up by a parent
  • Toddlers can play inside if they have toys
  • Parents can open the gate for toddlers
Baby gate
  • Can be placed at the top of stairs to keep toddlers from going downstairs
  • Parents can go through the gate or open it for toddlers
Changing tables
  • Like a wardrobe but slightly smaller and with a mat on top
  • Parents can put the baby on it to change their diaper
  • (Toddlers too before they know the potty skill?)
Rocking baby in a rocking chair
I was actually a little shocked we didn't get this ability when we got rocking chairs tbh, it would have been the perfect opportunity
  • If a rocking chair is in the house then parents can pick up baby or toddler and rock them to sleep in the rocking chair
I was going to include which things increase fun and certain skills but I think you guys get the picture and this was already so long ah
Anyway! If you made it all this way then let me know what you think! This game is near and dear to my heart and I just wish we had more things for kids and families to do together besides all the dollhouses and activity tables
submitted by sillytrait to thesims

There's a local legend in my town about a ghost train. I found the recordings of a reporter who tried to investigate it. [Part 2] [Final]

Part 1
Recording 16 – June 13, 2019, at 9:04 p.m.
I don’t deserve a sister as caring as Ariel. She could tell that I was upset and insisted on spending time with me to make me feel better.
She didn’t pry when I told her that I didn’t want to talk. I don’t want to drag her into this any more than I have already. Same goes for anyone else I’ve interviewed over the last few weeks.
I started to relax after we turned on the television. For a few minutes, I managed not to think of the tickets or the sense of impending doom I'd felt about whatever will happen at 11:59 p.m. tonight.
Towards the end of the show we were watching, the images started to scramble. When I complained about it, Ariel looked at me blankly.
She flipped the channel to some competition show. Contestants sang on a stage.
At first, the stage was clear. But, as the show progressed, crimson puddles formed on it. The puddles grew in size and depth until the contestants, who took no notice, waded in knee-deep pools as they performed.
“Is this some kind of Halloween-themed special?” I asked, even as I realized how little sense that made.
“Huh?” said Ariel.
The liquid kept rising as the image cut to a host who was judging the contest. Blood poured rapidly from the elongated eyes and stretched mouth of his massive and deformed face, feeding the red pool that now flooded the set.
I freaked out. Ariel tried to calm me and asked me if I needed to go to a hospital. When I looked back at the television, it displayed nothing other than a mundane singing show with no deformed faces or contestants caked in blood.
I told her that I needed to go and sprang to my car. There's no point in trying to calm myself anymore. Something's happening to me, and I need to take action.
I’m driving as I record this. I don’t have much of a plan. Only a hunch. There’s one person I can think of who may have answers. If my instincts are correct, he may be the only one who can help me.
Recording 17 – June 13, 2019, at 9:55 p.m.
[loud car horn beeps]
[train whistles]
Ryan: [shouting] What’s your problem?
[loud car horn repeats]
Ryan: [shouting] I can’t go now! There’s a train passing ahead for Christ’s sake!
Man: [shouting] Christ’s got nothin’ to do with what’s coming for you! A Baptism of blood’s headin’ your way! Your rebirth won’t be as a child of God!
[car horn continues beeping]
Ryan: The fuck is wrong with this guy? Finally, the train’s about through. I’m going to pull over and let this asshole pass me.
[car engine starts]
Man: [passing] Baptism of blood’s comin’ your way!
Ryan: [shouting] Fuck off, you fundamentalist freak!
Recording 18 – June 13, 2019, at 10:25 p.m.
Ryan: Hello! I know you’re in there!
[knocks continue]
Old man: Come on in.
[door opens]
Ryan: Look, sir, I’m so sorry to bother you, it’s just…
Old man: You’ve been seeing it in your dreams, haven’t you? And you’ve got a train ticket for tonight.
Ryan: Yes, how did you-
Old man: I’ve seen it before. Too many times. Name’s Charles, by the way. Say cheese.
[camera shutter sound]
Ryan: Jesus, what was that for? I can’t see anything.
Charles: You’ll be fine in a moment. I know the flash on my old camera is a bit harsh.
Ryan: Look, I have so many questions.
Charles: Sit down and relax a bit. I’ll make some tea.
Ryan: It’s hard to relax when I have-
Charles: About an hour and a half, right?
Ryan: …right.
[water pours]
Charles: I see you eying my shotgun. Don’t worry. I don’t even own any shells. It’s just for show.
Ryan: It scared the hell out of me and my friends the other night.
Charles: I thought you might have been one of them, but I wasn’t sure. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be.
Ryan: What’s it like living on cemetery grounds? Surely you’re not required to be here.
Charles: My family’s cared for this graveyard since it was first established. The city gave us the deed for this patch of land within it. We could have given it up ages ago, but we’ve always preferred to live on the property we care for. It also helps me with another duty. One that concerns you.
Ryan: I had a feeling you knew something about all this – about Kilpatrick’s phantom train. It was just a hunch but I had no other leads. You weren’t just chasing me and my friends away because we were out late in the park, were you?
Charles: No, no. My house overlooks the sight of Kilpatrick’s suicide. His train – ‘phantom train’, as you call it, stops there. And, kids like you chasing after ghost stories will often be there for him to pick up. It happened much more in the past than it does these days, but I still keep a lookout. If it weren’t for me, you’d be there on the train at this very moment, and you wouldn’t be getting off anytime soon.
Ryan: You said it used to happen more in the past. Why is that?
Charles: Kilpatrick’s phantom train had a hold on this city for decades. Eventually it left a mark so black that it was impossible not to notice. I led an effort to stop teaching about it, stop talking about it, stop sharing information about it. Dozens and dozens of people used to go missing. That number is much smaller now.
Ryan: I haven’t seen records of that many missing persons.
Charles: You wouldn’t have. Kilpatrick’s train doesn’t just lure victims from this world into the next. It takes the memories of the victims with it. It sucks everything out of this world about them. Even, gradually, every physical record of each victim’s existence. Let me show you something.
Ryan: Do you need help with that?
Charles: No, no, I got it, and the box isn’t heavy. Here we go. Now, tell me, what do you see inside?
Ryan: There’s…hundreds of scraps of paper. Most are newspaper articles. This one is about a missing Scout troop. Disappeared from River’s Edge in 1968. There are dozens of photos in here, too. Taken from your camera, I assume.
Charles: And here’s one more to add to the collection. I should have asked you to smile.
Ryan: Why are you putting my photo in there?
Charles: Nobody’s gonna remember you otherwise.
Ryan: If this thing…this train erases everyone’s memories of those who go onboard – and even erases all records about them, then how do you still have everything in this box?
Charles: I can’t explain the science of it to you, if science is even a thing that matters here. But I can tell you that the process is gradual. It can be combatted. I cherish this box. I go through it every morning and every night. That hampers the erasure, at least for a while. It once had even more pictures and articles. I used to know every name in here. But by looking through it every day, I can keep some memory of these people alive. It may not do the victims any good, but it’s something, and I think it matters.
[boiling water hisses]
Charles: I’ll let that steep for a minute. You see, I didn’t always live here alone. The train got my son. I recite everything I know about him every morning and every evening. I tell myself that maybe my memory tethers him to the realm of the living. Maybe it will give him strength to escape from purgatory. But the train’s power is strong. A few weeks ago, I realized that I didn’t know his name any more. All I have now is this picture.
Ryan: I’m so sorry.
Charles: It’s taken from you, hasn’t it?
Ryan: Yes. I had been dating a girl. In my dream, the two of us got onboard. Now, it’s like she barely knows me. What about you? Has it appeared in your dreams like it has in mine?
Charles: For a while, I’d see it. The train would always be obscured by something, like fog or a tree line. But I’d sense it approaching where I waited at a platform. And I’d wake up with it closer to me every night. One day, I drove five hours south and went to sleep in a hotel in North Carolina. When I woke up, I was in grass in the park not three yards from the site of Kilpatrick’s suicide. I called the hotel, and my car was still in its lot. I don’t know how it was possible. I don’t think you can run away from it. Eventually, I taught myself to have dreamless sleep. It kept it at bay. Over time, I think it lost interest in me.
Ryan: Can you help me? I can go a few days without sleeping. Maybe I can learn the same thing you learned.
Charles: Maybe. Maybe. I can try to help you. I don’t know if you can learn it that fast, but we can fight it together.
Ryan: I can’t believe I got myself into all this trouble. All for a stupid article.
Charles: Article?
Ryan: Yeah. I’ve talked to people all over town about the train. You’re the first to give me some answers.
Charles: I see. I think the tea’s ready. Let me add some milk to it.
Ryan: It’s terrifying to me, that it erases people from existence. Your poor son.
Charles: Here you go.
Ryan: It has a funny taste.
Charles: Don’t worry. It’s just a strong flavor.
Ryan: How do you think Kilpatrick chooses whose dreams to haunt? Lots of people who used to know about the legend haven’t disappeared.
Charles: He goes after those who come to him. In dreams and in reality. Sometimes, it slowly devours an entire family, using the spirit of the first member to go missing to lure the others to it.
Ryan: It’s…uh…I’m feeling…
Charles: Weak? Dizzy?
[several minutes pass without speaking]
[crickets and scraping]
Ryan: Hey…Charles…what happened? Why are we on the old track?
Charles: I hoped I could help you, but reporters don’t keep secrets. I doubt it’ll come after anyone just for reading something posted about it online. But the curious will come here to investigate for themselves. For their sakes, I can’t let you go.
Ryan: Wait! I’ve already decided to stop! I’ve canceled the whole project. And I’m going to erase every recording I’ve made. Please, untie me.
Charles: I’m sorry. But you have a train to catch.
[departing footsteps]
Recording 19 – June 14, 2019, at 7:08 a.m.
Ryan: I don’t know where to begin. I…I…need to recount what I’ve been through. I don’t know what good it will do, since I’m convinced that I need to erase every recording I’ve made. But I’m going to spell it all out anyway. I’m going to complete my research.
I lost consciousness after Charles left me by the tracks. I awoke to find Mrs. Pendleton, of all people, undoing my bindings. She explained that she didn’t know how she ended up there.
“You were given a ticket, weren’t you?” I asked. “In your dream?”
“Round trip.” Her face looked pale. “Let’s get out of here.”
But it was too late. Figures surrounded and subdued us.
“You have a train to catch, young man,” said the pale man from my dreams.
Fog descended. Phosphorescent green approached from the distance. A whistle bellowed four times.
“I want to leave! Let me go!” cried Mrs. Pendleton.
A tear ran down my cheek as I realized that I was responsible for her fate.
The face emerged. A familiar, chilling scream howled out of its elongated mouth as the train slowed.
The mist faded after it stopped.
It was once black iron. But it wasn’t anymore.
It was a blood train. Its structure consisted largely of human skin, flesh, and organs. Bone formed its pistons, valves, and coupling rods. Hundreds of skulls lined its walls.
The pale man turned to me. I shuddered. His long face was gone. Behind his dangling tongue and beneath his veiny eyes dripped blood and mucous from where his nose and mouth should have been. I understood where his features had gone when he pointed to the stretched skin that covered the front of the train engine.
He and the others dragged me and Mrs. Pendleton to an entrance to a train car. My heart beat rapidly. “No, no, no,” muttered my old teacher. I wanted, so badly, not to see what was behind the door.
All at once, it swung open. A cascade of blood crashed upon us. Mrs. Pendleton screamed. I probably did the same. We would have been swept away but for the others holding us in place.
There was so much of it, and it just kept pouring. I felt like the whole world had turned into a sea of red.
Finally, the wave receded. The pale man pushed me and Mrs. Pendleton inside.
Pink tissue lined the inner walls and ceiling. As we plodded through puddles of red, I noticed that the room contained seats, like it had once been a passenger car. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the seats were made of portions of ribcages melded together. Bits of flesh clung to the bones, one set of which connected to a torn neck and battered head that faintly pulsated and breathed.
We crossed from this car to the next, moving towards the engine.
To my surprise, the next car was dry and well-kept. The blood that dripped off of me stained the white carpet as I walked, but the dozens of resigned, empty-looking passengers sitting around me did not seem to care.
A uniformed man approached and asked for my ticket.
At first, I was too dazed to respond.
“Your ticket?” he repeated.
“No ticket,” I said. Maybe he would throw me off?
The man sighed and removed a pad of paper. He flipped through it before reading from it: “Ryan Grove. Single Ride. You may sit anywhere on this car. Make sure to get off at the next stop.”
He left me alone after that. The train started up.
I examined the other passenger. Six children in Scout uniforms sat together. A woman in a pinner apron and a mobcap sat with a man in an old military uniform. Many of the passengers were missing limbs or chunks of their bodies.
The door to our compartment from the next car opened, revealing a figure obscured by shadow. “New arrivals. This way.”
I froze. The other passengers slowly turned their faces towards me. I sensed anger at my hesitation.
“Now,” said the shadowy figure.
We followed him until we reached the locomotive. The figure stayed just out of sight, but I discerned that he wore a thick coat, gloves and a dirty cap.
“Do you see how it fades?” he asked, motioning to a long gap in the metallic structure of the car’s ceiling.
With surprising deftness, he reached out a tattered arm of discolored, exposed bone. He grabbed Mrs. Pendleton and tore off a portion of the side of her chest with his bare hand. She screamed and collapsed as he smoothed her detached flesh over the gap. A green glow emanated from wherever the flesh met the train’s metal. The flesh hardened and settled into place as it joined the train’s structure.
“That’s enough from you for today,” said the man. He turned to me while Mrs. Pendleton whimpered.
“You-you’re him, aren’t you?” I stuttered. “What do you want with me?”
He didn’t acknowledge me at first. Instead, faded memories flashed before me as translucent images of my infancy, my home, my family, my friends. With a flick of Kilpatrick’s wrist, each image floated into the boiler, which lit up. The train accelerated as my memories powered it like coal once did.
“I don’t want to be here,” I said.
“There is a way out,” said Kilpatrick. “I want you to think something over: I’ll let you go, and return all that I've taken, if you publish the article. There are so many repairs that need to be done, after all.”
“No,” I said.
“If that’s what you decide, then I’ll see you tomorrow night,” responded Kilpatrick. “We’ll have so long to get to know each other.”
I woke up in my house. I was sweaty and dirty, and everything about my room was off. It was empty. No clothes, no pictures, nothing but the bed I lay in.
I checked my pockets. My wallet was gone. I still had my phone, on its last bit of power, and the ticket from my dream. “Round Trip – 11:59 p.m. 6/14/2019”. Tonight. I remembered what the pale man said: “The funny thing about a circle is that it never ends.”
I stepped into the hallway. My family’s house felt foreign. Ariel, mom, and dad smiled together in pictures on the wall. I didn’t belong there anymore.
I’m in the backyard now. As soon as I finish this recording, I’m deleting everything on my phone and burying it in the woods. Hopefully it’ll disappear soon, just like everything else I once owned. Just like I will tonight. All that will remain of me soon will be a photo in Charles’ shoebox. It’s probably best that way.
I’m more than a little tempted to publish the article. But I’ve made up my mind.
Should I just kill myself before tonight? I don’t think so. Something tells me that if I do, Kilpatrick will get my soul anyway.
Maybe, someday, this will all stop. Maybe enough people will forget about the legend that Kilpatrick’s train, and all those trapped onboard, will fade away.
Mom, Dad, Ariel – our life together was real, even if I suspect that you’re going to forget that it ever happened. I love you all and I always will.
The recordings end here. What’s described in them – it can’t be real, can it? I look now at the empty room in our house. The one that’s always been there. I never thought about it much, but why did we never do anything with it?
It was my name and my voice in that recording. I don’t want to believe that any of this is true. But…I have a strong feeling that it is.
I wonder about what to do. About whether I should visit old man Charles at the cemetery. About whether I should try to rescue this brother I may have once had.
I wonder, too, if I should do nothing. That’s what this Ryan would have wanted. Maybe, like he suggests, the legend will die out on its own if people stop looking into it.
I may not have the option of forgetting about it, though. I woke up this morning sprawled on the damp earth of a trail in the woods near my house. I’d had a terrible dream of an old train. It stopped in front of me, and I peered through the thick fog surrounding it until I identified a young man with my mother’s face and my father’s green eyes waving at me with a maimed hand through a half-open window.
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