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I [19, M] don't know how to move past my ex-girlfriend (of 2 years) [18], it's been a year.

I previously made a post about six months ago on this page. I reluctantly took it down because I had issues and felt as if I was airing too much of my personal life out on the internet, it was making the issue a lot worse by addressing it.
I guess a quick summary of the relationship is due. I met her my junior year of high school, when she was freshman, just through mutual friends. It's worth noting that during my middle part of high school (sophomore and junior years), I was a mess. Not emotionally, well at the time, I probably would've said so. I was running around, not really going to school, doing drugs, etc. My grandparents noticed and basically made my mom have me start going there on school days. It's funny to think back now, that I didn't want to ride that bus at all that day, but it created such a pivotal chain of events. It happened to be her birthday, and she had some friends on the bus with her and they invited me over. She actually ended up living right behind me, but the way the neighborhoods and stuff are where I live (rural-suburban mix), it's very believable that we wouldn't know each other. I started going over more and more. She had a really shitty living situation, in the way she was being treated and I kinda helped her deal with it and eventually we started dating.
Fast forward two years, I'm out of high school, she's still in high school. I have a job at a company where they expect me to work the rest of my life and I'm basically stuck in the area I live until further notice. This didn't match up with her plans. At the time, she was the #1 in her grade GPA wise. Her trust in me is low. I was hanging out with another girl (someone that I had hung out with a ton before I dated my exgirlfriend, never had any type of romantic or sexual connection), her boyfriend and a few others. Us hanging out turned into doing drugs. More than just normal party drugs, but nothing that's gonna put me down skidrow. However, I believe my decisionmaking abilities and overall myself as a person in those days really declined because of the druguse (duh). We were constantly arguing and eventually I took a step back and looked at the situation with her and decided, like I'm sure many people do, that I didn't need her, I could just keep doing what I was doing and be happy.
Shortly after, I realized not. I started taking antidepressants (non-prescribed) and it made everything worse. I spent a month, without a job, living with a friend, spending all my school money on drugs and constantly tearing myself up about the situation. The thing was I wanted her back, but she had found a new boyfriend. I harassed them constantly for a couple of months. I should've gotten into legal trouble. I didn't stalk them or anything like that. I just constantly kept making those web based cell phone numbers and twitter accounts trying to talk to her and get her back because I felt like it was the only way I was gonna be happy. The only thing outside of that was an actual altercation at a restaurant between her boyfriend and I, completely provoked by him. We went on eachother's way afterward. I felt like I had to fix it.
At the time, I moved back into my grandparents house. This was bad for me because I constantly thought about and pictured the stuff that went down between us in the room. Whether it was arguing, hanging out, or things unrelated to the post. I figured, if I moved away, out of the little town and away from her, it would at least start getting better.
It did, for a little bit. But she found her way back into my life. I now work at Lowe's (a home improvement store) and I'd literally thought that day, "hmm, you're really doing good man, you're over xxxx." I work a night position, but I originally worked in the garden center and in the summer I worked in the days on the weekend to get some extra cash. So on my day off, when I come in, she sees me as I'm walking past, she walked out of the bathroom. She looked at me while she walked past and didn't say a word. I tried to text her, but I was blocked and through the whole creepy textnow thing that I regretfully had done for so long. That was not the end of the story however. The following week, I was in the back of Lowe's, unloading a truck, and my manager from outside comes into the back and just announces that he has to borrow me for a minute. I don't know what happened before he came to get me, but apparently she came into the garden center crying, asking for me. I go out there and tell her to meet me int he parking lot. We go into the parking lot (it's basically empty as it was about twenty minutes before the store closed) and she just hugs me and cries and it immediately just knocked out any progress I'd made man. It was like I forgot about it all, like the whole relationship we had and where we were. It just felt.. real i guess.
i don't think it's my business to air out the exact details on reddit, but basically she got cheated on while her boyfriend was on vacation, after she had already gone through a traumatic experience that he didn't really care to help her through. We started talking again, and admittedly, I started to believe again, even though she told me not to, that there was a possibility of a future. I talked to her for about a week and eventually she decided to get back with the boyfriend. They would be on and off again, still are, and the first few times she would message me, and I always answer.
Recently, I have been thinking about her a lot. I made the mistake of checking up on her, and she is single and unlike when she is with her boyfriend, acknowledging my existence. I'm a realist. I know that there is virtually no chance that we'll ever get back together. Yet every part of me, no matter how hard I try, wants to find a way to make it happen. I've been fighting depression for a year now because of this and I'm just really trying to get through it. I was at the point of being suicidal at times and I'm worried that things will keep progressively getting worse. It's like in the beggining every day was a really bad day, then things started to turn into a few good days and then a bad day. Now, it's even a few good weeks, but everytime I get depressed, it gets worse and I really don't know what to do.
tl;dr: i dated this girl for 2 years. i broke up with her. i regretted it. she found a new boyfriend. i tried constantly to get into contact with her even though it was wrong. stopped trying to contact her, moved about twenty minutes away (thats a big jump where I live), she got cheated on, came and found me for help dealing with it. got back with him and apologized to me a lot, then got in the habit of messaging me for help. she stopped and dated her boyfriend for a few more weeks. appears to have broken up with him, has followed me on social media. I don't know how to move on and don't know what to do.
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New map feels pretty fucking good

  • My main point: Super clean design, not too flashy and not too "just random stuff thrown together to make it look cool". In addition, the 3 "lanes" on the map are great to play around. Enough room to flank and make comebacks.
  • Great vertical play honestly, feels really smooth to play on.
  • Pace can be quick but not too frustrating
  • Perfect size imo, not too big but not too small.
  • Even tho it is a night map, the lightning is great and everything is visible
To conclude, please just keep maps as simple as this. Don't overcomplicate things regarding map design (like Cave or Peak for instance. Love the new map, thank you.
What is your opinion, reddit?
edit: Since it has got some attention, I want to share some of my thoughts regarding maps in the game: I feel like the base maps are too “complicated” compared to what an arcade shooter should focus on. I am not saying they are complicated in general, but this is Call of Duty. Simplicity is good, clean maps are good. It is fast paced and the better technical player will prevails most of the time. I think the original 3 lane maps with varieties are far good enough and then throw in a couple unusual ones. If you look back in the time, the most popular maps are the ones that are not an overcomplicated maze with super realistic environment that actually just bothers you. IW please keep the maps clean and simple. We all pretty much love all the DLC maps and I think it sends a message. Thank you for coming this far in the thread.
also, bring back skidrow pls
submitted by tvr_god to modernwarfare

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