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[IWantOut] 28M USA -> Germany

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by this post to lend your knowledge and perhaps help with my situation. I'll give you the lowdown first, then add some specific questions at the end.
First, I am a 28 year old man born and raised in the U.S.A... A few years ago, I got into a relatively prestigious Creative Writing MFA (Master of Fine Arts) studying Fiction. Now, it's a common behind-the-back snicker to say that MFAs are vanity degrees, but I genuinely don't believe so. I think writers are valuable, and learning fiction or poetry is just as valuable in the business world as the art world. It's not uncommon for poets to move into marketing post-MFA, for example, because they've nailed down the skills to come up with hooks in three words, something advertisers need. So I'm just getting that out of the way to avoid the standard "shoulda studied something useful" comments. I write essays, some people engineer, it's just the way it is.
Second, I was a technical writer for the Air Force for seven years before I got into my MFA program. So technical writing, while something I would rather not do, I acknowledge is likely my best marketable skill from the outset, and I will do it if I must.
Third, while in my MFA program. I fell in love with a woman from Germany. She's in an adjacent program to mine. We sat next to each other during our new student orientation. That kinda story. Pretty wild, right? Almost cliche.
Fourth, she has a home in Germany. It's not her home, it's her parents, but it's where we would live if we can figure out how to get me in Germany for longer than 90 days, because 90 days is not long enough to set up a completely new life.
We want to stay together (been dating for two years, roughly). She is NOT going to stay in America (she doesn't like it). And I'm open to moving to Germany. I'd be happy to, actually. It seems like a nice place to live and work. She works as a German teacher, so she teaches me German almost every day, too. Ich lerne Deutsch! According to my girlfriend, I can consider myself an A1 speaker, so for those of you who know what that means, maybe that'll help.
Fourth, I cannot figure out how to immigrate to Germany. There are so many visas, and so many caveats to those visas, and so many routes that require specific things, and yet they all seem to require the same things. Let's go over some of the options I've considered.
PhD: I have been looking into a PhD. This would get me a Student Visa. I don't think this visa can transition into a permanent one, but I could be mistaken. She and I talked about marrying during my PhD, which would be in a few years, and figuring it out from there.
Pros of PhD:
  1. Long time to figure out how to immigrate (years, or, the duration of the PhD).
  2. Sets me up for life working in a school, provided I obtain my Habilitation.
  3. It allows me to stay near arts and academia, where I likely fit best. I want to be a writer. I want to make money from the books I sell, but it's obviously the hardest career anyone could thrust upon themselves in terms of legality (despite the nonsensical lie writers tell themselves that "i could write from anywhere." Sure you could, if you figured out how to navigate the paperwork.)
Cons of PhD:
  1. My degree doesn't exist to German Universities. Almost everyone I've talked to in Germany, professors and students and civilians in general, look at me with utter confusion when I say I'm studying fiction. They do not know what the degree is. This is...umm...a problem. Because requisites suggest I have a Masters degree before a PhD. And if my degree doesn't exist to a German university? Well, then I'd likely have to do another MA. To put it shortly: I'd rather not do that.
  2. There are not real art PhDs in Germany, it seems. My best shot is studying something called American Studies, but that's more studying culture and phenomena via a cultural lens than studying art (it's kind of a bummer, but not too bad.) I'm not pure academic. I don't think in APA styling and I don't live for perfectly constructed bibliographies.
  3. The main one for me, I don't know if it's worth the various sized hoops to jump through. I don't know if I can be considered a permanent resident sans marriage. If there were anyway to convert my student visa into a permanent one. And this is tied to the other concern: jobs at the PhD level are competitive. Combining astoundingly low turnover rates in academia with the extremely difficult competition for a teaching position, it's a tough route to follow. I'd be willing to do it, though, if it's my best option.
  4. One must have 10,000 Euros in their bank account, apparently? This is for the block account? What? I'm a student! I'm graduating in the Spring? How in the world am I supposed to come up with 10,000 euros when I make less than poverty wages in America?
Finding a Job: This plays into my background as a technical writer, and also something else I would love to do for a career: work in the games industry as a writer or designer. I love game design. Gaming is my primary hobby besides the vaulted-status writing and fiction. Now, there are going to be subsections in this subsection, just so we can make an Xibit joke.
EU Blue Card:
  1. EU version of the Greencard!
  1. Almost impossible to obtain for my skillset. It requires something like $55,000?! I'm never going to make that money in Europe. If you don't believe me, read the first paragraph. Writers aren't respected. We aren't taken seriously as employees. Most often considered an after thought. It's unfortunate, but it's the reality. More likely, my writing skills to a German company are my "Native English Skills." Which is fine, but it's also not that valuable.
German Work Visa: I think this is a visa. The reason I'm not sure is because I keep seeing it interchangeably used with "Permit" and permit can mean anything from "visiting for business" to "living in germany, but you need several hundred other documents and proof of income/housing/alles."
  1. I have a readily marketable skillset, I think, to German companies. I have all the requisite soft-skills of working in a team environment. I've completed multiple degrees (proving I can do "hard things." And I have years and years of experience working for a GIGANTIC organization.)
  1. I ONCE AGAIN, somehow, have to convince a company that I'm worth somewhere around 50,000 euros a year. I think I'm right about this. All the literature I can find on it seems pretty strict, but I really hope I'm wrong. It seems so short-sighted to me that a country would turn away a working professional because their average salary is 40k, and not 50k. Right? Tell me I'm wrong about this, please?
  2. Other things I'm not considering.
Freelance Visa: A natural fit for a writer. I like the idea of contract work. I love the idea of working from home. And yet another dream for me would be to teach creative writing on Zoom or Skype or Discord. I learned a lot in my Master's degree. Writing isn't a special talent gifted at birth. It's a toolbox that you learn to use via practice, just like anything else. I can teach it. Technically, in America, I'm legally allowed to teach it at Universities, because a Master's degree is a terminal degree. In Germany, though? Not so much. Creative Writing isn't taught, first off, and second, "whaddya gonna do with it blah blah blah."
Pros: I can start my own business either teaching or producing things I like. My favorite things in the world.
Cons: It seems damn near impossible to finish my Thesis, Move to Germany, Continue Learning the Language, and start a business by May 2021.
Art Visa:
Pros: I'm an arteest, man *turns beret backwards as intense pokemon music starts playing.*
Cons: Yeah right. First off, I have to live in Berlin (which would be great, sure), but I'm no Dan Brown. I haven't sold a single fiction book. I've sold several short stories to magazines you've never heard of, and I've made some of my own narrative-based-video games. And I've made a narrative podcast. But none of that has become money. And cash is king, even if artists pretend it's not.
We talked about it, but it doesn't guarantee me to get into Germany. I can come for a little while, but I need to prove I have a job, income, and all the other requirements above. So it seems better to go for one of the aforementioned routes and then get married later to transition to a permanent residence.

So now you know what I know about me. That's a weird sentence.
I guess, for the TL;DR:
I'm an American potential Expat with many English, Teaching, and Writing skills. I wish I could just be a writer and sell books, but I'd have to get outta the country in 90 days because that's viewed as totally useless for Germany. I'm looking for jobs, pursuing a PhD, and even looking at starting my own business. But they all feel like lost causes, because at every turn, their visa requirements contain something I cannot get and do not currently have: money.
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