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The following is a full list of side quests that can be completed at various points during Disc 2. These walkthrough pages identify when it is possible to complete each side quest as well as when it is advisable/advantageous to complete each of them. Two-player mode also allows you and a friend to battle each other, racing around the worlds looking for power-ups to smash your opponent's car. Find and download license of multiping version 2.10.2 from https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1765.

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Video: Specialized Aethos First Ride Review - How does the https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1773. From youth and adult trials riders, mountain bikers, and parents following their youngsters to a pit bike, dirt bike and a back garden training machine. World Racing 2 is the sequel to the poorly received World Racing (also known as Mercedes-Benz World Racing), which was released in Bland visuals, run-of-the-mill gameplay, a restrictive car license, and a poor sense of speed were just a few of the original game's many problems.

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Unleashed pt. 32

Another chapter, polished to a high shine by u/eruwenn. Please be kind to my janky space politics.
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Around the large circular table in the centre of the Lounge sat the crew of the Porkchop express. Everyone's gaze was currently held by the small, makeshift bed that had been placed in front of an empty seat. Inside, finally stable, was the leokit, currently curled up with a tiny teddy bear which Allistan had taken great care to reproduce from pictures he had found in the Earth archive. Each stitch was perfect, and the bear seemed to smile as it wore its classy red bowtie.
All were awaiting Aaron who, after having finally stabilized the leokit, had proceeded to directly pass out on his bed for far longer than usual. After over half a cycle, he had reluctantly woken and called the crew meeting.
Footsteps announced Aaron's arrival, and as he entered the room an intoxicating aroma followed, a scent so hunger inducing that several mouths at the table began to salivate. All eyes turned to see him carrying an unexpected tray, atop of which sat a disc bigger than his head that had been cut into triangles. In his other hand he carried a large bottle of a pink drink. Upon sitting down he immediately lifted one of the triangles out of the disc with his bare hands, and took a huge bite. This prompted a reaction of huffing out steam and making large O's with his mouth, and he drained a large amount of his bottle in one to alleviate this condition. Finally, when he seemed to be himself again, he looked up. “Sorry, I’m starving. We should start, just ignore me.” He took another huge bite, right down to the crust of his triangle and began wincing in pain. “Damn, that’s good cheese. Ok, someone start.”
Allistan, always keen to be useful and educational, jumped in. “That isn’t actually-”
“Space-cheese, whatever.” Aaron waved away the correction as he ate half of the crust that remained of his triangle, then made sure that the last part had sufficiently cooled before tossing it to Sassie. “Homework was given, and don’t tell me the dog ate it. I want everyone up to speed before Aiov’s next feeding.” He selected another triangle, and removed another half of it in a single bite as he leaned over to check on the leokit. A brief glance seemed to satisfy him, and he sat back in his seat.
Jar’Bek watched, fascinated by the size of the human’s meal and the speed with which he was devouring it. “So you don’t eat for almost three cycles, then simply combine all of the meals you missed?”
Mildly irritated, Aaron snapped back, “It’s a twelve inch, no toppings. Don’t judge me, I’ve seen what you keep in the top drawer of your desk.”
Jar’Bek fell silent as several pairs of eyes fell on him. “It’s nothing," he said at last, trying to deflect the attention that was upon him. "A simple snack to maintain my focus and energy levels.”
Ranjaz didn’t look up from his datapad. “A dozen glazed doughnuts, per cycle, is not a snack. It’s a lifestyle, Jarby!”
The lawyer became flustered as the others turned to stare. "How do you know that? I lock that drawer?" The extremely concerned expression of Estrilla briefly registered in the Ashi's mind before he realized who he was talking to and his level of annoyance drastically rose. Their prank war had been halted after the fireball incident, in which Danyd had made explicit threats. Jar’Bek had hastily agreed, fearing the next prank might potentially take more than his eyebrows. Ranjaz seemed to have no limits, or safety concerns, to his repertoire of mischief.
The Kittran calmly tapped his datapad. “Since Pen-Clicker is working with you, I’m doing the re-stocking. I see what you all put through the replicator.” He looked around at them all. Several didn’t meet his gaze. “That’s right, I know all your secrets!” He began a maniacal laugh, but Skeena poked him and he stopped. “Which I will respectfully keep quiet on all counts, except for Jarby, cos he’s a big baby who can’t take a joke.”
Danyd coughed; he’d been with Jar’Bek when the prank was pulled. “A joke? I nearly died, you absolute lunatic! I lost half the fur on my legs!”
“Alright, alright!” Aaron stepped in, now on his fourth slice. “Prank war is over. Leokas rescue is on. Somebody, anybody, give me some news.”
Allistan stood. “If I may?” Aaron devoured the rest of the fourth slice, picked up the fifth, and as he chugged more of his milk-style drink he gestured Allistan to continue with the triangle he held. “Thank you, Captain.” He straightened himself and took out his pen and notepad, turning to the first page and clicking the pen in Ranjaz’s direction. “First, we will hear the report from Embar and Chae’Sol. the Captain tasked you with making contact with those who opposed the sale of the Lungs of Kasur for defense reasons. Please, report.”
As Allistan returned to his seat, Embar rose. He had been a former general; public speaking was of little concern to him. However, the human powering through the pizza as if it had insulted his ancestors was a tiny bit off-putting. “Ahem. I will make this brief, as it is fairly self-explanatory. We prepared a report reinforcing their views on the vulnerabilities that come with relying on atmos-scrubbers. Their world would be vulnerable to terrorism, sabotage, targeted orbital strikes - even damage to their infrastructure could be deadly. Their military seemed very pleased we had taken the time to assist, and agreed with our report. They also took on board several recommendations we put forward in regards to other security issues.” He digressed a little as Aaron threw a piece of crust for Sassie to snatch from the air. “I mean, their security is flimsy at best. I could take this whole system with a carrier, two battleships and five thousand ground troops. It’s laughable.”
Aaron nodded, and hastened to swallow. “Did you tell them that?”
Embar shrugged. “They know. Kasurians aren’t fighters. They give up too damn easy and wait for death.”
Distantly, the human replied, “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”
The Rinoxian nodded solemnly, guessing that, as the human had looked to be remembering another’s words, Aaron had been quoting someone great from Earth. “A wise statement. Is it from one of your world’s leaders?”
The human rubbed his chin. “I’m pretty sure it was Oprah Winfrey.” He paused for a moment, then seemed to realize that nobody else knew who she was. “She was a fierce warrior and great general.”
This satisfied Embar, as generals should be wise and remembered well. “What I mean is, their military is a bit of a laughing stock in the Federation. And it’s not much better here, as they are convinced but hold little political power. On my world a general, such as your Oprah Winfrey, has the people behind them. Here? They wouldn’t follow them out of a burning building.”
Aaron was, sadly, on his final slice. He knew he should have made two. “So, in summation, the military are on our side, but nobody cares?”
Allistan wrote down the succinct version. “Yes, that is accurate. Fortunately, my talks with the local politicians have proven rewarding. They are willing to listen, but most are unwilling to go against the Melimo Lentsoe.”
The human cursed inwardly. He didn’t want to get drawn further into their religion. “That doesn’t sound like good news. Do you think it would help if I spoke to them?”
Estrilla chuckled. “How important do you think you are? Ambassador without a world or a people; you should be grateful they are even speaking with us. Their people have needs, and it is the people they serve.”
Finishing his last slice and emptying his fruit-flavoured milk drink, Aaron waved a hand. “Hold that thought.” He held up his empty bottle. “The space-milk we used to make this… it’s a Gowe drink. It’s not, like, from a Gowe?” Several faces turned to disgust around him.
Ranjaz laughed. “You ask that after you drank it?”
Aaron put the bottle down. “I wanted strawberry milk.” Allistan began to correct him, but the human cut him off. “Space-strawberry space-milk.”
The Fae’Dan was a little irritated that he had not been able to correct the human. “You can’t just add the word space to something and rename it.” He would go further into it, but he could tell the human was not going to stop. “I believe the Gowe extract the liquid from a type of fungus.”
Holding the bottle up in front of him, the human seemed to be considering this new information. “Space-mushroom-milk is pretty good. Is that what you used for the space-cheese?”
Allistan clicked his pen, tilting his head away in the faint hope of blocking more of the human’s nonsense from entering. “No, it doesn’t respond well to heat. The space-cheese" he said with no small amount of derision," is actually made from a type of sea mollusc secretion.”
Aaron looked at his empty plate. “Slimy, yet satisfying.”
The Fae’Dan’s pen clicked several times in an effort to relieve frustration before Allistan consulted his notes once more. “Back to the task at hand. Thanks to Agent Fenink we have the support of the leokas keepers and those in charge of this facility. Their experiences on board, combined with your videos and Agent Fenink’s detailed documentation, have inspired them. They are already making changes to the enclosures, adopting almost all of your ideas.”
Aaron picked up on the key qualifier. “Almost?”
Ranjaz gave another laugh. “You’re the only one getting in the enclosures for cuddle-time, dumbass.”
The human nodded. “Probably wise.”
The pen clicking got louder. “So... We have their full support. However, the religious order...” He paused for effect, causing Ranjaz and Embar to give each other a look of shared irritation. “They are less agreeable. They aren’t outright opposing us, but they are certainly not helping.”
Aaron was now scratching Sassie’s chest as she leaned against his leg. He had been exhausted and distracted so he was lavishing her with treats and attention to make up for lost time. “So, we have two problems. Religion and politics; the two biggest problems, and most divisive. This should be easy, then.” He stood and began walking around, using physical activity to stimulate mental activity. Sassie climbed into his seat and stared down at the leokit as the human turned to Estrilla. “You still holding that thought?” He saw her nod. “Politicians serve the people, and the people have needs. If we can fulfill them without disrupting the lungs - I hate that name - then they shouldn’t object?”
The Kachna nodded again, and upon realising he was waiting for more of an answer she said, “The work will create jobs, and more space for housing. Those are the biggest issues for Kasur right now.”
Allistan added, “If our solution fulfills those needs while also protecting the areas of nature, and returns the leokas to their former strength? Now, that would be something the politicians could bring to their people.”
Danyd suddenly exclaimed. “You’re all mad!”
A very amused Kittran pounced on the statement. “You’ve only just realised?”
Aaron waved Ranjaz’s sarcasm aside. “What’s the problem? You don’t think we can do this?”
The Satryn looked closely at the human. To his shock, it was actually a genuine question. He actually thought he could convince a whole planet to follow whatever plan he concocted. “Look, kid, I get it. You flashed some credits, and made half a station jump through hoops. You pulled one over the Arkellians and Gal. Fed., back there, and thanks to your lawyer got away with murder.” He regretted saying that last part, but pushed on. “But, you can’t buy your way out of every problem. Especially when your problem is a whole damn world. The first of these areas has already been sold, for over one hundred billion credits. They’re being chopped up and sold off and the people aren’t going to help you. They need homes and jobs.”
The human twitched at the murder comment, but continued to listen. He took a moment to consider Danyd’s words, then asked, “How do you know one has sold?”
The Satryn was quite proud of himself. He’d been cosying up to the various pilots and engineers who arrived on the visiting politicians' ships. “Let’s just say, the folks who fix stuff, hear stuff.”
Aaron was slightly irritated that news of the sale had leaked, but at least nobody seemed to know it was him. He looked to Allistan. The Fae’Dans ears were a tell-tale dark violet so the human decided to move on before they were discovered. “Well we still need to secure the others, and we can’t get the leokas out of those cells till the church agrees, they’re too influential. So, firstly, how do we fix the housing crisis? Mega-blocks? Space stations? Colonise another world? How about those ring things Matt Damon was on?”
A lot of people spoke at once.
“This system has no other worlds suitable for long-term habitation.”
“Who is Matt Damon?”
“You can’t colonise worlds outside your own system without Gal. Fed. approval.”
“Nobody wants millions of another race on their world.”
Taking a moment to process what everyone had just thrown at him he spoke slowly, counting off points on his fingers. “Mega-Blocks are just really big buildings, huge ones with thousands of occupants.” One. “That sucks about their system. Allistan’s report had something about gas giants and unstable orbits, but I skimmed that part.” Two. “Matt Damon is the greatest botanist on Mars.” Three. “Why won’t Gal. Fed. let them colonise somewhere new, or even just spread out a bit on other species’ worlds?” Four. “I thought you guys all got along? Like on the Azrimad.” Five.
Estrilla held up a hand, hoping to belay the barrage of comments. “Let’s see now. Really big building? What do you think the city behind us is? Bigger than that? Then you have the same problem of getting land, as you know the government doesn’t own it. They’d have to seize it from people, making them unhappy. If anything that idea just tears down the lungs faster as that is the only vacant land.”
Chae’Sol stood and walked to a cabinet at the side of the room where he began making himself a drink. “She’s right. Plus, who wants big ugly blocks covering their world. They have space stations and even some minor colonies on those gas giants, but they’re not a real solution.” He took a pull on his drink, savouring the burn of the eight percent strength alcohol. “The Kasurians are not favoured by Tulseria. Their home system is small, with not many options in the way of additional worlds.”
Aaron watched the drink in Chae’Sol’s hand. His mouth felt dry, and he wished he had his hip flask on him. He pressed onwards. “So, this system is out. There has to be another one out there. We passed through loads of empty ones on the way here. Why not just hop over to the next one?”
It was Ranjaz’s turn to play teacher, and get a drink. He selected a can of something alcoholic, opened it, and returned to his seat. "Taxes." He was not a great teacher.
The human didn’t quite follow. He’d been paying taxes himself, and they weren’t so bad. “Taxes?”
Embar stepped into the role of educator. “Galactic Federation has standard taxes. Basic ones - like the ones you pay as an outsider - are levied on top of a planet's own taxes. Within your home system that’s how it works; local taxes, and then Gal. Fed. take a small amount on top. For ships, it’s all down to which world you register with and what taxes they charge before you pay Federation taxes.”
Realisation struck the human. “Wait, wait, wait.” He turned to Jar’Bek. “So, that’s why you set up the Earth taxation system? To reduce my income so I pay less tax to the Galactic Federation?”
Jar’Bek tapped the side of his head. “You pay your local transactional taxes and duties, but after that you are taxed on profit made, within Gal. Fed. space. But, you pay your homeworld tax first. And we set some high Earth tax rates, proportional to income.”
Embar wasn’t sure that sounded legal, as Aaron was the only human and therefore simply siphoning his own profits. But then, what did he expect from an Ashi. “Are you sure-”
“Brilliant!” Ranjaz was thrilled. “I might get you to take a look at my taxes next.”
The Rinoxian was not amused. “Skirting the law is not an option for the Kasurians. Once you are outside your home system, and want to settle, or mine, or anything, the Galactic Federation will tax you. Heavily tax you. You need a massive trade alliance, like the Anatidae or Selari, to negotiate terms.”
The human’s phone beeped and he instinctively tapped off the alarm, gently picking up the leokit as Alexa handed him a jar of substitute milk and a dropper. “Thanks.” When tiny Aiov was finally settled in his arms, he began the slow feeding process. “Ok, that seems unfair. Doesn’t that hold everyone back?”
Embar laughed. His people had fought wars over this. “Damn right! My people have three systems we claim as our home. Was hard fought to take them, and then even harder fought to keep them when we allied with the Federation to fight the Imperium.”
Chae’Sol nodded. “My people have five worlds we managed to make habitable within our system. We implemented a two child per household rule and maintain careful population balance.”
The Kachna’s shoulders sagged and her voice was a little sad. “You talk of the Azrimad, and I can see why you’d think the Galactic Federation was harmonious. In truth, the races keep to themselves, as nobody wants to share their systems resources. The first five races are the only ones who got to expand unhindered.”
A nervous cough from Allistan reminded them he was a Fae’Dan. “I can’t deny that my people experienced a golden age of expansion which has left us in a fortunate position.” There were a few sounds of disapproval. “The system was designed to maintain equality, to stop expansionist wars and prevent high-birth races taking over lots of worlds and causing a strain on resources.”
“That’s crap and you all know it.” Danyd spat. “The five original races expanded to countless systems while they had the galaxy to themselves. Then as new races began leaving their homes, the old crooks would find them and offer resources, tech and the big promise of the great Federation.”
Alexa spoke, still harbouring resentment. “Then they shackle you with contracts, regulations and taxes.”
With little conviction to his words the Fae’Dan tried to reason with them. “Restrictions are there to benefit us all, they maintain balance and order.”
She pressed him. “Do you believe that?”
“No, not anymore.” In truth, since meeting the human and Alexa, his loyalty to the Galactic Federation was wavering. Why else would he hop aboard this ship.
The atmosphere was growing awkward as the human had been playing nursemaid, and he remained unaware of the shift taking place in the room. “Well, shit. No wonder they’re stuck.” He carefully laid the leokit back in its bed, pleased with how hungrily it had eaten. “So… Any ideas?”
The crew looked around at each other. What did the human expect them to come up with that the Kasurain’s hadn’t already thought of? Danyd took the initiative and tried to explain. “There’s not many options. They pump all their money into welfare and unemployment. Overcrowding is a big problem, which is why their church is so keen to, ya’know, thin the flock. They can’t put in a bid for new world rights or fund large scale off world construction. Unless you have a world that isn’t under Gal. Fed. control you can loan them…” He trailed off as the rest of the crew were all staring. He looked at Jaym, who was as confused as he was, then back to the others. “What?”
Ranjaz looked to the others. “It’s a plague world. Might as well kill them here and save transport costs.”
Alexa collected her datapad from the table, and when she connected to the large wall screen the system of Darnis appeared. “There are in fact six worlds suitable for some level of colonisation, not including Darnis itself.” She looked at their surprised faces. “We took the whole system, not just one world.”
Embar couldn’t help but laugh. “You want to colonise the Darnis system? Do you have any idea how much that would cost? More than the Kasurians can afford, I can tell you that much.”
Jar’Bek, however, looked excited, almost giddy. “Technically not part of the Federation, means technically no taxes. Even if we impose our own it will still be significantly less than any other world. You’re going to infuriate the Taxes and Revenue Assessment Procurate.” We'd need to set up alliances, trade agreements, some sort of citizenship. His eyes were sparkling with joy, as if tiny coins were tumbling down in front of them reflecting tiny motes of light, but then he suddenly seemed to sober up. "I hate to admit it, but a lot of this is beyond my current knowledge and skills.”
Allistan clicked his pen so hard he lost his grip, and a silence fell over them all as the writing device skittered across the table. “You can’t seriously be considering this?”
Aaron shrugged. “Why not? I’m not using it. But, I’d like to rename it.”
Alexa’s eyes widened. They had discussed the idea of renaming Darnis when he had first taken over the planet. It hadn’t come up since, and she had assumed he had forgotten. “Please, no. I refuse to allow you to call a planet Earth Two Electric Boogaloo.”
The human laughed, he’d forgotten that conversation. “That’s still on the list, but I was thinking something more serious, if we’re actually considering this?”
Danyd’s mouth opened and closed. “Kid, you’re insane.”
Jaym nodded her agreement with her senior engineer. “Absolutely insane. But, it would make an amazing GalacTube series.” She was pleased to see the human’s eyes brighten with inspiration.
Chae’Sol finished his drink in one. “I guess the groups lining up to buy the land will be happy to have new worlds to build and invest in. Cheaper land and better taxation; it’ll stop a lot of the objections from them.”
Embar was rubbing at his chin, concern evident on his face. “How do you propose we defend this land of riches.”
Aaron tried to shoo Sassie from his seat but she didn’t budge, happily watching the leokit. He dragged a stool from the side of the room and sat, oddly higher than everyone else. “We form an alliance with the Kasurians. Their people can help defend them. I know you said they suck, but part of the agreement can be additional training, or something. I happen to know an excellent former general,” he added with a grin.
The Rinoxian wasn’t won over with flattery. “Hmmf. I know what you are thinking. I have seen the Ducks of Mightiness. I am most certainly not Coach Bombay.”
Movie night on board was very popular, and a chuckle rippled around the table. Allistan, having retrieved his pen, was writing furiously, and as the laughter died down he glanced around. “Have you all lost your mind? Darnis is further out from the central worlds than Arkellis, on the border with the Imperium. Tulseria’s golden hoof, it has been part of the Imperium at times. You don’t think they might take an interest?”
Everyone fell silent again. The war was in a current stalemate, and things were far from friendly. Aaron suddenly seemed to perk up. “Hey, maybe they want to buy some cupcakes?”
They had already been silent, but a new deeper silence fell over them as if hearts had stopped beating and the hum of the ship itself had paused in anticipation. The spell lingered, then broke, leaving everyone to begin speaking at once. Aaron leaned over the little leokit, checking it was warm enough. As he gently stroked its chest, Aiov reached out, eyes not yet open, and tried to grip his finger with a tiny paw. "Look at the trouble you caused," he whispered fondly to the little leokit.
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Keys from Fanatical (UK Only)
Action Henk
Alchemy Garden
Bang Bang racing
Bot Vice
Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice
Dry Drowning
Enforcer: Police Crime Action
F1 2019
Furious Angels
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Leap of Fate
Medieval Kingdom Wars
My Big Sister
Odallus: The Dark Call
One Finger Death Punch 2
Override: Meh City Brawl
Party Hard
Railroad Pioneer
Remnants of Naezith
The Adventure Pals
The Coma: Recut
The Hex
The Slater
Torchlight 2
Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition
Woah Dave
Steam codes through Humble Bundle:
100% Orange Juice + Syura & Nanako Character Pack
60 Parsecs!
911 Operator + Special Resources DLC
A Valley without Wind 1 and 2
The Adventure Pals
Age of Wonders
Age of Wonders 2
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
AI War +4 DLC & Tidalis
AI War: Vengeance
Almost There: The Platformer
Avernum 3: Ruined World
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
Beyond Divinity
Bleed 2
BloodRealm Battlegrounds Debut Champion Lora + 3 Elite Packs + Gaul Campaign
Borderlands 2 + Mechnomancer, Psycho, and Ultimate Vault Hunter Packs 1 and 2
Call of Duty®: WWII Endowment Bravery and Fear Packs
Carnival Games VR
The Darkness 2
Defense Grid Gold
Democracy 2
Divine Divinity
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Empire: Total War Collection
Endless Legend + Tempest DLC
Endless Space Collection
Fight 'N' Rage
Flat Heroes
Fluffy Horde
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
God's Trigger
GoNNER - Press Jump To Die Edition
Gratuitous Space Battles + Multiplayer
Guacamelee 2
The Journey Down: Chapter Three
Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition
Late Shift
Love is Dead
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
Planet Alpha
Pool Panic
Q.U.B.E. 2
Rapture Rejects +Safari Outfit
Red Faction Guerrila Re-Mars-ered
Regions of Ruin
Regular Human Basketball
Rise & Shine
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam +2 DLCs
RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry
Scrolls Full Version, and Exclusive Avatar Heads
Shattered Haven
She Remembered Caterpillars
Shenmue 1 & 2
Skyward Collapse +Nihon no Mura DLC
Small Radios Big Televisions
SolForge — Dinosaur Starter (Early Access)
SolForge — Starter Pack 1 (Early Access)
Space Run Galaxy
Spec Ops: The Line
Spiral Scouts
Starseed Pilgrim
Steamworld Heist
Steel Rats
Super Rude Bear Resurrection
Sword Legacy Omen
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Talisman: Digital Edition, Martyr + Gambler Packs + Prologue
Tiny Echo
Tom Clancy's The Division + Survival
The Turing Test
Uurnog Uurnlimited
Volgarr the Viking
War of Omens — Humble Super Starter
Wizard of Legend
Wurm Unlimited
Yoku's Island Express
Steam Gifts:
3x Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
2x Frozen Cortex
God Factory Wingmen
Shadow Warrior
2x Strike Vector
WANTS (High to Low)
Coffee Talk
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
while True: learn()
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Divinity Dragon Commander
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection
Is the President a Traitor
Lamplight City
Disc Creatures
For the Warp
Ministry of Broadcast
Interrogation: You Will be Deceived
For the People
One Step From Eden
Unforseen Incidents
Fight Crab
Duck Game
Nowhere Prophet
Iron Harvest
Disco Elysium
Digimon Cyber Sleuth
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