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Indian freedom fighter photos pictures as on 21 Oct 2020

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Freedom Fighters (Windows) - My Abandonware

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Burning Stars: Hawkins' Hunters ch.9 - Stale Air and Gunpowder

Hawkins' Hunters prologue: https://redd.it/875cv0
Armstrong Metropolitan Art Museum
Sam took Vickers’ offered go bags and passed the second to Michelle. Opening his, Sam removed an armored vest, his suit’s helmet, and several speed loaders for his revolver. Stopping to allow Doc Chatom pull the buckshot from his torso and seal him back up with his biowelder. With a reassuring tap on the now closed wound, Doc pulled back and went to assist the Armstrong EMS with triage on the wounded civilians. Sam turned to Michelle as she slipped into her own vest and racked the slide on her sidearm. Her parents sat off to the side, wrapped in thermal blankets, as Doc Chatom looked them over for any wounds. Michelle walked over to them and kneeled down.
“Mom, dad, there’s something you should know.” She began, starting again only to be stopped by her father.
“You’re not in school, and I’m sure you’re going to say something along the lines of you work for the Inner Systems in a “different capacity”?” He said, holding his wife close as she stared off into space.
Michelle looked down at the floor and nodded her head. “I’m with Naval Intelligence, and I was on Ultimus during the battle.”
Her father nodded his head and Michelle left to rejoin Sam and his marines. Sam stood conversing with Armstrong tactical response commanders, going over what was happening in other places in the city.
“Good thing you didn’t wear a dress huh?” Sigursdottir said, tossing her a carbine and several magazines, which she slipped into her vest’s pockets.
“Tell me about it.” Michelle replied, loading her carbine and slinging it over her arm
“Team, rally on me.” Sam called out, slipping his open helmet over his head. He waited as the group came in, loading his rifle and finding it satisfactory. “Situation is as follows. Shitty. Enemy elements are attempting to take the air filtration station and the civilian docks. Armstrong security and Naval armsmen are holding them there. While they have their escape closed, we will eliminate the one’s attempting the destruction of the air recycler. Understood?”
“OOHRAH.” The marines replied, with a hooah thrown in from Del Valle.
“Good, Don we have Hunt on stand by?” Sam asked, lighting a cigarette.
“Afirm. He’s waiting outside on the lawn. We’re good to go.”
“Got it, lets move. Everybody out!”
The team beat feet out of the museum and out into the open air of Armstrong. Smoke was on the air as they made their way to Hunt’s transport. Sam had figured they’d have a condor, but was surprised to find a cargo hauler. It’s cereal mascot caught in a never ending loop of putting a spoon from a bowl to its mouth.
“Hunt, what the hell is this shit?” Sam asked, as he stepped up into the cargo area. The brash pilot just shrugged and strapped back in.
“Adapt and overcome. Isn’t that what you jarheads like to say?” Hunt said, laughing. Hold on to something. This thing flies like shit.”
With that, Hunt gunned the engines and the hauler picked up altitude and shot off into the open air. The hauler did fly like shit as Hunt weaved through air traffic and onto a vector towards the air recycler. In the distance, Sam could see the flashing lights of security flyers and ground vehicles surrounding the large industrial facility and the tree farms built up against it. Hunt brought the hauler down and set it by a Security command truck. Sam opened the door and jumped out, his men and women right behind him. The Tactical response commander waved them over to his portable TAC table displaying the facility.
“Glad you could make. It. Long story short, the facility is mostly automated with a small tech staff and a few guards. We’ve lost all contact with the people inside and I lost men trying to take the control room.” The greying cop said. Waving through the TAC display and the facility layout. “Who ever is inside has some real heavy stuff, military grade to be sure.”
Sam nodded along as the commander spoke about the main entries and choke points.
“We’ll take it from here sir. Keep your men on the perimeter and be ready to contain any rabbits we flush out.” Sam said, looking over his rifle one last time. The old cop nodded and ran off to inform his officers of their new duties as Sam readied his team for their assault.
“Don, take half the squad and split up. We’ll make entry at two points and meet in the middle. Igor, get back in the hauler and have Hunt sit in a holding pattern. If it has a weapon and isn’t one of us,; shoot first, ask questions later. You get me Marine?
Kustnetsov nodded and bounced off back into the hauler as it rose into the air, his large sniper rifle poking out from the open door. Sam did one last look over his marines and engaged his faceplate. The hard armored plate sealed his helmet as its visual receptors blazed to life. One by one his marines did the same, Sam reached out and stopped Michelle from donning her helmet.
“Stay out here and feed me information, anything you can find. “ Sam said, flicking the safety off his rifle. The look of disappointment on her face was all she needed to say as Sam turned around and peeled off for the main entrance, his marines splitting off to follow him and Vickers.
Sam took point and pushed his rifle through the main doors, sliding his hand down the door as he slowly made entry. The door stopped half way as Sam looked down and saw the body of a security officer laying in a pool of blood, his head neatly sliced off and off to the side. Sam opened his uplink and made his first report.
“Tin Man, Sunspot. Suspected Minyari Special Duties Group on site. Move with caution.”
In Sam’s vision, a small blue acknowledgment winked on and off as he and his marines pushed in through the reception area. Like some B rated holo, the floor was slick with blood and bodies.
“Duchess, I count six dead technicians, two guards and one gunman. Making for the main access corridor.” Sam said, stepping over the mangled bodies and stacking back up on the next door.
“Sunspot, Duchess. Copy all. That accounts for a third of the overnight staff. At the end of the main corridor is the processing center. Control room is on the third level, past the rear doors.”
With a flurry of silent hand gestures, Sigursdottir, Abadi, and O’Hara pushed through with their weapons up and ready, scanning the corridor as Sam brought up the rear. For several moments it was deathly quiet, the only noise the far off rumbling of the recycler’s internal workings. The marines pushed forwards, opening side rooms and clearing them one by one as they reached the main facility. Sam came back on point and went to make entry, stepping over the threshold only to be sent backwards by heavy gunfire.
“TWO! Team one is in contact. Ground floor, main processing chamber!” Sam shouted into his COM, backpedaling as bullets chipped the walls and floor around him. Don’s deadpan voice slowly filtered over his ears.
“How much contact would you say you’re experiencing?” he said, in the background, Sam could hear the muffled shouting and gunfire from his own position.
“Heavy! Ten estimated. Heavy kits.” Sam quickly switched channels for Kusnetsov. “Hammer! You have eyes?”
Kusnetsov’s thick accent cut through the gunfire followed by the heavy report of his rifle. “Da. Enemy element is twelve…eleven. They huddle on second level walkway and ground floor machinery like bugs in babushka’s garden.”
Kusnetsov’s rifle barked again and again, as the enemy combatants scattered from the heavy fifty caliber rounds. Over the COM, Sam could hear the large Russian marine laughing and swearing in his native tongue. Sam quickly composed himself and ordered his team through the doors, firing their rifles at any movement as they made for cover.
“Siggs! Take Abadi and go around the left side, I’ll take O’Hara and meet you in the middle. We’ll cover your approach. GO!” Sam yelled, stepping up from his low crouch behind a work terminal and firing his rifle.
Pulling the trigger, Sam sent a burst into an exposed fighter’s upper torso, the last round of the burst popped her head like a grape, as the body fell from the overhead walkway to the ground floor below. Sigursdottir jumped up and in a dead sprint and a jump made it over to the next bit of cover, followed shortly there after by Abadi. O’Hara slid over to the side of her piece of cover and leaned out, putting a burst of cover fire into the air as the large glass windows above the enemy position shattered and rained down, Kustnetsov’s accurate fire kept the rest of them pinned as Sam and O’Hara leapt up and made their move,
Sam clambered over another work terminal and reloaded his rifle, ditching the spent magazine with an empty clack to the floor as O’Hara fell into the position to join him.
“Fun stuff as always sir?” She asked, coming up from a low crouch to fire her weapon at a fighter only a few meters away. Striking him and sending his body to the floor.
“Always Lieutenant.” Sam said, connecting to Sigursdottir on the other side of the room. “Siggs, I want you and Abadi to draw fire as O”Hara and I make for the access stairway. Understood?”
“Copy Sunspot. Hammer, lay it down if you’d please.” She said, her line breaking as her rifle joined Abadi’s in laying down an impressive base of fire.
Sam and O’Hara jumped up and ran, just as Kusnetsov’s rifle joined in on the action once again. Literally tearing a fighter into hot wet chunks. Sam kept his rifle at the ready as he turned through the maze of machinery towards the stairwell, only to come face to face with a flanking fighter. In a flash, Sam turned his rifle around and struck the man in the face, breaking his nose and sending several teeth flying. Sam didn’t bother to finish him off as O’Hara’s rifle barked and took care of it as he jumped over the limp body. The stairwell directly to his front.
Don and his own team stalked their way over the broad roof of the air recycler, slowly picking their way through the art vents and thermal regulators. The sounds of gunfire below them picking up as Sam and his half of the assault team traded fire with the Minyari gunmen. Two hundred meters above them, Hunt brought the cargo hauler over for another pass for Kusnetsov to take another series of shots down into the now exposed processing floor.
Don, Del Valle, Song, Brown and Chatom leaned over the shattered ceiling windows and looked down into the ongoing firefight.
“Heavy contact my ass.” Don said, watching as Sam and O’Hara leap frogged from position to position. Don stood back up and looked over is options, noting the canisters of liquid oxygen, sitting in a series of cradles. “Brown, front and center.”
“Sir?” the younger marine said, his finger resting just above his carbine’s trigger.
“You have some C9 and thermite?”
“Of course, what you thinking LT?”
Dom smiled as he wrenched the canister of liquid oxygen from its cradle.
“Make me a big boom.”
“Tin Man! Status!” Sam ordered over the COM, taking the stairs by threes. As he reached the third floor, a small explosion rocked the stairwell. Sam stumbled slightly as he attempted to make contact once again. “Don, that had better be your handy work, or I swear to God I will skull fuck you.”
Laughter filtered over the COM and Sam let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.
“Easy bruv, no skull fucking needed, Ground floor cleared. You’d be amazed with the amount of work place hazards this place has. Someone should file a complaint.” Don said, the gunfire in the background slowly dying out.
“All call signs, prepare to breach the control room. Tin Man, avoid any more surprises, or tell me first. If you’d be so kind.” Sam said, exiting back out of the stairwell to a scene of destruction. From the top level, Don and his team waved as they made their way up and out onto the roof of the building. On the ground floor, Sigursdottir and Abadi raced up to meet them on the third floor to finish the engagement.
“Duchess, Sunspot. Making way to breach the control room. Any signs of the remaining staff?” Sam asked, stepping over the shredded remains of a dead Minyari.
“Sunspot, Duchess. Staff uplinks are cut, assume total loss.”
“Affirmative.” Sam said, cutting the connection. More dead civilians littered the approach to the control room, cut down as they ran for their lives.
Sam and his marines made their way towards the security doors, waiting for a moment until Don sent his own ready sign. Time seemed to slow as Sam bashed through the door, only to be met by four Minyari regulars and an augmented special duties operator. The remaining staff sat tied together in a daisy chain of explosives, their eyes wide with shock. Nothing happened, nobody moved and it seemed like time had truly stopped. Don’s team had made entry opposite of Sam and stood like statues, their rifles up and ready. In an instant it all changed, gunfire was traded and Sam watched the regulars go down. The augmented operator disappeared in a flash of blue and grey cybernetics as the Minyari defector Major Dillion dropped out of nowhere and wrestled the detonator out of the other cyborg’s hand.
Securing the detonator in one hand and crushing it, Dillion straddled the other cyborg and plunged his arm blade into the scant remaining flesh over and over again. The artificial blood of the enemy cyborg soaked the floor as Dillion stood, grabbed the dying man’s head and pulled. A blood-curdling scream ripped through the control room as Dillion ripped the natural spinal column for the artificial body. The head was caught in a now silent scream as Dillion dropped it on a nearby table; artificial blood running down in big fat drops. Slowly, all of the noises in the room came flooding back. The screaming civilians, the groans of Song and Brown as Doc rendered aid. They’d make it, flesh wounds Sam could hear Chatom say laughing. Sam quickly opened his helmet and took in fresh air, as he reestablished contact with Michelle on the outside.
“Duchess, Sunspot. Enemy threat neutralized, I count twelve civilians alive. I have two wounded. Out.”
Sam walked over to Dillion and set his rifle down on the table beside the head.
“How the hell did you get here?” Sam asked him. Dillion turned and smiled.
“They don’t know I’m alive. My secure channels still work. I made it here as fast as I could. There may be three very unconscious Intel officers locked in a storage closet, back at my lodging though.” He said, wiping a piece of flesh from under his eye away and then looking down at the severed head. “Want me to talk to him?”
“Excuse me?” Sam said, shocked. “He’s alive?”
Dillion laughed and checked his watch. “For the next ten minutes, yes. Modern replacement sciences, such a nice thing in this day and age.”
Dillion picked up the leaking head in one hand and brought up his other, letting his ring finger split apart as a data spike emerged. He then proceeded to jam it into a port at the base of the skull. On the head, the dying man’s face contorted in pain and a silent scream. Soon, the natural eyes rolled up into the back of their sockets and stayed there, followed by the smell of burning electronics. Dillion let the head drop to the floor and brushed it back towards the body and smiled.
“I do declare, we have our first target in our hunt for the truth my dear Major.”

NEXT https://redd.it/8d6qot

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Gundam Build Fighters Rewatch Interest Thread

MyAnimeList | Anilist | ANN

Gunpla Fight! Ready… GO!!!

Greetings Comrades and Fellow Denizens of The Wired, to start off this thread, I bring you a question: what do you get when you fuse Mobile Fighter G Gundam (i.e. basically OG Dragon Ball but with Giant Robots) with Girls und Panzer? Well Comrades, the answer is you get the perfect fusion of giant robots, idols, hobby kits, comedy, and SPORTS in your anime, better known to most as Sunrise’s Gundam Build Fighters.
Thus, it is my honor to propose a subreddit rewatch of one of the greatest Gundam AUs ever, complete with mythology gags and references to the entire franchise. No worries for newcomers though, I am of the opinion that Gundam Build Fighters is a fantastic entryway into said franchise as well as the Gunpla addiction er, I mean ‘hobby’ itself. That and there will be plenty of juicy storylines to digest and mechanical designs to lust after; the inside jokes will simply be waiting for you on a future rewatch. (Disclaimer, The Sentient Shitposting Siamese Sunrise Server No. 25252 is not responsible for any sudden urge to buy plastic model kits and/or kitbash your own creations, but if you do decide to do this, please don’t hesitate to tag me on the CDF posts showing off your work.)

What is Gundam/Gunpla?

Gundam is a series of war stories involving fantastical giant robots called mobile suits. There are… a lot of anime in this series. Settings and timelines vary between these shows, but they all maintain an important commonality: There’s a hero mecha named Gundam. There are other important tropes too but that’s for another day Gundams come in many, many, many, many(?) many… er, hang on a second… many (there we go) different forms. Such a badass collection was bound to spawn a fandom around it, and this Comrades is the basis for the hobby of Gunpla.
Gunpla are plastic model kits that builders must make themselves. Builders can select from a wide variety of choices to select their favorites. Oh wait did I say wide? I meant humongous selection. Of course, with the Japanese placing so much effort into this kind of hobby, you also know that ‘building’ doesn’t mean simply snapping plastic bits together. People make elaborate painted sculptures and stunning dioramas pouring in up to days and weeks of artistic talent to make their imaginations come real. A network of hobby shops have sprung up nationwide with guides on painting, weathering, and everything in between easily available online. Everything is possible, and in the words of a very wise man: Gunpla is Freedom (Not to be confused with the Strike Freedom of course)

Series Information:

Before I begin Comrades, I’d just like to give a shout-out to one of the rewatch’s co-hosts, Comrade RX-Nota-II to be exact, for writing such a succinct blurb on Gundam and Gunpla, and speaking of Nota, here’s Nota’s amazing Gundam Build Fighters WT! Anyway, for those seeking a TLDR, to give more information on the series itself, Gundam Build Fighters was a milestone series celebrating the Gundam franchise's 35th Anniversary in 2013. And the entire anime is, in the wise words of Gigguk, a 25 Episode long epic TOURNAMENT ARC, where the characters build Gunpla Models and do battle with them in some of the most hype and creative fight scenes that the franchise has to offer. Trust me when I say that's saying a lot. Also, just in case amazing mecha fights aren’t your jam, Gundam Build Fighters has SOL, Idols, Comedy, AND some cute romance, so come on down to Gundam Valhalla and join us on the Mecha Idol ‘SPORTS’ hype train. (After all, it’s still gonna take Girls und Panzer a few more years to finish Das Finale and Symphogear’s ending this season, so why not take a walk on the WaDom side?)

Where to find and watch the series:

Also, for those curious on where to find Gundam Build Fighters, the series is streaming on Crunchyroll AND YouTube's official GundamInfo Channel. There's even a... 'unique' English Dub in case you are morbidly curious. Let’s just say that this dub was specifically commissioned for Southeast Asia, and it SHOWS. (Granted I’d like to think I have a reasonable command of the English language, but I can see where they were going with this idea.) There are also Viet, Malay, and Indonesian dubs along with En, Hk, Tw, Kr, Th, Vn, My, and In subs. Sunrise/Bandai are really going for the international appeal with this one, and I for one can say the Thai subs are nice; no bias here Comrades.

Tentative Rewatch Plan:

The tentative plan thus far is to host this rewatch starting July 2nd going up to the end of the month, and the threads will go live on 9:00 AM GMT. I'm Thai and our other co-host, the talented and wise Comrade Beckymetal, is from the UK, so look at it this way Americans, you can wake up to a brand new Gundam Build Fighters thread for most of July with Nota! And worry not, either myself, Nota, or Becky will be sure to reply to the comments. Rest assured that I will thoroughly inspect every episode thread before posting the newest one in the evening… er… evening where I am at anyways.
Also Comrades, if there is enough interest during this rewatch, after we finish the main series I will also host a thread for the Gundam Build Fighters OVA of Gundam Build Fighters: GM's Counterattack, and as for the successor TV shows TRY and Gundam Build Divers… heh, you’re on your own there Comrades, I was only invoked upon with a little-known, seldom-used reserve activation clause ‘drafted’ by Nota for OG Gundam Build Fighters. ;)
I sincerely hope that those that have time to join us will find the journey entertaining as well as interesting, thus, see you later Comrades, I look forward to the responses for this thread.
submitted by DidacticDalek to anime

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