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Building upon the runaway success of the first game in the series, Treyarch set. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer - DES VOITURES SUR LE MULTI. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you the experience of managing the most powerful cars ever to appear on road routes and motorways of Europe. 'Truck Driver' Is The First Trucking Simulator For PS4. My friends and all other folks can now finally play it for free using our latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 key. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Key Generator - Software Cracking Tools.

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March 28th, 2014 - /r/Trucksim: Who needs a goat simulator?!

Submitted by qweiopasd


1,324 people who dwell the highway for 3 years
August 12th, 2001
SCS Software main building, meeting room 203
10:32 AM
Head of Development: "Alright guys, this is it. We have been doing great with our 'Deer hunting' series, but we need something new, something fresh. This meeting is to come up with new ideas, 'rencontrer' our creative minds and put a game out there which will awe the world. Harold, why won't you give the rest of the group our 'main focus points'.
Harold: Thank you Mr. President, and good day everyobdy.
(a muffled hello was given back)
First of all, we are out of donuts...
(if a person rewatched this moment and put the volume a few notches up, a quick but emotional 'goddamnit" could be heard from the other side of the table)
...so there is nothing here for us to consume at the moment, but
(this is the 1 second period where a (strangely) erotic anticipation was created in the mind of the man who took the lord's name in vain. And like the almighty judge of this chaos filled realm took notice of this small disloyalty, Harold followed with: )
...there will be some crackers and dryed raisins after this meeting is over, in the main hall.
(a 'goddamnit' now transformed into a 'son of a bitch')
As for the game, we need something that can be liked by a lot of people, a game to which people can relate. A game that can bring relaxation but also excitement at once. It needs to be our top game, our COD, our Elder Scrolls, our...well, I think you can get the idea. Alright, give us some bestsellers!
A silence filled the room
Timmy: Alright I have got something.
The whole room stared at little young boy Timmy
I have an idea. And I am just going to say it, I am going to put it out there. If you like it then you can take it, if not, send it right back.
End of unnecessary and clueless simulation
Simulators have been quite popular in the gaming community, providing sims (calling them sims now since I am up-to-date with modern street language, like for real) ranging from train sims to goat sims.
But why are sims so popular? Maybe it is because a lot of people played with train and truck toys in their early lifes, and now they can finally make that dream come true. Maybe it is because you can escape reality for a moment, and have a second life. To peacefully drive a big truck through a beautiful landscape, calling yourself on the radio 'Big Bobby' and wearing the famous trucker cap.
This question can not simply be answered, but I do know that today's subreddit is full of subscribers who can express their love in their own way. /Trucksim is there for the people who simply love truck simulators. A quite specific subreddit? Yes. But still amazing and active nonetheless.
And now the interview for some more information about the subreddit and the gaming community!

1. How did you get involved with this subreddit?

Sudin I started /trucksim thinking of future generations of truck simulator players, and because no such subreddit existed at the time. There were many candidates for the name, but I didn't want to restrict naming to suggest it's about one or the other trucking game, thus it became trucksim.
Spindoc I got involved a couple years ago when I first started playing 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. I had picked it up as a bargain game and immediately fell in love with truck simming. From there, I figured someone had to have created a subreddit dedicated to trucksims and, sure enough, I found this one started by sudin. The subreddit was very small back then - probably only around 100 subscribers - and I remember sudin congratulating me on being the first person, other than himself, to submit a post.

2. What aspect do you like so much about simulations?

Sudin I'm a big fan of sims ever since firing up Test Drive 1 in the good old x486 days. There were quite a lot I played, like Euro Fighter 2000, Sim City, Sim City 2000 etc. and it was with EF2000 that I realised the reason I love playing sims is because they let you immerse yourself in another "reality", from the comforts of your own home chair. Most of us will never be real airplane drivers, or astronauts, or truckers who drive trucks for a living, but simulation games allow you to do just that! I discovered Euro Truck Simulator around the time it was released and was amazed at the incredible realism (for the time) that SCS managed to build into their games, and luckily they have kept up the standard and raised it quite some over the years. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team commited to building the best combo of realistic and enjoyable trucking games.
Spindoc I generally enjoy sims that involve some form of travel: planes, trains, ships, trucks and buses. It's the chance to escape the day-to-day and see what's around the corner, while pretending to make a living at it. Plus, I'm a kid at heart and still get a thrill at operating a large vehicle, regardless if it's on land, sea or air.

3. What makes a simulation about trucks so special compared to the rest?

Sudin I'd say it's the attention to detail, as well as the experience that's behind the makers. I also love to drive irl, but can't really afford to do it regularly, and certainly not the long treks that you can drive in ETS2. There are always things to improve, but games like FSX and ETS2 are so successful because they are quality programs, with a dedicated developer. Virtually no other trucking game is as close to realistic as ETS2, with features that allow for light driving as well as catering to the most hardcore simulation fans, those who just want to sit down and drive half an hour and those who are equipped with their steering wheel, pedals, facetracking equipment and who knows what else people can have on their PC to enhance the experience. At the end of the day, there is something ultimately relaxing about watching the road and trees roll past, enjoying your favourite music or drink at the same time. Especially if you have stressful work/life conditions, truck sims offer one of the best kinds of relaxation around.
Spindoc I love the journey. I've spent a lot of hours playing plane and train sims and, while they allow you to travel a bit (if not all) of the world, there's a bit of a disconnect between you and the world around you. With truck simming, you're right in the thick of it, even as you stand out. You're sharing the road with other cars and trucks, pulling off to get fuel or rest, and fighting your way through traffic in city after city. You're an over-sized loner in a bustling sea.

4. What should one know before purchasing a (truck)sim?

Sudin First, being aware that by purchasing the game you are greatly supporting the developers. The guys at SCS have kept up their legacy of trucking games with no real prospect of big commercial success that they have achieved in the last year. If you buy an SCS trucking game, you are at once saying a thank you with your wallet for their years of work on a niche genre of PC games, and literally contributing to the finance of next-gen trucking games. There aren't many practical considerations, but it's good to know that you can use whatever controller you have at home (joystick, gamepad, trackball, who knows what), and it's not absolutely neccessary to buy a gaming pheripheral like you would have to if you got a decent flight simulator for example.
Spindoc You should know/understand what you truly enjoy about a driving game. This is not something for people whose love of driving games involves speed and competition. With only one exception that I can think of (Rig 'n Roll), you'll find neither in a truck sim. Instead, you'll find a pretty accurate representation of life as a trucker: obeying speed limits, fueling and resting as necessary, maintaining and upgrading your truck - and your only competition is you as you meet your delivery deadlines. You'll spend countless hours staring out at the road, glancing at your GPS and watching the world go slowly by your windows. If racing sims are an adrenaline rush, truck sims are more of a relaxation drug. Put on some tunes as you drive and let yourself decompress (even if you're stuck in traffic!).

5. What kind of posts can be found here?

Sudin I tried my best to promote posting topics from all corners of the trucking world and not bog down the theme of the subreddit, but in spite of that you can bet your bottom dollar that most posts will still be concerning the latest trucking game of SCS-produce, whatever that happens to be at the time. I anticipate huge success for the upcoming American Truck Simulator, so for some time there are bound to be many many posts about that game. That said, i try to remind every reader constantly and even wrote it in the Wiki introduction that they can post whatever insteresting trucking-related topic comes along, this includes real life trucking, past trucking simulators like ETS, German Truck Simulator, Extreme Trucker and even bus sims, although even less people play those that truck sims.
Spindoc Most posts relate to SCS Software's Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2). It's the most recent released truck sim and quite popular due to its appearance on Steam and other online retailers. You'll find posts on ETS2 mods, questions/tips about the gameplay, and updates on its ongoing development. There are many other truck sims - and we include links to all of them in our sidebar - but ETS2 is far and away the most popular topic right now.

6. How is the community like?

Sudin I find our community a little laid back (given the nature of the games, not suprising) but ultimately very helpful and welcoming. Whenever a new trucker makes a post about this or that, there are usually lots of helpful answers, very rarely is a post made by anyone without any replies. The community is also extensive, people who join are usually already involved in the virtual trucking community on the SCS forums, on the Steam boards, or other trucking forums, and I know of quite a lot of real-life truck drivers who also play truck sims besides their work. So yeah, I love the community we have gathered throughout the years, and I'd like to thank at this time to everyone who contributes and upvotes posts.
Spindoc The community reflects most truck sim gameplay: relaxed. There's a lot of respect for one another and an appreciation for our shared interest. You'll find very little in the way of controversial/antagonistic posts or conversations. As a result, we're able to maintain a mostly hands-off approach to moderating the subreddit.

7. Would you like to say anything else?

Sudin Just that /trucksim has become everything that I hoped it would be when I created the subreddit. It's a lovely feeling to see so many readers all united in their love for truck sims. Reddit is the best social site of them all as we know, and it's amazing that we have grown from 12 readers to 1300+, it really makes me feel like it was worth doing all that promoting, crossposting, linking and whatnot. Today, our sub is recognised by SCS developers (we have official staff on board), and after making the community map survey of 2014, I can safely say that we are now also one of the greatest community of truck sim fans all over the internet, and even outgrew many more popular-gaming subreddits. Truck on!
Spindoc We'd encourage anyone with an interest in truck simming to join us. I would also extend that invite to truck sim developers and modders. We now have a large, enthusiastic community of truck sim redditors who are eager to help progress the genre. I'm hoping /trucksim can become a key forum to discuss and collaborate on its future.
submitted by SROTDroid to SROTD_Archives

[The Jackal Guards] - Chapter 3 (Beta Reader Test)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Eyes and Ears
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
May 31st, 08:35 Hours local time
LeMond stepped off of the Antonov propeller plane with the reinforced steel container of the Nordwyrm virus cuffed to his wrist, flanked by Major Faisal and a contingent of bodyguards escorting them to a convoy of three black armored SUVs. “No regrets, doctor?” Faisal asked coldly as he opened the door and let LeMond board the SUV. “Non (No), if I have, now would be too late to contemplate.” LeMond sighed out while Faisal sat in the front seat next to the driver. “I’ll hold you to it. Remember something here, he doesn’t like loose ends.” Faisal bluntly remarked as he lit a cigar and smoked it as the convoy drove out from the airport.
“Faisal, you think he’d make sure that I’ll have time to develop the vaccine? You know where he came from right?” LeMond asked concernedly as the convoy drove on Highway N1 of Kinshasa from Ndjili International Airport, “If he doesn’t then I’ll put a Browning Hi-Power to his head.” The Major grumbled as he smoked the cigar as they passed through the sights of Oriental Security patrols conducting body searches on native Congolese.
LeMond saw the native being held up against the wall with both hands in the air, while the black-clad Oriental Security contractors body searched from top to bottom. Trained German Shepherds barked and sniffed at these detainees, snarling viciously to any signs of suspicious behaviors. Occasionally, one of the Congolese would bolt away from the patrols. Only to be gunned down in cold blood on the streets of their capital city.
LeMond turned pale at the sight and felt his eyes twitched in reaction to the violence on display by these armed thugs in uniform. As they cruised through Kinshasa’s downtown area, the natives were walking about under constant and severe surveillance. Either by drones loitering in the sky or the ever-watchful eye of the city surveillance cameras monitoring their every move as they cross sidewalks or just walking down the streets. “Your idea of security?” LeMond asked Faisal, hoping to invoke an adverse reaction from the mercenary. Only for the Algerian to return an apathetic remark. “No comments. I neither love it nor hate it, just got used to it.” Faisal then puffed out some smoke as he waited for the red light to switch to green while LeMond shuddered in his seat feeling dreaded by the oppressive atmosphere of Kinshasa.
“Look sharp doctor, we’re going in now.” Faisal reminded him as the green light turned on and the convoy rolled out further coming towards Hotel Memling. Once the convoy came around the building and stopped in front, the Oriental Security contractors fanned out into an elliptical security perimeter to guard the VIPs. Major Faisal and LeMond dismounted the SUVs and went into the hotel atrium before hitching a private elevator ride up to the top floor where they exited and followed the escort into room 706.
Once the door swung open and LeMond stepped inside, he saw the client sitting menacingly in the corner of the room with guards standing on the balcony to watch the nearby rooftops, guards stood at each corner of the room keeping an all-around view of the place. “Major General Kong Tai Shang. It’s nice to finally see you.” LeMond gulped thickly, trying to keep his composure as he approached the PLA general.
“Doctor LeMond, I hope that Major Faisal here was lenient on you,” Kong remarked affably, prompting Faisal to scoff and huff while leaning against the window frame looking out on the streets for suspicious activities. “Oh don’t worry, he took it pretty easy on me while we left the Calypso,” LeMond remarked sheepishly before putting the reinforced steel container on the wooden table and turned it over to Kong.
The PLA general then opened the locks and lifted the lid to see the samples of the Nordwyrm Virus, the general broke a devious smile looking at the samples as his lip stretched from one cheek to another. “So the rumors are true, a virus none has ever seen before. Can you weaponize it to a certain extent?” Kong asked LeMond, to which the Virologist nodded half terrified. “Uh… oui… I can. There are a lot of theoretical research steps I still need to wade through but it could be done with a proper lab.” LeMond tried to put up a wryly smile.
“Good,” Kong blurted out in Mandarin Chinese, “I have a laboratory in Juba, South Sudan. It’ll be where you weaponize the virus and develop the vaccine for it. Soon, you will be the richest man on Earth. A devil and an angel.” Kong promised with a cold stare shot at LeMond while he cackled like a smug snake delighted to see his plot coming together with one step at a time.
He then opened another briefcase he had kept under his seat to LeMond, a black briefcase with chrome lining on its lid. “As promised, your payment of $5,000,000 for starters. The rest will come when you finish the development.” Kong confidently stated while LeMond’s eyes scanned the wads of Dollar notes, seeing the cash made him feel an air of contentment, perhaps, for the time being, the money would soothe his conscient.
Alexandria, Egypt
May 31st, 09:35 Hours
Durand had arrived in Egypt in a haste via an Air France flight, the plane set down in Alexandria International Airport with only a suitcase for a scant half a week stay. Accompanying him was the French Ambassador to Egypt, who came from Cairo in a haste in his limo to pick up the Director DGSE’s of Action Division. Ambassador Corbin himself was still scarcely aware of what was taking place beyond the Calypso Incident, along the way he instructed the driver to keep the TV screen in the limo for him to catch up on what else he might have missed over the past few days.
The news on France 2 was either on the survivors' account of the Calypso Incident or a bizarre sighting of a robot falcon of unknown origin walking on Rue Saint Dominique. By the time he arrived at the Airport to pick up Director Durand, Ambassador Corbin was drinking his sixth shot of champagne just to keep his mind in the appropriate mental state for what’s to come. “Paris vous a-t-il informé de ce qui se passe? Sur ma mission ici? (Has Paris briefed you on what’s going on? On my mission here?)” Durand asked cautiously, knowing that the spectacled ambassador in an ocean blue formal suit might have been overwhelmed. “Oui, ils sont. Le Président et le Premier Ministre eux-mêmes m'ont informé de la situation. Je ne comprends toujours pas ce qui se passe. Sans parler de qui nous avons affaire. (Yes, they have. The President and Prime Minister themselves have briefed me on the situation. I still don’t understand what’s going on. Not to mention who we are dealing with.)”
The chauffeur followed the GPS guidance towards the address found on the Jackal Guards card Director Durand retained from his encounter with Anubis and Horus. First, he exited the airport and followed the Highway south, cutting through the farmland to a compound nestled in the countryside. The chauffeur slowed the limo down as he approached the compound’s gate and saw a security guard open the booth’s bulletproof window.
But much to the chauffeur’s astonishment, he saw the guard being a robot wolf looking at him. “What business do you have here?” The robot asked bluntly, making the chauffeur shuddered in fear, prompting the ambassador to lower the windshield down. “We’re here on official business, ambassador Corbin of France and Director of the Action Division.” The robot wolf hearing this nodded before leaning back inside to call Anubis on the intercom of the base, then opened the automatic gates to allow passage for the chauffeur to proceed. He drove into the open-air parking lot of the complex and found the place had high walls, reinforced steel concrete with barbed wires on the top with surveillance cameras all around.
“C'est l'endroit (This is the place). La sécurité est plus serrée que le compte bancaire de ma femme. (The security here is tighter than my wife’s bank account)” The Ambassador commented with an awed whistle and a dreadful shiver as he exited his limo with Director Durand. “Nous aurions dû avoir un détail de sécurité, (We should have had a security detail)” Corbin added, chiding Durand for their apparent lack of bodyguards, no GIGN, not even the plainclothes operatives.
As they looked around the place, trying to find out where else they would need to go. They saw Anubis coming out of a building to greet them with an armed entourage of imposing jet black robot wolves all armed with modern HK416A5 rifles. The robot jackal stood at the height of 7 feet tall like Horus if one accounted for his pointy ears. His body appeared to be multiple metal plates perfectly grafted into place and conformed to his body’s muscles to retain his six packs abdomen region, his chiseled pectorals, and biceps muscles.
Anubis wore a traditional Egyptian white linen pair of trousers dyed in purple with a golden scarab shaped belt buckle to tie it around his waist. “You’re right on time. That’s a good start.” Anubis tersely complimented them before coming over and shook Corbin and Durand’s hands. “Oui, merci beaucoup Monsieur (Yes, thank you very much sir). I am Ambassador Corbin, Paris has briefed me on the matter of NATO cooperation with you regarding the current Nordwyrm Virus crisis as they called.”
“Of course, I’m glad that you took up my offer. You Gaulois brought payment as well, I see.” Anubis eyed the briefcase handcuffed to Corbin’s wrist; his comment made Corbin do a double-take when he heard the word ‘Gaulois’ left Anubis’s mouth. “Gaulois you say, Monsieur (Sir)? You must be an avid reader of Asterix et Obelix.” The Ambassador flustered in half amazement and amusement. “Well, when you live long enough you remember the first name of the land and people. Please come with me. I’ve much to show and much more to do.”
Anubis led them into the first building of the odd compound where they went through a security checkpoint with X-Ray scanning corridor, once they’ve passed through the corridor, Corbin and Durand were beset upon by the same pack of jet black robot wolves standing in a circle around Anubis. “Eínai akíndyna, (They’re harmless)” Anubis ordered tersely, prompting the robots to take a step back and nodded their heads. “Synchóresé mas, Stratigós. (Forgive us, General)”
Hearing the words coming from the robots to Anubis shook Corbin and Durand greatly, they spoke in Greek not Egyptian Arabic as they would expect. Not only that but like Belisarius that they had encountered, these robots appeared to look like robot hoplite lycans. An odd combination and taste in art on Anubis’s part perhaps? Their curiosity grew evermore. “They speak in Greek? I would have imagined native Arabic or Coptic would be their language.” Durand asked curiously.
“Greek is the commanding language. To speak Greek is to learn to be a freeman.” Anubis reasoned it was rather old-fashioned to say the least, an odd choice for the modern-day. But one that Corbin seems to be familiar with in history class. “I recall this was Aristotle’s sentiment in his day. Are you enamored with Hellenism?” Corbin deducted as Anubis led them to the open-air training range. “Indeed, in my lifetime the Hellenes liberated Kemet from the Persian. Alexander the Great, he who spreads his people and culture to the far reaches of the world.” Anubis remarked with a bit of nostalgia and gleaming longing in his optics as he surveyed the drill sergeants putting the robot wolves through their paces.
Corbin and Durand saw robot wolves, both in silver grey and jet black armor, doing obstacle courses and rifle marksmanship training. Others were seen practicing their Pankration boxing and wrestling moves by a wrestling ground with Belisarius as the leading wrestler and reigning champion. “Mon Dieu… Combien en avez-Vous? (My God… How many do you have?)” Corbin asked Anubis while he surveyed the extensive training areas and occasionally covered his ears to the sound of grenades going off in the range. “A brigade. Roughly 7,500 but I expect that to expand to a corps.” Anubis remarked nonchalantly as he led them over a basic combat training obstacle course.
The robot wolves were seen sprinting like marathon runners across the course before either mantling or vaulting over the obstacles. They executed a combat slide into concrete drainage pipes before emerging on the other side crawling down under barbed wires under the hail of machine gunfire. “Je ne sais pas si Je devrais demander où il obtient son financement.” Corbin whispered to Durand, who then replied cautiously, “Je ne pense pas que nous devrions demander. Pas Maintenant du moins.” The DGSE Action Division’s Director retorted.
“Is that Belisarius over there?” Corbin asked for clarification, prompting Durand to take a closer look and saw a glimpse of the serial number on the robot’s chest panel, CLU-I 01172 BELISARIUS, Durand nodded. “Oui, C'est lui. (Yes, that’s him.)” They saw Belisarius grapple with one of the robot wolves in grey before lifting him and slammed him down on his stomach before performing an elbow lock around the neck of the grey robot wolf.
“Belisarius! We have guests.” Anubis’s call caught Belisarius’s attention as he then loosens the iron grip he had around the robot’s neck and let the grey wolf go. “My lord,” the Roman Robot knelt and bowed his head before Anubis obediently, prompting Anubis to gesture him to stand up and be at ease. “What are they here for sir?” Belisarius asked before looking over to Corbin and Durand. “Cooperation.” Anubis uttered tersely.
“Oui, Monsieur (Mister) Belisarius, seeing that you’ve saved our Calypso crew. It would only make sense that we return the favor by aiding your endeavor.” Durand spoke confidently before opening the briefcase that he had been carrying since he left the airport. He pulled out a cardboard folder with the ‘Confidentiel’ red stamp on its surface. The wolf let out a breath of curiosity before picking the folder up and opened it to inspect the content and found what appeared to be a dossier. “Faisal. We met, but he left the party early.” Belisarius remarked to Durand and Corbin. The Director nodded to him. “We have been keeping an eye on him for 4 years now. Since he left the Algerian Army, he has popped up in the Oriental Security employee database as a contractor.” Durand handed another folder out to Belisarius this one appeared to be about the company in question, Oriental Security.
Belisarius’s optics scanned the information and his palm began to project a holographic dot connection with the top of the hierarchy being Oriental Security, then underneath it being Faisal himself with a map of Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Congo, Eritrea, and Djibouti in red with the Lotus symbol of Oriental Security emblazoned on it. “But that’s not all, to pull off a heist like that they need someone with a powerful military and political connection to pull resources for them.” Corbin elaborated, prompting Belisarius to flip through the files and see the photo of a Han Chinese general in dark olive drab general uniform with a peak cap. This man appeared to be in his late 60s with a pair of glasses on his face. Probably reading glasses for his aging eyes, frail oval face with the usual slanted eyes of a Chinese. “A Han? He’s the head of the snake?” Belisarius asked. With this revelation, the graph model updated itself to include this general and the PLA symbol at the top of the hierarchy that Faisal was part of.
“Précisément (Precisely). Major General Kong Tai Shang, PLA general of Communist China with a history of protecting organ harvesting for his accomplices. DGSE profiled him as the head of Oriental Security, he bought the company out of Ethiopian hands and turned it into his private security firm to protect migrating Han Chinese into the region. Afterwards it was a game of encroachment, one district in Addis Ababa at a time before taking over the whole country.” Durand explained to Belisarius with as sigh out knowing that in hindsight, they were willfully turning a blind eye to an invasion of a sovereign country. The onus was on them to atone for their mistake, and now it had expanded to the Jackal Guards. “Where is he now?” Belisarius asked bluntly with a slight tinge of irritated growl in his voice. “We’re tracking la belette (the weasel), last seen leaving Addis Ababa for the Congo. Considering that this is a threat to the whole of NATO we’ve decided that it would be best that we cooperate.”
Corbin then opened his briefcase to Anubis, flashing what appeared to be wads and wads of 200 Euros, with official papers inside the briefcase. “We’ve pledged 400,000,000 million Euros to your operation. Les Allemands will pledge an additional 300,000,000 million. In total a 700,000,000 million Euros contract for your military service. Cela Vous semble assez juste? (Seems fair enough to you?)” Corbin asked Anubis, with the Jackal deity glancing over to Belisarius before back at Corbin and Durand, breaking a smile at them before summoning his quill. “More than fair. An excellent deal to say the least.” Anubis replied as Corbin picked up the agreement papers for them both to sign, Anubis’s signature looks much harder to read as it was written in ancient Greek alphabets.
“That much? Seems reasonable considering the amount of hardware we operate.” Belisarius commented in astonishment when he saw the amount of money on display. This made Durand and Corbin both grew unease and nervous that they may have underpaid. “Out of curiosity, what kind of military hardware do you have exactly?” Durand inquired cautiously to Belisarius, prompting the robot to remark blankly. “We operate in-house hardware. Beside infantry firearms, we operate our own vehicles from tanks to heliborne ones. The payment can go to cover our expenses in force deployment.”
Corbin and Durand looked at each other’s faces and sweated profusely. They knew that no matter how much money they pay the Jackal Guards, it would always fall short to cover the total expenses of the Jackal Guards. How much exactly? They can’t say for sure. “Fear not for we can pay for those by ourselves. We are a state army at the end of the day.” Anubis replied reassuringly to both Corbin and Durand giving them both a moment of relief. “Thank goodness. Any more and I won’t be able to afford my car’s assurance tous risques.” Durand half-joked with a chuckle. “At least you’re not a bard,” Anubis remarked, giving them both a hearty laugh.
Much later at dusk of the same day, Anubis was sitting in the back of his 4x4 heading towards the airport, going over the files provided by the DGSE. He read the files with the diligence of his younger puppy days when he was Thoth’s apprentice and stepson. There were lines in the pages of documents highlighted in yellow outlining critical details to keep in mind. “Oriental Security is a front company of the PLA,” said one line, the attached photos, and evidence outlined Kong’s method of employment being placing contractors from the Mainland under the command of PLA officers allotted to him. Followed by a photo showing unmarked PLA vehicles like Type-59D Jaguar tanks with IFVs and APCs offloading from a cargo ship in the port of Djibouti.
Accompanying Anubis was of course Belisarius, with the contingent of around 800 robots driving in their convoy of trucks and high mobility all-terrain attack vehicles. These buggies resemble Chenowth Scorpion DPV, with diamond-shaped angular chassis armed with GAU-19 tri-barrel .50BMG machine guns and Mk47 Grenade Launcher turret mounted on the shotgun seat next to the driver.
To transport those numbers, Anubis had already considered the use of additional A400Ms, roughly eight of such crafts he acquired over the years in a slow and subtle build-up using the Arab Egyptian Air Force as cover. The transport planes were inside closed up hangers, the ground crew of Arab Egyptian and robot Jackal laborers ran up to the airframes and spray painted black color over them, they removed the Egyptian Air Force markings and serial identification numbers.
A larger convoy headed out to the harbor had Horus as its airborne escort. This convoy had trucks hauling the Jackal Guards tanks on their beds out to their USS America-class amphibious landing ships with and their own USS San Antonio-class ship. These were the Duat, Aaru, and Tartarus respectively; obviously, their presence raised many eyebrows for both the native Egyptian and regional military observers.
No PMCs should ever be able to own and operate their flotilla of amphibious landing crafts, so the reasonable explanation was the Egyptian Navy must have bought new ships from the US Navy. But even then, that explanation fell short upon closer inspection. No Egyptian flags fluttered on the ship’s mast or superstructure and the naming conventions of those three seems off compared to the previous Mistral-class Amphibious Landing Ships of the Navy, the Anwar Sadat, and Gamal Abdel Nasser.
“Come on bots, we need to be off by midnight.” Horus hastened the robots as he landed on the pier of Alexandria, and surveyed the long convoy of trucks and light vehicles loading up on their ships. He looked back at the city and sigh out, longing and reminiscing about something from a long time ago. “Shame how this town couldn’t keep its first districts… it’s all underwater now.” He commented while standing with his wings folded to a more compact form, a local pier worker approached him with a smile.
“Are you leaving again, your majesty?” The worker asked half-jokingly, prompting Horus to turn and face the local Arab man. “Uh yeah, unfortunately so. Still, I love this town. There is just something magical about it. I wish you could see it in my younger days. You'd love it. The beautiful nightlife, the excitement at the Hippodrome, the brilliant marvels of classical Greek architects. And the Library? You’ll get lost in it.”
The pier worker chuckled amusedly by Horus’s nostalgia while writing off some of the loaded cargoes. “I’d probably book a ticket to see the Royal Palace first. But hey at least there are some magical feelings to see it in SCUBA diving gear.” Horus huffed out as the vehicles and robots were still loading on their ships, it would probably take an additional hour or two to finish with the operation giving how many of them there were. “Are you afraid that your presence here might bring unwanted attention to Egypt? To the Kingdom, now the Republic and the people you want to protect?” The worker asked cautiously, though he knew Horus would never throw a temper tantrum at him. The crown prince only sighed out and sat down on the ground staring at the city’s light.
“I’d be lying if I say no. Truth to be told I’m a little anxious and nervous at what kind of attention I would bring just by being here. Will it be of wonder and awe like I wanted? Or will it be fear, anxieties, and animosities?” He then turned his sight over to the amphibious landing ships at bay. “Maybe it’s best that I leave. Goodbye Sayeed, safety, and peace.” Horus stood up and patted the pier worker’s shoulder. “You too, your majesty.” He replied before seeing Horus walking off into the Aaru with the robot wolves. Once all their vehicles and complements were onboard, the ships began to leave port and sail out to the Mediterranean Sea.
Horus was still in the Aaru’s well deck when the ship left the harbor, he followed the vessel’s corridors up to the ship’s hangar deck chock full to the brim with aircraft from rotor blades like MH-60S to VTOLs like the F-35Bs strike craft and the Jackal Guards own in-house versions of V-22 Ospreys, the Roc Eagle VTOLs. These were stealth VTOLs by design judging by their pyramid slope like angular design, the nose of the crafts was sleek and narrow like the eagles that bear their namesake. Under the ‘beaks’ of these VTOLs were panoramic surveillance cameras and FLIR. The beak itself contained the craft’s radar system. “Still my best idea yet.” Horus smugly smirked and planted both hands on his hips.
He tapped on the right side of his head where his communication equipment was and dialed in Anubis. “Hey brother, we’re sailing out to the Suez Canal now. Should be about three days of travel before arriving at Mogadishu. How’s the flight to the Congo going?” He heard Anubis on the other end remarking with an even tone. “Peachy enough, it’ll take maybe two days of consecutive back and forth flights to get my contingent in place at full strength. At least we both have friendly bases in the region to work from.”
Horus nodded approvingly and leaned over the railing of the ship looking out to the starry evening sky of the Mediterranean, looking at the brightest star in the sky, the eye of Osiris. “But are you sure about this? You take Belisarius to chase the lead in Congo, me fighting Oriental Security’s main business end in Somalia. If anything I should be the one making amends with Belisarius right?” Horus skeptically inquired, prompting Belisarius to chime into the call between them. “Horus, it’s best that you handle the Somalia end of the situation. You’re better with handling publicity than the taxing situation I’m heading into.”
“That’s right. Besides, you want the throne. So you better use this as a learning experience and opportunity. I’m counting on you. Good luck Horus.” Anubis replied with Horus nodding to the statement. “Alright, if you say so, good luck to you too Anubis.” Horus then hung up the call and turned away towards another section of the hangar deck. There, he saw the robot wolves were gearing up for a close quarter battle exercise drill in low light condition simulating urban combat at night. The supply sergeant onboard was issuing M4A1 carbines with AN/PEQ-16 APITAL laser attachments on their side rails and EOTech Holographic Sights with Magnification Scopes or ACOG Scope for Team Leaders. The M4A1 carbine’s muzzles had advanced suppressors mounted on them.
Horus lined up with the other robot wolves and received his M4A1, his weapon, in particular, sported a desert tan color with a black falcon silhouette painted on its receiver group. The carbine had a tan-colored M320 grenade launcher with a suppressor like others and a TA31-ECOS-G scope. “You’re joining the men, your majesty?” The supply sergeant asked Horus, the falcon crown prince, then opened his left palm with light particles starting to congregate there.
The particles radiated as dazzling as the sun itself, giving off a glow that illuminated the training area they were in. It didn’t take long for the radiance to disperse and left in its wake was a tomahawk with its edge shaped like Horus’s beak elongated outward in an exaggerated manner and sharpened into a blade. The handle of the tomahawk had a grey and black color similar to his peregrine falcon feather, with a blue-green gemstone planted on its tip like Horus's eye. The other robot wolves snickered at the view of Horus's melee weapon, prompting the prince to lift his index finger at them with a grumble exiting his mouth. “Not one word.”
“Standard loadout. The Inquisitors are running the drill like always?” Horus asked while the supply sergeant provided him with a combat vest made specifically for his avian body. “As always, they can't afford to go easy even for a second.” Said the sergeant with his gruff and chuckled as Horus put the vest on his torso and fastened it. “Perfect. At least those CIX models know what they’re doing with the battle exercises.” Horus grimaced. The back of the vest had two cut-outs for his wings to stretch out, and its front side had pouches to carry his spare magazines and 40mm grenade practice rounds.
Once Horus was ready with other robot wolves for the drill session, they stacked up at the starting line and inserted magazines into their M4A1s and cock the handle. Horus stood by an athletic robot wolf, this one had blackish-grey armor with his serial number CLU-03445 Temujin on his chest panel. This bot had an M4A1 with a foregrip and EOTech holographic sight and suppressor.
“You’re a rookie here right?” Horus asked casually, prompting the rookie to nod his head at Horus. “Affirmative my lord. The name’s Temujin, the Iron Wolf. Fresh off of BCT and they shipped me to the frontline fighting force of Legio XXI Ferra Lupina.” the robot introduced himself and shook Horus’s hand briefly while maintaining his professionalism in stark contrast to Horus’s layback attitude. “At least they gave you a fitting name. You got my back and I got yours.”
When the klaxon sounded off and the doors swung open, Temujin took point and stormed the mock-up city street with wooden building facades with Horus backing him up with other robots. They scanned the various ‘streets’ and ‘windows’ of the facades for targets, whenever hostile cardboard popped out, Temujin and Horus took precise shots, two for the center mass and one for the head.
They hesitated for a split-second when civilian cardboard popped up but didn’t hesitate when they saw a similar cardboard pop up bearing weapons. Some of the robots stacked up on door frames with one kick down the door, the other tossed in an M84 Flashbang to stun the targets inside, they quickly stormed in and performed a room clearing maneuver with overlapping fire zones to clear out the room.
Horus and Temujin stacked up by one doorway with Temujin prepping an M84 Flashbang and Horus mounted his carbine on his back and held up his tomahawk. Temujin nodded to Horus and the crown prince returned the favor. He then used the tomahawk to tear down the door with one mighty slash causing the wooden splinters to fly inward.
Temujin then lobbed M84 Flashbang into the room before raising his weapon again with Horus. The moment the flashbang discharged, they stormed the room on Temujin’s lead, with Horus following behind aiming at Temujin’s right-hand side while the rookie covered Horus’s left.
The room they were breaching had several targets, a mixture of armed hostile carrying Norinco Type-56 rifles and civilian models of various types. Horus took some quick headshots at the hostile ones, while then Temujin went for the standard center mass shots to drop the enemies right away, each with two shots. Once the exercise came to an end, the klaxon sounded off again to signal the conclusion and the lights turned back on.
“A pleasure to have you join us, your majesty.” Said a deep baritone voice, followed by the sound of clanking footsteps on the metal floor of the hangar deck. The robot wolves and Horus soon saw a thinner athletic jackal-like robot with pointy ears, this one however had a strangely elongated maw resembling the Set animal with a skull-like face. He also had a much more radiant tan armor color with dark navy blue highlights on his panels with pale white optics. “Gotta keep those skills sharp. How long did it take, Inquisitor?” Horus asked the thin Inquisitor robot.
This one had its serial number being CIX-0005 Rameses on its chest panel, these Inquisitors were less about direct combat and more for the training, combat support roles like paranormal investigation, military intelligence, psychological profiling and conducting of psychological warfare. Training, in particular, the Inquisitors had in spade, they would throw in surprises like the cardboard targets Horus and Temujin fired on, in cases like live firing exercises or VR simulations, they would add or subtract variables, intentionally feed false intel to the trainees. All this to forge their cognitive abilities and a sharp mind to shape their expectations appropriately for live combat. Spare the rod spoils the child mentality well implemented.
Their creations had always been the one thing that captivated Horus’s imagination the most, if the idea of Belisarius and the majority of the Jackal Guards robot wolves seem normal for necromancers like Anubis. Then the Inquisitors were the ones that blew his mind out of the water.
The fact of the matter was these Inquisitors had magical powers imbued into them by the gods, namely Thoth, Ra, Anubis, Set, and Horus’s magical powers, donated in the form of Nanites made from their blood for the fabrication of the Inquisitors from the ground up. Rameses projected the time elapsed from his wrist in holographic form, showing the participants their elapsed time had been 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
“You all gave me a fair performance. But fair rarely translates to readiness in live combat. Do it again, faster.” Rameses remarked nonchalantly with a sly smirk causing the robot wolves to groan and sighed out in annoyance. Even Horus joined in on the grumbling briefly but sucked it up and prepared himself for round two.
The third chapter of my WIP Military Sci-Fi novel The Jackal Guards. This one chapter is about introducing the villain and setting up the stakes and establishing Horus's propensity for frontline general.
submitted by PointMan97 to redditserials

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