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Visit various locations from the Dragonball Z universe as you fight to restore order in a world of chaos. Furthermore, there is no need to root your android smartphone or jailbreak your. Has been tested by hundreds of users and has positive comments. This video tutorial will show you how to use Shadow Fight 2 Hack to get unlimited coins and gems. IMVU Credits Free Generator Without Survey is an indispensable tool for every player IMVU. Shadow Fight 2 Trainer Hack Triche special was created by programmers who have provided it to the network.

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100 Master Rank Games of Elise Spiders Aggro: An Analysis ✍🏼📈

Hey guys, ImpetuousPanda here. 🐼
Many months ago I made to similar reports on my experience while grinding the Master rank ladder(100 Master Rank games of PnZ Burn and 50 Master Rank games of Deep). I haven't really consistenly grinded hundreds of games in a season until this month, mostly due to my heavy involvement with the competitive scene as a caster for LoR masters EU and the Giantslayer Fight Night EU tournaments. For this reason I've been playing a lot of ladder this month and I decided to another in-depth report on the deck I used most often.
Following the last balance patch, I thought it would definitely be a consideration to run some form of aggro due to the expected decrease in playrate of Trundle/Trynd FTR, which was the key deck holding down aggro decks such as Fearsome or Discard Aggro. I came upon a post here on the subreddit recommending Elise Spiders Aggro a few hours later and I decided to give it a solid go for 100 games, since I expected games to be fairly quick. These are the results, and I have to say they are very positive overall.

Basic Variables

  • Timeframe: 12th-16th of November
  • Region: EU
  • RAW Excel Data: here
  • Starting LP: 0 LP
  • Peak LP: 391 LP(19th on EU Ladder)
  • Final Rank: 173 LP
  • Final Winrate: 61%

Reason to play Elise Aggro

  • This is an incredibly aggresive list. It utlizes extremely cheap unit/spell synergies to push by far the most efficient mana/damage-to-nexus synergies while still being incredibly consistent due to the way the deck is built. For this reason game length is extremely short, allowing for faster laddering
  • Due to it's aggresive nature and low curve, there is a limited amount of decision making. This in turn lowers the skill ceiling for the deck, allowing for less skilled players to play it at a nearly optimal level
  • Although my skill level is certainly at a fairly competent level, the deck in question does not offer much room for skill expression. In that regard I believe a less skilled individual could have piloted the deck through those 100 games to a fairly similar result. For this reason, and with a good read on the meta, Elise Aggro spiders can guarantee a climbing winrate for players of all levels, and I believe the winrate with a similar meta would only increase in lower ranks(as your opponents will certainly play other high tier decks less optimally than Master ranked players, and you'd have much less room for error with such an aggresive list).
  • An optimized aggresive list with proven winrate results will objectively be the best deck to ladder with extensively. Looking at this purely from a statistical standpoint, and if you're expecting to grind a considerable amount, the incredibly fast games offered by a list like this one will make up for any lack of skill expression or player agency. At the very top end of Masters ladder this may not be the case, especially when taking into account very skilled players, but for the majority of readers here(anyone below top 100/200 Masters) this is 100% going to be the case. For example, if you’re able to hold a 60% winrate with Spiders Aggro, after 100 games you should be Masters when starting from Diamond 4. If you were to play control decks where games tend to last 2-3x times as long, even with a 70% which is not at all a realistic expectation for 95% of players over 40 or so games you would not reach Masters with the expected 2.5x game length. These are not exact figures but food for thought.

The Decklist

0-1 mana
  • 3x Fading Memories: A tier: Simply see it as another 3 copies of the best followers in your deck. Gives you the possibility to use it on different targets depending on the situation(SkittereDoombeast are most common), and the ephemeral downside is irrelevant as you'd be usually using it as the final bit of burn/damage push. Also helps with activatign Doombeast nightfall.
  • 3x Legion Saboteur: A Tier: Staple 1 drop for pushing damage, no spider synergy is the only downside.
  • 3x Precious Pet: A+ tier: Solid 1 drop for pushing damage, fearsome is huge in some matchups as well as spider synergy for Elise/Skitterer
2 mana
  • 2x Arachnoid Horror: B+ Tier: Nothing incredibly exciting, but solid fearsome/spider tags give it a guaranteed spot in the list.
  • 3x Elise: S Tier: The star of the deck, the best 2 drop in the game with attack token and brings in some incredible synergies with the rest of the list off of the level up which is fairly easy to pull off with House Spider + Crawling sensation in some occasions.
  • 3x House Spider: A+ Tier: Helps you go wide very early on, has great synergies for Elise/Skitterer as well as brother's bond.
  • 3x Legion Grenadier: B+ Tier: Nothing too exciting, but a solid 3/2 with an extra point of nexus burn + synergies with stalking shadow + fading memories
  • 2x Imperial Demolitionist: B+ Tier: Very solid extra 2 point of burn with a solid 2/3 body for value trades in the midgame. Not a 3x simply due to the fact it is somewhat situational, and also because there isn't much health that can be safely sacrificed in the deck(a lot of 1 HP units, 2 HP units want to remain at 2 hp to not succumb to 1 damage ping effects).
  • 3x** Brother's Bond**: A tier: Incredible spell when it comes to it's mana/nexus damage ratios. A long lasting +2/0 on two units is massive to push extra damage, especially if you need to open attack on turn 1 in certain matchups. Also helps you dominate the matchups where fearsome can't be blocked even more, as well as getting great trades against certain decks that have key 3 drop champions at 3 HP or higher(MF/Draven/JinxQuinn etc).
  • 3x Stalking Shadow: A+ tier: The sole reason why this deck is able to function with such an incredibly low curve and not run out of fuel too soon, especially considering the great targets in the deck like Skitterer and Doombeast.
3-5 mana
  • 3x Frenzied Skitterer: S tier: The spider synergy payoff card, incredibly at pushing damage while simultaneously buffing your spider allies and disabling fearsome blockers from your opponent. The value of replaying Skitterer can also be game winning in some situations, and for that reason it also has incredibly synergy with Fading Memories and Stalking Shadows
  • 3x Doombeast: A+ tier: One of the higher cost units which may be considered an odd inclusion as it doesn't have fearsome or spider synergies, but it makes up for that with the impactful ability of draining two from the opponent's nexus, not only serving as an extra source of burn, but also drastically impacting any sort of aggresive mirror match. Also as great synergy with Fading Memories and Stalking Shadow while creating extra "burn" in the late game
  • 3x Noxian Fervor: A tier: A solid combat trick, either for pushing extra nexus damage, increasing interactivity with the opponent's targetted spells(Grasp of the Undying) or simply as a source of removal for lingering threats the opponent has developed(Ezreal, Jinx, etc).
  • 3x Decimate: A tier: The staple burn spell, a much needed topdeck in most games to push through the final bit of damage. A low value spell in a vacuum, but incredibly impactful in the gamestate situations this deck ends up in very often due to it's low curve.
Honorable mentions
Depending on your specific meta and what you're encountering, the following cards are possible flexible slots:
  • 3rd Brother's Bond, 3rd Legion Grenadier
  • Possible considerations: 1x Stygian Onlooker, 1x Crowd Favorite
Although I played 100 games with the version discussed above, I recently made the changes suggested in the honorable mentions and I believe it's an improvement. 3 Brother's Bonds could sometimes be clunky, and the 3rd Legion Grenadier can be considered the weakest link in the deck, usually adding 1x of units would lead to inconsistent results, but due to the inclusion of 3x Stalking Shadows I believe having an increased unit count as well as 1x may be correct to add a slight amount of versatility and more options for distinct board and matchup situations. Not to mention both Crowd Favorite and Stygian Onlooker synergize perfectly with the deck and can find great value in many situations.


I'll be going over the most common matchups here and offering some brief input in regards to what you should be doing in each matchup, as well as things to watch out for and mulligan tips.
Twisted Fate Go Hard - 58% over 12 games
Biggest thing to keep in mind is that there are not many Fearsome blockers in this deck(Elise, Croaker, Dreadway deckhand, unactivated Jagged Butcher, etc) so keep this in mind to push max damage in the early turns. If pushing into the fearsome synergy you should also be playing around TF red card to an extent with x/2 units on your side of the board. Make sure not to chump block with x/2 as this will create value for Go Hard and TF red card. Ideally you're going to be fast enough with your burn strategy to close out the game before Go Hard is able to flip. Also important to note, Go Hard is a slow speed spell, you'll have to take advantage of this with open attacks in the later stages of the game, or if you have an x/1 unit and developing isn't worth it. Brother's Bond is extra valuable here as you can more easily take advantage of the unblocked fearsome attackers. and there are no 2 damage ping removals while in combat from the side of the Go Hard list.
Tahm/Soraka - 80% over 10 games
This matchups is one of the green lights you're going to be looking for in your micrometa environment as a reason to play spiders aggro. Lack of true interactivity and lack of fearsome blockers makes this matchup a breeze in most cases. The only difficulty comes in the form of multiple early Star Shepherds that end up becoming fearsome blockers, a perfect Boxtopus/Soraka curve, and the Tahm/Soraka player abusing Broadback Protector while you're trying to burn down their nexus. In most cases though, utilizing the fearsome keyword is sufficient to end the game fairly quickly, and definitely quickly enough to race down their star spring if they choose to lose so much early game tempo by playing it.
Non-Meta Homebrew Decks - 100% over 10 games
Although certainly not a specific matchup, it's certainly important to highlight the dominance an optimized and efficient list like Spiders Aggro will have upon unoptimized experimental decks with shaky win conditions and early games. I was able to register roughly a 77% after 50 games with Spiders Aggro following the most recent patch, and although a good winrate could be expected with players coming off of Trundle/Tryndamere FTR for a little while, it was also due to the fact that players were experimenting with unoptimized Ezreal and Shyvana lists which I was able to easily take advantage of. New patch that introduces big changes or new expansion altogether? Queue up an optimized aggresive list and you'll see incredible(albeit boring) results when it comes to winrate.
Spooky Ezreal - 57% over 7 games
You're usually able to outvalue the efficient removal from Ezreal's side, especially with a perfect curve and 2for1 units like House Spider. Obviously there are certain play that will stomp out your momentum(thermo beam on Elise) but generally you can output enough pressure early to create a formidable board state and push through a lot of damage. Keep in mind the Fervor counterplay in response to an early Ezreal trying to insta-use their fleeting mystic shot as well as the importance of priority passing and not instantly developing to keep certain units like Elise Alive and healthy or to make the Ezreal player burn a considerable amount of mana while you already have a formidable board state. Also keep in mind open attacking vs Developing depending on what threats would be most impactful in stopping your specific gameplan(Statik Shok vs. Thermo Beam, etc).
Shyvana/A-Sol - 100% over 6 games
Another big reason why I choose to ladder with Spiders aggro post-patch and an unloseable matchup due to the fact you're able to flood the board so quickly and push through so much damage early on. Brother's bond is also incredible in this matchup as you go very wide very early and the Shyvana player can't compete, or simply to push some damage and get an incredible trade on Shyvana early on in the game to keep up your momentum and value trades.
Trundle/Tryndamere FTR and Anivia Control - 0% over 8 games
Spiders Aggro offers incredibly polarized matchups, and this is certainly one of them. These decks starting coming up again a few days after the initial nerfs to Trundle and Wyrding Stones, and if you see a lot of Shadow Isles Control represented in the meta it's best not to play Spiders Aggro as this is essentially an unwinnable matchup. I'd go as for as recommending you insta-concede this matchup if you queue it at a fairly high rank(Masters) as it will be nearly impossible to find any outs and win the game, especially considering your opponent will be fairly skilled.
The sample size for the remaining matchups is not really anywhere near large enough to extrapolate any meaningful conclusions(but you can check out all the data in the excel linked above), but generally I'd consider this the fastest aggresive list in the meta right now, meaning it should win against anything slightly slower than it like Discard Aggro and Fearsome while dominating most slower unit based decks(Shyvana Dragons, Leona Asol, etc). It suffers at the hand of wide board clears such as Withering Wail and TF Red Card or impactful combat trick based midrange decks such as Fiora/Shen and Ashe Frostbite in some cases.


I would like to delve into LoR content creation at some point, especially now that I'm much more involved with the game in a consistent manner for the forseeable future(caster involvement with GiantSlayer's Fight Night EU every friday as well as Riot's EU Masters this month, and the expected increase in competitive focus from Riot in regards to their seasonal in-game tournaments). Taking this into account, I'd love to know if content like this is something the community would like to see on a regular basis, and if so I may consider finally making the jump into Youtube and working on accompanying video content for deck analysis like this, as well as the survey results and other esports-focused content.
submitted by ImpetuousPandaa to LegendsOfRuneterra


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