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Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits Music Review

All the hits that matters are here. WHITNEY HOUSTON The Greatest Hits 2-CD Cool Down & Throw Down W. Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits offers a comprehensive and intimate look at a musical giant who has earned the label "superstar" with unique vocal talent and regal stage presence. Listen online top songs Whitney Houston. London 102.2 MHz FM. pop; lounge; 90s; 80s; 70s; 60s; Rating: 4.6 Reviews: 104.

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Audio CD with wrong track start offsets

Find Whitney Houston Greatest Hits Cd 2 Today. Mariah Carey - Celine Dion - Whitney Houston - Collection HD/HQ. This CD does include some unrealeased tracks but no new material at all, the CD looks great with Whitney looking great on the cover! Buddy Guy - Damn Right, I've Got the Blues Songbook (Guitar Recorded Versions) 4. price $ 36. 44. Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits: Piano/Vocal/Chords Sheet Music Songbook Collection 14. price $ 19. 64. Broadway Musicals - Show by Show 3. price $ 89. 00. CP69259 - Progressive Complete Learn to Play Saxophone Manual. Protect your privacy online, speed up page load times, and experience the Internet without the distraction of annoying ads!

Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits (CD)

The album was released on November 13, 2020 via RCA Records. Greatest Hits by Houston, Whitney: Amazon.co.uk: Music. Smooth Country; Smooth Chill; Smooth Radio. Journey - Greatest Hits II.

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Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits CD 2 discs (2020) FREE. Sarah Dooley - Stupid Things CD Album at CD Universe. Little Things Mean a Lot: Great Hits of the Fifties buy CD music Her newly released CD of spiritual songs, entitled "Tribute, " is a collection of beautiful classic hymns seasoned with a couple of her originals. Whitney Houston Rare Vinyl Records, LPs, vinyl albums, 7.

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Whitney Houston Greatest Hits album and videocassette. Glossy cover (at least on variant 3) Tracks 1, 3 and 5: "CD Rom Video" Tracks 2 and 4: "Audio for Hi-Fi or CD Rom" Tracks 6 and 7 are special CD Rom features. Amazon.co.uk: whitney houston cd greatest hits try this site. The two CDs on Greatest Hits track Houston's rise from mids hit machine balladeer to standard-setting diva. Whitney Houston - Greatest Hits 2CD (2020) CD Rip.

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Amazon.com: Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits [DVD

Diana Ross Performs Greatest Hits at 2020 American Music

Amazon.com.au: WHITNEY HOUSTON: CDs & Vinyl https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1894. Details about WHITNEY HOUSTON The Greatest Hits 2-CD Cool Down & Throw Down W. Whitney Houston CDs Greatest Hits for sale useful source. Whitney houston greatest hits cd 2. Beatport: DJ & Dance Music, Tracks & Mixes https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1877.

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Find Bob Rosa credit information on AllMusic. Billy Ocean's 10 greatest ever songs, ranked Song Lists. HOUSTON, WHITNEY - Whitney Greatest Hits https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1876. Sign up to get your free weekly list of new, rare, and import Whitney Houston vinyl records, CDs & music memorabilia Name: Email: We guarantee 100% privacy. Whitney Houston, Soundtrack: The Bodyguard.

over-analyzing Nas lines outside the scope of rapgenius: Jay ft Nas - Success

When Nas overthinks his lyrics, we overanalyze...that's just part of the game we play as listeners when deciphering Nas' lyrics: https://www.reddit.com/nas/comments/iio9um/nas_overthinking_the_songs_hes_writing_what_do/
I'll paint a brief picture with this one...again, when the verses were recorded for 2007, none of this had happened, so this is why this is outside the scope and a preview of things to come
On Jay's American Gangster album, Nas said:
  • But I don't give a fuck, walk inside the lion's den...Up your catalog, dog, mine's worth too much/Like Mike Jacks ATV pub, Mottola can't touch
The original annotation says:
Nas is bragging about how much his catalog of songs is worth, comparing it to Michael Jackson’s ATV Music Publishing (owner of The Beatles‘ songs and others). The 'Mottola can’t touch’ refers to an incident in 2001 when Sony Music Entertainment, headed by Tommy Mottola, unsuccessfully tried to take all of Jackson’s music rights
Sony is also the parent company of Columbia Records, Nas' old label. He could be saying that, like MJ, Tommy Mottola can’t touch his publishing either. Whether or not this boast is true remains to be seen…
Owning your publishing and owning your masters are two different things, with publishing being more lucrative. Master rights typically belong to either the artist(s), record label, recording studio, or any other party who financed the recording. Publishing rights belong to the owner of the actual music composition.
Michael Jackson had so much money that he bought many cataloges in his lifetime: the Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Aretha Franklin.
Eminem is known to get into his Slim Shady persona as a single to launch is upcoming album with "my name is" for "slim shady LP", "The Real Slim Shady" for "marshal mather's LP", "Without Me" for "The Eminem Show", "Just Lose It" for "Encore", onward etc, because causing controversy gets free publicity for the album. Eminem for "just lose it" made fun of Michael Jackson's alleged pedophilia but in the music video, Eminem was explicitly warned not to portray that but instead made fun of Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire for the pepsi commercial and his nose. Michael Jackson got pissed and bought the publishing to eminem's back catalog so whenever Eminem decides to make music, Micheal Jackson gets paid...this is how you settle beef on the business side, you don't make a diss record for them to respond back, you buy their publishing so they work for you...this demotivation and Proof dying just made Eminem take a leave of absence from rap in 2006. People from the black community still look up to Michael Jackson and when he made those moves, people paid attention.
When eminem was set to come back in 2009 with his lead singles 3AM/We Made You to start off his album, Michael Jackson mysteriously died later that same year....How is it that singers who own their master's like MJ, whitney houston, and Prince die so mysteriously? and then some record publishing company quietly takes a stake in their publishing years later? MJ was the first to die unexpectedly because MJ owned the masters to other people as well, and then came Whitney in 2012, and then Prince in 2016....
OK, let's take a tangent to talk about the record industry and record executives...they are egotistical, maniacal, and power hungry cut throat entities....when sound recording was invented in 1860 and slavery was abolished in 1865, blacks had to find work any way possible and some of them migrated up north to detroit to join the auto industry. Other stayed in their cities...Record labels saw black talent and paid them next to nothing where before there was color TV, you could only hear the voices, so black acts had to sound white for white bands to lipsync and cover their music for the music to have universal appeal because of their complexion. Because the record industry started and capitalized on literally ex-slave labor, the deals were horrendous from the beginning, because the labels and the record executives owns the lion share of the profits and the artist get paid enough to keep making music but remain relatively poor...they get paid in "fame points" like reddit/genius authors get paid in "internet points".
You don't hear about record executives unless they make significant news...you think suge knight was cut throat? At least suge knight was vocal about his actions. the record executives like Tommy Mottola was once married to Mariah Carey but when Mariah divorced him, Mottola did everything in his power to sabotage Mariah's career and if it wasn't for Mariah's talents and her appeal to the r&b community, her career might have folded with Mottola's influence driven by revenge and obsession. As the original annotation says, Mottola unsuccessfully tried to take Jackson's publishing rights back to Sony, which is also a parent to Columbia, Nas' label at the time. Mottola basically took a then industry plant Jennifer Lopez and pit her against Mariah Carey by trying to appeal to the r&b market to the point of using the same samples to sabotage Mariah Carey's singles. JLo has many times where she was caught lipsyncing to other singer's vocals, most notably Ashanti's, for I'm Real remix, and most of her collaborations with murder inc...on some songs, it obviously doesn't even sound like JLo was singing, such as Get Right...and this was all for Mottola to get back at Mariah for their divorce because every time Mariah is trying to release an album or staging her comeback, JLo somehow comes out lipsyncing to another ghost singer's hit record around the same time.
In addition, Jimmy Iovine, the head of interscope, was infamously associated for calling the Feds to raid Murder Inc's offices with their association with drug trafficker Supreme so that Ja Rule could not respond to 50 Cent's diss on "Back down" due to the Fed's monitoring their actions until a full year was passed with "Clap Back" because Ja Rule was a huge artist at the time and Jimmy Iovine needed extra insurance that the new artist 50 Cent was to win his beef with Ja Rule. Jimmy was quoted that he was a business man who will snitch if it is to his advantage in front of 50 Cent in 50 Cent's new book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter. What make Iovine relevant in this situation is that the Shady imprint was held under Interscope, and Iovine was probably pulling some puppet strings to get Eminem's catalog out the grasp and influence of MJ's possession and his top money maker Eminem who crosses over into mainstream audience into White America need to be incentivized to work for the record labels to earn more money.
Basically, record labels and record executives are the puppet master of things that move behind the scenes of why some artists get a lot of funding and others' career fold unexpectedly. Their seek for control for publishing rights and 360 deals is how also people who own their masters die unexpectedly and the label then quietly recoup the master's years later...like how Sony finally acquires MJ's publishing through his estate years later in 2018 with no fanfare or announcement because back when MJ was alive in 2001, Mottola tried but failed, which is what Nas was referring to.
OK, now back to Nas and Jay. In 1996, Jay sampled Nas on Dead Presidents and he wanted Nas to redo the vocals because the clean acapella removed the f-word for "I'm out for dead fucking presidents to represent me" for Jay to sample, but Nas was big at the time and didn't want to cosign a rapper without a record out. Only in the Q-tip remix and later in the 10th anniversary remixes does Nas drop the f-word on that dead presidents line. Nas does not use the f-word on the original Illmatic version of 'The World Is Yours'...this also is deep because Nas said that Dead Presidents' line in 1994 for "the world is yours q-tip remix", and in 1995 comes out a movie called Dead Presidents....and Jay was strategic with dropping Dead Presidents I and II as a single to match the movie's title but the single is not associated with the movie....hey where have we seen this move again? Jay did the same thing for American Gangster in 2008 as he did for Dead Presidents in 1996....He named his album/single after a movie for free promotion as an unofficial soundtrack/single where he was inspired by and piggy backed on that name for the album to carry more weight because the movie industry did more of the advertising for the same title and people would confuse Jay's CD for the official soundtrack. Back in 1996, Jay did this for his single instead of a whole album.
When Jay threw a jab at Nas at summer jam, Nas dropped H to the omo freestyle on rakim's paid in full beat and got Rakim's blessing, and nas said "I count off when you sampled my voice"...Jay responded to those lyrics and completed his Nas verse on Takeover by saying "You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song...I know who I paid, God–Serchlite Publishing". Jay owned his master's at Rocafella and Nas didn't but now Nas does with Mass Appeal records with his recent projects and somehow, Jay is in a 360 deal with Live nation but still owns his master's...when Takeover dropped, people were praising Jay for his bars where you had to think about what he was saying when he paid Serchlite Publishing to sample Nas because owning your master's and publishing was not big in Hip Hop at the time and Jay used his business savvy to claim superiority over Nas. And Nas came back on his verse for "Success" by saying that nobody can touch his publishing because he catalog is too expensive, almost as a jab back at Jay for sampling his voice that easily, and you had to think about that bar for the sake of who owns whose publishing, and mind you, Nas did his response jab when featured on a Jay-Z track, so whenever they perform it together, Jay gets to hear it live every time
With that stage set, let the publishing ownership games begin...2Pac infamously dissed Jay on "Fuck Friendz" released posthumously among other songs like the original version of 'Hit Em Up' and 'Watch Yo Mouth' and Jay had to pay 2Pac's estate when Kanye made the same beat for '03 Bonnie and Clyde' off 'Me and My Girlfriend'....when 2Pac's mother unexpectedly died in 2016, this was another mysterious death because she held the publishing rights to 2Pac with Amaru Records and she was primed to release another 2Pac album but it kept on delaying because of the poor reception to "Pac's Life's" singles/collaborations and some fans did not like Eminem's interpretation of 2Pac music either on "Loyal to the Game", where eminem wasn't an apt producer because he had to speed up 2Pac's vocals to fit the tempo of the instrumental and butchered 2Pac's voice to shout out G-unit and Jadakiss, when they weren't even on 2Pac's radar when he was alive. With 8 years of not releasing another 2Pac album or a documentary/soundtrack to commemorate 2Pac to generate money, there was also money mismanagement, where they were going to build a 2Pac Amaru institute in Georgia but the funding to that construction collapsed. Afeni Shakur had a suspicious death as well, where finally 2Pac's estate was up for auction without anybody blocking it to the point that 2Pac's car that he got shot in in Las Vegas was also put up for auction.
So Roc Nation and Jay Z ended up buying 2Pac's publishing for $385 million, realize that 2Pac's catalog is huge with his work ethic and he has a ton of unreleased songs, where they had the intention to drop another 2Pac album yet still to release. “We’ve purchased one of Hip-Hops greatest icons music which would make us one of the largest record labels in the world. We have a plan set in motion to release a new Tupac album in 2016 titled, ‘And Now I Rise’ which will feature Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), Drake, Nas, The Dream, DMX, Beyonce and of course Jay-Z. The album will be produced by Dr. Dre and Timbaland.” Again, people pay attention, it's no coincidence that this all happened. Jay brought MJ to summer jam and dissed Nas in 2001. Mottola unsuccessfully tried to buy MJ's catalog in 2001 for Sony but Sony eventually did in 2018...If you go by the way MJ handled Eminem, he didn't make songs to diss Eminem for making fun of him, MJ bought his catalog and that is how you really win beefs. So Jay bought 2Pac's catalog as a business move but also as a score to settle for being dissed by 2Pac. And what did Jay do with 2Pac's catalog? Nothing but sit on it and sometimes clear samples for other artists but that's it...no new 2Pac verses or songs/albums any time soon, and it's been 4 years since the announcement? It's not like a Jay Electronica situation where we had to motivate the artist to create the songs...2Pac's vocals have already been laid and it's up to the producer to recreate the instrumentals and match them with the correct collaborations. It was more of a business move and an ego trip for Jay to win that silent war he's been having with 2Pac's estate and to finally get rid of that chip off his shoulders more than anything.
I hope you understand how big of a chip Jay-Z still thinks he got on his shoulders...he has an unreleased diss record for 2Pac that he performed once live at the Apollo where the track never resurfaced out of respect of 2Pac's death. He bought 2Pac's catalog so whatever Jay sampled from 2Pac goes back into Jay's pockets because Death Row was still not cool with Jay-Z at the time when Jay did 03 Bonnie and Clyde and Jay had to give away a lot of royalties to Death row for that song for him to remake it, and then Death row released Fuck Friendz, which dissed Jay-Z on track number 2 posthumously in 2001.
and Nas literally went into "the Lion's Den" when he signed to Def Jam when Jay was the label's president in 2006 and also he when he went on Jay's home turf when being featured on Jay's album for the first time in 2007 and dropped knowledge and bars out-rapping Jay on his own song. Why do you think Jay and Nas only perform Dead Presidents and The world is yous together? They barely perform Black Republicans and they almost never perform Success, where Jay also bit off Eminem on that same song...."I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less/What do I think of success? It sucks, too much stress/I guess I blew up quick/'Cause friends I grew up with"...that is an eminem line from "I'm Back"....."I used to give a – fuck, now I could give a fuck less/What do I think of suc-cess/It sucks, too much press I’m stressed/Too much cess, depressed, too upset/It’s just too much mess, I guess I must just blew up quick"....And Nas dissed Jay-Z on Ether for saying that "Eminem murdered you on your own shit" and now when you're finally collaborating with Nas, you start off your first verse biting Eminem to keep up with Nas? "my own flows are foolish" as Jay said on "what more can i say" when he was originally accused of biting Big as a response to mostly Nas' diss on Ether "how much of biggie's rhymes are gonna come out your fat lips?" and now Eminem?...yeah, about that, right?
So, present year. Nas drops King's Disease, where the symptoms most describes Jay, where Jay is in the position of a king but still have insecurities, like you can take jay out the hood but can't take the hood out of jay. If you read beyond the lyrics, the message was not for most listeners because most listeners have yet to rise to that position of King, which is why some critics aren't vibing with it..you're missing the point. The album's message is mostly directed at Jay, where if you go to my reddit timeline link of Jay's and Nas' beef, the timeline still have remnants of subtle jabs til this day, from insecurities and jealousies, to sabotaging release days, to limiting the time Nas has to write his verse before Jay had to turn it in so that Jay doesn't get murdered on his own track by Nas if Nas was given enough time to craft a better verse, to jabs in the title, etc.
Look, Nas had to write his verse for Success at 4AM in the morning in Canada after a show because Jay had to turn it in. Nas was clearly at a disadvantage to complete his verse and yet he still murdered his verse. That was a subtle limited time sabotage Jay did to Nas and Jay did it again for Nas' feature on BBC.
The point is, Nas on King's disease was asking why does do people want to kill Nas when he said "Can I floss without you wanting me outlined in chalk?" on the title track. As mentioned with the recent music related mysterious deaths, they all point to people owning the rights to their master's...MJ, Whitney, Prince, 2Pac's mother...and who else owns their master's? Most prominently Jay and Nas, among others. These artists alive are all at risk for mysterious deaths when they stop or slow down their music production because the music industry is always looking for martyrs to capitalize on their deaths once music production slows down or ceases for one last money grab. Nas never drops every year...he's used to dropping every other year. Nas knows what's up with the shady music industry with shadow puppet masters, record labels, and executives. Nas just can't outright say the dangers of what he is facing so he is forced to put it coded in music as a dog whistle for specific people to receive the message...he's upping his music production after he was freed of having the court system misinterpret his rap lyrics when he was fighting for child custody against Kelis. There are specific dangers of owning your own publishing because the industry will make moves behind the scenes to recoup your catalog. Jay is friendly competition and Nas sees a bigger threat in the industry with labels and record executives so he is addressing it to all 1-percent or 0.1-percent fortune owners who all have the king's disease, which basically flies over the heads of most audiences, as most Nas records do when they are initially released and they grow on you years later after you have matured to his stage to think about life's consequences at that level.
So yeah, given that Jay saw MJ's strategy of buying up people's catalog to win beefs outright, Jay is eyeing on Nas' catalog to purchase if he were to have an untimely death and then it would be declared that Jay won the ultimate war against Nas as he did against 2Pac. So this story revolves around Nas, 2Pac, Jay, MJ, and Eminem because they are the biggest money makers for the record industry and record labels and executives are always coming up with new strategies to do heinous things for the sake of more profit.
Nas basically made a prophetic statement in 2007 because he wants to have his music catalog so large with great money management and people so that nobody ends up buying the rights to Nas' catalog...so when Nas said that verse in 2007, he didn't own his own record label until 2012 and he took strides in investments and upping his catalog, which is why it is worth repeating again, because it was foreshadowing for things to come and some of Nas' goals have been realized since then:
  • But I don't give a fuck, walk inside the lion's den...Up your catalog, dog, mine's worth too much/Like Mike Jacks ATV pub, Mottola can't touch
When they performed 'success' at the Apollo, you can tell which lines Jay were feeling based on what Nas bars Jay rapped along to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp_K7Kg4AUM and as you clearly see, Jay did not recite the last bar at all, which is the one we just overanalyzed
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Whitney Houston The Greatest Hits (Audio 2 Discs CD)

Whitney Houston The Greatest Hits (Audio 2 Discs CD) submitted by synonyco to Synonyco

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