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[3.11 Edition] Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

Hey all, I’m back for Harvest league. And this time I completely reformatted the post in a (albeit futile) attempt to make it less of a headache to go though.

Table of Contents

  1. Things that will make your life easier
  2. Things that will help you craft
  3. Things that will help you plan
  4. Things that can get you killed
  5. Hideouts
  6. Lab
  7. Text Commands/Buttons
  8. Vendor Recipes
  9. Helpful Links

Things that will make your life easier -------------

  1. Best stash tabs to buy first are Currency and/or at least one Premium tab. Former for solo play, latter for the ability to sell items publicly easily. Both is even better.
  2. There is customarily a Stash Tab Sale every third weekend. If on a launch weekend it will be delayed by a week.
  3. Don't be afraid to look into an item filter asap. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  4. You can buy skill gems from Nessa and similar vendors on page 2 of their shop (you may need to do a quest before that page shows up). So don’t fret about the gem choice from the quest reward!
  5. Doing a Trial of Ascendency is league-wide. Meaning doing it once in a league means all other characters in that league don't need to do it again.
  6. When highlighting a support gem you'll notice a popup with all of your current active skill gems. This details what skills the selected support works with.
  7. If you're still unsure if a support is working with an active skill gem, the skill's icon on the toolbar will have small boxes denoting what supports are currently active on the skill.
  8. The medicine chest quest gives you some specific gems (i.e. ancestral call) as well as a choice of flasks (most notably a quicksilver flask).
  9. Completing the quest in The Library (connected to the gardens) in Act 3 will give you access to an early NPC that sells every skill gem available up to that point. Completing the quest 'Fallen from Grace' in Act 6 will give you a vendor for every buyable skill gem.
  10. You can move the minimap with the arrow keys
  11. Skill gems in your alternate set of weapons will also gain exp
  12. If you are too far above or below the area's monster level you will have an experience penalty. Rule of thumb: try to stay within 6 levels of the area.
  13. Any maps dropped in the campaign will be tier 1. Anything higher can only be received via Zana, inside maps, or inside map-like areas like the Temple of Atzoatl or the Eternal Labyrinth (specifically the chests).
  1. Always use common currency on maps when you can. Remember that an orb of scouring can get a map back to white for easy 20% quality!
  2. To use a divine vessel place it into the map device along with the appropriate map (there will be text on the atlas for it) and kill the boss. The filled divine vessel will then be inside the map device still. Don’t forget to pick it up and take it to Sin (Epilogue zone)!
  3. Using a single sacrifice fragment instead of a map will generate a vaal side area from the map device. Using a sacrifice fragment with a map in the device will increase the map's quantity by 5% per piece, up to 20% for four unique pieces. (You can’t double up the same fragment)
  4. Sacrifice of Midnight (top-right one) is the most rare of the four. Don’t burn those willy nilly.
  5. A complete set of sacrifice fragments in the map device (arranged appropriately) will give you access to the Apex of Sacrifice. This same strategy is also used for Shaper, the Pale Council, Uber-Atziri, etc. (four different fragments of the same set into the map device)
  6. Sextants are used on watchstones to apply the effect to the entire area the watchstone is slotted into! Unlike Map Mods many sextant mods are beneficial.
  7. Watchstones can be ‘banked’ in the sidebar on the left of the atlas. They won’t do anything there but it saves you valuable inventory space.

Things that will help you craft -------------

  1. Beasts can be used in beastcrafting only after fully completing your first Einhar mission. A particularly useful beastcraft is adding a removal (bleed/freeze/curse/etc) affix to a magic flask.
  2. Quality items (whetstone, scrap, bauble) will give 5% to a white item, 2% to magic and 1% to rare/unique items up to 20%. (GCP's always give 1% to gems) This applies to maps as well!
  3. Item affixes are reliant on item level, a lower item level means less possible affixes. You cannot improve an item’s iLvl, so stop alteration spamming that iLvl 4 quicksilver flask you got from Act 1!
  4. Dexterity (Evasion) pieces favor green sockets, Strength (Armor) pieces favor red and Intelligence (Energy Shield) pieces favor blue. Hybrid pieces follow this logic.
  5. You can craft affixes on gear from the crafting bench in your hideout. This is very important for keeping your resistances capped.
  6. A corrupted item (using a Vaal Orb) is not alterable. With the sole exception of their sockets. Those can be altered (re-colored/fused/etc) via the crafting bench, but any craft will cost an additional equal amount of vaal orbs.
  7. A Divine Orb does not re-roll the numbers completely, they stay within the affix range that was already given. So a 6% Cold Res roll on some boots will re-roll between 6-11% and no higher. Be careful! (NOTE: most legacy gear will also be changed to the current non-legacy version if a Divine Orb is used)
  8. High quality items have a sliiiiightly higher chance to 6-socket and 6-link. Every little bit helps!
  9. Incubators in your weapon swap will not gain kills towards their completion.
  1. If you corrupt a map and end up making it unidentified it has the same affixes as before. So make sure to actually read the affixes of a rare red map before corrupting it just in case!

Things that will help you plan -------------

  1. Just because it's unique does not mean it's good. Well-rolled rares can and often are better options than uniques. Read the text.
  2. 'More/Less' are not the same as 'Increased/Reduced'. It's very important to know that. More specific info here
  3. You will earn either 22 or 24 Passive Skill points through quests in all 10 Acts, depending on Bandit choices.
  4. Pick one damage skill and stick to it. A good majority of the time it is better to support 1 skill as much as you can instead of 3 different skills a little.
  5. Life/ES > Damage when planning a tree. Shoot for at least 150% increased max life if life. At least 200% ES if you’re going ES. (Note: This is a personal guideline not a requirement)
  6. You can only have 1 spell totem up at a time barring specific effects like Searing Bond or Multiple Totems Support. Up to 3 by default for Ballista totems
  7. Mana reservation does not decrease max mana. This is relevant to effects like base mana regen or Arcane Surge.
  8. You can change your bandit reward later
  9. If you kill all 3 bandits you get +2 passive skill points from Eramir (old dude sitting in Forest Encampment) as opposed to the specific effects from the bandits.
  10. Large items (Chests, 2H weapons) cannot roll with 5 sockets until iLvl 35, and cant get 6 sockets until iLvl 50. Even with jeweler's orbs! You can 'force' 6 sockets with the crafting bench but it's usually not worth it.
  11. You can only have 1 curse at a time on enemies barring specific effects
  12. You can respec ascendancy nodes but they cost more refund points per node (5). If you want to change ascendancy completely you’ll need to unspec out of all ascendancy nodes and hit the ascendancy shrine in any version of the labyrinth (hint: Unspec the ascendency nodes in the treasure room, no need to do entire lab unascended).
  13. Read 'Trigger' support gems carefully. Cast on Critical, for example, only works with an attack triggering a spell.
  14. Aqueducts and its later incarnation Blood Aqueducts in Act 9 contain the divination card 'Humility' which can give you a Tabula Rasa.
  15. 'Low Life' is defined as 35% max health or lower. Chaos Inoculation is not low life since it reduces your max health to 1 and you can’t be at 0.35 hp. This does make CI eligible for full life effects like Damage at Full Life support.
  16. Lily Roth will sell every buyable gem (similar to but more than Siosa) but all at level 1. (Act 6 town after you do her a favor in Act 6)
  17. Make sure to look for corrupted 6-link chests (assuming you’re not SSF) when you want to ditch your 4-link or Tabula. They're much cheaper than a normal 6-link and actually have rolls on them! Just make sure to search for the specific colors you need since you can't change them easily!
  18. You can buy Glassblower Baubles from the weapons vendor on the last page in exchange for 8x whetstones
  19. Leech has a cap! There are ways to increase it but by default you cannot gain more than 20% max life per sec or 10% max ES per sec. There are lot more calulations involved in that though.
  1. Running a map unidentified will give an additional 30% quantity bonus. This does not apply to Unique Maps since their affixes are for the most part fixed.

Things that can get you killed -------------

  1. Support gems increase the mana cost of an ability, more linked supports = more mana spent
  2. You don’t have to do the Labyrinth right away. You can come back when you’re overleveled. Many people do this.
  3. Curses always have Less effect on Bosses (e.g. Dominus, Piety)
  4. You can use Scrolls of Wisdom and other currency like Orb of Chance on Strongboxes. Identify them first!
  5. Read a skill’s green text! For example: Withering Step shares a cooldown with Blink skills. So if you trigger Wither Step with CwDT you won’t be able to use Dash for a short period!
  6. Barring specific effects, Life/Mana Flask effects will end once you hit full life/mana respectively. This includes effects from affixes like freeze immunity. By extension, utility flasks (like a quicksilver flask) have affix effects last for their full duration. Aka put your anti-freeze on a utility flask!
  7. Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT) requires a linked skill’s required level to be under a certain level in order to trigger it. CwDT also requires more damage taken to trigger with higher levels. Many players leave CwDT at lvl 1 for this reason. So be careful leveling your skill gems!
  8. Make sure you have + X to maximum life rolls on some of your gear by Act 5. (Alternatively, ES focused builds should always shoot for ‘% increased ES’ anytime they can) PoE’s per level scaling is negligible at best, the vast majority of your health/ES comes from gear! Good rule of thumb: you should have ~300 Life/400 ES per Act you've completed.
  9. Elemental resistance has a cap of 75% barring specific effects (e.g. Purity of [X] aura). The game is tuned to expect you to be at this cap past Act 4. Chaos resistance, on the other hand, doesn't need to be anywhere near 75%, most get 0% and call it a day late game.
  10. Multiple vaal skills will divide the soul count amongst themselves and as such each skill will charge slower per additional vaal skill equipped. Note: Once a vaal skill is fully charged it will stop taking in souls.
  11. After progressing through each end-boss fight (Act5/Act10) your resistances will go down by 30% for a total of -60% to all resistances past Act 10, gear accordingly
  12. Incoming chills, freeze duration and stun chance on you are based on your maximum life barring specific effects. In short, the less max life you have means longer you’ll be frozen / higher chance of being stunned.
  13. Critical hits guarantee elemental ailments (shock, ignite, freeze) assuming you did enough of that element’s damage to reach the monster’s Ailment Threshold, as shown with Shock here.
  14. Barring specific effects, Chaos Damage ignores Energy Shield and goes straight for your health.
  15. Mind over Matter (MoM) and similar effects will only apply to damage hitting your health, so your Energy Shield will still take full damage.
  16. Dying after Act 5 will make you lose experience (5% total to next level), but will not decrease your level or put you into a negative value. Higher penalty (10% total to next level) after Act 10
  17. By Act 6 you should have an "of Staunching" (anti-bleed) and "of Heat" (anti-freeze) flask. They help avoid many of the more common 'one-shot' moments you may run into.
  18. Flasks don't level up with you! Check in on your flask level every now and then while leveling, or else you might be short a few hundred life.
  1. All mods on maps will make them more challenging, certain mods will be betteworse for certain builds.
  2. Reflect damage is one of the deadliest map mods in the game, and has claimed the lives of many new and experienced players alike. Like certain streamers -cough-

Hideouts -------------

  1. Hideouts will persist through leagues so feel free to put a decent amount of time getting your abode perfect. It’s not going anywhere.
  2. The basic hideout locations are listed in the hideout selection when talking to Helena.
  3. There are a lot of hideouts not listed in Helena’s default selection, most of these rare tilesets are in maps and will not appear everytime. Usually they require a large number of runs to find. (I still don’t have a Tower Hideout…..)
  4. Hideout instances last much longer (30 min) than normal instances, so don’t worry about a normal disconnect, your map portals will still be there.

Lord's Labyrinth (Lab) -------------

  1. If you die you get tossed back to the beginning (Aspirant’s Plaza), unless you’re in a hardcore league, then you are still very very dead.
  2. Look at the bronze tablet by every door, it will show you a map and reveal where the nearby door goes.
  3. Izaro has different mechanics in his first two arenas. (Specific Info). The third arena will be a combo of the previous two (with traps included in uber lab).
  4. Look for hidden rooms on the minimap! They can hold Darkshrines which can give permanent (for the lab run) buffs, a guaranteed unique, less trap damage and more. Hit tab and read the text at the top-right to see exactly what it did.
  5. Uber (Eternal) Lab has trials that will only spawn in maps, randomly. If you need to get those last few go to Global chat 820 and watch for the trial you need and/or use ‘The Dream Trial’ Prophecy.
  6. Map layouts and Izaro's mechanics will change day to day.
  7. Decorative Chests (marked on the map nodes with a hollow circle) give an item to make the next Izaro fight easier (usually instantly destroying/removing one of the mechanics.)

Text Commands/Buttons -------------

sorry console players, I don’t know most of the button bindings for these if they exist. Feel free to share if you do!
  1. Typing “/passives” will let you see any passive points you have from quests. And after you finish the campaign it will tell you any you are missing.
  2. [ctrl]+[enter] will let your type out to the person who most recently whispered you.
  3. [ctrl]+[right-click] or [ctrl]+[left-click] on the doodoorway/gate/ into an area to give a list of all instances for that area as well, more importantly, giving the option to generate a new instance. Newer players: This means you can enter a new ‘copy’ of the area with everything reset. |PS4 Players: Highlight an instance and hit Triangle.| |Xbox Players: Highlight and hit Y|
  4. Right click the level up icon on a skill gem level up notification to hide it without leveling the gem. If you would like to level it up afterwards the gem icon at the bottom of your inventory page. |Xbox Players: after socketing, hit Y to lock gem level|
  5. To find the tiers and ranges of rolls you must first turn on advanced mod descriptions on options->interface->”Advanced Mod Descriptions”. You then must hit your advanced mod button while hovering over an item to get the pertinent info (default is left alt) |Xbox Players: Hit LS after activating the setting|
  6. [shift]+[click] on a stack of items to have the option to take only a certain number of that item onto your cursor. This applies both to in your inventory and when removing from your stash. |Xbox players: Highlight item and hit B, hit Y to pick up that amount, X to send that amount to stash if it is open|
  7. Open chat and hit [ctrl]+[alt]+[left-click] on an item in your inventory to link said item to chat. After hitting enter the person you’re talking to will be able to hover the link and see your exact item.
  8. [ctrl]+[left-click] on a master to open their relevant window. (i.e. Do that on Niko to open the delve menu)
  9. Click on a skill in your toolbar and look at the top of the popout. The button labeled “always attack without moving” is a great thing to use on movement skills and some specific primary skills. What it does is if you target a skill out of it’s range it will simply use the skill in the direction of the click as opposed to moving in range and then using it.
  10. [shift]+[ctrl]+[left-click] a currency in a vendor to buy a whole stack at a time. Save your fingers some torment.
  11. Holding shift while using a currency will keep the item on your cursor and allow you to spam the entire stack. If you're accessing your stash at the time you can spam your entire stock of said currency. |Xbox players: With currency picked up, hover an item and hit X|
  12. Holding ctrl and using the mousewheel will quickly cycle through stash tabs
  13. Teleport between areas with commands like "/hideout" or "/menagerie" or "/delve"
  14. Entering "/reset_xp" will reset your xp/hour metric (mouseover your exp bar at the bottom). Very useful for comparing experience rates between maps/mechanics.
  15. Hitting (by default) ‘v’ will open the relevant menu in each area. i.e. beastcrafting menu in menagerie, azurite upgrades menu in Delve, etc etc.
  16. "/remaining" will give you a text prompt of how many monsters are left in the instance.
  17. Entering "/dnd [message], /afk [message], /autoreply [message]" will give a notification of [message] to anyone whispering you until you shut it off. /dnd is just hitting /dnd again, /afk turns off if you move, and /autoreply will turn off if you move to another instance. Note that only /dnd will actually block messages.
  18. ctrl+click on the passive tree will skip the confirmation step and save you a click.
  19. F1 will give a stat breakdown of your computer, including connection metrics. If you're lagging or frameskipping this is how you check. Hit F1 again to cycle through different layouts.

Vendor Recipes ------------------

Arranged by the Act they’re most often used, they can be used at any time at any vendor you can sell to
Act 1
  • 3 health/mana flasks (same type+tier)=1 flask higher tier
  • 1 Portal Scroll = 1 Wisdom Scroll
  • Iron ring + G/B skill gem = Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Ring respectively
  • 1 item with 3 linked RGB sockets = 1 Chromatic Orb
  • Blue Wand/Sceptre/RuneDagger + [X resistance] Ring + Orb of Alteration = added flat damage of [X element] (higher ring rarity=higher bonus) on weapon
  • Weapon + magic or higher Rustic Sash + Whetstone = Weapon with %Physical damage roll (higher belt rarity=higher bonus)
  • Boots + quicksilver flask + Augmentation Orb = Blue boots with 10% movespeed roll. This can be repeated for an additional +5% on the movespeed roll, up to 30% (note that repeats will increase req level to 0/10/12/24/32/44 respectively)
  • Orb of Transmutation/Orb of Alteration/Blacksmith’s Whetstone = 4 Wisdom Scrolls
Act 2
  • Life Flask + Mana Flask (of same tier) + Orb of Fusing = Hybrid flask
Act 3
  • Flasks with a sum quality of 40% or one normal rarity 20% flask= Glassblower Bauble
  • Gems with a sum quality of 40% or one 20% gem= Gemcutter's Prism
  • 1 of each Two-Stone Ring = 1 Prismatic Ring
Act 4
  • Skill gem + Orb of Scouring = Skill gem with -1 level
  • Skill gem + Orb of Regret = Skill gem at level 1
Act 5+
  • Level 20 Skill Gem + Gemcutter's Prism = 20% Quality Level 1 Skill Gem
  • Item with 6 sockets = 7 Jeweler's Orbs
  • Full Rare Set Recipes = (Chance/Chaos/Regal Orbs)
  • 7 Vaal Skill gems + Sacrifice Fragment = Vaal Orb

Helpful Links ------------------

(Look at the sidenav of this sub for more!)
  • POE Wiki
  • POELab - Labyrinth daily tracker. Someone else runs the layout and maps it out for you! Also includes shrine locations and Izaro mechanics as soon as they're found.
  • Path of Building - Downloadable, powerful build concept tool
  • Path of Building - LocalIdentity Fork - An expanded and more frequently updated version of PoB
  • PoePlanner Lighter, online build concept tool
  • Trade Macro Popular Price check and trading tool, requires AHK
  • poe.trade or poe/trade - Player-to-player item trading site. Latter one is the official site.
NOTE Real money trading (RMT) is NOT supported or accepted by GGG you will get banned when you use IRL money to buy anything in poe that isn't from their own site/in-game store.
submitted by ArmaMalum to pathofexile

Recieved the XPS 15 9500 #NotALemon🍋

Update 1 (09/11/20) : So, after recetly running a bunch of the latests updates from Dell and windows update, had a problem with the audio coming out through the speakers and headphone jack😢. It started only playing a hissing-like sound instead of the expected audio. Good news is that I found 2 simple solutions to the issue. I explained the fixes in my post. It seems to me to be an issue of compatbility between Realtek drivers and MaxxAudio Pro app. Everything else is running well and no complaints (for now) .
I'll keep updating this post...👊🏽
Hello people, good news.
After much research ...
I finally received my XPS 15 9500.
  • Intel® Core™ i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2933 MHz
  • 1TB SSD Samsung PM981a M.2 NVMe
  • GeForce® RTX ™ 1650 Ti, 4 GB GDDR6
  • Touch screen UHD+ 3840 x 2400

It is a spectacular machine, it has no difficulties in compiling relatively complex code or in games in medium-high configuration and it has one of the best speakers I have ever heard on laptops in this class (especially after some EQ-ing).
I have it coupled with the MX Master 3 and the Anne Pro II keyboard 👌
Thanks to the people online, that helped a lot in this search to avoid a lemon. 🙏
Initial thoughts:
The obvious first worry was to run a bunch of tests against the "lemon lists" 🍋 around the internet.
On the get go the Dell ePSA Diagnostics helped me a lot here, in running basic tests (press F9 on boot). More info here
I've had it for a bit more than a week and at first it doesn't show any of the problems that have been reported, besides a couple of crash reboots when I first plugged-in my audio interface (before I ran driver & windows updates) and once when waking up from sleep (lost a few hours worth of work😢) after all updates were installed.
This screen's colour accuracy and high resolution is noticeable and it's bright (sometimes too bright for dimly lit rooms, even in the lowest brightness level). It's great outdoors, the glossiness of the screen does not subtract too much from the screen. Really good screen, IMO worth the trade-off for the battery. The thin bezels are a gift!
Trackpad is seriously large. it is soft and accurate, definitely feels like a premium quality trackpad (and its windows precision drivers, so gestures are very good on it). Gladly no "pre-clicks", no wobble and its mostly level with the keyboard deck.
I like the speakers (especially after some EQ tweaks on the MaxxAudioPro app). It's a good speaker system, IMO too muddy at times though it can be easily fixed by changing the EQ curve. As you can probably tell I really like the addition MaxxAudioPro app, don't get me wrong, I hate bloatware (more on that later), but I always install a system level EQ, so this saves me the hassle and it's a good one.
Typing on the keyboard feels a lot like the surface laptop (they both have 1.3mm of travel), the main difference is that the XPS seems a tiny bit more mushy. I took a bit longer than I expected to get used to it (I suspect the keys' sizes have something to do with it), but after a couple of hours I was back to my normal typing speed. Really comfortable to use and one of the best keyboard layouts out there. (typed this review with the keyboard)
The Killer® Wi-Fi AX1650s card is behaving well and Wifi Connection is solid and I still get a good reception through 3 walls, have not experienced signal dropoff. I also like the Killer Control Center app it alerts when a faster wifi AP is available, it gives stats and the ability to prioritise traffic.
Temperatures are ok for medium loads, after a full day of work (mostly mobile app development, with some photoshop and aftereffects) I had an average temp of 50º Celsius, comfortable enough to be on my lap for a while. I have it propped up on a stand so that helps with lowering the temps. When playing graphics intensive games or benchmarking it runs toasty (80-90ºC) and fans kick in heavily (and it throttles), but most games are playable at medium-high settings at around 50-60 FPS (some more, some less).
Fans run every once in a while when in medium load, they are mostly quiet and blend in with the surrounding sounds quite well. No perceivable coil Whine.
Battery runs about 4-5 hours on low brightness (as I said before lowest brightness is bright in the XPS) and medium load. It came out of the box with a battery wear level of 8.5% (usually I see under 7% in other PCs) but that's not too big of a worry. No battery drain while charging
The camera is... better than most, it's definitely not on par with the rest of the hardware (why do most laptops have bad cameras? is it not 2020?). Anyway, I like the Windows Hello functionality in such a thin bezel, its very fast and convenient to login. The fingerprint scanner is embedded in the on/off button in the keyboard, it's also handy and accurate.
A note about the fingerprint button is that it has a higher resistance than the other buttons in the keyboard so you cannot press it by mistake👌
In terms of weight, it’s a dense machine, it's hard to explain it without the sensation. It's around 2kg (about 4 pounds), so it's slightly heavier than other 15 inchers but it's still very portable specially because it has a body more like a 14 inch laptop (did I mention I love the thin bezels!?)
The 3 USB-C ports are not enough😓, but I guess we just have to embrace that dongle life. It's handy that it charges though USB-C and it can charge from any of the ports. I am eventually going to purchase a thunderbolt 3 dock, but for now I have a displayPort USB dongle connecting my 2 monitors to the laptop. On a positive note, the ports are sturdy and high-quality USB-C ports which a click-in connector and provides a solid connection 👍.
The laptop comes with relatively small amount of "bloatware", besides the usual windows apps. It has mostly Dell apps that are mostly useful (Dell Mobile Connect, Dell PremierColor, Dell CinemaColor, etc), what I am not fond of are the persistent dolby atmos app and the McAfee Antivirus 😩 pre-installed as bloatware and upsell strategies. But it's not bad, there are definitely worst laptop brands in this regard.
I like it! It's truly one of the best laptops out there, it's a shame it went through quality control issues in the beginning and so many people are going through replacements and refunds. Gladly I avoided the lemon #notALemon 🙏 and I think the number of bad ones in the wild are decreasing as time goes by. I'll do my best to report on any weird behaviours.
If you want to know anything else about it, ask 👇. I will do my best to answer.

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