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Is Shift 2 Unleashed handling better than NFS Shift?

Like its predecessor, Need for Speed II allows players to race exotic cars, either against computer-controlled opponents or human opponents via a LAN, modem, serial connection, or in split screen Nfs shift 2 unleashed serial number. And you cannot say that there is no evidence of it, I added two vaild links into the References section. Recently it does crash randomly during the first time I run the game after I boot into my system, but if I launch it for the second time there's absolutely no problem (although if I reboot my system, or turn it off then turn it on again, it will crash again, also just for once). Download Shift 2 Unleashed Free. Key Features: Next Level of Immersion - Experience visceral first-person racing like never before. Need for Speed SHIFT 2: Unleashed (PC) Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=1944. Tuning tips for Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed her comment is here.

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Serial number shift 2 Unleashed Steam CD Key for Free

Shift 2 Unleashed - CNET Download. We have premium features for webmasters too, so if you are looking for a solution for your website, please ping us and we can help. Create Your FREE Account. Feel what the Driver's Battle is actually like in an unparalleled racing experience that captures the. Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed is shaping up to be an epic racing game. Always thought I was on the US Keyboard system. Shift 2 Unleashed is a multiplayer Simulation Racer for play on PC. Follow-up game to 2020's Need For Speed: Shift, Shift 2 Unleashed leaves the traditional arcade racing associations of the Need For Speed franchise far behind as it immerses the player in an unprecedented level of realistic racing scenarios and functionality.

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Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of PLG France); EMI Music Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing. Download it from Adobe. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Shift 2 Unleashed - Motor Authority. Feb Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Serial For XBOXPCPS3 Need. Shift 2 unleashed serial number keygen mac. Virus-free and 100% clean download.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed (Need for Speed) [Pre-Owned] (PS3)

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Serial Number For Activation

It is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Night racing and full FIA GT licences are included, as well as the integration of the Autolog feature, which first appeared in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2020). Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed. Experience the high-velocity action and eye-popping visuals of the most awesome Need For Speed ever on iPad. SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED features an all-new rendering engine with a massive graphics overhaul that puts the player in the heart of the racing action. SHIFT 2 v1.01 Patch - Free Download. It was developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Electronic Arts. Shift 2: Unleashed - Mac Download Games.

D100 Haunted/Cursed trinkets you can find

So any haunted items you can stumble across in the world ranging from a nobles prized painting to an old doll in an abandoned village. They must be haunted by a ghost or multiple. They also need a backstory and a way to allow the ghost haunting the item to pass on into the afterlife. (No armor or weapons they will be in a different list).
d100 Name, Description, and backstory Trigger and effects Appeasement
1. The golden prince dining menu: A menu from a High-class restaurant named the golden Prince it has spots of dried blood on parts of the menu. The menu was from a high-class restaurant that closed down after all the customers were poisoned by one of the chiefs who had a grudge against nobles. He was able to get away with the crime by framing the head chief. If eating near the menu the pc will witness ghostly apparitions eating with them at a dining room table before they all start choking and vomiting up blood. The PC will suffer from a poison effect The only way to appease the ghosts is to bring their killer to justice.
2. Broken pocket watch: An expensive pocket watch that seems to be in perfect condition but its time is stuck at 1:24.The pocket watch belonged to a half-elf noble who was in love with a human woman. He went to a city for business and when he came back he found out at 1:24 she died in an accident. Overcome with grief he later killed himself around 6:00. His family later discovered his remains. Due to the fear of a scandal and the shame, it would bring to their family they hid his body somewhere on their property. When a PC is holding the pocket watch during a Tuesday the watch will start to work and the PC will feel an awful feeling of grief from losing a loved one. With each passing minute, the PC will become more depressed and around 6:00 will hang themselves and then the pocket watch will rewind to 1:24. The only way to prevent the PC from killing themselves is to remove the pocket watch from them or prevent them from hanging themself until it's after 6:00. The PC will refuse to give up the pocket watch and will become violent if someone tries to take it from them. The only way to appease his spirit is to find his body and bury it next to his lover's grave.
3. Flag of the slaughtered: Half of a snapped oak flag-pole. "We will fight to the last" is written in dried blood on one side. A flag belonging to an army that was killed to the last man. One of the dying soldiers wrote the message before dying soon after. Coming Soon Coming Soon
4. Rudolpho's Concerto of Madness: A set of haunting sheet music labeled as 'Rudolpho's Concerto of Madness.' Coming Soon Coming Soon
5. The frozen locket: A frost-covered silver locket that's frozen shut Coming Soon Coming Soon
6. bigfootbob The Smouldering Doll: A child’s doll blackened by fire, it has singed hair and half its face seems to be continually crumbling to ash. The doll is hot to the touch. The child was burnt in a house fire whilst playing. The doll is inhabited by the ghost of a small boy who will continuously ask the party to play with him. If they refuse his mood will turn black his face will start to crumble to ash and he’ll attack with fire. Appeasement by spending 1d4 hours playing with him
7. bigfootbob The Black Quill: A quill that signed the death warrants of a group resistance fighters. The group fought against unjust taxes. Now the ghosts inhabit the quill and write out scathing remarks against nobility by the hand of anyone who touches it. Appeased by an act of ‘sticking it to the man’
8. LoreGobblingFiend Dead Man's Dice: a set of loaded dice that exposed their gambling owner to the wrong crowd. He was killed for cheating in a high stakes game and now haunts the dice. If a PC rolls the dice, it will feel like betting on increasingly important things until it is all they care about. Rolling snake eyes. It's well-nigh impossible on account of loaded dice, and so embarrassingly bad that the ghost can't stand to exist anymore.
9. HippiesHappen Tasha's ring: this ring belonged to the creator of the "Tasha's Hideous Laughter" enchantment and is now haunted by their a ghost. Once donned, it cannot be pulled off, except by someone else who is laughing uncontrollably. Whenever a creature wakes up and/or hears a joke while wearing this ring, they must make a DC10 Wisdom saving throw or fall under the effects of Tasha's Hideous laughter for 10 minutes. The spirit can be appeased only when the ring is donned by a creature with an Intelligence score equal to or lower than 4, or alternatively as high as 30, either of which renders the ring useless long enough for the spirit to pass.
10. UkeBard /Coalesced A graveyard gate key. When anyone nearby dies/it senses undead, the player can feel it turning in their pocket. A groundskeeper at a graveyard came upon some youths who were being rowdy at night. Earlier in the evening, he misplaced his keys and the youths found them, accidentally unleashing an undead that killed all of them. Now the groundskeeper’s spirit yearns to protect where he failed to protect before. If the players are around hostile undead, the key will turn violently, insistently. Reappears on their person if discarded. If the key is used to seal undead within a tomb or other secure locale, it will mold itself perfectly to the lock and most lesser unquiet spirits will rest. The key will be silent and calm. If the tomb or other location is reopened, the groundskeeper key comes awake again and the undead are unleashed. To fully lay the groundskeeper to rest, the original undead who slew him must be locked away with this key. Tailor your undead CR appropriate to player level.
11. ThreeAndTwentyChars Caomombeart's Lever of Turning. It's an exquisite doorknob carved from tomb jade. There is a red glint in the jade which seems to turn when you move the doorknob around in your hand. It was the knob on the door of the top level of Caomombeart's castle keep. Prych Caomombeart married the beautiful (and wealthy) Lady Honorine Caomombeart (nee' Chavignol), taking in her three children, whom he positively loathed, from a previous marriage. Slowly, as to not build up suspicion, he began putting poison in the children's food. She found out and gathered her children to escape. He killed her to avoid prison (or worse) and went after the children, chasing them up into the castle keep and locking them in the room at the top. Realizing he would need to abscond with the wealth before being caught, he set fire to the keep and escaped into the night. The fire killed all the children and bonded their spirits into the tomb jade. The stone is worth 1000 GP. That makes it a prize worth stealing. However, it is cursed by the children's spirits. When eating, the Lever makes all food and drink taste horrid. So much so, the holder of this item will stop eating and suffer the effects of malnutrition (Exhaustion). The knob can be dropped and left, ridding you of the curse and guiding you back to health, the exhaustion slowly waning over a week's time. However, the knob will still be cursed. That makes selling the item a bit troublesome. The glint is actually the children pointing you in the direction of Caomombeart. To rid the jade of the curse, you must deal with Caomombeart. If alive (+50% percentile dice), you must use the knob's "compass" to hunt him down and kill him. If dead, you must find his grave and bury the knob with him, thus entombing him with his unwanted children forever.
12. guilersk An old broom, so dry as to almost leech the moisture out of a person's hands if they hold it. The bristles are worn and crooked, almost like finger bones, to the degree that they rattle if the broom is shaken. The broom is haunted by the ghost of a maid who had an affair with a nobleman and then was killed so that the nobleman's wife would not find out. The holder is compelled (Wisdom/Willpower type saving throw, middling DC--13 seems good) to begin sweeping the current room of all dirt and dust; when finished, they must save again or proceed to the next room and sweep that room, then the next, and so on, suffering fatigue/exhaustion/loss of stamina, etc. for every 2 rooms cleaned this way until the (ideally large) domicile is clean, a save is successful, or the victim collapses. The (burnt-ash) remains of the maid must be located in a hidden chamber of the house and be swept out with the broom. Emptying the remains by any other method causes them to slowly, inexorably creep back into the house.
13. Th3R3493r The Ledger of a Meek Child: It is the innocent looking diary of a wimpy kid that died due to one of the major plague to happen long ago. It details his early life and daily goings and is strangely compelling to read with crudely drawn arts reenacting the words. The writing and drawing becomes better as the reader continues as the child becomes more jaded and damaged in his life. But, near the end, it becomes apparent the boy who is now a teen caused the plagues and spread it via the animals and plants he could taint. As the world became more chaotic and the death tolls became immense, the child died due to him getting bite by one of the rats he used as a plague bearer. The ledger finishes past the boy's death where the soul of the child will attempt to possess the reader and carry on with killing the world with pestilence as a lich. The ledger will persuade those who open it to read it until the end. At first, with light-hearted stories and pleasant memories, then with answers and reason to an unexplained dark age and cures to ailments that exist to this day, finally by forcing the will of the reader to its command. There is no appeasing it until all is dead or dying. It must be keep out of unsafe hands. Burn or destroy it will release the tainted soul of the boy and lead to more plagues being released into the world. Do not read it.
14. Th3R3493r The Awful War-Lute of Urrhock the Terrible: A master-crafted dwarven lute-ax that was stolen, abused, and misused by a orcish bard-arian by the name of Urrhock. He, in life and death, dreamed of being a bard of great renowned and refine despite his brutish and crass nature and lack of musical talents. Despite the compliments and payment he recieve for his "performances", he knew it was empty words to appease him. He died after a paladin of Corellon Larethian (the god of music) used a smite and a javelin to cease his butchery of the arts to the great relief of the crowd during his "magnum opus". Now he longs for his magnum opus to be sung and loved by at least one soul. As an ax, it is a great weapon that acts as great ax, but, it compels the user to sing and use it as an instrument. As a lute, it sucks and cannot keep tune. The user loses rhythm easily and rhyming is always at disadvantage with the chances that a spell may rebound and do the opposite of what is supposed to do. Urrhock will give you his song and request you sing it to anyone who will listen, even if it is not with his lute. Upon an audience member of sound mind sincerely stating they enjoyed the song, Urrhock's soul will be released from the weapon to be let wander the world. It then becomes a great weapon and instrument.
15. Th3R3493r The Spiteful Arrow: An haunted, but, impressive dragon-fang arrow that used by a man to kill his brother who was always the better shot and hunter. An archer who holds it feels the hate that burns within its shaft and concentration in its head. When shot or thrown, it will steer itself to the heart of the fratricidal brother and pierce through anything in its way until its momentum is completely lost. If you shoot it and the brother's direction is behind you, it will go through you to get to its murderer. It must pierce the heart of its murderer or at least where it was. It will become a normal dragon-fang arrow afterwards.
16. scoobygotabooty The Chains That Bind: A small orb. Would be transparent, if not for the murky, purple essence that lies within. It is the size of a human fist. There was once a mage who enjoyed the experimentation of soul transposition. A testament to his cruel, albeit fitting fate, the orb contains the soul of a cold, dark, and persistent being. Perhaps the two figures share some similarities. Upon obtaining this peculiarly named orb, the carrier is overcome with an intense urge to keep it on their person, and they become obsessively protective over the trinket. Possessing this orb spawns a deathly, floating figure. It shifts and shimmers, following the players at a deathly slow pace (speed of 5 feet). It cannot be harmed, and touching a being on this plane of existence causes heavy necrotic damage. It always knows the location of the orb and those who possess it and will pursue them endlessly, through shifting seasons, passing moons, and the stretches of time. The holder finds the laboratory of the mage, placing the orb upon a stand on their desk. The spirit becomes corporeal and can be harmed. Slaying the apparition will free it from its prison, much like the group will be freed of their pursuer.
17. Th3R3493r The Lovers' Pints: It is two common copper pint glass that always finds themselves on the porch step on the inn. It was used by an amicable but lonely half-orc who frequented the tavern in the inn. He had a habit of sometimes taking a drink with him on the road and coming back with the empty cup or tanker in the morning. One night, he caught the eye of a beautiful adventurer and he fell for her as she as well for him. After a week, she went off for work. As for the half-orc, he kept coming and asking if anyone had seen hide or hair of her. When they would meet up again, they would sit on the porch with the mugs and just enjoy the other's company. As fate would have it, not too long after, a war broke out in a neighboring kingdom and the one that the inn resides. The adventurer became a mercenary and the half-orc fought as a foot soldier. In the fog of war on the last battle, they met and clashed until the half-orc unknowingly kill her. He held her as she died and she forgave him in her last few breaths. When he went back to his old life, he grew more and more depressed. Until the fateful day, he came into the tavern with a smile. He ordered two rounds and walked off with both. The morning, both cups were on the porch and still full of ale. The guardsman who check on the half-orc and found he had died in his sleep with an ale stain on his nightstand and another stain on the opposite nightstand. The tavern owner attempted to take the pint glass in but always found on the porch full of ale no matter how secure they were stowed. They say that if two people who truly love each other, the ale within will taste like ambrosia with a hint of ecstasy but, if it is fake for at least one, it will taste like piss with a bit of smoke and blood. The pint glasses can not be destroyed, stolen, or kept. They can be sold but, they will appear on the porch no matter what and all the shops in the town know this. After midnight, they will disappear if all sentient lifeforms stop looking at it even for a blink. They refill every hour as long as no one is watching it. All drinkable liquids put in the pint glasses will become the special ale as anything else will empty on the ground below it. As stated in the legend, if two people who truly love each other, the ale within will taste like ambrosia but, if it is fake for at least one, it will taste like piss with a bit of smoke and blood. If you drink one cup alone, it will just taste like the cheapest ale on tap for the day. The lovers live on in the cups. Burning or salting their corpses will not lead to the cups losing their anomalous property. Perhaps burning the mugs in abyssal flames as a beholder watches would do the trick.
18. Hermit-Sensei The Spectre's Spectacles: an old pair of steel wire-frame spectacles. They originally belonged to a local town crier that was executed after violently tackling a city nobleman and claiming that he was "trying to save him from a monster". Upon first putting the glasses on the wearer will unknowingly be cursed. After a day of wearing the spectacles, the wearer will begin to see an apparition of an opaque black shadow in the shape of a man. The visions will become increasingly frequent and disturbing as the apparition goes from simply standing in view to eventually attacking people within the wearer's eyesight (other people will not perceive this apparition and will not be harmed). At the point of the curse that the wearer is seeing attacks, each vision will deal 1dX psychic damage to the wearer. Taking the glasses off after seeing their first vision will blur the wearer's eyesight and deal 1d4 psychic damage every 2 hours (and can only be fixed by putting the glasses back on). The curse can be lifted by returning the spectacles to their original owner's corpse. Attempting to use holy water on the spectacles or break the glass parts will cause the specter to physically manifest and attack the wearer, and only those who have put the glasses on will be able to see it.
19. sally_puppetdawg Pinkie’s Ladle: This large hand-carved wooden ladle is marked with the initials PM and appears to be enchanted to automatically stir any stew it is placed in. In actuality, it is haunted by Pinkie MacLoy, a portly halfling ghost who owned a tiny tavern famous for its delicious food. He was working on a brand new recipe when a group of bandits attacked the tavern and Pinkie tried to defend it, using his giant (to him) wooden ladle. Alas, he failed. He haunts his ladle now and relishes when it is used as an improvised weapon to whack bad guys, though he’s not really seeking revenge. Trigger: Invisible ghost emerges when the spoon is used to cook. Effect: Stirs soup. If noticed (true sight, someone makes a comment, whatever), the ghost tells his story. Continues to happily stir the soup. He pines to return to his old tavern and cook one last good meal
20. InstalledTeeth The Sunken Playwright - in a time long forgotten a young playwright was aboard a ship where he intended to return home and sell it to a wealthy theatre after spending nearly ten years writing it abroad. On the voyage, he decided to see it on the stage for the first time so to speak. Three of the ship’s crew members volunteered to act it out bellow deck. Although the playwright’s name has been lost to the deep the three actors who performed were remembered in his notes as Deidre, Hansel, and someone known only as Pick. The night of the first rehearsal the ship sunk under mysterious circumstances and the playwright stuffed his life’s work into his trunk as his cabin flooded. The playwright and Pick went down with the ship. When out on the open sea or on some beachside shore the players can find the playwright’s trunk and within they can find the script and the playwright’s notes explaining everything up until the night the play was supposed to be rehearsed. If they read the script they will find a story featuring three characters. The play consists of two of these characters wanting the third dead. Throughout the play, they plan the murder of the third as the audience sees the complex life of secrets and lies that the third character lives, but it is never explained what leads the other two characters to murder. At the end of the play, the first two characters dispose of the body and make a suicide pact. When the murder is discovered the second character follows through but the first character bails, changes their identity and flees the country. The play finally ends with the last living character on a ship to an unknown location where they comment about a storm coming from behind them. When the script is read all players who know the plot in character are inflicted with the Playwright’s curse. The curse itself has the playwright following the players around as a vaguely humanoid shape of rot and sea life clinging to his skeleton. He will carry a feathered pen which he will use to write pages from his script on any piece of paper the cursed player(s) own. He will eventually replace the names of the characters in the play with the names of party members and other NPCs. If the curse is not broken in time then the murder will occur with the named party members with one being the victim, one committing suicide, and the other fleeing, never to be seen again. The other cursed party members (if there are any) will no longer be able to find the script and the playwright will start to write on their eyes in the night dealing 1d4 necrotic damage for however many days since the disappearance of the script. To break the curse the players must perform the play to a full audience at the theatre the playwright intended to sell his story to. During the performance, the playwright will be sitting in the front row taking notes similar to those in his trunk. At the end of the performance, the playwright will leave his notes on the seat and give a standing ovation and walk out of the theatre and vanish. When the curse is broken the water damage will disappear from the script and it will become a leather-bound book with a portrait of the playwright without the rot and decay. Sitting on top of the book will be the playwright’s pen that can be used to write three foretelling numbers per week
21. Chillout_Man The Frosted Scope: a nobleman and his son were on a trip to a mountain (that still exists lol) in the summer with the intention of camping and bonding with each other. However, an unusual snowstorm appeared on the mountain during the trip, and neither was seen again. The nobleman had brought his most prized possession - a fine brass telescope - along on the trip. It was later found by his wife on the doorstep. When she tried to pick it up, it was incredibly cold to the touch, causing her to shriek and throw it out into the forest. When picked up by a non-human or female PC, they will suffer 1d4 cold damage, but be otherwise unaffected. When a human male PC picks it up, it will be instantly frozen to their hand by strange ice that glows slightly. The ice doesn't feel cold to the attached PC, but anyone else who touches it will suffer 1d4 cold damage. Most beings will see nothing but a blurred image that cannot be identified when looking through the glass. However, the PC who is bound to it will see a beautiful view from a mountaintop. When the scope is brought to the site that is seen in it, the icy chains will break, but the PC will be left with a feeling that there is unfinished business. If the scope is looked through again (this time anyone can do it, and will not take damage or be bound), it shows a seemingly abandoned keep on the other side of the mountain. Within the keep is a log detailing weather experiments. It also states that the master of the keep moved elsewhere to continue his experiments. Find the master, who is revealed to be a powerful wizard, and show him the scope. He may need it explained to him, but once he realizes the suffering he's caused, he will start sobbing before teleporting away. At this point, the ghost will leave the telescope, allowing it to be used properly. It is exceptionally high quality, increasing sight distance tenfold and granting advantage on perception rolls while a PC is looking through it, and can be sold for 500 GP.
22. PumpkinSpiceAngel The Pearl Tear: A pearl tear-shaped pendant that is somewhat damaged. The Pear Tear had belonged to Ashlynn Meshi, the daughter of Lord Leroux and Lady Ingrid Meshi. Ashlynn had fallen in love with the son of a local baron, Donatien Dannu. Even though Dannu's father was known to be a corrupt and manipulative man, Ashlynn had believed that she could keep Dannu from becoming his father. Unfortunately, Dannu had become his father in the way that he had treated Meshi, abusing her both physically and emotionally. When she had tried to talk to Dannu's brother, Titus, about her lover's actions, Titus had brushed her off. Unfortunately, Dannu found out and had beaten her. After what seemed like an eternity of beatings, Dannu had strangled Meshi, killing her. Afraid that he would be executed for what he had done, he had buried Meshi in an unmarked grave, taking the Pearl Tear with him. Upon a PC donning the necklace, they will endure a shortness of breath lasting a round and intense anxiety. After the round is finished, the PC will notice an anxious woman on a successful perception roll. If the PC chooses to approach the woman, she will beg the PC to stay away from her before quickly vanishing. During a long rest, the PC will have visions of the woman being hurt by a man hidden in the shadows. On a third long rest, the PC will receive a vision of the woman being badly beaten and strangled. After the woman has passed, the shadowy man will glance at the PC with a look of intense hatred. Upon waking, the PC must make a Wisdom saving throw. Upon a failure, the PC is frightened until a Calm Emotions spell is cast. On a fourth long rest, the PC will encounter the same woman they had encountered but sitting in a way that covers her face with her knees. If the PC chooses to interact with her, the woman will lift her head revealing a bloody nose, black eye, and bruises on her neck. If the PC is still frightened, they will have disadvantage on any checks to interact with her. Either way, she will tell the PC about her necklace and where her lover had buried her. To put Meshi to rest, the PC must give her a proper funeral with the Pearl Tear. After the funeral, the woman will appear to the PC, her injuries healed. She will give thanks to the PC for ending her suffering and ascend to Paradise. The PC will no longer be frightened and will have advantage on the next persuasion roll they make.

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2021 NFL Mock Draft with explanations for each pick (3 rounds) + Prospect rankings.

Hey everyone. Warning this is a massive post, but im sure that's normal here!
Decided to do an early mock and prospect analysis. I operate a 49ers blog and Slack server, and had done this with them, but I decided to share it here. fortheniners.com is my website if you want to check it out for more stuff, but it's mostly 49ers oriented. Give me some feedback, would love to hear it from you guys.
I created a custom order based on the rest of the season and i simulated the rest. Some picks might be switched in the 2nd round and 3rd due to the reordering of picks, but mostly it should be OK. I felt this order fit how I think the NFL will shake out by the end of season. I can't get the picks to number for some reason correctly.

Positional Rankings

  1. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
  2. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
  3. Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
  4. Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
  5. Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
  6. Kyle Trask, QB, Florida
  7. D’Eriq King, QB, Miami
  8. Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati
  9. Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M
  10. Brock Purdy, QB, Iowa State
  1. Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
  2. Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
  3. Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State
  4. Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State
  5. Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis
  1. Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
  2. Pat Friermuth, TE, Penn State
  3. Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami
  4. Hunter Long, TE, Iowa State
  5. Grant Calcaterra, TE, Oklahoma
  1. Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
  2. Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU
  3. Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama
  4. Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
  5. Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
  1. Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
  2. Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
  3. Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas
  4. Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson
  5. Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
  1. Wyatt Davis, OG, Ohio State
  2. Creed Humphrey, OC, Oklahoma
  3. Trey Smith, OG, Tennessee
  4. Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama
  5. Josh Myers, OG, Ohio State
  1. Marvin Wilson, DT, Florida State
  2. Jay Tufele, DT, USC
  3. Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburgh
  4. Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama
  5. Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU
  1. Gregory Rousseau, DE, Miami
  2. Kwity Paye, DE, Michigan
  3. Quincy Roche, DE, Miami
  4. Carlos Basham Jr, DE, Wake Forest
  5. Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan
  1. Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
  2. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame
  3. Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
  4. Cameron McGrone, LB, Michigan
  5. Chazz Surratt, LB, North Carolina
  1. Patrick Surtain Jr, CB, Alabama
  2. Caleb Farley, CB, Virgina
  3. Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
  4. Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
  5. Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina
  1. Jevon Holland, FS, Oregon
  2. Paris Ford, SS, Pittsburgh
  3. Hamsah Nasirlideen, SS, Florida State
  4. Caden Sterns, FS, Texas
  5. Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse


1st Round

NYJ - Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
  • Maybe the best QB prospect… ever. Lawrence brings what the Jets have lacked for a very long time. “It”. Lawrence is almost a flawless QB prospect, complete with elite physical tools, mental tools, experience in big games, and the football IQ to be one of the best QBs ever.
JAX - Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
  • Make no mistake. Justin Fields is not a consolation prize. The Ohio State product is one of the best QB prospects in recent memory as well, with exceptional arm talent, elite ability to make throws on the run, athleticism, leadership, and good decision making. Gifted with a strong arm and a very good deep ball, he will do well on a team that can build around him. He’s also part of the new generation of mobile QBs - Fields is expected to run in the 4.4s.
WAS - Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
  • Wilson is an interesting prospect. The eye-test shows a mega-talented QB with a knack for big plays, but reading in between the lines, his prospects become murky. Playing against a low level of competition, Wilson has never been truly under pressure from a pass rush during a game. Regardless, Wilson might be the most naturally gifted playmaker in this class - his ability to make throws on the run and extend plays is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and more, and his arm talent fits that category. One year wonder, sure, but Wilson can be a superstar.
NYG - Gregory Rousseau, DE, Miami
  • Passing on the best tackle prospect in recent memory is probably a bad idea. Unfortunately, Dave Gettleman has a penchant for that. Rousseau is a very raw albeit extremely talented pass rusher from Miami. Despite being underdeveloped as a pass rusher, his physical gifts alone made him a top pass rusher last season, trailing only Chase Young as the best pass rusher in college. The Giants add another big man to a talented DL, along with Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence. Rousseau is oozing with potential, and with his length, burst, and strength, can become a force that will terrorize the NFC East. Rousseau is going to test very well at the combine as well.
CIN - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
  • Joe Burrow is screaming for joy. Sewell is the best OT prospect, arguably since Joe Thomas, or Trent Williams - he has everything. This is almost a cant-miss pick for Cincinatti, and it gives them two young, bookend tackles in Sewell and 2019 1st round pick Jonah Williams to protect the Heisman award winning QB.
DAL - Patrick Surtain Jr, CB, Alabama
  • Dallas is not as bad as this pick slot indicates, but regardless, they pick due to their injury concerns. Drafting on the defense has to be the priority here, and why not reunite Surtain Jr with his former Alabama teammate, and fellow DB in Trevon Diggs? It fills a need and is arguably the BPA at this spot.
LAC - Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
  • While they missed out on Sewell, longtime blindside protector for Justin Herbert, Leatherwood is a great prospect in his own right. A well rounded OL with experience in a tough conference like the SEC, Leatherwood is a stalwart that can start at guard or tackle, giving the Chargers a piece they can put anywhere on the line to protect Herbert, and he is NFL-ready on Day 1.
DET - Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
  • Passing on Micah Parsons! How? Last time they picked a LB in the first round, it was Jarrad Davis, and they were burned, badly. Instead, they opt for the explosive WR out of Alabama, marking 3 straight picks from Tuscaloosa. Waddle is a game-breaker, stirring up comparisons to Tyreek Hill - and rightfully so. His speed is incredible, and his hands and route running are right up there as well, and he brings rare instincts and elusiveness. Waddle was the best WR in college before getting injured this season. Waddle adds the last piece to the Detroit offense, giving them a great group around Matthew Stafford who is entering the twilight of his career - with Waddle, Golladay, Jones Jr, Swift, and Hockenson, the Lions have the makings of a very good offense.
MIA - Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
  • Brian Flores would sprint to the podium to pick up Parsons if this was the scenario. The former LB coach grabs one of the most gifted LB prospects in a long time, and he fits the Dolphins at one of their biggest positions of need, with Raekwon McMillan gone. Parsons forms a fearsome LB duo next to Jerome Baker, and brings rare instincts, speed, and physicality to Miami.
DEN - Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas
  • Denver was hoping that Parsons would fall one more pick, but alas, they have to settle. Cosmi is one of the most physically talented OTs in the draft, and although he is raw, he’s got plenty of ability and potential. John Elway grabs his hopeful franchise LT to protect Drew Lock.
ATL - Kwity Paye, DE, Michigan
  • One of the fastest risers in the draft, Paye is physically dominant as an EDGE rusher and has the production to back it up. Atlanta could have taken a QB here, but considering that they have Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley both in their primes at the moment, they decide to stick with Matt Ryan - for the short term, instead of spending a massive asset on a rookie QB and waiting on him. Paye can become one of the best DL in the league, and replaces Takkarist McKinley.
MIN - Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
  • Another team that could have taken a QB - Minnesota passes on the hometown kid, Lance, in favor for an interior lineman. While QB would be ideal here, Kirk Cousins’ contract is a behemoth, and it does not afford the Vikings a real opportunity to get off that contract - Minnesota would be better off shoring up the rest of their team, and looking for a new QB in the future, while sticking with Cousins short-term.
SF - Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
  • The Garoppolo era is over - and the new era of Trey Lance begins in San Francisco. Lance is the only QB of the “big four” who exclusively works in a pro-style offense, and under center. His big arm, mobility, and IQ on the football field will be a welcome sight for 49ers fans who have seen none of those under the last couple years with Garoppolo at the helm. Lance, although in a weak conference, has showcased both elite ability as a pocket passer and a runner, with exceptional touch on deep balls. He can stand in the pocket, deliver while taking a hit, and Kyle Shanahan will like all of that. Great decision maker, and he limits turnovers.
NE - Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
  • Bill Belichick misses out on the last remaining big QB. He instead opts for the premier offensive weapon in the class, Kyle Pitts. Pitts is in the running for the Heisman. As a TE. Yeah. Belichick adds Pitts to a weakened Patriots offense in desperate need for a big weapon like Pitts, and he steps into the 6 foot 6 inch, 265 pound gap left by Rob Gronkowski in Foxborough.
CAR - Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
  • With Teddy playing very well, Carolina likely opts to reinforce their defense, after doing so already last season. Their offense is all but set, with stars like McCaffrey, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel already in the mix - but the biggest problem is the defense. While they could go LB to replace Kuechly, why not provide one more big time player in the secondary. With Donte Jackson, Caleb Farley, Jeremy Chinn, and more, Carolina has the makings of a great defense.
LV - Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
  • They will go DL and the BPA in that case is FSU’s Marvin Wilson. The big man has been one of the best interior DL in college for a very long time and will continue to do so in Vegas, and provides a physical presence next to Maurice Hurst, Clelin Ferrell, and Maxx Crosby. This is a reach, but the Raiders bet that Wilson can recapture his previous level of play in an NFL program.
CLE - Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
  • Moses, physically, is one of the most talented LB prospects in the draft. A thumper at LB, Moses has seen everything coming from the long list of star Alabama LBs in recent years - but there are question marks. Before his ACL injury, Moses was supposed to go top 10, but after, his play level, and instincts have declined and he looks a step slow. Still, Cleveland opts to grab Moses and place him next to Mack Wilson, giving the Cleveland defense the leader and MIKE LB they need and that they had lost in Joe Schobert.
JAX - Pat Friermuth, TE, Penn State
  • Friermuth has drawn Gronk comparisons as a big, bulky target over the middle with blocking capability and red-zone dominance. While he may never reach that level, this is a no-brainer at 18 - Jacksonville gets Justin Fields his safety blanket for the next 5 years or more, and fills one of their biggest needs on the offensive end of the ball.
PHI - JaMarr Chase, WR, LSU
  • Philly fans are likely screaming in joy. Arguably the best WR in the draft drops all the way to 19, and right into the lap of Doug Peterson. Carson Wentz finally gets his #1 WR, and it’s a good one. Next to Jalen Reagor, Chase forms a lethal duo and both complement each other perfectly. He has everything a WR needs, and although he is not exceptionally fast, his hands, route running, ball skills, and physicality more than make up for it. He drops partly due to his speed not being amazing and recency bias favoring Jaylen Waddle.
TEN - Jay Tufele, DT, USC
  • Tufele is a gifted defensive tackle - with good athleticism, technique, and all-around ability, and young as well, he is nowhere near his ceiling both as a pass rusher and run defender. He can be a 3 down player and can start day one, and for a contender like Tennessee, that makes perfect sense. They shore up the DL again, with three pieces set in stone - Harold Landry, Jeffery Simmons, and now, Tufele.
MIA - Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama
  • With Preston Williams, DeVante Parker, and Jakeem Grant, the Dolphins have a good WR corps. But they need that final piece, the #1 - and Smith is exactly that. Tua gets his favorite target back, as Smith follows in the footsteps of the Alabama route-runners before him in Jerry Jeudy, Calvin Ridley, and Amari Cooper. He is thin, but strong at the same time, showcasing good speed, elite route running, elusiveness, and hands, giving Tua the target he needs.
CHI - Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
  • The SAVIOR! The Trubisky saga is over, and Nick Foles time is short lived in Chicago as well. Chicago opts for Mac Jones, the signal caller from Alabama. Jones is an experienced QB - but the sample size of him playing well is small. Armed with an elite deep ball, a good arm, and functional mobility, Jones works in a pro-style system and is one of the few QBs that could start Day 1 in the NFL. With great decision making and ability to read the field, while playing tough defenses in the SEC - Jones opens up the entire playbook for Chicago because he can throw to any part of the field. They could take Kyle Trask, but instead opt for the higher ceiling in Mac Jones.
NO - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame
  • A WR would also be a fit here next to Michael Thomas, but with Mac Jones gone, the Saints opt to add another LB next to the aging DeMario Davis and questionable Kwon Alexander. J.O.K. is a talented LB who can lineup at anywhere from MIKE, to S, to OLB, and do it at a high level. Great in coverage, and can play against TEs and occasionally WRs in the slot. He’s a defensive weapon for Sean Payton.
BUF - Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
  • Tre White gets a partner in crime. Wade falls all the way to 24, where Sean McDermott picks up the best fit at corner for his scheme. Wade is exceptional both in press and in zone, and is an explosive and fast athlete with some swagger when tackling. He can work both outside or in the slot, and while he has some issues against taller and bigger WRs, it’s nothing that cannot be ironed out. The Bills form an elite, top 3 defense with Wade in the fold.
IND - Jevon Holland, S, Oregon
  • A QB could make sense here, but Trask once again falls as Indianpolis decides to stick with one of the three in Rivers, Brissett, or the Uber-talented rookie in Jacob Eason. Instead, they grab the best safety in the class in Jevon Holland. Holland is a do-it-all safety with great coverage ability, and a lot of range - and he gives the Colts a player they can plug and play at either FS or SS. Malik Hooker simply has not worked out for the Colts due to health reasons, so the Colts grab a long term starter at S.
ARI - Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
  • Kyler Murray gets his old friend from Oklahoma. Humphrey is a plug-and-play center or guard prospect in the NFL and gives Murray some much needed familiarity - and at a big position of need. Arizona’s biggest focus should be protecting Murray, and Humphrey is a strong, technical stalwart in the interior, which is key against the NFC West’s talent like Aaron Donald, Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa, and more.
GB - Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
  • Aaron Rodgers will riot if this pick is not another weapon. Despite the defensive short comings for the Packers, they have to take WR here - it’s holding back their offense. They opt for Rondale Moore, the explosive WR from Purdue. Moore is a game-changer with the ball in his hands, a YAC machine who will destroy you in the open field. And that is a perfect compliment to Davante Adams, as Moore can lineup anywhere, from RB, to the SLOT, to outside WR. Aaron Rodgers has clearly missed Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb - but Moore brings what Cobb also brought to the table.
BAL - Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
  • The speed demon in Marquise Brown is already there - but the Ravens need a true #1. Bateman brings a physical, big presence at WR, something Lamar has not had since college, and something he really needs. Bateman’s sure hands, body control, contested catch ability, and explosiveness is exactly what the Ravens need - as the final piece in a juggernaut of an offense being created. With Mark Andrews, JK Dobbins, Marquise Brown, Jackson, and now Bateman in the fold, Jackson’s full ability as a passer can be unleashed and the Ravens offense with that.
TB - Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama
  • When in doubt, take the Bama player. In all seriousness, there are plenty of options the Buccaneers can go with here - but clearly, reinforcing the DL is the most popular way of doing so. Barmore next to Vita Vea gives the Buccaneers a great duo, with Barmore a perfect candidate to play the 3-tech. He’s raw but plenty of growing room.
PIT - Kyle Trask, QB, Florida
  • Trask finally comes off the board, and to arguably the perfect team. Trask is not ready to start in the NFL day one - but he can be that guy in the future. Although he does not possess an amazing arm, he has all the intangibles, accuracy, and decision making to become the QBOTF in Pittsburgh. Trask’s biggest issue is his footwork - if he can fix that, everything else will fall into place. He possesses the physical attributes to be a star, tall, built strong, and he is fearless in the pocket. The throwing motion is good, but the overall mechanics in combination with the footwork need improvement. Fortunately, he will have time to do so under Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.
KC - Carlos Basham, DE, Wake Forest
  • Basically any pick is a luxury pick for Kansas City, but they opt for Basham here. Basham is a sure-thing, he won’t be a superstar, but he will be a very good defensive end. He is strong, big, and possesses both good burst and good technique - and forms a great duo across from Frank Clark.
NYJ - Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson
  • While they could take Etienne here, instead of the next pick right after, they take Carman first - for the 5th round option. RBs are usually easy to keep, but that 5th year option if Carman pans out will be massive. The Jets grab Trevor Lawrence two familiar faces back to back, in order to appease their new franchise QB, who may not have been enthusiastic to be drafted by NY.

2nd round:

NYJ - Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
  • Jets grab another familiar face, this time in the best RB in the draft. Lawrence feeling at home. Etienne has incredible speed, acceleration, and is a complete RB, being able to play on 3rd down. The Jets get a dynamic weapon, a stark contrast to the slow and steady Le’Veon Bell.
JAX - Trey Smith, OT/OG, Tennessee
  • If Justin Fields is going to succeed, the Jaguars need to step it up everywhere. They’ve addressed TE, now they address the OL, with Smith. Rock-solid lineman with versatility, Smith is one of the best pass protectors in the draft.
WAS - Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest
  • First step in Washington with new management in the fold is building a new culture. Support players - and Surratt is squeaky clean off the field with academic awards and more. But really, this is about football - Surratt is a very good possession WR and fits next to McLaurin well, giving Zach Wilson a big target with soft hands and good speed.
NYG - Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan
  • Passing on Sewell hurts - but Mayfield makes up for it. A very high potential player at OT, Mayfield can play at RT or LT, depending on where the Giants shift the struggling Andrew Thomas. Saquon Barkley breathes a sigh of relief.
CIN - Terence Marshall Jr, WR, LSU
  • Familiar target? Check. AJ Green is likely out of Cincinnati after this season, and Marshall can perfectly fit in as a height-weight-speed freak with production. Marshall can be the #1 WR in Cincy.
DAL - Caden Sterns, S, Texas
  • Strengthening this defense is key - and the next step is at safety. Sterns fits the bill as a playmaking coverage safety who can play in man or zone, helping this Cowboys pass defense take the next step.
LAC - Walker Little, OT, Stanford
  • Two tackles in a row? With a QB like Herbert, you need it. With Trai Turner, Leatherwood, Little, and Lamp on the OL, Herbert will have good protection and for a long time with two new bookend tackles. Little is a great fit at RT, with Leatherwood slotting on the left. Good technique, great size, and great length.
DET - Cameron McGrone, LB, Michigan
  • Taking the Ann Arbor product, McGrone has sky-high potential as a three down LB with sideline to sideline speed. Detroit gets the chosen one at their biggest need.
MIA - Quincy Roche, DE, Miami
  • Besides the Miami connection, this is a no-brainer. Roche drops to the 2nd, where Brian Flores picks him up to reinforce a pass rush in need of a speedy, bendy edge rusher like Roche. Big time pick up, as Miami is nailing the draft.
DEN - Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburgh
  • Von Miller and Jurrell Casey should return next season, giving the Broncos a fearsome trio combined with Bradley Chubb. Twyman is the final piece and gives them a longterm solution. An explosive, undersized DL, Twyman is already an elite pass rusher on the interior with room to grow.
ATL - Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU
  • Narrowly missing on Twyman, they settle for Shelvin, the behemoth DT from LSU - a great fit next to Grady Jarrett, Dante Fowler, and now Kwity Paye. Shelvin can swallow up double teams.
JAX - Paris Ford, S, Pittsburgh
  • Fields is in the fold, but that does not mean Jacksonville ignores the defense. They get a good safety in Paris Ford, a guy who is always around the ball. With Josh Allen, Chaisson, Myles Jack, CJ Henderson, and now Ford, they have high potential guys on every level of the ball.
SF - Jayson Oweh, EDGE, Penn State
  • Dee Ford is likely gone… so the 49ers need a speed rusher, an athletic one for DL coach Kris Kocurek to mold. While very raw, Oweh is a physical freak with speed, a quick first step, strength, and bend. He is not a finished product, and will be limited to pass rush duties in his first years, but once he develops, watch out.
NE - Joseph Ossai, EDGE/LB, Texas
  • Bill Belichick runs to the podium for this pick. Home run for NE, as they grab the perfect player they need at LB and the DL - someone who can fill the position that Jamie Collins left years ago. Ossai is very raw but Bill Belichick will savor getting a LB that he can mold in whatever way he wants for his defense. This is a perfect fit.
CAR - Jabril Cox, LB, LSU
  • A smart, fast and instinctive LB, Cox will not replace Luke Kuechly, but he can help. Next to Shaq Thompson, the Panthers have filled a lot of their holes already - and it’s still the 2nd round.
LV - Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse
  • Cisco gives the Raiders a nice, young, and talented safety duo in their secondary with Abram as well. Raiders continue to strengthen the defense. Cisco is coming off a torn ACL but is talented and was a 1st round prospect, arguably, until his injury.
CLE - Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR, USC
  • Odell Beckham Jr is likely done - and either way, Baker Mayfield needs a new target, preferable one that can play in the slot or outside. St. Brown has great hands, great route running, and good speed. Cleveland has a big need at EDGE, but they opt to get their young QB one more target in hopes of a breakout season.
LAR - Josh Myers, OG, Ohio State
  • They could take a LB here, but Myers dropping this low is a no-brainer. The Rams add another athletic and polished OL. Myers is a good fit for the zone scheme that Sean McVay runs, and fill one of their most pressing needs. Jared Goff is not Jared Goff under pressure - this is the way to keep this offense chugging… investing in the OL, especially in the brutal NFC West.
PHI - Hamsah Nasirlideen, LB/S, Florida State
  • Perfect fit. Nasirlideen can play at safety or LB, and is physically incredible. Knack for forcing turnovers and he is a sure tackler, and although he has some coverage issues, he is still good vs. TEs and slot WRs at times. Philly gets a tone-setter at LB, their biggest need, or at S, arguably the 2nd biggest need.
TEN - Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama
  • The battle is won in the trenches. The Titans don’t have many needs, but strengthening the OL is always a good idea.
MIA - Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
  • Miami is nailing the draft. Faalele is the most physically impressive prospect in this class, with great athleticism despite being 6 foot 9 inches and nearly 400 pounds. He’s a freak, and a perfect candidate to play at RT and protect Tua Tagovailoa’s blind side. Tua is very happy right now!
CHI - Alijah Vera-Tucker, OG, USC
  • Grabbing another athletic, and technically sound OL - Vera-Tucker fits Chicago’s needs well, especially with long-time starter Kyle Long retired.
NO - Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida
  • New Orleans needs a true #2 WR next to Michael Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders is the short-term for that. Toney is the long-term solution. Explosive YAC threat, Toney is a perfect fit in the West Coast offense that Sean Payton runs, and is seemingly uncatchable in the open field - and he comes with versatility, as a former QB; we know Sean Payton likes that.
BUF - Patrick Jones II, DE, Pittsburgh
  • The Bills need more from their DL to take their defense to the next level. Jerry Hughes is already 32, and by taking Jones, an explosive pass rusher with good technique and great size. Across from AJ Epenesa, Buffalo has two good EDGE rushers to anchor a DL and give Ed Oliver some help.
IND - Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan
  • He does not have very much burst or an elite first step, but Hutchinson’s pursuit ability, motor, and strength are up there with the best. He’s inexperienced but he has a good assortment of pass rush moves, and offers versatility too - he is 280 pounds. IND gets a guy that they can play 3-4 DE, 4-3 DE, the three tech, or even 3-4 OLB if needed.
ARI - Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
  • Crazy talented athlete, Campbell is raw but he has a ton of potential. Great hips, great recovery speed, and he can run with anyone. Good size, he’s a player that can play in most if not all schemes, with the ability to play bump and run, press, zone, or man.
GB - Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami
  • Adding two explosive weapons to an offense that already had Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams is stupid. That’s exactly what happens here - Green Bay grabs their TE of the future, in Jordan. Jordan is a gifted athlete with a lot of speed and explosiveness, built in the molds of the new wave of TEs like George Kittle, Noah Fant, and more. Green Bay now has weapons everywhere and are poised for the short-term with Rodgers, and the long term with Love.
BAL - Chazz Surratt, LB, North Carolina
  • They took Patrick Queen last year, but they still need one more guy on that defense. While they have a pressing need at safety, Surratt’s potential is too much to pass up. Super talented with instincts, Surratt is a former QB and inexperienced, yet he has shown massive ability. High character and the leader the Ravens need on defense.
TB - Alec Lindstrom, OG, Boston College
  • Always pick the OL when unsure. Lindstrom is polished and although he does not possess a high ceiling, he should be a good starter in the NFL for a long time. Protect Brady.
PIT - Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina
  • Joe Haden is aging and Pittsburgh needs a boost of youth in the secondary to match Minkah Fitzpatrick. Horn has been one of the breakout stars this college season, and it’s a wonder he even dropped this far.
KC - Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
  • LDT’s status is unclear beyond this season, and besides, the Chiefs have needed a boost in the OL for a while. This is a trend - contending teams without weaknesses will almost always opt to strengthen the trenches.
SEA - Joe Tryon, DE, Washington
  • Tryon is far from a finished product but would represent the most hope Seattle has had at pass rush in a very long time. He is big, lengthy, has good burst, and good hand placement, and has a very high ceiling. The UW product stays in Seattle.

3rd round:

NYJ - Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia
  • If the CB class was not so stacked this year, Stokes would have had a shot to go in the 1st. Either way, the Jets grab a talented, twitchy corner from Georgia with a knack for forcing turnovers. Stokes can be a #1 CB if developed correctly. Great in press coverage especially.
JAX - Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State
  • Justin Fields’ favorite target joins him in Jacksonville. He is really polished in everything a WR needs - great route runner, great hands, and he can contort his body to make some tough catches. He is limited physically, that frame is not going to be able to take an NFL season. He is going to have to bulk up, but Fields gets a classic #2 WR who can play in the slot or outside.
WAS - Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern
  • Scheme-versatile, athletic, physical. He checks most boxes - he needs work on his technique, specifically when he comes out of his stance, but moving him to guard would eliminate that need. He can anchor himself well too.
NYG - Seth Williams, WR, Auburn
  • Prototypical X WR that fits well next to Darius Slayton. Williams cannot separate much, but with his hands and body control, is a great possession WR who will consistently make contested catches. Red-zone threat with upside.
CIN - Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia
  • Two-down run defender with upside. He’s got a lot of athleticism and improving technique, but outside of the run-game, he can’t do much right now. Good fit, both for Cincinnati’s needs and also scheme.
DAL - Derion Kendrick, CB, Clemson
  • Weird prospect. He switched from WR to CB in college, so he is still clearly learning the nuances of being a corner, but you can see what he can be vs. what he is now. Kendrick is not going to wow anyone for a while, but if Dallas can develop him right, he can be very good. Very much a long-term pickup.
LAC - Asante Samuel Jr, CB, Florida State
  • He is really good with the play in front of him, classic slot corner. Good acceleration and he is a good tackler. He’s scheme-versatile, and with good hips, he can play off-man and press if needed. Good and easy replacement for Desmond King in the slot for the Chargers, especially with the aging Chris Harris. Samuel can get bullied by bigger WRs so DCs need to be careful with matchups, at least til he can get stronger.
DET - Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU
  • Quandre Diggs being traded last season left a gaping hole in their secondary. Moehrig is a very good centerfield type safety with ball hawking ability and really good instincts. He’s got issues tackling, but most deep safeties have the same issues. Big time potential.
HOU - Alaric Jackson, OG, Iowa
  • Protecting DeShaun Watson needs to be the goal - Jackson is a good fit for Houston. Strong with good athleticism, Jackson has played at tackle for a long time at Iowa, but his flexibility and length limit him. He will move to guard - but that’s exactly what Houston needs.
DEN - Monty Rice, LB, Georgia
  • A tough inside LB with good closing speed and size, Rice is a good candidate as a WILL LB with coverage skills as well. He is a step late on some plays while diagnosing - which along with his size prevents him from playing at midde linebacker.
ATL - D’Eriq King, QB, Miami
  • Surprise! Well, not really. I expect Atlanta to hire a modern OC, and that means a modern QB is needed. King fits the bill as a dual-threat QB with a great arm. I really like his feel for the game, his arm talent, his improving accuracy, and anticipation, and the natural ability to extend plays and make throws on the run or scramble is great too. King may be undersized, but he makes up for it with his elusiveness and build. Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson succeeded, King can as well. Why not pick Trey Lance in the 1st? No matter what, the QB they pick will be a project. It would be better to invest in other positions early, and still grab the QB of the future late. He’s not Quinton Flowers, or JT Barrett - he’s much more. Great anticipation, strong arm, and he makes plays.
MIN - Azeez Ojulari, DE, Georgia
  • Really good bend and speed off the EDGE. He is another raw EDGE rusher, which is plentiful in this draft - but Minnesota needs a guy they can develop, just as they did with Danielle Hunter.
WAS - Grant Calcaterra, TE, Oklahoma
  • Weapons, weapons, weapons. Wilson needs all he can get, and now he has two talented WRs in Surratt and McLaurin, and Calcaterra joins that group. There are massive injury concerns with Calcaterra - he retired due to concussions and then returned earlier this season - but when he was healthy, he was considered a top TE in College Football. This is very much a bet for Washington, but it could pay off massive dividends.
CAR - Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame
  • NFL-ready frame and he’s got really good length. He can hold his own against most pass rushers, speed or power. Athleticism is average though - he is better off in a power-scheme more than anything else.
LV - Cade Mays, OG, Tennessee
  • Nasty and strong, especially in the run game. Jon Gruden will love this guy, but he needs to get more disciplined especially with his footwork and stance - when he maintains his leverage, he is elite. Needs to get more polished but the potential is there.
CLE - Richard LeCounte III, S, Georgia
  • Size is an issue with LeCounte, but his ball skills and instincts are great, as is his football IQ. He will be able to start Day One in the NFL - and with Grant Delpit at SS, LeCounte is a nice pairing at FS. Browns strengthen the defense again.
LAR - Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri
  • Rams biggest need is probably LB - but they wait til the 3rd to grab one. Bolton is a monster in the run-game, super hard hitter and he’s got good instincts to guess the gap and go. He’s limited in the passing game, but once again - he’s got plenty of time and potential to iron that out. Better in zone, as most LBs are.
PHI - Kary Vincent Jr, CB, LSU
  • Really good slot corner. Super twitchy with really quick feet - he can mirror anyone in the slot. The problem is with his size - but in general, this guy can play. He needs work on his tackling and hand fighting at the line but as a man-coverage type, Philly can’t get much better at this point in the draft.
TEN - Hunter Long, TE, Boston College
  • He’s just good at everything. Not a game-changing playmaker at TE, but he gets the job done and can do anything asked of a TE. Tennessee will love his blocking and good athleticism.
MIA - Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
  • As if Miami wasn’t already nailing this draft, this puts the cherry on top. Harris in the 3rd is incredible value - he’s physical, fast, elusive, and does everything a RB is supposed to do. Every-down RB. TD machine and he will always fall forward - he’s the alpha they need at RB, and a good compliment to Myles Gaskin. Another familiar face for Tua Tagovailoa.
CHI - Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn
  • The Bears need that extra #2 WR, Schwartz brings exactly that. Anthony Miller is better off in the slot, and while Allen Robinson is awesome, both Miller and Robinson cannot take the top off a defense like Schwartz can. He’s dangerous with the ball in his hands and is still improving. His frame is very flimsy however, and he’s got some issues blocking - but you can see his role in Matt Nagy’s offense.
CLE - Levi Onwuzurike, DT, Washington
  • They need a space eater next to Myles Garrett. Onwuzurike brings that and more to the table.
BUF - Dazz Newsome, WR, North Carolina
  • Gabriel Davis and Stefan Diggs are great, but Buffalo lacks a threat at slot WR - John Brown and Cole Beasley are again. Newsome is explosive, lightning quick, and has very good route running and elusiveness in the open field.
IND - Shaka Toney, DE, Penn State
  • Another DE? Justin Houston is aging, and if Indianapolis wants to keep building their defense, this is necessary to give DeForest Buckner some help. Toney is not ready to be an every-down player, but as most Penn State products are - he is gifted as an athlete. He’s got plenty of potential as a pass rusher.
ARI - Darius Stills, DT, West Virginia
  • There are questions about his run defense and is not disciplined as a DT should be. He more than makes up for it with his disruptiveness as a pass rusher. Rare get-off for a DT, and his size lends hm and advantage because he is so powerful and fast with good leverage.
GB - Jack Sanborn, LB, Wisconsin
  • Hard hitter with ball production tends to work out in the NFL. He’s a fine athlete and is a quick diagnosed of plays, and while his run defense is great, his coverage skills are better. Not often does a LB log multiple interceptions in one season, but Sanborn did just that. Do-it-all LB for the Packers, although he has some limitations.
MIN - Marquez Stevenson, WR, Houston
  • Versatile weapon with a ton of speed and elusiveness. The production matches the skillset, and he brings the presence the Vikings need next to Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen for the next couple of years.
TB - Kolby Harvell-Peel, S, Oklahoma State
  • He isn’t much of a coverage safety, but Harvell-Peel is a fantastic run defender and tackler at safety. He’s not a liability, but he is not someone you want covering the back-end on third down either way. Harvell-Peel gives Bruce Arians a piece that he can shift anywhere, from LB to SS to slot CB if necessary, and he can get physical in the trenches and hold his own.
PIT - Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio State
  • Ruckert is a smooth athlete at TE and a very good blocker too. Despite not having much opportunity at OSU, Ruckert made the most of it - he’s got great hands as well. Pittsburgh grabs the future safety blanket for Kyle Trask… and forms a duo with Eric Ebron.
KC - Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
  • Reinforcing this defense again. Adebo is a good zone and press corner. He’s got limitations, but he’s still developing and could be very good in the future.
NYJ - Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson
  • If you ain’t noticed a trend by now, I don’t know what to say. But really, the Jets know that they aren’t exactly enticing for Lawrence. Making it feel like home for him is very important, both for his development and also for the future. They’ve alienated their defensive savant in Jamal Adams, they can’t have this happen again. Ross is mega-talented, but his neck injury last season caused him to drop from a 1st round prospect to a late 3rd prospect. Regardless, if the Jets can get Denzel Mims, Justyn Ross, Travis Etienne, plus two bookend tackles in Mekhi Becton and Jackson Carman - Trevor Lawrence has something he can work with. Ross is a prototypical #1 WR, with height-weight-speed measurements perfect and the production to back it up.
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