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Cheat Codes Compilation: December 2020. In the year 2841, a new chapter in the story of humanity is beginning as we expand to the furthest stars in the universe. Features Mirrorball Slots Hack Tool: Hack works on any web browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) Undetectable (% PROVEN AND SOME) Easy to use, a few simple clicks and finished. Mirrorball Slots is a fun way to spend a little time doing some virtual reel-spinning, but the promised additions and further developments will be critical to get people to make repeated visits to the Enchanted Forest.

Legendaries you should not salavage

I've salvaged countless legendaries without knowing their true potential and then kicked myself for it after. Because of this, I wanted to create a list of items that you should not salvage. I have very limited knowledge and so as more items for various classes are brought up in the comments, I'll add to the list. Please list items that essentialy will help players jump up a torment or sets that are a part of a t6 build. (Also Reddit won't let me skip lines for some reason)
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur (Ring)
  • Thunderfury (Weapon)
  • Stone of Jordan (Ring)
  • Illusory Boots (Boots)
  • Unity (Ring)
  • Cindercoat (Chest)
  • Magefist (Gloves)
  • Harrington Waistguard (Belt)
  • Smoking Thurible (Follower Item)
  • Skeleton Key (Follower Item)
  • Enchanting Favor (Follower Item)
  • Nemesis Bracers (Bracers)
  • Rimeheart
  • Frostburn
  • Furnace (2h Mace)
  • shard of hate
  • Trag-Ouls Coils (bracer) - for cooldown resetting (inventory swap)
  • Ice Climbers (boots) - if you can afford nonset boots in your build, these are amazing
  • The Witching Hour - bis belt for most classes
  • Andariel's Visage (helm) - can roll up to 20% of any elemental damage type
  • Goldwrap
  • Elemental Immunity Necks (Amulet)
  • gloves of worship
  • Tasker and Theo (Gloves)
  • Mask of Jeram (helm/mask)
  • The Tall Man's Finger (Ring)
  • Starmetal Kukri (Ceremonial Knife)
  • Thing of the Deep (Mojo)
  • Quetzalcoatl (helm/mask)
  • Jade Set (Item set)
  • The Sunkeeper (1hand mace) - best in slot for jade build
  • Uhkapian Serpent (mojo) - best in slot for jade
  • Hwoj Wrap (belt) - good belt for jade, especially for soloing
  • The Furnace (2hand mace) - beastly for killing rift bosses as Jade.
  • Hexing Pants of mr. yan (pants) - good pants (arguably best in slot) for pet build
  • Gift of Silaria (1hand sword) - 5 property weapon; BiS for pets if godly rolls
  • Swamp Land Waders (pants) - best in slot for poison builds
  • Shukrani’s Triumph (mojo) - inventory swap item for running great distances
  • Rhen'ho Flayer
  • Gyrfalcon's Foote (Flail)
  • Jekangbord (Crusader Shield)
  • Fate of the Fell (Flail)
  • Akhan Set (Item set)
  • Darklight (1H flail)
  • Hellskull (Shield)
  • Swiftmount (1H flail)
  • Mirrorball (+2 rolls only)
  • Wand of Woh
  • Serpent Sparker
  • Vyr Set
  • Tal Rasha Set
  • Moonlight ward
  • Velvet Camaral
  • danetta's set (2x 1 hand crossbows)
  • Calamity (1 hand crossbow)
  • Kridershot (bow)
  • Marauder's Set
  • Bombardier's Rucksack
  • Ninth Cirri Satchel
  • Emimei's Duffel
  • Chanon bolter
  • Gyana Na Kashu (spirit stone)
  • Kekegi's Unbreakable Spirit (spirit stone)
  • Thundergod's Vigor
  • The Fist of Az'Turrasq
  • Inna's Set
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • Lut Socks (Boots)
  • weight of the earth set
  • pride of Cassius
  • IK Set
Updated 5/31/2014 11:25am est
submitted by MightB2rue to Diablo

[PTR] Delsere's is a hot mess.

Delsere's is a hot fucking mess. They actually made it worse by trying to make it better.
Triumvirate has a new affix that boosts Arcane Orb damage by ~70% per stack, up to 3 stacks, generate a stack by casting a Signature spell. This, instead of just buffing the skill's base goddamn damage. Why would I spend 40 AP on Arcane Orb for 435% damage when I could spend the same AP on Meteor for 735% damage, or more? Except Meteor damage got buffed across the board while Arcane Orb went untouched. Hence the new Triumvirate band-aid.
Except now you're pigeonholed into using Triumvirate, if you want to use Delsere's. Which means no Mirrorball. Which means no Winter's Flurry. And since Delsere's does squat for DPS unless your target is inside a Slow Time bubble, you're pretty much pigeonholed into using the Crown of the Primus so you can derive some actual value out of Slow Time. Which means RoRG. Which means no Frostburns. Oh and also you're pigeonholed into using Gesture of Orpheus, because you're going to want as many bubbles as possible (remember; jack squat for damage to targets outside the bubble!) Which means no Shard of Hate. No Rimeheart (not that it'd do squat diddly anyway, without Frostburns and a coefficient revamp). No Wizardspike. No (insert neat weapon here).
it's a goddamned hot mess of a set and that makes me so sad, because I was really looking forward to it.
Edit: I should elaborate. Triumvirate really needs that affix on a belt or something instead, so we can have source flexibility. It also needs to follow Tal's lead and provide a 6 second buff, not a 3, so you can be a little less spastic with the left-clicking.
The set lends itself to the new Bastion of Will set bonuses, which amp spenders after using a generator and vice versa. Except you can't use F+R, because RoRG for Primus. If you're going to make a non-set helm that's 100% mandatory, the set itself shouldn't include a helm. The Delsere's helm slot should be moved to bracers, or shoulders (god forbid we have something useful for that slot other than Aughilds.)
submitted by Riusaldregan to Diablo3Wizards

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