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The Definitive Explanation Of Who Betrayed Tony Soprano

I don’t need to tell you all that The Sopranos is the Greatest Show of All Time... we all know this and its why we’re on this forum. Most fans agree that the writing, acting, cinematography, realism and overall execution and production of the show essentially created a new Gold Standard that has been copied at least in some form, by pretty much every television show since. Most fans here even agree on the general idea that, in the Series Finale ‘Made in America’, Tony is shot and subsequently killed by the man in the Member’s Only jacket as he comes out of the bathroom before the cut to black occurs.
What I’ve noticed is that most fans don’t agree on the WHY, HOW, and most importantly the WHO portions of this equation. You may have heard a version of this theory before, but I am here to comprehensively explain the sad truth; Tony Soprano was betrayed and he was betrayed by Paulie Gualtieri.
Now, I know what at least half of you are thinking already…
Sweet Madon!
you know what this Reddit post is right? Satanic Black Magic! Sick shit!! Paulie would never!” Keep reading.
I love Paulie; he’s easily the funniest character and arguably the overall best character behind Tony… but I am stunned that more fans don’t see how blatantly David Chase lays it out throughout the entire series that he will ultimately turn on Tony. What I am saying is not only was Tony clearly shot and killed at Holsten’s but Paulie at minimum knew what was going to happen and served him up. Below I explain, in my opinion, the most obvious and blatant clues Chase left to prove this point because, as he said himself in an interview when he was asked about Tony’s fate in the finale, It’s all there.

We’ll start with the initial smoking gun… the Season 3 Finale “Army of One”

We see Paulie and Johnny Sac meet in a parking lot where Paulie openly and brazenly talks poorly about Tony to the underboss of New York. Paulie mentions to Johnny that he believes “Tony, fundamentally, doesn’t respect the elderly.” Johnny Sac mentions that Carmine often gets frustrated with Tony most of all in regards to the Esplinade to which Paulie straightens his face and says “if there’s ever anything I can do, anything, HE shouldn’t hesitate.”
+Now, some people will say “yeah sure but Johnny Sac was playing Paulie, and when Paulie found out that Carmine didn’t even know him he goes right back to Tony” as if that doesn’t actually make my point. First of all, who cares if Johnny Sac was playing him? Paulie THOUGHT he was about to get closer with a bigger stronger New York crew by ‘doing anything’ for Carmine immediately after being told that Carmine is frustrated with Tony over the Esplinade. Ummm… They are discussing killing Tony Soprano. Whether Paulie was being played or not he was, in the moment, willing to betray Tony and the entire family to get closer with the boss of NY. Not to mention that by the Series Finale neither Johnny Sac nor Carmine are alive.. so any embarrassment or resentments over “being played” would have been lost in the NY power vaccum that occurs in Season 5 and 6. Why would Chase show this conversation between Johnny Sac and Paulie IN A SEASON FINALE if it wasn’t something major that we should remember for later?

Paulie did not grow up with Tony like Ralph, Sil, and Jackie Sr. did… he was Johnny Boy’s era

What characters in the show who worked with Johnny Boy, besides Paulie, have major story lines with Tony? Junior, Feech, Richie, and Pussy. All 4 of them openly betray Tony in some form and in some cases attempt a literal coup to have Tony killed.
+One of the first lines in the Pilot is essentially commenting on these eventual story lines… “It's good to be in something from the ground floor. I came too late for that and I know. But lately, I'm getting the feeling that I came in at the end. The best is over” The pilot’s foreshadowing of Tony’s eventual problems with this generation of gangster is pretty thick being that the episode’s main storyline is about Tony and Junior beefing.
Being selfish or lying to improve your position isn’t unique to Paulie in the series by any means, but there are more than a few storylines specifically where Paulie betrays the family or openly defies Tony more than anyone else does in the series. Telling Johnny Sac about Ralph’s joke regarding Ginny was for nothing other than satisfaction to Paulie at the expense of some serious issues with Tony and the crew. Was Christopher wrong to say Yeah, I Do after being asked “do you really think I’d kill you?” in the middle of the Pine Barrens? Paulie lies to Tony about Christopher and the Russian in an attempt to save himself… not to mention beefs with Christopher over being “Tony’s little favorite” multiple times. Once Bobby is chosen over him for operations in Season 6, Paulie’s resentment towards Tony and the crew becomes even more apparent.


Throughout the series, several characters who betray or attempt to betray their respective families are wearing the same pair of laceless white shoes. In Season 7 Episode 3 ‘Remember When’ the camera zooms in on Paulie’s white shoes two different times as he is packing his suitcase. Johnny Sac is seen wearing these shoes in the hospital after his allocution, and the most damning example is the opening shot of Season 7 Episode 8 ‘Blue Comet’ which involves Silvio murdering Burt for asking Sil to openly betray Tony. WHY WOULD DAVID CHASE GIVE SCREEN TIME TO THE SAME SHOES HE ZOOMS IN ON 2 DIFFERENT TIMES FOR MEN WHO BETRAY THEIR RESPECTIVE FAMILIES? This is not some quick cut or some small detail… the camera Zooms in on Paulie’s white shoes two different times in his shoe rack (no other shoes present) for multiple seconds. The OPENING SHOT of the penultimate episode has multiple seconds dedicated to the shoes. There are some smaller “white sneaker” examples but Burt, Johnny and Paulie have virtually the same exact close up of a random pair of shoes. Weird.

Remember When

This episode rules. From the opening scene its essentially about the old times vs. the new times (we see Tony with Hair!) In my opinion, this is the episode that Chase starts to lay it on thick that Paulie is the culprit.
+Multiple times while Tony and Paulie are on the road, Tony has to scold Paulie for talking way too much; talking about where they’re going, who they are, what they’ve done in the past. It gets so bad that Paulie essentially admits, to the table with Beansie and the younger ladies, that they killed someone and threw him the ocean. Tony nicely tells him to shut the fuck up and goes to dance with his girl. Tony is literally on the run for a murder and Chase decides to write in that Paulie, literally ON THE RUN WITH TONY, talks about old murders and acts like an absolute liability. Tony discusses with Beansie very openly that “it concerns” him before Beansie tells him he thinks he’s worrying for nothing. Then chase lays it on thick… Tony aggressively asks, “has he ever really been put to the test?”and Beansie has no answer. We have already seen throughout the series that he is NOT loyal when put in dicey certain situations.
+Later in the episode, while on the boat, Paulie CLEARLY is nervous about being killed by Tony for talking to NY being that he has a flashback of shooting, looting, and dumping Pussy’s dead body for betraying Tony. Later on the boat, Tony stares at a small handaxe that gets at least a second of camera time. Then he asks, for the 2nd and 3rd time in the episode, if Paulie told Johnny Sac Ralph’s joke. Paulie blatenly lies, Tony stares down at the giant bloody fishing knife and the camera STAYS ON THE BLOODY KNIFE for multiple seconds. Chase even plays a camera trick when Tony throws the beer bottle to make you think Paulie was going to be stabbed. When Paulie says, “Jesus! Tone! Fuck! That hurt!” it cuts back to Tony who doesn’t apologize but just makes a very screwed up face at Paulie like he’s lucky and the scene cuts. Remember back to “Funhouse” when Tony can literally “Feel it in his stomach” that Pussy is betraying him and goes with the façade of buying the boat to kill him. Tony knew it in his gut then and knew it in his gut when he stared at that knife.
+The very next scene with Paulie in it is a dream where he sees Pussy in his kitchen cooking for him. Paulie asks Pussy, “when my time comes… will I stand up?” This is both great specific word selection, being that Pussy’s last words were asking Tony if he could “sit down”, and a great way for Chase to show us for once what’s actually inside Paulie’s head behind all of the machismo. He is afraid he will end up like Pussy. He is afraid he will not stand tall when his time comes and he will betray Tony like Pussy did.
+Then we get to Paulie’s *gift* to Tony. Carmella opens up the Electra “Semi-Automatic-Chrome” Espresso machine. SEMI.AUTOMATIC.CHROME … Chrome is a popular and often used street term for a “Gun” … Now, I’ve seen people blow this off but I think they’re crazy and this detail can’t be emphasized enough. In an Episode where Tony blatantly contemplates killing Paulie for lying and betrayal, an episode where Paulie has both a flashback and a nightmare of Pussy and asks him if he will betray Tony too… it DIRECTLY CUTS TO A SEMI AUTOMATIC CHROME Espresso machine being delivered to Tony from Paulie.
+It could have been named 150 legitimate coffee machine names but it was specifically chosen to be called SEMI.AUTOMATIC.CHROME… The ironic foreshadowing is that when Carmella says, “what is wrong with that man?” for buying it Tony responds that “guys like him allow our lifestyle here.” IT THEN CUTS TO THE NEW YORK BOSS, DOC SANTORO, BEING SHOT AND KILLED. +So let’s recap… We See Tony contemplate Killing Paulie after he lies, we then see Paulie have a nightmare of Pussy and asks him if he will too betray Tony, then immediately we see an Espresso machine named after a Gun being delivered to Tony from Paulie, then we see a Boss get shot and killed. . . . Nothing to see here!
Before I get to the finale I want to make another very blatant point that I never see people discuss about the connection to the Godfather. So many important scenes in the Sopranos are direct homages to the Godfather films and the connections can’t be overstated. We all remember the name of the character in the original Godfather movie that betrays Don Corleone and sets him up to be shot from behind right? Paulie
+Names are important and I find it very interesting that the only two characters left at the end are PATSY which has obvious connotation and Paulie who shares the name with the traitor in The Godfather. Remember in Blue Comet the very deliberate scene in the bathroom with Patsy and Paulie talking? Paulie is saying “don’t worry” and that “it will be fine" ... but neither of them look comfortable, there is absolutely no context to the conversation, and we purposefully cannot hear what they’re saying. Patsy conveniently misses every single shot he fires at the NY hitters and they BOTH conveniently miss every single shot they fire at him as well. Convenient. Patsy also hates Tony for killing his twin brother and we know he already contemplated killing him in the Season 3 premier… is it so out of the question that the two of them knew ahead of time what was going to happen? Paulie also conveniently only takes the construction job in the finale AFTER Tony offers it to Patsy first.

Made in America

One of the only episodes that David Chase both Wrote and Directed by himself. In this episode, the amount of references that point to Tony being shot and killed are so numerous I won’t even list them here… we all know them and I don’t think I need to convince you that Members Only guy came out of the bathroom to shoot Tony in the back of the head in a silent replacement of the tree cracking sound in the mirrored final scene from the Season 1 Finale. Once we accept that ending we have to ask things like Who sent him and how did he know Tony was there?
Most people say New York, and I can buy that kinda, but Butchie had already called the war off.. why would he go back on that? Some people say it’s because Tony shot Phil in front of his family… and that makes some sense. However, would Butchie really risk continual war over that? Doubtful. Unless of course he KNEW that the next in line (Paulie) would NOT retaliate. Remember, in Blue Comet, when Butchie is talking about all of the hits he is SPECIFICALLY asked about Paulie and he says, No. He even says, “we cut off the head and we do business with what’s left” … who is THE ONLY ONE major character left? Paulie.
+Some people think the man in the Members Only Jacket followed AJ to Holsten’s and that’s how he knew where Tony would be… but would you really walk in directly behind the person you followed there? I think that shot is mainly just the excuse for Tony not seeing the man as he comes in.
+The scene outside of Satriale’s where Paulie takes the Construction job is probably the most damning in the episode. Not only is Paulie oddly wearing the same black leather jacket as Tony(next Boss), but the camera plays a great trick with the “Italian Sausage” sign in the window. The way the camera is angled, the stylized cursive ‘n’ in the word ‘Italian’ looks like a lot like an ‘r’ …and now the word liar is coming directly out of Paulie’s forehead; you cannot miss it. We have seen so many scenes out front of the store but we have never seen that shot until the series finale.
+The shot David Chase chose to end this scene with is, in my opinion, a slam dunk for this theory. We see Paulie using a tanning reflector to soak up all of the Sun (the way a Boss would) with his EYES CLOSED facing the street. This is a Made Man in the Mafia who lived through the '70s by the skin of his nuts when the Colombos were goin' at it whose 2 TOP COLLEAGUES were just gunned down in a parking lot a few days ago in a war with New York. Does that look like a man who is worried about being shot at? You might say, “well it is after the truce with Butchie” but did that stop Tony from picking the back booth at Holsten’s with full view of the door? We’ve seen Paulie wear Kevlar under his shirt before but here he is, sitting like this, a short time after Sil and Bobby were shot and killed? He KNOWS he was never on Phil’s hit list and he KNOWS that he is safe. He is sitting like a man WHO KNOWS that he can just close his eyes and soak up alllll of the sun knowing he is the New Boss and a non-target. This is where the Cat comes into the shot FOR SOME REASON just to stare at Paulie for a few deliberate seconds of attention before the scene ends.
+The Cat is one of my favorite parts of the finale being that it clearly has a supernatural feel to it; its appearance coincides with the Twilight Zone theme song eerily playing in the background. The Supernatural Cat stares all episode at the one character we know believes in Supernatural stuff more than anyone else, Paulie. Tony’s first line about the the cat is that it already “caught a mouse down in the cellar” … replace Mouse with Rat and it explains why the Cat stares at Paulie all episode. David Chase decided to make the cat specifically single out Paulie all episode. Christopher trying to warn Tony from the grave perhaps? This is the only scene that the Virgin Mary scene is discussed which was probably the most supernatural event in the show; I do not think that is a coincidence either. Tony making fun of his betrayer over the Virgin Mary makes it that much more fitting that he is shot and killed after ceremoniously eating his Onion Ring like a Eucharist at Holsten’s.
TLDR At the end of the day, there are just too many shots, storylines, and events focused on Paulie that didn’t have to be. We did not have to see Paulie telling the Underboss of New York that he would kill Tony if Carmine asked him to, but we did. They didn’t have to show the axe or the knife on the boat in Remember When for more than 1 second… but they did. Paulie never had to be mentioned in Blue Comet where Butchie explains the hits on the top 3 NJ guys, but he was and was specifically and exclusively singled out to NOT be a target. The cat never had to be in the episode at all, but it was and it stares at Paulie during pivotal moments in the series finale. None of those things had to happen but they did, with great attention drawn and paid to them. Some of you may think everything I said is just the framus intersecting with the ramistan approximately at the paternoster.. and I get it because we all love Paulie and no one wants to believe that he would betray Tony like that… but I dare you to watch the entire series again with this theory in mind and tell me it doesn’t make the most sense.
Edit: I tried to format this but the machine went bullshit... but the substance still stands capiche?
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Unagi The Model One E500 Dual Motor Scooter- Review for City Riders

I live in manhattan (NYC). After receiving my Unagi, about a month or so later, my front wheel almost comes off (screws became loose) during my ride and it becomes uneven with my handlebar. I almost crashed into a car.
I reached out to Unagi and they explained to me how I can fix it. Unfortunately I have to take the reflector tapes off the front wheel to get the screws and etc. Unagi definitely put screws behind the reflector stickers thinking - maintainance didnt have to be done as much as other scooters (thats what I read also online before I bought it).
I heard customer support was at top of the chain. After reaching out it usually took them 24hours to get back to me. I told them, even though it was 1.5 month of purchasing, if they could refund my money. (i explained to them, Unagi is dangerous riding in NYC because of the many bumps). They said they couldnt do it because money back was only good for 1 month. They actually offered to send me a new one, saying I would not have to worry about the mishap I experienced. I was relieved and thinking maybe i had the bad scooter. It took them a month to send me a new scooter. In that one month, every fews days I had take everything off the front wheels and tighten everything every few days. (i know i should do maintenance but Unagi's one of their main sales pitch is that we dont have to do maintenance too much - hence they put the screws behind the reflector stickers.
I finally received my new unagi (one month later). Few days later, the front wheels becomes loose and I almost crash...
I have to say, without air tires nor any suspension/shock absorber, Unagi should not be purchased for City Riders. It is very dangerous... There's too many bumps and pot holes (although i try to avoid them but I still have no choice to go over some of them). Now my reflector tapes are gone since I took them off too many times to get to the screws. I do the maintenance every 2-3 days to make sure screws/nuts dont come off.
What are your experiences riding in the city?
submitted by njxchange to ElectricScooters

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