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Winter of /u/UWAlex

Hello again everyone. Another Wednesday another interview. This week meet UWalex! Just one announcement:
  • We're going to try a self-post only AR for a little bit. If you have thoughts on this feel free to message the moderators.
How/when did you start running?
In college and for a few years after, I was a competitive powerlifter – squat, bench press, and deadlift. USAPL lets you compete Collegiate until you turn 25, and I won the Washington State Powerlifting Championships in 2010 and 2012. After the 2012 champs, work moved me away from my team, and I quit lifting and I haven’t gone back since. But I kept eating like it, and by 2014 I was obese. In 2014 I wanted to lose weight. I started hiking then started running to have some to do during the week, and I’ve lost 60 pounds since.
I got into trail running because I was interested in hiking further and faster, and trail running was the next step in that direction. I only run on the roads for training, I’m instead interested in trail runs and races and most of all, in taking long hiking trails and routes that most folks do in 2-4 days and doing them in single day pushes, whether that’s through running or fast hiking or whatever. It’s also for that reason that I’m more attracted to races and runs that are steep and slow - since I’m a slower runner anyways than people with running backgrounds, I might as well take advantage of my hiking and relative strength there.
Thanks for having me here! I know what I do is a little different, but I enjoy reading about and I learn a lot from regular road running, and maybe people will find something interesting in what I do on the trails.
  • 5k: 21:38
  • 10k: 43:30
  • HM: 1:39:42
  • Marathon: 6:27:32 (Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon has 9400 feet of elevation gain so please forgive the slow time)
  • 50k: 6:03:10 (Deception Pass 50k)
Favorite shoes to train or race in?
For trail, my two pairs are the Nike Wild Horse 3 and the Salomon Speedcross Vario. The Wild Horse is super comfortable and great in many ways but in the winter now it’s been rainy and the Speedcross has better grip in the mud. The Vario is wider than most of the Salomon line so it fits me okay. Road, I wear a Nike Lunar 3.
Favorite weather to train or race in?
Anybody who answers anything other than cool and sunny is crazy. Rain is especially a problem on the trails because it gets so muddy unlike concrete. I live in Seattle so I’ve gotten used to it, but some of my steeper trails get downright treacherous.
Next Race?
Chuckanut 50k in March leading into Yakima Skyline 50k in April is my next thing. Chuckanut is relatively flat and fast (50k, 5000 feet of gain) and I don’t expect to do great so I just want to show up and run okay leading up to Yakima, which is like 9500 feet of elevation gain.
Goals this year?
My big race is the White River 50 miler in August, my first crack at the 50 mile distance. I also have my eye on doing some single push trail runs on some 20-50 mile hiking routes over the summer and I’d like to do some cool mountaineering efforts. I’m planning on doing Rainier this summer (have before as well) and doing some other mountain climbing stuff, which I hope to dovetail well with trail running.
Proudest Accomplishment?
My 500 pound squat is my single best athletic achievement. That took more and harder training than anything else ever I’ve done in sports. I’d like to do some comparable stuff in running soon. I don’t feel I’ve done anything worth a damn as a runnehikemountaineer yet. I have some very proud accomplishments at work but these were all team efforts, and how can I know for sure what was me? I enjoy individual sports like lifting and running because at the end of the day, it was all on you. No one to share blame or credit with, just you, for better or worse.
Things you do outside of running?
For work I’m a professional political consultant on state and local electoral campaigns and public affairs – not necessarily the proudest job right now, I’ll be the first to admit – and I don’t do much in my life but work, outdoors, and spend way too much time on Twitter. I used to play PC games but I don’t have the time anymore. I have no idea how people do this with kids, I couldn’t even handle my life enough to take care of a dog right now.
Things that interest you outside of running?
As I said, professional politics, so I spend most of my time not running, hiking, or thinking about running or hiking doing something related to politics. I love reading about climbing and I’d like to be a better climber, but I need to find the time.
Favorite subreddits?
I mostly just follow running and outdoors subreddits – advancedrunning, trailrunning, ultramarathon, mountaineering, alpinism, hiking, ultralight, campinghiking, pnwhiking. I also follow the Seattle subs but I try not to post there too much, I get too mad about politics reading them.
Origin of your username?
Really uncreative – I went to University of Washington and I’m named Alex. I figured it would be incredibly easy to doxx me anyways so why try to hide it much with something pseudonymous, and I don’t really have a long standing username I’ve used everywhere.
Strava link if you use it?
General Questions:
  1. Just continuing the request of Tweeeked, anything that can be done better from a moderation side? Any improvements to the sidebageneral layout of AR that you'd like to see?
  2. Have you dealt with a serious injury in the past that forced you to adjust your racing schedule? How did you bounce back?
  3. Conversely, what do you do for general injury prevention? Is there anything you do that isn't commonly done and you've found works? Share your best injury prevention tips!
  4. Do you find that you get into a different mentality at races? Or do you prefer to just go it alone and never toe the line? What motivates you to sign up for certain races?
  5. Anything else you'd like to add?
submitted by CatzerzMcGee to AdvancedRunning

Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (7/15 to 7/21)

Do people still play spades to pass the time or is it pretty much just shitposting on reddit / shitty cellphone games?
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I am graduating from college in two weeks. I am a healthcare administrator and epidemiologist. I want to go to OCS. My recruiter told me get recommendations from other officers. I don't really know anyone higher up. Is it really that important? If it is, how could I get a recommendation?
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I am freshening up my LinkedIn account and am trying to fluff up some numbers. Where can I find out around how many soldiers a unit has? For instance, I was a BDE S6 helpdesk. Obviously, no one gives a shit about that. But if I say I "lead a helpdesk team in support of 4,000 Soldiers" it sounds better. Where can I find these figures? I tried Google and that is where I got around 4,000 Soldiers for an IBCT. What about a BEB?
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Hi, I recently had my immigration visa approved at the embassy, and I want to join the US military. I haven't been to the US yet. How should I proceed from here? And where do I go to enlist, after flying to America?
Also, if I served in a different country, does that negatively affect service in US?
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Hello everyone,
I’m new to reddit and this is my first post. I believe this is an appropriate spot to post my question, it can be confusing, but I’ll explain to the best of my ability.
Okay, I’m an Afghan vet that spent 7.5 years in the army as an enlisted personnel. I ETS’d January 2018, fast forward to now, I’m 4 classes away from a BS in computer science. After I got out from active duty army, I joined the air force National Guard and I currently have 1.5 years left on my contract. Well now, I want to commission back into the army,but I have this remaining time obligated to the Air Force National Guard.
Is there a way the Army can “buy out” or trump my Air Guard contract allowing me to commission sooner than having to wait out my current obligation? I’ve asked both Air force and Army recruiters/retention officers and no one has an answer. Does anyone have any info regarding this?
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My husband just chose his MOS as airborne 91B, can anyone tell me what he's actually going to be doing? He's at MEPS and can't talk so I'm a little in the dark.
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My recruiter said that the MOS I'm aiming for (31D) normally requires a 6-year active contract due to the amount of training involved (Basic + MP + CIDSAC).
Is this true, or are they just trying to get me to sign a 6-year because of recruiting finagling?
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Hello, is it a good idea to have a four-year degree when applying to the WOFT program? I will be 25 when I graduate.
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I have a 6 month AIT. Would I be able to bring my car to AIT part way through it after a certain phase? And does the Army reimburse flights home on Christmas Break and my gas to drive my car to AIT?
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Quick question, my son may have to go to FTU cause of his run, he injured his ankle, his ankle is much better but his time is slower ,his in black phase going into gold phase, How long is FTU and after graduation will he stay in the same barracks or go to FTU barracks , thanks
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So what do I actually bring to basic? Before I those comments, yes I read the booklet. But I’ve also read some advice that contradicts that- like it says to bring a towel and a washcloth, but all advice I’ve read says to pack as light as possible as I’ll only have one carry on. A towel would take up a lot of room, I know the last time I went to MEPs, they definitely had towels in the hotel room. Where would I be going where towels aren’t supplied? I’ve also read bring your own sports bras, so I was going to pack three black sports bras as that’s the recommended underwear amount. What’s a good, realistic packing list for one night before MEPs, processing then basic?
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I'm currently going through AIT as a 15U and I'm putting together a WOCS packet. While talking about this at class I was told that if you have astigmatism that you cannot be accepted in. Is that true?
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I am sponsoring a new Soldier who is PCSing to Germany. He is the prior caregiver for his mother in California. He wants to make her his dependent, but he wants her to stay in California. How does he make her his dependent and what program does he need to enroll in, EFMP? Or is EFMP only if the family member is PCSing with him. He does not want a compassionate reassignment.
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I have an 11x contract is it out of my control whether I get 11b or 11c? Will a higher pt score increase my chances of getting 11b?
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I was joining the army to become 11X but I failed the vision test at MEPS, my left eye is correctable to 20/25 and right eye is correctable to 20/30, I was going to get laser eye surgery to correct this but I was told that I would still not be allowed to retake the vision test even with a medical waver for the surgery. If I waited the 2 years it takes for MEPS to expire would I be able to retake the vision test then and if I passed they should let me be infranty then right?
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Does anyone have any experience on being 17E, this is really the only job in the army that I was thinking about joining if I decide to. If so can you give me an explanation on the job, what it’s like, if you enjoy it, etc.
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What happens if you get caught lying at meps about medical issues? Do they just dq you or is there more severe consequences?
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When PCSing to BOLC would I be able to stay in the on post hotel for a few days until my lease starts? I've looked at TLE requirements and nothing is stated specifically about BOLC.
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It has been about 3 weeks since I submitted my prescreen to MEPS. The only question I answered yes to is "are you taking medication?". I was diagnosed with low testosterone, but I havent been treated with hormones. They gave me a drug called Chlomid, which just encourages testosterone production. Is it likely I will get a PDQ, am I in beurocratic limbo, or somewhere in between?
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Hi so i'm shipping for basic on the 22nd and I was wondering if I really need to bring anything from the packing list other than the a change of clothes. Also for the underwear does it really have to be white and do you NEED white calf socks or are black calve socks o.k?

Edit: spelling
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Ive been doing morning runs for a few days now but cant seem to get my 2 mile under 20 mins.
What can i do to improve this?
Edit: why am I getting disliked? Lol
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I enlisted even though I have a degree. I did to help my career in a specific field pertaining to my MOS. However, I am now financially unstable, and regretting not going officer. I haven't finished my AIT (its longggg). Can I switch and go to officer school?
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Just Curious, I am prior service with 12+ years combined, 5 years active in Army and Navy, 8 years of Army Guard and Reserve, I’m 1997 I went to 11b OSUT at fort Benning, I also went through full Navy Boot Camp in 05. I was an e-5 coming from Army to Navy but left the navy at e-4. I am being told I’ll be brought back into the Army as an E-4 and go to prior service BCT, this sucks as my last job in the Army was as a Drill Sergeant. I am going in as an MP as my last job in the Navy was as an MA (naval security forces). The recruiter is saying I’ll have it easier but recruiters tend to fabricate to get that signature. What should I actually expect? How will MP osut at Leanard Wood going to differ from 11b osut at Benning? Thanks
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Do they perform root canals on teeth at reception or just pull them?
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About how long does a tattoo waiver take when enlisting into the army
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Are DAT waivers coming back soon? I've never smoked before but I got hit with second hand smoke from my family and it messed me up at MEPS I don't want something that wasn't even my fault to stop me from joining
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Is the navy more acceptance with tattoos than the army?
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I was attempting to get more information about healthcare careers (I've been a nurse for 10 years and just finished my doctorate). They told me because I've had a vertical gastric sleeve that I am disqualified. Has anyone had any success in waivering this? It is NOT gastric bypass and I have no required meds or special diet/anything special. Advice?
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Does anyone have any information how a NG 1LT 92A could get information on switching to AD? I am aware of Call to Active Duty (CAD) but, since they are not looking for my MOS is there any other way of going Active?
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Currently trying to join the NG. Took the ASVAB and went through MEPS for my physical. Everything went through smoothly except for my vision. I have fairly poor vision with astigmatism. I was sent in for a consult and the doctor dilated my eyes before checking my vision. Of course this caused me to have poorer vision and my prescription came out higher than what I'm used to. For reference I went to my own personal optometrist these past two years and they came out roughly -8.0 for both eyes. At the MEPS optometrist I clocked in -11.25 and -10.25.. I asked about this and he told me those numbers were not a lie and that he was simply recording what the machine was spitting out. My vision is correctable to 20/20 I believe.

Obviously my consult was denied and they are going to submit me for a waiver (trying to get into 92W) My fear is that such a high prescription is going to prevent me from getting the waiver.. I'm no doctor, but I honestly feel like I wasn't tested properly because my vision prescription came out a lot higher than I'm used to seeing. If I do get denied can I ask for a retest WITHOUT the eye dilation?

Can anyone please share some insight or advice?
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Recently enlisted as a 42A. I originally told my recruiter I wanted 68X, and he said that was way too competitive to get into as newly enlisted and I would be better off trying to switch to that later. I have about 1/2 an associate’s degree in human services right now, as that’s the field I want to go into, when I started thinking about the army, I decided to enlist to use the GI Bill to help pay for finishing my education, then work with veterans. I haven’t fully decided whether I want to do that in a more clinical setting, such as counseling, which would probably require a master’s, or just in more of a role that involves connecting veterans to resources available to them, most likely requiring a bachelors. Any advice?
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Hi everyone, I'm an undergrad college student getting ready to apply for law school. I know it isn't the most common route, but does anyone have experience with the Army JAG Corps? I want to serve my country, but I believe I can best do so as a lawyer. Any advice or information worth knowing on the subject?
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Is 25 to old to enlist?
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Can i join the army with low blood pressure or hypo-tension? I need no medication for it. I was wanting to join as a 19D. I always hear the cutoff for joining is 140 over 90 but is there a lowest accepted blood pressure?
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Having to get a waiver for one major misconduct and like 20 traffic tickets/failure to appear. Good news is I got it throught the BC and it is kicked up to USAREC right now. Other than acting like an asshat as a teenager, I have a great credit score, college degree, and some solid references. What are the chances of an MOS that requires a Secret security clearance? I don't want to bring it up to my recruiter if it is a solid no. What do you guys think?
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Does anyone know if somone who reclasses to 35L later on down the road can get DLI?
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New to posting, sorry. I posted in the most recent Recruiter Thread that I could find, but it’s from June and it looks like it’s not very active. Would it be better to post my question here?
Edit to add the question: I’m extremely interested in enlisting, and have been for 10 years. I’m wondering if anyone has any guesses at my chances. In January of 2018, I received a 97 on the AFQT and all my line scores were over 120, I believe.
My hang up is that I have previously been treated for Gender Dysphoria. As of right now, I have never had surgical intervention nor have I legally changed any of my documents. Everything still says female. I have changed my name. I have been off testosterone for somewhere between 12 and 18 months. I would have no problem enlisting as female if that were my only option to join. I’ve wanted this for a long time but one thing or another has prevented my enlistment. If anyone has any insight on policy, I would appreciate it.
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can transportation ship more than 1 vehicle? im pcsing to korea unaccompanied and i have 3 cars. my wife is flying home in a month and i need to ship her car and one of my cars
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Does anyone have a good information on mos 92g and how the promotions are in this MOs?
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Ok if anyone can help ... meps physical was denied because when vision test was being completed and English is not the first language and unable to figure what she was asking they took me to COMS and he picked a random cancer book had me read it and explain what the story was talking about. I understood but some medical terms I was unable to explain so he told me I had to come back in 6 months after I go to school i believe called justification of appointment my recruiter is new like new new. If any one can give me any information on what I might be able to do or do I have to wait the 6 months. I passed the asvab and my citizenship exam but they were speaking so fast.
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I was just wondering since I was planning to enlist after I finish high school this year, my career of choice was to become a canine handler, do i get to choose that or is it decided for me? That's my main question and if this is the branch to join if this was what I wanted to do, or if another branch is more fitting
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Hey guys so I ship out for basic training at Fort Jackson in 5 days. My MOS is 35M with an Option 40. I was wondering if I will be sent to DLI to learn a language before I go through RASP? Also do any linguists here know if I'll be receiving my language designation before or after AIT? Thanks.
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Hello. If I want to become a registered nurse, does the army help with that in any way? Like offer programs/stipends, e.t.c.? So that by the end of service I'd be able to work as a nurse at a civilian hospital.
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So just a bit of background I’m 18 and my dad was a cav scout for three years at ft. Lewis. I just graduated from highschool and decided in the middle of the summer to pursue a life long dream of going into the army. I had a college lined up and an opportunity to play hockey at a decent level. I decided a little out of the blue to enlist even though I had taken the asvab and had plans earlier in the year. So here’s the story....
I scored an 87 composite with a 119 gt score and 110 and above on all but one it escapes me at this moment but our get the picture not the greatest score but solid. I chose to reserve an 11X slot and got a 20k bonus on top (not doing it for the money just adding it in). I have passed meps and have a ship day for ft. Benning of July 29th. I have been a long time lurker of army and I have noticed a general sense that 11B are the most disliked as far as how NCO’s treat “joes”. Now I don’t know if it’s just popular to upvote them and the good stories get push down to die in the new section but here’s the question.
Is it as bad as this sub reddit would make it seem? A lot of posts are complaints about infantry NCOs and unprofessional conduct in the units. I’m not a snow flake I can handle hazing and being the new guy doing shit stuff cause I’m new I’ve played sports my entire life I get the initiation breaking in the new guy stuff. However it seems a lot of people claim it never stops or gets better. It’s not gonna sway my position on what I’ve picked and gotten myself into but I would like to be somewhat aware of what I’m walking into.
Thank you for any and all responses. Have a nice day :).
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Took my ASVAB and scored an 85 and I definitely want to choose a medical MOS, so I need some opinions on good ones to choose. I qualify for:
68B- Orthopedic Specialist 68C-Practical Nursing Specialist 68D- OR Specialist 68E-Dental Specialist 68F- Physical Therapy Specialist 68G- Patient Admin Specialist 68J- Medical Logistics Specialist 68N- Cardiovascular Specialist 68P- Radiology Specialist 68R- Vet Food Specialist 68V- Respiratory Specialist
Ideally, I’d want a medical MOS with low promotion points, works in the AM so I can still go to school on the side and has the best chance for me to PCS to Germany. I don’t want anything where I’ll have to work 12 hours or am on call for anything. Any info would help. Thanks in advance!
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Hi I need help on how truthful I should be in an upcoming interview because I really want to start working soon. I'm going to an interview for a computer position with the army and I was asked on the phone interview if I had adhd which I said yes and he said that will make things more complicated and he said I can't enter the army if I've taken ADHD medication within a calendar year. I'm hoping it's not a big deal and I can just say I don't remember the last time I took ADHD medication like a politician or something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Are there MOS restrictions on what kind of past behavior can be waived?
Someone in another thread told me that you are automatically disqualified from 31B if you have any history of drug use.
I used marijuana one time, 4 years ago, and I'm wondering if it is possible to get a waiver for this?
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I heard you were allowed to write home and that if you wanted to you should bring stamps but would I also need to bring envelopes and paper?
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I am trying to enlist but i can't until i pay off a ticket. The problem is I cannot find it. It is for outdated registration on my car. i cannot remember which county it was in. I don't remember which path I took so it is from a possible 30 different counties (Texas). It isn't even on my driving record. Can anyone tell me how I can find it?
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Decided to go AD since school ain't working out and don't know if an option 40 is available but i'll ask My recruiter. I just wantsed to know before i ask my recruiter and make him try and get me one if i have a chance of passing or should just see if i get a shot later on. I got the pull-ups, situps and push-ups and i can ruck but the 5-mile Run seems Insane since im not a good runner.
I can do the 2-mile in about 14 minutes atm(never Done a 5 Miler) if i go in with an option 40 and this Run time, would it be possible to get it to the required level in training before rasp?
Also just out of couriosity, how Does 75th Ranger regiments op tempo/deployments look currently compared to big Army Infantry?
Also if someone gets an option 40 and fails rasp, do you get reclassed or sent to an Infantry unit?
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I'm working on joining the National Guard for 3 years. I'm 33 years old. When my commitment is up in 3 years would I be able to switch to Army or Army reserves given my age?
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Is there an Army-wide policy on what color watches are allowed? I know there are units with stupid policy like "black watch or no watch" but I haven't been able to find anything that applies to everyone in the army
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Does 35L ever deploy(say in one enlistment could there be a possibility)? I'm looking into CI but quite honestly information is hard to find about it. I'm wanting to go CI for the TS clearance and after army potential but I still want to play a little bit of normal army(from what I hear CI is a little different). Any info is appreciated and I'm fine if it's just PMs.
Edit: Clarification
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Currently in Dep ship out in a couple weeks but i'm seriously so bored. What can I do to make time go by quicker? I work out everyday but when i'm not at the gym i find myself on reddit or youtube scrolling over the same content. I feel like i'm losing my mind and i'm just counting down the days till i ship. Granted it has been getting easier since it's getting closer to my ship date but 3 weeks ago was just pure miserable.
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Graduated college and received my commission May. I currently am a gold bar recruiter for my school and will be reporting to BOLC in September. Iam interested in doing the IPAP (interservice physician assistant program). I viewed the requirements online, i would like to know what is the attrition rate for the program and what percentage of applicants get accepted into the program?
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Will I get a letter of rejection from the Army, any of the Armed Forces, or the Navy later? I got rejected today by the Navy but I wonder if I could get a rejection later from the Army or a different branch.
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This is gonna get a downvote or two but I'm going in with excercise induced asthma. It's rather mild, and only gets bad when I'm really pushing. I have a feeling I will reach that level frequently at basic. Also, I'll probably be at the FTU for quite some time as the asthma is keeping me a few minutes short of the minimum run time. Doing runs nine-ish times a week with my asthma is going to be hard.
So, to the asthmatics who made it, do you have any advice? Thanks in advance.
edit: and don't tell me to not enlist
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