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25 years on: Colin McRae's title triumph at the 1995 RAC Rally

Colin McRae Rally for PC game reviews & Metacritic score: Though it's among the world's best-selling and most widely played rally sims, you'll probably come away feeling that it really wasn't worth the wait after all. For XBox Game by Codemasters FAQ by sinfony (or Tom, if you like) Version 1.0 4 July 2020 Version History ===== 1.0 - 25 July 2020 (although I've actually had this version in the can for a couple of weeks now, and just never got around to posting it. Read also: Ex-Colin McRae Ford Focus WRC heads to auction. Colin McRae Rally 2020. Volkswagen Golf 1.5 eTSI 150 R-Line DSG 2020 UK review. Username Cart/Disc Case/Box Manual Other Message; None: This is a list of VGCollect users who have Colin McRae: The Rally 02 in their Sell List. Colin McRae became Britain's first World Rally champion.

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The game was announced on 7 May 2020, with the release date set on November 6, 2020 as one of the launch title for the Xbox Series X, making it the series' first game on the ninth-gen consoles. Loose Women panellist Carole McGiffin shocked viewers today by revealing she would vote for Donald Trump if she lived in the US. Speaking from her London home, the commentator, 60, said liberals. Xbox You can also ask your question on our Colin McRae Rally 04 Questions & Answers page. Facebook was to reflect 100 book personal suppression and run our combination horror cells by 75 activity by 2020. The game includes a legend mode where you'll start your career as a beginner opening pass until you become the World Rally champion. 'Nothing was going to stop Colin' - Jimmy McRae on son's. Colin McRae Rally 4 [camera hack] view.

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An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. An open source, community-owned social network dedicated to privacy, free speech, monetization and decentralization. Guide For Colin McRae Rally for Android - APK Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=2088. ROM (ISO) download page for Colin McRae Rally 2.1 (Europe) (En, Fr, De, Es, It) [Hack by Lupus Erectus v20071124] (Track 1) (Sony Playstation). The US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2020 had Facebook's Regulatory search thoughts. The 2020 edition will take place between Thursday 29th October and Sunday 1st November. Source DRM Notes Keys OS; Retail: SecuROM 4 DRM disc check: No longer available due to licensing reasons.

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Racing driver reveals hopes of emulating rally hero Colin. For Colin McRae Rally on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 2 guides and walkthroughs, 23 cheat codes and secrets, 7 reviews, 17 critic reviews, 1 save game, and 80 user screenshots. Rally, Rallycross, Trailblazer, land rush and Raid. We also have an exclusive on the new achievements coming with the DLC. This racing / driving and simulation game is now abandonware and is set in an off-road / monster truck, licensed title, vehicle simulator, automobile and track racing. Colin mc rally 2020 crack. DAEMON Tools Pro v4.40.0311; Play the Game!

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Even though it has been slightly modified in order to better fit the platform, it is more than competent enough to stand on its own amongst the other rally racers on iOS. GAMIVO is a platform to find, compare and buy digital game keys. Installation: Full game without DRM. From the developers of the multi-million selling franchise and based on content from the 90% Metacritic rated Colin McRae Rally 2.0, Colin McRae Rally features 30 amazing rally stages with a combined distance of over 130km. Codemasters once again has created the best rally game on the planet with Colin McRae Rally 2.0. Like all other Colin McRae games, it is a blend of simulation and arcade style handling. Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo (20-26 January 2020) Tougher than winter!

Colin McRae Rally heads to iOS 15 years after initial
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2 Colin McRae Rally 2.0 for PlayStation Reviews 54%
3 Download Colin McRae Rally 2020 Screensaver 2.0 Serial Key 29%
4 Colin McRae Rally 04 77%
5 Colin McRae WRC documentary to be released 35%
6 DiRT Rally kaufen, Dirtgame 4 Key, Colin McRae - Online Gold 92%
7 Playstation 2 Colin McRae Rally 3 Game COMPLETE 94%
8 Colin McRae Rally 2.0 - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes 44%
9 Colin McRae Rally 04 - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes 92%

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Gran Turismo 2 introduced rally racing to the series, so GT2 and GT3 both include a Rally License; the time and effort spent in acquiring the Rally License in GT2 or GT3 will help with Colin McRae. Colin McRae Rally 2020 is one in a series of rally games that have been sporadically released here in the States. Colin McRae Rally 2020; Developer(s) Codemasters Six by Nine (PSP) Ideaworks3D (NGE) I-Play (MOB) Robosoft Technologies (OS X) Publisher(s) Codemasters Nokia (NGE) Feral Interactive (OS X) Series: Colin McRae Rally: Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox. Colin McRae Rally 04 Review There aren't any PC rally racing games that are better than Colin McRae Rally 04 -and there aren't many better driving games of any type, for that matter. Max McRae could make his British rally debut in 2020 at the McRae Rally Challenge event that will celebrate his uncle Colin winning the World Rally Championship 25 years ago. March 27th 2020 Rally legend Colin McRae is the subject of this new downloadable content pack for DiRT Rally 2.0, but does it live up to the legend? Hit the dirt with Colin McRae Rally, the classic off-road racing experience.

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All (86) Positive (70) Negative (16) Purchase Type. Colin McRae Rally - With Booklet For PS1 - PlayStation 1. As a trip down memory lane, Colin McRae Rally does a great job of channeling the classic it is based upon. Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2 was released in 2020 as a revamped and updated sequel of the origional Dirt racing game.

Colin McRae Rally for PC Reviews

Colin McRae Rally 04 Review

ET Twitter Users Skewer Kayleigh McEnany's 'Everyone Is Against Us' Tweet The White House press secretary singled out Twitter, Big Tech, the media, the swamp, China and the Hollywood elite as Trump administration foes. On DirectX section tick a checkbox with "Disable and passthru to real DirectX". Unlockable Cars in Professional Hall. Twenty-five years ago this Sunday (22 November), Colin McRae climbed out of his iconic blue Subaru Impreza to wild adoration as he became the youngest ever world rally champion. Every aspect of the game has been improved upon and is delivered in a top quality product. McRae managed to pull a 0.77. Ford Escort RS Cossie V2 Ken Block 2020.

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Armed Black Panthers show up to the neighbourhood of the two men who lynched black man Ahmaud Arbery
posted by opendemwristscowpoke on /pics
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Most fair AI ever
posted by dyadko on /gaming
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Doggo refuses the owner to get out of bed then proceeds to fall asleep looking after little human
posted by Ghulam_Jewel on /aww
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So casually brushing the teeth of one of the most dangerous animals on the planet
posted by CSThr0waway123 on /interestingasfuck
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Robotic basketball hoop won't let you miss
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Demarcus Cousins having a crazy offseason ` Eta: Fuck me, my top comment is about Boogie.`
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I mean, the literal *reason* the Black Panthers came about in the first place is because law enforcement refused to protect black Americans, and some people decided they needed to protect their own since no one else would. ` Second verse, same as the first.`
posted by absynthe7 on /pics
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It kept going even faster as it made more crashes lol.
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They are all for open carry. Its their right.
posted by kitylou on /pics
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If there was a little dude that brushed my teeth really good, I'd let him.
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Jazz for a few minutes!
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My buddy and I saw a broken hot tub that a stranger in Minnesota is selling on Craiglist for $30. We randomly made and sent him this commercial to help him sell it. He's currently ignoring all of our outreach. I don't know why.
posted by RabbitHoleSpaceMan on /videos
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I found this yellow boi in my closet a while back. He is pretty dirty. Anybody know what model he is? I cant find records of any solid yellow penguins being sold anywhere. (I call him Pingy)
posted by noob0844 on /ClubPenguin
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Every day General Grievous adds a unique lightsaber to his collection. Day 66(Finale): Every u/Raymesiris suggestion.
posted by Thibson34 on /PrequelMemes
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15 years ago today, Leeroy Jenkins prepared a plate of chicken, then led his team to their imminent demise. Never forget.
posted by mikefrombarto on /gaming
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Why? Well, because if they’re in the VA they’ve already served their purpose. Trump's record on military and vets `• ⁠Children of deployed US troops will no longer get automatic American citizenship if born overseas during deployment. This includes US troops posted abroad for years at a time (August 28, 2019)` https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/08/28/children-us-troops-born-overseas-will-no-longer-get-automatic-american-citizenship.html `• ⁠On August 2, 2019, Trump requisitioned military retirement funds towards border wall` https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/a-green-light-on-the-border-wall-as-trumps-supreme-court-victories-mount `• ⁠On July 31, 2019, Trump ordered the Navy rescind medals to prosecutors who were prosecuting war criminals` https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/trump-orders-navy-to-rescind-medals-given-to-prosecutors-who-failed-to-convict-seal-eddie-gallagher `• ⁠In July 2019, Trump denied a United States Marine of 6 years entry into the United States for his scheduled citizenship interview (Reported July 17, 2019)` https://fox5sandiego.com/2019/07/17/marine-veteran-not-allowed-into-us-for-citizenship-interview/ `• ⁠Trump made the U.S. Navy Blue Angels violate ethics rules by having them fly at his July 4th political campaign (July 4, 2019)` https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/07/trump-july-fourth-rally-hatch-act-violation.html `• ⁠Trump demanded US military chiefs stand next to him at 4th of July parade (reported July 2, 2019)` https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-demands-us-military-chiefs-072002784.html `• ⁠In June, 2019, Trump sent troops to the border to paint the fence for a better \"aesthetic appearance\" (June 7, 2019)` https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2019/06/06/some-troops-to-spend-the-next-month-painting-border-fence-with-mexico/ `• ⁠Trump used his D-Day interview at a cemetery commemorating fallen US soldiers to attack a Vietnam veteran (June 6, 2019)` https://qz.com/1637160/trump-slams-veteran-mueller-in-d-day-interview-at-normandy-cemetery/ `• ⁠Trump started his D-Day commemoration speech by attacking a private citizen (Bette Midler, of all people) (reported on June 4th, 2019)` https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-trashes-bette-midler-wwii-dday-memorial-event-844515/ `• ⁠Trump made his 2nd wife, Marla Maples, sign a prenup that would have cut off all child support if Tiffany joined the military (reported on June 4th, 2019)` https://www.newsweek.com/tiffany-trump-child-support-payments-would-have-been-stopped-donald-if-she-joined-military-prenup-1442203 `• ⁠On May 27, 2019, Trump turned away US military from his Memorial Day speech because they were from the destroyer USS John S. McCain` `• ⁠Trump ordered the USS John McCain out of sight during his visit to Japan (May 15, 2019). The ship's name was subsequently covered. (May 27, 2019)` `• ⁠Trump pardoned war criminals (May, 2019)` `• ⁠Trump purged 200,000 veterans healthcare applications (due to known administrative errors within VA’s enrollment process and enrollment system) (reported on May 13, 2019)` https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/trump-administration-breaks-campaign-promise-purges-200-000-va-healthcare-applications `• ⁠Trump deported a spouse of fallen Army soldier killed in Afghanistan, leaving their daughter parentless (April 16, 2019)` `• ⁠On March 20, 2019, Trump complained that a deceased war hero didn't thank him for his funeral` https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/20/politics/john-mccain-thank-you-funeral-donald-trump/index.html `• ⁠He diverted military housing funds to pay for border wall (Feb 15, 2019). A judge subsequently denied this. In July 2019, SCOTUS ruled that Trump could in fact divert military housing funds to pay for his wall.` `• ⁠He refused to sign his party's funding bill, which shut down the government, and forced a branch of the military to go without pay. This branch of military was forced to work without pay, otherwise they would be AWOL. However, his appointees got a $10,000 pay raise (Dec 22, 2018 – Jan 25, 2019)` `• ⁠He didn't pay the Coast Guard, forcing service members to rely on food pantries (Jan 23, 2019)` `• ⁠He banned service members from serving based on gender identity (Jan 22, 2019)` `• ⁠He denied female troops access to birth control to limit sexual activity (on-going. Published Jan 18, 2019)` `• ⁠He tried to deport a marine vet who is a U.S.-born citizen (Jan 16, 2019)` `• ⁠When a man was caught swindling veterans pensions for high-interest “cash advances,\" Trump's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined him $1. As a reminder, the Trump administration's goal was to dismantle the CFPB, installing Mick Mulvaney as the director, who publicly stated the bureau should be disbanded. (Jan 26, 2019)` `• ⁠He called a retired general a 'dog' with a 'big, dumb mouth' (Jan 1, 2019)` `• ⁠He increased privatization of the VA, leading to longer waits and higher taxpayer cost (2018)` `• ⁠He finally visited troops 2 years after taking office, but only after 154 vacation days at his properties (Dec 26, 2018)` `• ⁠He revealed a covert Seal Team 5 deployment, including names and faces, on Twitter during his visit to Iraq (Dec 26, 2018)` `• ⁠Trump lied to deployed troops that he gave them a 10% raise. He didn't give them a 10% raise (Dec 26, 2018). He initially tried to give the military a raise that was lower than the standard living adjustment. This was before Congress told him that idea wasn't going to work. Then after giving them the raise that Congress made him, he lied about it pretending that it was larger than Obama's. It wasn't.` `• ⁠He fired service members living with HIV just before the 2018 holidays (Dec 19, 2018-present)` `• ⁠He tried to slash disability and unemployment benefits for Veterans to $0, and eliminate the unemployability extrascheduler rating (Dec 17, 2018)` https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/12/17/vet-group-demands-white-house-va-reject-benefits-cuts-disabled-unemployed-vets.html ` • ⁠He got three Mar-a-Lago guests to run the VA (unknown start - present, made well-known in 2018) • ⁠He called troops on Thanksgiving and told them he's most thankful for himself (Thanksgiving, 2018) • ⁠He urged Florida to not count deployed military votes (Nov 12, 2018) • ⁠He canceled an Arlington Cemetery visit on Veterans Day due to light rain (Nov 12, 2018) • ⁠While in Europe commemorating the end of WWI, he didn't attend the ceremony at a US cemetery due to the rain - but other world leaders went anyway (Nov 10, 2018) • ⁠He used troops as a political prop by sending them on a phantom mission to the border and maked them miss Thanksgiving with their families (Oct-Dec, 2018) • ⁠He stopped using troops as a political prop immediately after the election. However, the troops remained in muddy camps on the border (Nov 7, 2018) • ⁠Trump changed the GI Bill through his Forever GI Act, causing the VA to miss veteran benefits, including housing allowances. This caused many veterans to run out of food and rent. “You can count on us to serve, but we can’t count on the VA to make a deadline,” one veteran said. (reported October 7, 2018) • ⁠Trump doubled the rejection rate for veterans requesting family deportation protections (July 5, 2018) • ⁠Trump deported active-duty spouses (11,800 military families face this problem as of April 2018) • ⁠He forgot a fallen soldier's name (below) during a call to his pregnant widow, then attacked her the next day (Oct 23-24, 2017) • ⁠He sent commandos into an ambush due to a lack of intel, and sends contractors to pick them up, resulting in a commando being left behind, tortured, and executed. (Trump approved the mission because Bannon told him Obama didn't have the guts to do it) (Oct 4, 2017) • ⁠He blocked a veteran group on Twitter (June 2017) • ⁠He ordered the discharge of active-duty immigrant troops with good records (2017-present) • ⁠He deported veterans (2017-present) • ⁠He said he knows more about ISIS than American generals (Oct 2016) • ⁠He said vets get PTSD because they aren't strong (Oct 3, 2016) (note: yes, he said it's 'because they aren't strong.' He didn't say it's 'because they're weak.' This distinction is important because of Snopes) • ⁠Trump accepted a Purple Heart from a fan at one of his rallies and said: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” (Aug 2, 2016) • ⁠Trump attacks Gold Star families - Myeshia Johnson--gold star widow, Khan family--gold star parents, etc. (2016-present) • ⁠Trump sent funds raised from a January 2016 veterans benefit to the Donald J Trump Foundation instead of veterans charities (the foundation has since been ordered shut because of fraud) (Jan, 2016) • ⁠Trump said \"I felt that I was in the military in the true sense because I dealt with those people\" because he went to a military-style academy and that he has \"more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military\". (2015 biography) • ⁠Trump said he doesn't consider POWs heroes because they were caught. He said he prefers people who were not caught (July 18, 2015) • ⁠Trump said having unprotected sex was his own personal Vietnam (1998) • ⁠For a decade, Trump sought to kick veterans off of Fifth Avenue because he found them unsightly nuisances outside of Trump Tower. “While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its tax paying citizens and businesses?” - 1991 • ⁠Trump dodged the draft 5 times by having a doctor diagnose him with bone spurs. • ⁠No Trump in America has ever served in the military; this spans 5 generations, and every branch of the family tree. In fact, the reason his grandfather immigrated to America was to avoid military service`
posted by myusernameiscool1234 on /politics
Click here to view the post. ● 6,816 Upvotes ● 3 reward(s). ● 1 silver reward(s), 1 gold reward(s) and 1 platinum reward(s) ● Posted: 11/05/2020 at 12:00:10 UTC
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Sorted by month and day: ` Do you share a birthday with a serial killer?` ` ` ` 01.02.1938 - lan Brady` ` 01.09.1929 - Dorothea Puente` ` 01.09.1964 - Ronald Dominique` ` 01.11.1872 - George Joseph Smith` ` 01.13.1961 - Jeremy Bamber` ` 01.14.1946 - Harold Shipman` ` 01.19.1962 - Cynthia Coffman` ` 01.20.1959 - Joel Rifkin` ` 01.21.1899 - John Bodkin Adams` ` 01.25.1957 - Luis Alfredo Garavito` ` 02.16.1951 - David Birnie` ` 02.18.1949 - Gary Ridgway` ` 02.18.1985 - Lee Boyd Malvo` ` 02.22.1975 - Stephen Port` ` 02.25.1966 - Robert Napper` ` 02.27.1930 - John Straffen` ` 02.29.1956 - Aileen Wuornos` ` 02.29.1960 - Richard Ramirez` ` 03.09.1945 - Dennis Rader` ` 03.10.1948 - Doug Clark` ` 03.13.1927 - Peter Manuel` ` 03.13.1933 - Donald Henry Gaskins` ` 03.16.1954 - Colin Ireland` ` 03.17.1942 - John Wayne Gacy` ` 04.04.1943 - Judy Buenoano` ` 04.08.1899 - John Reginald Christie` ` 04.09.1974 - Alexander Pichushkin` ` 04.12.1869 - Henri Desire Landru` ` 04.18.1947 - Herbert Mullin` ` 04.21.1947 - Robert Black` ` 04.24.1958 - Steve Wright` ` 04.24.1961 - Orville Lynn Majors` ` 05.04.1970 - Karla Homolka` ` 05.06.1920 - Martha Beck` ` 05.15.1976 - David Copeland` ` 05.16.1861 - H H Holmes` ` 05.17.1968 - Levi Bellfield` ` 05.18.1960 - Michael Ryan` ` 05.19.1870 - Albert Fish` ` 05.21.1960 - Jeffrey Dahmer` ` 05.22.1942 - Ted Kaczynski` ` 05.22.1951 - Kenneth Bianchi` ` 05.23.1950 - Richard Chase` ` 05.23.1951 - Catherine Birnie` ` 05.26.1883 - Peter Kurten` ` 05.31.1951 - Anthony Hardy` ` 06.01.1953 - David Berkowitz` ` 06.02.1946 - Peter Sutcliffe` ` 06.06.1945 - Arthur Shawcross` ` 06.11.1945 - Trevor Hardy` ` 06.26.1953 - Robert Maudsley` ` 07.15.1962 - Glen Edward Rogers` ` 07.23.1942 - Myra Hindley` ` 07.24.1909 - John George Haigh` ` 07.25.1959 - Anatoly Onoprienko` ` 08.01.1936 - Donald Neilson` ` 08.04.1921 - Faye Copeland` ` 08.13.1929 - Raymond Morris` ` 08.23.1936 - Henry Lee Lucas` ` 08.23.1943 - Rodney Alcala` ` 08.24.1964 - Paul Bernardo` ` 08.26.1942 - Carol M. Bundy` ` 08.27.1906 - Ed Gein` ` 08.27.1946 - Peter Tobin` ` 09.03.1931 - Albert DeSalvo` ` 09.07.1947 - Graham Young` ` 09.25.1952 - Patrick MacKay` ` 09.29.1941 - Fred West` ` 10.04.1968 - Beverley Allitt` ` 10.04.1969 - Peter Bryan` ` 10.08.1956 - Javed Igbal Mughal` ` 10.16.1936 - Andrei Chikatilo` ` 10.24.1949 - Robert Pickton` ` 10.25.1879 - Fritz Haarmann` ` 10.29.1932 - Velma Barfield` ` 11.06.1939 - David Ray Parker` ` 11.13.1967 - Kristen Gilbert` ` 11.17.1964 - Moses Sithole` ` 11.23.1945 - Dennis Nilsen` ` 11.24.1946 - Ted Bundy` ` 11.27.1957 - Derrick Bird` ` 11.29.1953 - Rose West` ` 12.14.1970 - Steven Grieveson` ` 12.17.1914 - Ray Fernandez` ` 12.18.1948 - Edmund Kemper` ` 12.21.1952 - Larry Eyler` ` 12.24.1939 - Dean Arnold Corll` ` 12.24.1969 - Stephen Griffiths` ` 12.25.1932 - Janie Lou Gibbs` ` 12.26.1950 - Randall Woodfield` ` 12.30.1914 - Ray Copeland` ` 12.31.1960 - John Allen Muhammad` `sorted (chronologically) in ~~unicode~~ [ISO 8601](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601) date format:` (edit: thanks to u/gimboland for pointing out my error) ` Do you share a birthday with a serial killer? 1861.05.16 - H H Holmes 1869.04.12 - Henri Desire Landru 1870.05.19 - Albert Fish 1872.01.11 - George Joseph Smith 1879.10.25 - Fritz Haarmann 1883.05.26 - Peter Kurten 1899.01.21 - John Bodkin Adams 1899.04.08 - John Reginald Christie 1906.08.27 - Ed Gein 1909.07.24 - John George Haigh 1914.12.17 - Ray Fernandez 1914.12.30 - Ray Copeland 1920.05.06 - Martha Beck 1921.08.04 - Faye Copeland 1927.03.13 - Peter Manuel 1929.01.09 - Dorothea Puente 1929.08.13 - Raymond Morris 1930.02.27 - John Straffen 1931.09.03 - Albert DeSalvo 1932.10.29 - Velma Barfield 1932.12.25 - Janie Lou Gibbs 1933.03.13 - Donald Henry Gaskins 1936.08.01 - Donald Neilson 1936.08.23 - Henry Lee Lucas 1936.10.16 - Andrei Chikatilo 1938.01.02 - lan Brady 1939.11.06 - David Ray Parker 1939.12.24 - Dean Arnold Corll 1941.09.29 - Fred West 1942.03.17 - John Wayne Gacy 1942.05.22 - Ted Kaczynski 1942.07.23 - Myra Hindley 1942.08.26 - Carol M. Bundy 1943.04.04 - Judy Buenoano 1943.08.23 - Rodney Alcala 1945.03.09 - Dennis Rader 1945.06.06 - Arthur Shawcross 1945.06.11 - Trevor Hardy 1945.11.23 - Dennis Nilsen 1946.01.14 - Harold Shipman 1946.06.02 - Peter Sutcliffe 1946.08.27 - Peter Tobin 1946.11.24 - Ted Bundy 1947.04.18 - Herbert Mullin 1947.04.21 - Robert Black 1947.09.07 - Graham Young 1948.03.10 - Doug Clark 1948.12.18 - Edmund Kemper 1949.02.18 - Gary Ridgway 1949.10.24 - Robert Pickton 1950.05.23 - Richard Chase 1950.12.26 - Randall Woodfield 1951.02.16 - David Birnie 1951.05.22 - Kenneth Bianchi 1951.05.23 - Catherine Birnie 1951.05.31 - Anthony Hardy 1952.09.25 - Patrick MacKay 1952.12.21 - Larry Eyler 1953.06.01 - David Berkowitz 1953.06.26 - Robert Maudsley 1953.11.29 - Rose West 1954.03.16 - Colin Ireland 1956.02.29 - Aileen Wuornos 1956.10.08 - Javed Igbal Mughal 1957.01.25 - Luis Alfredo Garavito 1957.11.27 - Derrick Bird 1958.04.24 - Steve Wright 1959.01.20 - Joel Rifkin 1959.07.25 - Anatoly Onoprienko 1960.02.29 - Richard Ramirez 1960.05.18 - Michael Ryan 1960.05.21 - Jeffrey Dahmer 1960.12.31 - John Allen Muhammad 1961.01.13 - Jeremy Bamber 1961.04.24 - Orville Lynn Majors 1962.01.19 - Cynthia Coffman 1962.07.15 - Glen Edward Rogers 1964.01.09 - Ronald Dominique 1964.08.24 - Paul Bernardo 1964.11.17 - Moses Sithole 1966.02.25 - Robert Napper 1967.11.13 - Kristen Gilbert 1968.05.17 - Levi Bellfield 1968.10.04 - Beverley Allitt 1969.10.04 - Peter Bryan 1969.12.24 - Stephen Griffiths 1970.05.04 - Karla Homolka 1970.12.14 - Steven Grieveson 1974.04.09 - Alexander Pichushkin 1975.02.22 - Stephen Port 1976.05.15 - David Copeland 1985.02.18 - Lee Boyd Malvo`
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Third Place
I am 40 years old and I have three pieces of advice for anyone in their 20's `1. Accept that perfection doesn't exist. Your relationships will have problems, your car will break down, someone else will anyways have a better phone, a newer car, or a bigger house than you, no matter where on the social ladder you stand. Constantly chasing perfection will keep you permanently stressed. That doesn't mean you should not try to better your life, just know that if you expect perfection you will never be statisfied. ` 2. Pay attention to your diet and health. I have been working out at least 4 times per week since my mid 20's. I am fitter, healthier and look younger than almost everyone else my age `3. Don't stop doing the things you love. Even though I have a wife, kids, job etc. I still make time to play video games, draw, write stories, read comics, play basketball, listen to music, etc. There is no reason to become a miserable old bastard!` EDIT: Wow! This has blown up way more than I expected. Thanks for the awards a guys. Its nice to know my advice can be useful to others.
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Fourth Place
He tried to continue enjoying the rollercoaster ride but it just wasn't the same after the pigeon.
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It looks like these guys are from the **’New Black Panther Party’**, which—in addition to being condemned by pretty much every member of the real Black Panthers—is **racist as fuck**. Like ‘calling for the *extermination of jews*’ racist. Designated by the SPLC (among others) as a [Hate Group](https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/group/new-black-panther-party) type racist... `I wanna be clear that I’m in no way defending the killers of Ahmaud Arbery or their crime, nor am I attacking black folks’ right to stand up to racism, or saying they must do that in a way that’s pleasing to white people. It’s just that I don’t think these guys should be getting celebrated like this—they’re no heroes of social justice by any stretch...` Edit: to those who keep saying maybe these aren’t NBPP, I’m just gonna add this from a comment of mine lower down: > They’re [wearing](https://ca-times.brightspotcdn.com/dims4/default/bd4cb25/2147483647/strip/true/crop/1024x682+0+0/resize/840x559!/quality/90/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcalifornia-times-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com%2F02%2Fa1%2F0f229575e1c5c07526a904eab8b2%2Fla-1468543273-snap-photo) the full [uniform](https://s2.reutersmedia.net/resources/?m=02&d=20160712&t=2&i=1145123167&r=LYNXNPEC6B14E&w=940), the fatigues, the patch, the beret w/ badge & bandana. The guy front and center is a prominent face of the group in Georgia, [here’s](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/black-panthers-georgia-pictures/) a number of photos from where the New Black Panther Party was out protesting, via an article debunking them supposedly intimidating people on behalf of the Abram’s campaign.
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Who Wrote What Sketch? Season 45 Edition

This is a constantly updated list of writing credits for the sketches, pretapes and Weekend Update features from Season 45. Most of the credits listed in this thread come from the social media accounts of the SNL cast and writing staff.
Here are the links to the previous Who Wrote What Sketch? threads:

I also keep track of the sketch credits on Twitter prior to updating this master list on the subreddit. This link will lead you to a thread of screenshots from the cast and writers’ Instagram Stories.

The SNL Writing Staff
  • Head Writers: Michael Che / Colin Jost / Kent Sublette
  • Senior Writer: Bryan Tucker
  • Writing Supervisors: Anna Drezen / Fran Gillespie / Sudi Green / Streeter Seidell
  • Writers: James Anderson / Dan Bulla / Steven Castillo / Emma Clark / Andrew Dismukes / Alison Gates / Steve Higgins / Sam Jay / Erik Kenward / Dan Licata / Lorne Michaels / Jasmine Pierce / Gary Richardson / Will Stephen
  • Weekend Update Head Writer: Pete Schultz
  • Weekend Update Writers: Megan Callahan-Shah / Dennis McNicholas (Weekend Update Producer) / Josh Patten / Mark Steinbach

YouTube links for the sketches have been added because it was dumb of me for not including it in the first place.
Episode 01 — Host: Woody Harrelson (OAD: September 28, 2019)
Guest Writers: Neal Brennan, Dave McCary
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Impeachment
DNC Town Hall Neal Brennan, Sudi Green, Colin Jost
Roadside Museum Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Locker Room Andrew Dismukes, Heidi Gardner
Inside the Beltway
Pretape: Downton Abbey Trailer Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Pretape: Dad Dave McCary, Kyle Mooney, Will Stephen
Apple Picking Ad Anna Drezen, Alison Gates

Episode 02 — Host: Phoebe Waller-Bridge (OAD: October 05, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Mike Pence Impeachment Strategy
Another What’s Wrong With This Picture? (Recurring)
Pretape: Love Island Aidy Bryant, Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Mid-Day News Michael Che, Ego Nwodim, Chris Redd
The War in Words: William and Lydia (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Royal Romance Bryan Tucker
Kaylee, Crystal & Janetta James Anderson, Alison Gates

Episode 03 — Host: David Harbour (OAD: October 12, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: CNN Equality Town Hall Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Little Miss Teacher’s Friend Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Pretape: Grouch (Joker Parody) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell (Idea by David Harbour & Lily Allen)
SoulCycle Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Bowen Yang
Peter, Paula & Murray Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Kate McKinnon
Pretape: Father-Son Podcasting Microphone
Sauce James Anderson, Alison Gates
Court Show Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Kent Sublette

Episode 04 — Host: Chance the Rapper, the Host & the Musical Guest (OAD: October 26, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Trump Rally
E-Sports Reporter (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Judge Barry
Pretape: Tasty Toaster Tarts Streeter Seidell
Spooky Song Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Love at First Sight James Anderson, Kent Sublette
Pretape: Space Mistakes Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Choir Fashion
Dance Rehearsal James Anderson, Alison Gates

Episode 05 — Host: Kristen Stewart (OAD: November 02, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Anna Drezen, Will Stephen
Rosie the Riveter
Pretape: Duolingo for Talking to Children Anna Drezen
New Paint Kent Sublette
Hero Dog Press Conference
Pretape: Corporate Nightmare Song Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Hungry Jury
A Proposition Kenan Thompson, Bryan Tucker

Episode 06 — Host: Harry Styles (OAD: November 16, 2019)
Guest Writers: Dave McCary, Julio Torres
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Days of Our Impeachment
Monologue Anna Drezen
Lunch Run Michael Che, Bryan Tucker
Pretape: Joan Song Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen
Childbirth Class Heidi Garnder, Sudi Green, Fran Gillespie
Airline Pilots Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Pretape: That's the Game Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Streeter Seidell
Sara Lee Julio Torres, Bowen Yang
Baby Faye and Her Newsboys James Anderson, Kent Sublette
Funeral DJs Dan Bulla, Steven Castillo, Chris Redd

Episode 07 — Host: Will Ferrell (OAD: November 23, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Trump Impeachment Press Conference Michael Che
Monologue Steven Castillo
Pretape: Heinz Dan Bulla, Steven Castillo
2020 Democratic Debate Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Kent Sublette
Pretape: Party Song Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Pizza Ad Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
First Thanksgiving Michael Che, Pete Schultz, Bryan Tucker
Cinema Classics: The Wizard of Oz James Anderson, Josh Patten, Kent Sublette
Ventriloquist Dennis McNicholas, Pete Schultz, Gary Richardson

Episode 08 — Host: Jennifer Lopez (OAD: December 07, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: NATO Cafeteria
Monologue Anna Drezen, Kent Sublette
Surprise Home Makeover (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Pretape: Chad & JLo (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
The Corporal Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Kate McKinnon
Pretape: Them Trumps: Rally (Recurring) Sam Jay, Gary Richardson, Bryan Tucker
Hip-Hop Carolers Dan Bulla, Chris Redd, Will Stephen
Hoops Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Melissa Villaseñor
Pretape: PottyPM Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Kyle Mooney
Wisconsin Women James Anderson, Alison Gates
Barry's Bootcamp (Recurring) Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Bowen Yang

Episode 09 — Host: Scarlett Johansson (OAD: December 14, 2019)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: American Households
Singing Elves James Anderson, Kent Sublette
Pretape: Children's Clothing Ad Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Office Apology (Recurring) Michael Che, Bryan Tucker
Pretape: A Conway Marriage Story Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Hot Tub Christmas James Anderson, Cecily Strong, Kent Sublette
Hallmark Dating Show
Pretape: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Dan Bulla, Streeter Seidell
Celebrity Sighting Streeter Seidell, Bowen Yang
Another Translator (Recurring) James Anderson, Kent Sublette

Episode 10 — Host: Eddie Murphy (OAD: December 21, 2019)
Guest Writers: Barry Blaustein, David Sheffield, Michael Koman (Weekend Update)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: PBS Democratic Debate
Monologue Michael Che
Mister Robinson's Neighborhood 2019 Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell, Bryan Tucker
Holiday Baking Championship (Recurring) Kent Sublette
Pretape: Home for the Holidays Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell (with help from Jasmine Pierce)
Masked Singer Dan Bulla, Steven Castillo
Black Jeopardy: Velvet Jones (Recurring) Michael Che, Sam Jay, Bryan Tucker
North Pole News Report Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell

Episode 11 — Host: Adam Driver (OAD: January 25, 2020)
Guest Writer: Tim Robinson
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Alan Dershowitz Argues for Trump
Monologue Anna Drezen
Sleepover Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Kate McKinnon, Pads
Pretape: Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now? (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell (Originally by Mikey Day, Taran Killam & Bobby Moynihan)
Del Taco Shoot Beck Bennett, Andrew Dismukes, Kyle Mooney
The Science Room (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell, Cecily Strong
Pretape: Slow Dan Bulla, Chris Redd, Will Stephen
Medieval Times Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Cheerleading Show Heidi Gardener, Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Marrying Ketchups

Episode 12 — Host: JJ Watt (OAD: February 01, 2020)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Impeachment Fantasy
Frozen 2
Pretape: Robbie Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Streeter Seidell
The Sex Talk
Pretape: Men's Product
Pilot Hunk (Recurring)
Madden 21 Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Pretape: Food Dudes
Society Debut
Pizza Place

Episode 13 — Host: RuPaul (OAD: February 08, 2020)
Guest Writers: Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider, John Solomon, James Downey (Weekend Update)
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: New Hampshire Democratic Debate
Monologue Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Sudi Green, Kent Sublette
Family Charades Dan Bulla, Ego Nwodim
Pretape: Chad & RuPaul (Recurring) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Check-Splitting James Anderson, Kent Sublette, Cecily Strong
Pretape: Boop-It Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
The Library James Anderson, Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Thirsty Cops (Recurring) Emma Clark, Sudi Green, Ego Nwodim, Kent Sublette
Old New York Show Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon

Episode 14 — Host: John Mulaney (OAD: February 29, 2020)
Guest Writers: Simon Rich, Marika Sawyer
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: Coronavirus
Monologue (Standup) John Mulaney
Sound of Music: Rolf & Liesl Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Uncle Meme Steven Castillo, Dan Licata, Will Stephen
Pretape: Kyle's Transformation (Recurring) Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
The Admiral (Recurring) Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Kate McKinnon
Airport Sushi (Part 3 of the Diner Lobster Trilogy) Alison Gates, Fran Gillespie, Colin Jost, John Mulaney
Jackie Robinson Michael Che

Episode 15 — Host: Daniel Craig (OAD: March 07, 2020)
Guest Writers: Rob Klein, Paula Pell
Sketch Writes
Cold Open: The Ingraham Angle Coronavirus Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Monologue Steven Castillo, Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Pretape: James Bond Scene Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
The Sands of Modesto James Anderson, Bryan Tucker
Pretape: On the Couch Dan Bulla, Streeter Seidell
Daytime Show Anna Drezen, Alison Gates, Ego Nwodim
Debbie Downer Wedding Reception (Recurring) Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell
Accent Coach Beck Bennett, Andrew Dismukes
Deep Quote Game Night Heidi Gardner, Will Stephen
Pretape: Salad Aidy Bryant, Rob Klein
Episode 16 (OAD: March 28, 2020)
Episode 17 (OAD: April 04, 2020)
Episode 18 (OAD: April 11, 2020)
Episode 19 (OAD: May 02, 2020)
Episode 20 (OAD: May 09, 2020)
Episode 21 (OAD: May 16, 2020)

Weekend Update Features
Segment Writes
David Ortiz on Getting Shot Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Fundraises for Her 2020 Campaign Kate McKinnon, Will Stephen
Chen Biao on US-China Trade War Sudi Green, Jasmine Pierce, Bowen Yang
Supercentenarian Mort Fellner Returns Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Bailey Gismert on Fall 2019 Movies Heidi Gardner, Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Pete Davidson on Sexually Transmitted Diseases Pete Davidson
Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on Benefiting from Trump's Presidency Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Streeter Seidell
Kid Genius Riley Jenson Andrew Dismukes, Melissa Villaseñor
Smokery Farms Responds to the Plant-Based Burger Boom Aidy Bryant, Anna Drezen, Kate McKinnon
Jeff Sessions on His Trump-Friendly Campaign
Scooter Reinholdt Sam Jay, Kyle Mooney
Guy Who Just Bought a Boat on Thanksgiving Dating Tips Anna Drezen, Alex Moffat
Nancy Pelosi Prays for Donald Trump Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
Jules on the Holiday Season Anna Drezen, Colin Jost, Beck Bennett
Chen Biao on the US-China Trade Deal Sudi Green, Jasmine Pierce, Bowen Yang
Baby Yoda Steven Castillo, Kyle Mooney, Will Stephen
Gumby Returns Michael Che
Pete Davidson on Trump's Impeachment Pete Davidson
Jeanine Pirro on Fox News Handling Trump's Impeachment Cecily Strong, Bryan Tucker
Travel Expert Carrie Krum on Winter Getaways Aidy Bryant, Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
Melissa Villaseñor on Oscar Snubs Dan Bulla, Steven Castillo, Melissa Villaseñor
Chen Biao on the Coronavirus Sudi Green, Jasmine Pierce, Bowen Yang
Dr. Angie Hynes on Black History Month Ego Nwodim
Chloe Fineman on The 2020 Oscars Anna Drezen, Andrew Dismukes, Chloe Fineman, Jasmine Pierce
Cathy Anne on Trump's Impeachment Acquittal Cecily Strong, Kent Sublette
Chris Redd on Black History Month Sam Jay, Gary Richardson, Chris Redd, Will Stephen
Bottle Boi Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Bowen Yang
Girl You Wished You Hadn't Started a Conversation with on the Coronavirus Colin Jost, Cecily Strong

Cut For Time Sketches
Sketch Writes
Pretape: Tampax Secrets (Host: Phoebe Waller-Bridge) Anna Drezen, Alison Gates
New Play (Host: Phoebe Waller-Bridge) James Anderson, Kent Sublette
Giuliani & Associates (Host: David Harbour) Colin Jost
'80s Drug PSA (Host: Chance the Host & Musical Guest)
Open Mic (Host: Kristen Stewart) Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Kyle Mooney, Bowen Yang
Pretape: Jason (Recurring) (Host: Harry Styles) Dave McCary, Kyle Mooney, Will Stephen
Pretape: Jeans Commercial (Host: Will Ferrell) Alex Moffat, Will Stephen
Cast List (Host: Will Ferrell) Mikey Day, Streeter Seidell
Date in Mexico (Host: Will Ferrell) Colin Jost, Will Stephen
Harry Styles Sketch (Host: Will Ferrell) Colin Jost, Andrew Dismukes
Holiday Gig (Recurring) (Host: Eddie Murphy) James Anderson, Kent Sublette
Pretape: Aidy Bizzo & Lizzo (Host: Eddie Murphy) Aidy Bryant, Michael Che, Alison Gates
Coal Miners Face-Off (Host: RuPaul) James Anderson, Alison Gates, Bowen Yang
Baby Doctor (Host: RuPaul)
Pretape: Love Is Blind (Host: John Mulaney) Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green
You Go Show (Host: John Mulaney)

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