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Men are less likely to be educated. Uneducated people tended to vote for Trump.

I am posting here because I can't quiet find a way to post this on my social media without feeling as if I will upset people. I would love to hear some open discussion about this. I am hoping I can find a productive way to broach this topic or be shown what factors I am not paying attention to.
This link from 538 shows claims (unsurprisingly) that education was a great predictor of who would vote for trump. I think that many would find this unsurprising. Formal education helps build critical thinking skills, exposes you to countless cultures & beliefs. Lack of those skills & experiences seems to me to be exactly what would encourage one to vote for trump.
Which leads to this chart which in part is summarized by this Wikipedia entry:
In 2016/2017, women are projected to earn 64.2% of associate degrees, 59.9% of bachelor's degrees, 62.9% of master's degrees, and 55.5% of Doctorates.
Women have been earning more degrees than men for decades. It seems obvious to me that this must be part of the difficulty in discussions about gender. You have both a gap in common experiences & a gap in the ability to discuss them.
What am I missing? Why is the education gap unimportant or have little impact on these types of discussions?
side-thought: This appears to also be the case in Europe but at a reduced difference. (Only article I found quick is here) Perhaps this is part of why the populist movements in europe are not as divided by gender.
submitted by bluehands to FeMRADebates

R/F my Wind-Ups

Hello fellow redditors. I've been playing Wind-Ups for awhile now(around 4 months), and I would greatly appreciate some feedback from anyone willing to help. I will comment about my card choices at the bottom of my deck-list. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read and help.
Main Deck: 40
Monsters: 20
3 Wind-Up Rabbit
3 Wind-Up Rat
3 Wind-Up Shark
1 Wind-Up Magician
1 Wind-Up Warrior
3 Tour Guide from the Underworld
1 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders
3 Maxx “C”
1 Swift Scarecrow
1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
Spells: 14
3 Wind-Up Factory
3 Pot of Duality
1 Pot of Dichotomy
2 Fire Formation - Tenki
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon
Traps: 6
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Trap Stun
1 Solemn Warning
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Fiendish Chain
Extra Deck: 15
1 Number 49: Fortune Tune
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 M-X-Saber Invoker
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Gagaga Cowboy
1 Diagusto Emeral
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn
1 Photon Papilloperative
1 Wind-Up Zenmaister
1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
1 Number 61: Volcasaurus
1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
Side Deck: 15
3 D.D. Crow
1 Thunder King Rai-Oh
1 Number 85: Crazy Box
2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror
1 Soul Drain
1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus
2 Dust Tornado
1 Dimensional Fissure
3 Void Trap Hole
In the monster line-up I'm running 3 Maxx “C” because of the Hieratic/Hieratic Ruler match-up. Since I run swift scarecrow I have something to draw into if they take the maxx “c” challenge. I run Redox, because of the surprise factor. If I have a wind-up monster in grave and a rat and Redox in hand I have back up plays in case my normal summon gets stopped. It's also a great feeling when your magician gets solemned, and you bring it back by dropping Redox and an earth and continue your plays. The 3 tour guides are there because if I do tour guide first turn I go into fortune tune. Tune is better at stalling(IMO) then zenmaines and helps by recycling tour guides or rats/rabbits when necessary. Tour guide and dichotomy have good synergy as well. Bear is there for spot removal, and for the surprise factor(they think I'm playing fire fist, next turn I otk them with magician shark shenanigans).
In the spell line-up I only run 2 tenki because 3 seemed to cloggy when I tested it. I don't like having the chance of drawing tenkis without targets. Dichotomy is a great top deck, and it has won me my fair share of games. It's allowed me to make comebacks where it they seem like they were possible.
The only weird thing in the trap line-up is: Trap Stun, which I use to create otk opportunities. I think the rest of my trap choices were common “staple” traps that most people seem to be running.
In the extra deck people may not Diagusto Emeral. I run him because I love having him and an Invoker on the field. Shuffing wind-up warrior back into the deck and re-special summoning him has always appealed to me. Diagusto is a “win-more” card as some people might say. If I did get rid of him it would be for an exciton knight, but unfortunatley they are very expensive atm. Wind-up Zenmaister is there to allow for otks. I need a monster with 2500 or more attack to deal 8000 damage in one turn for a lot of my combos. Silent Honor ARK is a new addition, and he is great at dealing with pesky synchros/xyz/fusions/many boss monsters. Diamond Dire Wolf works great with rabbit. I get to pop a card and rabbit comes back next turn. The last card people may have questions about me running is probably blackship of corn. I only run him to deal with zenmaines, since most people special zenmaines in defense position I can't steal him with Silent Honor ARK.
My side deck may need some work. I run the 3 void trap hole to stop the scary tefnuit summon. When his summon gets through and wingbeat of a giant dragon resolves I'm in for a bad time. D.D. Crow helps when going against bujins, but I'm open to switching him out if people think of a better card. Thunder King comes in when I go up against spellbooks(mostly because mistakes cost too much for me).
I think I covered any strange card choices I may have had. Comment if you have any feedback or ideas, and thanks again for taking your time to read all of this. I'm hoping people of the yugioh community enjoyed my f.
DN Screenshot if anyone needs/wanted it: Wind-Ups
submitted by scottysnacktime to yugioh

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