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Congress Awards Its Highest Honor to USS Indianapolis Crew
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Desmond Doss honored on 75th anniversary of Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - War Chest Cheats, Codes. Cashe was denied the Medal of Honor due to a technicality regarding combat, an oversight his family knew was wrong. Just go to the website below.

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Ban across multiple accounts for no reason. Accounts included my level 21x Kanna, 203 Legend, 18x Kanna, 14x Bishop and some of the most rare items in MapleStory

Edit: I was able to get in contact with CM Ghiblee. Thanks to her she was able to help me recover my accounts! Thanks to everyone for their advice.
Sorry that there's so much text but I want to be as transparent as possible to defend myself since I've seen these threads before and people can be skeptical. I'll include the TLDR at the bottom who don't care about the backstory.
This isn't a thread made to be a ban appeal. I've hit a roadblock and I don't really know where else to turn for advice on how to handle this situation since I've never had to make a ban appeal before. If anyone knows how I can contact CM_Ghiblee, that would be really helpful too.
I'll try to break it down into 3 parts for easier reading since this is a wall of text. These three parts being 1. Account Background, 2. Why I think I got ban, and 3. TLDR.
1. Account background:
I've played this game since the 2005 and always really took pride in my characters and accomplishments. My main account is the character MyBigAssBoat in Windia(Aurora). For anyone who isn't familiar with me, I am a long time collectors in GMS and I have some of the most rare items in the entire game. Collecting was a big reason I use to play and I had hundreds of comments on the old BaislMarket Collectors Thread showing all the new items I got and helping others collect. At one point as well, I was in the top 10 highest leveled pirates in all of GMS stopping at level 241 during the days of Second Drill Hall. I'm not saying this to gloat but rather as a lead in for how serious I am about collecting and how serious I was about training.
Because I am a heavy collector, and at one point was racing for level 250, I have many accounts for multiple reasons. And with the meta of the game and the amount of inventory space I require for these items, I don't think it's crazy for me to have so many accounts.
One of the accounts that was ban was my level 21x Kanna in Aurora. I leveled this character so that I was able to provide myself Kishin at Hall of Honor, Second Drill hall, Alien PQ, and for events that required for me to kill mobs. I don't really think I need to explain how important kishin is and I don't really see why I would risk anything on a high level kanna.
I also had a second kanna account ban which was a level 14x (I think) Kanna in Scania. Because I collect, I have many friends across many worlds and I was trying to play in Scania as well to play with some of my friends.
The third account that I found ban had two really valuable characters on it. My level 18x Bishop in Scania which was made for the same reason as my Kanna, and more importantly, MY LEVEL 203 LEGEND. For anyone unfamiliar with the Legend class, a Legend is an Aran Beginner class. I leeched this character myself and this character has always been one of my proudest accomplishments. This character also has some of my most rare items on it ever including a Clover Corsage, a Beginner Tuna, A Super Snowboard, and my Rare Alien Fragment Helmet which I did over 1000 Alien PQs trying to get... The character being a Legend is already irreplaceable to me. And the fact that it held some of the rarest items in GMS is even more upsetting to me.
The final account that I found ban was my FM mule/Collector storage account. This is the most upsetting to me considering how much I'm going to lose by losing this account. I used this account to set up store permits back in the day and is where I would keep a lot of my money and rare items. I can't recall the amount of rare items on this account but I know for a fact I have a few complete unworn Android suits on this account that took me years to find back when they were near impossible to get. This account was also my first ever account that I created in 2005 so next to my main account, this account is everything to me.
All of these accounts served me many different purposes for the game and were a vital part in how I played MapleStory. I poured hundreds of hours into each of these accounts just to collect and train and I don't see why I would even consider risking everything I had.
2. Why I think I got ban
I did a bit of research and I've come to the conclusion that I may have accidentally triggered an auto ban by logging into too many accounts too quickly. I couldn't find much but found an old post here.
I don't play much anymore and anyone that knows me knows that I afk on my main every day in Channel 1 Heneseys Market next to gach. The last time I think logged into the accounts that are now ban could have been on two possible days. Both times I was logging into many accounts quickly in search of an item that I had and I couldn't have been on the characters for longer than a minute or two max.
On 2/29/2020 I went across multiple accounts trying to find my pair of Crystal Leaf Earrings to lend to a friend to anvil. I don't remember if I went on the accounts that are now ban but I know that I was logging onto characters quickly to check their inventories for the earrings before shortly logging off.
The last time I can 100% recall logging into the accounts was around 1/23/2020 and is where I may have triggered the auto ban. I was trying to find a pair of 20m.att earrings I had left on my Beast Tamer Mule account but because I haven't logged into many of these accounts in a few years, I had forgotten which account had my Beast Tamer. I logged into every account that I had. But again, I would only log on for a like a minute or two max. Looking for these earrings, I logged into I think 22 accounts. So now I understand you're probably thinking "Who in their right mind needs 22 accounts" but please continue to read. 14 of these accounts I had created were for World Pride medals. For anyone unfamiliar, there was a bunch of Server merges in 2015. Because of this, Nexon handed out medals called "Yellonde Pride", "Khaini Pride", "Chaos Pride", and so on to people so that they could represent their world after the merge. These medals were completely untradable, had mediocre stats, and were solely for visual purposes. Because I'm a collector and wanted all the medals, I created 14 accounts to get each medal hoping one day there would be a World Transfer event so I could transfer the medals all to Windia and anvil them for my main account. A world transfer did happen in 2015 leaving me with 14 accounts with characters in Windia that I do not even use since all I wanted was to anvil the medals. If Nexon was able to check the logs of these characters, they would see 14 level 50 Luminous with a World Pride medals in Aurora that haven't been touched in forever besides on 1/23/2020(ish) when I logged on for a few minutes looking for my earrings. These 14 accounts with the world medals all have very similar email addresses and random character names so I could understand suspicion in the accounts if someone did not have any context. Here's proof of 8/14 medals I have anviled in Aurora The remaining 8 accounts that I have are the four accounts that were ban, my main account, my Bishop account, my Beast Tamer account, and a second storage/merch acconut. I don't think having these 8 accounts is too crazy given my background on training and collecting
This leads up to yesterday when again I was going to log into my mules to again check for an item. When logging into my collector mule account, I was promoted with a message that I was ban for using third party programs? After logging a ticket, I was hit with a generic message from a GM claiming that I was attempting to bypass their security system? Here's a picture of the GM's reply to my ticket.. I don't understand how I can be "hacking" on these accounts when I logged onto these accounts quickly to check for an item and logged right off. Besides the dates listed, I can't even recall the last time I've logged into these accounts.
3. TLDR:
I'm an unorganized hoarder collector who has a bunch of rare items spread across many accounts. I think I accidentally triggered a chain auto ban by logging into too many accounts too quickly looking for an item I had. 4 of my accounts got ban but my main account didn't. Filed a ticket but they don't believe me so now I need advice on what to do.
Please though. If anyone has any suggestions on how to reach someone within Nexon that can investigate this further, let me know. Live Chat is currently down and after filing a ticket, I feel like I'm going to be running in circles for months trying to get these accounts back. I don't want to lose a lot of my hard work. :(
submitted by Caegs to Maplestory

A Notice Regarding Your Student Fees

If you are not aware, athletes from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas' Rebel Girls team were nominated by USA Cheer to represent the United States at the International Cheer Union (ICU) World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando Florida. While this is an incredible honor for those individuals, funding for these Team USA athletes is being sought through CSUN, YOUR undergraduate student government and other avenues.
Why should I care?
There are per-credit fees that you, as a student, pay that composes the CSUN operating budget, among others campus budgets, for every fiscal year. Now, Team USA is seeking to obtain $19,312.50 from CSUN's budget to compete in the ICU competition. However, Team USA has already obtained $15,000 from The Division of Student Affairs, despite the fact that they will not be representing the University in any capacity at the ICU competition. This $15,000 has already come out of YOUR pocket as a student because their budget is composed of (you guessed it!) student fees. In the proposed bill there is a budget breakdown of how the desired funds would be used, and none of it incorporates representing UNLV. Because Team USA was nominated by USA Cheer they are obligated throughout the duration of the 5 day competition to only wear Team USA gear and represent Team USA and, to quote the Rebel Girls' coach Marca DeCastroverde: "you have to be, no longer, a university.” and "it can't be UNLV at [the competition]" because "if we sign up, that is just kind of the deal." (t:3:00-26:41). Further, the Rebel Girls, as a UNLV entity, already have a planned fiscal year deficit of at least $65,000, which is being left unaddressed while seeking funding for Team USA which is completely dissociated from the University.
What can I do?
Email all your college's Senators within CSUN (contact info in bottom table) the suggested email below,(or an email of your own, sharing your own opinions) THEN share this post with other students.
TL;DR: Your student fees are at risk of being mishandled, but there is still time for your voice to be heard by contacting your CSUN Student Government Senators (table below)

I am one of many students reaching out to you in similar form to express my displeasure for Senate Bill 50-14 which is to be considered in front of the CSUN Senate on 3/9/2020. Having been made aware of the bill, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with it and would like you, as my representative in CSUN, to vote against it.
While I recognize the honor of being selected to represent one's country, that is all that athletes from UNLV will be doing- representing the USA. By becoming "Team USA" the athletes will not be representing me, or the University in any capacity. I am extremely dissatisfied, looking at the bill, to see that $19,312.50 is being requested, of which $6,875 is allocated for the specific purpose of purchasing one-time-use USA branded materials, and for modification of the pre-existing UNLV branding to be replaced by USA branding, as it is required by the competition. The argument that Team USA might mention CSUN or UNLV on TV or in print is not enough to warrant the distribution of any student funds for this external activity.
Additionally, I am displeased to know that there was ample opportunity for the Rebel Girls, as a UNLV-affiliate to cut expenses, raise fees, demand funding from the athletics department, or seek funding from CSUN for their UNLV-related functions prior to this date. Having not done this, the Rebel Girls show in their budget a sixty-five thousand dollar deficit. This debt should be handled between the Rebel Girls and the University before they consider putting more on their plate. If the athletics department does not fund the Rebel Girls appropriately, that is something that should be addressed by the Rebel Girls and the Department, not something to be bank rolled by student fees. When the Rebel Girls accepted the nomination to become Team USA they knew that there would be costs placed on the shoulders of the Team USA Athletes. Yet, they did it anyway, and are now seeking CSUN student funds for their personal ventures.
A comparison was made on the record between the ICU and the Olympics. If this comparison were to be continued it stands that these athletes, in representation of the United States, are entities outside the purview of the University. As an example, Madison Kocian, a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast, competes for University of California, Los Angeles. She, however, is not necessarily funded to compete in her Olympic endeavors by her college, UCLA. Meaning Madison Kocian, an athlete from UCLA, represents the United States on the US National Gymnastics team and has costs associated with her club activities in representation of the United States fall on her shoulders. Following, the same should apply in this circumstance... The Rebel Girls Team from UNLV represents the United States on the US National Team and has costs associated with their club activities in representation of the United States fall on their shoulders.
I also learned that, of the people that were being funded by this bill, that at least three of them are not even students of the University and at least three others are external professional staff. To fund this would be highly inappropriate and I, again, disapprove. I have also been made aware that Team USA has already obtained $15,000 through the Division of Student Affairs, meaning that Team USA has already received 15,000 dollars of student's money. Receiving funding through the Student Life Funding Committee is exclusive to departments, meaning that students and student organizations have no access to these funds, yet Team USA believes that they can double dip in reverse and receive funding from both a specialized department-only resources in addition to CSUN resources despite, themselves, not being a Registered Student Organization or University entity in any capacity. If the Rebel Girls misrepresented the circumstances and expectations of this competition and made the Committee believe that they would be participating in the ICU World Championship as Rebel Girls, and not Team USA, I see it as appropriate to mandate having this $15,000 returned. However, if the funds were appropriated to the Rebel Girls, those funds should not be used to fund Team USA's travels and should, instead, be used to pay off part of the $65,000 debt the Rebel Girls have reported in their included budget.
In addition, Team USA had misrepresented their participation in the ICU competition on the Rebel Girl's Rebel Raiser page, which was highly inappropriate. This deception of students, and of the public, should not be tolerated and must cease. They claimed that contributions will "provide 2 of our girls with the pom poms needed to cheer on our Rebs!" when the ICU World Championship is mandated to be Nation, not University, based was false (especially considering in the routine there are no pom poms to be found) To claim that contributions will pay "for a uniform for one of our dancers, embroidered with our UNLV logo so we can represent and show our Rebel pride together in uniform at every game, event and competition!" when the team is being mandated to buy new, one time use USA Branded Apparel Packages and modify existing costumes to remove UNLV and replace it with USA, is false. To claim that the Rebel Girls will be competing at the ICU World Championship is false; what is true, however, is that talented athletes "from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas" will "represent the United States in the US National Team Cheer Hip Hop division"; which is an incredibly important distinction to remember when speaking about this external activity.
I support the Rebel Girls on campus and appreciate all they do for the University. However, with irreconcilable debt, funds already being disbursed, and a lack of representation for me as a student or for the University as a whole, I disapprove of the passing of SB 50-14.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this in full and look forward to hearing your representation of me on the record during the Senate meeting on 3/9/2020. I, again, ask you to vote no on this bill.
Thank you.

College Senator Email
College of Liberal Arts Olivia Cheche [email protected]
Syeda Jamshed [email protected]
Delaney Howard [email protected]
Nadia Ozone [email protected]
Eric Anderson [email protected]
Francisco Reyes [email protected]
Division of Health Sciences Nicholas Pudar [email protected]
Jesus Castillo [email protected]
Jerson Zarate [email protected]
Trey Curtis-Brown [email protected]
Lee Business School Sara Adnan [email protected]
Christina Yalenkatian [email protected]
Caren Yap Royce [email protected]
College of Engineering Paulyna Garcia [email protected]
Ryan Kole [email protected]
James Eftimoff [email protected]
College of Hospitality Kristina Crowder [email protected]
Jacob Funaro [email protected]
College of Fine Arts Hector Arreola [email protected]
Connor Holmes [email protected]
College of Sciences Michelle Inocencio [email protected]
Astha Mehta [email protected]
College of Education Jena Lopez [email protected]
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Sam Nunley [email protected]
Jordan Donohue [email protected]
submitted by ConcernedUNLVstudent to UNLV

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