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Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Product Keys's board "Product Keys List" on Pinterest. Results 1 - 48 of Microsoft Project Professional MS Pro Original Product Key Full Version All trial versions of Project must be uninstalled before installing Microsoft. Enter the Project Server trial product key Oct 03, Hi, I have a Product key for my Microsoft Project Professional i have uninstalled it from my old computer and now i am trying to install into a new Microsoft Project Product Key Download steinberg. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2020 Product Key Free. It is to be noted that the steps mentioned below work for both Windows and Mac.

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Finding and claiming product keys in ... advice. These are Latest Working Free Keys. Be sure to sign in using the Microsoft account, or work or school account, that you used to buy or subscribe to Microsoft 365. How to Activate Microsoft Project / Visio (/) without Product Key The majority of Microsoft software products have a days trial in order to let the user try them for free. MS Office 2020 Product Key.

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2020 Product Key Crack 2020. Connect and grow your business Grow beyond the limits of your basic accounting software. We have presented you here a quick overview of Microsoft Office 365 product key to make it useful for your system processing right now. Best project management software of 2020: tools to organize teams and tasks By Nicholas Fearn, Jonas P. DeMuro, Brian Turner 16 November 2020 Applications to help individuals or teams to manage. The full license for Microsoft Project Pro costs $1030.

A Short Story that Describes Imaginary Events and People of Worldwide Calamities and the Aftermath (the 2nd Edition)

The following story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this post are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.
However, the LINKS to real-life events and inspiring sources are placed here and there throughout the story.
Truth is the Only Light
☞ [As of 2019] there are plenty of reasons to think the Chinese system will implode spectacularly without Japanese feeling the need to do a thing. — Peter Zaihan, Disunited Nations (Mar 03, 2020)
It's apparent that two nations have been engaged in a high-stakes military & economy arms race. The current US admin has been hitting China with waves of tariffs, but that was merely a small part of what's actually going on. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
On Oct 11, 2019, when they reached a tentative agreement for the first phase of a trade deal, the fact that China made the concession actually made my jaw drop. From where I sit, it was a worrisome scene. Aren't people saying, when challenging situations are bottled up, they will just grow and mutate into another terrible complications?
Admittedly I was not certain how they are going to adhere to the agreement: It left most of the US tariffs (on China's exports) in place, and at the same time, came with an additional USD $200 Billion burden for China over the next two years. This agreement might seem a bit insignificant, but now China would need to purchase almost twice the size of the US products & services they did before the trade war began.
With their current economic climate? I murmured, "No way."
While watching Trump brag and boast around with said agreement, I expected China would soon come out and fling some improvised excuses in order to delay the document-signing process. It wouldn't be their first time. More importantly, even if China does so, there wouldn't be many (real) counterattack options left for the Trump admin during this year, the US presidential election year.
Then, on Jan 16, 2020, the world’s two largest economies actually signed a partial trade agreement aimed at putting the brakes on an 18-month trade war. China would almost surely not sit down but come back to bite, I thought.
Enter the worldwide chaos following so called the COVID-19 outbreak.
☞ Globalists have been heavily investing in China's economy and its components overseas.
• Here are a couple of well known names: the Great Old One; George Soros; Koos Bekker; and Bill Gates.
• For the sake of convenience, from here on, let's call these globalists, who are foreign investors in China's top tier state-owned/sponsored/controlled enterprises, Team-Z.
• Team-Z has adopted big time lackeys like Henry Kissinger or small time ones like Larry Summers, Stephen Hadley, or Bill Browder as matchmakers to court Team-Z for China's top tier enterprises. When Israel's highest echelons chimed in, it has been through Israeli IT companies and the BRI projects.
• Naturally, multinational investment banks have also been employed; such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), UBS Group AG (formerly Union Bank of Switzerland), Blackstone Group, Canaccord Genuity, BlackRock, Hermitage, or Mirae Asset.
☞ Note: The Great Old One didn't use any matchmakers, something peasants would need. Because the Great Old One's power level is over 9000.
• China's Shanghai clique used to keep the nation's state-sponsored enterprises under their firm grip: Enterprises such as Alibaba Group, Tencent, Baidu, Wanda Group, HNA Group, Anbang Group, Evergrande Group, CEFC Energy and Huawei, all of which Team-Z has massively invested in.
Here is how Shanghai clique and Team-Z, esp. Bill Gates, started to get together: [LINK]
• However, in the name of anti-corruption campaign, Xi Jinping & his Princelings have been taking those businesses away from Shanghai clique's hand, and transforming those state-sponsored private enterprises into the state-owned enterprises, declaring the 國進民退 movement.
• Slaying Shanghai clique's control = [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
• 國進民退 + Slaying Shanghai clique's control = [A] [B] [C]
• Xi's reign didn't arrive today without challenges though: the BRI projects' poor outcome has frustrated Israel's great expectations. And since the US-China trade war has started, the problems of China's economic systems started to surface, not to mention China's economy has long been decaying.
• Coupled with the US-China trade war, the current US admin has been trying to block Huawei from accessing the international financial systems that the US can influence, as well as the US banking systems. This is a good time to remind you again that Bill Gates has had a very close-knit relationship with Huawei.
☞ It's the trade war, but why were internet-based companies such as Tencent and Baidu suffering losses?
Answer: The state-sponsored companies like Tencent, Baidu, or Huawei have heavily invested in international trade and commodity markets, which are easily influenced by aspects that IMF interest rates, the US sanctions, or trade war can create.
Example: Let's say, Tencent invests in a Tehran-based ride-hailing company. Then, through said ride-hailing company, Tencent invests in Iran's petroleum industry. Now, China's most valuable IT company is in international petrochemical trade. The business is going to make great strides until the US imposes trade embargoes oand economic sanctions against Iran.
China's economy going down = Team-Z losing an astronomical amount of money.
★ Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018 ★
"Gentlemen, you guys might want to do something before it's too bloody late, no? His speech last night was .... (sniggers) Mr. Gates, now is as good a time as any. Mr. Soros, hm, don't look at me like that."
".... But,"
"Yes, Mr. Soros, your HNA is going down, too. .... Ah, Schwarzman xiansheng, we're very sorry to learn about Blackstone's Iran & SinopecChina situation. So, we're guessing, you'd be happy to join Mr. Gates's operation, yes? Of course, We already contacted Kissinger xiansheng. .... Okay then, Gentlemen?"
• Now you can take a guess why George Soros has recently been sending out confusing messages regarding Xi Jinping.
• Wait, how about Wuhan Institute of Virology? Doesn't this story concern the COVID-19 outbreak? Is the Wuhan Institute also associated with Shanghai clique? Yes, indeed. Here's How Wuhan Institute of Virology and Shanghai Clique are related: [LINK]
☞ Calling for the tide to be turned, Team-Z and Shanghai clique started to devise the plan. The objectives are:
By shutting down international trade, crashing world economy, and exploiting its aftermath, the plan should produce an outcome letting Team-Z earn back their loss from the trade war & the US sanctions, and collect additional profits from China's BRI projects & stock markets worldwide, including the US stock markets.
Don't forget this: This point number also concerns the developing nations on the BRI with the large deposits of natural resources that Team-Z has invested in through China. If everything comes together nicely, Team-Z will pick up trillions of dollars from those nations alone as if they are light as a feather. Ironically this will reinforce the BRI project governance and mitigate fraud & corruption risks inherent to the international development projects.
By utilizing the aftermath in the US, a new US administration consisted of pro-Beijing personnels should be fostered at the 2020 election. In a worst-case scenario, the aftermath should be abused enough to make Robert Lighthizer to leave the admin. Mr. Mnuchin could stay.
Sometime next year, the phase one trade deal must be reassessed with the new US admin. The reassessment should help China take the upper-hand at the second phase trade talk.
The pandemic crisis should yield a situation which allows China to delay the payments for its state-firm offshore debts. With the point number , this will give China a breathing room to manage its steadily-fallen forex reserves.
Since their current turf (in China) is education industry & medical science industry, Shanghai clique will have no issue with earning hefty profits by managing China's export of medical equipments & health care products which can be supplied worldwide mainly by China. People in the west will bent the knees for the clique's support.
☞ Regarding Jiang Zemin's son and medical science industry in China [LINK]
The outcome should weaken Xi & his Princelings' political power considerably in favour of Shanghai clique & Team-Z. This will let Jiang's Shanghai clique (A) reclaim some of political status & business interest controls they have lost to Xi & his Princelings.
• And once this point number , with the point number , is realized, it would be much easier for the clique to (B) recover their huge assets hidden overseas that the current US admin or Xi & his Princelings have frozen.
Combining good old bribery with sex, the outcome should support China to re-secure control over the US governors. Once the plan is executed successfully, those governors would desperately need solutions to local economic problems and unemployment.
Lastly, implementing an e-ID system in the US similar to Beijing's Alipay and WeChat could be the cherry on top of the operation's entire outcomes. Who's supporting such a system worldwide? None other than Microsoft and Rockefeller Foundation. ಠ_ಠ
☞ They were afraid more talents were needed. The main target was the world’s largest economy with the most powerful military capability, after all.
They ended up asking Mr. Fridman to see Lord Putin about that. The old Vova was going through a lot nowadays, people said. It could be because his nation's energy business to Europe seems to be hitting wall after wall. He is said to have enough on his plate with no end in sight, so maybe he'll join.
★ Monday, Jan 15, 2018 ★
"(pours a drink for himself) I know, but. ... What would happen if Bashar falls? How long you think you can keep it up? .... Erdogan is many things (sniggers) but he's never gentle. (sips his drink slowly) When Benji's EastMed Pipeline starts to actively compete, then what? They got the China money now. .... Vagit and his buddies will be very unhappy. You know that. Not great, Vova."
"Ah, you mean what are we going to do? Hm? Hm. I'll tell you what we're going to do. This time, we're going to bankrupt the US shale gas sector. Then, of course, we can maybe convince Benji to take their time with the pipeline. Perhaps for good. (sips his drink slowly) Don't worry, Vova, It'll work. You worry too much. We'll come out the other side stronger."
"So, how long until they set it off?
"Hahaa, yes. They'll soon put all things in place. While marching in place, they'll play the tune a couple of months before the next sochelnik."
"Nearly 20 months to brace things here, then?"
"(nod slowly in happiness) Hm. Оторви́сь там, оттопы́рься, Vova"
☞ When the directive came, these idiots answered claiming they would be gladly "on it." All in the name of rejuvenating China's economy without grasping the real objective prevailing throughout the entire operation. Thing is, they would never realize what they are to Team-Z & their Asian overlord until it’s too late.
Who are they? It's A and B, not A or B: (A) the American corporations that are too big to fail and have suffered a considerable loss because of the US-China trade war. Among those corporations, (B) the ones that have been structured with massive interest-profit relationships in/with China.
"We need China in order for the US as a nation to continue being prosper," they've been shouting. No surprise there, because they've enjoyed the strides of extraordinary profits over the years while the US middle class has continued to shrink.
But, in 2019 when China's stock markets nosedived for the first time since 2015 and China's authorities in financial stability & resiliency fumbled their response; it wiped that smile off their face. Still, they'll keep behaving not to offend their Asian overlord, nonetheless.
☞ Many crucial components had to come into play all at once in order to cause World War I. If one of the components were missing or different, it is unlikely that the World War I as we know of could be produced.
The US in 2019: Overbought bubbles + Over borrowed corporations
The US in 2020: It's an Election Year.
Russia has been dumping US Treasuries for the past few years.
Russia has been hoarding golds as if they were recreating Inca Empire.
China in 2019: Immense & long term financial troubles has started to surface.
China in 2020: The phase-one deal has been signed; leaving most of tariffs on China intact and adding another $200 Billion burden for China.
Team-Z sets up a situation in the US where some event(s) would freeze the US supply chains & demand for the next three to ten months.
• Just like the 9/11, the event will be initiated at the clique's own region. However, unlike in China, the US will report multiple epicentres simultaneously.
• And the CDC and the US medical task force will carry on with a number of sabotage acts, to secure enough time for the infected yet untested in those US epicentres to spread plenty. [1] [2] [3]
• Here's a feasible timeline of the operation.
Then, the BOOM: Team-Z (a) manipulates the markets to make sure MM will have liquidity concerns (b) when they need it most. The (c) bottomed out oil price will be an enforcement, which will also wreck the US energy sector as a kicker. The (d) WHO will also join as a disinformation campaign office.
• Then a couple of big name investment managers will lead a movement that (will try to) bring back foreign money back to China. [1] [2]
• Meanwhile, in US, the disinformation campaign will continue to be pushed until the second wave of attack arrives.
☞ We're now going through World War III. The global structure laid down by World War II had been shaken by globalization and the rise of China. This pandemic event will shock the structure further. Human history will be divided into Before 2021 and After 2021.
① Outcome pt. 1: Immediate Aftermath [pt.1] [pt.2]
② Outcome pt. 2: The US economy goes deep dive along with world economy, and the only thing Team-Z has to do is to exploit the aftermath which has been thoroughly calculated and eagerly anticipated. — Favoured assessment: There won't be a V curve ever, unless drastic measures taken within the timeframe of four months. Unprecedented market crash, the rapid unemployment acceleration because of the supply-chain shut down, and the near-death security which in turn forces consumer confidence to plummet. We're looking at a super long L shape curve unless the US prepares fast for the second wave of their asymmetric warfare.
③ Outcome pt. 3: Arguably the most important outcome. — Because of the unprecedented shutdown of international trade, the nations heavily rely on exporting natural resources will face the extreme financial threats. What if some of those are emerging markets AND massively in debt to China? What do you think China would do to said nations while the aftermath is hitting the globe hard? [PDF] Something comparable to Latin American Debt Crisis will happen.
④ Outcome pt. 4: Not that significant compared to the others but still notable outcome. — The world will need Shanghai clique's help to get medical products and equipments.
☞ Several analysts have discussed off the record that next it'd be a proxy warfare not using armed conflicts but with spreading a galaxy of counterfeit-currency across every possible channels.
Coincidently, on Dec 13, 2017, Business Insider reported in an article "A $100 counterfeit 'supernote' found in South Korea could have been made in North Korea" that:
"It was the first of a new kind of supernote ever found in the world," Lee Ho-Joong, head of KEB Hana Bank's anti-counterfeit centre told Agence France-Presse.
Reporting the same news, The Telegraph published an article on Dec 11, 2017:
"It seems that whoever printed these supernotes has the facilities and high level of technology matching that of a government", said Lee Ho-jung, a bank spokesman from KEB Hana Bank in South Korea. "They are made with special ink that changes colour depending on the angle, patterned paper and Intaglio printing that gives texture to the surface of a note".
Tale of How Shanghai clique and Globalists Got Together
Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan City, & Shanghai Clique
Feasible Timeline of the COVID-19 Operation
Immediate Aftermath — pt.1.b
Immediate Aftermath — pt.2.a
Remdesivir, Gilead Sciences, Its Shareholders, & Silly Concern
Cases Displaying the Recent Climate of Chinese Economy
Compliance Report by the US State Department on China regarding Biological Weapons Convention — Click "2019 August Unclassified Compliance Report" and see p45.
Jiang Zemin's son & Medical Science Industry in China
What is Guanxi (關係)?
Israeli IT Companies & China
Opinion article "Cancel All Debt to China"
Fun Trivia about Bush Family and China
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Pakistan to secure $1 bn in Chinese financing for roads - official: Pakistan expects to secure soft loans from China of about $1 billion this week for three road projects in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
  2. China's Belt and Road initiative vital to Asian job creation: Project will increase prospects for stability. A jobs gap could lead to rise of more extremist movements. In 2010, just before Arab Spring, surveys found that employment ranked first of 11 issues, including politics and religion
  3. Live update of shooting in Istanbul; shooter assumed to be Uyghur
  4. "The Philippines is tilting away from its traditional ally the United States towards China in a bid to 'normalise' relations following a longstanding territorial dispute, the country's incoming ambassador to Beijing said Monday [2 January 2017]."
  5. Chinese high schoolers out-code university students in worldwide coding competition
  6. Turkish media releases video of suspected nightclub gunman, claims he is Chinese Uygur Muslim
  7. As Trump and North Korea’s Kim spar, China poses as the responsible actor (lol)
  8. Russian Warships Visit Philippines, Announce Surprise Joint Drills: Mikhailov indicated, however, that East Asian players, including China and “maybe” Malaysia could also coordinate with Russian-Philippine training exercises "in a few years."
  9. UN Chief Speaks Highly of China’s Contribution to Peace, Development
  10. Japan has approached China and South Korea about holding a trilateral summit in Tokyo in February aimed at deepening cooperation on such issues as a free trade deal, the environment and counter-terrorism, Kyodo news agency reported
  11. Israel says China to send thousands of construction workers
  12. Wen Ho Lee X.0?
  13. Chinese television finally available in 70 countries!
  14. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has asked his defence minister to move joint naval exercises with the United States away from the disputed South China Sea as Duterte tries to repair Manila's ties with China
  15. German state rail operator Deutsche Bahn said it planned to ramp up cargo transport to China following a record year: More than 40,000 containers were transported between the two countries in 2016, up from 35,000 a year earlier and “the largest volume of goods” moved on the iron link so far
  16. China launches first train service to travel all the way to Britain carrying socks to east London
  17. China Joins the Fight to Save Elephants
  18. Globalization Isn't Doomed. It's Evolving, With China As A Leader.
  19. Turkey nightclub attack: Police 'detain several Uighurs' in raids
  20. China has recovered 2.3 billion yuan ($331.27 million) in losses from graft in the first 11 months of this year from across more than 70 different regions and countries. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said that 908 people who were on the run have been captured
  21. Taiwan objects to Vietnam deporting telecom fraud suspects to China: The latest deportation followed a series of similar cases this year where Taiwanese nationals in Kenya, Malaysia, Armenia and Cambodia have been arrested for alleged involvement in cross-border telecom scam groups and sent to China
  22. The Chinese burger designed by Asia's 'best female chef': May Chow, the owner of restaurant Little Bao, has been voted Asia's best female chef by panel of over 300 experts. Her restaurant serves what she calls Chinese burgers, steamed white buns filled with braised pork belly, fried chicken or fish
  23. artist explicitly says he is Chinese Canadian. “I’m a Chinese-Canadian and Canada is a multicultural country,” Chen said in an interview. Media calls him Taiwanese Canadian anyway. "Taiwanese-Canadian artist creates 252-metre long watercolour" (limited importance of self identity)
  24. Cambodians support China in the SCS due to widespread anti-Vietnamese sentiment because of centuries of conquest and invasions by Vietnam
  25. NHL ‘hopes’ to host pre-season game in China next season
  26. Three generations of Chinese artists who’ve made Paris home, and how they changed French art
  27. Chinese trolls jumped the firewall to attack Taiwan’s president and military on Facebook: they are members of Di Ba, one of the largest message boards in China. About a year ago, the same group launched a trolling campaign on Facebook after Tsai won the election. Around 1,500 people joined this time
  28. China launches freight-train line to London as part of bid to increase trade ties with Europe: The train departed Yiwu and will cover more than 12,000 kilometers in about 18 days. London is the 15th city in Europe to be added to China’s freight train services to the continent
  29. Why Donald Trump’s Chinese-American Supporters Are Suddenly Disappearing: David Wang, founder of Chinese Americans for Trump, admitted to blocking “the bad stuff” coming from the Trump. “We try to block the bad stuff Trump says about China. To be honest, I think he’s just testing the waters.”
  30. President Tsai Ing-wen heads to US amid China dispute
In Domestic news
  1. China renews calls for tighter cyberspace security: CAC top cybersecurity body reaffirmed its commitment to heightened cybersecurity surveillance, calling for increased scrutiny of local and foreign technology used in industries deemed critical to the national interest
  2. China's head of religious affairs said Beijing is willing to have dialogue with the Vatican but stressed Catholics should "hold up high the flag of patriotism" and adapt Catholicism to Chinese society. President Xi called for religions to adapt, which he termed the "sinicization of religion."
  3. China passes landmark law to slap steep taxes on polluters
  4. China says won't allow Hong Kong to be used as subversion base
  5. In Banning Ivory Trade, China Saw Benefits for Itself, Too
  6. Beijing's overall air quality improving even as smog returns
  7. China extends rural assets reforms to protect farmers
  8. Problems Remain in China’s Death-Penalty System Even After Reforms
  9. China to spend $493 billion on green power by 2020
  10. The pink yuan: how Chinese business is embracing the LGBT market
  11. Shooting highlights gun concerns in China
  12. China bans New York Times iPhone app as part of its effort to "crack down on fake news"
  13. CGTN: More and more Chinese schools offer Confucius classes to revive study of traditional values
  14. China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020
  15. Patience, Differentiation Needed in Developing 'Specialty Towns': Specialty towns must differentiate themselves to achieve sustainable development; equally important is a patient approach to their nurturing
  16. 50 pole dancers grace politician's funeral
  17. Celebrations mark opening of giant floating walkway in China
  18. Growing taste for satirical news in China tests press freedoms as authorities fight fake news.
  19. China's ivory trade ban: how to make it work | Environment
  20. China's top graft watchdog has begun airing a three-part television series highlighting corruption within its ranks, sending a message that there will be no omissions in Chinese President Xi Jinping's war on corruption
In SciTech news
  1. Consistent-chirality carbon nanotube tangles with high on-current in transistors: A group of researchers in China have creatively proposed a novel method by entangling an individual decimeter-long CNT with a diameter of 2 nm into a large tangle with high density and consistent chirality
  2. Asia’s first molten salt solar power plant to go live in China: The project, run by Beijing Shouhang Resources Saving Co. and just the third of its kind in the world, generates electricity purely from solar power 24h a day and will provide electricity for 30,000 households during its current phase
  3. China’s Zhizhen eyes global expansion with its artificial intelligence bot: In a report on the top 10 technology trends for 2017, IT research firm Gartner listed Zhizhen’s Xiaoi Robot, Siri, Cortana of Microsoft and Echo of Amazon as world leaders in intelligent conversational systems
  4. Hypogonadism is an affliction that manifests through unpleasant symptoms, most important of which is a diminished level of testosterone. A new solution proposed by Chinese scientists, involves converting skin cells to testosterone-producing cells, may change the way patients are being treated
  5. An underdog of China's tech scene is taking on industry leaders with a $290 drone that fits in your pocket. Zerotech rapidly reduced the size of their drones from around 7 ounces. For comparison, industry leader DJI’s small portable Mavic Pro drone weighs 26 ounces
  6. China’s $9 billion effort to beat the U.S. in genetic testing: this past spring, Chinese officials launched a $9 billion investment in precision medicine, a wide-ranging initiative to not only sequence genes, but also develop customized new drugs using that data
  7. China gets up to speed in competition for driverless cars: Geely and Chang’an both intend to unleash driverless cars before 2020. LeEco recently showed off the LeSEE Pro. Baidu designs are being tested in California and Wuzhen while its supertrucks are set to go on trial across China
  8. The 7 big trends that will dominate CES 2017: Chinese brands take the global spotlight
  9. Content is becoming king as China builds a new VR industry
  10. Humans Mourn Loss After Google Is Unmasked as China’s Go Master
  11. Beijing's space program soars in 2016: Earlier this year, China was the first to launch a quantum communication satellite into orbit, as well as a satellite for conducting EmDrive engine tests. China ranked second after Russia in terms of its number of successful space launches
  12. China cementing global dominance of renewable energy and technology - It now owns five of the world’s six largest solar-module manufacturing firms and the largest wind-turbine manufacturer
  13. Google's AI continues to crush humans at ancient game Go: Master, aka AlphaGo, has been crushing other players over the last few days and managed to beat Ke Jie, the world's reigning Go champion, twice
  14. Xiaomi does CES for the first time... to announce products for China: Xiaomi could have wowed its US audience if it had launched its new Mi TV 4 in the US. Featuring a 4.9mm thick body, the ability to upgrade the motherboard and display separately as well as an AI that learns and recommends content
  15. Three scientific breakthroughs by Chinese scientists that may change your future life: Majorana fermion, the ’running' liquid metal, and Cell regeneration
  16. Chinese scientists solve quantum communication’s ‘nocturnal curse’, paving way for sending of secure messages 24/7: beamed photons carrying quantum information over a distance of 53km during daylight hours, several times longer than the previous daytime record and with unprecedented signal quality
  17. The new face of US science: Of the 69,000 Biomedical scientists in 2014, 34% were Asian. Among researchers from Asian ethnic groups, around half are of Chinese background and another one-quarter are Indian
  18. CES 2017: China vows to innovate not imitate
  19. China May Overtake the U.S. as the No. 1 in Realizing Autonomous Truck Commercialization: TuSimple uses a deep learning super-computer plus low cost vision/radar sensors to achieve reliable perception
  20. China to attempt close to 30 space launches in 2017: Major missions include sending the Tianzhou-1 cargo craft to the Tiangong-2 space lab in April to test refueling technologies for a future space station, and the Chang'e-5 lunar sample return late in the year, first such mission for over 4 decades
  21. The Next Supercomputing Superpower – Chinese Technology Comes Of Age: “It’s part of an overall trend in China; they had zero systems in 2001 and today they surpass the US,” - Jack Dongarra, a professor at the University of Tennessee and compiler of the TOP500 list since its inception
In Economic news
  1. China is now Israel’s largest trading partner
  2. China Would Outlast U.S. in Trade War, Billion-Dollar Fund Says
  3. Soft landing predicted for China’s debt-laden corporates: The consensus estimate for Chinese corporate earnings between 2015 and 2017 suggests the credit position of companies should improve significantly next year
  4. Seven major Chinese rigbuilders have join forces to form the new China Offshore (Deepsea) Industry Alliance, or CODIA, as they seek to raise competitiveness through shared resources and keener focus on R&D
  5. China's factories end year on a high
  6. China close to ending 2,000-year salt monopoly
  7. China's Midea receives U.S. green light for Kuka takeover
  8. Toshiba teams with Chinese firm on Turkish nuclear plant bid
  9. China services sector at 17-month high
  10. Led by Alibaba Group, More Chinese Investment Continues To Flow Into Indian Startups
  11. China’s Didi looks to Latin America with $100M investment in Brazil-based Uber rival 99
  12. What it means if Trump names China a currency manipulator: "The whole discussion is ironic," said David Dollar, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former official at the World Bank and U.S. Treasury Department. "It's out of date."
  13. China's manufacturing expands for 5th consecutive month
  14. Possible US protectionist moves could help grow China’s semiconductor industry
  15. Data to show China in sound position but risks abound - Numbers out in the next few weeks are expected to show the world’s second-largest economy on solid footing heading into 2017
  16. China’s economic rebalancing is making progress, but there’s still more to do
  17. China's manufacturing activity expanded at its quickest pace in nearly four years in December, an independent research firm said
  18. Trump's tough China talk doesn't worry Chinese economists
  19. China nibbles at Samsung share to take 50 percent of India's smartphone market
  20. Western economists and China’s rise
In Military news
  1. China's 30th Type 056 Corvette (Jiangdao class) Commissioned in PLAN East Sea Fleet: Type 056 Corvettes are new-generation light guided missile frigates independently developed by China. It has a length of 89 meters, a beam of 11 meters and a full-load displacement of 1,500 tons
  2. Watch China's Military Rocket Force Show Off Its Might: The DF-21 has a range of 1,000 miles. DF-15A has a range of 560 miles, newer versions use BeiDou to bring accuracy down to 30 feet. In a crisis DF-31s would be scattered to the countryside, it would be nearly impossible to locate all of them
  3. Russia Delivers First Batch Of Four Su-35 Fighters To China: The Chinese Su-35 will receive newest Irbis-E systems, which provide detection, tracking and coordinate measurement of air, ground, and surface targets, day-and-night, in all weather conditions in the presence of natural noise and jamming
  4. Nepal and China to stage joint military exercise: While Chinese military aid to Nepal has significantly boosted in recent years, this is the first time that Beijing has proposed such a joint military exercise with Nepal
  5. 2016 Was a Big Year for China's Military: contrary to many western analysts’ who said the carrier would take many years to deploy, naval drills a sign it will ready sooner than expected. As the year ended, China tested the Dong Ning-3, Pentagon believes it is a missile designed to hit US satellites
  6. Type 053H3 FFG gets an upgrade.
  7. China's Aircraft Carrier Formation Conducts First Blue Sea Training in Western Pacific: The training not only tested the comprehensive combat capacity of the aircraft carrier formation, but also tested its aviation support ability in real combat format
  8. China's Air Force is Growing in Size and Technological Edge: The U.S. Air Force’s technological air power superiority over China is rapidly diminishing, officials and a Congressional review released several years ago
  9. New Naval Power? China Expected to Have 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups in Near Future
Other Notables
  1. India Drives Mongolia Into China’s Submission – Analysis
  2. New Year Celebration across China (Beijing/Shanghai/HK)
  3. it is inconceivable that Russia under any president, not only under Vladimir Putin, will drop its Chinese ties for the sake of a flirtation with Washington. - Gilbert Doctorow
  4. NFL is first to stream live sports on a key Chinese social network: Sina Weibo users can tune into numerous big games, including the Super Bowl
  5. Amazing artwork carved from China's national stone
  6. The rise of Chinese sci-fi: Part 1
  7. London storm turns spotlight on ‘whitewashing’ in film and theatre: the Print Room has decided to not only instigate the practice of “yellowface”, but to suggest that “English” roles may only be represented by white actors
  8. Pictures: Firefighters awe China netizens in 2017 calendar
  9. Photos of China between 1964-6
  10. Forbidden City opens relic 'hospital': The base, informally called the Relic Hospital, covers 13,000 square meters and boasts the nation's most-advanced restoration workshops, said Shan Jixiang, the museum's director
  11. Chinese media must dispel Asian stereotypes
  12. How To Address Strategic Insecurity In A Turbulent Age: The ideal geopolitical response to the crisis of global power is a trilateral connection between the United States, China and Russia
  13. The history of the world's best Go players (China's rise in Weiqi/Go)
  14. Entire camel roasted as part of Inner Mongolia festival
  15. Second Sino-Japanese War | 3 Minute History
  16. Latin America caught in middle of fight between President-elect Donald Trump and China
  17. 2,300 year old sword discovered in China, looks as deadly as ever (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
  18. Daring and dangerous! Molton iron fireworks show in N China
  19. Land reform movement in China in 1947
  20. One man's mission to walk the Great Wall of China with a drone - BBC News
  21. ‘Bambi’ artist Tyrus Wong dies at 106, a Disney legend thwarted by racial bias: critics praised Bambis visual style, vastly different from anything Disney had done before. What they didn't know was the appearance had been created by a Chinese immigrant, who took as inspiration Song dynasty paintings
  22. 'What is China?': Proponents of Taoism want to bring it into the 21st century
  23. Girl with Cancer Makes Plea to Donate Own Corneas: Liu Yunhua's right leg was amputated in 2015 due to osteocarcinoma. In recent months, her condition has worsened drastically. Liu wants to donate her corneas when she dies as a favor to society
  24. 'Lucky Knot,' Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China [2500×1670]
  25. Pictures: Jin Ancestral Temple in Shanxi China
  26. Is Great Britain Preparing for a War with China?
  27. ‘Rogue One’ Opens in China Weaker Than ‘Force Awakens’
  28. China Is Mad About Hollywood Remakes
  29. Driving China's spectacular 24-bend road
  30. How the Qing Court Sowed the Seeds of Environmental Protection in China
  31. Old money/ coupons used in China 1960s
  32. 'What is China?': Economic growth has spurred an explosion of religious belief in China: A surge in the number of Buddhists in China has correlated with the population becoming more well-off
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