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Hot Take: Abby and AOC are both right. GOP candidates are treated as individuals, Dems are defined by others and that's our fault.

Abby is right

Yes. Socialism is still a dirty word for huge swaths of this country. Yes, ACAB and defund the police and socialized medicine etc. are easy boogie men for middle America. There are things you just can't say when you're running in a swing district/state. But AOC and Omar take those positions and get re-elected so they're clearly at least somewhat representative of their districts. That's their prerogative. What they say and do shouldn't be any more relevant to A-Span or Connor Lamb's chances any more than what Laura Boebert, Steve King, or Trump do doesn't seem to affect Susan Collins. The fact that it does is an indictment on Dem messaging and it means...

AOC is also right

It seems like a lot of those moderate house freshmen are gonna eke out wins but that's not enough. Lamb only spending $2000 for Facebook is still embarrassing for a serious politician in 2020. Yes, Biden won, yes we'll keep the house. But in order to enact meaningful reforms in the current system, Dems need more than just eeking out victories, we need big majorities and mandates. And lot's of votes get left on the table because rightwing talking points go unanswered in the viral parts of the social media sphere.

Quick anecdote

Last Friday I was at a barbershop of pretty much just black and latino men and we were talking politics. Most of them didn't vote cause "MuH boTh sIdeZ ThE sAme", 2 voted for Trump and one voted for Biden for ancestral reasons. None of the "build back better", Good guy Uncle Joe stuff content got to them. The Biden is an old senile racist pedophile who cares just as little about us as Trump stuff did make it to them. They heard about what Trump did for people of color from ads, they didn't hear any of that from Biden. Reasoning like "at least Trump is upfront about it" and "bro Biden is a bitch" was paraded. Enough POC came out to give us the win but Trump definitely made some inroads and if the Democratic online strategy doesn't evolve it won't be enough next time.

Back Seat Political Strategy: What They Should Do

Strategy is hard and even the best can get it wrong bigly. But if I, a rando, had to guess what Democratic politicians need to start doing to change the dynamics it'd be the following:
  • Get better at taking victory laps - Republicans do 1 good thing after 50 bad things and they shout it to the heavens and get gold stars from all the talking heads. Renewables are cheap as they are today cause of Obama/Biden tax credits investing in the technology, Obama pardoned 10x more people than Trump who claims to be great on criminal justice reform, You could've been denied cancer treatment cause you once had acne before the ACA passed, etc. Nobody knows this stuff. Some of that is the media's chronic bothesideism but that isn't a new phenomenon and mainstream media is struggling to maintain relevance anyways. If the GOP can get their wins into the aether we can too.
  • GOP needs to be defined by their worst elements the way Dems are - A non-negligible number of people decided not to vote for John Mccain because they didn't want someone like Sarah Palin close to the reins. If more moderate voters understood that people like Elise Stefanik and Fred Upton would be enablers for the right-wing douchebaggery of Jim Jordan and Marsha Blackburn they might think twice but a lot of them don't know who those people are. If you casually follow politics you can get plenty of scaremongering about the left's extreme elements but don't really have a visceral sense of the damage that is being done by politicians on the right beyond "orange man bad". Some of it is structural but I'm sure better messaging would definitely shave off some numbers.
  • Just have more of a genuine online presence. Either directly through their own content or through content proxies the way that Trump has Fox news and alt-right youtube. I recognize that if you're actually doing your job as an elected official you won't have much time for tweets, GIFs, and genuine Insta stories but a balance has to be struck and as representatives, they are simply not meeting people where they are with current approaches.
  • Speaking of media proxies. Start working on a sophisticated media ecosystem to combat the right wing Fox-OAN-Qanon nexus. Right now they have an alt-news propaganda apparatus that has 47% of the country in a fundamentally different reality and all we have is a disparate mishmash of weak and self-immolating succ YouTubers and MSNBC lol. If we don't have something to successfully combat/undo the Murdoch machine in the next 5-10 yrs the next populist demagogue will finish the job and both Democrats and democracy will be toast.

Terminally Online Normies: What We Can Do

  • Volunteer and donate for these Georgia Hail Mary seats. https://fairfight.com/join-our-fight/
  • Celebrate the wins publically - The second Joe Biden or your local rep does something good, spam it to the heavens. Tweet about it, facebook like it, make/like a youtube video about it, tell your friends and family. Whatever it takes to organically spread good news when we get it. The media follows the money so if they see engagement on Democratic accomplishment they'll broadcast them more widely and more often and we'll hear "47 yEaRs" less often.
  • Call, email, and tweet your Democratic representatives and tell them that you want them to have a greater online presence. If they know that we want more digestible and frequent updates maybe we'll get them. It'll give us engaged citizens more stuff to share with our less engaged counterparts and just make it easier to be an engaged citizen in the first place.
  • I don't know maybe make a successful neoliberal youtube channel. If we all try maybe one of us will actually succeed lol.


Progressive/Socialist/Liberal is a dirty word in a lot of America regardless of what that actually means. That wouldn't matter if the left was competent at defining ourselves in the online spaces where the defining is being done. Quit seething about the Squad or my girl A-Span. Go be a part of the solution instead of tearing down the tent you stupid bastards.
Edit: The actual amount Connor spent on Facebook advertising is disputed so I'm letting it go but the larger point still stands. Yes, AOC makes it harder than it needs to be but dumb Squad tantrums would be irrelevant if Democratic officials excelled at defining themselves on their own terms the way Republicans do
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Lazard - Outlook on EM July 9
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Third Avenue Value Fund July 21
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Old West Management July 27
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Alluvial Capital July 29
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JDP Capital July 29
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Spree Capital Advisors July 29
AltaFox Capital August 3
Arquitos Capital August 3
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